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Donkey Konga 2 is a rythm/music game, and the sequel to Donkey Konga. For solo mode you pick one of the 32 or so songs. The song will start playing and colored circles will roll down a bar. The goal is to use your DK Bongos-or controller (but the bongos are twice as fun to use) to press a button as soon as the circle enters the blank circle on your far left. Its hard to put into words, but it's definitely not as confusing as it may sound. There are red, yellow, pink, and blue circles, all requiring different button presses. Red and yellow for right and left on the bongos. Pink for hitting both drums, and blue for clapping. There are also stretched out circles which signify a clap or drum roll.

There are enough modes to keep you satisfied with the gameplay. There's a 2-4 player battle with a few twists, a 2-4 chorus where you can earn coins, there's campaign, and even more. There's a mini game room with beat challenge where you have to keep an invisible beat going. There's also barrel race where circles fall from the top of the screen, and you have to press the corresponding circles as fast as you accordingly can. The mini games are for two players. Throughout the chorus and campaign mode you'll earn coins. These can buy new sound sets which allow people to make a funny different bongo sound when pressed during the songs. These range from NES sounds, to animals, and fights. None of them are great, but they're mildly entertaining before they get dull. Coins are also for purchasing Gorilla songs, which are the hardest difficulty for a particular song, and a few are quite impossible. If those are way to hard stick to the monkey and chimp difficulties. The game is quite challenging overall.

Gameplay Score (7/10)


The graphics in DK2 are amongst the worst on the Gamecube. Little detail, equipped with a bunch of non relavent random objects flying across the screen, the graphics are apt for punishment and criticism. The graphics are the least important aspect of this game, and I don't blame developers for not spending time on them, but this game could have used some better eye candy. Sadly this wasn't the case though, because this game was only released a few months after DK1, and no time was spent updating graphics.

Graphics score (4/10)

Song Choices-

The song choices are ultimately what are gonna get you to buy the game. There's between 31-33 songs in the game, and if you like at least half of them, go ahead and get the game if you like the sounds of the gameplay. My advice is to google a DK2 song list, and then check it out. But if you're too lazy, here's some songs featured in the game-

It's Been a While-
Mr. Boombastic-
Losing My Religion-
Minute Waltz-

The songs are a mix of fairly bad hip-hop, decent rock, and random other songs. It seems like DK2 was trying to be hip, but offering songs two years old at the time of the release was not hip at all. While not a perfect song list, everyone should enjoy at least 10 songs.

Song Choice Score (6/10)


DK2 is the only game of its type for the Cube, (aside from DK) and a fresh new gameplay experience to most. If you can live with the songs and bought the bongos the game should be a blast. The game's lasting appeal is considerably shortened without other humans to play with though, so if you have friends/family willing to play you'll enjoy the game even more! In the end this game is much as the same as the first, except with a few new minor improvements and a new song list, but that's all that they needed to change anyway!

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/08/07

Game Release: Donkey Konga 2 (US, 05/09/05)

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