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"This could be the best collection ever."

I've been a huge fan of collection games ever since Super Mario All-stars back on the Super NES, and Megaman Anniversary Collection is no different. In fact, it just might be the best collection game ever. You get 10 classic games (two are secret), and there's an assortment of extras (including an extensive interview with Megaman's creator).

Game-play: 10/10

Ah, the classic Megaman Game-play. Pretty straight-forward, you jump, you shoot things, collect power-ups, fight and beat the boss to clear the stage. But, what is different about the Megaman games is that you can actually receive the defeated bosses abilities Then, you use that power on the next boss, hoping he will be weak against it, until you get to the final showdown with Wily. A great feature that separates Megaman from your average plat-former. And, the challenge in these games can keep even the most hardcore gamers busy for awhile.

Sound: 9/10

Great stuff here. Sound has always been a big factor in Megaman games, and you'll see why in this collection. The sounds are very crisp, even for the early games. The explosions are loud and that's always a good thing. And, the Megaman series has always been ahead of its time as far as music goes. The only problem I had with the sound was in Megaman 8. Some of the boss voices seem too high pitches, and I can't hear characters well during the cut scenes. And, some sounds are changed in the older games, but nothing that should ruin the classics that they are.

Controls: 7/10

Ah, if the game has one bad point, it is probably the controls. I don't like using the A button to shoot, and B button to jump is pretty odd as well. Luckily, there is a rapid fire and an auto slide button (1-6 only). So, I guess those make up for the somewhat out of place controls. You might lose a few lives because you forgot the controls, but it's nothing that impossible to adjust to.

Graphics: 9/10

The graphics in this game were some of the best of their time. Although, they are dated now, they are some of the best looking games on the NES, SNES, and Playstation. Personally, I like the fact that they did not change the graphics, cause they only add to the classic feel of this collection. There's still glitches galore in the older games, but hey, all games were glitchy back then.

Replay: 10/10

With 10 games on this collection, there should be a lot to keep you busy. With secrets to collect, power-ups and rush adapters, bolts to buy items, extra games to unlock, it should be awhile before you find everything in this game. Even after you're done, you can challenge yourself to speed runs, no-death games, etc. There's so many things to do in this collection.

Overall: 9/10

This is a great collection that should not be missed by any Megaman fan, plat-form fan, or old school fan in general. These are some of the best games ever, and it is truly a privilege to have one last chance to own them. Thank goodness for Capcom and Megaman!

Rent or Buy.

You should buy if you're like me and don't own any of the old Megaman games, and haven't even played some. This may be the last chance to own and experience the old games in their true form. Even if you do have the old ones, there's still two extra arcade games on this disk, and of course artwork, the interview, and remixed music. So, it is at least worth a rental.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/23/04

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