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"The Blue Bombers 15th Birthday!"

Megaman... one character complete defines the success, and the cliches, of the giant gaming company known as CAPCOM. Megaman 1 was released in 1987 on the NES here in America. It sold many copies and CAPCOM released MM2 one year later. Once again it was a HUGE hit. MM3 came out. Then, people began to realize that no new changes were going to be in store for the little blue guy. No one seemed to care. Every Megaman title, that has been released, has been acclaimed by the public. "If it ain't broke... don't fix it." This seemed to be the new phrase for Megaman, and soon CAPCOM. Join me as I enlighten you on the Mega Man Anniversary collection, which contains MM1-MM8. Something has occurred to me though... apparently we are celebrating the 15th birthday of Mega Man... well, he was made in 1987. It is 2004! Isn't it his 17th birthday... oh well. ON WITH THE REVIEW!!!!

Story: 10/10

Dr. Wily and Dr. Light have been childhood friends. They have grown up with each other for the past 40 years. Now they work with each other in a robotic company. They develop the very 1st humanoid robot together... Megaman, he was only meant to be an assistant to the doctors in their laboratory. Another 6 were made that had different powers. Megaman was obsolete compared to the new cyborgs. Dr. Wily grew greedy and decided to reprogram the new robots to help him take over the world. Megaman was our only hope. Can our hero defeat Dr. Wily and his evil robots? ... 8 times... again... uh, I think you get it.

Sound: 10/10

Always original, Megaman tracks have always stood out as some of the most well known pieces in videogame history. Everyone that has played MM3 remembers the Snakeman theme. Or how about Cutman in MM1. The music scores are simply awesome. Every sound effect fits, and some of them have been redone. Such as Hardman, he used to make a god awful noise when he smashed into the ground... now it actually sounds like a "digitized" earthquake.

Graphics: 10/10

This is easily one of the best parts of the collection. As you play MM1-MM2 you realize that their are no huge changes in the graphics. Megaman has remained the same little digital sprite that everyone could identify. In MM7 he looks different but is still the same old blue bomber. The same applies for MM8. all the backgrounds are nicely done. CAPCOM doesn't fail in the graphics department... EVER!

Control: 8/10

I normally give this a 10, if you have read my reviews you may have noticed. The developers decided to change the original controls, not a biggie, but i was mad for about 5 minutes until I got it down. They are actually backwards.

Gameplay: 10/10

This is what it all boils down to. Megaman has never changed from the core design. Defeat robots, gain powerups, defeat more robots, then take down Dr. Wily. Every new MM game came with new powerups and abilities, everyone wanted to know what new robots Dr. Wily had invented, and longed to see the insanely hard Wily Castle levels. This never gets old. Megaman is "oldskool" gaming at it's very best.

Cool Points: 10/10

Can anyone define nostalgia for me... oh yeah Megaman. Megaman was pretty much my childhood. When I received my NES I got copies of MM1, MM2, and MM3 from my parents on one Xmas morning. Also, there are TONS of unlockables, such as remixed music, interviews, and episode of ICON(from G4TechTV) that goes into the history of Megaman. Also, there are 2 secret games in this title. Megaman Power Fighters and Megaman the Power Battles. These are arcade games that play like Street Fighter. Very fun. I could go on and on about how much I appreciate the work that has gone into this title.

Overall score: 10/10 (not an average, but pretty close to what it would come out too :P)

I highly suggest any gamer buy this title. It is only a mere 30 smackers and it has the videogame roots in man! This title should be owned by everyone that has ever played a videogame.

Till the next episode!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/13/04

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