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"Fun, but it's just a collection of Classics."

Mega Man Anniversary Collection, as you know, is the collection of the Mega Man NES and SNES games. There are bonuses to unlock: music, artwork, Mega Man: Power Battle, and Mega Man 2: Power Fighters. The games vary in their level of difficulty, for example: I could barely get through Mega Man 7, while the arcade games were a breeze.

The Game-play of the Man of Mega

Sorry about that, that's just my awkward titling. Anyway, if you're familiar with any Mega Man game, you know how this is like. It's your standard sidescroller, familiar enemies, and the defeat of Wily and his eight robots (whether made by him or stolen). The arcade games, on the other hand, are fighters, with - when you acquire them – the ability to choose your weapon. Some of your opponents, however, can not be felled by the same thing as in their game.

The thing I found interesting was the start-button helpline. Depending on the game, you receive tips about the area from Dr. Cassock, Kalinka Cassock, or Dr. Light. Obviously they were not there in the original games, like the maps, but they're for your aid.

The score I shall give the gameplay is 8/10.

See the Big Picture

The graphics are classic Mega Man ones. For Mega Man 1 to 6, you have 8-bit sprites, 16-bits for the Seventh, 32 for 8. The arcade games, however, seem (to me) to have a mixture of 16 and 32 bits. The 16 bits are the sprites, 32 for the background and weaponry. These may pale in comparison to the newer Mega Man games (X series on PS2) with their unknown amount of bits, but Classics remain Classics.

I give 9/10 for the graphics.

The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music.

What can I possibly say about the sound? You've got your explosions, blaster fire, the sound of enemies attacking, and of course, background music. It's all familiar, and some of the music is different, and the bonus remixes that can be unlocked are really nice. It's hard to give this a score, but I'll try.

I bestow a fine 8/10 to the sound.

We had Fun, Fun, Fun till Daddy took the T-Bird Away.

Certain games hold more of a replay value then others, and most of these I'd only replay if I had the time. The thing I kept playing over and over again was the arcade games, surprisingly. I'm not sure how long it took me to finish the entire thing, but I'd estimate it to be at least twenty hours.

Replayability receives a 6/10.

Let's Give a Capcom a Big Hand, Or Not.

This game, while being worth the playtime, if you already have the games, you might want to consider not buying this, since you already own Mega Man 1 to 8. However, if you have less then three games, go for it. I'm not standing in your way. But please note that this all is just the point of view of one person, other may have alternate views, and some may feel that this is the best thing ever created.

Also, there is another thing about this game which made me purchase it for the Gamecube and not the Playstation 2: extras. The PS2 allows you to view various Mega Man cartoons. I saw one such episode, and felt it was at the same level as Sonic Underground. Now, some people may like these cartoons, but I hold no love for them. The Gamecube, on the other hand, has interviews from the creators of Mega Man. Now, some of you may find interviews boring, I don't blame you, but I'd rather watch an interview than the Mega Man cartoons.

This total of the game is a 7/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 09/18/04

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