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"True Classics Never Die."

Next to the Street Fighter series, the Mega Man series has been one of Capcom's most famous and most longest running series. Considering that it's the Blue Bomber's 15 th anniversary in the video game world, this game just had to be released and everyone's demands for such a collection was growing. This is definitely a collector's item if you're a true Mega Man man whether you loved all the games or hated a few. The Mega Man series has always been famous because it was the first game of its kind to introduce gamers to an open-ended style of gameplay. At the time there were no other games that allowed you to pick which level you wanted to do or which boss you wanted to fight off against first. Each and every single on of these ports are so faithful that the original passwords in the cartridge games still work. How's that for reminiscent?

Many of today's common gamers cannot appreciate the 2D sprites of the Blue Bomber and his enemies are represented in, but for all gamers that have known Mega Man since his NES days, they can appreciate the graphics. Every single game is a direct port, but has been cleaned free of glitches such as the infamous Mega Man 3 glitch that allowed you to jump all across the screen and even drop down pits and remain alive. Although they aren't pretty, that's how they were released and that's how they're going to stay.

As stated earlier, these games are a direct port so don't expect any audible changes either except for a few remixes available after completing certain games which can be heard in the unlocked secrets options. Fear not because the classic level music such as Top Man's, Crash Man's, and all your favorite bosses are still intact. As stated earlier, there are remixes in the game and all of which are pleasant to the ears, but it is very annoying that the only way they can heard is through the secrets menu.

Controls are a mixed bag. On one hand, the controls are on contact and are responsive so you won't end up throwing your controller through your television when you miss timing and jump down to your death and on the other hand the Gamecube's control set up has reversed it so that B is the jump button while A is the shoot button. It's annoying and it can't be changed, but it actually does make sense considering the fact that the B button is tiny compared to the gigantic A button. Many Mega Man veterans are annoyed by this, but it's a minor problem that can be fixed since the Y and X buttons can be used as jump buttons as well and there's also the more convenient thing to do: ADAPT.

The classic style of choosing a boss level, playing through it, defeating the boss at the end of the level, and absorbing his abilities has always been the premise of each and every single Mega Man game except for a handful. For the first couple of Mega Man's it's great fun, but once you start hitting midpoint such as 4 or 5 you'll realize that it gets boring and repetitive, but that's easily remedied by pacing yourself rather than playing each game in consecutive fashion.

Although it gets boring playing consecutively there are some Mega Man games that are just plain boring in their own Merits. In all honesty Mega Man 5 was about the worst in the entire series to have ever been included. Although there will be vigilant fans, there are some out there that will agree that 5 was beginning to show the Blue Bomber's age until he finally hit 7.

What many gamers don't notice about the Mega Man Anniversary Collection is that you actually see how the series has evolved starting from the very first Mega Man that was first released on the NES during the 8-bit era all the way up to the Playstation era with Mega Man 8. In case no one notices, Mega Man 8 marked the 10 th Anniversary of the Blue Bomber's series.

Although it would be nice if a younger generation purchased this game, it's almost certain that veterans and old school gamers will make up the majority of the collection's sales mainly for the fact that today's generation has been introduced to pretty CG movies, FMVs, and other flashy visuals that are famous in this generation of games. If there's any reason for gamers introduced to gaming in this generation to purchase this game then it would be to explore and learn about the roots of today's games.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 10/11/04

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