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"Miss WCW/NWO? Wish you still had that N64? You don't need it!"

I'd like to start by saying I've bought each wrestling game so far that's looked even remotely appealing (Even Showdown: Legends of Wrestling.. or some such.. ...which was useful for nothing more than credit toward my next game as a trade in) and I've usually been left regretting my choice.

This game is, however, not one of those times. I am in bliss with this game. It isn't perfect, mind you. But it's a great game, none the less.

Now, don't freak out over that score. The models look incredibly plastic, and because of this it loses a LOT of points. The graphics are not the end all be all of gaming. They are in no way revolutionary, but you aren't going to turn the game off simply because you can't stand to look at it, either.

CONTROL: 10/10
I personally love the way the controls are set up in this game. You've got your A for grappling, B for striking attacks, X and Y do varied tasks, your z for tagging your partner or calling for one, L for countering/blocking grapples, R for countering/blocking striking moves, combine them to block finishers, Left joystick for movement, Directional Pad for taunting, and your yellow joystick for targetting. I found it very easy to utilize the controls, and wasn't stopping to rub my thumbs and such often as I do with some of the fighting/wrestling games.

SOUND: 8/10
It loses two points for the soundtrack, I didn't much care for it personally. The wrestling-related sounds are done pretty well though, so it gets a good all-around score.

The gameplay is just great. Playing it multiplayer is just like it was when I was playing with friends on N64 as Sting (nWo version). The season mode is linear, yes. And it's always the same each play through.. BUT the first play through, the story is good. It is something that you think "Hey wow, this is something that WOULD happen in a WWE storyline." It's not about collecting DIVA Managers like a Pokemon game merged with wrestling (*cough*other WWE game*cough*) It's not the same events over and over with different wrestlers saying the same lines. It SEEMS very real and flows nicely. Speaking of flowing nicely, the wrestling itself flows very well.

There is also a nice training mode where first you are told how to do the moves (And it wont continue on until you do it once right) and then tested by having 30 seconds per move to do the move when told what to do(IE: Special Taunt.. It wont tell you that you need to do A+B simultaneously to perform it, it just says to perform it)

OVERALL: 8.5/10 (I rounded it up to 9 because it doesn't allow fractions)
It's a very fun game, and a must have if you like playing mutliplayer in my opinion. Beat story mode twice and each CAW gets 1000 points to start, which is very nice. So you can have your buddies make their own CAWs in spare slots, and they wont need to play season mode to build up. You can just play royal rumbles, or tag matches, whatever.

Rath and his Imaginary Friend give it two thumbs WAY up!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/15/04

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