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    FAQ/Walkthrough by bullet sword

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                             GOLDENEYE: ROGUE AGENT
    Made by me, bullet sword of Gamefaqs.com.
    Rated T for TEEN.   Violence and Suggestive themes.
    Release Date (United States): November 22nd, 2004
    Developer:  EA LA
    Publisher:  EA Games       ~Challenge Everything!~
    Players:  1-4
    Xbox Live:  YES
    System Link:  YES
    1. INTRO
    2. Story
    3. Characters
    4. Controls
    5. Weapons
    6. Goldeneye Powers
    7. Gameplay Info
    8. Levels  (full walkthrough in progress)
    9. Multiplayer (Not completely finished)
    10. Hints, Tips, and Tricks (and other helpful things)
    11. Some Fun and Funny Extras I Recommend for Your Spare Time (and other
    12. Questions and Answers
    13. Contact
    1.  INTRO
    This is certainly NOT a sequel to the Goldeneye game released on the N64
    in 1997.  Goldeneye:  Rogue Agent goes into the dark side of the James
    Bond universe because, well, you are an evil guy.  This is really a
    great game, but it is really hard in some parts.  I have provided this
    FAQ to help out, but it is very far from being finished.  Very, very
    far.  I don't have much on multiplayer, but I have a big load on single-
    player mode.
    If you see "=", I am separating each section of this FAQ.  If you see "-
    ", I am either going to give a description of something or separating
    sections of a section in this FAQ (such as those seen in Gameplay Info)
    2.  Story
    You are an MI6 agent who gets kicked out for extremely brutal tactics
    that were not allowed at MI6.  Then you join Auric Goldfinger, one of
    the most famous James Bond villains.  Goldfinger is in a middle of a war
    with Dr. No, another villain in the James Bond universe.  You end up
    losing your right eye to Dr. No.  A man named Francisco Scaramanga,
    another villain, gives you a Golden Eye that replaces the one you lost.
    This earns your name, Goldeneye.  Scaramanga is of course on
    Goldfinger's side of the war.  Now you must defeat Dr. No for what he
    has done to you.
    So this is basically EVIL VS EVIL.
                                AN EYE FOR AN EYE
    3.  Characters
    Side: Goldfinger
    Info:  He is the main character.  You.  He has a goldeneye replacing his
    right eye due to a serious encounter with Dr. No.  This former MI6 agent
    got kicked out for his use of extremely brutal tactics that are not fit
    for MI6.  Then, after he left MI6, Auric Goldfinger recruited him to
    help defeat Dr. No in a war.
    Auric Goldfinger
    Movie:  Goldfinger
    Info:  He is in a war against Dr. No for control of the criminal
    underworld.  Goldfinger is also developing a secret weapon called the
    "OMEN".  He recruits Goldeneye to help with the war with Dr. No.
    Francisco Scaramanga
    Movie:  The Man With The Golden Gun
    Side:  Goldfinger
    Info:  This is indeed "The Man With The Golden Gun".  He invented the
    golden gun and the golden eye for Goldeneye.  Throughout the game, he
    will give you some special things for your golden eye.  He works along
    Goldfinger in the war with Dr. No.
    Pussy Galore
    Movie:  Goldfinger (but think of her more on Goldeneye's side)
    Side:  Goldfinger
    Info:  She has her own helicopter and is Goldeneye's interest.  You will
    find yourself seeing things that have to do with her copter and she will
    give you rides from Hong Kong to Midas Casino and then to the Hoover
    Dr. No
    Movie:  Dr. No
    Info:  Goldfinger's enemy.  Dr. No shot Goldeneye's right eye (and
    strangely, he survived).  Dr. No really wants to get his hands on the
    secret weapon Goldfinger has been developing:  The OMEN.  He also has an
    army of tanks at Hoover Dam.  Dr. No has been attacking many of
    Goldfinger's areas and bases just to find the OMEN.
    Movie: Goldfinger
    Side: Goldfinger
    Info:  Oddjob is Goldfinger's right-hand-man.  His hat has a unique
    ability to attack people like a boomerang.  Oddjob may be a bit short,
    but don't underestimate him by the looks.  You don't have to fight him,
    Xenia Onatopp
    Movie:  Goldeneye
    Side:  Dr. No
    Info:  She is on Dr. No's side of the war and like all James Bond
    movies/games, there is a good girl and bad girl. She's the bad one (and
    still, this is a war of Evil VS Evil).  You will eventually fight her.
    4.  Controls
    This is the Xbox version of this game, so here are the Xbox controls:
    Right Trigger-shoot weapon in your right hand
    Left Trigger-Shoot weapon in your left hand/use grenades/use scope
    Black-Melee Attack
    White-Use goldeneye power
    A-Pick up weapon to use in right hand/hold to drop weapon/take hostage
    when enemy is stunned/throw hostage/interact with something when
    prompted on screen
    X-Pick Up weapon for left hand/hold to drop
    B-Toggle Crouch
    Left Analog Stick-Move forward/backward or strafe
    Right Analog Stick-turn/look up and down/aim anywhere you want
    D Pad-Select Goldeneye power
    Doors open automatically.
    There is NO jumping, but there is falling in some areas.  Falling
    doesn't hurt you.
    Alright, so here are the default controls.  You can change them at the
    options screen.
    5.  Weapons
    In Goldeneye: Rogue Agent, you can use a dual wielding system.  Pick up
    weapons for your right and left hand.  There are a LOT of different
    weapon combos.  Some require two hands.  You will reload faster when
    dual wielding.
    NOTE:  You can only have two weapons, so if you want a weapon in your
    left hand, you will have to drop the current weapon and swap it.  Your
    grenades are in your left hand, but they are put away when another
    weapon is occupying it.  You also have a standard pistol that never runs
    out of extra clips, so you never run out of extra ammo for that weapon.
    That is also holstered when another weapon is occupying it.  Some
    weapons need both of your hands, so both would be holstered.
    Now here are the weapons:
    SPEC 9
    Dual Wieldable:  YES
    Power:  Weak
    Clip:  12
    Reload Time:  Fast
    This is your standard pistol that never runs out of extra ammo clips.
    You can dual wield with this weapon, but you never see another SPEC 9
    anywhere else, so you will just have to pair it with another weapon.
    It's large ammo clip is pretty good.
    Dual Wieldable:  YES
    Power:  About twice as much as the SPEC 9
    Clip:  8
    Reload Time:  Fast
    Another pistol.  It is stronger than the SPEC 9 and common in most
    Dual Wieldable:  YES
    Power:  Weak
    Clip:  50
    Reload time:  Pretty Fast
    This is one cool machine gun!  And it is really cool using two of these
    at once.  It is not that strong, but it can really wipe out enemies
    fairly quickly. It's very common in most areas. The accuracy will drop
    if you shoot for a long time.  When you want to get your good accuracy
    back, stop shooting for a bit.
    Mamba 12GA.
    Dual Wieldable:  YES
    Power:  Weak from a distance, powerful from close range
    Clip:  8
    Reload Time:  Slow
    A shotgun with a short barrel.  It is quite slow, so a good choice is to
    pair it with a better, faster weapon.  Although the clip is 8, you will
    use two bullets at a time because this has two barrels.  So you can
    shoot 4 times.  You will never find yourself with an odd amount of ammo.
    Venom 200ML
    Dual Wieldable:  YES
    Power:  Can't kill
    Clip:  4
    Reload Time:  Fairly fast
    This does VERY little damage (if any).  Don't use this unless you have
    another weapon that can actually kill.  All this does is stun an enemy
    for a few seconds.  While he his stunned, you can grab him for a
    hostage.  If you get hit by one of these, you slow down for a few
    seconds and the screen becomes green.
    Longbow SR
    Dual Wieldable:  NO
    Power:  Strong
    Clip:  5
    Reload time:  A little bit on the long side
    This sniper rifle really deals a lot of pain.  You don't see very many
    around and this is only available in SINGLE PLAYER mode.  The good thing
    is that there seems to be no enemies using this.  Obviously equipped
    with a scope.
    Type-S Frag
    Dual Wieldable:  NO
    Power:  Very strong
    Clip:  1
    Reload Time:  Fast
    This is your handy grenade.  You always start out with a few, around
    five.  This can be used in your LEFT hand only.  You can have up to 5.
    These can be found on every level and will be automatically be picked
    AR4 Commando
    Dual Wieldable:  NO
    Power:  Normal
    Clip:  30
    Reload Time:  A little long
    This assault rifle may be a bit inaccurate, but this has a scope to take
    out enemies far away.  It's just that you won't hit them from that far
    of a distance.
    Predator MG
    Dual Wieldable:  NO
    Power:  Normal
    Clip:  A whopping 200
    Reload Time:  Slow
    This is another cool machine gun that really packs a punch.  You will
    not see very many of these and heavily armored enemies will use them.
    Once you press the right trigger, this will take one second for it to
    shoot anything.  Slows down move speed.
    Dual Wieldable:  YES
    Power:  Extremely Powerful
    Clip:  4 (5 in multiplayer)
    Reload Time:  Not too slow, but not too fast either
    This gun can shoot through walls and enemies.  It takes about 1 second
    to charge up, then releases a shot.  Use this with your MRI Vision (see
    Goldeneye Powers) to shoot through walls.
    MK2 Detonator
    Dual Wieldable:  YES
    Power:  Very Strong
    Clip:  4
    Reload Time:  Pretty fast
    A very powerful gun.  That's right.  Gun.  It shoots mines from it and
    it sticks to ANYTHING.  You can even shoot it at people and it will
    stick to them.  Once that is done, detonate when you want to.  If you
    drop it, the mine will blow up.
    Harpoon RL
    Dual Wieldable:  NO
    Power:  Very Strong
    Clip:  3
    Reload Time:  None
    The rocket launcher.  Since it is so heavy, it slows down your running
    speed.  Use this on tanks and helicopters.  You can't reload with this,
    so if you want some more ammo, you are just going to have to drop it and
    get a new one.
    Tesla EM
    Dual Wieldable:  YES
    Power:  Extremely Weak
    Clip:  12
    Reload Time:  Normal
    Don't use this weapon.  It is a waste of time, but it can disrupt
    shields.  That's the only good thing.  SINGLE PLAYER ONLY
    Dual Wieldable:  NO
    Power:  Auto kill
    Clip:  3
    Reload Time:  Normal
    Goldfinger's latest project.  This gun is an instant kill because it
    vaporizes the victim.  This comes with a scope and you will see a little
    blue ball fly.  It doesn't travel at high speeds, but will get the job
    done.  It's small clip is pretty bad, but it's power makes up for it.
    Try this out in multiplayer too.
    Goblin Mine
    Dual Wieldable:  NO
    Power:  Strong
    Clip:  1
    Reload Time:  Really fast
    This motion detected mine can be placed around the area and detonates
    like a motion sensor bomb.  MULTIPLAYER ONLY
    Golden Gun
    Dual Wieldable:  NO
    Power:  Auto Kill
    Clip:  1
    Reload Time:  Bad
    One shot kill.  It can only shoot once before you have to reload.  You
    get 7 shots and that's it.  Francisco Scaramanga created this weapon
    that causes instant death.  It's strange that this can't be dual
    wielded.  Be careful.  If you drop this weapon, you lose it.  It breaks
    when dropped.  This gun is available in MULTIPLAYER, but some say that
    it is in a secret location in Single Player...
    Weapon Combo list:
    This is a pretty darn long list.  If you want to see them all, go ahead.
    If not, scroll down.  It's a long way.
    Left Hand                Right Hand
    Jackal .357              SPEC 9
    Jackal .357              Jackal .357
    Jackal .357              HS-90
    Jackal .357              Mamba 12GA.
    Jackal .357              MK2 Detonator
    Jackal .357              Mag-Rail
    Jackal .357              Venom 200ML
    Jackal .357              Tesla EM
    HS-90                    SPEC 9
    HS-90                    HS-90
    HS-90                    Mamba 12GA
    HS-90                    MK2 Detonator
    HS-90                    Venom 200ML
    HS-90                    Tesla EM
    HS-90                    Mag-Rail
    Mamba 12GA.              SPEC 9
    Mamba 12GA.              Mamba 12GA.
    Mamba 12GA.              MK2 Detonator
    Mamba 12GA.              Venom 200ML
    Mamba 12GA.              Tesla EM
    Mamba 12GA.              Mag-Rail
    MK2 Detonator            SPEC 9
    MK2 Detonator            MK2 Detonator
    MK2 Detonator            Venom 200ML
    MK2 Detonator            Tesla EM
    MK2 Detonator            Mag-rail
    Type-S Frag              SPEC 9
    Type-S Frag              Jackal .357
    Type-S Frag              HS-90
    Type-S Frag              Mamba 12GA.
    Type-S Frag              MK2 Detonator
    Type-S Frag              Venom 200ML
    Type-S Frag              Tesla EM
    Type-S Frag              Mag-Rail
    Venom 200ML              SPEC 9
    Venom 200ML              Venom 200ML
    Venom 200ML              Mag-Rail
    Venom 200ML              Tesla EM
    Tesla EM                 SPEC 9
    Tesla EM                 Tesla EM
    Tesla EM                 Mag-Rail
    Mag-Rail                 SPEC 9
    Mag-Rail                 Mag-Rail
    HS-90                    Jackal .357
    Mamba 12GA.              Jackal .357
    MK2 Detonator            Jackal .357
    Venom 200ML              Jackal .357
    Tesla EM                 Jackal .357
    Mag-Rail                 Jackal .357
    Mamba 12GA.              HS-90
    MK2 Detonator            HS-90
    Venom 200ML              HS-90
    Tesla EM                 HS-90
    Mag-Rail                 HS-90
    MK2 Detonator            Mamba 12GA.
    Venom 200ML              Mamba 12GA.
    Tesla EM                 Mamba 12GA.
    Mag-Rail                 Mamba 12GA.
    Venom 200ML              MK2 Detonator
    Tesla EM                 MK2 Detonator
    Mag-Rail                 MK2 Detonator
    Tesla EM                 Venom 200ML
    Mag-Rail                 Venom 200ML
                             Jackal .357
                             SPEC 9
                             Mamba 12GA.
                             MK2 Detonator
                             Venom 200ML
                             Tesla EM
                             AR4 Commando
                             Longbow SR
                             Harpoon RL
                             Predator MG
                             OMEN XR
                             Goblin Mine
                             Golden Gun
    Gosh.  That was a lot...
    Weapon accuracy, power, and reload times may change during multiplayer.
    Now here are some quick tips with certain weapon combos:
    Mamba 12GA and HS-90
    This is a good combo.  Use the Mamba 12GA to knock down enemies, then
    taking them out with the HS-90.
    HS-90 and HS-90
    Shoot both of these at the exact same time to deal some mega carnage.
    Mamba 12GA and Mamba 12GA
    Since that both are pretty slow, take turns with each one.  Example:
    Shoot, wait 1 or 2 seconds, shoot with other hand, wait 1 or 2 seconds,
    shoot with other hand, and so on to repeatedly shoot a bit faster.
    Mag-Rail and Mag-Rail
    These are slow as well.  If two enemies are next to each other and must
    be taken out one at a time, kill one, then prepare the other one
    Venom 200ML and Venom 200ML
    There in almost no point in using these weapons.  There is one useful
    way that you can use this.  If you are really mad, stun a bunch of
    enemies, then punch them all to get a bunch of KNOCKOUT rogue bonuses.
    6.  Goldeneye Powers
    On the second mission, you get your golden eye.  It comes with powers.
    Each of the 4 goldeneye powers are acquired at different points of the
    game.  Select your powers with the D-pad.  The goldeneye power
    selections are at the bottom of the screen.  There is a number telling
    you how much goldeneye energy is left.  It will recharge fairly quickly.
    MRI Vision
    This is your first goldeneye power.  This simply lets you see through
    walls.  Combine this with the mag-rail weapon to kill through objects.
    When you look through a wall, the enemies will appear in white.  This
    slowly drains your goldeneye energy.
    EM Hack
    This is your second power.  You can activate systems and machines from a
    distance or hack another person's weapon.  This will take 47 from your
    goldeneye energy.
    Polarity Shield
    Just deflect bullets.  If you are protecting yourself from an explosion
    or a big hail of bullets, your goldeneye energy drops down, so be
    careful.  If you are taking little or no shots, your goldeneye energy
    will slowly lose it's energy.
    Magnetic Field
    You can send enemies flying with this last upgrade.  Control the
    direction with the left analog stick.  This will take 75 from your
    goldeneye energy.  You just gotta love the way your enemies die from
    In multiplayer, the magnetic field stuns opponents (and is called an EMP
    7.  Gameplay Info
    This will explain almost everything you want to know.
    Simply turn on your Xbox console.  You will come up to the title screen
    and press any button to continue.  Then you see:
    Campaign-Single Player Mode
    Splitscreen-Grab 2-4 controllers and kill each other
    System Link-Link another xbox for multiplayer action
    Xbox Live-Play online
    Profile Options-For each profile (game file), you can customize things
    Extras-See the credits or check out some unlocked goodies
    Basically, all you do is shoot people and kill them as fast as possible.
    Since you are evil, you can do almost anything.  Your health regenerates
    over time and most enemies will drop body armor.  Your health and armor
    meters are on the sides of the screen just like the original Goldeneye.
    Easy-  Enemies are easier, goldeneye recharges faster, enemies do less
    damage, enemies are smart but not super-smart.
    Normal-  Enemies are normal, goldeneye recharges at normal speed,
    enemies to a fair amount of damage.
    Hard-  Enemies are smarter and harder, goldeneye recharges slower,
    enemies to more damage, and everything else is harder.
    One Life Mode-  This is crazy.  Getting yourself killed makes you start
    at the VERY BEGINNING.
    Screen Display:  There are two meters to the sides of the screen that
    are vertical and a bit curved.  The one on your left is your body armor.
    The one to your right is your health.  The body armor meter is blue.
    The health meter is red.  When they are yellow, they are full.
    To the very bottom of the screen is your goldeneye power selections.
    The number is your goldeneye energy.  The symbol that is divided in half
    with light and dark colors is the MRI vision.  The symbol with the gear
    is your EM Hack.  The symbol with a shield is your Shield.  And the
    symbol with a shockwave moving towards a person-shaped thing is your
    Magnetic Field.
    When you have a weapon in your right hand, there is a bar at the bottom-
    right of the screen with a number that tells you how much ammo you have
    in your gun and another how many extra bullets you have.  When you have
    no weapon in your left hand, you will see a grenade icon telling you how
    many grenades you have left.  When a weapon is there instead, you see a
    bar there with the numbers that show your ammo.
    Whenever you absorb damage, you see red somewhere around the screen.  It
    will be at different points of the screen.  That will tell you where
    it's coming from.  If the red spot appears at the bottom of the screen,
    you are taking damage from something behind you.  If it appears in front
    of you, you are taking damage from that direction.  Yeah.  It works the
    same way when it's at the right/left sides of the screen.
    There is also little arrow around the screen.  It tells you where to go.
    It's not always accurate, so sometimes you might have to go in another
    direction.  If it turns red, you are very close to your objective.
    Then you will see a yellow crosshair in the middle of the screen.  You
    will notice that it will get bigger and smaller.  If it is small, your
    accuracy will be really good.  If it is big, your accuracy won't we very
    good.  Point your crosshair at an enemy and it will turn red.  You won't
    always hit when it turns red.  If a green "X" comes up, you are aiming
    at an ally.  But who really cares if you're an evil guy.
    Whenever you get a special message, a yellow box appears at the top of
    the screen along with a portrait to the left.  The words that pop up is
    your message.  The faces that come up are:
    Pussy Galore
    Triad Informant (Hong Kong person who betrays you)
    Dr. No (When you fight him)
    This is very important.  Whenever you walk on top of a weapon, a little
    box pops up around the middle of the screen.  It tells you what weapon
    it is and it shows the "X" button and "A" button to tell you which hand
    you want it in.  A little sound plays when this happens.
    Another box will appear when you stand next to a stunned enemy.  It will
    say "Press A to take hostage".  You can't take the hostage unless this
    screen comes up.  Also, whenever you stand next to something that you
    can use or activate, a message will pop up saying "Press A to (do
    this)".  You can't (insert action here) unless this message pops up.
    When you switch to your EM Hack, yellow boxes will appear on anything
    that can be hacked.  When one of the yellow boxes turns red, you can
    hack it.
    Your enemies are powered by the E.V.I.L. AI engine.  They are very smart
    in some ways.  They use their cover very effectively and will run like
    crazy do dodge bullets.  You can also intimidate them to taking their
    own as a hostage.  Enemies will shout out what you are doing and talk to
    each other like:
    "He's dual wielding!"
    "He's behind (object)"
    "He's reloading"
    "Kill them both!" (when you take a hostage)
    "Taking sub-machine gun fire!"
    "He's got a rocket launcher"
    "We need backup!"
    "He's in the overflow chamber!"  (Hoover Dam)
    "Target acquired!"
    "Watch it!"
    "All clear"
    "There he is!"
    "Target sighted"
    "Hold your fire"
    "He's using a shield!"
    "He's using the goldeneye!"
    "Keep him away from Dr. No!"  (Crab Key)
    "I see him"
    "Watch where you are shooting in here!"
    Enemies will also use dual wielding on you too.  That's not all of the
    things you will hear from enemies, but expect to hear them shouting to
    each other.  And keep watch on those death traps.  They will use them
    against you too.
    Auric Guard
    These guys are the enemies at Fort Knox.  They are with Goldfinger.
    Auric Guards also appear at Auric Enterprises and Midas Casino.  Auric
    Guards wear silver body armor and have these strange helmets.  Pants and
    sleeves are black. One hit of a melee attack will stun them.  Their
    defense is weak and usually use HS-90s, Jackal .357s, and Harpoon RLs.
    Auric Elite
    Same thing as Auric Guards, but have more defense and have golden body
    Dr. No Guard
    These guys are very easy.  They have body armor and have no sleeves.
    They have black pants and clothes.  One hit of a melee attack will stun
    Dr. No Soldier
    Very common.  If you look at their face, it looks like they have red
    eyes, but it's just their costume.  They have black body armor and have
    gray sleeves.  Black boots and gray pants are also seen on them.
    Dr. No Elite
    Not too common, but they have great body armor.  They have very dark
    clothing and armor.  Dark as in "black with a little bit of blue".
    Their armor looks shiny, too.
    Octopus Guard
    Only found on "The Octopus" level.  They have black helmets, body armor,
    and boots.  Pants and sleeves are gray.  They are just a bit stronger
    that Dr. No Soldiers.
    Octopus Soldier
    Stronger than Octopus Guards.  They have black clothing.
    Octopus Elite
    These guys are very uncommon.  They are really good, but you will see a
    lot more Octopus Soldiers.
    Triad Guard
    One of the triads in the Hong Kong bathhouse.  They have masks that only
    cover their eyes and wear black clothing.  Their black jacket is un-
    zipped, which reveals a lighter shirt inside.
    Triad Elite
    I really can't tell the difference in how they look between the Triad
    Guards.  They are just stronger than them.
    Lair Guard
    Only found in "Volcano Lair".  Their armor looks heavy and have these
    Lair Elite
    Only Found in "Volcano Lair".  They are stronger than the Lair Guards
    and they would wield stronger weapons.
    These are simple aircrafts that have two vertical propellers.  Very
    common in Hong Kong.
    These have horizontal propellers like normal helicopters.  They are
    stronger than aircrafts and can shoot missiles as well.
    Dr. No Aircraft
    An advanced version of the Helicopter.  They are just mini-bosses and
    take more than 6 shots of a Harpoon RL.
    They will shoot missiles at you.  They take some time to aim when you
    move, but they are very deadly.
    They are like tanks, but they use machine guns.  Their machine guns
    shoot really fast and the back of the APC will open up so more enemy
    troops can come out.
    Advanced Tank
    You will only fight 2 of these in the entire game.  They appear in "Crab
    Key" only.  These tanks shoot fire-balls that do even more damage than
    normal tanks.  Since that these are advanced tanks, you will need more
    firepower to take them out.
    Triad Informant
    He betrayed you in Hong Kong.  You will have to fight him in the
    bathhouse.  He is just like a normal enemy, but has more health and is
    Xenia Onatopp
    The girl you face in this game.  She dies at the Hoover Dam.
    Dr. No
    Fought at Crab Key.  He has some sort of shield protecting him.  Not
    much to say about him.  It's just that you gotta kill him.
    Octopus Turret
    The turrets you see in "The Octopus".  They are round and you can hack
    it so it can kill your enemies for you.
    Volcano Lair Turret
    You will find these hanging on the ceiling.  Hack it so you can kill
    Midas Casino Turret
    After you make it to the vault area past the tunnel, you will find some
    of these high up on the walls.  Hack them all to kill your enemies.
    Machine Traps:  You can use these to quickly kill your enemies.  Traps
    you can use are traps doors, electrify floors, turn on jets, etc.
    Hostage Taking:  Stun an enemy with melee attacks.  You can just kill
    them with melee attacks, but when the enemy is just standing there, you
    can take him as a hostage (if it says "press A to take hostage").  A red
    bar appears where the body armor bar is.  It shows the hostage's health.
    The amount of health will vary depending on how badly you damaged him
    before taking him as a hostage.  If you really want to get rid of him,
    press A to throw him wherever you want!  The bad thing is that you can't
    aim as high or as low as normal and you can't pick up any more weapons
    or armor.  Not even ammo.  You can still walk through stairs and use any
    of your goldeneye powers.  But you also can't press any switches.
    You die when your health runs out.  You drop your weapons and you see
    that the camera view goes a little crazy.  You continue at a checkpoint.
    Checkpoints appear around certain areas in levels.  You don't know where
    they are until you die.  Some checkpoints make you drop all your weapons
    and make you use your standard pistol.
    Rogue Bonuses:  You can earn these by doing evil things.  Here are the
    rogue bonuses.  NOTE:  You can combine some rogue bonuses like killing
    an enemy with an explosive while on a zip-line giving you two rogue
    bonuses (even if you killed only one enemy).
    Perfect Shot:  Head-shot (well, most of the time)
    Hostage:  Take a hostage, then let him get killed by letting him absorb
    Melee Throw:  Throw your hostage.
    Explosion:  Blow up your enemies with grenades, rocket launchers,
    barrels, etc.  Kill multiple enemies with explosives for some more
    explosive bonuses.
    In Transit:  Kill enemies while on a moving object like elevators, zip-
    lines, etc.
    Death Trap:  Use a machine trap to kill enemies.  A big death trap can
    take out multiple enemies giving you some more death trap bonuses.
    Knockout:  Kill enemies with melee attacks.
    Cheap Shot:  Kill an enemy through a wall/object with the mag-rail.  Try
    to line up multiple enemies to get some more cheap shots.
    Hack:  Kill enemies by hacking a machine like turning turrets against
    your enemies.
    Induction Field:  Use your magnetic field to fling enemies to their
    Shield Bash:  Turn on your goldeneye shield and use a melee attack
    against an enemy.  Instant kill.
    Intimidation:  Play like an evil player and you might intimidate another
    enemy to take one of their own as a hostage.
    This is my favorite thing.  Goldeneye: Rogue Agent features Havok
    physics.  Or as some call it "Rag-doll". This features really cool
    deaths.  Bodies that are dead can really interact with the environment.
    This may not be important, but a good thing to know.
    Using the Melee Attacks:  Just press BLACK on your controller.  You will
    bash the enemy with your gun or punch him.  After a couple of blows, you
    will stun him.  You can attack again to kill him or press A to grab him
    for a hostage.
    Scoring:  You will end the level looking at a status screen.  You will
    see these symbols appearing on the bottom of the screen.  They are
    familiar.  According to www.mi6.co.uk, they are called "Octopi".  The
    more you get, the more goodies you can unlock.  You can scroll through
    different scoring screens.  You get to see how many kills you got with
    each weapon and you also get to see how many rogue bonuses you have
    achieved.  After you look through that, you get to see some goodies you
    have unlocked if you unlocked anything.
    Each Rogue Bonus=2 points
    Each Kill=1 point
    Difficulty Bonuses=Varies between difficulties.  The harder it is, the
    more points you get.
    Accuracy=Get a good accuracy rating and you get good points.
    8.  Levels
    These levels are listed in order.  I am trying to make a full
    walkthrough, so be patient.  I will give out available weapons, an
    introduction to the level, and the mission ending.
    WARNING:  When you are going to read the mission ending, IT WILL CONTAIN
    M (the woman from MI6):  Three years ago, while an assignment, the agent
    was severely wounded from an encounter from Dr. No.  He now resorts to
    violence and brutality and is no longer fit for MI6.
    THREE DAYS EARLIER.  The scene switches to a helicopter squad flying to
    Fort Knox.
    Your first mission.  At the beginning, you get to set your controls.
    After watching the helicopter crash, you come to fight your first
    Available Weapons:
    Jackal .357
    AR4 Commando
    Harpoon RL
    So you are in the building and you see a broken helicopter hanging next
    to the ledge.  It tumbles to the ground.  Once that is over, you see
    your first three enemies over by that dead end past the stairs.  There
    is an explosive barrel, so shooting it is a good idea.  Kill two of
    them, but pick up a Jackal .357 and take a hostage.  Then look for the
    stairs you just saw.  You will see a guard hanging for his life.  Throw
    your hostage away and walk up to the guard and you can shoot him or
    smash his fingers when it is prompted on screen.  Down, down, down,
    Proceed down the stairs and you see two enemies.  Kill them with ease.
    Go down the stairs.  The stairway will end, but it is not over.  Take a
    right turn and you will find some more enemies.  An AR4 Commando will be
    lying on a wall somewhere.  Continue to find two more enemies.  One more
    enemy will come out behind a crate and two more will come from a door at
    the end of a wall.  Kill them all and you should find a bunch of HS-90s.
    If this is your first time playing, I strongly advise that you use them.
    Go through the door.  WARNING:  Once you go in, you don't go back out.
    This room is empty with no supplies.  A door is at your left.  Once you
    go through, you see an unsuspecting guard with his back at you.  Take
    him as a hostage.  At the end of the room, there is a right turn where
    another guard will run out from.  It is fairly distant, so get a clear
    shot.  Once you make your right turn, you will see two guards left.
    Kill the one that is closest.  Don't shoot at the second one.  Move up
    to him and throw your hostage at him.  It will knock him down.  It's
    time to refresh your hostage taking.  Take the knocked down enemy as
    your next hostage.  One guard will run out from a door and take cover as
    soon as possible.  Again, throw your hostage at him and use that same
    Into the next room you go.  It is a control room.  There are only 2
    enemies in here, so this room should be no problem.  Go to the window
    and you will see your first death trap switch.  Press it to activate a
    train that will sweep enemies on the track.  You will see a ladder going
    down.  Right next to it is an AR4 Commando.  Don't climb the ladder, but
    fall down instead.  Look up high to your left to see one pesky enemy
    running on a catwalk.  There is a Harpoon RL.  Use the death trap switch
    after using the Harpoon RL to take care of any enemies that trouble you.
    Pick up your other weapons and head over to the other side.  You might
    face 1 or 2 enemies there.  Your location in this big room is in the
    middle of the room itself, in between two train tracks, just in case you
    are lost with me, here.  Look up to find some more enemies on a catwalk
    to the right of the room.  Shoot the barrels and if you are lucky, you
    will blow him up.
    Go to the switch next to the second train track.  Press it to kill any
    enemies in the way.  After they are dead, head over to the other side
    and 2 or 3 enemies will be there.  Kill them and I would recommend using
    2 Jackal .357s.  Go up the stairs and kill the enemy up there.  There is
    a hole in the wall.  Go check it out.  If you walk through it, you will
    start sliding on a pipe into the next room.  There is a lot of steam.  A
    group of enemies are in here and look for any HS-90s in the area.  If
    you are having trouble, shoot the red valves to eject steam to kill
    enemies.  Look for a door.
    It will lead to an empty hallway.  It's not over.  Go to the door at the
    other side.  Does anything look familiar?  You are at the bottom floor
    of the area at the beginning of the level.  A bunch of helicopter parts
    and rubble are all over the place.  You are now at the front of the door
    you just came.  Go to the left to find an enemy.  Taking him as a
    hostage is a good idea.  Kill the enemies hanging around the flaming
    helicopter parts.  Go back to the left wall where you just took that
    hostage and follow the wall.  The room is pretty big, but just follow
    the wall.  At least 3 enemies will be around there and you will see an
    elevator door/double-door around that area.  Kill them all or take a
    hostage.  Keep moving along the wall.  Several enemies appear.
    Hide behind rubble or helicopter parts if you need to.  Your objective
    right now is to get into that big vault.  If you have a lot of body
    armor, you can grab 2 HS-90s and run towards the vault unleashing some
    "blind" shots at random enemies.  It will take a while for the vault to
    open to defend your self.  If you have low or no body armor, take it
    slow and try to pick off the enemies one by one.
    Get inside the vault and you will find a hallway leading to another
    vault.  The first vault will close permanently.  Go to the second vault.
    Once the vault opens, you are trapped by bars.  On the other side, you
    see an MI6 soldier get whooped by Oddjob's hat.  Another one gets
    slammed into the wall right across from you.  BBZZZZZBZBZZZZZZZZBZ!  He
    gets shocked!  The bars open and you move along.  MISSION COMPLETED.
    Whoops!  Too late.  The bomb blows up on you.  The screen switches to a
    bird's eye view of Fort Knox blowing up.  Then the screen starts to look
    like a computer screen experiencing a total system meltdown.  You know
    what?  That is exactly what happens.  The whole thing was a virtual
    reality simulator.  You see yourself coming out of this pod.  M is
    standing around there and then, YOU'RE FIRED!
    The scene switches to you holding an envelope that says "THE OFFER STILL
    Then you hear the James Bond theme play.  You see Dr. No shoot a bullet.
    Everything is in slow motion.  The bullet is coming towards you and you
    see your reflection on the bullet.  BAM!  You see yourself falling down.
    Dr. No:  "It could have easily been more than your eye."
    (more on this scene coming soon)
    Scaramanga:  "The retinal surgery went well.  I hope you have fully
    recovered.  "
    You are now on Goldfinger's side and Dr. No is invading Auric
    Enterprises for the OMEN.  You have MRI Vision now.  Obviously,
    Goldfinger has soldiers of his own.  You will see them around this
    level.  Goldfinger's soldiers can be taken as your hostages as well.
    That's right.  You can kill your allies and do whatever you want with
    them.  Why do you care?  You're evil!
    Available Weapons:
    Harpoon RL
    Jackal .357
    Mamba 12GA
    MK2 Detonator
    (walkthrough for this level is coming soon)
    So all you have to do is clear out areas and escape.  This should be
    pretty easy.  Since that you are facing new enemies, the game will get
    even more challenging than it already is.
    Intro:  (coming soon)
    Available Weapons:
    Jackal .357
    Longbow SR
    AR4 Commando
    MK2 Detonator
    Harpoon RL
    Venom 200ML
    You have been sent to Hong Kong to assassinate Dr. No at a construction
    site.  Work your way up to a briefcase with a sniper rifle in it, which
    was placed by one of Goldfinger's allies.  Get to the case and they
    betray you.  There is no sniper rifle and the building gets hit by a
    helicopter attack.
    This level introduces the use of zip-lines and flying enemies.  You will
    remain on top of rooftops throughout most of the level.  Make your way
    to a building where Pussy Galore will pick you up with a helicopter.
    You acquire your goldeneye EM Hack ability.
    Here are some tips against the helicopters:
    - Don't shoot until they stop moving
    - Two shots of a rocket launcher would most likely destroy it.
    - These weapons I recommend are:  Jackal .357, Harpoon RL, MK2
    Detonator, Predator MG, AR4 Commando, HS-90, and the Mamba 12GA.  NOTE:
    Not all of these weapons appear in this level.
    Intro:(coming soon)
    Available Weapons:
    Mamba 12GA
    AR4 Commando
    Predator MG
    Harpoon RL
    MK2 Detonator
    Jackal .357
    Venom 200ML (not very sure)
    Dr. No's forces have placed an assault on a casino that also holds the
    OMEN.  You meet Xenia Onatopp for the first time, but you don't get to
    fight her.  Get to the elevators to the casino, then you just have to
    make your way through the vaults.  Your goldeneye shield is gained here.
    (More stuff on this coming soon)
    When you reach this round room (the vault) where you see Oddjob get a
    grip on a rope, you will have to defend yourself for a period of time.
    There are two mag-rails in this room.  All the doors will be locked and
    there are only small areas to send your bullets flying outside.  Use
    your mag-rails wisely.  You won't get anymore mag-rail ammo.
    Intro:  (coming soon)
    Available Weapons:
    Jackal .357
    Mamba 12GA (lots and lots)
    Harpoon RL
    AR4 Commando
    MK2 Detonator
    Venom 200ML
    Longbow SR
    The assault came from the HOOVER DAM, one of Dr. No's bases.  You now
    have to fight tanks and there are a lot of shotguns.  You even start out
    with one.  This is a very challenging one.  You also confront Xenia
    Onatopp here.
    You start the level on a little platform on water with a tunnel ahead of
    you.  Go and there will be 3-4 guards.  When you see the first one, hide
    and then take him as a hostage when he turns around.  Keep him and move
    forward.  Some more guards will attack you.  One with a shotgun and
    another with a Jackal .357.  Don't throw your hostage until you are sure
    you are fine without him.  Don't walk off and stay on the fist half
    since you can't jump.  Switch to your hack and there are two ladders
    around there that can be hacked, lowering them.  You can get body armor
    and another shotgun.  Take another shotgun and keep moving.  Climb the
    ladder in the small room and when you get to a sliding door, you find a
    Longbow SR.  Pick it up and take out the 4 guards on the ground.  Make
    sure that you have a good hit.  If you are lucky, the others won't
    notice.  If you are not, they will open fire on you.
    After you have taken out those guards, you will have 1 shot of a sniper
    rifle with no extra ammo.  Pick up your shotguns and get down the
    ladder.  You will encounter a couple of enemies and one of those enemies
    with those shields with the name of "Volker" (well, I think).  He uses
    an AR4 Commando.  It would be a wise choice to grab his weapon once he
    dies.  There are plenty of easy enemies left for you to pick off.  There
    are at least 6 of them.  Look for a yellow elevator and you have
    completed the objective where you are supposed to find the freight
    elevator.  Take it up and this little enemy just suddenly appears back
    on the ground.  He always appears when you go up.  Don't even waste a
    bullet on him.
    Move on into the room ahead to face 3 heavily armored guards that don't
    have shields.  They all wield AR4 Commandos.  When you enter the room,
    they will be crouching.  They will get up, giving you time to shoot
    them.  Take all of their ammo if you have an AR4 Commando.  Go up the
    ladder and you will find one little guard.  Kill him mercilessly.
    Move out the door and you will hear an aircraft.  Run to the right, next
    to the crate-shaped object.  The helicopter will move in that direction
    every time you play.  Once it moves there, shoot it.  If you have an AR4
    Commando, this should be no problem.  One clip and a half should do.
    Get out of your hiding spot and you will see a low-armored foe hiding
    behind an object.  Kill him with ease.  Get to the top of those stair
    steps to face a group of enemies.  One of them has a Venom 200ML that
    really slows you down.  Kill him first or else you are an easy target.
    Another helicopter comes and use the AR4 Commando again.
    (I've skipped some parts because I'm not done yet, but here are some
    stuff about tanks and APCs)
    Not only are there tanks, but tank-shaped things that are equipped with
    heavy machine guns.  Here are some useful info that may help:
    - Two shots of a rocket launcher, two detonations made by the MK2
    Detonator, or two grenades can wipe out those tanks.
    - The tanks are slower at firing while those things with heavy machine
    guns shoot everywhere.
    - When explosive weapons aren't an option, make good use of those AR4
    Commandos.  Don't forget about the Mamba 12GA.s
    - Taking care of those tanks are already a big problem.  Normal soldiers
    are all over the place as well.
    - Use tanks for cover once you have destroyed them.
    - Once a tank has fired, you will see a little bullet flying.  Once it
    hits something, it explodes.
    - Make good use of your goldeneye shield.
    - You can throw your grenades underneath the tanks.  If you throw them
    on top of them, it bounces.
    You will have to fight Xenia Onatopp here, so here is my strategy:
    Before you reach the elevator in the tunnel (the tunnel where you went
    after dropping the bomb), you should find your last enemy wielding a
    Predator MG.  Take it.  There should be no more enemies left, so you
    should be stocked for the battle.  Get in the elevator.  Then it will
    show you coming out of the elevator only to get shot by Xenia.  It just
    stunned you and nothing really changes.  Then you find yourself
    fighting... a helicopter?  Yes.  That's right.  Fight the helicopter like
    any other helicopter.  It turns out that Xenia is in there.  The
    helicopter won't explode, put park next to a pile of rubble.  Make sure
    you still have some ammo for your Predator MG.  Xenia will get out of
    the helicopter and run around with a Venom 100ML and wields another
    weapon in the other hand.
    (more info will be put here in another update)
    Available Weapons:
    Jackal .357
    Mamba 12GA
    Predator MG
    Harpoon RL
    AR4 Commando
    Tesla EM
    Venom 200ML
    This is a place where coordinates of Dr. No's Crab Key base is.   Your
    final eye power, the magnetic field, is now added.  There are a lot of
    enemies here, so you should really make a good use of your shield.  You
    will have to purchase some things along the way so your trip to Crap Key
    is well stocked.
    You start the level in some sort of docking bay.  You see a guard RIGHT
    IN FRONT of you, walking away from you.  You have a free shot at him.
    Kill him.  A bunch of other enemies jump out and try to kill you.  Right
    around your starting point, there is an AR4 Commando.  Go ahead and take
    it.  After you've cleared the docking bay area, you come up to this room
    that is sort of circular.  Look up to see this gray thing hanging on the
    ceiling.  Shoot it with a strong, repeating weapon to make it fall and
    kill all in its way.
    It seems like you might get stuck when you arrive at the weapons
    department.  Get up on the balcony and look on the other side.  Hack the
    little switch on the other side.  A bridge will appear.  Walk over to
    the other side.
    (currently unfinished.  More coming soon)
    Intro:  (coming soon)
    Available Weapons:
    Mamba 12GA
    Venom 200ML
    Predator MG
    AR4 Commando
    Tesla EM
    MK2 Detonator
    Harpoon RL
    Jackal .357
    (NOTE:  That's only a little bit of the walkthrough)
    Dr. No's secret base.  It's time to kill him for real.  You start out
    with an HS-90 this time.  At the beginning, use your magnetic field on
    the first guard in front of you.  Send him flying into the sea.  Yeah.
    It looks funny.  Once you go up to this bridge, press the switch.  Only
    half of the bridge will be deployed.  Hack the other switch on the other
    side to bring the second half.  You will face two helicopters in this
    area.  You will also have plenty of Mag-Rails in this area.  This level
    is VERY long, so make sure you have a lot of ammo for your HS-90s.  Now
    here is the strategy to defeat Dr. No:
    Once you enter a circular room with these blue monitors up high on a
    giant tube like thing, it's the final confrontation.  Use your EM Hack
    to hack the screens.  Watch out.  Dr. No is on the platform right below
    the screens.  Other enemies will come to kill you.  Dr. No is equipped
    with an MK2 Detonator.  Just hack all those blue screens.  It's not
    over.  Get a good weapon and keep shooting Dr. No.  He has a shield and
    those screens electrified the platform.  Since Dr. No has a shield, it
    has no effect.  After you disrupted his shield, he will be electrocuted.
    It will show Dr. No slowly falling to the ground.  In other words:
    Dropping down dead.
    You receive a message from Goldfinger.  BAD NEWS.  He has betrayed you
    and now you are stuck on Crab Key, which is about to explode.  Look for
    a door that leads to another door.  Behind that door is a helicopter.
    Take it and escape.
    You take a helicopter and you make your way out of the island.  It
    explodes.  The explosion is very big and wipes out the entire island.  A
    very cool sunset is put in the background.
    Intro:  You have just escaped Crab Key and you receive a message from
    Pussy Galore.
    Pussy Galore:  "Goldeneye!  Goldfinger said you were killed!  He used
    the OMEN.  Everyone's been wiped out!  But, Scaramanga has a plan.
    Scaramanga:  "I have procured a virus that can overload the OMEN, but
    you will never get close enough to use it on your own.  Free the
    prisoners in the lair's detention center.  They have your allegiance.
    They will fight for you against Goldfinger."
    Man!  This level is so freaking long!  No, really.  It is very long.  If
    you are even ready, go for it.  If you are still not ready, you should
    still give it a try.
    Available Weapons:
    Jackal .357
    Mamba 12 GA.
    Tesla EM
    Venom 200ML
    Predator MG
    AR4 Commando
    MK2 Detonator
    Get your revenge against Goldfinger.  The OMENs are in the hands of
    Goldfinger's minions.  This gets very annoying.  Those one-shot kills
    just hurt.  One shot and you're dead.  This is very hard.  Have a lot of
    ammo for your HS-90s.  They seem to be the weapon of choice.  After a
    little while, you will get some allies.  Don't let them die!  They are
    pretty good (even though that you don't have very many)!  The only thing
    that is annoying is that there are a lot of enemies that have the Venom
    200ML that will slow you down, making you an easy target for the OMENs.
    (walkthrough is in progress.  This level is too damn long)
    At the end, you find yourself in a tiny room with a bulletproof window
    on the front.  The door behind you locks and Goldfinger appears on the
    other side of the glass.  He tells you that the room is being drained of
    air to breathe in.  After a little bit of talking, an OMEN device
    explodes behind him and he gets killed.  While you, on the other hand,
    remain in the room.  You don't get to see this, but strangely, you
    escape.  A helicopter pulls in at the launch pad.  Pussy Galore steps
    out.  She asks if you want to go for a ride.
    You see the inside of the helicopter with nobody piloting it.  You see
    Pussy Galore's head come up to the screen as if it was a kiss and says
    "I just love auto-pilot!"  The screen pauses.  Scaramanga was showing a
    video to a man who is covered in shadow, holding a cat.
    That man says "Goldeneye is another problem" or something like that.
    Then the credits roll...
    9.  Multiplayer
    Connect 2-4 controllers.  You will come up to a name selection.  The
    names will be any profiles saved.  If there aren't enough profiles, you
    get a name like "Volker" or something (default).  When you see a lock
    symbol next to a name, it's taken.
    If you have a bunch of profiles, choose yours so when you are in the
    arena, the controls for your profile will fit your playing style.
    This time, when you die, the camera switches to seeing yourself dying
    instead of the one you saw in multiplayer.  If you blow yourself up,
    watch yourself fly and do weird stuff thanks to the rag-doll physics put
    in the game.
    There is no hostage taking, but a throw in multiplayer.  You can stun
    your opponent by using melee attacks until the player's screen shows
    his/her own character stunned instead of the FPS screen.  They simply
    wobble around like stunned single player enemies.  The attacker can walk
    up and when prompted, can press ACTION to throw their opponent to their
    doom.  THROWS WILL ALWAYS KILL!  You can just punch them again to kill
    them instantly.
    You can set permanent modifiers for special things to be put in the
    entire battle.
    Turbo Speed:  Run faster.
    Lethal Strike:  One-hit melee kills.
    Death Traps:  Do you want to allow death traps or not?
    Rapid Eye Recharge:  Your goldeneye will always recharge quickly.
    Self-Eliminations:  Do you want the option to commit suicide or not?
    There are some power-ups located in multiplayer.  Some power-ups need to
    be unlocked.
    Adrenaline:  You get to run faster.  The power-up looks like a red
    diamond with a lighting bolt.
    Armor:  Simple body armor.
    Eye Overcharge:  Pick these up and your goldeneye will recharge faster.
    It is a green icon.
    Lethal Strike:  One hit with a melee attack and you will automatically
    kill your opponent.  To get it, look for a blue icon with a fist.
    Regeneration:  Health will recharge faster.  Look for a red cross.
    Speed Loader:  Reload faster with any weapon.  Look for a yellow icon
    with a pistol symbol.
    Here are the maps.  Some are made for 4 players and some are made for 2
    to duel.  Maps are not in order and some need to be unlocked.
    Chemical Showdown-4 Players
    On of the rooftops used in the Hong Kong level.  There are pools of
    toxic.  When you walk into them, you die.
    Golden Gate Bridge-2 players
    A reference to a James Bond movie called "A View To Kill", where a man
    named Max Zorin tries to kill James Bond.  There is an outdoor area as
    well as a small indoor area.  The lower outdoor area has two switches
    that can trigger 3 trap doors.  There are two trap doors on the lower
    outdoor area that lead to the third trap door, which is in the indoor
    area.  The indoor trap door is a very big area.  The area is a metal
    floor.  There is an upper outdoor area that seems like towers.  They are
    small and there is one on each side of the stage.  On top of those are
    switches that signal the big blimp.  The blimp will start shooting once
    signaled.  There is also an area where you can die that counts as a
    suicide (on the side of the bridge).  On one of the stairways that leads
    to the indoor area, you can fall off of it, so watch your step.
    Uplink-2 players
    Has anybody seen the movie called "Goldeneye"?  This looks awfully
    familiar to the satellite place in the film.  The Uplink is where James
    Bond and Alec Trevelyan fought.  In this map, there are 3 floors to
    travel on.  The top is a triangle shaped catwalk, the second is a round
    area with crates and a hole in the middle, and the bottom is just a
    straight area.  There are some switches that will open up some trap
    doors leading to the bottom of the arena, killing the victim.  On the
    bottom floor, you can get killed by touching the moving gears.  There is
    also a helicopter flying around.  You can destroy it or let it play
    Bathhouse-4 players
    The bathhouse from Hong Kong.  There are two floors to battle in.  No
    death traps here, but have some fun trying to throw your opponent off
    the top or into the hot baths.
    Pyramid Duel-2 players
    Battle inside a small pyramid.  There is not much to find here, but
    there is a quicksand death trap.
    Funhouse-4 players
    Scaramanga's funhouse.  It is wicked and has plenty of death traps to go
    around.  There is a switch that activates the Al Capone figures to start
    shooting for a short time.  There is a switch that triggers a cowboy
    figure to shoot for a short time.  Then there is a switch that triggers
    spikes that is around a pit.  Inside that pit is the Golden Gun.
    Carver's Press-2 players
    This arena is split into 2 parts.  In the middle is a big press.  It
    will stomp on anyone who, well, gets stomped.  There is a switch that
    overloads a generator at the back of one side and two switches that will
    trigger a trap door that leads into a pit of electrical wires that
    shocks people.  If the big press is a problem, look for a small tunnel
    or a switch that stops it for a short amount of time.
    Moonraker Fuel-4 players
    The arena looks like a big, wide area with a rocket ship.  There is a
    switch that will turn on the rocket.  If anyone goes to the lower area
    that looks like a conference room, they will burn up.
    Moonraker Pods-2 Players
    This area is directly above the Moonraker Fuel map.  There is a big
    catwalk and a control room.  There is also a storage room where there
    are crates.  In the control room, you can press a switch that will
    trigger that will activate a trap door in the storage room, then this
    big wall sweeps up the dead player.
    Moonraker Launch-2 players
    A round and tiny map.  There is a deathtrap that will trigger a machine
    that will swipe the person in the round room.
    Atlantis-4 players
    There are 3 floors to fight on.  There are no death traps here, but you
    can fall into the water.
    Goldeneye's Retreat-4 players
    A cabin in the middle of some mountain, I guess.  There are 3 floors to
    fight on.  The first floor is just a simple, nice cozy room with a bar
    and fireplace.  The second floor doesn't show much, but you can walk on
    these little bars that lead to the big chimney in the room.  The third
    floor is just the roof that can be accessed from the second floor.
    There is an outdoor area too.  Two nice death traps.  On the first
    floor, go behind the bar (when I meant that bar, the bar as in "get your
    beer here" kind of a bar) and there is a switch that makes the fireplace
    literally explode.  The other death trap is outside.  If you see a
    little room with caged walls, press the switch to overload the
    generator, killing all in the room.
    Pyramid Showdown-4 players
    Same as Pyramid Duel, but 4 can play here.
    Pump Room-2 players
    This is from the pump room from "The Octopus".  Remember those machines
    that squish people when they walk into it?  Yeah.  They are here.
    Fissure Platform-2 players
    From "The Octopus".  That big steamy room.  There are 2 floors and there
    is a death trap that steams up an area.
    Dr. No's Reactor
    The final battle with Dr. No.  You get to play on that area.  Press a
    switch to let out steam.
    (more coming soon)
    10.  Hints, Tips, and Tricks (and other helpful things)
    I decided to share some hints and tricks and stuff with anyone who wants
    to read this.
    The Hostage Bomb
    Equip an MK2 Detonator in your right hand and stun an opponent with your
    attacks.  Shoot him with one of your mines from your gun and take him
    hostage.  Then throw him into a group of enemies, knocking them down.
    Then detonate the mine immediately!  You knocked down the enemies so
    that you can buy time and detonated the mine so you can kill the
    The Flying Hostage Bomb
    Equip an MK2 Detonator in any hand.  Stun an enemy (this is the easy
    way).  Then shoot him with a mine.  Use your magnetic field to send him
    flying wherever you want.  Then detonate.  This has the same effect as
    the normal hostage bomb, but the distance is greater.  The hard way is
    just the same thing, but it's just that you don't stun the enemy.
    Get Easy In-Transit Bonuses
    This might happen a few times.  Just kill an enemy while standing on an
    elevator, but don't activate it.  You will get the bonus and the
    elevator was not moving.
    Get Easy Hostage Bonuses
    In order to really get the hostage bonus, your hostage must die from
    other attacks.  If there are no other enemies around, hold him up
    against burning objects.  If there are none, risk some of your own
    health and blow yourself up.
    Giant Falling Object
    In "The Octopus", after clearing the docking area (where you start out),
    you move into a room that is a bit round.  Look up to see this object
    hanging from the ceiling.  Shoot it with a repeating weapon (such as the
    HS-90) to make it fall, killing anyone in the way.
    Drop Platform of Crates
    At "Hoover Dam", once you go into the BIG CARGO area, there are little
    hanging platforms attached to the hanging rail-way.  When you walk into
    this room, you are on top of the rail-way.  Shoot those platforms to
    drop those platforms, kill anyone in the way.
    Prepare Your Elevator
    In Hong Kong, you will come up to an elevator.  You won't go inside, but
    ride on top of it.  If you feel like you're going to need some good
    guns, grab some weapons from other areas and drop them on the elevator.
    Whenever you want another weapon, you can just switch without any
    trouble.  Once you get on the elevator, you can't go back up.
    In Hoover Dam, you will have to look for a freight elevator that is
    yellow.  You can also prep this elevator with weapons.  You can't go
    back down, but it's worth it.
    Mag-rail Skewer
    Try to line up multiple enemies and shoot them through a wall with just
    one shot of a mag-rail.  It's really hard, but it works.
    Stand-still Cheap Shot
    If you want to get some more cheap shots, stun your opponent.  Then just
    shoot through a wall with a mag-rail.  I recommend that you stun your
    opponent with a Venom 200ML instead of your fists if you are in the
    middle of a fight.  Otherwise, you can use melee attacks.
    Alternate Reload Animation
    Make sure you have two Jackal .357 pistols.  Then shoot at least once
    with each of them in both hands.  Then press the reload button.
    Sometimes you will see yourself reloading differently.
    If you want to really see people with your MRI Vision, hide behind a
    dark object!  Since enemies appear in white, it's hard to tell where
    they are behind a light object.  Hiding behind a dark object can show
    them better.
    11. Some Fun and Funny Extras I Recommend for Your Spare Time (and other
    What I mean is some extra stuff I recommend that you should do.  These
    don't really fit into all of the other categories of this FAQ so I put
    them here.
    - Off of the construction site at Hong Kong
    - Off of the ledge at Fort Knox
    - Out of the control room window at Fort Knox
    - Into the bath at the Hong Kong bathhouse
    - Into that grinding machine thing at the second part of Auric
    - Into the pool of hot lava substance at the second part of Auric
    - Off any of the buildings at Hong Kong
    - Off the ledge at the second part of Auric Enterprises
    (more coming soon)
    Suicide Contest
    To play a game I made up called Suicide Contest, you will need 2-4
    players plus an extra person to be a judge.  Each player should blow
    themselves up and the judge will decide on who has the better death
    sequence, since that this game supports rag-doll physics.
    The Awesome Power of the... MK2 Detonator!
    Grab 2 of them and stun an enemy.  Shoot his legs with both and
    detonate.  Watch him fly up high!
    12.  Questions and Answers
    Q:  Where exactly is the GOLDEN GUN in the single player campaign?
    A:  Look inside another FAQ.  I don't know.
    Q:  I'm stuck at the weapons room at "The Octopus".  How do I get to the
    other side?
    A:  Hack the switch on the other side once you get to the higher area
    that you have access to.
    Q:  Is this game good?
    A:  Some say it's bad.  Some say it's good.  I say 10/10.  You can check
    out my review.
    Ragdoll Physics
    Goldeneye Powers
    Weapons and combos
    Good graphics
    Good music
    Good Controls
    Short campaign mode
    Multiplayer skins feel like they are not good enough/lack of them
    No blood (blue sparks replace that)
    Weapon selection feels short, with or without dual wielding
    Some levels are way too long
    You don't feel evil enough
    No civilians to pester
    Story may feel like it is DUMB
    So there you have it.
    Q:  Which version should I get?
    A:  Well, I will list the pros and cons of each system (NOTE:  The
    upcoming DS version will not count)
    Good controls
    Everybody likes PS2, so lots of people would get this
    Load times are slower
    Graphics may not be as good as the other versions
    Good Controls
    Has the surround-sound buff that the xbox can get
    Good load times
    Comes with 3 free months of Xbox Live
    Nothing is bad, but the only problem is getting a high-speed Xbox Live
    connection and not lagging.
    Mild Controls
    Great Load times
    Doesn't take much memory
    Controls won't feel well because of the lack of buttons
    So Xbox wins
    Q:  Is it worth $50?
    A:  Tough question.  I would check out everybody's opinion or chat
    online about it.  If you are really looking for some bullets, buy this.
    If you are an average, "not very intense" gamer, it's a rent.
    Q:  Is there a co-op mode?
    A:  This has been announced at least 500 times, both on the message
    boards and everywhere else.  NO
    Q:  Are there any multiplayer bots?
    A:  Same as the above.  Although, you can fight the helicopter on the
    multiplayer map "Uplink".
    Q:  Is there any way to cross the boundary thing on the "Golden Gate
    A:  Yeah.  But you must die, first.
    Q:  Will there be a sequel?
    A:  I sure hope so.
    Q:  Do you get to fight James Bond?
    A:  No.
    Q:  Did James Bond really die in the first level?
    A:  It's only a simulation.  At the end of the level, you and Mr. Bond
    himself get out of those pods you get in for training.  Isn't MI6 the
    coolest thing on earth?
    Q:  Why did Oddjob attack you after you let the bomb go?
    A:  He's really mad that you are Goldfinger's new right-hand-man.  There
    is only enough room for one.  Oddjob tries to settle the score, but his
    fat body falls to the unknown (or death).
    Q:  Why do people hate this game?
    A:  It's definitely not a sequel to the old N64 game, isn't it?  Well,
    that's part of it, but for some reason, I feel like that's not much the
    Q:  Is there any glitch to get 2 two-handed weapons at once?
    A:  Who really knows?  Well, I sure don't.
    Q:  How are you supposed to lift people up with a mechanical eye?
    A:  It's strange enough.  You got to live with all of the fiction.
    Q:  I need help with the Dr. No part.  I've hacked all of those things
    and I can't seem to hit him.
    A:  Keep using a Mag-Rail or explosive weapon.  You are bound to hit him
    sometime.  Just use weapons that can really go somewhere.
    13.  Contact
    Before you even want to email me for game help, read the level
    descriptions I gave and read through the whole thing.  I have put in
    solutions to some parts of the game.  If it's not on there, then you
    might as well contact me.
    Email me when you want some help, need other info, or just anything else
    about this faq.
    My email address:        swordbullet@yahoo.com
    My Gamefaqs name:  bullet sword
    Well, this is all I can get done right now.  Give me some time and I
    will update this FAQ as soon as possible.  FULL COMPLETE FAQ IN
    I would like to thank www.mi6.co.uk providing me with some info on some
    things.  I would also like to thank EA Games for making a game like
    this.  Otherwise, there's nothing else to thank.  Well, Christmas
    deserves it's fair share too.

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