Quick way to level up?

  1. I need a quick way to level up but I have a high level which means i only get one point per enimy [two for rock hawk] . I need a way to get a lot of points so I can get more badge points. PS three things 1: I beat the game so if there is any star move I need to use just tell me. 2: My hp is 75 my fp is35 and my bp is 36 [even though I used them all] 3:I have all the chacters [even ms mowz].

    User Info: spongecho

    spongecho - 7 years ago
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    note: I die easly but weirldly i beat the shadow queen [all forms] with out having to die

    User Info: spongecho

    spongecho - 7 years ago

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  1. The Bullet Bills in the Pirate's Grotto are the easiest, albeit most boring.

    Equip 3 Defend Plusses so the Bills can't hurt you and let them keep first striking you. One kamikazes itself and the other ones can be defeated by pretty much any Ultra Rank partner attack and Mario's Jump/Hammer.

    User Info: marioman1154

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  1. There are three things you can do. Firstly, go to Chet Rippo. He's in the sewers - take the pipe outside Frankly's and blow up the wall to the left. Transfer some of your HP to BP. It costs 39 coins each time you do this, but I don't really think you need 75 HP, and if you want to equip more badges, do it.

    The second thing you can do is go to Twilight Trail. Fight Crazee Dayzees and the Hyper Clefts and hope an Amazy Dayzee appears. You'll get lots of Star Points for defeating one. Make sure Merlee's Special Path curse is activated and you've got a chance (if the battle lasts more than one turn) of getting double Star Points. Just defeat the Amazy in the first turn (or put it to sleep first)!

    Finally, do the Pit over and over again. You'll get at least one Star Point per battle, and more if Amazy Dayzees appear in the last ten floors.

    This all should help you level up faster.

    User Info: avengah

    avengah - 7 years ago 2 1
  2. If you want, you can also grind on the Bullet Bills in the Pirate's Grotto or the Bombshell Bills in the Palace of Shadow. It's a little boring, though, and I personally prefer the Pit of 100 Trials as well.

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    LightningYoshi (Expert) - 7 years ago 2 0
  3. Amazy dayzee hunting works, bullet bills like lightningyoshi and marioman said, but thats pretty much all i can think of

    User Info: seniorcornman

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  4. The easiest way for me, is getting Danger Mario. To get Danger Mario, you need to convert all ur HP into BP or FP until you have 5 HP.
    1. Go to the Pianta Parlor and play games to earn Pianta coins.
    2. Buy Power Rush badges by the dozen.
    3. Equip them all and go down to the Pit of 100.
    4. If your lucky, you can see over 15 Amazy Dazies and

    I do not suggest going to the Palace of Shadow to level up. All enemies there will give you 1 exp, and rarely more. If you want to level 1 exp at a time, go to PetalBurg and kill Goompas.

    User Info: Lord_Darkly

    Lord_Darkly - 7 years ago 0 2

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