How do I beat the ghost in chapter four?

  1. How do I defeat the ghost in chapter four, nothing I try works. Also does anyone know the name?

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Accepted Answer

  1. Okay, first of all, make sure you have Vivian. Once you've got her, leave Twilight town. Right near the shed where you found the key to the black chest in the storeroom of the Twighlight Town Shop, the ghost will quite literally pop out at you (disquised as Mario, of course!). He will ask you to guess his name.

    At this point, there's no way you can guess his name, so enter whatever you want, or just click "Done" without entering anything (if you look closely at that screen, you will notice that the letter P is missing). The ghost will then challange you to a fight, and he will taunt you and say that you'd better not even think of running from the battle. Ironically, this is exactly what you need to do. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT attempt to fight him. At this point in the game, he is invincible.

    Instead, chose "Run Away" from Mario's Tactics menu. Once you have succesfully run from the battle, you will automatically run to the next screen. Vivian will then ask you if that was the guy who stole your name, and mention that he looks familar. Remember those black birds sitting in the trees in Twilight Town? Vivian will suggest listening on their conversations to try to figure out how to find out the ghost's name.

    Go back to Twilight Town and listen on in on the black birds' conversations. Here's how to do it: Go to the base of a tree with black birds in it, and hide Mario and Vivian using Vivian's veil ability. Once you've listened in on the conversation, unveil Mario and Vivian. Go to another tree with black birds in it and repeat until you "hear" one of the birds say that the only person who knows the ghost's name is locked in the basement of Creepy Steeple.

    Proceed to Creepy Steeple, hit the save block, and use the Heart block to refill your HP if it's low (providing you have enough coins to do so, that is!). Then jump into the blue well (it actually looks more like an old, big pipe). Once inside, go to the next room. There are several Buzzy Beetles in here, so watch your step! Battle them if you want to, or dodge them (this can be quite annoying to do, as there are A LOT of them and it's a small space, but Vivian's veil ability helps a little).

    Hit the red ! block and a Tornadoe Jump badge will pop out. Grab it and push the weird wall/door up the slope a bit, then use Vivian's veil ability. The door will slide back down the slope and pass over you. Once it does, unveil Mario and Vivian and head up the slope. From here, you will go through a few rooms and hallways until you come to an area where you need to use Tube Mode. Roll through the hole and into a room where you will see a few chests and a green parrot.

    Open all the chests. One of them will contain the letter P (AHA! The missing letter P from the name entry screen!). Then stand in front of the parrot and use Vivian's veil ability. He will then say he's bored and that the ghost's name is Doopliss (due to the fact that the letter P is missing from the typing screen until you get it from the chest, you HAVE to go to Creepy Steeple to retrieve it. You can NOT just enter the name Doopliss in the name selection screen and bypass going to Creepy Steeple. Bummer!).

    Head back to the shed were you got the Shop Key, and Doopliss will again pop out at you. Enter his name in the typing screen. This will cause to loose his Mario likeness and revert back to his orginal Duplighost form. He will then run back to Creepy Steeple. Head back to Creepy Steeple and go to the room where you first fought him. There will be a brief cut-scene, and then you will automatically enter the battle. Proceed just as you did the first time you battled him.

    Congratulations! You've defeated Doopliss and gotten the Crystal Star!

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Other Answers

  1. This is after the "fake" end to the chapter, right?

    You're supposed to run from him. (this'll let you pass into town or back out again) His name is Doopliss, but, being the sly duplighost he is, he hid the letter P in a treasure chest in Creepy Steeple. You need the new partner received in Twilight Town to reach the chest (entrance that leads to the chest is in the well).

    Once you return after finding the letter P, you'll be able to tell him his name and fight him for real.

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