How do I beat the shadow queen?

  1. Wich partner i need for the shadow queen fight?

    User Info: hoboman21

    hoboman21 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Here's a good item combination I prefer using:
    ~4 Shooting Stars (or more)
    3 Jelly Ultras / Zess Deluzes (whichever is more effective / easier to get for you)
    ~5 Life Shrooms (or less, if you don't need so many)

    ...and the rest for whatever you might need elsewise (like stat-boosting items you might like, such as Power Punch, or perhaps more attack-items or healing items)...

    Badges (recommended):

    *Quick Change (a definite recommendation)
    *Power Bounce
    *Feeling Fine (/P) (also highly recommended)
    1 or more Flower Saver (/P)
    1 or more Super Appeal (/P)
    Any ATK-increasing badges (but only if you feel you need them)

    ...and any other badge you feel might help, or you are suitable with using...


    First Phase: Just try to Tattle her and damage her to about 75-80 HP asap, while trying to keep your HP and FP up, so try to limit FP-consuming moves... It'll get tough, but try not to take too much damage here... Feel free to use Sweet Treat and Sweet Feast if necesary.

    Second Phase: Just try to take the hits, while using Mario to just jump for hits and Bobbery using Bomb Squad on the body and hands simultaneously. If done correctly, this should only last two or three turns before the next scene happens...

    Third (Final) Phase: Go all out. After three successful Action Commands, you'll get a full heal and filled audience, so don't feel bad about spamming Art Attack / Supernova to help damage her significantly. After the healing, use Power Lift, and try to get a high ATK boost with Yoshi or Goombella out, and hit with multi-hit attacks to do the most damage. If the Shadow Queen charges up for an attack, immediately swap to Vivian and use Veil. You DO NOT want to get hit by that... Use the Shooting Stars when she spawns her two hands, and if you start to take a little pain here, feel free to use your healing items at this point... With any luck and skill, this fight shouldn't take too long, not much longer than any normal boss, anyhow...

    Afterwards, you will be confronted by a long scene, in which will be followed by the credits.

    Hope you enjoy beating the Shadow Queen! :P

    (And yes, to others, I did copy and paste this from my response to a different question I answered before)

    User Info: Chaosmaster00

    Chaosmaster00 (Expert) - 8 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. Oh, and it would be highly recommended that you go into the Pit of 100 Trials and get to at least floor 50 to get the Strange Sack. It helps A LOT if you don''t have it already...

    User Info: Chaosmaster00

    Chaosmaster00 (Expert) - 8 years ago 0 0

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