Chihuahua, Lizard, Racoon, Ducks, Ducklings, Cat?

  1. Here goes.
    I have a pond, I'm in day 5 of summer of chapter 2, and I'm married to Marlin. Most of the time I have all of my animals out to graze in the pasture and about 3 out of my seven chickens out in the chicken yard. I ride my horse 94.7% of the time. I do not know if this info helps.

    Duck & Ducklings
    Main Questinons:
    How many Male & How many Female?
    How do you get ducklings?
    How do you get them?
    Can I keep the chickens in the chicken coop and the ducks in the chicken yard and be able to tell the fertilized eggs apart and hatch the ducklings that way?

    Chihuahua, Lizard, Raccoon
    Main Questions:
    How do you get them?
    More info:
    I saw the raccoon by the windmills on Vesta's Farm, and I walked towards the Digging Site and there was a cut scene with flora and the same raccoon.
    All three of these animals are on the cover of the box. I know you can get them.

    Main Questions:
    How do I get it?
    Can It leave my farm (unlike the dog)?

    And a bit more info:
    I have 234 million gold
    I did the random items cheat and got alot.

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  2. Additional Details:
    A bit more info:

    This game is awesome.

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  3. Additional Details:
    Feel free to provide just one answer. if you have any answers, just not all, please still put the info you have up there for me.

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Accepted Answer

  1. I got all the answers myself. Thx though. I also have a VERY interesting story on the ducks.

    Befriend Romona, and you can get the cat during ANY fall in ANY chapter. It is a black cat with yellow eyes. Befriending Romona will not impact you son's career.
    Wake up after your husband on any summer day of ANY chapter. I had five chickens, a chick, and an egg in the incubator, so i missed the summer in chapter 2. I eventually sold two roosters and a hen and I woke up one day in chapter 3 and my husband told me about them. I kept them.
    It is easiest to put a female dick, male duck, rooster, and hen in the chicken coop and the rest in the yard of anywhere but the chicken coop. You can have a maximum of 7 birds to do this. Just leave all four together, and don't collect eggs. Soon, you will wake up and Nik, Nak, and Flak will point out to you that and animal was born. You have a 25% chance of getting a male duck, a 25% chance of getting a female duck, a 25% chance of getting a rooster, and a 25% chance of getting a hen. I got a female duck.
    Found near Vesta's Farm and in cutsscenes with Flora and Vesta. It is unknown whether you can get this animal or not.
    Found on the edge of the woods. Ruby & Teenager Kate talk about it alot.
    In the summer, ship something through Takukara (eggs, milk, etc), order something through him (good fodder, bird feed, and tools only) and you get your horse when Tak gets back the next day.

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Other Answers

  1. Every day in summer i woke up after my husband. marlin never ever pointed ducks out to me.

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  2. you get one male and one female duck if you wake up after ur husband in the summer of chapter two only when you have the pond.
    to get ducklings, you need both ducks and at least one male and female chicken who lay the eggs for the ducks. it doesn't matter if they are seperated or not, the chickens will lay duck eggs.

    ur not supposed to get the chihauha, lizzard, racoon or anything else, however there are some sites that tell you it is possible. i don't remember them though, sorry.

    the cat is given to you by Romona in chapter...three i believe. you have to befriend her first. and it can't leave ur farm. the only animal that can leave is the horse

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