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    Donkey Konga 2
    Nintendo Gamecube
    Version 1.20
    Copyright 2005 Emanuel Suarez
    Exclusively for Gamefaqs.com
    1. Brief Information
    2. Legal Information
    3. Safety Information
    4. DK Bongo Information
    5. The Story and the characters/Difficulties
    6. Memory Card/Game Modes
    7. Shopping Mall
    8. Electric Hut (Options)
    9. Hall of Records (Ranking)
    10. Music List
    11. FAQ
    12. Thank You
    1. Brief Information
    Well…this is my first guide…so please be gentle…just kidding…if you have any
    other information to help me update this, e-mail me at Fridge928@Hotmail.com.
    And if you have information on some tracks that I'm missing, it'd be great to
    get some insight.
    2. Legal Information
    This may not be used for other than personal usage. It may not be published on
    any other Web site, other than Gamefaqs.com. Using this guide other than it
    being used on the original site is violation of the copyright.
    If you wish to use this, please ask permission and send me e-mail asking to
    publish this on your web site. Do not, and I repeat, do not edit this guide
    whatsoever, and give credit to where credit is due. Thank you.
    3. Safety Information
    This is not only for Donkey Konga 2, it goes for all video games. In recent
    studies, it shows that:
    Some people may suffer seizures and or blackouts with long extensive game play.
    Signs of this may be eye twitching, blurred vision, loss of sight, etc. So some
    suggestions are to:
    Take frequent breaks
    Don't play in the dark…have some sort of light…
    Don't play video games on such a big television.
    4. DK Bongo Information
    Well first off, last I checked, DK Bongos (individually) sold for $19.99 (USD)
    at Circuit City. Which some markets may still sell it at 34.99 and up.
    The controls are very simple, and easy to learn. Whenever you see a yellow
    sign, that means to simply hit the left drum. And red is to hit the right, with
    pink hitting both, and the star by clapping. On the bongos, there is also a
    pause button on the center of the bongos.  Here are the functions of the bongo
    compared to a regular Gamecube controller:
    Clap= R Button/Z Button/L Button
    Right Drum Beat= A Button/Y Button/X Button/ B Button/C-Stick
    Left Drum Beat= Control Stick
    Now if you're playing the game, you may notice an extended line of the beat.
    This is called a roll. For example, if there's a left drum roll, continue on
    tapping the left bongo till the roll ends, to gain a ton of points. Same goes
    with right drum roll, both, and the clap roll.
    A great way to do a both roll is to alternate between the two bongos. And a
    great way for the clap roll is to either tap it on the side or you can blow
    into the microphone…damaging your bongos…but hey…there your bongos not mine.
    The object of the game is to get the beat right when it's in the circle, and if
    you do so at the exact time, you will get a "Great" and if it's close, but a
    little off you'll get an "OK". If you miss is completely it will be a "Bad"
    obviously. The more great and okays you get, you'll start to gain a combo. And
    the higher the combo, the more points you'll make.
    Also be careful when playing with the bongos, be considerate if it's late at
    night and people are sleeping. And don't strike the bongos too hard, because
    you can hurt yourself and damage the bongos…just do soft taps. Never use any
    sticks or anything other than your hands to play with the bongos, they are
    extremely sensitive.
    5. Story and Characters/Difficulties
    Well basically, they decided to come up with a cliché-boring story. So it's
    basically where Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong have an altercation upon who is a
    better bongo player. Dixie Kong interrupts and says how they both suck. Then
    Cranky Kong interrupts her and suggests they start playing live, in front of
    people. So that's the basic story.
    The characters are:
    Donkey Kong- Obviously, it's his game. First player will always play as Donkey
    Kong. With his bigness and goofy tie…who can go wrong?
    Diddy Kong- Donkey Kong's long trusted sidekick. Second player will drum as
    Diddy. As he hops around while playing the bongos.
    Dixie Kong- Just image a female Diddy…third player plays as Dixie…and also the
    computer plays as her if you go play duets with the computer.
    Cranky Kong- They had to manage to slip Cranky in here…fourth player plays as
    Cranky…does he still got the spunk from back in the day?
    Monkey- Easy Mode
    Monkey Mix- Moderate
    Chimp- Normal
    Chimp Mix- Intermediate
    Gorilla- Experts Only
    6. Memory Card / Game Modes
    In order to save your progress on this game (and the majority of others as
    well), you need a memory card. Luckily this game only takes 5 blocks, so if you
    wish to have your high scores and such saved, I suggest getting a memory
    card…don't you have a memory card?
    Game Modes:
    Street Performance- 1-2 players:
    This is the main game, in which you play songs in order to earn coins to play
    mini games and earn songs on different difficulties and such. But if you do not
    clear the song…you don't get to keep the coins, sucks don't it? There's a meter
    that says if you've cleared the certain expectations they have of you.
    Challenge- 1-2 Players:
    This is probably one of the most frustrating things to do…well maybe that’s why
    it's called a challenge. You have to clear certain songs in a row…which
    sucks…and you got your meter again…but this time it's full. If you miss a beat
    or get bad on it, a small portion of the meter goes down. At the end of the
    song, you will get a "refill" and some of the bar will go back up. Your first
    challenge is to clear 6 songs in a row, then 12…then…every single song…
    Note: In order to clear the challenge in Gorilla mode, you must purchase every
    single song on Gorilla Difficulty at the shopping mall.
    Battle- 2 Players:
    Two players battle each other to see who the best drummer is. It's a simple
    concept, the player with the most points wins.
    There are special items that appear throughout battle that can change the
    outcome of the game. Such as the POW block (refer to Mario bros.). The POW
    block will appear throughout your little screen as a music note that you have
    to hit, it doesn't matter whether you clap or hit your left or right bongo.
    If you hit it and get:
    Great- Drop opponent's score to 0
    OK- Drop opponent's score by 90%
    Bad/Miss- Nothing
    And in the middle of the game there will be slots….there will be notes that you
    hint that have stop in front of them.  Basically for each Great you get, you'll
    get Link. And for every OK you get, you'll get Tetra (that pirate girl from
    Wind Waker.) and every Bad is Ganondorf, and a miss is Tingle.  Getting three
    links is a combination of 10,000 points, while three Tetras is 8000 and
    Ganondorf's is 3000….there's also others I haven't found yet, like such as
    getting a Link, and two Tetras will only get a total of 500 points.
    At the near end of battle, instead of the drum roll like in Donkey Konga 1,
    it's now a battle of Rock Paper Scissors. Each time you hit the picture the
    sign will change. The winner takes a roll bonus from their points and their
    opponents points. Which is basically like an automatic win.
    Concert 1-4 players
    See how well you and your buddies can play together, and get coins for doing so
    and get a rating upon how good you all played together. There are two different
    modes for concert:
    Share Mode:
    Basically two people share one bongo and play. One basically does the clapping
    and the other plays the bongo.
    This is up to four players, and if you don't have four players a computer will
    join you and play. The computer rarely if ever misses, so it's great to have a
    computer playing with you.
    And if you didn't know already, you can use your controller instead of the
    bongo, but it's really confusing.
    Music Lab- 1-4 players:
    You can spend your DK coins here to play two types of mini games.
    Rhythm Keeper 1-4 players:
    This is sort of like Simon in a way. It first shows you the signs and how the
    beat goes, then they turn invisible and you must remember the rhythm you just
    did. Sort of complicated, but I guess fun, in a frustrating way.
    Barrel Race 1-4 players:
    Hit the notes before the other players can. And hitting something wrong will
    freeze your controller for a short while.
    Match That Badge!
    If you do great in one of these mini games, you'll have a chance to play a
    little memory card game, with only one chance. If you get the cards correctly,
    you can use them as badges for high scores and such. Such badges included are:
    Pikmin Eater, Red Pikmin, Mario, Luigi, Wario, Toad, Peach and a couple others.
    Freestyle Zone 1-4 Players
    You can do anything you want in here, hence "Freestyle". And as you hit, a
    character pops up, whether it be Donkey Kong or even a bad guy.
    You can change the type of music and background by going into the setting
    option of freestyle zone.
    Every 50 hits, the characters change.
    7. Shopping Mall
    Go here when you have a ton of coins, there's two types of stores here, so
    whether you want a challenge or want to sound different it's all up to you.
    Bongos A-Go-Go
    Use the DK coins here if you wish to have optional sounds instead of hearing
    the bongos. There's many sounds from an NES sound to a Drum set to even a Fight
    Set and even sounds of giggling. Some range at high prices, while some are
    cheap. Remember, you get what you pay for. And you can always change your sound
    before you start, just hit the bongo (or controller, whichever one you're
    using) and go left or right to see the options.
    Jungle Jams
    It really sucks that you can't buy any new music, just a harder version of a
    song. You can buy Gorilla Arrangement music here, there's a total of 32 Gorilla
    Arrangement music here, so in order to fulfill the whole challenge theme, and
    you must collect all these to play the full set.
    8. Electric Hut (Options)
    Here you can set up the:
    Stereo/Mono- Which ever you prefer.
    Volume Balance- Change the balance between sound and music.
    DK Bongos- Set sensitivity standards in which it can hear you clap at.
    Rumble- On/Off
    Default- Return everything to its original state.
    Note: If you cannot hear any background music or any sound, adjust the volume
    balance, or hit the default button.
    9. Hall of Records (Ranking)
    This is where all the high scores are collected, and even your badge collection
    is here, as well as Dixie's notes. So this is just a place to lurk if you
    practically done everything and just want to kill some time or something.
    10. Music List
    Well this is the complete list confirmed by Nintendo, I just wished they would
    have had more game theme music as well as Reggae, Dance, Classical and Latin.
    All Star
    Losing My Religion
    Shiny Happy People
    Send the Pain Below
    I Don't Want to Know (If You Don't Want Me)
    The Anthem
    Come Clean
    Wish You Were Here
    It's been A While
    Road Trip
    Bombastic(Farewell Version)
    La Bamba
    Hip Hop/R&B
    U Don't Have To Call- (note: For some reason it's not Usher, it's some guy
    trying to impersonate him.)
    Rock The Boat-(note: It's not Aalyiah, although she passed in 2001, they must
    have given the family royalties for adding her last song before her death into
    this game.)
    Why Don't We Fall In Love
    Hit 'Em up Style (Oops!)
    Full Moon
    No More Drama
    Game Theme(s)
    Donkey Konga 2 Theme
    Minute Waltz
    Born Too Slow
    High Roller
    Hidden Song
    Hey hey hey goodbye- Must complete challenge mode, full set.
    11. FAQ
    Q: Who is the monkey with the blue pajamas on?
    A: Well that would be Kiddy Kong. He appeared on Donkey Kong 3, for the SNES.
    And they decided to remake it for the GBA.
    Q: How about that little bird?
    A: That's a banana bird, it's something that Granny Kong enjoys, and you must
    rescue in Donkey Kong 3.
    Q: I have some memory of Donkey Konga 1 in my memory card, will it affect my
    memory in Donkey Konga 2?
    A: No, but you'll be able to use sets from Donkey Konga 1 to Donkey Konga 2.
    Pretty neat, don't you think?
    Q: Can you use the bongos for any other games?
    A: The bongos are just like controllers, you can use it for any game, although
    it would be difficult.  The bongos are specifically made for Donkey Kong Jungle
    Beat, Donkey Konga 1 and 2, and this Japanese Pinball War game coming out. In
    which you use your bongos to control the paddles.
    Q: My hands hurt, why?
    A: How should I know, do I look like a doctor? Well, it's probably because
    you've been playing a little too much and you've been hitting your bongos a
    little too hard. There's no reason to hit it hard, just tap it with your
    fingers. Also, don't play for more than a half-hour without getting a 15-minute
    Q: Is there a comfortable position I can place my bongos?
    A: Well, yes putting them on the lap does get annoying, so what I do is I put
    it on a movable tray. It's much more comfortable.
    Q: Who's King K. Rool?
    A: Every DK fan knows who that is…he's basically the Bowser of Donkey Kong. And
    isn't it ironic that both Donkey Kong and Mario both have reptile fiends?
    Q: Do you know if there's going to be a Donkey Konga 3?
    A: Yes there is, and this time instead of Cranky Kong, it's going to be Funky
    Kong being the fourth player. It's set to release in Japan, and the graphics
    seemed to be pinched up a little bit, with new mini games and music, what more
    could you ask for?
    Q: Could you tell me what type of music is going to be on there?
    A: Well I don't know at the moment, since Japan and North America get different
    songs put into the game. I don't even know the Japanese songs.
    Q: How can I submit a question to you?
    A: Just e-mail me at Fridge928@hotmail.com and on the subject line put Donkey
    Konga 2 question or if you have some information you would like on here just
    put Donkey Konga 2 Information.
    12. Thank You
    I'd just like to thank Gamefaqs.com for posting this at their web site. I'd
    also like to thank any readers who found this information helpful, as well as
    the comments I've received within my inbox. Hopefully if all goes well, I'll do
    another FAQ. And thank you all for everything.

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