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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Suspectii

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 03/29/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    GoldenEye: Rogue Agent 
    EA Games
    Copyright (c) 2004-2005 Matt Hoffmann
    Version 1.5 - New information added in Legal.
    I have decided to add a very brief review for the game
    due to all the negative opinions of the game that have
    arisen since release.
    Quite simply, the game does not have all the features
    that were "promised" pre-release, and so many have made
    the decision that it is, therefore, a bad game. Although
    I am disappointed by the lack of certain features that
    it was suggested would be included, I find the game to
    be quite entertaining regardless. It's a good game, no
    question, but you have to be able to accept that it may
    not be as spectacular as one might have thought based on
    early press. If you have the money to spend and you want
    an FPS for your GCN (or PS2 and X-Box) go for it.  It is
    the only game of its type released in the fall for GCN.
    Main Menu
    The Weapons
    The Eye
    A Bit on Bad
    Single Player Info
    Multiplayer Info
    This is only my second completed FAQ, if you are interested 
    I wrote an other on the site for Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer
    and now have one for Fight Night Round 2.
    I have 20+ years of gaming experience and FPS have been my 
    area for, well...since Wolfenstein 3D first appeared on the 
    scene at least.
    The following FAQ is intended to help you live through the 
    SP mode, played through on Hard.  Don't expect to make it 
    through "One Life Mode" as easily. This is not a walkthrough, 
    play by play, this is a guide to help you play yourself. In 
    addition, this will also give you a brief look into the Split 
    Screen Multiplayer, in an attempt to help you survive the 
    onslaught of friends, or at least make the most fun of it.
    There are 3 basic control layouts and their left handed 
    counter parts, which just switch what the Control Stick and
    C-Stick do.
    I choose Precision for my layout, and the other two chocies 
    are based off of it so I will only note the changes from 
    Precicion for Savage and Classic.
    Control Stick - Move/Strafe
    C-Stick - Aim/Turn
    D-Pad - Select Eye powers
    A - Action, actions will be prompted on screen
    B - Crouch
    X - Activate selected Eye Power
    Y - Reload
    Z - Melee Attack
    L - Left hand Trigger/Throw Grenade/Scope on Two Handed guns
    R - Right hand Trigger
    To Pick Up weapons Hold A and press the trigger for the hand 
    you want the gun in.
    To Drop weapons Hold A and hold the trigger for the hand you
    want to drop the gun from.
    X - Melee
    Z - Eye Power 
    Control Stick - Move/Turn
    C-Stick - Aim/Strafe
    There you have the basic controls.
    Main Menu
    Once you are set to begin the game, you have the Main Menu.
    Campaign - You guessed it, Single Player Campaign.
    Splitscreen - Multiplayer (check MP section for more details)
    Profile Options - Make all the little Game adjustments.
    Extras - View the credits or check out some unlockables.
    The Weapons
    There are a total of 16 weapons that are known, and we assume 
    that is all. 14 guns may be used in MP and 14 in SP, 2 are 
    exclusive to each. If you need a complete description of the 
    weapons, find a manual.  I am merely going to name the weapon,
    which modes it is in, if it is dual wieldable, and my opinion.
    The Spec 9 and Frag Grenades are your standards and will always 
    be in your inventory. They are the only weapons that you can 
    Name       Description                                MP  SP   Dual
    Spec 9 - Standard sidearm w/ unlimited clips          y    y    y
    Jackal .357 - Heavy hand gun. Solid gun.              y    y    y
    Mamba 12g - Sawed off Shotgun. Good for tight areas.
    HS-90 - SMG. This is my weapon of choice in one hand. y    y    y
    Type-S Frag - Grenade. Not much to say.               y    y    y
    Venom 200ML - Poison Dart gun. A simple annoyance.    y    y    y
    MKII Detonator - Shoot, wait, and detonate.           y    y    y
    Tesla EM - Only good for shooting through shields.    n    y    y
    Mag-Rail - Flip on the MRI and kill through the wall. y    y    y
    Longbow SR - Sniper Rifle.                            n    y    n
    AR4 Commando - Assualt Rifle w/ a scope. Inaccurate.  y    y    n
    OMEN XR - Laser.  Nice to vaporize in one shot.       y    y    n
    Predator MG - Chaingun. Ouch, but heavy.              y    y    n
    Harpoon RL - Rocket Launcher. Powerful, but heavy.    y    y    n
    Goblin Mine - Proxy Mines. A bit slow to explode.     y    n    n
    Golden Gun - One shot kills, only one in Funhouse (and GG Mode) n
    Generally I take a HS-90 and a Mamba/Jackal/Mag Rail depending on
    the situation.
    The Eye
    This replaces your string of Bond gadgets with one, easy to use,
    golden eye. It has four powers, one of which is altered for use
    in MP.
    MRI Vision - Take a look through walls. Slow drain of power.
    EM Hack - Set off death traps at a distance or cause malfunctions 
              of enemy weapons. One time cost to powe, depends on what 
              you hack.
    Polarity Shield - Deflects attacks. Can be discharge into enemies 
                      during melee attacks. Drains dependent on the 
                      damage you are taking.
    Induction Field - Toss your enemies about like Darth Vader. One 
                      time cost.  This changes to an EMP Stun in MP.
    A Bit on Bad
    As you might have noticed, you aren't exactly a good guy this
    time around.  In fact, you are as bad as they come. To that end,
    you will be rewarded for being bad.  The worse you are the more
    points you get toward unlocking things for each mission set.
    You get points for Eliminations, Accuracy, Difficulty Level (Hard 
    gets you more points), and a Rogue Bonus (for being bad)
    The following is a list of Rogue Bonuses:
    Perfect Shot - Kill your enemy with a headshot.
    Death Trap - Points for letting the machinery kill them for you.
    Hostage - Use a human shield up, get a point.
    Melee Throw - Toss your hostage before he dies.
    Intimidation - Scare your opponent into taking his own Hostage.
    In Transit - KIll while riding elevators, Zip lines, and the like.
    Explosion - Blow someone up with grenades, rockets, or barrels.
    Knock Out - Melee the man to death.
    Shield Attack - Melee Attack while your shield is up.
    Induction Field - Use the 4th and final power to throw enemies about.
    Cheap Shot - Suprise your enemies with a shot through a wall.
    Hack - Earned by EM Hacking 
    Death Traps are the easiest way to be bad. Basically, there are 
    buttons in most of the boards that, when activated, cause things like 
    toxic gas leaks, electrified areas, or simple trap doors.  Use them 
    effectively to get the most enimies in one shot.
    Single Player Info
    I'm not going to give you a play by play for each level, because it 
    isn'tworth it. Play the game. If you get stuck then contact me and 
    I'll post tips for the level in this section.  More often than not, 
    the problem is that you either aren't charging the enimies or you 
    aren't taking cover when you should. Give your health time to 
    regenerate, pick up armor whenpossible, always reload when you have 
    the time, and aim for the Head. Also,learn to follow your compass to 
    where you need to go.
    For now, I will give you the Mission Locale, a brief descrption, and 
    some details about weapons, particularly nasty enemies, and places 
    that you might get stuck.
    Fort Knox - Training Sim before being dismissed from MI6
    	This is very easy to complete and there are little computers 
    	placed 	throughout the mission that will tell you how to do 
    	such and such. Other computers will be seen in later missions 
    	to tell you how to use new eye powers and such.
    	Basically, you start on the top floor of Fort Knox and you 
    	have to shoot your way down to the vault. This is all simple 
    	ground troops, who will appear as allies in the next few 
    	mission sets.
    Auric Enterprises - Escape the assualt on Goldfinger's hidden base.
    	Dr. No has launched an assault on Goldfinger's mountain hideout 
    	and you must shoot your way out. You will be introduced to the 
    	MRI eye power during this mission.  You will also get a more 
    	complete look at several death traps during the mission.
    	Your first introduction to Dr. No's soldiers, they have better 
    	armor 	and weapons than Goldfinger's troops, but you will have 
    	Goldfinger's troops helping you at points, try to keep them alive.
    Hong Kong - A long road to escape across the rooftops of Hong Kong
    	You have been sent to Hong Kong to assassinate Dr.. No, but 
    	foolishly depend upon a triad informant to provide the weapon. 
    	You are betrayed, and must reach a safe extraction point for 
    	Pussy Galore to get her chopper to without getting killed. Don't 
    	forget your retribution along the way. The EM Hack ability is 
    	gained for this mission.
    	You will be introduced to flying enemies during this set of 
    	missions. Two or three rocket blasts or Detonator shots bring 
    	your average flyer to the ground.  Death traps also work, and if 
    	need be, you can bring them down with standard weapons.  To give 
    	you an idea, two full clips (60 rounds) from an assault rifle will 
    	bring them down if accurate. Dr. No's personal ship takes a bit 
    	more, but the rocket launchers will continuously spawn for you.
    Midas Casino - Make your way down to the vault to protect the O.M.E.N.
    	Xenia Onatopp is leading an assualt on Goldfinger's Casino, 
    	attempting to break into the vault where the secret weapon is being
    	kept. You get dropped on the roof and have to make your way to the 
    	vault. You will gain the Polarity Shield upgrade for this mission.
    	This is not unlike Auric Enterprises in style, as you will have 
    	some troops helping at certain points and you will face a few flying
    	vehicles. You will also be given the opportunity to kill from a 
    	moving elevator. 
    	The most devistating new enemies you will face are Elite Guards, 
    	which carry shield systems like your own and vicious weapons 
    	(chainguns and such).
    Hoover Dam - Take the round about way to set off a nuke.
    	You will be dropped at the bottom of the dam and will need to make 
    	your way up through the dam, down tight corridors, along outside 
    	stairs, and across the dam's surface. Watch out for an other 
    	betrayal, and a confrontation with Xenia.
    	You will face most of the opponents that have already fought against
    	you thus far, as well as a few new mechanized opponents in the form 
    	of a variety of tanks.  These will also fall to two or three rockets.
    	In the dam missions, you will eventually reach the roadway at the top.
    	Here, as I mentioned above, you will encounter a number of tanks that
    	may slow you down a bit. When you first arrive in an elevator, your
    	actions will be dictated by your curret weapon. If you have a rocket 
    	First thing to do is run behind the car and dump your rocket launcher. 
    	Keep moving and get the one guard that stands across the way, he's the 
    	reason you can't stay in the elevator. Once you finish him, kill the 
    	other guards that have tried to surround you and attempt to get back 
    	to your launcher. Use two rockets to get the machinegun tank and one 
    	on the other then toss a grenade or grab a launcher dropped by one of 
    	the guards. Once that is done. Pick up an assault rifle and scope out 
    	anyone of the troops, particularly the rocketmen. Then just work your 
    	way along the dam until you reach a point where you are told to go back 
    	in and a chopper attacks you. Blast the guys in the ladder well and then 
    	take to the chopper with the rocket launchers lying about. 
    	This will get you through the first part and it is the basic idea behind 
    	the later portion, so good luck.
    	When you reemerge, you will again need to test your patience and moxy.
    	As you come up the ladder, turn on your shield and charge the first guy
    	you see. Once he's dead, cross the dam to the other guards by the car.
    	Kill them, grab the nearest rocket launcher and hide behind a car. From
    	here it is basically the same as the first part, so have at it.
    	Seems as though a lot of people are confused about where to find the
    	bomb.  The bomb is a ways after the damn, suspended over a crevase inside
    	the damn. You will need to ride a moving platform to reach the room with
    	the bomb.  Don't forget to follow the compass if you get lost, it really
    	does know which way to go, most of the time.  There is also a fair bit of
    	linear level design, so keep going forward.
    The Octopus - Make your way through an underwater black market.
    	Where do you go when you need to find the location of your nemisis' 
    	secret base? Where else but the local market...er...black market. 
    	Your fourth, and final upgrade, the Induction Field, is now at your 
    	The enemies are getting tougher and more abundant, but they aren't 
    	anything new. Just take your time and spend a little money. There is, 
    	however, a new weapon, the Tesla EMP pistol.  Not much to say except 
    	Now, by unbelievably popular demand, the answer to the question you 
    	have all been asking me.  To get across the gap in the armory room, you
    	must use your Eye Hack power to hack the terminal across the way from 
    	you.  Once done, a bridge will extend, allowing you to continue on 
    	with the level.
    Crab Key - Take your revenge on Dr. No.
    	You've found him and now you must kill him. Be wary of the final 
    	Again, the enemies have gotten tougher, but not a lot of new things. 
    	There are two new enemies, the Doctor himself and a super tank that 
    	must be hit in it's cannon several times with rockets in order to 
    	destroy it.
    Volcano Lair - It's time they learn that betrayal is a death sentence.
    	You have been betrayed again and now you are mad. Free the soldiers 
    	loyal to Number 1 and lead the revolt against the power mad 
    	Once again, you find yourself facing Goldfinger's soldiers, but now
    	they carry the OMEN lasers, which instantly vaporize you on contact. 
    	This is truly the most difficult group of soldiers you have faced yet. 
    	Stay behind cover and use your mag rail when possible, otherwise, 
    	keep moving.
    	Late in the Lair missions you will come to a big round room full of
    	guards. Two of thes guards are Elites (with shields and odd weapons).
    	After killing one or both of these guards two new elites will take
    	their places, but this time they will be carrying OMEN lasers. Once
    	you enter the room, the door behind you will shut and you will be 
    	trapped, so make sure you are fully loaded before going in.
    	What I did was get my HS-90 and Spec9 to Headshot all the normals, just
    	ignore the two shielded guys to start. Go in to the right and make your
    	way to the first shield guy and double back until you get to the second. 
    	At this point you may have needed to hide and regenerate, as well as 
    	running out of HS ammo. Do what you can to get your weapons refilled. 
    	Grab a Mamba in your Spec hand and take them to the first shield guy. 
    	Turn on your shield as you charge him, shooting his head. If you reach him,
    	melee attack him. Hide and regenerate when he is dead. The first OMEN guy 
    	should be out now. He takes a bit of work. Avoid his shots and keep him 
    	in your sights, shooting him as much as possible, don't use the lasers 
    	against them, but detonators are good, if you have kept one this long. The
    	Tesla is actually more useful here because it goes through shields, 
    	otherwise it is worthless. The other possibility is using mag rails from 
    	across the room, but it takes timing. Let them stop to shoot at you and 
    	then unload a shot and hide. Grenades work if you are really good with
    	them, and taking the shielded guys hostage will also help if you have
    	a good weapon.
    	Using these strategies is how I got through the room, but it does take a 
    	good bit of headshots and patience. 
    This concludes the single player coverage for now, hopefully this at least 
    gives you an idea of what to expect.
    Multiplayer Info
    Multiplayer for GC is a simple matter of splitscreen deathmatch.  Yes, 
    there are Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Tug-o-war, but you won't get 
    to much from any of these over standard deathmatch.  With only four 
    players, team dethmatch doesn't change a lot, Domination only has four 
    maps (2 2P maps and 2 4P maps), and the Tug-O-War only has one map.  If 
    you have friends over give them a try, but the meat and potatoes is the 
    standard showdown (Deathmatch).
    If you have the game, there really isn't a point for me to post all the 
    skins since any that aren't available yet are posted in the unlockable 
    section already.
    The four Showdown Rule Sets are:
    Normal: Kill or be killed.
    Golden Gun: One man has the Golden Gun, the others hope to live.
    You only Live Twice: You only Live Twice.
    Kicense To Kill: One shot kills with every weapon.
    The Funhouse also has a Golden Gun, which is put into play just like 
    Golden Gun mode. These are the only ways to get the Golden Gun.
    Modifiers and Powerups alter the gameplay in various ways. Some, like
    deathtraps, Self eliminations, and body armor are preset at on, while
    others must be unlocked and activated.
    Modifiers: Modifiers alter play for every character in the game.
    Turbo Speed - Speed up the game by at least 50%. Everything is faster. 
    Lethal Strike - Melee attacks kill on the first contact.
    Randomised Weapons - Everyone gets a random starting weapon.
    Deathtraps - When on, certain maps will have active deathtraps.
    Rapid Eye Recharge - Your Eye recharges approx. 10 pts. per second.
    Self Eliminations - When on, suicides remove a point from your score.
    Powerups: When on, icons will be placed around the board, each 
    	  signifying a particular power. When the icon is retrieved,
    	  the player that does so will gain the effects of the powerup
    	  for a short period of time. When effected, colored rings will 
    	  surround the player until his or her demise, or the power 
    	  runs out.
    Powerup             Desctription              Icon           Ring Color
    --------            -------------            -------         -----------
    Armor: Supplies Body Armor.            Green/Blue Armor      No Ring
    Adrenaline: Move faster.            Gold Bolt/Red Diamond    Red
    Lethal Strike: Instant melee kill.  Gold Fist/Blue Hexagon   Pale Blue        
    Eye Overcharge: Rapid Eye Recharge. Gold Eye/Green Diamond   Gold
    Regeneration: Regenerate faster.    Gold Cross/Pink Cross    Pale Green
    Speed Loader: Turbo Reload.         Gold Gun/White Rectangle Pale Cyan
    Maps: There are 22 maps in all, 9 of which are for two players only. Be 
    cautious, as most trap doors are all set off by the same switch. Traps
    noted with numbers must be activated by buttons, although some others 
    may be stopped by buttons (The Press). Non noted traps are simply hazards
    that will cause damage (fire, gears, chopper) or instant death (The Press,
    ooze, places to fall into).  For real fun, try stunning your opponent and
    throwing him into odd places (down GoldenEye's Chimney is always a fun one). 
    Name              Players   Deathtraps
    ----------------- -------   --------------
    Chemical Showdown    4      You can step/be thrown into the ooze.
    Carver's Press       2      The Press, 1 electrified room, 2 trap doors.
    Gears                4      None
    Golden Gate Bridge   2      3 trap doors, 1 Zorin's Blimp, places to fall.
    Uplink               2      6 trap doors, A chopper, gears
    Pyramid Duel         2      1 trap walkway and quicksand pit
    Moonraker Fuel       4      1 Shuttle engine
    Moonraker Pods       2      1 trap door
    Moonraker Launch     2      1 G Force testing room
    Dr. No's Reactor     4      1 trap door, 1 steam vent, places to fall
    Funhouse             4      1 spike pit, 1 Cowbot, 1 Capone
    Mining Pit           2      2 trap bridges on separate switches
    Pyramid Showdown     4      1 trap walkway and quicksand pit
    GoldenEye's Retreat  4      1 electric cage, 1 fire place, fire, 1 auto turrets
    Atlantis             4      Watch your step near the water
    Lower Turbine        4      None
    Bore Tunnel          4      None
    Transit Tunnel       4      None, but avoid the Cart in Tug-O-War
    Bath House           4      None
    Pump Room            2      Watch your step jumping between presses 
    Fissure Platform     2      None
    Vault Core           4      None
    Completing each Full Mission with enough points for being bad will earn 
    you up to five Octopus Tokens. With Each Token, starting at two, comes 
    at least one, maybe more, unlockable.
    The possible unlockables are Skins, MP Maps, MP Modifiers or Powerups, 
    and two sets of artwork per level (one for the second Token and one for 
    the fifth. Below is a list of skins,MP levels, and MP options unlocked 
    with each Mission set.  
    Fort Knox
    	Map: Pump Room
    	Skin: Auric Elite
    	Modifier: Randomised Weapons
    Auric Enterprises
    	Map: Carver's Press
    	Skin: Dr. No's Elite
    	Modifier: Lethal Strike
    Hong Kong
    	Map: Bath House
    	Skin: Triad Informant
    	Powerup: Adrenaline	
    Midas Casino
    	Map: Vault Core
    	Skin: Oddjob
    	Powerup: Regeneration
    Hoover Dam
    	Map: Turbine 
    	Skin: Xenia Onatopp
    	Powerup: Eye Overcharge
    The Octopus
    	Map: Fissure Platform
    	Skin: Lair Guard
    	Modifier: Rapid Eye Recharge
    Crab Key
    	Map: Dr. No's Reactor
    	Skin: Dr. No
    	Powerup: Speed Loader
    Volcano Lair
    	Map: GoldenEye's Retreat
    	Skin: Lair Elite
    	Modifier: Turbo
    That's all I know fo the moment.	
    Check the Gamefaqs.com cheat section for the latest cheats.
    From what I know, there are cheats for:
    Paintball Mode - Not as fun as the old one.
    Unlock Skins - Nothing spectacular if you have played through the game.
    Unlock Maps - I think that was the third one.
    You read the copyright notice at the beginning of the FAQ right? That means
    it's mine. You are not to copy, steal, swipe, swindle, or pilfer this, or any
    part of it, for any use aside from private gaming fun. 
    It can be posted at:
    but that's it for now.
    It has come to my attention that the site "gameshout.com" is posting this
    guide without permission or due credit given, I ask that if anyone else
    finds this guide reproduced at a site not listed above that you contact me
    immediately. Thank you for your help.
    If you e-mail me and ask nicely, I might consider letting you use it.
    If you see it anywhere else, please do let me know so that I can take the
    appropriate action.
    If you absolutely, positively, must contact me... Don't.
    There isn't anything else I know about the game at this point and if I find
    anything I will update the FAQ when I get a chance.
    What you see is what I got. If it isn't here, I don't know it. With the
    exception of information pertaining to specific moments in the SP campaign,
    which I will do my best to answer if you follow the following guidelines.
    To submit a question on SP:
    I won't open attatchments or emails with out subjects that I might recognize
    Try "Rogue Agent" if you want me to even look.
    I don't want forwards, spams, or any of that other mumbo jumbo, so please
    Respect me and don't waste my time, otherwise I will just stop looking.
    Also, if anyone out there is looking for a film/game reviewer, or FAQ writer
    and is willing to pay, I'm all for working on various projects.
    EA games for continuing to produce the Bond Games, but You need to stop your
    Lies!  Give us what you tell us you are giving us or don't tell us.  Next time
    We want more Skins and Bots.
    www.MI6.co.uk for giving me a place to delve deeper into the Bond Universe.
    GameFAQs for posting so many useful faqs, codes, and reviews.

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