How do i level up fast ??????

  1. I want to upgrade to level 29 but my level is 22

    User Info: bazic523

    bazic523 - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. You have several viable options:

    1) Amazy Dayzee hunting in Twilight Trail. While these guys give the most EXP out of anything in-game, they're also painstakingly hard to find as well. Good for those who are lucky, and good for EXP when not over 40, so long as you find them in good order.

    2) Going through the Pit of 100 Trials. At your level, you could easily get through it fairly well. I went through in a Pre-Hooktail run and ended up a higher level than your current one. It may take a while for the leveling to speed up, but it's fairly effective.

    3) Bullet Bill grinding in the Pirate's Grotto. Make Mario and Goombella have 3 Jump ATK (meaning their regular Jump has to deal at least 3 damage with its first hit un-Action Command'd) and have Mario with at least 3 DEF as well. Just move in front of a Bill Blaster in the Pirate's Grotto, and simply keep hitting the A button repeatedly. Just do this for an extended amount of time, and you've got a nearly automatic leveling strategy. The only times you need to go back to check on it is when you level-up. Otherwise, just sit back and watch some TV, a movie, or play some other game at the same time to help kill some time while you're doing it. This strategy may be effective anytime, but it's only recommended for those who REALLY have no other choice for level, such as those over level 50, in which Amazies don't give as much of a payout as planned and the Pit only gives 1 per battle anyways.

    User Info: Chaosmaster00

    Chaosmaster00 (Expert) - 7 years ago 1 1

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