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"Donkey Kong is at it again, in just the same exact way as before"

Why change something that works? That's what I think about while playing the brand new Donkey Konga 2. Here is the rundown.


does it really matter how the graphics look in any rhythm based title? They do not have to be beautiful and expansive and well done when all your doing is slamming beats to the music. So for anyone looking for a game with good graphics, stop reading now. Though, they do have moving backgrounds and slick looking menu screens, it's still unimpressive.


here is where I discuss, probably the most important aspect of this title. Donkey Konga 2 has some interesting music. The majority of it all is a rock or hip-hop style, which is not necessarily good or bad. Depending on your preference. I was surprised on how much real music they crammed in here. I was disappointed in the fact that no Nintendo titles were placed in here. They could have easily replaced the excess amount of rock and pop titles with a few catchy NES tunes, we all know and remember. Overall the track line was unique, in that yes there were a lot of rock and pop songs like R.E.M and Good Charlotte and ever Incubus. But if you like one, most likely you will like them all. Techno music also makes a small appearance, and if you like techno, these three songs should be right up your alley.


Played the original Donkey Konga? Exactly. Donkey Konga 2 is virtually the same gaming experience you had and hopefully enjoyed in Donkey Konga 1. But like stated before, why change a formula that works? You use the left bongo, right bongo,a nd the noise sensor to play with the beat of entertaining amd often exhilarating music. they attempted to change the gameplay up a bit with some mediocre mini-games. honestly, I thought the mini-games placed in the title were an unnecessary diversion from what worked. the badge idea is interesting, where every time you break a record you choose a picture of a Nintendo character to act as your name. Truthfully, I would have just liked to type my name in, but it wasn't detrimental to the experience. there is another mode to replace the rarely used jam mode in Donkey Konga 1. This sequel has a beat-mix mode, where every time you play the song the beats change, and every experience playing that specific song is unique. this was a genius idea to help with the replay value, and medals are given out in this mode as well. Also, i could not help but notice that this game was much tougher than last year's version. Nintendo assumes if your playing Donkey Konga 2 you have played and had experience with Donkey Konga 1. So the difficulty and amount of beats has increased substantially. The multiplayer modes are another interesting bonus, and the various multiplayer ways to play are all well done.


There is a lot to do in Donkey Konga 2, but none of them are done much better than from the previous title. If your a fan of the first one, then buy this one with little consideration. If you have never played the first title, check that one out first. But with this franchise, Nintendo made a little step forward, and hopefully the third installment will be more impressive. For now we have an interesting and challenging rhythm title to keep us occupied until more enhancements are made, and another tile rolls on to our store shelves.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/16/05

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