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"Megaman fans... Unite!"

Wow, Megaman is turning 15 years old *gasp!* and he shows no signs of slowing down. This game is every Megaman fan's dream. This game disk includes 10 Megaman games (2 of which you must unlock), hidden artwork and some remixed music. The Gamecube version however contains an exclusive interview with the creator of Megaman. So there is some special extras for you Gamecube owners. Overall, this game is packed with little goodies.


Megaman is not known for having good storylines. Well in the first Megaman game, Dr. Wily and Dr. Light are working together and they create Megaman. He turns out successful so they create 6 more robots to perform specific everyday duties. But Dr. Wily reprograms those 6 robots into little destructive robots and Megaman must defeat them to save the world. Megaman 2-6 have the same story, except you have to fight 8 robot bosses. Megaman 7 and 8 have some more adventure quality to them and that's where more of the story falls into place. Not really in-depth, huh?


Well first of all, this is a side-scroller so don't expect much. But it's not just any side-scroller, you can actually choose your own path in the game. Most of the games (Megaman 2-8) have 8 bosses to choose from and when you beat the boss of a level you then get a new weapon. The weapons are strong and weak against certain types of enemies and bosses so you have to try out all your weapons on of the bosses to see which one works.

You also get a trusty canine partner (Megaman 3 and up) named Rush who can help you by giving you a boost, turning into a submarine or taking you to new areas as a jet-pack. Another helpful friend that can help you is Beat (Megaman 5 and up), the robotic bird that will provide you with a shield and help you if you happen to fall into a pit. And don't forget about Eddie (Megaman 4 and up), the little red robot who gives you random power-ups when you least expect it. The levels are exactly the same as the original, so no revamped levels or improved graphics. This is what makes the name a game... but if you're not a Megaman fan then you won't really enjoy it as much as someone into classics will because they would enjoy playing classics more than the average person.


Move, jump, slide (Megaman 3 and up), and shoot, that's about all you can do. But for some odd reason, the B button is jump and the A button is is shoot. They switched the ol' classic style for your inconvenience. But this isn't anything that you couldn't adjust to, just suck it up and play on. Other than that, there isn't any real problems.


Again, this game contains classics so you'll be hearing the 8-bit era of sounds. The music may be old, but it's pleasure to your ears. Megaman 8 is a bit more updated but Megaman sounds like a little girl and all the bosses have anime voices. But luckily for us, there is an option to turn off the sound and just hear the music. Yep, this is a good way to cancel out the disturbance.


Megaman 1-6 has 8-bit graphics, Megaman 7 has 16-bit graphics and Megaman 8 has 32- bit graphics. If you are buying this game for graphics, think again.


Some of it. There are many remixed songs and pics to unlock, and the two unlockable games have multiplayer. Play the original Megaman then play Megaman 2, then Megaman 3 and etc. And what is the main structure behind Megaman games? Beat the game, play it again. Beat the next game, and play that once again. Simple as that. No biggie.


Yes there is. You can't fight against each other though. You have to fight against a boss using weapons and teamwork. This should last you a couple of days. I personally thought it was going to be the best part of the collection but it was an arcade and arcade's don't really last that long.

Buy or Rent: Rent

I would say RENT and see if you like it because it's not for everyone. This is and old school disk and it doesn't compare with today's alien shooter type games. But if you're that kind of player than bgo ahead and buy this game.


This is a good game if you're a Megaman fan, but if you're not you should then stay away, far away. If you missed out when the games first appeared on the NES, then this is the shining light beaconing on you to not miss it again, seriously. You can learn a lot about the Blue Bomber with this awesome collection pack. So all you Megaman fans... Unite!

* Lots of unlockables
* Fun to play
* Multiplayer games included
* Great classic

* Won't last long
* Outdated graphics
* Reversed controls
* Poor sound effects

Final Word: Classic

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/22/05

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