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"One of Nintendo's best!"

Nintendo... A company I have known sense I was six and got my first system: The Gameboy. Even amongst top titles such as Super Mario, Kirby, Star Fox, Halo, Nintendogs, DDR, Resident Evil (etc...) it can still shine. When you wish upon a star, you get Donkey Konga 2.

Donkey Konga 2 has many different game modes consisting of single player modes like street performance, and challenge and multiplayer games like minigames and multiplayer concerts, duets and more. Donkey Konga 2 is a fun new arcade-type game that leaves nothing left to be desired. The only thing I wish it had was a warning label for your hands.

The single player modes are phenominal. There are about 30 different songs to play, each getting increasingly harder as you learn how to play better. Much like the hit "DDR" you have to hit buttons as icons fly aross the screen. Except in this one, you play with bongo drums and hit the drums and clap as the icons come across your screen. Play street performance and get coins to spend on harder songs or a set of new bongo sounds. Also you can try challenge mode to test your skills! Play through multiple songs to play the secret song at the end and get the grand prize! Are you good enough? Test your concentration in the single player modes! WARNING: THIS GAME IS SUPER FUN AND HIGHLY ADDICTIVE! PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK.

There is also fun multiplayer action. It is fun to test your synchronization skills. If you have some friends and extra bongos, you could start a quartet! Or, find out who the better drummer is in battle mode! Play through a song and see who the best is! With rock paper scissors rolls, slots, and "POW!" boxes, it's anyone's game. Nothing like playing against your friend in multiplayer Donkey Konga 2. Once you play 1 song, prepare to play 5! You can't stop!

Although the gameplay is fun, the controlls are lacking something. Yellow, red, pink, and blue icons fly across the screen and you have to hit the DK bongos accoording to the color of the icon that comes. But the problem is your hands hurt after a while. This game is an excercize for your hands. You constntly have to keep moving your hands. Clapping is the problem with this game. The only fault. If you play a hard level that invloves a lot of clapping, your pals will hurt so much after you complete a few songs. If Nintendo put another drum in instead of the clapping, it would be better for your hands. But otherwise, the crontrolls are in line with the graphics like they should be, and like in all of the best games, they are easy to learn. Pick up the game, and in 10 minutes, you will have the controlls down pat.

In a game like this one, you don't have to look at much. Just your character and the icons flying across the screen. Not very intersting, but keeping that in mind, the creators of Donkey Konga 2 put little background scenes to look at. There could be the jungle, a city, anything in the background to occupy the space that isn't being used. It makes the game more intersting to look at thus making the game a bit better for the eyes to play. But as for graphics, they are what you expect. Good 3D graphics of DK, Diddy, and whoever is playing. Not the full power of the GCN but it's all you need for a game like this one.

The sound is very intersting. Pick from over 30 different songs each appealing to people's different tastes in music. You can play songs like "Headstrong" "Come Clean" "Rock the Boat" "Boombastic" and many other hits. But you expected the music. Anything else? YES! When you hit the bongos, they make a sound that you hear with the song. If you play good, it will go in tune with the song, if you play bad, it will sound like a jumbled up mess. But what the osund that you get from the bongos is completely up to you. Pick from many different bongo sound sets such as "NES" "Bongo" "Drum" and many more. With the coins you win from uther modes, you can unlock other sounds and songs. That brings a lot of fun into the game. You get determined to get that one song or sound. Play a lot, then get it! By then you have probably found another you want so you keep playing. The cycle goes on and on.

+ Easy controlls make it way easy to play
+ With songs appealing ot all tastes in music, you can play you favorite music
+ Multi player action is fun for everyone
+ Sounds are very intersting
+ Graphics don't make your eyes stray from what you need to look at to play.
+ All modes are highly addictive

- Hands hurt really quick
- DK bongos cost too much

Buy it? Rent it? If you have the money I say buy it with at least 1 set of DK bongos. It's worth the money

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/06/05

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