Where can I find the wallet upgrades in majoras mask?

  1. Where do you get the wallet upgrades?

    User Info: HALO_3_LORD

    HALO_3_LORD - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. The Adult's Wallet can be found by depositing 200 Rupees to the bank. This will let you carry around 200 Rupees at once. The Huge Wallet is more difficult to get. There is a Spider House in the first area of Great Bay. You must destroy all 30 Gold Skulltulas, get their tokens, and bring them back to the guy in the first room before the First Day is over. The Huge Wallet allows you to carry 500 Rupees at once.

    User Info: Red_Shifter

    Red_Shifter - 8 years ago 2 0

Other Answers

  1. I dunno about the second one, but to get the 's Wallet (the one that holds a maximum of 200 Rupees) you go to West Clock Town and go to the guy that's sitting on a stand (He is across from the Curiosity Shop). Give him 200 Rupees (over time, obviously) and he says, "Wow! You already saved up 200 Rupees!? Here's your reward!" and gives you the 's Wallet. Even when you go back in time, the money he's holding for you is the same amount, so here's a tip: when it starts counting down from five minutes (at the end of the "Final Day") or whenever you have a full wallet, warp to Clock Town using the "Song of Soaring" and deposit all of your Rupees to him.

    User Info: michael10494

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