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"One of the greatest ideas ever! Better than the PS2 version!"

(Possible Spoilers) Back in 1987, Mega Man (A.K.A The Blue Bomber) first game hit store shelves in time for the Christmas holidays, with very little interested in the game. For the few that did try out the game found out that it was about a blue action hero, who was a robot who had to defeat 6 robot masters created by his creator, Dr. Light, then reprogrammed by Dr. Light. There was so few people interested in the game, that Capcom needed to help the poor little blue here with little popularity. The solution? A sequel with beautiful graphics, better stage designs, improved Play Control, a Password function, new items, a choice of two difficulty and more. Mega Man's popularity increased greatly thanks to the sequel, and the search for the first game was on. And that was just some of the many things that happened in the past. Returning to the present day, Atomic Planet collects 10 Mega Man games from the original/classic Mega Man series: Mega Man 1-6 for the NES, Mega Man 7 for Super Nintendo, Mega Man 8 for PS1 and two very rare unlockable Mega Man Arcade games, puts them on a single GameCube disc and develops the ultimate anthology that allows Mega Man fans to take a great trip down to memory lane, or play some of the best games in existence for the first time. Onto the review!:

Play Control: 9/10

Mega Man games have set records in Play Control. This is an important feature in the Mega Man series, and the controls are nearly as good here as in the originals. The biggest change that everyone mentions is that the jump button is the B Button, and the shoot button is the A Button. This shouldn't be a problem if you've played Metroid Prime, and the NES Metroid game also featured in Metroid Prime, which also have reversed controls, and nearly no complaints. Addition here in Mega Man Anniversary Collection, you can also press the L and R buttons to switch weapons, and depending on the game, the C-Stick to switch Adaptors without having to go to the weapon sub-screen. You can also rapid fire with the Y button. These new additions are a big help, and are completely optional, so you can go to the sub-screens just like on the NES if you want.

Graphics: 8/10

This is a collection of the older Mega Man games from the original series, so of course the graphics aren't going to be all that great. Mega Man 7 and Mega Man 8 are still impressive, however. The graphics in all the games appear to be in their original form.

Sound: 8/10

Some of the sound effects are a bit different in some of the games. Most are the same, but some end up a bit higher pitched than they originally were...nothing major, though.

Story: 8/10

You control Mega Man, defeat robot masters (bosses) and try to get to Dr. Wily, who creates new robot masters in each game. There is a little more, but I won't spoil it.

Music: 9/10

Music is actually an important feature in the Mega Man series. Mega Man 2's soundtrack is a huge hit, with memorable music like Metalman's, Heatman's and Airman's music, and the ever popular Flashman, Bubbleman and Dr. Wily stage 1 music tracks. And Mega Man 3's famous title screen music remains intact as well. You get every bit of the music in the more important NES games, and they all sound the same as the originals. Mega Man 8's music, however, was compressed a bit, however most of it is intact.

GamePlay: 10/10

The most important feature of any game. Gameplay is exactly the same as on the NES, SNES and PS1 originals of Mega Man's 1-8. There is an additional Navi Mode feature that works in Mega Man 1-6, previously not available in the original NES version. Some features this mode has is Game Hints and update the energy meters to show more information. There are also unlockable features which includes rare Mega Man artwork, a 20 minute Interview with Mega Man's creator that shows Mega Man's history, to name a few. There are also two unlockable rare Mega Man Arcade games: Mega Man: The Power Battle, and Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters. The first got a very limited release in the U.S., and the second was released in Canada, with a release that was even more limited. These games are boss battles, with many soundtracks of the other Mega Man games remixed. They are two player, and players can choose from 3 or 4 characters, depending on the game. There is even more GamePlay than this, but I don't want to spoil everything.

Overall: 10/10

Definitely buy the Mega Man Anniversary Collection if you're a Mega Man fan, or if you are new to the series and interested in playing these games! Also, I recommend getting the GameCube version instead of the PS2 version, because this version has an excellent Interview with the creator of Mega Man (Which beats the PS2 versions American Mega Man cartoon episode), load times that are twice as fast, and slightly more responsive controls. Also, it's worth mentioning that the PS2 version runs at a different screen resolution in the NES games, which is smaller, making the NES games feeling less like the original NES version than the GameCube version. Get the GameCube version! You'll have a more enjoyable experience with that version.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/04/05

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