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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Patt3rson

    Version: Final | Updated: 01/09/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    |                                                                            |
    |  GOLDENEYE: ROGUE AGENT                                                    |
    |                                                                            |
    |  FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 2 - Written by Patt3rson                  |
    |                                                                            |
    |  Final version, since January 9 2006 – Copyright Patt3rson                 |
    |                                                                            |
    |  patt3rson(at)gmail(dot)com – www.gamechoice.nl                            |
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                                                               | ENGLISH VERSION |
    ===================                                        +-----------------+
    = C O N T E N T S =
    \ 1 / INTRODUCTION /
    1A – Copyright Notice
    1B – Additions
    1C – Preparations
    \ 2 / GAME /
    2A – Story
    2B – Characters
    2C - Controls
    \ 3 / WALKTHROUGH /
    3A – Fort Knox
    3B – Auric Enterprises
    3C – Hong Kong
    3D – Midas Casino
    3E – Hoover Dam
    3F – The Octopus
    3G – Crab Key
    3H – Volcano Lair
    \ 4 / CONCLUSION /
    4A – Final Word
    4B - Credits
    = 1 = I N T R O D U C T I O N =
    Writing FAQ’s and walkthroughs takes a lot of time and effort, so writers do a 
    lot of work. Stealing work from others is unthinkable and one of the worst 
    crimes you can commit in writing. It’s also punishable, because all files on 
    the web are protected by international copyright law and usage without 
    permission can be fought out in court.
    The newest version of this file can be found on http://www.gamefaqs.com. For 
    questions and remarks about this file, including the walkthrough, you can use 
    the e-mail address below. Only serious questions of which the answer can’t be 
    found in this file will be responded to.
    This document may not be distributed or copied in parts or as a whole. This 
    file may only be printed or saved for private use. For usage in other ways or 
    on other locations written permission from the author has to be acquired. 
    Permission can be asked using the below e-mail address, but is not guaranteed! 
    If you find this file on another location than GameFAQs or NeoSeeker, please 
    use the same address to let me know.
    \ B / ADDITIONS /
    I translated this document from my Dutch walkthrough after that one was  
    complete. Everything you see is new and the FAQ will not be updated anymore  
    unless the Dutch FAQ is also updated.
    This document is a translation of my other Dutch walkthrough. While 
    translating I did not play the game anymore, so it is possible that some 
    translations (Especially names for items, locations, etcetera!) are not 
    entirely correct. Read the tips below before you start the game and use this 
    walkthrough. These remarks contain valuable information about using this FAQ 
    or the game.
    The walkthrough is written based on the Normal difficulty setting. If you want 
    to be able to follow it perfectly, it’s best to also choose Normal. On a 
    higher or lower difficulty setting, enemies will be easier to beat 
    accordingly. The amount of items and enemies can also increase or decrease 
    based on this setting.
    In GoldenEye all the enemies will drop their weapons when you beat them, so 
    it’s usually not a problem to get weaponry. Sometimes specific weapons are 
    placed, these are mentioned as much as possible in the walkthrough when you 
    need them. Make sure you always have enough ammunition and that you reload 
    your weapons in calm periods.
    The walkthrough describes well where to go and what to do. But the game also 
    gives some support with icons and arrows. The most important arrow is always 
    on screen. If you lose track of the walkthrough at any time, then use this 
    arrow to continue in the right direction. Also pay attention to the bigger 
    yellow arrows in the area, these will show locations where you can or have to 
    do something.
    Your character has three methods of defense. You can use the Polarity Shield 
    when you want to yourself, but you first need to unlock it. The second 
    protection comes from your bulletproof vest. This will be shot to pieces 
    before your health, the final defense meter, decreases. You’re game over when 
    you run out of health, but if you take a rest it will increase automatically.
    = 2 = G A M E =
    \ A / STORY /
    A nameless agent, colleague of James Bond at the British MI6, is on a mission 
    with his famous colleague when things go terribly wrong. The helicopter 
    crashes and the life of James Bond hangs on the edge of a cliff. You as his 
    colleague do nothing to help him and he plummets to his death.
    The entire situation costs you an eye, but when you’re hired by Auric 
    Goldfinger after getting fired he’ll give you a golden eye that also enables 
    some high-tech abilities. From then on you’re in the service of Goldfinger, 
    who is fighter against his archenemy Dr. No.
    \ B / CHARACTERS /
    This secret agent is a colleague of James Bond at MI6. After getting fired he 
    works for Goldfinger, who gets him his golden eye and special abilities.
    Secret agent 007 dies because of GoldenEye, which is why he only appears in 
    the first level and gets GoldenEye fired.
    Auric Goldfinger is a famous villain in the James Bond universe from the James 
    Bond movie Goldfinger from 1964.
    Dr. Julius No is a famous villain in the James Bond universe from the James 
    Bond movie Dr. No from 1962.
    Pussy Galore is a famous villain in the James Bond universe from the James 
    Bond movie Goldfinger from 1964.
    Oddjob is a famous villain in the James Bond universe from the James Bond 
    movie Goldfinger from 1964.
    Xenia Onatopp is a famous villain in the James Bond universe from the James 
    Bond movie GoldenEye from 1995.
    \ C / CONTROLS /
    Below are all the buttons for the PlayStation controller. It’s possible that 
    not all buttons have a function by default in the game! These are the default 
    settings, it’s a possibility that they can be adjusted to your own liking! 
    Check the manual or the menus to find out how.
    Up                               - Select EM Hack
    Down                             - Select Polarity Shield
    Left                             - Select MRI Vision
    Right                            - Select Magnetic Field
    Triangle                         - Reload
    Cross                            - Interact/pick up weapon for left hand
    Square                           - Pick up weapon for right hand
    Circle                           - Crouch
    L1                               - Fire left weapon
    L2                               - Activate selected GoldenEye ability
    R1                               - Fire right weapon
    R2                               - Melee
    L3                               - NOT USED
    Left Analog                      - Move character
    R3                               - NOT USED
    Right Analog                     - Move crosshair
    Start                            - Pause menu
    Select                           - NOT USED
    = 3 = W A L K T R O U G H =
    \ A / FORT KNOX /
    Before the action starts you first need to confirm a few settings. So choose a 
    way of looking up and down and confirm it, then do the same for your movement. 
    After waiting a while the helicopter will crash and after the movie you’re 
    standing in a collapsed building with James Bond dangling from the helicopter. 
    When you go there it will plummet down and enemies will come up from behind 
    the stairs. Shoot them and shoot some more opponents in the distance or hit 
    the barrels to make them explode. Next to the stairs is a computer screen with 
    information and you can see another one after going down one floor and kill 
    the opponents. The give you information about the weapon in your right hand. 
    Using the stairs you need to go one more floor down, halfway down you’ll get 
    information about weapons in your left hand. So it’s possible to have a weapon 
    in each hand and fire them separately, unless you have a weapon that requires 
    both hands. You can find that kind of weapon by heading right on the floor you 
    were going to, taking out the men and going around the corner to the right.
    There’s the weapon placed against the right pillar. Use it to take out the 
    enemies in front of you and on the ground, make use of exploding barrels if 
    possible. Make your way straight ahead and check the help screens along the 
    way for more useful information. At the end, go through the thick sliding door 
    and then left to head through more of those doors. Read the help screen before 
    you do so about taking hostages, that can be useful. When you go through the 
    doors a man walks in front of you who can be taken hostage. Hit hem with R2 
    and press the cross button to grab him. Drag them through the hall, check the 
    helping screens along the way and use him as a shield while shooting opponents 
    on your way to the control room. There you take out two more men, after which 
    you read the information next to the ladder and pick up the weapon next to it 
    before you descend. Take out the enemies in the hall from the platform. When 
    they try to go through the trench, press the button here to take care of them 
    with a trap.
    Then cross the trench and use the button at the second trench when there are 
    enemies in it, shoot the rest of them and approach the screen at the bottom of 
    the stairs on the other side of the hall and it will tell you about Rogue 
    bonuses. Climb the stairs, take out the opponents and go right ahead and down 
    again. Shoot who you can see from the opening and then scout the room to also 
    take out the rest. On the other side you have to ascend a small stairs, go 
    through thick sliding doors and another boring grey hall. There aren’t any 
    enemies here, so just walk through the next doors in front of you. Use the 
    obstacles in this room to hide behind and crouch if needed to move further bit 
    by bit and take out more and more enemies. Along the left wall you will reach 
    the rear wall, which you need to follow to get to the corned opposite the one 
    you entered the room from. There’s a big vault door there which will open when 
    you approach it, so go through it and do the same thing when reaching the next 
    vault door. Wait behind the gate and walk through it when it opens.
    Shoot an enemy through the glass on both sides of the room and then the one at 
    the exit. This secures the OMEN Chamber and the exit will open. Check the 
    computer screen there to learn that you can use a special ability with L2, at 
    this point only MRI Vision. Clear the room past the exit and head left into 
    the bigger room. Pick up the Mag Rail quickly in front of you and to the left, 
    aim at the heads of the enemies in this room. With this weapon you can shoot 
    through objects, as the information screen next to it will tell you. In 
    combination with the MRI Vision it can be very handy. Move through the room 
    clockwise and shoot all opposition. Leave the room through the sliding doors 
    with the green blinking light next to it and shoot the enemies behind it on 
    the left side (To the right there are some allies!), which also clears the 
    OMEN Lab. Go through the next sliding doors right across the ones you came 
    from and shoot the guy in front of you.
    Run just past the left stairs and press the button to use the trap and take 
    out a few opponents in advance. Further ahead you can find a Mag Rail, use it 
    to kill the rest and then descend using the stairs. Cross to the other side 
    and it’s possible that more enemies you didn’t see before will show up. Shoot 
    your way through it and leave the room through the sliding doors with the red 
    lamp next to it, this will make sure the Sub-Zero Lab is cleared from enemies. 
    Walk through the next sliding doors and take out two men before you go right 
    at the corner and the Mag Rail. First shoot who you can see from the opening 
    and then go left first. Kill all the enemies and move through the room 
    counter-clockwise to go through the lowered area and activate the elevator. 
    Look around you and shoot your opponents, when you get back down again you 
    need to exit on the other side and head to the exit. To the left is a dead 
    end, so go right and through the sliding doors at the end. This secures the 
    Alchemy Lab.
    Walk through the next sliding doors and take out the three opponents on this 
    floor. Pick up the machinegun to the right and explore the room. More men will 
    appear downstairs, take care of them by using the computer in the middle of 
    the room which activates the rocket engine. More to the left there’s a small 
    elevator which you can use to go down, then walk past the rocket engine and 
    use the other elevator to get up again. Take out two men at the doors and two 
    men will come from the other side, shoot them as well and leave the room 
    through the sliding doors over there. Now the Weapons Lab is also secured. Go 
    right through the next sliding doors and carefully approach the man on the 
    right. Smack him with the R2 button, grab him with the cross button and shoot 
    the other two enemies in this room while holding him. Take your hostage 
    through the next sliding doors and take out an enemy both left and right. Walk 
    straight ahead to reach the elevator and finish the first part of the mission.
    The man coming from the left is with you, so help him take out the two guys on 
    the right. Straight ahead is the passage with the green lamp, so you can only 
    go through there. Check the entire floor and take out everyone by walking in a 
    circle, then descend using one of the two stairs. Do the same on the bottom 
    floor to get rid of all the enemies. In one corner you can find a pip system 
    with wind streams embedded in the rock wall, toss a grenade at it to destroy 
    it. Follow the railing to the left and descend the stairs and go through the 
    sliding doors. Take care of the opponents in the rock hallway and cross to the 
    other side to exit there. Shoot the enemies on the other side, climb the 
    stairs and take care of more enemies upstairs.
    Cross to the other side and use the steep stairs to go down again. Turn around 
    and climb the other stairs after shooting all the enemies standing on it. Once 
    upstairs, follow the walkway and three men will attack when you get to the 
    narrow part. Walk through the next sliding doors, through the hallway behind 
    it with one enemy and then through the next sliding doors to the Pouring Room. 
    The men running away are your allies, so ignore them and go left and down the 
    stairs. Three men will come from the left, mow them down and use the button at 
    the end of the platform to use a trap by dumping some gold. Go to the other 
    side by walking through the object in the middle, take care of the enemies 
    within range and press a button both on the left and right to dump some more 
    gold and kill some more enemies. Then shoot whoever is still alive.
    To the right there’s another one of those pipe systems with steam in the rock 
    wall, throw another grenade at it to blow it up and then continue through the 
    right towards the sliding doors. Just run through it while mowing down 
    everyone and at the end you’ll get to a collapsed tunnel. Follow it to the 
    left and shoot all the enemies you encounter along the way. After the computer 
    screen you have to crouch down for a while to get through the narrow passage 
    and at the end you need to go into the rock tunnel on the left. In the open 
    space you need to find the passage on the other side and follow it until you 
    end up in the snow. Look right and shoot the barrels so that they explode when 
    the enemies are walking past them. Ahead, walk through the obstacles on the 
    left while being attacked from all sides. Pick up a Harpoon RL to do the dirty 
    work and fight your way through in the direction of the yellow arrow on your 
    screen until the movie starts.
    \ C / HONG KONG /
    Before this level you got a new ability for your eye, the EM Hack function. 
    Shoot the enemies in front and to the left of you and turn around so you head 
    the other way. Take care of other enemies on your way to a ramp placed against 
    the wall. Before you go over it, shoot the enemies from there and then check 
    the computer in front of you and to the left to learn how to use the EM Hack. 
    Move further into the direction of the arrow while shooting enemies and then 
    head up the stairs at the end on the left to a higher floor. Shoot the closest 
    enemies and follow the windows left of you and continue around the block to 
    find a Mag-Rail. Then follow the room away from the windows and head a bit to 
    the right to find a briefcase, indicated with a yellow arrow above it. Open 
    this briefcase for a cut scene, after which the building is on fire. Turn 
    around and make your way through the many flames and enemies to a hole where 
    you can drop down two floors. A few opponents will come running towards you, 
    so shoot them and go around the corner. Ahead there’s an enemy behind a block 
    with a very good weapon, so make sure you pick it up after taking him out.
    You can shoot exploding darts with this, so your first shot is the dart and 
    the second time you pull the trigger it will explode. Use it to take out the 
    enemies in the room to the side from a crouched position on the ramp. Only 
    jump into the room when the coast is clear and follow the arrow to an elevator 
    that will bring you down. Keep looking around you, because at the first 
    section you’ll go past two men in an opening. After descending fast you can 
    get out of the elevator, after which you kill the opponents to teach the 
    cable. First grab the sniper rifle and shoot the men you can see on the other 
    side. Then pick up the AR4 Commando and use the cable to get to that other 
    roof. From here it’s a long way across roofs with turning panels with quite a 
    few enemies between them. So look in all directions before you decide to 
    continue. Eventually you’ll get to a place where you can use your EM Hack to 
    rotate the panels manually for cover. Then blast everyone standing and descend 
    at the ramp. If you take care of the enemies and continue ahead you’ll finish 
    the first part of the level.
    Climb the ramp and take cover behind a crate. Look left and shoot down the 
    enemy, then take care of the men on the platform around the dragon one by one. 
    There’s also a sign with a button there, press it when the airplane flies 
    around the dragon’s head to destroy it with fire. Grab the AR4 Commando next 
    to the bridge and take out the many men on that bridge. Cross it and another 
    airplane will show up. Ignore it for now and clear the second bridge, then 
    cross that one as well. On the other side you can use the buttons again to 
    take out the airplane with dragon fire. Behind you is another cable, use it to 
    get to the next roof. Take care of the enemies on this roof and the one next 
    to it, then descend the stairs in between both roofs. Go around the corner to 
    the right and immediately shoot down the man, then also the one coming from a 
    door on the left. That door will close, but you need to go through it and it 
    will open again when you get close enough to it. Climb the ladder in the room 
    behind it and make sure you really get off the ladder at the top or you won’t 
    be able to shoot. Shoot everyone on this roof and also the remaining ones on 
    the other roof. Walk onto that roof and use the cable in the corner on the 
    left. While you descend you can shoot the enemies on the next roof, then take 
    cover and make your way to the stairs. Also shoot enemies here and especially 
    watch out for the ones coming from the round passage on the right. Go through 
    that passage when it’s safe and climb the ladder behind it.
    Pick up the AR4 Commando and use it to take out a few men standing outside, 
    then use the ramps in the back left to go down and shoot some more opponents 
    from afar. That’s because there are some men carrying rocket launchers, so 
    keep an eye on them. There are two stairs on the other side of the square, go 
    up the right one and pick up the Harpoon RL to blow up some enemies on the 
    next square. Clear that square and climb the next stairs, there’s another 
    enemy with an Harpoon RL there. Some airplanes will show up again, ignore them 
    and follow the arrow to the next cable. On the next roof, first kill the 
    enemies on the roof itself and then the ones that come running on the 
    constructions. One of them has an Harpoon RL. Climb the constructions and 
    shoot everybody again on the higher roof. On the corner of the building 
    there’s a door that will open when you approach it, descend from the stairs 
    behind it. Just go through the last door and follow the constructions to some 
    more roofs. Try to take out as many enemies as possible before you jump on any 
    of them. When you eventually go onto the roof you’ll get the message that it’s 
    too crowded and that you’ll be picked up somewhere else. Make your away across 
    the roof in the direction of the arrow and take out a lot of enemies on the 
    way. Eventually you’ll reach a small tower with a ladder attached to it, climb 
    it and use the cable to get to the next roof. Shoot all the enemies again and 
    enter the building through the only entrance. This wraps up the second part of 
    the level.
    When you get to the next room a whole army is waiting for you. It’s best to 
    descend on the right quickly, kill the men there and take cover behind the 
    obstacles. From there you can shoot anyone you see one by one, but sometimes 
    doors will open and more enemies will show up. In the middle there’s a trench, 
    press the green button and you’ll take care of all the enemies inside at once. 
    Cross to the other side and make your way through the room clockwise. At the 
    yellow arrows, use the green screens to make them turn red. Do it at both and 
    you’ll complete an objective. Follow the arrow to the exit, kill some enemies 
    in the hallway and you’ll get to some windows. There are quite a few Harpoon 
    RL rocket launchers placed her, use them to take down the airplanes after 
    shooting the normal enemies. At the right end there’s a cable you can use to 
    glide to the next roof. You’ll lend in a lowered section and from there it’s 
    easy to shoot at the many enemies both to the left and to the right. Grab 
    their weapons and armor and use the lowered sections on the sides to take 
    cover. Watch out though, a lot of obstacles can explode and there’s another 
    man up in the construction on the other side. Jump down into a tunnel at the 
    yellow arrows on the other side, after shooting a piece of glass first. 
    Continue and approach the next arrows in Chinese room to end another part.
    In the next room, both floors are crowded with opponents. First take out the 
    ones in the middle and make your way to the other side along one of the sides, 
    but watch out for higher placed enemies on the other side. When you go through 
    the doors you’ll get to a hallway with sauna’s on both sides. Close them with 
    the corresponding buttons to take out many of the enemies. Just shoot the rest 
    and leave this room through the doors opposite the ones you used to come in. 
    Also go through the other door, get into the elevator and press the button to 
    go up. In the room you’re heading to there are three men, one of them has a 
    white suit. First take out the other two and then take care of that informant. 
    In the back left corner is a hidden sliding door you can open to continue. One 
    outside, run immediately to the right and use the cable to get to the other 
    building. Shoot a couple of enemies walking around below and you’ll get the 
    assignment to take out the airplanes. Not the helicopter though, that’s the 
    one you need to protect. Try to find a Harpoon RL, it will do the most damage 
    to the airplanes.
    When both planes are taken down, the bigger airplane with Dr. No in it will 
    show up, you need to take it down as well. To do this you’ll need more Harpoon 
    RL weapons, but dodging enemy fire is also important. Strafe back and forth 
    and walk around the block in the middle to evade the missiles. After a while 
    of shooting the plane will leave and the scene collapses, it will form a 
    bridge to the next building. Use it to cross and take out the enemies on the 
    other side. Follow the route down some stairs and shoot three men downstairs 
    before heading into the room on the right and climbing the ladder. Shoot your 
    way to the next cable and cross to the next building. The final fight will 
    take place here. Your goal is to clear both the bottom and top floor from 
    enemies. To help you there are panels that you can turn by hacking certain 
    buttons with your EM Hack. It’s best to move a lot, it will lure enemies out 
    from hiding and you’ll stay out of the range of the shooting helicopters. If 
    you get the chance you can take them out with an Harpoon RL, but killing all 
    the enemies quickly is also easily done. The mission is accomplished when 
    there aren’t any enemies left in the building.
    \ D / MIDAS CASINO /
    In this level too you’ve gained a new GoldenEye function, the Polarity Shield. 
    Look at the computer screen ahead and to the right to find out how it works 
    and what it does. Then climb the stairs and walk through the doors. A big 
    chandelier will come crashing down and Xenia Onatopp will run away. Ignore her 
    and take out the other enemies. To the right you can press a button to close a 
    part of the shields. There also men walking around from your team, so only 
    shoot the bad guys. Make your way through the room counter-clockwise and watch 
    out for the men behind the bar when you get to the stairs and plan to go up. 
    In the hallway behind the door you go through a group will come running 
    towards you which you can kill easily. After this hallway you’ll get to a 
    broken elevator, so walk to the right and kill the opponents to get to the 
    working elevator. Get in and it will start to descend, but crouch to make it 
    harder for others to hit you.
    Get out the elevator when it stops and enter the elevator right next to it to 
    go down some more. In this elevator you can shoot back and score points, only 
    the airplane can be pretty annoying. When the lift opens, get out and head 
    right. The men there are on your side. Follow them around the corner and help 
    them take out the enemies. Go around the next corner and walk up to the 
    elevators ahead to the right, get into the middle one to descend once again. 
    Crouch and wait for the elevator to stop, then get out and you’ll see some 
    enemies on the right shooting at your buddies on the left. Take them out and 
    shoot your way through the rubble and the enemies until you find a stairs 
    behind the double doors. Descend and you’ll see an enemy walking away from 
    you. Shoot him, that will make the many enemies in the gambling hall come out 
    from hiding. Try to shoot a few from the stairs in crouched position and make 
    sure you end up behind the bar on the right. Use your Polarity Shield if 
    necessary and work your way along the bar to take out the enemies behind it 
    and also the ones between the gambling machines.
    In the back on the left there’s a passage to the rest of this room, there are 
    a couple of standard enemies but also someone named Thorson. He’s a bit 
    stronger, so first take out the rest and then point your attention to him. 
    Shoot from cover and throw some grenades his way when he gets cornered. When 
    he goes down you can pick up the Predator MG, which is a pretty neat weapon. 
    Jump into the hole in the ground, follow the tunnel and kill the man at the 
    end. Jump out of the tunnel and mow down the opponents in the hallways. Follow 
    those to a stairs and beyond it to go through some doors and end up in another 
    gambling hall. An airplane is flying around here, which can be easily shot 
    down with the Predator MG. Follow the arrow through the hall and take care of 
    the enemies between the gambling machines in the lower area. Then walk through 
    the door opening and down the stairs, after which you go through the sliding 
    door. Shoot everyone down, descend to the ground floor and walk through the 
    next sliding doors the arrow is pointing at, then up the stairs behind it to 
    finish the first part of the level.
    Climb the stairs now and go into the next room. Let as many men as possible 
    walk into the wet part and then press the cross button there to take them out 
    all at once. Shoot the rest and climb the next stairs. From this floor you can 
    easily shoot the men both on the same level as the ones downstairs. After 
    that, descend the stairs on the left to get to the lower floor. Leave the 
    floor through the big passage and you’ll see some elevators come up on the 
    left and a few men will exit. Mow everyone down and continue, you’ll hear that 
    you need to find another entrance. Descend the stairs where the arrow is 
    aiming at and mow down the enemies above and below. Walk through the room 
    clockwise towards the hole in the floor. Jump through it and shoot your way 
    through to the underground tunnels. It can be a maze down here, but as long as 
    you follow the arrow you’ll always end up at the right place, at the entrance 
    of the big fault.
    Be on your toes for a lot of enemies that can appear from all around you. 
    Eventually you’ll enter the underground building and press a button at the 
    yellow arrow on the right to open a gate. Shoot your way through in the other 
    direction and into the bending tunnel. Use the EM Hack to take out the turret 
    in the tunnel and mow down all the enemies. Take the door to the room on the 
    side, where you’ll meet Pittman. First take care of the rest and then use 
    grenades and your Polarity Shield to take out Pittman, then pick up his 
    Predator MG. In this room there’s also another switch at the yellow arrow 
    which will open the next gate. Follow the bending tunnel through that gate and 
    enter the next side room. Here you’ll find Armstrong, another strong enemy but 
    no match for your Predator MG. Mow everyone down and use the third switch to 
    open another gate. Continue through the tunnel and even before you get to the 
    next side room you’ll face heavy opposition from Chappell among others.
    He isn’t any much for your Predator MG, so take him and the other ones out and 
    go to the right into the side room. Another string enemy is here, Barth. He 
    also has a Predator MG, so take out the rest first and then use your grenades, 
    heavy weaponry and your Polarity Shield to kill him. Open the fourth gate by 
    pressing the button in this room, this will also open up the round room in the 
    middle. Enter it and you’ll see Oddjob take off. You’ll be attacked from all 
    sides, so use your Predator MG to keep everyone at bay. Pay attention to where 
    you are hit from and quickly take care of the shooters. You don’t have to kill 
    everyone, you just have to stay alive long enough. There are at least two 
    stronger enemies there, try to kill them quickly or stay away from them. After 
    a while the machine will come up and the game will say that you succeeded in 
    protecting it, so walk up to it and press the button to end the level.
    \ E / HOOVER DAM /
    To the right of you is a big tunnel, enter it and take out around four guys 
    past the stairs and take their weapons. A bit further there’s a door in an 
    alcove on the left, go through that and climb the ladder. Upstairs, walk past 
    the door with the red light to get to another one you can go through. There’s 
    a Longbow SR waiting for you, use it to shoot the enemies downstairs in 
    advance. Then take the ladder down and walk over this floor. A couple of 
    enemies will come your may leaded by Volker, kill him and take over his AR4 
    Commando to take over the rest. Make your way through the warehouse in the 
    direction of the arrow, so that you circle the room clockwise and end up at a 
    yellow elevator. Get in and press the button to go up.
    Run out of the elevator and up the stairs, use your Polarity Shield to help 
    you clear out the control room. Pick up the remaining weapons and climb the 
    stairs, after which you go through some sliding doors to shoot one guard in 
    the hallway and go around the corner and through the next door. Outside, 
    quickly pick up the MK2 Detonator to shoot exploding darts at the airplane. 
    Use them to blow it up and then pick up the AR4 Commando to shoot everyone on 
    the stairs while running upstairs. Take out a few more men there, ignore the 
    plane and run inside to climb the ladder. Use your Polarity Shield to run 
    through the enemies while being shot at by an airplane. At the other side of 
    the route is another ladder you need to climb. Blow away Rathbone upstairs 
    with some help of your Polarity Shield, then take out the other enemies and 
    run inside through the gate to end the first part of the level.
    Carefully look through the hole in the ground and you should see Killner 
    standing there. Shoot him in the head to quickly get rid of him and then jump 
    down with your Polarity Shield. Search for cover immediately and shoot the 
    other enemies before you go through the door with the green light next to it. 
    You’ll run into one enemy before you reach the next door and end up in another 
    control room. Duck through the door on the left, descend the first stairs and 
    use the cable in the corner to slide down. It’s pretty busy on the ground 
    floor, so use the obstacles wisely to continue in the direction of the arrow. 
    Look around carefully before moving, there are more routes available so it’s 
    possible you’ll be attacked from behind. Also pay attention to the tanks, a 
    few of them will fire at you. Just evade them and run towards the tunnel the 
    arrow is pointing at. Follow that tunnel to the first obstacles and pick up 
    the Longbow SR there.
    Use this weapon to shoot the enemies, including a stronger opponent, at the 
    next obstacles and then run towards them with your Polarity Shield on to take 
    out the remaining ones. At the end of the tunnel, head out of the tunnel on 
    the left and follow the hallway outside. Shoot the man passing by and then the 
    others on the stairs to the right. There are also enemies on the hanging 
    platform, kill them by shooting the barrels until they explode. Climb the 
    stairs, shoot everyone down and use the ladder at the end to go up. Then do 
    exactly the same again to reach the next ladder, pay attention again to the 
    platform with enemies in the sky. After the second ladder the dam gets 
    crowded. Shoot your way towards the tower with the ladder attached to it, but 
    take cover along the way to avoid getting hit by the rocket launcher on top of 
    it. First shoot the opponents before heading up and then continue through both 
    sets of sliding door to end this part of the level.
    Cross forward to find a Harpoon RL behind the far car. Aim it at the tanks 
    left of you to first take out the left one. Use your Polarity Shield to be 
    able to walk around and kill the enemies, so that you can pick up more Harpoon 
    RL weapons to use against the right tank. Make sure the area is secure before 
    heading left past the tanks, you can take cover in the small bunker next to 
    them. Use your Polarity Shield well and pick up the required weapons to 
    eliminate both the tanks and the men ahead. Take cover when necessary and only 
    continue when most of the opposition is defeated. At the end a helicopter will 
    appear, take it out with a Harpoon RL. There are a couple of enemies in the 
    building on the left at the end, shoot them and descend the ladder. On your 
    way to the next ladder to climb you’ll find two more opponents.
    Turn on your Polarity Shield as soon as you reach the top of that second 
    ladder. Take cover from the tanks and try to get your hands on a Harpoon RL of 
    MK2 Detonator to destroy both vehicles. When you continue, two more tanks will 
    drive up to you and a few more men will appear. Use the destroyed tanks as 
    cover and repeat the strategy to take out the coming tanks and men. Just 
    before the empty part you can find a Longbow SR, use it to kill the enemies 
    ahead and move from car to car until another two tanks show up. Search for the 
    necessary weapons and destroy them, just like the remaining men. Walk past the 
    destroyed tanks and the last two will be standing in the distance. Destroy 
    them as well in the usual way, more men will come after you reach the next 
    obstacles. Shoot them down and enter through the sliding doors to finish other 
    part of the level.
    Shoot your way through the linear hallway and take cover behind the obstacles 
    if necessary. At the end you’ll meet some heavily armed men, so take them out 
    carefully and pick up a Predator MG. Walk through both doors at the end and 
    kill the enemy in between them. Follow the path through the tunnel to the left 
    to end up outside and mow everyone down you can see. A helicopter will show up 
    as well, but only pay attention to it after the men have been taken out. Try 
    to find a Harpoon RL and use it to take out the helicopter. Continue along the 
    path to the dam and use the obstacles to hide behind while shooting enemies. 
    After a while a second helicopter will appear above you, so look for another 
    Harpoon RL to shoot it out of the sky. Continue to follow the arrow through a 
    door, up some stairs and through another door. In the room behind it, run to 
    the middle to find out you’ve been surrounded.
    Shoot your way through it and take out the rest from one side of the room. 
    Leave the room through the door on the other side and head up the stairs. 
    Shoot the men on you way to the ladder and climb it to end up in a big room. 
    First shoot the enemies closest to you, so that you can descend the ladder. 
    Then it’s just a matter of following the route through the room, through 
    hallways and up and down stairs. The exit in the back right corner, so leave 
    the room through those sliding doors. Walk through the next ones as well and 
    prepare for a large gunfight. Shoot your way to the other side of the hallway 
    and also pay attention the men on the walkways above. In the next hall, try to 
    do most the work from the opening of the door, because it’s pretty crowded 
    inside. Shoot your way through the hall bit by bit and when you reach the end 
    you’ll get to the last part of the level.
    As soon as the doors open you’ll get shot at a lot from the other side. 
    There’s a strong enemy hiding there being helped by a load of standard 
    enemies. Keep taking cover at all times and shoot around a corner every once 
    in a while at an easy to hit enemy. Try to move around a bit with the help of 
    your Polarity Shield to pick up other weapons and toss grenades in the 
    direction of the strong opponent. Grab his Predator after he goes down and 
    press the button in the corner with the yellow arrow to call down the 
    elevator. A few enemies will appear, so take care of them while waiting for 
    the elevator. Walk onto it and press the cross button when standing in the 
    middle to go up. Two times two enemies will appear from the gate you came 
    from, shoot them while going up. The elevator will make a pretty slow way 
    through a tunnel and enemies will appear on both sides. Take care of them 
    quickly, take cover behind the crates if necessary and pay attention to 
    explosive barrels that will come in handy. Once upstairs you’ll find a Longbow 
    SR left of the elevator, use it to take down the enemies ahead from cover.
    When that is done, cross over and make a detour to get to the control panel 
    the yellow arrow is pointing at. Press the button for a cut scene in which you 
    drop the bomb and Oddjob goes after it. Then leave this big room by following 
    the arrow to the indicated door. Use the ladder in the shaft and duck into the 
    tunnel on the left. Follow this linear tunnel and move everyone down from as 
    far as possible. The last enemy has a Predator MG, so get it before you get 
    into the elevator on the right and activate it. Upstairs you need to fight 
    against Xenia Onatopp. First she’s flying in her aircraft, so empty your 
    entire Predator MG on it. After that you need to start moving, searching for 
    protection and Harpoon RL weapons scattered all over the place. Shoot at the 
    airplane with it and when you’ve done enough damage, Xenia will land on the 
    damn and get out. The Harpoon RL still works well at that point, but if you 
    can’t find them anymore you can switch to grenades and the AR4 Commando. Use 
    your Polarity Shield when under fire and go for frontal attacks for the 
    fastest results. The mission is over when Xenia is defeated.
    \ F / THE OCTOPUS /
    Before starting this level you got the last addition to your eye, the Magnetic 
    Field. Immediately at the start the room is swarming with enemies and as soon 
    as you move they will act. So take the enemy walking away from you as a 
    hostage and use him as a shield while shooting down the rest. AR4 Commando 
    rifles are placed at multiple locations, so pick them up for the better way of 
    shooting. Also clear out the next room and make sure you you’re not standing 
    under the chandelier. If you continue further more opponents will come from 
    upstairs, go there and then enter the elevator going down. Get out when it 
    stops and walk into the next room. Walk up to the middle to lure out enemies 
    from all sides and use the exploding barrels to take them out quickly. It can 
    get pretty crowded here, so take cover a lot and use the Polarity Shield en 
    Magnetic Field. At the green hologram you can go through the door behind it 
    and into an elevator. Get out when you get down and quickly run down to your 
    First take care of the opponents here and then head up the other stairs to 
    carefully take out the rest up there. Opposite the hologram is an opening in 
    the railing, use the EM Hack there on the computer on the other side and a 
    bridge will appear. Cross over and leave the room through the door on the 
    other side. Hide in the inclines on the left while shooting the enemies there, 
    use your EM Hack to take out the mounted gun on the wall. Also take care of 
    the few enemies downstairs and head through the door at the top of the stairs. 
    Use the computer to make a purchase, after which the doors can be opened and 
    you can go through them. Make use of the closing doors to kill the enemies one 
    by one in the big room from here. Also use the walkway to the left to have a 
    good cover and shooting position. Descend to the ground floor and shoot your 
    way to the other side while picking up better weapons. Use the computer next 
    to the door on the other side and get into the elevator to descend even more. 
    You’ll end up in a round room, run through it in one direction and mow down 
    everyone in front of you.
    There’s one stronger enemy, Netheryby, and if he’s defeated you can take over 
    his Predator MG. Opposite the door you came in through is an elevator you can 
    only walk through. So leave it on the other side and follow the hallway around 
    the corner to the right and through another two elevator doors. From the top 
    of the stairs you can already shoot the men downstairs, then cross and take 
    one of the two stairs up again. Take out the remaining enemies in this room 
    and leave it through the door. There are many obstacles in this blue lit room, 
    so there’s enough cover to get to the other side shooting and cross through 
    the elevator. You’ve got quite a lot of enemies to shoot from the opening of 
    the door and behind the obstacles on this side of the hall. Always keep taking 
    cover and shoot them one by one, using the computers to open trapdoors when 
    enemies are standing on them while you go. When the coast is clear, go through 
    the elevator on the other side. In this room with water you need to go along 
    the right side past the enemies into the lowered area, use the small elevator 
    to go up there.
    Get onto the platform and you’ll move along a track when you activate it, 
    enemies will appear from the sides. Shoot them from the platform and get off 
    of it when it stops moving. Follow the route across the walkways and take out 
    the enemies both upstairs and downstairs. You’ll find a small elevator on the 
    other side, use it to go down. Run forward and go through the door to the 
    right. Use the opening of the door as cover while taking out everyone in the 
    next room. Grenades work well here, too. When everything is safe, leave the 
    room through the door on the other side. The room behind it is pretty large 
    and contains a lot of benches, art, stairs and doors. Move into the direction 
    of the arrow to get to the indicated exit, but don’t move too fast to avoid 
    being attacked from the rear. When you finally exit this room you’ll end up in 
    a wide hallway where gas is used. So walk to the end quickly and use your EM 
    Hack through the door on the computer behind it to open it up. Approach the 
    yellow arrow to finish this part of the level.
    In the cut scene you can already see it will get tough after the loading is 
    done. The room changes randomly, so you’ll need to take cover again and again 
    and also shoot accurately to stand a chance. Run around the block with the 
    screens on it at the start to find a Tesla EM and then return to the middle of 
    the blocks to use the computer and find the required coordinates. On your way 
    through the hallway you can occasionally use the EM Hack to take out the 
    mounted guns on the walls. If you do that they will stop shooting at you and 
    start firing at the opponents. It’s also worth a shot to walk straight up to 
    the indicated platform and activate the lift to avoid the stronger enemy in 
    the back. When you get out of the elevator, first beat everyone on the lower 
    floor, also between the racks. Upstairs are a few more people, shoot them and 
    move through the door and elevator. Again, try to get rid of as many enemies 
    as possible from the opening of the door. There’s a small elevator in the back 
    left, use it to go up and cross half of the floor to escape through the door 
    in the alcove. After the elevator room you’ll come to a hallway with moving 
    parts. Take cover and take on the soldiers one by one.
    Sometimes you can continue along the sides near the stairs, search for the 
    safest route and go through the door on the other side. In the next room, use 
    the computer quickly to electrocute the entire higher floor and take out a lot 
    of enemies by doing so. Shoot the rest and move to the small elevator in the 
    back left corner. On the next floor there are still enemies, but also 
    computers to electrify the next floor. Shoot your way to the opposite corner 
    and use the other small elevator to reach that top floor. Take care of the 
    last enemies there and exit through the door. The room past the elevator 
    contains moving blocks. Only make sure you don’t get stuck between them, they 
    actually provide good cover to be able to clear all the enemies in this room 
    one by one. Leave the room on the other side and cross through another round 
    elevator room. Past it you’ll come to another hall with rotating parts. It’s a 
    bit more crowded here, but you can get through using the same strategy as 
    before. Do pay attention to the stronger enemy though, Zhukov. In the room 
    past the next elevator it’s also pretty busy. Follow the room clockwise and 
    shoot everyone to go up at the ramp. Make sure everyone is dead downstairs 
    before slowly moving up.
    Do the exact same on this floor to get to the next ramp going up. Fight your 
    way to the small elevator from there and continue to go up. Walk around to the 
    next small elevator and go even higher. From there you can move through the 
    door, through the round elevator and into another hallway with rotating parts. 
    You’ll know what to do by now, so just cross to the other side and walk into 
    the next room. It’s extremely crowded there and men will show up from all 
    sides when you walk in, so take it easy and do everything from cover. You 
    don’t have to kill many enemies on the lower floors, because the exit is on 
    this floor when you walked around it entirely. At the other side of the round 
    elevator you’ll come to an empty lobby. Use the computer to purchase a 
    hologram and then use the elevator behind it. You’ll get to a round room with 
    two floors. A group of enemies will come in from the other side, with one 
    stronger one. Take them out and circle the room to be able to get to the 
    enemies downstairs. Leave the room through the door opposite the one you came 
    in through and go down with the elevator. You’ll end up in the recognizable 
    lobby, enemies will show up when you descend the stairs. Shoot your way to the 
    yellow arrow in the left part of the room, next to your submarine, to end the 
    \ G / CRAB KEY /
    Shoot the soldier right in front of you and grab his weapon. Shoot your way to 
    the ship, and next to a couple of enemies an airplane will also show up. 
    You’re reasonably close, so you can use the AR4 Commando to blow it out of the 
    sky. Further towards the ship is a raised bridge. First shoot the opponents on 
    the other side and then use the button next to the bridge. To get the other 
    side down, use your EM Hack on the pole on the other side next to the bridge. 
    Cross the bridge and take cover, first take out the enemies on the ship and 
    then make your way to the right alongside it. The arrow indicates to go right 
    a bit further, but first go left to find a Predator MG in a small room. Then 
    head the other way and shoot your way along the docks. Take the pier to the 
    right, clear it from all enemies and use your AR4 Commando to shoot the 
    airplane down.
    Continue over the path towards the crane and climb the stairs to go through 
    the door. Walk through the computer room and through the next door. Shoot some 
    enemies downstairs from here quickly and go left to get to the same level. 
    Move between the obstacles and shoot everyone appearing from behind the. In 
    the back of the room is Hammersmith, defeat him with automatic weapons and 
    climb the stairs behind him. Then first climb into the tower and defeat 
    everyone on the stairs on your way up. Push the button and return downstairs, 
    the other door is now open so use it to get to the next hall. Do exactly the 
    same as before. Shoot who you can see, descend on the left and move forward 
    bit by bit and eventually outside. Take cover well there and use the Polarity 
    Shield to be able to move and shoot. Cross to the other side of the square, 
    you’ll be stuck in the next part and two airplanes are flying around. Grab the 
    placed AR4 Commando and take down both aircrafts.
    Take cover right away, because Hood and a sidekick will come storming out of 
    the next gate. Take them out and go to where they came from. Climb into the 
    tunnel and take out a guy on both sides past the gate. Leave this area through 
    the other gate and get into the large elevator which will go down. When it 
    opens, follow the mining tunnel to a bigger cave. Walk along the sides and 
    take out the enemies, also the ones that come running out of doors later. 
    They’re heavily armed with Harpoon RL and Predator guns, so take a lot of 
    cover and use the Polarity Shield. Follow the mining tunnel on the other side 
    and shoot the men outside. Shoot your way to the left and walk between the 
    wheels of the big truck to get to a pole with a cable attached to it. Use the 
    cable to get to another part of the area and slowly descend along the tower to 
    not get shot too often. Shoot your way to another tower and descend even more 
    using the next cable.
    When you get off the tower, you’ll be attacked by both men and airplanes. 
    Shoot the men and use their Harpoon RL’s to shoot down the planes. Descend 
    using the last cable, clear the square and place the explosives on the tank 
    indicated by the yellow arrow. Enemies will come down the hill to your right. 
    Take them out and climb the hill to enter another mine tunnel. There are about 
    three guys in that tunnel, all with heavy weaponry. So keep moving and use 
    your Polarity Shield to help take them out. Go outside on the other side and 
    cross over the bridge. Now it’s a matter of advancing bit by bit over the 
    walkways while keeping a lot of enemies away from you. On some places you can 
    open up a walkway by pressing a button, so do that when enemies are walking 
    across them. Continue to move to the next mountain ridge, where airplanes will 
    show up again.
    Shoot them down after picking up a Harpoon RL and continue along the mountain 
    ridge to defeat a stronger enemy ahead and move through two gates on the right 
    and a tunnel after that. Try to bring along a strong weapons, because when you 
    exit the tunnel Morrow is waiting in the middle of the square. Mow him down 
    and two tanks will show up from behind him. Take cover and look at the 
    situation. The tanks shoot fireballs, so taking hits does a lot of damage. 
    First take out the men from cover and then run across the square with your 
    Polarity Shield on to pick up Harpoon RL’s. Use them to take out both tanks, 
    sometimes switching to newly appearing men. It hard to see when the tanks are 
    beaten, they don’t change in shape but only slightly in color. As soon as that 
    happens you can walk through the gate behind them to end this part of the 
    Walk through the long tunnel and shoot the enemies heading inside when you 
    reach the end. Enter the round room and move in a circle while shooting 
    everyone. A yellow arrow will indicate which computer to use, so press a 
    button there. Another gate will open and a lot of enemies including a stronger 
    one will enter. Take cover behind the panels of the outer railing and get to 
    the enemies one by one. Use your Polarity Shield to approach the leader and 
    kill him. Walk through the next two halls and just shoot the few enemies. In 
    the second hall you can see Dr. No’s airplane floating outside and you need to 
    beat it. There’s a Predator MG to be found inside this hall, shoot through the 
    windows at the airplane with it. The MK2 Detonator weapon will work well here, 
    too. Try to let the rockets of the airplane hit the edges of the window.
    This will let you take as less damage as possible. When Dr. No’s airplane goes 
    down you can head through the gate and tunnel behind you. You’ll come to a 
    reactor chamber, where a lot of enemies and Dr. No himself are hiding. First 
    take care of the normal enemies and keep moving, Dr. No has a MK2 Detonator. 
    Try to get your hands on one of those weapons as well and descend to the lower 
    floor using a ladder. From there you can easily shoot the MK2 Detonator arrows 
    at the platform underneath Dr. No and blow them up. You’re relatively safe 
    here and Dr. No and the bombs are easy to hit, but watch out for enemies 
    appearing later on. When Dr. No is defeated you have to escape, when you’re 
    already on the lower floor all you have to do is follow the arrow to the right 
    door and walk through the long tunnel to the airplane you can use to escape.
    \ H / VOLCANO LAIR /
    Walk across the bridge and get into the elevator ahead and to the left. When 
    you get out, pick up the Omen XR weapon in the room ahead a bit to the left. 
    There are three enemies inside the next room, one downstairs and two upstairs 
    and Irons is a stronger opponent. Shoot them down with your new weapon, 
    descend the stairs and head through the tunnel in the back left. In the hall 
    downstairs there are quite a few enemies, so take cover and shoot them one by 
    one. Make your way to the thick sliding doors at the other side, but don’t 
    walk through them just yet. Open them in short intervals to be able to quickly 
    shoot the enemies behind them and then get cover again. Especially Steele can 
    be a hard one, so you can also hide behind the obstacle ahead on the left for 
    a better position. Go around the corner and up the stairs after the doors. 
    Shoot the guard coming from the left and take cover before the turret starts 
    to fire. More enemies will come, so wait for them and take care of them.
    You can take shelter behind the plates in the room, make use of them to be 
    able to take care of the mounted guns on the ceiling with your EM Hack. If you 
    do that they will help you shoot the enemies storming from the other end of 
    the hall, so it’s an advantage to take them over. There are enemies walking 
    around with Omen XR weapons, you’ll be dead instantly if you get hit by one of 
    those. So keep your distance and make use of your grenades or MK2 Detonators 
    to disable them. Only after you’ve done that you can approach the back of the 
    room and head down the stairs on the left and through the door. Shoot the 
    guard in the back and also take out the other two in the hallway to the right 
    ahead. Flint is standing all the way in the back with a Predator MG, so be 
    careful. After they went down, you can get into the elevator on the right in 
    the hallway. Look carefully past the thick sliding in front of you before 
    getting out. There are a lot of enemies in the hall, a couple of them in the 
    back carry Omen XR weapons.
    So try to peak into the room every once in a while from the opening of the 
    door and to hit whoever you see. Enter the hall after things have gotten a bit 
    more quiet, where you press the cross button next to the stairs on the left to 
    kill everyone on the walkway. Don’t walk onto it yourself, the same thing can 
    happen to you. Use the obstacles in the middle to hide behind and to shoot 
    from. When everyone is defeated you’ll find an elevator in the middle of the 
    right wall, use it to go up. Follow the walkway up the stairs and through the 
    gate. In the hallway you’ll find about five enemies, one of them has a 
    Predator MG and another one an Omen XR. Use the corners as cover and jump out 
    now and then to fire. Leave the hallway at the other end through the gate, but 
    stay close to be able to go back inside again. First shoot the enemy on the 
    right on the walkway, then try to shoot as many enemies as possible roaming 
    around downstairs. When that’s done, follow the walkway to an elevator and use 
    it to go down.
    If you’re not able to clear most of the enemies before going, try to run to 
    the elevator and go down to take out everyone walking by from cover. Once 
    downstairs, head left to the beginning of the walkway. More enemies will come 
    from the gate at the other side, so wait until they get onto the walkway and 
    then electrocute them. Only cross to the other side when no one else is in the 
    room but you. Leave the room through the gate and move through the hallway 
    behind it. The next room is almost identical to the previous one, so 
    immediately use the computer to electrify the walkway and then hide behind the 
    obstacles while working your way to the other side. At the end you’ll find 
    Naylor, a stronger enemy. Strategically shoot him down and move through the 
    gate behind him. In the hallway there are two enemies with Omen XR weapons, so 
    keep moving or take cover if necessary. In the room past it there’s a 
    computer, use it and go through the door next to it. Continue through the 
    hallway and the first part of the level is completed.
    Walk through the next door and you’ll see an ally both to the left and right. 
    Head left and find a stairs to the right a bit further into the red area. 
    Shoot who you can see from the opening and watch out for enemies also carrying 
    an Omen XR and the stronger enemy named Cord. Your two allies will help you to 
    clear the room. Follow them to the other side and descend the stairs and go 
    through the door. Shoot your way to the right through the hallway and enter 
    the door on the right. You’ll meet two men on your team again, use their help 
    clearing out the blue area. Watch out for Omen XR weapons and cross over to 
    the other side. Using the stairs and door you’ll come to a hallway, clear it 
    to the left and head through the door on the left ahead to another similar 
    area which is now green. A few men will help you take out Roarke and his 
    troops, armed with Omen XR weapons. When you reach the other side, descend the 
    stairs and go through the door, then through the gate right in front of you.
    Open the gate on the other side of the hallway, but use it as cover from the 
    many enemies walking around there. It’s possible to run inside and into the 
    passage to the right to leave everyone behind, but if you decide to fight it’s 
    necessary to move a lot and to take out the enemies with Omen XR guns first. 
    There are also two stronger enemies here, Dent and Pike. When you eventually 
    get to the small hallway, descend all the stairs. You’ll get to a room with a 
    chair in the middle, download the OMEN Virus there. Leave the big room through 
    the gate on the other side and follow the empty hallway to the next door. 
    Shoot everyone you see from the opening, both upstairs and downstairs. Then 
    carefully follow the ramps upwards and try to take out enemies from a 
    distance, because there are men carrying Omen XR weapons. An MK2 Detonator 
    works well in this area, because you can stay away and the enemies are often 
    standing close to each other.
    Don’t climb the ladder just yet when you get to the top, first walk past it to 
    be able to look up and see enemies. Shoot as many as possible before heading 
    up the ladder and then make your way to the next one. Try to see and shoot 
    what’s coming up again before going up, then follow the route out the room 
    through a door. Get into the elevator and back out of it after it moves. 
    Follow the route to the right and through the room and eventually into a 
    hallway. Take another elevator and shoot the guard in the back when stepping 
    outside. When you walk through the next doors you have reached the Command 
    Center and in that round room there are of course enemies, including a few 
    stronger ones. First shoot the man on the left and then follow the round room 
    to the right while new enemies are popping up. There are also a few in the 
    next room behind the sliding doors. Dive into the hallway on the right and 
    shoot two guards in the back. Fight your way to the other end and shoot the 
    guys behind the gate.
    When you go right you’ll reach another identical round chamber past the doors 
    and it’s pretty crowded again. So take cover and slowly work around to the 
    right through the room. Ahead, two men helping you will come from a door, so 
    don’t shoot them! Further ahead on the right you can enter another meeting 
    room, where you go right again through the gate and walk through another 
    tunnel again. When you get out of the hall at the other end you’ll end up in 
    the round room at the bottom floor. It’s flooded with enemies, so use the 
    opening of the door and the obstacles wisely to survive this. There are 
    stronger enemies walking around named Decker and Ives. A third and fourth, 
    Burnett and Cole, will show up later and come at you with an Omen XR. Pick up 
    the planted weapons and make sure you don’t run out of ammo. When all the 
    danger is eliminated, follow the arrow on screen to the required door. Shoot 
    your way through the hallway and you’ll eventually reach Goldfinger. He’s 
    telling you a nice story about you not surviving this, but the ending movie 
    will start soon after that.
    = 4 = C O N C L U S I O N =
    \ A / FINAL WORD /
    The first time I played GoldenEye: Rogue Agent I already wasn’t impressed, but 
    the feeling got more negative while writing the walkthrough. It’s hard to 
    write down good guidance for a repetitive game like this, but I hope it’s all 
    worth it and that I win the bounty offered for this game.
    \ B / CREDITS /
    It’s almost unbelievable how bad they ruined the reputation of the legendary 
    GoldenEye license.
    For hosting this document.
    For hosting this document.

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