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    Manual Translation by spookychee

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                                  PAPER MARIO RPG
                            Instruction Manual Translation
    I didn't play the first game so please excuse any inconsistencies in naming. 
    I hope this helps someone enjoy the game a little more. If you have any 
    questions or comments about my translation please send me an email at 
    Page 1 through 5 of the manual is all the same technical jargon and health 
    warnings that are in the English manuals as well. So let's skip those.
    **********PAGE 6 & 7 - A LETTER FROM PRINCESS PEACH*************************
    Hello, Mario.
    Right now I am on a trip around the Mushroom Kingdom. During this journey I 
    received a strange map. Guess what? It's a treasure map! It was in a box that
    I got from an old sales woman in Hoodlum City.
    But, it's hard for me to search for treasure all by myself... So, I was 
    hoping you could help me. OK?
    I enclosed the map with this letter. Please use it to get here. I will be 
    waiting at the Hoodlum City harbor. (Make sure you come, ok?)
    Mario makes his way to the Hoodlum City harbor where Princess Peach is 
    waiting for him. But, she is nowhere to be seen. Where is she? As Mario 
    looks around the harbor a quarrel breaks out. Mario steps in and saves a 
    Koopa girl. Her name is Christinu. And, she's on a quest to find hidden 
    Mario mentions that he has a treasure map. He meets Professor Frankuri, an 
    archaeologist who specializes in ancient legends, and they talk.
    According to the professor, in order to obtain the Legendary Treasure, you 
    must first collect the seven Star Stones and open the "1000 Year Door" that 
    is connected to the treasure.
    The map that Mario received turns out to be a magic map that can show where 
    the Star Stones are located. 
    If Mario goes looking for treasure, he's bound to run into Princess Peach. 
    Well then, what adventures lie in wait for Mario? 
    ******************PAGE 8 & 9 - HOW TO USE THE CONTROLLER*******************
    Control Stick -  Used to walk, run and move cursors. (See page 13)
    Z Button       - Displays parameters. (See page 13)
    Start/Pause  -   Opens the menu screen (See page 15)
    Control Pad -    Shortcuts to the menu screen.
                           UP - Possessions (See page 25)
                           DOWN - Adventure Log (See page  27)
                           LEFT - Friend (See page  25)
                           RIGHT - Badge (See page 26)
    C Stick -        When the C Stick icon is displayed, use the stick to 
                     advance messages.
    R & Y Buttons - Use Mario's abilities. (See page 15) Y button turns him into 
                    an airplane while the R button enables the paper thin mode 
                    and the roll mode. On the battle screen, the Y button makes 
                    your friend act first. (See page 16)
    X Button -      Uses your friend's abilities.(See page 14) Also use to attack
                    spectators.(See page 21)
    A Button -     (See pg 13) Jump, talk, check and read next message. 
                    Decide on an item.
    B Button -      Use hammer. Cancel an item. Return.
    ***During the game, pressing the Start button while pressing the X and B 
       buttons will return you to the title screen.***
    ****************PAGE 10 & 11 - HOW TO BEGIN THE GAME***********************
    Set the disc into the game system. Place the memory card into Slot A ( A 
    card in Slot B will not be recognized). Close the lid to the system, turn 
    the power on and the title screen will appear. Use the Start Button to 
    There are 4 data files for you to choose from. Use the Control Stick to move 
    and the A Button to decide. The B Button deletes the last character. Next, 
    choose a name. The naming screen looks like this:
         A    I    U   E   O         WA        WO       N
        KA   KI   KU  KE  KO         GA   GI   GU   GE  GO         0  1  2  3
        SA  SHI   SU  SE  SO         ZA   JI   ZU   ZE  ZO         4  5  6  7
        TA  CHI  TSU  TE  TO         DA   JI   DZU  DE  DO         8  9  /  ?
        NA   NI   NU  NE  NO         BA   BI   BU   BE  BO          
        HA   HI   FU  HE  HO         PA   PI   PU   PE  PO         HIRAGANA
        MA   MI   MU  ME  MO          a   i    u   e    o          KATAKANA  
        YA        YU      YO         ya           yu    yo         RETURN
        RA   RI  RU   RE  RO                                       END
        Once you save a game you can continue from where you left off. Choose 
        the file that you previously saved.
        At the bottom of the data screen are 5 options:
        DELETE DATA -    Use the Control Stick to select a file to delete and 
                         the A button to complete the action.
        COPY DATA -      If you copy data onto a saved file, the original data 
                         will be overwritten, so be careful. 
        RETURN -         Return to the previous screen. 
        SOUND SETTINGS - Choose from monaural, stereo and surround sound
        VIBRATION SETTINGS - Adjust the controller's vibration level. 
        You will encounter many save blocks throughout your journey. You can also 
        save after you clear a stage. 
    *** Paper Mario RPG requires 17 blocks of memory***
    *************Pages 12 - 15  - THE FIELD SCREEN******************************
    On Mario's adventure, the area in which he talks to people and solves puzzles
    is called the FIELD SCREEN. When enemies get in your way you fight them on 
    the BATTLE SCREEN. ***Touch an enemy to start a battle***
       The top of the screen contains the parameter display.
       In the upper left corner are Mario and his friend's HEART POINTS (HP). 
       In the middle on the top is the FLOWER POINT (FP) display. 
       To the right of that are your STAR POINTS. In the right corner is your 
       COIN amount. 
       The bar beneath the flower points is your STAR POWER. 
       Some things that you will encounter on the field screen are: 
        YELLOW BLOCKS     - These block your path. Break them with a hammer.
        RECOVERY BLOCKS - Pay money and fill up your HP and FP. (See page 24)
        QUESTION BLOCKS  -  Hit these to receive items and coins.  
        SWITCH           -  Something will happen when you hit these.
    CONTROL STICK    - Walk / Run / Move the cursor. Mario will move in whichever 
                       direction you move the stick. A light touch will make him 
                       creep slowly while pressing hard will make him run. When 
                       you are standing on a pipe,press down to enter it. 
    Z BUTTON        -  Turn the parameter display (health meters and such) on 
                       and off. Also, using the Z Button during a conversation 
                       allows you to re-read the last piece of dialogue.
    A BUTTON        -  The A BUTTON makes Mario jump but also lets him perform 
                       actions. When the speech bubble icon appears, use the A 
                       Button to talk. If an exclamation mark appears you can 
                       search for things in tall grass or you can open doors. 
    B BUTTON        -  If Mario has a hammer, use the B Button to swing it and 
                       break yellow blocks or shake trees. Mario can also upgrade 
                       his hammer and boots. The Super Boots allow Mario to jump 
                       and then break the things he lands on. The Super Hammer 
                       breaks the large yellow blocks that the ordinary hammer 
    X BUTTON        - Use your friend's abilities. You will encounter various 
                      friends along your journey with powers that will be useful 
                      for you to clear stages. Here are three of your friends:
           Chrisinu - She can give you information about things and people near 
           Nokotaro - He can go into his shell and be thrown to pick up distant 
                      objects or hit switches.
           Clouda   - She can create a large wind that can blow things away. 
    Y & R BUTTONS  -  Use Mario's abilities. These buttons cause his body shape 
                      to change. 
                      During his journey, Mario finds BLACK BOXES. Opening one of 
                      these allows Mario to learn new abilities.  Learning new 
                      abilities allows Mario to access new areas. Three of his 
                      abilities are:
          AIRPLANE MODE - Stand on the spot with the airplane on it and hit Y to 
                      turn Mario into an airplane. Using left and right on the 
                      control stick, along with good timing, you can make Mario 
                      fly long distances.   
          PAPER MODE - Hit R to turn Mario paper thin. He can now access narrow 
          ROLL MODE  - Hold R while rotating the control stick to turn Mario into 
                       a tube. He can now roll along the ground and access new 
    START BUTTON   -   Opens up the menu screen. 
    ****************PAGES 16-23  -  THE BATTLE SCREEN***************************
    When you run into enemies on the field screen, the battle screen appears. 
    If you jump on or in any other way attack an enemy on the field screen
    Mario will make the first strike. However, if you are attacked, then the 
    enemy gets the first attack. 
    The movement order is like this: first Mario, second Mario's friend and third
    the enemy. However, Mario can choose to have his friend move before him. 
    After the battle you receive Star Points and then return to the field screen.
    The game is over when Mario's HP reaches zero. The game is not over when your
    friend's HP reaches zero. But, he/she will not be able to move in a battle.
    The enemies are in many places throughout the screen. On the ceiling, in the
    air and on the ground in both the foreground and the background. An enemy's 
    position determines whether or not Mario and his friends can attack them. For
    example, Mario cannot jump on an enemy who is on the ceiling. Also, Mario 
    cannot use a hammer to attack an enemy in the front. 
    The display in the lower left shows how many spectators are watching. 
    The command options are in a speech bubble that comes out of Mario's mouth. 
    They are:
    JUMP - Mario can jump on an enemy who is in the air but watch out for enemies
           with spiked helmets because they can hurt Mario. The jump icon is a 
    HAMMER - You can attack the spiked helmet enemies with the hammer. But, you
            cannot attack enemies who are in the air or in the back. 
    When you attack enemies and follow the onscreen directions you can pull off 
    super attacks. You will see the word nice and the attack will do extra 
    damage. This is called an Action Command. There are both jump and hammer 
    related Action Commands. 
    There are also defense action commands. 
    Guard      - If you hit A the moment an opponent strikes you can reduce 
                 the damage taken.
    Superguard - If an enemy throws itself at you as an attack you can use B to 
                 counterattack. But, the timing is more difficult than the 
                 regular guard attack. 
    Badge Movements - If you equip a badge you can add special powers to the jump
                 and hammer attacks. One example is the Continuous Jump which 
                 lets you keep jumping on an enemy until you mess up the timing 
                 of the action command. Another allows you to attack all the 
                 enemies at once. 
    ****ITEMS**** (Fire Flower Icon)
    With items you can recover Hp or Fp or do damage to enemies. Some items 
    Mushroom - Recovers 5 HP. Can be used on the Field Screen also. 
    Honey Syrup - Recovers 5 FP. Can be used on the Field Screen. 
    Refreshing Drink - Cures status ailments.
    Fire Flower -  Attacks all enemies with a fireball and does 3 damage. 
    ****SPECIAL**** (Star Icon)
    Using star power you can recover energy or do massive damage to enemies. Some 
    examples are:
    GenkiGenki! - Uses only the amount of magic as the number of times it takes 
                  to hit the star on the target. Recovers HP, FP and status 
    Big Boom    - Attacks all enemies on the ground. If you are successful at 
                  the action commands you will start attacking enemies in the 
                  air, too!
    When a battle is over all status ailments will be cured but if you use an 
    item you will be better much faster. The number next to the status ailment 
    icon shows how many more turns the ailment will last. Some ailments are:
    Poison (Skull icon) - Character receives damage every turn.
    Sleep (Sheep icon) - Character falls asllep and can't move.
    Dizzy (Spiral icon)  - Makes your attacks likely to miss.
    After Mario learns new moves, spectators begin appearing at the battles. If 
    you make them happy it is advantageous for your battle. According to Mario's
    actions, the number of spectators will rise and fall. When you use special 
    powers during battle you star power will fall but the greater the number of 
    spectators, the more your star power will refill. On the Star Power guage it 
    takes one Star Power to make one dot. An empty dot means no Star Power. A 
    white dot with a red portion means it is refilling but not available yet. A 
    yellow dot is full of energy and can be used a Star Power. Ways to recover 
    Star Power are:
    Appeal - Mario or his friends can choose appeal from the strategy menu to 
                 recover Star Power.  
    Successfully executing an Action Command recovers Star Power and increases 
    spectators. Messing up an Action Command decreases spectators. 
    Before and after an attack if you hit A with good timing you can do an 
    Acrobat move. This is different from an Action Command and causes extra 
    damage to an enemy and recovers a large amount of Star Power.
    Everytime you succssfully pull off an Action Command a Bingo Slot mark will 
    appear on the right side of the Star Power guage. If you match 2 of the same 
    objects you get a Bingo chance. Match 3 and you win a bingo which has various
    effects like recovering HP and FP. However, if you match 3 poison mushrooms, 
    Mario and his friend's HP, FP and Star Power are cut in half and all 
    spectators leave. 
    You can attack spectators who throw things at you with the X Button. But make
    sure not to hit the fans who might throw items at you. When the black and 
    yellow striped icon appears, hit X to attack. 
    ****STRATEGY (Red Flag Icon)****
    Use this when you want to do something besides attack or use items. 
    FRIEND CHANGE - Change which friend you have with you in battle. Requires 
                    1 turn.
    APPEAL - Appeal to the spectators and recover Star Power.
    DEFENSE - Guard yourself against an attack.
    RUN AWAY - Press A to fill up the guage in order to run away. 
    Mario's friends attack using powers. But, they can't use special powers. 
    They can also use Item and Strategy just like Mario. 
    After every battle Mario receives Star Points. Collect 100 points and Mario 
    can choose to level up either his HP, FP or BP. 
    Mario's friends don't collect Star Points. Instead they collect Shine. If 
    they collect 3 Shine, they can rank up at Dale's house. 
    Attacks deliver as much damage as their Attack Power. However, if you attack
    an enemy with a defense power, then the attack is subtracted from the defense.
    For example, if you have an attack power of 2 and the enemy has a defense 
    power of 1 you end up doing 1 damage. 
    ************PAGE 24-27 - THE MENU SCREEN**********************************
    When you hit the START Button on the  field screen, the menu screen appears. 
    The control stick moves the cursor, the A Button decides and the B Button 
    goes back one item.     
    1. MARIO
    Here you can check Mario's levels and parameters. 
    2. FRIENDS
    Here you can check your friends' levels. The X button will explain each 
    friend's abilities in detail. Use the control stick to scrol through your 
    friends and select with A.
    Here you can check on your items and other objects you pick up along the way.
    Items - Things you can use in battle or on the field. Can hold only 10 items. 
    Important Items - Items that are necessary to your quest. Cannot be sold.
    Press Z to classify the items by alphabetical order or type.
    4. BADGES
    When you equip badges you can use new abilities. But, badges take Badge 
    Points so here you can decide which badges to use. The display on the left 
    shows how much BP you have to distribute among the badges.  Some badges:
    Successive Jump - Jump on an enemy many times.
    Heart Full -   Increase HP by 5.
    Earthquake Attack - Use powerful earthquake attack.
    Happy Heart - Recover HP little by little during battle. 
    Various information from Mario's adventure  is recorded here.
    MAP - Look at the world map and review information about the places that 
          Mario has visited. 
    STAR STONE - Here you can check how many stones you have recovered. 
    KNOW IT ALL LIST - Use Christinu to tell you about enemies that you have 
          checked up till now.
    BADGE LIST - Look at the badges you have collected.
    CUISINE LIST - Displays the food that has been made for you.
    *******PAGE 28 - VARIOUS BUILDINGS IN THE CITY****************************
    INN - Pay money to stay here and recover your HP, FP and Star Power. 
    SHOPS - Use money to buy items and badges. Also, sell items that you possess.
            To buy items, stand in front of it and press A. To sell an item, 
            talk to the shopkeeper. You can also leave items that you have 
            purchased at the store to pick up later. Badges, however, cannot 
            be left. 
    DALE'S HOUSE - Somewhere in Hoodlum City is a magician. If you bring him 3 
            Shine, he will give you a rank up. 
    ***********PAGE 29 - ADVENTURE HINTS**************************************
        You will receive mail from the people that you meet on your adventure. 
        Make sure you read it. 
        If you find star pieces you can give them to people who are looking for 
        them and they will probably be happy. 
        Bring various ingedients to Nancy and she will make food for you. 
        Depending on what you give her, the result will be different.
        Here you can fulfill requests for people and receive money or items. 
        However, if you decide to quit a request after taking it, there will be a 
        cash penalty. 
        Sometimes if you jump in a place where there is nothing a block will 
        appear. These blocks have rare items in them. 
    GOOD LUCK!!!!!    

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