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    Marriage Guide by Raserei Hojo

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    -*-  Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life -*-
    -*-  Marriage Guide                       -*-
    -*-  Author: Lucavi Itzaru                -*-
    -*-  Copyright 2005 Leanna Diaz           -*-
    -*-  Version 1.0                          -*-
    Table of Contents
    --Legal Information--
    Welcome to my Marriage Guide. In here, you will find all the cutscenes between
    the three eligible bachelors and you. Actually, this is already in my
    walkthrough on GameFAQs, but I thought people might only want to read this
    section of it.
    Choosing the answer provided in this section will improve your relationship
    with the bachelor. Choosing the other option will lower their heart level
    and their relationship status with you will go down. If you happen to
    accidentally run into an event for the bachelor you don't want to marry, choose
    the option that isn't suggested.
    The amount of hearts required is the MINIMAL number of red hearts needed in
    order for that even to activate. You can have more, but chances are if there
    are two or more events in the same place, you'll see the event that requires
    higher hearts.
    Also, note that the times and seasons of the events can be a little off. Each
    game file is different, and Harvest Moon is all about randomness. So if it says
    an Event will occur in Summer, depending on what you've done, it could occur as
    early as Spring or as late as the end of Fall.
    --Legal Information--
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    In short:
    I didn't make the game, I'm just writing about it and giving information.
    If you want to use my guide, you must ASK me before you take it and use it.
    My email is below.
    Websites that can host this guide without asking:
    GameFAQs : http://www.gamefaqs.com
    Neoseeker : http://www.neoseeker.com
    Cheat Code Central : http://www.cheatcc.com
    If you see any websites with this guide on there, please inform me immediately.
    My email is LucaviItzaru@aol.com but please do not email me unless you have a
    question about Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life. I'll also accept questions
    for A Wonderful Life.
    Version 1.0
    August 05, 2005
    First public release
    Version 1.25
    August 13, 2005
    Marriage Section (added)
    Rock's Schedule (updated)
    You HAVE to get married in this game. If you've played the guy version, you
    should already know this. If you don't get married by the end of Chapter 1, the
    game will end. Sad, sad ending. There are two ways you can get married.
    Normal Way: Getting Rock, Gustafa, or Marlin up to four hearts. You can see how
    many hearts one of the three has by checking his diary. You also need the
    Blue Feather to propose with.
    Lazy Way: If you just don't feel like chasing after guys and would rather tend
    to your animals or fish, etc., then at the end of Chapter 1, one of the guys
    will come to your house and you will eventually have a choice of proposing or
    not. If you say no, the game ends. If you propose, the game moves onto Chapter
    2 and you have a kid.
    He Lives: Rock lives at the Inner Inn with his parents Tim and Ruby. He looks
    nothing like them really, perhaps he was adopted or got his looks from his
    He Works: Short and simple, Rock doesn't work.
    Your Rival: Lumina
    Things in quotes in Rock's schedule contributed by Christal
    Schedule Before Marriage: Rock likes to sleep in. He'll get up around noon or
    so each day. "He wakes up at 12:00pm, and stays in his room until about 1:00pm.
    Then he will go into the kitchen where he insist that you leave because he is
    eating. He will then either go to the waterfall (our left side) and walk around
    where those tree trolls are until about 8:00pm or if it is raining he might go
    to the Villa to flirt with Lumina." I personally think that your rival for
    Rock should have been Muffy.
    Schedule After Marriage: Despite his bachelorhood and getting up at noon every
    day, NOW he gets up at 6AM. Creepy. That's six hours of lost sleep at least.
    He'll go to bed at around 10 or 10:30PM, depending on the chapter, barely
    getting the proper amount of sleep each night. He'll sometimes go out a lot
    during the day, but he can usually be found around the farm.
    Lumina isn't too much of a threat. She's barely an adult and Rock's probably
    just flirting with her because she's a girl. If they really did have get
    married and have a kid the next chapter, Rock could then be considered a
    pedophile if Lumina were younger than 18, which she isn't. She's 18. It's
    legal. [Thank you Julie-San and Brad for the pedophile information].
    Likes: Mist Moon Flowers, Toy Flowers, Fodder, Coins, Statues, Light Pickles,
    Tomamelo Salad
    Dislikes: Goat Milk, Failed Recipe Dishes.
    Diary: Located in his room at the Inn. You must be in his room to view it, just
    like you had to do for Nami. Get out your stalking gear.
    Scene 1
    An Outing
    Requirement: 1 Red Heart
    This Event can be activated in Spring. Simply walk in front of the Inner Inn.
    Rock and Lumina are standing on the pathway that leads to Lumina's mansion.
    Rock wants Lumina to hang out with him for a bit, but Lumina runs away, leaving
    him all alone. Rock, still wanting to hang out with some one, and most likely
    a female, runs to you and asks if you'll go with him.
    1. Go home
    2. Are you hitting on me?
    Though neither option sounds best, pick option 2. Rock will insist he's not
    trying to hit on you, he only wants a buddy. He then asks you if you see him
    as the kind of guy that would 'pick you up'.
    1. Yes, so goodbye!
    2. What do you want?
    Choose option 2. Rock will say that there isn't anything interesting there, so
    he'll offer to show you around the place. Rock tells you not to worry as your
    Character is probably having second thoughts. Rock says that you and him should
    befriend each other. After all, why not? You're living in the same Valley and
    probably will for the rest of your lives. Rock can't do much of anything else
    with you because he has no money. He will then remember there is something
    interesting he wants to show you! So, he takes you to Turtle Pond.
    It seems that the Turtle of Turtle Pond has died. Rock accuses Hugh, explaining
    that Hugh is not as innocent as he seems. While he's rambling, he turns his
    back on you and the turtle to continue the rant. The turtle was probably only
    sleeping. It runs away, as do you. Rock turns around and is shocked that he's
    all alone...once again.
    Scene 2
    "Super Rock Vs. Crusher the ordinary average dog"
    Requirement: 2 Red Hearts
    This Event can be triggered in Summer. Walk out of your house in the later
    afternoon. Your Dog will bark and you'll see Rock dozing by your Infertile
    Field. He tells the Dog that the barking is annoying him. All your Dog does is
    bark again! Rock moodily says he's getting up.
    Rock gets up and sees you standing there. Then he'll ask what you're doing.
    1. What are YOU doing?
    2. Get outta here
    Choose option 1. Rock will tell you, warning you that it's a very lengthy story
    and he's even given it a title! He asks if you want to hear Volume 1 of his
    tragic story.
    1. Tell me!
    2. No thanks
    By choosing option 1, Rock will start his lengthy story.
    It seems that Rock and your Dog met not too long ago. Rock, being the nice guy
    that he was, walked to your farm for a visit. He then wonders how much money
    the farm would sell for. On his 'long journey' from the Inner Inn to your house
    he wonders if you'll be surprised by his visit. He assumes that you'll be
    shocked to find the guy you like at your door. Since he's come such a long way
    to visit you, he's also expecting something like a nice warm meal or a gift.
    As he's still wondering about these things, your Dog walks up to the intruder.
    Rock says that your Dog is a very cute Dog and that he's a fan of dogs. Rock
    wants a dog for himself...but...doesn't have the money to buy one! So, of
    course, he wonders how much your dog would sell for.
    Your Dog, the smart lil pooch, understood what Rock was talking about. The
    camera pans elsewhere and your faithful Dog attacks Rock! Afterwards, a very,
    very, VERY angry Rock (Rock can be angry?) tells the dog that people who attack
    him like that annoy him. He then announces that he and the Dog will have a
    1. Listen
    2. Don't Listen
    If you choose option 1, Rock will continue.
    Rock and your Dog raced around the farm three times, and each time Rock won.
    Rock will then comment that your Dog seems to be in a bad mood, and then he
    Scene 3
    To Work, Or Not To Work
    Requirement: 3 Red Hearts
    This Event can be triggered in Fall. Leave your farm in near late morning, and
    you will find Rock dozing off by the river. You'll walk over to him and he'll
    ask you if you'd like to take an afternoon nap too.
    1. Not exactly.
    2. Heavens No!
    Choose option 1 and Rock will get a slightly sad look on his face, but he'll
    say that's fine. He explains that he likes taking afternoon naps like the one
    he was just taking. It puts him in a good mood as well as makes him feel good
    Rock will then stand up and say that there may be good things about work, too.
    You get money, in which Rock has none, and you get joy sometimes. You can even
    buy things with the money you earn instead of wondering how much things like
    farms and dogs would sell for...
    He'll ask you if taking midday naps are fulfilling for you.
    1. Sure.
    2. You're a real piece of work.
    If you choose option 1, Rock will be happy and glad to know that you feel the
    same way he does. He thinks that there aren't enough people like him and you in
    the world these days. Rock wishes that you could just forget about everything
    and live a life of relaxation.
    Rock muses over what he's told you, and comes to the realization that he's said
    some really smart things today. His brain power has even surprised himself.
    1. Yep.
    2. Moron.
    Choosing option 1 will make Rock happier. He's glad that you heard him out.
    Choosing option 2 reaaaally ticks Rock off. He'll give you a slow-witted (no
    offense anyone) comment and say he never expected you to talk like that to him.
    He will then angrily walk off.
    Scene 4
    Thinking of Marriage
    Requirement: 4 Red Hearts
    This Event can be activated in Fall or Winter. Enter the Inner Inn at night.
    Tim and Ruby will be talking to each other. They'll welcome you when you enter,
    then Ruby says she has something she wants to talk about with you. She wonders
    if this is a good time to talk about it.
    1. What is it?
    2. I'm a little busy right now.
    Choose option 1, and Ruby will explain. Lately, she's noticed that you and Rock
    have gotten very close with each other. She isn't sure what you see in Rock and
    she wants to know what makes you like him so much! Ruby seems to have never
    thought that it was possible for Rock to get married...or close to it anyway.
    Just then, Rock enters. Tim, Ruby and you all stare at Rock, shocked. Rock
    wonders why they all look so surprised, and offers to leave again. He walks out
    and then you have two choices.
    1. Go With Him
    2. Don't Go With him
    Choose option 1 and you will follow him outside. Rock will confess that he had
    heard parts of the conversation, but what he doesn't realize is that you and
    his parents were talking about him. He thinks his parents are trying to get you
    to marry Marlin. He says that Marlin is in love with Celia, but since he can't
    have her, he's trying to "put the moves" on you. He then asks if being with him
    is better than being with Marlin
    1. It sure would.
    2. Not so fast, Mr. Ego.
    Choosing option 1 will make Rock very happy. It seems that Rock isn't ready
    for a huge commitment such as marriage just yet. However, he does voice that if
    he DID marry you, it would be fun. Your Character looks quite annoyed, and Rock
    then wonders if he what he said was wrong. He then wonders if he should go
    somewhere else, and then he leaves.
    He Lives: Marlin lives at Vesta's farm with Celia and Vesta.
    He Works: Vesta's Farm
    Your Rival: Celia
    Schedule Before Marriage: He's an early bird, getting up at six and then spends
    the entire day at Vesta's farm usually. If he does amazingly leave his work
    area, he'll probably be at the waterfall or the bar. He may seem rude at first,
    but he's very anti-social. He has a problem interacting with other people, so
    get to know him and then he'll open up. I personally think your rival for
    Marlin should have been Nami, but then they're BOTH anti-social. They would
    either understand each other's silences or their relationship would never work
    Schedule After Marriage: He wakes up at 6AM and then will go to bed at around
    10 or 10:30PM, depending on the chapter. Like Rock, he just barely gets the
    minimal amount of sleep his body requires. He should get more, considering
    he complains about his health sometimes.
    Celia, the girl who moved in with Vesta and Marlin a few years ago is a very
    strong rival for Marlin. She's oblivious to the fact that Marlin is falling
    in love with her, so that's something that's leaning in your favor. You'll
    probably have bad luck avoiding Celia and Marlin's cut scenes, so don't worry.
    Marlin isn't that hard to get, but definitely a lot harder than Rock. He IS
    anti-social, remember?
    Likes: Curry, Bodigizer, Bodyhyper, Grade A+ Milk, Turbojolt
    Dislikes: He's just...very picky.
    Diary: Located in Vesta's farm house, near Marlin and Vesta's beds. It's the
    plant closest to the beds.
    NOTE: Marlin won't accept gifts if he's standing still with his hands in his
    pockets. So, if he doesn't ask you if you want to buy anything when he's on the
    farm, you probably shouldn't give him a gift.
    Grade A+ Milk, Turbogizer & Bodigizer contributed by: lightforchrist
    Scene 1
    Shy Farm Boy
    Requirement: 1 Red Heart
    This Event can be activated in late Spring or so, in Vesta's house. Marlin will
    be facing the shelf where his diary is. He'll notice you and ask if you're used
    to your farm yet. Your Character nods and apparently Marlin doesn't know what
    else to say. Marlin then asks if you needed something.
    1. What are your hobbies?
    2. I'm busy, I'm going home
    If you choose option 1, he will say he doesn't have any hobbies, unless you
    want to count drinking. (Alcoholic?). Marlin will then ask you if you like
    vegetables or not.
    1. Sure
    2. No
    If you choose yes, that question seems to break the ice and Marlin will go on
    to explain statistics. He'll say you should eat a lot of vegetables, and that
    the number of people who DON'T eat enough vegetables is increasing. He'll say
    that if you have any questions about vegetables, you should ask him.
    1. That's kind of you
    2. No thanks
    By choosing "That's kind of you", Marlin will turn his back on you,
    embarrassed. He'll then explain he's shy and asks you not to say nice things
    like that. He doesn't know how to response to the praise. He'll assure you
    that he isn't angry, he's probably very happy on the inside. Marlin will then
    offer you the right to visit any time you want to, even though you already
    Scene 2
    Marlin's Nightmare
    Requirement: 2 Red Hearts
    This Event can be activated in Summer, maybe a bit earlier or later, depending
    on how fast you work with his heart levels. Trigger this by walking out of
    Vesta's house on a sunny day at around 6 or 7AM, right after Marlin goes
    outside. Marlin will be standing by the scarecrow, musing about something.
    He'll explain that he was just thinking about something. You automatically
    pursues what it was that Marlin was thinking about. Marlin refuses to tell you.
    1. I want to hear
    2. Then I'm going home
    Choose option one. Marlin still refuses to tell you. He thinks you'll think
    that he's stupid if he tells you. Your Character still persists.
    1. No I won't
    2. Geez, just spit it out, buddy
    If you choose option one, Marlin will finally agree to tell you. It seems that
    Marlin had a nightmare. Celia was running at him, to hug him, and suddenly, she
    turned into VESTA. Marlin will ask if you think it's stupid to let a dream like
    that get to him.
    1. Not really
    2. Ha ha ha
    Choose option one and Marlin will feel a bit better about himself. He'll
    comment about your nice personality, and then give you a Veggie Juice. He's
    so nice, giving you gifts!
    Scene 3
    Talk By The River
    Requirement: 3 Red Hearts
    This Event can be activated in the Fall. Cross the bridge as if you're going to
    Vesta's Farm on a sunny day. Marlin and Celia will be standing by the edge of
    the river, having a conversation. Celia will comment about how calming it is
    to watch the river flow and Marlin will agree with her. Celia then spots you,
    calling a greeting to you. Marlin also takes notice of you.
    Celia has a plotting mind. Apparently she's noticed how much Marlin likes your
    Character. Celia will give a large yawn, pretending like she's suddenly
    extremely tired. Marlin and your Character instantly look worried. Marlin will
    ask if she's all right, and Celia says she's just fine. But since Marlin looked
    so worried and thought that something might be wrong, Celia will take a nap.
    She'll look at your Character and Marlin, urging the two to continue their
    conversation. Celia will go back to the house, smiling in hopes of success.
    Marlin, shyness taking over once again, has no idea what to say. He'll ask if
    you would 'like a chat'
    1. Sure
    2. No
    Choose option 1 and Marlin will say that it isn't often that he actually likes
    to talk to people and that it's hard for him. But, he'll try...for you! He asks
    if you're liking life on the farm and if everything is going well for you.
    1. Sure
    2. Not really
    Choosing option 1 will have Marlin saying that it's good your Character is
    enjoying herself. You'll ask how Marlin is doing and he'll simply say that he's
    'getting by'. When he had first come to the valley, he had all sorts of things
    he was worrying about. Marlin will say he was a fish out of water.
    And then suddenly, a fish will jump out of the river and Marlin will turn his
    attention to that. He'll ask if you fish and instead of choices, you'll simply
    smile in response. Marlin stands up, very nervous now, and tells you he's going
    to go home. He then goes off without another word.
    Scene 4
    The Diagnosis
    Requirement: 4 Red Hearts
    This Event can be triggered in late fall or winter, most likely on a sunny day.
    Just walk into Vesta's Farm and Marlin will be standing near one of the
    windmills. He'll greet you this time, but he's not in the mood to talk right
    now, having too many thoughts on his mind.
    1. What's wrong?
    2. OK. I am leaving
    By choosing option 1, Marlin will explain he was thinking about the past. Five
    years ago he was diagnosed with an illness that forced him to stop working in
    the city and move to the valley because of the cleaner environment. Even after
    five years, his condition hasn't improved at all. Marlin looses hope and now
    thinks the doctor was just being nice by saying that Marlin would get better
    soon if he kept the right attitude. Marlin says he'll be sick forever.
    1. That's not true.
    2. Maybe so.
    Marlin will get mad suddenly, asking what you know about it. He says that you
    don't know how he feels. He'll tell you to then leave him alone.
    1. (Shake your head)
    2. I see. Bye.
    Choose option 1 and Marlin will calm down. He tells you he's going back to the
    house, in which he does. Before he opens the door, he'll thank you.
    He Lives: Gustafa lives in a tent/yurt near the beach. It's a pretty nice place
    to live if you like his taste in decorating.
    He Works: He doesn't exactly have a job, but he is a traveling minstrel.
    Your Rival: Nami
    Schedule Before Marriage: Gustafa is the most random of the three bachelors. He
    might wake up at 10AM one day and then 7AM the next. He's another one you'll
    have to stalk sometimes. He's a TRAVELING minstrel, which means most of the
    time, he won't be very easy to find. However, if you're lucky, you'll see him
    near his yurt as you exit your farm. I personally think Gustafa's rival should
    have been Celia...They both are down to earth like that and would get along
    quite well.
    Schedule After Marriage: He gets up at 6AM and then will go to bed at
    10-10:30PM, depending on the chapter. The three bachelors have identical
    sleeping patterns, I think. All of them just barely get the minimal amount of
    sleep they should get each night.
    Nami is your rival for Gustafa, believe it or not. She's the girl who lives at
    the Inner Inn with Rock. Gustafa isn't one for work, much like Rock, but he's
    definitely got a thing for music. he's too carefree. They both don't seem to
    have too much affection towards each other, but after a cut scene or two, Nami
    will start to fall for him.
    Likes: Flowers, Normal milk, things from the ruins
    Dislikes: Mugwort, Tomatoes
    Diary: Located on the couch in the back of his yurt.
    Dislikes and Normal milk was contributed by Meghan.
    Scene 1
    Peaceful Days
    Requirement: 1 Red Heart
    This Event can be triggered in Spring on a sunny day. Leave your farm, and
    you'll spot Gustafa playing his guitar by his yurt. You'll walk over to him,
    and he'll ask if you have free time to talk.
    1. Sure
    2. No
    Choose option 1 and Gustafa will comment on how wonderful a day it is. He's
    happy that he can play his guitar as long as he likes, the weather is perfect,
    and today is just the best day ever. He'll then comment and say that sunny days
    that are perfect, like the one today, are rare.
    1. No they're not
    2. Yup, they are
    Choose option 2 and Gustafa will be happy that you understand how he feels. He
    will then offer to play a song for you.
    1. Listen
    2. Don't listen
    If you choose option 1 and listen, Gustafa will play the first part of his song
    for you.
    Scene 2
    A Conversation
    Requirement: 2 Red Hearts
    This Event can be activated in Summer. Walk into Gustafa's tent, where you'll
    find Gustafa pacing about, wondering what he could do today. He isn't used to
    spending time inside of his house. He'll finally notice you and wonder if you
    came to visit him on your free time?
    1. Yup
    2. Nope
    Choose option 1 and Gustafa will be happy, welcoming you inside, and wondering
    if you're taking the day off. He'll then tell you that he was wondering what he
    could do today as well. He'll explain that he usually spends all of his free
    time outside, playing his guitar, singing songs...being a traveling minstrel.
    He then offers to spend a while having a long conversation with you.
    1. Okay!
    2. No
    If you choose option 1, the screen will fade out and then fade back in,
    signaling the end of their conversation. Gustafa says that talking in his house
    with someone else feels refreshing, and he feels at ease surrounded by all of
    his instruments.
    Gustafa will ask you if you find the valley an interesting place. Gustafa says
    that he does because there are so many different people who live their own life
    the way they want to. Even the name of the valley appeals to him. He'll ask you
    how you feel about it.
    1. Say nothing
    2. I like this place too
    Choose option 2 and Gustafa will be very happy to hear your opinion. He'll tell
    you that for some reason, he feels close to you. He will then offer to play you
    the second part of his song.
    1. Listen
    2. Don't listen
    Select option 1 and you and Gustafa will go outside, where the second part of
    Gustafa's song will be played.
    Scene 3
    The Walk
    Requirement: 3 Red Hearts
    This Event can be triggered in the Fall by coming out of your house. Like Nami
    had done in the male version of the game, Gustafa will come to your house and
    has the urge to look around. He comments on how big it is. He hopes that you
    don't mind him barging onto your property without permission. You nod and
    Gustafa doesn't seem as worried.
    Gustafa states that he would like to go for a walk, and he would like you to
    accompany him.
    1. Sure
    2. No way
    Choose option 1 and Gustafa will be thrilled. He wants to walk by the waterfall
    and the two of you end up walking by the Spring. Gustafa comments about how
    walks like the one you and Gustafa are taking now can only be done on nice days
    and that when he was thinking of taking this walk that can only be done on nice
    days, the first person he thought to take it with was you! He thinks you're
    very reserved, and he likes people like that.
    Gustafa asks you if you find the waterfall relaxing.
    1. I do
    2. I don't
    Choose option 1 and Gustafa will ask if it's okay to play the third part of his
    song for you.
    1. Listen
    2. Don't listen
    Choose option 1 and you will hear the third part of the song. After the song,
    Gustafa will give you a Moon Mist flower as a thank you gift for taking the
    walk with him.
    Scene 4
    Requirement: 4 Red Hearts
    Note: This Event only happens at night
    This Event can be activared in Fall or Winter. Exit the Inner Inn and you will
    see Gustafa walk to the bar. You'll follow him inside. Gustafa asks if you
    would like to take a drink with him and you nod automatically. He says that he
    really likes the atmosphere of the bar, so he goes to the bar quite often.
    Muffy will ask Griffen what they should do after work. Griffin says he has no
    idea what they could do, not understanding the the principle of it.
    Gustafa suddenly gets an idea and asks if you would like to go stargazing with
    1. Sure
    2. No
    Choose option 1 and you and Gustafa will be standing near the inn, looking up
    at the night sky and, well, stargazing. Gustafa asks if you think it's nice, so
    you smile and nod. Gustafa will back away by a couple of steps and confess that
    he feels he could tell anything to anyone right now.
    1. I have no interest
    2. Think of something
    Gustafa wants to play a song, you know what to do! Listen to the fourth and
    final part of Gustafa's song for you.
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