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"You know you love him, and now he has returned."

Ah, Rockman, where would we be without your satanic platforming action which causes us to break controllers in anger and throw you out the window? Throughout the years you have ticked us off with "cheap shots" from enemies, and platforms that "moved" before we landed. Throughout your history, we must remember the origin of your character, and how annoying you were on a controller with slow response times!

Alright, enough of the loving-hatred towards Rockman/Megaman. If you don't know who this character is, you shouldn't have a controller. To this day, Rockman has been the star of more games than any other character. Though Mario may be in more games, Rockman has been the star attraction to far more. Throughout gaming history. With that said, lets take a look at Mega Man Anniversary Collection, and the birth of one of video gaming's biggest stars.

Story (2/10 - Not included in overall rating)
I must say that I will not be giving the story a "real" review. Rockman has never been focused on a storyline, and I hope it stays that way. The "Blue Bomber" has always been fighting for good, destroying enemies and using the powers to further his cause. Since this focuses on the "classic" series, it is centered on Dr. Light and Dr. Wily.

Graphics (2/10 - Not included in overall rating)
Yes, another unfair category to rate this game on. Though I still love the days of Nintendo, it would be very unfair to give this game a high rating. The sprites are colorful, the animation is okay, and the detail is...varied. Though some may wish the game had been updated to at least 16-bit era graphics for the first 6 games, I am glad Capcom decided to release the games unchanged.

Sound (2/10 - Also not included)
Though there was promise of remixed tracks, the gamecube version was left untouched, and once again, I am grateful. We can hear the remixed tracks in one of the extras, but I prefer playing these games in the original state. A few fixes were made to things such as the boss life-bar filling without sounding strange compared to the music. A few sounds were slightly modified, but overall the game stays true to the originals.

Controls (1/10 at first, 9/10 after)
This was a confusing change. Upon starting the game, we notice that the jump and shoot buttons were switched around. I don't understand why, but it was confusing. However, after a little getting used to it, I was comfortable, and resumed playing. Your controls are simple. Left/Right to move, Up/Down on ladders or when you're flying. A to shoot, B to jump. The only change I wish they had made would have been allowing the switching of weapons with L/R as we see in the newer games.

Gameplay (10/10, plus a few bonus points)
We all know that this game was designed around the platformer gameplay. Jump, Shoot, change weapons, die, repeat first 3 steps, get further, die, repeat again. If you have played one Rockman game, you will not be given many surprises when you play another.

Though the games seem overly difficult at first, it was always designed that way. Playing through the game on your first try is practically impossible, and playing through the game without dying even after beating it dozens of times, is even less likely. This difficulty isn't so bad, as now we have memory cards, rather than having to plot out charts for passwords like we used to.

A few extras were thrown in, such as two extra games: Power Battle and Power Fighters. A couple remixed tracks are included as well. You won't spend too much time looking at extras, but that is understandable when you have 8 normal Rockman games, paired with Power Battle and Power Fighters.

Rent or Buy?
Renting this is a bad idea. If you like Rockman, you HAVE to buy this, unless you still own/play the original games for NES/SNES. Even so, you may want this just for the two extra games. If you do not like Rockman, this will probably make you hate it even more, as the original games are far less forgiving when you make mistakes.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/11/05

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