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Reviewed: 08/03/04 | Updated: 03/28/05

A long wait, but well worth it.

There was a game announced last year that I couldn't wait to get. The Mega Man Anniversary Collection would have all of my favorite Mega Man games on it and then some. However the game suffered threw numerous delays. It has finally arrived, and like the Zelda Collection last year, it’s clear that retro games are still very popular. Mega Man games in a nutshell have you going after the evil Dr. Wily. Before you can battle the doctor, you will have to blast your way threw eight of Wily's robot masters. Simple? Yes, but it’s a simple fun that never gets old. This collection contains ten games to enjoy.

The gameplay in Mega Man games is pretty simple. After the title screen, you will come to the stage select screen. It is hear that you can pick any of the 8 robot masters that you wish to start with. After you make your selection, you will have to battle your way threw a stage until you get to the robot master. If you defeat him you clear the stage, and also take that robots weapon as well. This weapon is very affective against another specific robot master. If you use this weapon, it is sometimes easy to defeat another robot master in as little as three or four hits. That is something that Capcom pushed when it came to Mega Man, a sort of rock, paper, scissors type of gameplay. The two hidden arcade games pit you against six robot masters for Mega Man 1-7, a special boss, and then Wily.

The story in all of the Mega Man games is simple. It's you against Dr. Wily. If you didn't have the instruction booklet to the first game, then you will have no story at all. That's right; there is no story in the game. However this was the game that started the series. In it Dr. Wily steals six robot masters and Mega Man goes after him. Sadly without the instruction booklet, you wouldn't even know this. Mega Man 2 has a simple story. Dr. Wily wants revenge, and that's it. Mega Man 3 had a little better story that involved the partnership of Dr. Wily and Dr. Light. Their goal is to create a peace keepin robot. Of course Wily steals it, and is defeated by Mega Man for the third time. Mega Man 4 involved a new main bad guy, Dr. Cossack, Mega Man 5 had Protoman as the main bad guy, and Mega Man 6 had Mr. X. Of course not to ruin any surprises for anyone, but Dr. Wily is still in all of these games. Mega Man 7 had Wily breaking out of jail, and in Mega Man 8 Wily had gained a powerful evil energy, and planned to use it on Mega Man.

The graphics in the Mega Man games are always very nice. Mega Man 1-6 use the same graphical animations. With each one, the graphics get better and better. Mega Man 7 and 8 also had excellent graphics for the systems that they were on. All of the games in this collection hold up as well today as they did when they first came out. As for the music in this collection, well it's excellent. Mega Man is well known for the music in the games. Mega Man 1-5 had fantastic music. Mega Man 2's music was so great that anyone can hear anyone of the songs in the game and know it is Mega Man 2. Mega Man 6-8 didn't have as memorable music as 1-5 but each game still had a few decent songs.

There are some noticeable changes that weren't present in the original versions. First of all, by pressing the Y button on the Gamecube controller, it will allow Mega Man to shoot three bullets in a quick burst. Second, is the ability to change weapons quickly by pressing either the L or R buttons. The final difference to point out is that the game will automatically save after you defeat each robot master.

With ten games in this collection you will have to spend a decent amount of time to complete them all. Of course you can still blow threw each game pretty quickly, some in less than an hour. As for replay value, well while each game is short, you get the urge once you finish one to play it again. Not much else to say, these games will never lose their value.

In conclusion, this collection is a gamers dream. Eight classic Mega Man games plus two hidden arcade in on one disk is very sweet. Throw in unlockable music, and an interview with Mega Man's creator and you got perfection. On a side note, some people have complained about the controls. Basically B is to jump and A is to shoot. Yes the controls feel a little weird at first, but in few minutes you'll already be used to them. Buy or rent? Don't even think about not buying. Besides the game is only $30. Buy it now.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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