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"Get ready for some wicked monkey action!"

This review is for the European version of Donkey Konga 2.

Donkey Konga 2 is a rhythm game just like Donkey Konga and it feels more like an expansion rather then a new game. The basics are to hit the bongo's and clap when the action icons run across the screen, timing is everything in this game.

The gameplay in Donkey Konga 2 consists of completing certain songs and earning a silver or a gold medal, gold medals are awarded when you complete a song and your song meter (or whatever) is filled up 100%. It starts off easy with monkey (easy), turns the difficulty up a notch on chimp (normal) and throws totally insane combinations at you in gorilla (hard). People who have played the first Donkey Konga will notice that the difficulty has increased in this game, so inexperienced players will have a harder time even on monkey then in the first Donkey Konga. Every time you complete a song you earn some coins (how many is up to how well you played) and with those coins you can buy the gorilla arrangements of the songs and new sound sets for your bongo's.
You can also play all songs with two people in a duet on all difficulties, play all 32 songs in a row in challenge, battle against each other or choose concert to play with up to 4 people for fun.
Then there are 2 mini-games which are a nice diversion but nothing special, completing these fast earns you medals, gotta collect ‘m all! Last but not least, the game keeps track of a top 3 scores on every song on every mode, mini game scores and which song has been played the most in every mode.

There are 4 actions you can do; Hit the left bongo, hit the right bongo, hit both bongo's simultaneously and clap (the microphone picks this up). Very responsive so there's nothing and no one to blame but yourself.

There isn't much of a story in this game, it's just about playing the bongo's.

This is a very important aspect since this is a music/rhythm game. There are 32 songs in the game and there's something for everyone in here; pop (12), rock (6), disco (2), dance (1), game(5), classical(4) and latin (3). The choice of music is pretty good and you will find many song that you know and/or like, the only drawback is that all songs are performed by unknown artists especially for this game. Which means that they are inferior to the original versions but don't worry, they sound just fine enough.

Replay Value:
How long it takes you to complete every song on every difficulty on your own depends on your skill level but it will certainly take some effort and time to get gold on every song on gorilla. There's stuff to buy and loads of fun to be had with more players in many modes. Get some mates and more bongo's and you'll have loads of fun. However if you have everything in the game and you mastered every song then there is little more to do except beating your scores on songs by perfecting them even more.

Fun Factor:
To me this one of the most important factors of any game, how much fun is it to play? Is it repetitive or boring at times? Is it frustrating? Things like that are not often rated I think but they are vital to the game. This game is fun to play. It doesn't really get frustrating and the only time when it gets boring is when you are really good at the game and you play on monkey difficulty. You'll get better in time and when you beat gorilla songs without messing up you'll feel great (and most often all sweaty and worn out). This game keeps you coming back for more, however after playing it intensively for a long period of time your hands can get a little sore from all the clapping. Perfect time for writing a review!

I don't like giving ratings for every aspect of a game separately because it's about the package as a whole. I know this game is more of an upgrade of Donkey Konga but it's just so much fun that I think this rating is justified. If you already own Donkey Konga you might want to take a good look at the song list for this game before buying it. Recommended to anyone who wants a fun game to play alone and with some friends.

Rating: 9

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/14/05

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