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"Ah the evolution of 2D gaming at its finest"

Well here we are. Mega Man Anniversary Collection. To put it blatantly if you had liked any of the old NES games released in the last century then this collection is for you. <-- Thesis statement. Prior to getting this collection I had only ever played Mega Man 2. However my memories of that game were pretty sweet (I still had the NES cart at that time). So I knew given the chance and proper funding this game would have to be mine.

Graphics: Everything is true to the old games. Playing anyone of these suckers takes you back down nostalgic lane. What amazes me most playing the older NES games is the level of detail Capcom was able to attain that kept getting better with each Mega Man game. Considering the first 6 games were designed on the NES the graphics are fantastic.

Mega Man 7 was decent enough in the graphics department as was Mega Man 8 but neither really amazed me with what was there using the hardware that was available at the time. Still I'm definitely pleased that Capcom did not tinker around with any of the graphics at all.

Also worth mentioning are the enemies in the series, particularly the master robots found at the end of each level because for the most part they're cool. Still it does appear that by Mega Man 6 the crafty little beavers at Capcom were running low on ideas, Plantman anyone?

Gameplay: If you've played one Mega Man game then you know the controls have always been tight and well crafted. Each game seems to build on the previous game with new abilities such as the ability to slide in Mega Man 3 and the ability to power up your shots in Mega Man 4. And everyone knows that defeating a robot boss gives you the ability of that boss which is cool because in turn you use that new ability to destroy the next boss you face. This gives the game a little more strategy.

One little strange quirk I'm sure anyone reading this has heard by now is that for some reason the classic “A” jump “B” shoot setup on the NES controller has been flipped with“A” shoot and “B” jump on the Gamecube pad. It's no big deal because you do get use to it but it's sort of strange and a little funny to me how memory can kick in and screw with your game because of the switch up. Anyway, newbies to the series won't have this problem for obvious reasons, and it really isn't a big deal to begin with.

Story: Well there's really not much to say, you really aren't playing these games for the in-depth stories. Mega Man 4's story is by far my favorite which goes beyond the call of wackiness. Just keep in mind it's all about game-play children and this game scores big in that department.

Sound: The music and sound effects are also produced faithfully to the originals with classic stage music playing in all its glory. The music in each game is very catchy and easy to listen to. However I will mention that the voice acting in Mega Man 8 is really quite dreadful. Keep in mind that being my only complaint should speak volumes about the quality of the sound in the collection.

Extras: Ahhh the all important extras. The extras are actually pretty weak. Actually, I take that back. The extras are pretty sweet. You see you get to open up 2 bonus arcade games that are kinda nifty because it's like a basic fighting game with most of the best bosses of each Mega Man game. The other great extra in the collection is the interview which I found really enjoyable as it takes you through the history of Mega Man and how he was created. Very cool feature in my books. Besides these; the other extras are quite minor and I don't feel like mentioning them so go find them on your own little grasshopper.

Roundup: Okay so basically what I'm saying is if you liked any of the NES games you will like this collection. If you like Mega Man 7 or 8 but haven't played the older games I would still suggest to get the collection. But what if I already own some of the Mega Man games you say? Hmmmm, well then you have some thinking to do. Obviously if you're looking at this review you're definitely interested to begin with. So, my advice to you would be to get the collection anyway, and a good way to pay for it is to sell the older Mega Man games you already may have. They tend to go for a good price on ebay. That's what I did and I really don't regret it because I still have the games in one form anyway, plus all the ones I never got to play as a wee tyke.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/06/05, Updated 03/15/11

Game Release: Mega Man Anniversary Collection (US, 06/22/04)

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