How do I play the mini games?

  1. I know you can play the milk game and territory game etc. but how or when can I play it? do I have to enter a building at a special time or do something special. Please I want to play them. Thanks!

    User Info: Felixdewatz

    Felixdewatz - 6 years ago

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  1. the milk drinking contest can be played with Rock or Hugh (Grant after first chapt too) and they have to be in the Inner Inn at certain times. but if u married Rock he will not play with you after chapt 1. The territory capture can be played with Kasey or Patrick and they each have their seperate times. i don't remember them do (sorry). there is also grave cleaning starting in chapt 2 and can be played before 8 in the morning. u'll see the grave ans know where it is once u reach chapt 2 ;)

    User Info: VampireAlice

    VampireAlice - 6 years ago 1 0

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