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"Why do they call this game "Mega Man Anniversary Collection"? Because it's a collection!"

Mega Man works on a simple system that is remarkably effective. You pick a stage, usually the one with the weakest boss, beat him to gain his weapon, find the boss weak against the weapon you just got, beat him, take his weapon and repeat. This may sound boring, but this is incredibly fun, as the stages are varied and enjoyable.

Now imagine these fun games, only multiply that by ten, because in this collection, you have ten Mega Man titles to enjoy. They are all brilliantly fun and a wonder to play.

You start with eight games (Mega Man 1-8) to play, but you can easily unlock two arcade games (Seldom seen in the USA or Europe), which can be played on your own or two player. These games involve just playing against six Robot Masters (The Mega Man term for bosses) in a row before going to Wily's (the main Mega Man 'bad-guy') Castle.

The sound is almost perfectly emulated. I say almost because instead of looping, it fades out and restarts after around fifteen minutes. Also, the voices are slightly higher in Mega Man 8 among other sound problems in Mega Man 8.

The graphics are perfectly emulated and you are also presented with the option of having updated life bars. There's not much to say about the graphics apart from the fact that they are emulated perfectly.

The controls, on the other hand, are rather changed. First of all, the A button and the B button have been switched round, therefore A shoots and B jumps. This is highly annoying, and hard to adjust if you've been playing for a while. Also, it's harder to control with the analogue stick than a control pad, added to the fact that the D-Pad is small and inaccessible, does make the controls rather... tedious. Although it is annoying at first, you soon adjust, so it's no real problem.

Mega Man is famous for it's awesome music, and therefore, since the music has stayed the same, this still applies. Trust me, I've been known to whistle Flash Man's tune frequently.

The games vary greatly in difficulty, some are easy, some are aggravatingly hard! Most of the games can be completed without too much trouble, provided you play bosses in certain orders.

Playing these games really shows the evolution of the series, from the very first game with only six Robot Masters, to the third game which introduces Rush the dog and Mega Man's slide, the fifth which introduces Beat the bird and the seventh which adds Bass.

The replay value is high, because not only are there ten games, but they are all really fun, and you can play them many times without getting bored.

I recommend getting the GameCube version over the PlayStation 2 version, as you get an interview with the creator of the series instead of an awful cartoon (Think the Zelda cartoon, only slightly worse) and you also have shorter loading time, coupled with the more comfortable GameCube controller which makes the GameCube version preferable over the PS2 version.

Overall: 10/10 (Not an average)

Graphics: 10 (Perfectly Emulated)
Sound: 8 (Some glitches)
Controls: 6 (Swapped over A & B!)
Replay: 10
Gameplay: 10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/14/04

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