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    Translation Guide (JP) by spookychee

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                                     Paper Mario RPG
                                   Translation of Game Text 
                                      and Walkthrough
    This is first and foremost a translation of the Japanese version of the game.
    It turned into a walkthrough just by necessity. The names of characters, places,
    items and badges will be completely different from the English version. I've 
    read some rumblings from people wanting a better walkthrough. Feel free to make
    one. This was mainly just a translation to help people in the interim before
    the release of the English version. I hope it helps someone enjoy the game more.
    Email me if you have any further questions at spookychee@hotmail.com 
    August 3,  2004 - version 0.25 - Up to Stage 3
    August 7,  2004 - version 0.30 - Up to Stage 4
    August 12, 2004 - version 0.40 - Up to end of Stage 4 
    August 14, 2004 - version 0.45 - Up to Stage 5 - Pirate Cave entrance
    August 22, 2004 - version 0.55 - Up to Stage 6 and 1st 15 Worry Center side
    August 28, 2004 - version 0.70 - Up to Stage 7. Added 9 more W.C. side quests
    September 7, 2004 - version 0.80 - Up to Stage 8
    September 30, 2004 - version 0.95 - Until the end. (Sorry for the wait) 
    Use these codes and the find command (Ctrl+f) to skip to the section you need.
    Prologue - pmrpgP             Item List - pmrpgI
    Stage 1  - pmrpg1            Badge List - pmrpgB
    Stage 2  - pmrpg2            Worry Center Side Quest - pmrpgW
    Stage 3  - pmrpg3
    Stage 4  - pmrpg4
    Stage 5  - pmrpg5
    Stage 6  - pmrpg6
    Stage 7  - pmrpg7
    Stage 8  - pmrpg8
    Mario's house appears. A mailman flies down and delivers a letter. Luigi gets
    the letter and brings it back in. 
    "Brother, a letter came from Princess Peach."
    Mario enters. Luigi reads the letter to him. 
    Hello Mario, 
    I am on a trip around the Mushroom Kingdom. During this journey I received a 
    strange map. Guess what? It's a treasure map.It was in a box that I got it in
    Hoodlum Town from an old woman.
    But...it seems so hard to search for treasure alone so I was hoping you could
    join me. I enclosed the map with this letter. Please use it to get here. I'll 
    be waiting at the Hoodlum Town harbor. (Make sure you come, OK?)
    "It's true. There's an old map in here too."
    The map opens and a boat traveling on a body of water appears beneath the 
    title screen. 
    PROLOGUE                                                          pmrpgP
    "Sir. Sir, wake up. You told me to wake you when we could see Hoodlum Town.   
     We'll arrive shortly. Please prepare your belongings."
    The boat arrives at the harbor. The porter continues,
    "Sorry, sir, we arrived a little late. Are you sure you want to get off in a
     place like this? I never did tell you about Hoodlum Town, did I? What? The 
     Princess is waiting for you? Well, I won't take anymore of your time then. 
     But please be careful, sir."
    The boat leaves and Mario is free to wander. The bomb guy next to the Save 
    Block says, 
    "This is Hoodlum Town and it's full of thieves. It's curious that you would 
     come to a place like this. Look, I'm gonna give you some advice. You can use
     that Block there to save. You never know when you're going to die, do you?"
    Go to the Save Block to save. 
    The yellow dotted mushroom person says, 
    "You want to know where the Princess in the pink dress is? Well, I don't know. 
     Why? Is she your girlfriend?"
    Head towards the back and Mario hears a voice. 
    "Leave me alone!"
    A Goomba girl with a ponytail, Christinu, enters the screen. She is being 
    followed by a guy with a red beard and purple horns, Peckda, and his henchmen.
    "We just want you to check on something for us. We heard that you know about
     the Star Stones. Please just hear me out."
    "I don't have anything to say to the likes of you."
    "It really is in your best interest to cooperate with us. Take her back to 
     the hideout."
    "Nice idea, Peckda." 
    Peckda advances on Christinu and she says, 
    "Stop it."
    Mario is back in your control so go and be a hero. Christinu runs behind Mario 
    and she says, 
    "I'm not going anywhere with you guys."
    Peckda notices Mario and says, 
    "Hey, you're in the way. Ah, what a bother. I guess we're just gonna have to 
     mess ya up."
    Christinu tells you to just use your hammer and jump attacks in this battle. 
    Use the A Button to attack. After you win, you get 9 Star Points.You get Star
    Points after every battle. Get 100 to level up. 
    Peckda says, 
    "You're pretty strong. Well if that's the case. SWARM! ATTACK!"
    The henchmen attack Mario and Christinu. Christinu manages to sneak out of the
    pile and says, 
    "Over here. Over here."
    Mario makes his way out of the group as well, leaving them to fight themselves.
    "I think we should run for our lives."
    Run up the stairs and through the archway. Peckda notices and says, 
    "What? STOP!!!!!!!!!!! Where did they go? Damn. They got away."
    The screen fades to black.
    We see Mario and Christinu in the Town Square. She says, 
    "Thanks to you we got away. Here's a token of my gratitude."
    She gives him a kiss.
    "I am Christinu.I am a student at Kurifornia University.How about you? Mario?
     You're famous. I sure am glad to meet you. You just got here, didn't you? I 
     really hate this city.There are strange and suspicious characters everywhere
     you look. But, this place is called Hoodlum Town so what can you expect. I 
     wouldn't have come here if it wasn't for the Legendary Treasure. What, you're
     looking for the Legendary Treasure, too? What do you mean? Oh, a treasure map.
     Where on earth did you get this? Princess Peach?"
    An old mushroom man, Uncle Mushroom enters the scene. He says, 
    "Is that Mario? Funny meeting you in a place like this. By the way Mario, why
     have you come here? You got a letter and treasure map from the Princess? You
     are supposed to meet her here? Where is she you ask? I want to know the 
     answer to that myself. We stopped here just to refuel the boat and I turned
     my head and she was gone. I thought that she would come back like always but
     she hasn't. I'm really quite worried. But now that you're here I feel at ease.
     I know you will find her. Mario, I know it's not my place but could you find
     Princess Peach? I'm staying at the Inn. If your Heart Points (HP) get low, 
     come to the Inn to refill. This town is dangerous. Goodbye, Mario."
    Christinu says, 
    "Mushroom Kingdom's Princess Peach? The princess who you always save from 
     Bowser every time she's kidnapped? She sent you the treasure map? But where
     did she go? Maybe she got tired of waiting for you and decided to go off 
     and find treasure by herself. Come with me Mario.  My archaeology professor
     is in this town doing research on the Legendary Treasure. Let's show him
     your map and see what he says."
    Use the X Button for an explanation or surrounding places or characters. In 
    battle use her ZUKKI jump attack to damage enemies. Use MONOSHIRI to learn
    statistics about the enemies during a battle.
    "Mario, let's go look for the Professor. To tell you the truth, I just got here
     myself so I don't know where he lives. His name is  Professor Furankuri and 
     he looks like this." (shows picture) 
    Now you can control Mario. First lets find some Star Pieces. If you collect 
    Star Pieces you can trade them for badges later on. First, go to the right and
    check between the boxes and the fence. You will find a STAR PIECE! Now go to 
    the back alley and take a left. Go in the door and check by the mattress that 
    is propped against the wall for another STAR PIECE! 
    Hoodlum Town is broken down into 5 sections:TOWN SQUARE, WEST AREA,EAST AREA,
    HARBOR and TRAIN TRACKS. Try and enter the west area (to the left) and the 
    yellow dotted mushroom person says,
    "St------op!!! Don't move. Somebody ran into me earlier and my contact lens 
     fell out. I'm looking for it now so don't move. What ever you do, don't move.
     DON'T MOVE!!!"
    Move in any direction and a cracking sound is heard.
    "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! You stepped on my contact lens.  I told you not to
     move, didn't I? It's all your fault. You have to buy me a replacement. Well, 
     if you're going to be that way then I have an idea. Until you buy me a new
     contact lens I will block the West Area."
    Head into the Item Shop and talk to the first mushroom person.He says that his
    store is out of contact lenses but they can order it but it will take a little
    time. Talk to the other mushroom person and he explains the Shop Point system.
    Every time you buy something you get one point. Collect points to get rare 
    prizes. The Shop Point item list is behind him. It says:
     10 Points - Mushroom
     20 Points - Koori no Ibuki (Touch of Ice)
     30 Points - Super Mushroom
     50 Points - Kaminari Dokkan 
     70 Points - Kirakira Otoshi  
    100 Points - Kinkai (Gold Nugget)
    150 Points - Kinkyuu Mushroom 
    200 Points - Ultra Mushroom
    250 Points - Royal Jelly
    300 Points - 3 Kinkai 
    The regular items on the counter, from left to right are: (check Item List 
    for details)
    Mushroom              5 Coins
    Honey Syrup           5 Coins
    Sukkiri Drink         3 Coins
    Fire Flower          10 Coins
    Nemureyoikoyo         8 Coins
    Acchiikeshisshi       5 Coins
    ***You can only carry 10 items***
    It's best to stock up now because as soon as you enter the East Area, half of 
    your money will be stolen. So, the less you enter with the better. 
    Enter the East Area and go around the brick wall that is directly behind you.
    Walk down the narrow alley and hop on the wooden boxes for a STAR PIECE! Go
    back to the front part and enter the house on the right. The professor is 
    "Ah, Professor Furankuri."
    "Eh, who is calling me? Oh, you. I recognize your face. Don't tell me your
     name. Let's see...not Chestnut bun. It's also not Chestnut Mashed Potatoes.
    (The joke here is the 'kuri' in Christinu's Japanese name "Kurisuchinu"
     means chestnut.) HMMMMMMM. AHHHHHH. I got it! Christinu. You were in my 
     archaeology class last year."
    "Yes, it's me. Third year student Christinu."
    "Of course I remembered. I have a great memory. You were the best student I
     had. And that man behind you. Isn't that.....wait, who is that?"
    "This is Mario. You know. The Mario."
    "I'm sorry. I have been so busy researching that I haven't kept up on current
     events. By the way, why have you come to a place like this?"
    "We want you to teach us about the Legendary Treasure. We figured you knew
     a lot about it."
    "Of course I do. That's why I came to this city. But why do you want to know
     about the Legendary Treasure? I suppose you know that many say it is just
     a fairy tale."
    "It is an archaeologist's mission to find the truth in legends.I believe in
     the Legendary Treasure and I want to find it."
    "Very good answer. Of course I will help you. There are many riddles that 
     surround the treasure. Some people say that it is more money than you could
     ever use. One book says that it is a powerful magic item. Some say that it
     is a monster disguised as treasure or that is just an empty box. What the 
     truth is I have no idea. However, how you go about getting the treasure is 
     known. You need the Star Stones."
    Christinu says, 
    "Gather the 7 Star Stones to open the 1000 Year Door. Right?"
    "That's right. According to the legend, in order to get the treasure you have
     to collect the Star Stones."
    "Hold the Magic Map up to the 1000 Year Door to reveal the hiding places of
     the Star Stones. At least that's the legend that I've heard."
    "That's right. And, the 1000 Year Door is under this town. But we don't have
     the most important piece. If we only had that map..."
    "Professor, Mario has the Magic Map."
     I see it? This is real. This is the real Magic Map. Great! Wonderful! 
     Excellent! We have to go to the 1000 Year Door and hold it up."
    "Yes, Professor."
    "Mario, Christinu. Dash!! Dash!! Let's go to the door."
    Go outside and the Professor walks to the gate and removes a piece of it. 
    "We can use this pipe to get to the underground. Hurry up! Mario, there are
     many bad people below the city. Do you know about ACTION COMMANDS? Well then
     let's practice before we go down. Christinu, be Mario's partner."
    "Me? Well, OK. I'll try my best."
    ******************ACTION COMMANDS****************************************
    Select your attack with the A Button. Right when you jump on an enemy tap A 
    again. You will do extra damage and the word NICE will appear. With the 
    hammer, hold the control stick to the left. Release it when the star lights 
    up. At the moment when an enemy is going to hit you press the A Button to 
    Guard. Hit the B Button to do a SuperGuard which counterattacks the enemy. 
    But, the timing is more difficult.
    Now, stand on the pipe and press down on the control stick to go down. Save at 
    the Save Block if you would like. Now, walk to the right and go down the 
    stairs. 3 Goombas appear.
    "Hey, I see you got a cutie with you."
    "How about playing with us cutie?"
    "Yeah, you can do better than those 2 fogies."
    Christinu's reply is,
    "Wow, you are really forthright. I HATE that type of man. Buzz off."
    The Goombas say, 
    "Huh. You're really stuck up. You're gonna wish you hadn't said that."
    Battle the Goombas. The Professor teaches you about the different types of 
    enemies. There are ground and air enemies. You can jump on both but you can't 
    hammer enemies in the air. Watch out for enemies with spikes on their heads. 
    They will hurt you if you attack with a jump. 
    After the battle the Professor tells that if you attack an enemy on the Field
    Screen you can get a Headstart attack. But if you get hit by an enemy attack
    the enemy starts first in battle. 
    Go up the stairs, around the brick wall, ride the floating platform and go 
    down the pipe. Fight a couple of Goombas. Go down the stairs and hit the 
    Question Blocks for a MUSHROOM and a a FIRE FLOWER. Break the large yellow 
    blocks with the hammer and go down the pipe. 
    Between the pipe and the extra large yellow block is a STAR PIECE. Notice the
    small creature retreat into the wall. Remember this. 
    Fight the 2 enemies and step on the BLUE SWITCH, revealing a staircase. At the 
    top of the stairs walk left and hug the wall. Fall off the ledge onto the 
    BLACK KEY. Go back up the stairs, go into the door and inspect the BLACK 
    CHEST. A voice says,
    "Can you hear my voice? If you can, you must be the Legendary Hero! Only the 
     Legendary Hero can hear my voice. I was cursed and placed in this box long
     ago by an evil monster. Why have you come here?"
    The Professor says, 
    "This seems suspicious. We better not say anything about the Star Stones.Oops,
     I just said something about the Star Stones...!"
    "The Star Stones, of course, a treasure worthy of the Legendary Hero. I have a
     power that can help you obtain the Star Stones. So please look for the key to
     this box and let me out. Please look for the key. It should be close by. I am
     counting on you, Legendary Hero."
    Inspect the chest again to use the BLACK KEY.
    "Thank you. HAHAHAHAHA. You FOOLS!!!! I tricked you into letting me out. And 
     now to let out all the rage that has been building up I am going to inflict
     a scary, frightening curse upon you. Now you are cursed. Listen up. Whenever
     you stand in a particular place you can hit the Y Button to turn into a 
     paper airplane. How's that? Are you surprised? Will you be able to go on 
     living? OK, I feel a little sorry for you so I will give you some advice. If
     you stand on an Airplane Panel you can turn into an airplane. Use the control
     stick to glide. With good timing you can fly long distances.Do you understand
     the scariness of this curse? (NO/YES) Press B to return to your normal form."
    Christinu says, 
    "What was that all about?"
    Leave the room and walk left to the Airplane Panel. Fly across and enter the
    door. The Professor says, 
    "Mario, Christinu, look! The 1000 Year Door. The legend is true."
    Get closer and Christinu says, 
    "What is that pedestal for?"
    Stand on the pedestal and lights emerge, illuminating the periphery. Christinu
    "Professor, what is this?"
    The map opens and a castle appears with silver star in the middle of it. Mario
    learns the SPECIAL ABILITY "GENKIGENKI!". Every time you get a Star Stone you
    will get a new Special Ability. Christinu says, 
    "Professor, the map."
    "Yes, it looks like it has information about the location of the Star Stone. 
     And it appears that Mario has gained a new power. Let's go back to my house
     and look into this."
    Back at Professor Furankuri's house...
    "Aha, I've got it."
    "Do you understand it, Professor?"
    "Yes, that new power that Mario got was a SPECIAL ABILITY."
    "Special Ability?"
    "It's hard to explain but easier if I show you. Shall I show you? (Yes/No)
     This room is cramped so let's go outside."
    A battle starts. The Professor tells you to look at the Star Power gauge 
    beneath the Flower Point meter. Special Abilities require Star Points. 
    GenkiGenki! requires 1 SP. Use GENKIGENKI! to refill HP and FP by throwing
    stars at icons. Recover whatever you hit. Now you are out of SP. This is where
    spectators come into play. When you please the spectators they give you Star 
    Power. You get more Star Points when you successfully pull off an Action 
    Command. Each time you get a NICE attack you get a bingo card. Match 2 and you
    play the slots for a chance to match the third. Get a bingo to get a great
    reward. Three mushrooms refill all HP, three stars refill Star Power, three 
    flowers refill FP and three Shines refill everything. Match 3 poison 
    mushrooms to have all of your stats cut in half. Also, watch out for bad 
    spectators. They will throw things at you that can hurt you. Hit the X Button
    to attack them. You can also use the APPEAL command to regain Star Power. 
    Back to the Professor's house. 
    "The Magic Map points to DoraDora Prarie as the location of the first Star
     Stone. It is to the far east from Hoodlum Town. You know, I've always had a
     feeling about DoraDora Prarie. It often appears in books about the Legendary
    "Professor, how do we get to DoraDora Prarie?"
    "There is a pipe under this city. That is the quickest way. By the way, Mario,
     where did you get this map? Princess Peach sent it to you? Of course. She
     came to me not too long ago asking about this city's treasure. I told her 
     about the Star Stones and DoraDora Prarie. I wonder if she went off to look
     for it herself?"
    "Professor, there are also some bad people looking for the Star Stones."
    "I wonder if she got involved with them. OK, you two, go to DoraDora Prarie.
     If the Princess went looking for treasure you are bound to run into her."
    "You're not going, Professor?"
    "No I am going to stay here and see if Princess Peach turns up. Plus, these
     old bones are no good in a battle. If you have any trouble come back at any
    "Let's go, Mario."
    Leave the Professor's house and he stops you.
    He gives you a Gatsunnaguri Badge. 
    "Mario, please take this. Badges have various uses like causing large attacks.
     Do you know how to use Badges? (Yes/No)
    Open the Menu by pressing the Start Button. Move the cursor to the 4th tab, 
    Badge. Press A to select a badge. You have a certain number of Badge Points 
    (BP) and you distribute these to the badges that you want to use. 
    Now the Badge Store is open. Go to the 2nd floor of the Inn, out the door and 
    into the Badge Shop. The badges from left to right are: (check Badge list for
    Pinch de Mamoru P              35 Coins
    Super Appeal                   35 Coins
    Kantan ni Naru                 35 Coins
    Gatsunn Jump                   35 coins
    Tsuranukinaguri                52 Coins
    Leave the Badge Store and go left onto the rooftop. Walk all the way to the 
    wall and then walk toward the back alley for a STAR PIECE. Go back to the East
    Area and go down the pipe. 
    First,  walk left and enter the door. Check behind the pillar behind the blue
    guy for a STAR PIECE. Talk to the guy in blue to trade Star Pieces for Badges
    (check Badge List for details). He has:
    Pikkyo Loan B       -   1 Star Piece (SP)
    Senseinaranai       -   2 SP
    Tama ni Lucky       -   3 SP
    Happy Flower        -   4 SP
    Happy Heart         -   4 SP
    Happy Heart P       -   4 SP
    Item Deru           -   5 SP
    Heart Deru          -   6 SP
    Flower Deru         -   6 SP
    HP Mieru            -   7 SP   
    Supayakukawaru      -   8 SP
    Flower SetuyakuP    -  10 SP
    Flower Setuyaku     -  10 SP
    Power Plus P        -  15 SP
    Power Plus          -  15 SP
    Now leave this room and continue going right. Hop on the Airplane Panel and 
    fly across to the other side. Enter the door. There is a white thing coming
    out of the water. Attack it to start a battle.
    HP 12
    Before the battle Christinu tells you that you can make her attack first by 
    pressing the Y Button.
    Use a Fire Flower to destroy his tentacles. If you time your attacks well and
    get the extra damage you should be able to defeat him without being hit. 
    Get 20 Star Points. 
    Floating platforms appear in the water. Hop across them and enter the pipe.
    STAGE 1 - Mario, a Castle and a Dragon                            pmrpg1
    "There is a Star Stone here in DoraDora Prarie. Let's start our journey."
    Hit the trees on either side of the Save Block with your hammer for a STAR
    PIECE and a MUSHROOM. Walk to the right and near the boulders a shadow passes
    "What is that? Mario, look!"
    A dragon flies into a castle in the distance.
    "That's the biggest monster I've ever see. To just get here and see that is 
     very surprising."
    Go right and hit the Question Block for a MUSHROOM. Go right into the next
    screen and hit the Badge Block for a PINCH DE LUCKY Badge. The pipe takes
    us to a badge we can't get yet so skip it. Hit the Coin Block. Proceed to the
    next screen. 
    Christinu tells you that if you need adventure hints to use the X Button and 
    she will tell you. Head right and check the dark green patch of
    grass to reveal a pipe. Enter the pipe to end up in the background. Hit the
    blue switch to create a bridge. Keep going right to get a STAR PIECE. Go back
    to the pipe and cross the bridge. Check the first clump of grass after the 
    bridge for a WHAT WILL HAPPEN? item. Hit the Question Block for a FIRE FLOWER.
    Go to the next screen. A turtle welcomes you.
    "Hello, travelers. This is HanaHana Village. We don't get many visitors here 
     in this remote place. Plus with the dragon Gonbaba flying around...Well, 
     let's just say that tourism has really dropped off."
    "Gonbaba must be the dragon that we saw earlier. By the way, have you ever 
     heard of the Star Stones?"
    "Star Stones? No, never heard of it. But you should ask the Mayor. He's been 
     around a long time so he knows a little about everything. The mayor lives
     straight ahead in the pink house. "
    "Pink? How awful. Well, at least it should be easy to spot. Thanks."
    Rest at the Inn if you need to. The Item Shop has some new items:
    POW Block                     -  5 Coins
    KachiKachi Koura              -  5 Coins
    FunyaFunyaKun                 -  8 Coins
    Now walk right into the next screen. Go to the pink house and talk to the 
    Mayor. He says, 
    "Who are you? Robbers!! Look around, there is nothing in this house. I only 
     have a little money and my shell that I can give you. Just leave me with the 
     photograph of my wife. It's sentimental. What, I'm wrong? You're looking for
     the Star Stones? Well, why didn't you say that first? As for the Star Stones
     that you are looking for...what was I talking about. Oh, that's right. I 
     heard that Gonbaba has one of them. Are you familiar with Gonbaba? 
     (Of course/Just the name) He is always terrorizing this village. Ah, so you've
     come here to save us from the dragon. (Of course/Wait a minute) Please. And 
     of course we will give you some kind of reward after you defeat Gonbaba. 
     What's that you say? You don't need a reward? (Of course/ I didn't say that)
     Ah, what a bad person. Anyway, what's your name? Manio? That's a nice name. 
     (My name is Mario/ Manio is fine) I know, Manio. There is a pipe near this 
     village that will take you right to Gonbaba's castle. But, I don't know where 
     it is. But, in order to use it you need the SUN KEY and the MOON KEY. They 
     are hidden in Sutton Fortress outside this village. Please Mario find the pipe
     and destroy Gonbaba."
    Leave the Mayor's house and walk to the right. You will get a mail message 
    saying that from now on you can receive mail messages. Go to the right and talk
    to the turtle guarding  the gate. He says, 
    "Up ahead is Sutton Fortress and the stone monsters. That's why this gate is
     closed. But, since the Mayor said it was OK I will open it for you."
    He opens the gate and somebody stops you. 
    "Um, excuse me. Um, I...I am Nokotaro. I heard you were going to Gonbaba's 
     castle. I want to ask a favor of you. ...................Um, sorry. Just 
     forget it. Sorry."
    "What was that all about?"
    Leave the village and check the first clump of grass for a STAR PIECE. The 
    Question Block contains a POW Block. Go through the door. Inside this room
    examine one of the pedestals to start a battle with a couple stone monsters. 
    Use a POW Block to kill them instantly. A gate opens. Go through it. Keep
    walking right. Check the 2 clumps of grass by the door for a POW Block and
    a coin. Enter the room, check the pedestal and use the POW Block to kill the
    monsters. Another gate opens. Go to the next screen. The Question Block 
    contains a Fire Flower. Right before the door is a Recovery Block. Hit it and
    pay 5 coins to refill HP and FP. Go in the door and save.   
    Talk to the stone statue. It says, 
    "It's been a long time since I've had visitors. You must have come for the 
     Sun and Moon keys. Well it depends on either victory or loss. If you can 
     defeat me I will let you pass. If you shall lose I will subject you to
     something truly terrifying. What shall it be? (Challenge/Quit) No use 
     running away now."
    You are transported to a game show set.
    "Welcome to the 65th DokiDoki Quiz Show! If you get five questions right 
     you win. Get three wrong to experience pure terror. Ok, first question:
    What is hiding in this place?
    1. Sun Key
    2. Star Stone
    3. Princess Peach
    4. Luigi's Underwear
    Second question:
    In HanaHana Village if you buy a Fire Flower and a Mushroom, how much 
    will it cost?
    1.  8 Coins
    2. 10 Coins
    3. 12 Coins
    4. 20 Coins
    Third question:
    What is HanaHana Village's Mayor's name?
    1. Nokojiro
    2. Kamenosuke
    3. Nokotta
    4. Kamesaburo
    Fourth question:
    Where is the Star Stone? 
    1. Hoodlum Town
    2. Gonbaba's Castle
    3. Mushroom Town
    4. HanaHana Village
    Fifth question:
    How do you get from DoraDora Prarie from Hoodlum Town?
    1. By boat
    2. By airplane
    3. By pipe
    4. By kart
    The answers are 1,3,4,2 and 3. 
    "Ah, I lost. I will let you pass."
    A pipe emerges from the ground. Go down. You are in the sewers. Hit the Badge
    Block for a TsuguTsugi Jump Badge. Head left. The enemies here are really 
    annoying but die instantly if you use a Fire Flower. Grab the Moon Key and go
    all the way right to get the Sun Key. Head back towards the pipe when a yellow
    spiky enemy stops you. He's not too hard. He summons a bunch of other creatures
    so make sure to use your Guard Command. Go up the pipe and back through 
    HanaHana Village. 
    As you leave the village Nokotaro stops you.
    "Um, Mario, right? I really have something I want to ask you. Please take me
     with you to Gonbaba's castle. My father once went there to defeat Gonbaba, 
     but he never came back. Therefore, I want to finish my father's mission. The
     villagers always tease me and call me a wimp but I think I can be a strong 
     man like my father. I know it will be dangerous but can I join you? (Yes/No)
     Really! Thank you. I will do my best."
    * NOKOTARO JOINS YOUR PARTY!!                                  *
    *                                                              *
    * Press the X Button to make Nokotaro shoot across the screen  *
    * and come back. Hold the X Button and he will pause halfway.  *
    * Keep holding X and Mario can walk around freely. This is his *
    * HOLD move. Especially useful for simultaneous switch hitting.* 
    In battle he has 2 attacks. The first attacks 1 enemy. The other attacks all 
    ground enemies but costs FP.
    Go to leave and a female turtle appears. 
    "Ah, Nokorin, did you hear our conversation?"
    "You're not really going to Gonbaba's castle are you? You have to be kidding.
     It's impossible for such a slow, dim witted person like you."
    "I want to become a strong man. For you."
    "You don't have to become strong. To go to someplace so dangerous...I don't 
     care if you are a weakling. I want you to be here just the way you are."
    "Sorry, but my mind is made up. Don't worry. I am going with Mario." 
    "Nokotaro, you IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!"
    "Let's go Mario."
    Go to the left and into the next screen. Enter the pipe and use Nokotaro's
    X Button action to retrieve the Happy Heart Badge. Go left to the next screen
    and put the Sun and Moon keys in the boulders. Two blue switches appear. 
    Stand to the left of the left switch, facing left. Hold X to have Nokotaro
    Hold. Have Mario walk to the right switch and let go of X as you jump on the 
    switch. A pipe appears. Hop in it and enter the castle. 
    First, go out the lower door. Nokotaro says, 
    "So this is Gonbaba's Castle. Yep, I'm scared."
    Go down the grassy stairs. Hop across the water underneath the bridge. Use 
    Nokotaro to get the Heart Feru Badge. Go back in the door and hop on the 
    spring to reach the upper level. Go out the door and fly across. Enter the 
    big purple door. 
    Walk right and hit the Badge Block for a Renzoku Jump Badge. Go right into 
    the next room Nokotaro spots a skeleton.
    "These bones look like my father's. There's no mistake. This is him. FATHER!!
     Mario, there's a letter in my father's bones. Should we read it? (Yes/No)
    I came to Gonababa's Castle to defeat the dragon but have not been able to
    make it beyond this point. However, I was able to learn about Gonababa's 
    weakness. He is weak against an animal that starts with 'FR' and ends in
    'OG'. There is supposedly an item in this castle related to this animal. 
    Please find it and destroy the terrifying dragon. For me. Also, Gonbaba
    will tempt you with treasure or acts of kindness. They are all tricks. Don't
    fall for any of it. Ah, my strength is fading. Lastly, I want to tell my son
    Charles that I will always love him. 
    "Huh, Charles? Not Nokotaro? Oops, I guess this isn't my father. But, I wonder
     if he is one of the other skeletons here."
    Continue right and talk to the pink skeleton.
    "By coming here you forfeit your lives. I cannot let you pass through this 
     door so you will remain here as bones."
    He summons other skeletons and the try to push you out of the door on the left. 
    Keep jumping against the current until you reach the pink skeleton. A battle
    After the battle go through the door. Go right, climb the stairs and jump off 
    the ledge in the foreground. The area where you are standing has a small purple
    and a small yellow block. In the back is 2 large gray blocks, a large yellow
    block and a black/yellow block with an arrow on it. Hit the small purple block
    to make a small purple block fall in the background.  Go to the background and
    use the purple block to climb across to the large yellow block. Smash it with
    your hammer. Now, go back to the small yellow block. Stand to the left of it 
    and face left. Have Nokotaro do a HOLD move while Mario climbs on top of the 
    black/yellow block. Let go of X , ride the block into the air and  jump to the
    left for a STAR PIECE. Now go and stand where the yellow/black block once 
    rested. Use Nokotaro to hit the red switch and change the direction of the 
    stairs. Get the CASTLE KEY. Hit the switch again, reverse the stairs and open 
    the locked door.    
    Save your game if you would like and go through the door on the right. Have
    Nokotaro Hold near the red switch. Walk Mario to the third cell on the right. 
    Let go of X and enter the open cell and go through the door. 
    Ignore the Black Chest and go in the next room. Grab the BLACK KEY from the 
    treasure chest. Spikes jut from the floor.
    "Mario, look."
    A ceiling of spikes in descending upon you. You have 50 seconds to get back to
    the door. Now go to the Black Chest. It says, 
    "It's been a long time since anyone's been around here. You can hear my voice?
     Then you must be the Legendary Hero...sike! Anyone can hear my voice. I 
     fooled you, didn't I? Could you let me out of this box? I've been cramped
     up in here for so long. Please find the key and open this box. A curse if 
     you open this box? Of course not. People actually do that? That's really 
     awful of them. You help me and I will help you. A little give and take, you
     see? Please find the Black Key."
    Talk to the box again and it says, 
    "You brought the key back. HAHAHAHA!! YOU FOOLS!!! You fell for my trick. Now 
     you can never leave this castle. I guess it is your destiny to be cursed. This
     curse will be far more terrifying than the last. HAHAHAHA. Hold the R Button
     to become paper thin. I am so scary!! Now, let me see you're pitiful, 
     embarrassing new form. Hold R now. HAHAHAHA!!! How is that? Are you 
     embarrassed? Do you understand this curse? (No/Yes) See ya suckers. HAHAHA!"
    Now go left and use Paper Mode to slip through the bars of the cell. Enter the
    first cell for the Pikkyo Loan A Badge. This makes Mario's attack sound like a
    Frog. This is Gonbaba's weakness. Continue left and go back to the room that 
    had the pink skeleton. Slip through the bars of the second cell from the left 
    to get a CASTLE KEY. Go right, save your game and up the green block elevator. 
    Go up the stairs and enter the locked door. Hit the Recovery Block if needed. 
    Jump on the blue switch to reveal a bridge. Use Nokotaro to hit the second 
    switch for another bridge. Jump out the open window in the middle of the bridge
    that just appeared. Go left and hop through the next open window. Go through
    the door. 
    Use Nokotaro's Hold move to ride the green block elevator. Defeat a Goomba to
    get a Happy Heart P badge. Walk left to the door but without going in jump off 
    the ledge towards the background. Slip through the bars for an Emergency
    Mushroom. Ride the green block back up and go in the door to the left. 
    Someone is inside. 
    "Huh? I didn't think anyone was here but me."
    "Who are you?"
    "I am the world famous thief ChuChu Rina. I heard there was a rare badge in 
     this castle. Why have you come here?"
    "We're going to defeat Gonbaba and get the Star Stone. We can't let you get
     your hands on the Star Stone."
    "Star Stone? I didn't know that was here. Well, you were looking for it first
     so you can have it. Plus, I've already got what I was looking for."
    She kisses Mario.
    "Bye bye mustache man. We just met but already I have to be going. I will 
     tell you something useful, though. If you want to defeat the dragon there is
     a badge that you need to find. Or, maybe you have found it already. Make
     sure you take with you into battle. Goodbye. Maybe we will meet again."
    Open the treasure boxes for a Mushroom, a Castle Key and a Honey Syrup. Hit 
    the Shine Block for a SHINE. Go through the door and open the locked door.
    Use Nokotaro's Hold move and hop on the block. Slide left along the railing,
    cross the Airplane Panel, and step on to the other railing. Walk all the way
    right to get a STAR PIECE. Use the Airplane Panel to fly to the other side.
    Go in the door. 
    Go down the stairs and hit the block to lower the large yellow block. Use 
    Nokotaro to get the Castle Key. Jump down to the lower level for a Pinch de 
    Mamoru P Badge. Head back up to the top and go up the stairs this time. Grab
    the SHINE. Go through the door. Cross the bridge and go up the winding stairs.
    Use the Recovery and Save Blocks and make sure to equip the Pikkyo Loan A 
    Badge. Go in the door. 
    "What do we have here? A couple of oddly dressed strangers. I suppose you've
     come to try and take my treasure. You don't look so tough. You're so small 
     that you're barely worth eating. I bet the backs of your legs are tasty, 
     though. I'll start at your head and work my way down."
    20 HP
    Use Mario's continuous jump and hammer attacks for the most damage. He will
    offer you things during the battle. Choose the lower response on all to say no.
    When his HP gets low he eats some spectators to regain HP.
    Get 30 Star Points
    "Mario, we did it. Now let's look for the Star Stone."
    Gonbaba coughs and a turtle comes flying out of its mouth.
    "I am finally free."
    "Can that be my son? You've gotten so big."
    "No, not really. What happened to you?"
    "I came here long ago to defeat Gonbaba but I fell for his tricks and he ate
     me. I've been in his stomach for the past 10 years. Now I am finally free."
    "You don't know how much we worried. Everyone in the village assumes you died."
    "Well, I am alive and I got to see you. By the way, what brings you here?"
    "I came here for you. And to free the villagers from Gonbaba. Mario here is
     looking for the Star Stone."
    "Star Stone? Could this, by any chance, be the Star Stone? It was in Gonbaba's
     stomach. I thought it was nice and took it as a souvenir. You were looking
     for this. Please, take it. You are a friend of Nokotaros, so don't be shy. 
     Go ahead and take it. 
    Mario and his friends have recovered the Star Stone and defeated Gonbaba. The
    people of HanaHana Village are now free from fear and worry. Nokotaro was able
    to see his father again. But, Peach is nowhere to be seen. Where is she...?
    Mario's adventure has just begun. 
    Do you want to save? (Yes/No)
    A video monitor shows Princess Peach being led into a room. 
    "Lord Batsugaruf, we have brought Princess Peach."
    "So, are you ready to tell us where the Magic Map is?"
    "I told you already that I know nothing about it."
    "It's no use to hide it. We know you had the map in your possession. It is
     in your best interest to tell us where it is. We, the Megabaten, are not so
     forgiving, you see."
    A video screen appears. 
    "Lord Batsugaruf, I have a report. The Star Stone that Gonbaba was holding has
     been stolen."
    "What? Someone else is looking for the Star Stones? And they defeated Gonbaba?"
    "Yes, according to the report. It was a guy with a red hat, blue overalls, 
     and a mustache."
    The Princess says, 
    "Oh, Mario!"
    "Mario, you say. Of course, Mario. Well, now you'll have to tell us what you
     know about Mario. Take the Princess back to her room. And don't worry about 
     using force. Hahaha."
    The Princess leaves. 
    "Peckda...Mario probably has the Magic Map. Right now we are excavating at
     the Strange Forest for another Star Stone. Make sure Mario does not get his
     hands on it."
    "Yes, sir."
    "Hmm, I have a bad feeling about just sending Peckda. Is anyone here?"
    "Yes, sir?"
    "Summon the Three Shadows Group."
    "The Three Shadows Group? But they are..."
    "Summon them now!"
    The henchman leaves and the Three Shadow Group appears. 
    "We are right here. Did the Princess tell you where the map is?"
    "You fool. You're the reason why we don't have the map in the first place. If
     you could have captured her sooner. She was able to get it to Mario."
    "Well, she's always in the public eye. We almost got by some old mushroom guy
     when we did take her. But, it doesn't matter. We'll just go take the map 
     from Mario."
    "You have to. This map is very important to Megabaten's plans. Get any
     information about Mario to my subordinate's right away."
    "You can look forward to a good report from me, Majorin. Vivian, Marilyn, 
     let's go."
    They leave and we see different camera views of the facility. 
    Finally, we see Princess Peach.
    "Ugh, I got kidnapped again. Mario and Uncle Mushroom are sure to be worried. 
     Where am I? I wish I could get a message to Mario saying that I've been 
    Peach is now in your control. Go into the room on the left and take a shower. 
    Now go back into the main room, to the door on the right. It will open.
    "Hmmm, this door opened by itself."
    Go in the door. 
    "It looks like no one is around."
    Walk to the end of the corridor and go in. There is a large computer in the 
    "What, where are you?"
    "He must be that bad guy from before."
    "I don't think so. Why have you called me here?"
    "You want to watch me? You want to know more about me? You can't mean...but, 
     you're a computer..."
    "Well, maybe,...(in a small voice) I can't say it."
    "Well, could it be, maybe that you are in love with me?"
    "You don't know love? Love is when you want to always want to be with someone.
     And that person makes you happy and life is fun. When you are in trouble
     you can count on that person to save you."
    "These aren't things that you 'comprehend'..."
    "Oh, it's so sudden!"
    "What is this? First you kidnap me and then you call me in here to teach you
     about love and then you offer me a wish. You can't just expect me to say yes
     so quickly."
    "It's really OK? Are you able to send messages. Rather quickly...?"
    "Ok, thanks. Finished. Can you send it now?"
    "Good night."
    Do you want to save your game? (Yes/No)
    A castle surrounded by lava appears. Bowser enters the castle.
    "RARARAR!!! The great Koopa King has arrived. Now just why has Kamekubaba 
     called me here?"
    "Kamekubaba will be here shortly. Please wait in the back of the room."
    Go to the back and Kamekubaba appears. 
    "Bowser, I just arrived. Sorry to keep you waiting."
    "Kamekubaba, why did you call me here?"
    "It seems that Mario has been spotted in Hoodlum Town."
    "Why would I care what he does? You called me here for that?"  
    "Well, Mario is trying to get his hands on a very important treasure."
    "A treasure, you say?"
    "He is looking for something called Star Stones. We don't know what they are
     yet but there is no question that they are extremely valuable."
    "If they will help me rule the world then I am all in. Let's get it."
    "Leave it to me. By the way, do you like fried eggs?" (Yes/No)
    "I love fried eggs, but why?"
    "I was on reconnaissance in DoraDora Prarie and the scenery was very beautiful.
     I was thinking of having a picnic there. Of course, you are invited."
    "YOU IDIOT! I will never rule the world if are going to act like this."
    "Relax, Bowser."
    A henchman comes in and talks to Kamekubaba.
    "What? Really? Bowser, Princess Peach has been kidnapped in Hoodlum Town."
    "What? Who did this? It has to be a joke."
    "We are looking into it now. But there is no question that her kidnapping is
    "I can't allow this. Kidnapping Peach is my job. Let's go kidnap her back."
    Bowser hops in his balloon vehicle thing and crashes through the wall.
    "Bowser, wait..."
    Do you want to save? (Yes/No)
    Back in HanaHana Village is Mario, Nokotaro, Nokotaro's father, Nokorin and 
    the Mayor. Nokotaro's father says, 
    "Nokotaro, are you going with Mario?"
    "Yes, father. I want to continue my adventure. And I want to become a strong
     man like you."
    "Nokotaro, I want you to remember something. I am your father and you are my
    Nokorin says, 
    "Nokotaro, I'll be waiting for when you come back a great man."
    The Mayor says, 
    "If you run into any trouble, come back at any time."
    "Thank you, let's go Mario."
    Christinu reminds Mario to return to the 1000 Year Door to get the location
    of the next Star Stone. 
    First, go to the walled-in area next to the Mayor's house. Use paper mode to
    slip in and get the Kiken de Power P Badge. Now head back towards the pipe to
    Hoodlum Town. Outside of the village Mario stops.
    "What's wrong, Mario? You are shaking. Are you sick? Oh, it's your mail 
     receiver. Who is it from?"
    I wanted to send this message to say that I am safe. I've been kidnapped and
    I don't know where I am, but I am safe. The people who took me are also 
    looking for the Star Stones. They want the map I sent you. I wonder what they
    are up to? I have a bad feeling about it. Please get the Star Stones before 
    they do. They know you have the map so be extra careful. Don't worry about me.
    "Good, at least she is safe. But the people who took her are also looking for
     the Star Stones."
    Take the pipe back to Hoodlum Town. Make your way to the 1000 Year Door. 
    Before you stand on the pedestal slip through the bars, hop on the spring, 
    paper airplane to the other side and hop on another spring to get a SHINE. 
    Now stand on the pedestal. 
    The stone goes to its place on the floor and the map opens. A large tree and
    a green Star Stone appears.
    "Look, Mario. There's the location of the next Star Stone. But, I don't know
     what it means. Yeah, OK, let's talk to Professor Frankuri."
    You are warped automatically to the Professor's house. 
    "Ah, I see."
    "So, where is the next Star Stone?"
    "The second Star Stone is in the Strange Forest, inside the Great Tree."
    "Strange Forest? Great Tree?"
    "If I remember correctly, creatures that look like this live in the Strange
     Forest. (shows a picture) There is a pipe beneath this city that will take
     you there."
    "By the way, Professor, about Peach...Mario got a message from her not too 
     long ago. It said that the people who kidnapped Peach are also looking for 
     the Star Stones. So, if we find out where Peach is we can find her and the
     bad guys."
    "So they are looking for the Star Stones, too... But for what purpose? Can it
     be they want the Legenary Treasure? We have to know why they want the Magic 
     Map and the Star Stones."
    "We'll go to the Strange Forest and get the next Star Stone."
    "Please get it before they do. Also, if you are tired or low on items, please
     go to the Inn or Item Shop. I"ll stay here and keep researching."
    Go to the house next to the Professor's with the shine above the door. Here
    you can power up a partner. You need 3 Shines. Choose which partner to level
    There is a traveling salesman outside the Item Shop in the Town Square with 
    4 items:    
    KiraKira Otoshi -  36 Coins - Do 6 damage with falling stars.
    Royal Jelly     - 120 Coins - Refill 50 FP
    Jump Dakeyo     - 180 Coins - Jump AP +1 but can't use hammer.
    Teki Yokeru     -  18 Coins - Avoid enemy attacks. 
    Now go down the pipe in the East Area. Walk right and go down the first pipe. 
    Immediately slip through these bars to drop in front of another pipe. Go down
    and you will see the creature that the Professor showed you. 
    "Mario, wasn't that the creature that Professor Frankuri told us about?"
    Follow him into the wall and back him into the corner.
    "Please, don't eat me! Oh, you didn't come here to eat me? You won't hurt me?
     (Yes/No) Really? Good, that makes me feel better."
    "Aren't you from the Strange Forest? What are you doing here?"
    "How do you know about me? You must be a part of Megabaten. I knew it."
    "Megabaten? We don't know what you are talking about. We're not going to hurt
     you so please tell us what's bothering you."
    "These guys called Megabaten came to the Great Tree where I live. We didn't
     do anything to them but they are tearing our tree apart. I came here to get 
    "Bad guys came to your tree? I wonder if those are the guys who kidnapped
     Princess Peach and are looking for the Star Stone."
    "They did mention a stone of some kind. But we didn't know anything about it.
     Could you come to the tree and get rid of them for us? You should ask Obaba
     about the Star Stone. I don't know what it is but I'm pretty sure I don't 
     want them to have it. Will you come? Really? Thank you."
    "Let's go and get the Star Stone before Megabaten does."
    "I am very happy. My name is Punio. Follow me to the Great Tree. This way."
    Follow Punio and talk to him again. 
    "I heard about this passage from Obaba."
    He hits a switch and a doorway opens. Climb the stairs, enter the door and 
    walk left for a Nice de Bougyo Badge. Now go right for the pipe to the 
    Strange Forest. 
    "This pipe will take us to my home. Please, quickly."
    STAGE 2 - GREAT TREE IN THE STRANGE FOREST                        pmrpg2
    Mario and the gang arrive in the Strange Forest. 
    "So this is the Strange Forest. Sure got that right. But, there's a Star
     Stone here in the Great Tree."
    "Up ahead is the Great Tree. I bet Obaba and everyone else is waiting for
     me. Let's go."
    Go right into the next screen. The Three Shadows Group are talking.
    "HIhihihi. It's time to get to work. Vivian, do you understand what you are 
     supposed to do?"
    "I'm supposed to find Mario and then steal the map that finds the Star 
     Stones, right? But, how will we find him?"
    "If the information is correct, Mario should come walking right down this 
     path. So wait here. Vivian, what is that you are holding?"
    "I found this necklace near a tree. It's so nice I had to take it for myself."
    "You are such a simple child. Now, get out the portrait of Mario that Lord
     Batsugaruf gave us."
    "What!! I don't have it. It's so important I thought you would take care of
    "You are stupid. I don't have it. You were supposed to bring it. It was your 
     job to bring the picture you stupid child."
    Marilyn notices Mario.
    "What, Marilyn? A guy with a mustache. He doesn't concern us. Now, Vivian, 
     There's no chance that you lost the portrait of Mario, is there?"
    "I have no idea."
    "I can't believe you. Well I'll just have to take your new prized possession.
     Maybe you'll think in the future."
    "Sister...You're so mean."
    Mario is back in your control. Hit the first tree for a Nemureyokoiyo item. 
    There is a Honey Syrup hidden in the white grass. Continue right to the next
    screen. Walk towards the pipe. Punio says, 
    "That's it. That's the Great Tree. That's where we the Puni people live. The
     Toge and Paidas also live there with us. Let's go Mario."
    Hop in the pipe and go to the Great Tree. Talk to Punio by the door.
    "What's wrong, Punio?"
    "I've never seen this door before. But I can't open it. And I thought I was 
     finally going to be able to save every one."
    "If we can't open it, what should we do?"
    "...................................................AH, that's right!"
    Follow Punio up the tree and talk to him.
    "Long ago Obaba told me about a secret entrance around here. But, there's a 
     problem on how to find it. What should we do?"
    "How do we find the secret entrance?"
    "There is something hiding the door. But if we can't see it, how do we remove
     it? Ah! We need Madam Clouda. She lives in the Strange Forest. She has a wind
     power and she could blow away the piece hiding the door. Let's go to Madam
     Clouda's house. We'll have to backtrack a little, though."
    Leave the screen and Madam Clouda's house appears. 
    "I love this forest. I am so fortunate to have my house here. It's so much
     different from the glitz and glamour that I was used to. It's so quiet and 
     tranquil. I have my Minus Ion to heal my mind and body. My beauty is 
     becoming more polished everyday. And Punio is such a great little friend. 
     Of course being cooped up here for so long has me itching to be back on the 
     stage. I just can't get the stage out of my blood. It seems I was born to be
     an actress. But, before I make my comeback I need to further polish my body
     and soul. I'll put make up on and then to make me even more beautiful I'll
     put on...AHH! Where is it. My....My...."
    Take the pipe back to the forest.
    "Madam Clouda's is straight this way."
    Go right. Grab the Shukuhakuken item. Keep going right to the next screen. 
    This screen has a raised section that you need to get on top of but the 
    Airplane Panel is too low for you to fly on top of it. You need to raise the 
    platform. Walk all the way right to the raised section. In the foreground is
    and opening. Use it to walk to the background and go left. In front of the 
    trees are white rings. Walk to the seventh set of white rings from the right 
    and jump for a hidden block. Inside is a Namakura Yaiba P Badge. Continue
    walking left and hit the switch to raise the Airplane Panel. Grab the STAR
    PIECE to the left of the switch. Now take the pipe up to the Airplane Panel.
    Stand on the left edge and use Nokotaro to get a SHINE. Fly to the other side
    and hit the Badge Block for a Jishin Attack Badge. Head to the next screen.
    Hit the tree surrounded by white flowers for a STAR PIECE.Go right for a
    Recovery Block. Slip through the fence and go right for a BiriBiri Mushroom.
    Walk left past the pipe for a STAR PIECE. Enter the pipe and make your way to
    Madam Clouda's house. 
    "Hello. Anybody home? Hmm, maybe she went for a walk in the forest. Madam
     Clouda if you are home please respond."
    Try and open the door and she says, 
    "DON'T COME IN!!"
    "You're home?"
    "That punipunpuni sound. Is that Punio? It's been a long time. What can I 
     do for you?"
    "Well, I kind of have a problem and I was hoping you could help. We can't find
     the emergency entrance to the Great Tree. I can't see my family and Mario 
     can't find the Star Stone. So, we were hoping you could come and help us find
     the door."
    "And you came here especially to ask me? I would love to help you. But, I have
     a problem right now and I can't leave."
    "What's wrong?"
    "I lost my favorite necklace and I am embarrassed to be seen in public without
     it. That necklace is a crucial component to my beauty."
    "Seems like an important necklace. Necklace...? I just heard something about
     a necklace."
    "You know where my necklace is? Please find it and bring it back. Then I will
     be happy to help you."
    "Don't worry. We'll bring your necklace. Right Mario? (Yes/No) We'll be right
     back Madam Clouda."
    "Thank you darling."
    Leave the house and the Three Shadows Group appears. Vivian says, 
    "Sister, I can't believe it. I had the portrait of Mario with me the whole 
    "You have to pay more attention to details. Let me see the portrait. AH!
     The mustache man from before. Vivian this is all your fault. You will 
     surely be punished for this."
    "But, sister..."
    "And to think, I was even going to give you back your necklace. Not now. 
     Let's think if a way to find Mario."
    Mario is back in your control. Make your way to the Three Shadows Group.
    "Isn't that Mario? The man with the mustache who came looking for it 
     for himself."
    "You have the necklace, don't you? What do you mean by 'Come looking for 
    "We bear no ill will towards you but we can't let you interfere with the people
     looking for the Star Stone. So, if you could just hand over the Magic Map."
    "How do you know about the Star Stone and the Magic Map? You took Peach... 
     Who are you?"
    "Our individual names are not important because together we are the 'Three..."
    "The Three Shadow Sisters?"
    "Vivian you idiot. The Three Shadows Group!"
    "Sorry sister."
    "You will be so punished. For now let's deal with Mario. Vivian, Marilyn, let's
     show them the strength of the Three Shadows Group."
    The battle begins. They're not much stronger than normal enemies so there 
    should be no problem. Items work well against them, as does Mario's Dekka 
    Dokkan attack. 
    "Ah, we underestimated you. Marilyn, Vivian, this is all your fault."
    They leave and drop the necklace. Take it back to Madam Clouda. 
    "Oh, you brought my necklace. I'm so happy. I'm embarrassed so please leave
     it at the door and step away."
    The chandelier ascends and a disco ball appears as Madam Clouda makes her 
    "Are you Mario, the one who found my necklace? You're sure a nice man. I have
     to thank you fully. Get ready for my thanks."
    She kisses Mario. 
    "You are so cute, Mario. You are looking for the Star Stone, right? The one
     that is connected to the treasure in Hoodlum Town? It must be a fantastic 
     adventure searching for a treasure as beautiful as me. I was just thinking 
     that I wanted to do something historical. Because you are so cute and 
     handsome Mario, I want to join your group."
    *  CLOUDA HAS JOINED YOUR PARTY                                          *
    *                                                                        *
    * Use the X Button to send out a gust of air. In battle she can blow the *
    * enemies out of battle.                                                 *
    "Madam Clouda, please come with us to the Great Tree. We need your wind power
     to find the hidden door."
    Now, with Clouda in your party, go to the Great Tree. Climb up the tree and 
    have Clouda blow, facing the right. The panel flies away and the door is 
    revealed. Punio enters it. 
    "Punio sure is a good kid. Did you know that I used to be a famous stage 
     actress? I was so famous that there was probably no one in the world who
     hadn't heard of Madam Clouda. But, behind the glittery facade is a world of
     dirt and sleaze. I had enough of that life and moved here to the forest. 
     Sometimes Punio comes to my house to visit. His heart is so pure and it 
     reminds me off all that is good in this world. I thank him for reviving some
     of my lost purity. I do love the stage, though. One more time I would like
     to find myself underneath those bright stage lights. But thanks to Punio I
     realized that there is more to life."
    "Mario. I got the door open. Come on!"
    "Let's go help."
    Inside the Great Tree Punio says, 
    "That's strange. They're usually here. Obaba, everyone, where are you?"
    Henchmen enter and notice our group.
    "Hey, you guys. How did you get in here?"
    "Isn't that Mario?"
    "Yeah, let's get him."
    "But aren't we supposed to file a report with Peckda if we see Mario?"
    "Dude, if we defeat Mario, we will be set."
    "Yeah, let's get him."
    Fight the weak henchmen. 
    "It's not over yet. Let's tell Peckda what happened."
    They run away. Punio says, 
    "Thanks for taking care of them Mario. Now, where did everyone go? Maybe they
     aren't here anymore."
    A Puni appears in the background. Punio runs over to it.
    "What are you doing hiding back there? Come on out, I brought strong allies."
    The new Puni inspects Mario. 
    "Big. Are you sure the one with the mustache won't eat us?"
    A larger group of Puni appear in the back. 
    "It's all right. I brought friends to help us. Didn't you see Mario defeat
     those bad guys?"
    A fat Puni emerges.
    "I don't believe that they are really our friends. They are probably spies."
    "Punita, they are my friends. They came here to help us. To work with us to 
     get rid of the bad guys. To give us back our home."
    "So Punio thinks he has become our new leader. But you have no idea what 
     happened to us while you were away."
    "What happened? Come to think if it, our numbers are a little low. Where is
     everyone else?"
    "They have all been taken. By them. Obaba, everyone, including your sister."
    "No, not Puniko."
    "Yes, they have all been taken somewhere. It was because they wouldn't tell
     the location of some stone. But, nobody knows."
    "Puniko...Well, I guess we'll just have to rescue everyone."
    "It's impossible. It's not just the bad guys but also the Toge. They are
     working together to expel us from this tree. It's all over for us. I don't 
     know what you were thinking but this mustache man will do no good."
    "You have no idea what you are talking about. If we all work together we 
     get rid of the Toge and the bad guys and save our friends. But, we need 
     everyone's cooperation."
    "Fine, but this mustache guy better be something special."
    "What do you mean?"
    "If just you and your new friends can free our people then I will cooperate
     with you. But I think it's a suicide mission."
    "Wait and see. Let's go Mario."
    The door is locked so go up the pipe. Walk all the way right and go up the 
    next pipe. Go directly south as you come from this pipe and check the white 
    bush for a DekaDeka Drink.  Go up the pipe on the left. Walk right and go up
    yet another pipe. 
    A henchman is in a room talking to himself.
    "God, when are we going to find this Star Stone. The Punis don't seem to know
     anything about it. Lately it's been all work and no sleep. Feel like I'll 
     fall asleep if I even blink."
    A familiar rat shape appears behind the henchman and knocks him out. 
    Mario and Punio emerge from the pipe near a red jail cell. 
    "Obaba, is that you?"
    "Ah, Punio. You look good. What are you doing here?"
    "Well, we came to rescue you."
    "Oh, I see. Good work. However, please rescue the others first."
    "The others are here?"
    "Big brother, is that you?"
    Punio goes to the blue cell and sees the rest of the Punis. 
    "Puniko! Here you are."
    "I knew you would come brother."
    "And I brought strong allies. I'll have you out of there soon. Please hold on."
    "Good luck, brother."
    "Mario, let's find the cell keys."
    Walk left into the next room to see ChuChu Rina. 
    "Ah, we meet again."
    Clouda says, 
    "Oh, are you a friend of Mario's?"
    "I heard that there was a real nice badge in this tree. But, I'm having a 
     harder time than I thought I would."
    She kisses Mario.
    "Let's meet again, OK?"
    ChuChu Rina hops to the window. Clouda says, 
    "Mario, you're quite the ladies man. 
    ChuChu Rina says, 
    "The Star Stone you are looking for is in the lower part of this tree. Good 
     luck finding it before they do. Take care Mario. Let's meet again."
    Clouda says, 
    "I'm a little jealous. You are a ladies man all right."
    The henchman wakes up.
    "Hey, you guys hit me. I guess I'll have to return the favor."
    After fighting, you will get the Red Key. Check the treasure chest for an
    Ultra Mushroom. Take the key back to Obaba's cell. 
    "I'm here to rescue you."
    "YOU IDIOT!! Sit down!"
    "What? Why are you angry? I cam here to help you..."
    "You don't listen to what people say, do you? You left your sister all alone
     while you went off to play somewhere..."
    "No, I went to get help."
    "Punipunipunipuni, that's all I hear. Listen to what I say to the end and then
     you will understand. You didn't say where you were going and we were all 
     calling for you. So you thought you would bear the burden of ensuring our 
     future. You weren't asked to do that. Hey, are you listening...?"
    One hour later...
    "OK, I think I have said enough."
    "Yes, yes. I understand."
    "One response is enough! By the way, why did you come here?"
    "Well, I came here to save everyone. But, it's just you for the time being."
    "Oh, is that so. Well, I'll be off then. It's cold in here and my back hurts."
    "Ah, she's gone. Well, she hasn't changed at all. Oh, yeah..."
    Punio walks to the blue cell.
    "Please wait Puniko. I'll have you out in a jiffy."
    "Ok, I'll wait."
    Go back down the pipe and make your way back to the entrance and talk to the 
    other Punis again. The fat one says, 
    "Punio, I am truly surprised that you rescued Obaba."
    "I told you so."
    "Don't get so conceited. I haven't accepted your plan yet. And I really don't
     trust mustache man. Besides, you haven't rescued the rest yet. I won't help
     you until you do."
    Obaba yells, 
    "You IDIOT!! I can't believe you can say such unsympathetic things. Especially
     now is when we need to be united as one group. If we want our tree back. Don't
     you understand that?"
    "But, but..."
    "OK, Punio, and mustache man...your name is Mariko, right?"
    "Mario, Obaba. Mario."
    "OK, using all of our combined strength we will rescue the others and expel the
     bad guys."
    Fatty says, 
    "I understand. Sorry, Obaba. I too was worried about Puniko. I want to help
    Obaba says, 
    "All right, one united Puni tribe."
    10 Punis join you. You now have 11 Puni friends. Punio says, 
    "Thank you everyone."
    Clouda walks over and talks to Obaba. 
    "We are looking for the Star Stone. Do you know where it is by any chance?"
    "Star Stone? I see. If you go to the farthest depth of this tree there is an
     oddly colored stone that has been hidden. It has been passed down through 
     successive generations of Puni. You need to be of pure heart in order to get
     the stone. Mariko, please get it before the bad guys do. I don't know how, 
     but you are definitely connected with us getting our home back. The Star 
     Stone is in the lowest area. Oh, I almost forgot something. In order to get
     the Star Stone, you will have to rescue the other Punis. Only as one group
     can you get to where the Star Stone lies. Please take this Puni Peg. If you
     place this in a special pedestal the Puni will assemble. Make sure you remove
     the Peg or the Punis will not be able to move."
    Punio says, 
    "Let's go rescue our friends."
    Start to walk to the right and Obaba will stop you.
    "Wait, one more thing. Sorry. I've been really forgetful lately. If on your
     way to the Star Stone you should lose track of some Punis, come and see me
     and I will call them back."
    Now, go right and take the pipe up to the next level. Stand on the black
    square and insert the Puni Peg. The square will lower and a pipe will appear.
    Take the Puni Peg and go down the pipe. 
    Fight the henchman and place the Puni Peg in the pedestal. Jump to the lower 
    level and walk to the right side for a SHINE. Check the white bush nearest the 
    right wall for a Kaminari Dokkan item. Go up the pipe to the waiting Punis. 
    Use Clouda's wind move to blow the Punis off the ledge and then to the other
    side when the appear inside bubbles. Grab the Puni Peg and jump to the other
    side. Go down the pipe.
    Fight the spider and then use Clouda's wind move to uncover an Airplane Panel.
    Use it to fly to another Airplane Panel. Use this panel to get a SHINE. Go 
    back up the pipe to retrieve the Punis and then go right back down. Walk to 
    the right and take this pipe down. 
    You will encounter a creature when you emerge. 
    "Mario, that is a Toge. We have been enemies for a long time and even still we
     fight. It seems that the Toge made a deal with the bad guys to remove us from
     the tree. I am only friends with Togechi of the Toge. But, he will probably
     become my enemy now, too."
    Follow the Toge through the door. Walk to the right to engage in battle.
    "We have to defeat the Toge. Let's go Mario!"
    Clouda's wind attack is very useful here. When the Toge have been defeated, 
    the Puni will enter the fortress and blow the door. Go in. Open the treasure
    chest for the blue key. 
    "Mario, the other key. Now we can rescue everyone."
    Meanwhile, back in the blue cell...
    "...however, what will happen to us? Puniko, what is that you are holding?"
    "A mushroom."
    "It's a little withered, though."
    "Yeah, I carried it around so brother could eat it and before I knew it,
     it was withered. Brother...I wonder if he will really come to save us?"
    "Of course he will."
    Make your way back to the blue cell. When you come to the room just before the
    battle with the Toge, where you spotted the first Toge, jump down to the lower
    level. Check the white bush to the right of the Save Block for a STAR PIECE.
    On the left wall is a panel that you can blow off to reveal an Item Shop with
    a Recovery Block in it. When you are finished take the pipe up to the upper
    level and proceed to the blue cell. 
    Emerge from the pipe at the jail cells and Punio says, 
    "Puniko, I have the key. I can rescue you."
    Unlock the door of the cell to free the Punis. 
    "Puniko. Are you OK? Are you hurt? Were you scared?"
    "I am just fine. Oh yeah, this is for you. I thought that I would give this to 
     you. You like mushrooms, right? But, this one's a little withered."
    Punio eats the mushroom without a word. 
    "I'm sorry brother, it was gross wasn't it?"
    "Didn't you know Puniko, withered mushrooms are my favorite. It was so good 
     I couldn't speak. Thank you."
    "You're welcome."
    90 Punis join you. You now have 101 in your party. Go back down to where you 
    spotted the Toge but this time go left. If you lose Punis on the way to the 
    door they are down below. Hop down, retrieve them and take the pipe back up.
    Go in the door on the left to fight a larger contingent of Toge. The Punis
    enter the fortress and blow the door. Go in. Go left and go down the pipe. 
    Check behind the pipe for a STAR PIECE. Go through the door on the right and
    place the Puni Peg in the pedestal. A cell will fall from the ceiling and a 
    pipe will be revealed. 
    "What? What happened?"
    Peckda appears with henchmen. 
    "You fools, you fell right into my trap. It was easy to build something that 
     acted like those strange devices you use. How simple-minded you are. Now, 
     with these fools out of the way we can take our time looking for the Star 
    "Mario, what are we going to do? We have to think of a way out of here."
    Use paper mode to slip through the bars.
    "Mario, there has to be something around here that will help us save the 
    Go down the pipe. Clouda will say, 
    "I have seen these wonderful pillars somewhere else before."
    Step on the black switch. 
    "Did you feel the tree shake? What was that?"
    Head back to the room where you got the blue cell key. There will now be four
    white switches on the floor. Hit the switches until the designs on the pillars
    in the back are (from left to right) Sun, Moon, Puni, Star. A door will be 
    revealed. Open the treasure chest for the SUPER BOOTS!  
    A pink mushroom girl appears and tells you that now your jump attack power 
    has been increased. Also, you learned a technique which will you now practice.
    Press A to jump. Press again mid-jump to do a butt slam attack, officially
    known as the Kururin Jump. Do you want to practice again? (One more time/No)
    You can break through pieces of the floor to reach new areas. You can also
    use this attack in battle. 
    In the next room, butt slam the floor to fall to the floor below. Jump along
    pedestals for a SHINE and, using Nokotaro, a Charge Badge. 
    Head back to save the trapped Punis. Slip through the bars and with the 
    Puni Peg in the pedestal, butt slam the floor to jump down below. The Punis
    "Yeah! At last we are free."
    If some Punis are still in the cell use Clouda to blow them down into the 
    hole. Make sure you grab the Puni Peg and then go left into the next room and
    go up the pipe. Place the Puni Peg in the pedestal, butt slam the floor and 
    use Clouda to blow them into the hole. All 101 Punis should be on a big tree
    trunk. Go down the pipe. 
    Go right and fight a henchman. Go down the pipe.
    We are now in a room that is cut in half by water. Go down the pipe, cross the
    room to the right and go UP the pipe. Use Nokotaro's HOLD move to hit the 
    switch. The water will drain into the lower room. Check where the water was
    for a treasure chest with a MiniMini Fumi Badge. Go down the pipe and cross
    the lily pads to get the SHINE. Go down the pipe.
    Place the Puni Peg in the pedestal and all 101 Punis will stand on a platform. 
    The platform will lower through the floor. 
    "Wow! I never knew about this mechanism."
    Save and use the Recovery Block. Take the Puni Peg and head right through the
    Peckda is in the next room pacing. 
    "We have searched everywhere. It has to be in here. Ah, somebody's coming."
    He runs away and Mario enters. Place the Puni Peg in the pedestal in the 
    center of the room. Light flashes and the Star Stone appears.
    "Mario, we finally found it."
    Peckda runs in and grabs the Star Stone. 
    "Hehehehe. All that trouble and I get it just like that. I guess I am the 
     world's number one lucky Peckda. And you, having fallen into my trap and 
     having the Star Stone taken from you, must be the world's number one unlucky
     Mario. I feel bad for you so I will give you a special present. Just for you
     I will press the timer switch of this bomb. This bomb will make toothpicks
     of this tree. You will all become fertilizer for this forest. It's annoying
     being in this damp tree. I'm out of here."
    Peckda leaves through a pipe.
    "Mario, let's run."
    Take the Puni Peg and go up the pipe on the right. Defeat the henchman and 
    check the bottom left bush for a STAR PIECE. Open the door and go through. 
    Go back to the entrance. Recover and Save before the battle.
    Obaba is blocking the front door from Peckda. 
    "Who are you?"
    "He, get out of my way, you old bag!"
    "You IDIOT!!! Who do you think you are talking to with that mouth? I may look
     like an old woman but I'm superfly TNT. Don't make me scold you anymore."
    "What is up with this old woman?"
    "I won't forget this. I'm still young, you know. Ah, but I yelled a little 
     loud. I think I slipped a disk."
    "Haha, you have no idea who you are scolding. Hahaha..."
    Mario and friends enter. 
    "Hey, you! You're not getting away this time. Give us back the Star Stone. And
     then get out of this forest."
    "HEhe, I guess I should turn this bomb timer off. You pest. You leave me no
     choice but to unleash my final weapon."
    Peckda presses another button and a red orb appears. He jumps into it and it
    turns into a robot. 
    "Witness the power of the Megabatten Robot."
    The battle begins.
    Megabatten Robot
    30 HP 
    He has a stomp attack and a flying fist attack. Mario's Dekka Dokkan attack
    works really well. I don't really have any strategy. It's an easy battle 
    overall. Some recommended badges to equip are the Gatsun Jump, Tama no Lucky, 
    Tsuranukinaguri and Renzoku Jump. 
    Get 30 STAR POINTS
    The robot explodes. 
    "This shouldn't have happened. I have to report to Lord Batsugaruf. Don't 
     think that I'll forget this."
    He leaves. Henchmen follow him.
    "Peckda, wait for us."
    Mario and the Punis stand around the Star Stone.
    "We did it Mario."
    Obaba says, 
    "The tree is peaceful again. And as I promised, you can have the Star Stone. 
     Please take it."
    Do you want to save your game? (Yes/No)
    We see Lord Batsugaruf in the Megabatten hideout. He's talking to a henchman.
    "Peckda hasn't reported in from the Strange Forest yet?"
    "No, sir. We are looking into it now. We should have an update soon."
    Another henchman enters.
    "Excuse me Lord Batsugaruf."
    "I have a report. Mario has stolen the Star Stone that was in the Strange 
    "What? What happened to Peckda and the Three Shadows Group?"
    "It seems that Mario has defeated all of them."
    "This Mario is obviously not to be made light of. What do we know about the 
     locations of the other Stone Stars?"
    "Sorry sir, but we are checking in to it now."
    "Gonbaba's castle, the Great Tree and the stone we found in Hoodlum Town makes
     three. So, there are four more still out there. Let's continue our search for
     the stones and get them before Mario does."
    "Yes, sir."
    "Well it is evident that Mario has the Magic Map. We'll watch Mario more 
     closely next time."
    "Yes, sir."
    "Stupid Mario."
    We now see Peach again. 
    "I wonder if Mario has read the mail I sent. I wonder what everyone at the 
     castle is doing? I won't be able to dance with them at the ball anymore. I 
     wonder what will happen to me."
    The door on the right opens.
    "I wonder if that is Tech?"
    Enter Tech's room and he says, 
    "Are you sure you mailed the message to Mario?"
    "YES, I AM SURE."
    "That's good. So what is today's purpose. Do you want me to teach you about 
    "You were listening?"
    "Locate the cause... There's no cause, really. If you want to do things with
     me then it is love. I'm sure of it. But, you are a computer."
    "Oh, um, please wait...dance...uh...How would I dance with you?
    "HOW IS THIS?"
    A hologram of Peach appears.
    "It's me. You made this? OK. It's really strange to dance with myself."
    Press the buttons that appear to make Princess Peach dance. 
    "Ok, finished. Please send it."
    "You are a strange computer, aren't you?"
    Do you want to save your game? (Yes/No)
    Bowser enters DoraDora Prarie. 
    "It has to be this way."
    "You're right, Lord Bowser. We had a report of a Princess Peach spotting in
     the village up ahead."
    "OK, let's go!!"
    "The brooding Lord Bowser."
    Now play the great mini-game Super Koopa Bros. Destroy everything and make 
    your way to the flag. 
    Bowser and Kamekubaba arrive at HanaHana Village. The turtle welcomes them.
    "Welcome to HanaHana Vill..............AHHH!!! Everybody hide."
    "Hey, I don't have any business with you. Now, where is Peach? 
    "Lord Bowser, look over there."
    Princess Peach can be seen in a house's window.
    "Peach!! I looked all over for you but I found you." 
    "Let's go together to my castle. What do you say?"
    "Hehe, she's probably too surprised to speak. A young girl's heart is a 
     complicated thing."
    "Right. She is very reserved and refined. A silent Peach is just fine."
    A turtle yells and Bowser and then shakes in his boots.
    "That 1/1 scale poster of Princess Peach is my treasure. I won't give to 
    He takes down the poster and goes in his house. 
    "A poster...I must look like a complete fool."
    Do you want to save your game? (Yes/No)
    We are now back with Mario and the Punis in front of the Great Tree. 
    Punio says,
    "Mario, thank you for everything. Now we can live in peace."
    Obaba says, 
    "You're going already? It'll be lonely without you. Please come back anytime." 
    "This won't happen again. We'll be ready for it. Mario, good luck collecting
     the other Star Stones."
    "Thank you. We'll be sure to come back. Let's go Mario."
    Head back in the tree and inside the blue cell. Butt slam to find a STAR 
    PIECE. Leave the Great Tree and head towards Clouda's house. 
    Emerge from the pipe and Mario will get mail.
    You are probably worried about me. But, I am fine. Actually, I am worried
    about you. The people who captured me are frantically looking for the Star
    Stones. I'm going to try and spy on them and see what they are up to. If I 
    find anything I will mail you. Lately, I've been having alot of dreams that
    I am back in the castle. I am hoping that we can spend some more fun times
    together again.
    "Peach is safe. That's good news."
    Next, go to Clouda's house and check her bedroom. There is a treasure chest 
    with a Super Appeal P Badge in it. Butt slam to the left of the desk/makeup 
    table for a STAR PIECE. Now, make your way back to Hoodlum Town. 
    When you emerge from the pipe in the Hoodlum Town underground go to the middle
    of the room and butt slam for a STAR PIECE. Next, go into the room with the 
    black chest where you got the airplane ability. Butt slam in front of the 
    chest for a STAR PIECE. Fly over to the 1000 Year Door and do yet another
    butt slam in the middle back of the room for yet another STAR PIECE. Step on
    the pedestal. 
    "Mario, the Star Stone..."
    The next Star Stone location appears in the sky between DoraDora Prarie and 
    the Strange Forest. 
    "The next location has appeared. But, it's showing that it is in the sky. How
     could that be?"
    Now at the Professor's house...
    "So, the remains of the this city from 1000 years ago are still intact under 
     this town. That door is a seal that has been held by the strong power of the
     Star Stones for the last 1000 years. In order to dissolve the seal you need
     to once again use the power of the Star Stones."
    "Why was it necessary to seal away the Legendary Treasure? Because somebody 
     would steal it?"
    "Um, yeah, about that..."
    "I don't know."
    Mario and Nokotaro fall to the floor. 
    "Sorry, sorry. All I know is that the city went to ruin around the same time
     the treasure was sealed away. But why the city went to ruin I don't know. In
     one book it says 'The sky went black and a great disaster befell upon them.' 
     But, that's it. I need to look into it a little more. Oh yeah, about the next
     Star Stone location. It is in the sky in the floating city, Oolong Town. 
     There is a large fighting arena in Oolong Town. Officially it is a place for
     families to go and enjoy watching the fights. But, on the other side, it is
     where the richest people in the world go to bet on the fights."
    "Floating in the sky...How are we supposed to get there?"
    "There is a special airplane that goes from here to Oolong Town many times a 
     day. But, it is difficult to obtain a ticket."
    "How do we go about getting a ticket?"
    "You can probably get a ticket from Monteone in the West Area. Monteone is a
     Mafia boss. I've heard that he goes to Oolong Town from time to time."
    "So, we should go talk to Monteone."
    "I have heard terrible rumors about him. He is a really ruthless mob boss. He
     very rarely takes visitors so it is hard to meet him."
    Leave the Professor's house and walk to the right and talk to the guy with the 
    spear. He gives you three choices: (Pay 10 Coins/Don't pay/ Defeat me). Fight
    him to get 18 Star Points. His HP is 20. When you defeat him he claims that it
    was fixed since you are the star of the game. 
    Enter this new area and use paper mode to slip through the crack between the 
    first two buildings. Check between the box and the barrel for a STAR PIECE. Go
    in the door and talk to the Snail Boss. 
    "What do you want? I am Ajito the boss around here. Around me even crying kids
     get quiet. Why are you here? What? You want to know how to meet that jerk
     Monteone? Its because of him that our once great crime family has become so
     poor. The guy that still makes us pay dues. You want me to tell you how to 
     meet him? Ok, give me 64 coins. I can't lower it one coin. In this day and 
     age money makes all things happen. (Pay/Don't Pay) Really? (Yes/No) Ok, in 
     order to meet Monteone go to the item shop next to Monteone's Amusement Place
     and buy, in this order, a Withered Mushroom and a GuruGuru Memawashi. 
     (Blue spiral item) The shopkeeper will then ask you what your favorite color
     is. Answer 'Yellow' and the shopkeeper will let you pass to the Mafia office. 
     Got it?" (Yes/No) 
     Go to the West Area. First buy the Contact Lens from the shop and give it to
     yellow mushroom person. She will let you pass. 
    First, let's get the Star Pieces. As soon as you enter the West Area walk 
    along the wall by the entrance for a STAR PIECE. Search behind the pipe in 
    the garden for another STAR PIECE. Walk all the way left and check behind the
    gray trash can looking thing for another STAR PIECE. 
    Enter the Item Shop and buy the Withered Mushroom and the Blue Spiral item. 
    The shopkeeper says, 
    "What color is your beard?" (Red/Blue/Yellow/Black)
    Answer yellow and she says, 
    "Sorry. I asked the wrong question. What is your favorite color?"
    Choose yellow. 
    "I thought you were an acquaintance of Monteone. The door is now unlocked. 
     Please, enter."
    Go up the stairs, go in the door and talk to Monteone. 
    "My time is valuable so choose your words carefully. What? You want a ticket?
     You're a pluckly little man to ask me for such a thing."
    The henchmen step forward. 
    "You don't know who you're talking to."
    "We may have to mess you up."
    "Hey, you have courage so I'll at least hear you out.Tell me why you want the 
     ticket. Huh? You want to rescue a damsel in distress? And you're looking for
     Star Stones?"
    Henchmen again...
    "The Star Stones of the Legendary Treasure?"
    "We can't believe a word this chump says."
    "I don't care if the treasure is real or not but I like this part about saving
     the damsel. Now, if you listen to what I have to say I will give you the 
     plane ticket."
    Nokotaro says, 
    "What is it?"
    "I found out that my daughter is eloping. She is probably still around here. I
     want you to find my daughter Moni and her fiance Piton and bring them here. 
     If you can't bring them back just tell me where they are. Afterwards I will
     give you something for your trouble."
    "But, Boss, that's what you've got us for. We'll find them."
    "SHUT UP!! It's because you haven't been able to find them that I had to ask 
     these people to do it. Obey my orders."
    "Sorry Boss." 
    "Please find my daughter and her fiance. They look like this.(shows a picture)
     But, if you can't find them you're going to wish you had never come to visit
    Go look for his daughter and her fiance. They are at the dock in the Harbor.
    Talk to Moni and she says, 
    "What do you want? Oh, father asked you to bring me back? What should we do 
     Piton? Father found us. And the boat was almost here..."
    Piton says, 
    "Maybe we should go back and talk to your father again."
    "No, Piton, you know what my father will do to you if we go back."
    "If we talk to him I'm sure he will understand."
    "Piton, don't you love me?"
    "Of course I do. More than anyone in the world."
    "Then let's run away. Somewhere he will never find us."
    "Wherever we go Boss will find us. It's no use running."
    "It's Ok. The more obstacles love has the more its flame blazes. I won't let
     anything stop us. We will get married. (to Mario) Could you tell my father 
     that you didn't see us? (Yes/No) Thanks, you're a really great person."
    Go back to Monteone's office. On the steps of the harbor Nokotaro says, 
    "What are we going to do Mario? We have to report back to Monteone. But, I'd
     really rather not get the crap beat out of me."
    Talk to Monteone and he says, 
    "Oh, you. Did you find out where she is? (Tell/Don't tell) So, she's at the 
     Harbor. Well I'll give you the ticket as promised. Hey, you two wiseguys,
     go to the Harbor. Now!"
    Moni and Piton enter.
    "Wait, Papa."
    Piton says, 
    "Sorry Boss."
    "Piton, how dare you show your face around here?"
    "Papa, don't hurt Piton. It was my idea to elope. It was Piton's idea to come
     back here and talk to you about it."
    "Boss, I don't care what happens to me but please forgive Moni."
    "Father, I was the one who was wrong so if you are going to punish anyone, 
     punish me."
    "Boss, it was all my fault."
    Monteone says, 
    "AAAA, shut up! Moni, I am disgusted to have a daughter like you. And you, 
     Piton. I have taken care of you and you return the favor with this hurtful
     act. I am very disappointed in you."
    "I don't want to look at either of your faces. Please just go away somewhere..
     Is what you probably thought I would say. But, go ahead and get married or
     do whatever you want."
    "Papa, I mean, Boss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    "Thank you Papa."
    "Boss, I will make sure your daughter is always happy."
    "Ok, you can go now."
    The henchmen throw in their two cents.
    "Moni, I am so happy."
    "Piton, everything worked out well."
    "Bye Papa, thank you again."
    Moni and Piton leave. Talk to Monteone again.
    "You're still here? Well, you did bring my daughter back like I asked. A 
     promise is a promise so here is your ticket. Give a big smile. That's good.
     I don't want to see that face around here ever again. Beat it."
    Leave the office and walk down the alley next to the Amusement Place. Mario
    will get a mail message from Nokotaro's father asking how he is doing. Scroll
    to the bottom to see a great picture. Head towards the train and plane. Take
    a left and walk all the way to the end. Butt slam for a STAR PIECE. Now go 
    all the way right and talk to the fish in the hat by the pipe.
    "This plane goes to Oolong Town. Do you want to board? (Yes/No) Let me check
     your ticket. All right. Have a good trip."
    Go in the pipe and enter the plane to enter STAGE 3!!!
    STAGE 3 - CHAMPION                                                pmrpg3
    After a short trip the plane lands in Oolong Town. 
    "So this is Oolong Town. But, what makes it float in the sky? You don't think
     it'll fall, do you? Well, let's search for the Star Stone."
    There are 5 Star Pieces in this Front Area. They are:
    1. Behind the phone booth on the left. 
    2. South of the landing pad. Butt Slam the area between the star on landing 
       pad and the orange wall in the foreground.
    3. In the bushes to the right of the main building's entrance.
    4. Behind the counter in the Juice Bar.
    5. Under the picture of Golden Hawk on top of the Juice Bar. Butt slam the
       blue switch to make stairs unfold. Use Nokotaro's shell attack to retrieve
    There is also a Power Plus P Badge on top of the Juice Bar in the treasure
    chest. To the left of the Juice Bar front door is a Shokuhakuken. There is 
    also a Shine near the door that we can't get yet. 
    The items in the Item Shop are: (from L to R)
    YuraYura Jishin      -   15 Coins
    Kaminari GoroGoro    -   12 Coins
    DekaDeka Drink       -   15 Coins
    Teki Yokeru          -   15 Coins
    Irekaeru             -    5 Coins
    Super Mushroom       -   15 Coins
    The hot dog guy will sell you 1 Hot Dog for 10 Coins. 
    Enter the main building.  
    Before you enter the door that is straight ahead, walk left to the poster of
    two Bob-ombs. Butt slam the ground in front of it for a STAR PIECE. Now, 
    enter the center door on either the first or second floor. This is the ARENA.
    Your partner says, 
    "Wow, this is great. Look, Mario. A match is just starting."
    Gold Hawk says, 
    "Playtime is over."
    He jump kicks his opponent in the face. 
    "Come on worm! Don't you want this? You should have stayed at home if you
     didn't have the will to win. If you want to beat me you are about a billion
     years too early."
    The blue guy in the hat, Macho Guns, says,
    "The champion! What are your thoughts on this fight?"
    "This wasn't a fight. Don't you have anybody who can challenge me? Is there
     no one here who wants to fight me? You are all worthless. I will challenge
     anyone. This pathetic thing here should go home and play video games like a
     big boy. I am number one! I am the champion! Guhahahahaahha!!"
    Gold Hawk holds up the championship belt. Your partner says, 
    "Mario, look. Isn't that the Star Stone? That's definitely it. So that's where
     it is. What should we do Mario? It's not like we can go in and steal it. 
     What should we do? (Steal it/Become a champion) (I chose BECOME A CHAMPION)
     You can become a champion no problem. I'll cheer you on. OK, let's 
     become a fighter. Oh, I'm getting nervous. Let's go talk to the person in 
    Talk to one of the blue guys with yellow hair blocking either of the side
    doors. They say, 
    "Huh? You want to become a fighter? You should talk with Guns then. He's the 
     promoter. Guns's office is straight ahead. Go on in."
    He moves so that you can enter the door. If you enter on the right side jump
    in the blue box with the star on the side. Inside is a Pinch de Mamoru Badge.
    All of the doors are inaccessible except for the door to the left of the 
    door with the lock on it. Enter it and talk to Guns. 
    "Who are you? This is my room. I am Guns. So, you're not aware that 
     knocking before entering is good manners? Fighter? You want to be a fighter?
     Ah, people who want to be fighters are always welcome. Our fighters here are
     all young, powerful, energetic and hungry. I worry a little about you. You
     seem a little thin and old. But, you want to live the high life of a champion
     don't you? (Yes/No) OK. No problem. When I was a young man I never had 
     any money. But, I dived into the fighting world and finally emerged as a 
     champion. Nowadays I don't get in the ring but I have more money than I could
     ever think of using. As you can see, my dreams came true. If you believe in 
     your dream strongly enough the day will come when it is no longer a dream.
     You understand? Hey, follow me."
    Mario follows Guns down the hall and into another room. 
    "Well, what do you think? This is the Championship Room. Isn't it gorgeous? 
     If you become champion this room is yours. And of course there's a lot of
     money to be made. This super rich perfect life is waiting for you."
    We jump quickly to another room.
    "This is the other fighters' room. You can't really say it's gorgeous but it's 
     clean enough. I look out for my fighters' conditions."
    Back in the office...
    "I think you understand and are ready to become the number one champion. It's
     hard to become a champion but it is precisely because it is hard that the 
     challenge has meaning. From the way your pupils sparkle I can tell you have 
     the fighting spirit. You have what it takes. So, please sign your name on 
     this contract. It's just a formality. Will you sign? (Yes/No) OK. Mario
     is a good name. But as a fighting name it has no impact. Ah! I got it. Your
     new ring name is the Great Gonzalez. It's a good strong name. Ok. I have a 
     knack for naming people. From now on you are the Great Gonzalez. I am looking
     forward to your fights. Now you are all set. Where is Kinoshikowa?"
    Kinoshikowa enters.
    "Did you call me, boss?"
    "This is our newest fighter, the Great Gonzalez. Please take him to the 
     fighter's room."
    "Yes, sir. Please follow me. I have something to tell you as a new fighter. 
     What the boss says goes. You must obey what he says. Also, as it says in the 
     contract, you cannot cease being a fighter until the boss gives you 
     permission. There are many other various rules but I will explain those at a 
     later time."
    She leads Mario into a room. 
    "This is your waiting room. You will be starting from the 2nd class. If this 
     dingy room isn't to your liking then try your best to quickly reach the 1st
     class division. You access this computer (GBA) to begin a fight. The boss
     decides who you are going to fight against. It is no use to complain. Press
     the A Button in front of the computer to access it. Then choose Start Fight 
     (First choice)"
    Walk to the computer and press A and choose the 1st choice. Guns appears on 
    the computer's screen. 
    "Hello Gonzalez. So, you're ready to fight already. You have a good fighting
     spirit. For your debut fight you will be up against the KuruKuri Brothers. 
     What? They're too easy for you. Maybe you are speaking too soon. In order to 
     liven up the spectators you MUST use your Appeal command at least once. 
     Kinoshikowa will fill you in on the details. Good luck!"
    Kinoshikowa says, 
    "The match is set. Please wait here until someone comes for you. The first 
     team to reduce their opponent to 0 HP is the winner. If you defeat someone of 
     higher rank than you, your rank goes up. But, lose to an opponent lower than
     you in rank to fall in the ranks. Winning normally is not an option. You must
     follow the boss's instructions. This time you must use your Appeal command
     at least once. If you fulfill the condition you can go on to the next match.
     Once you reach 11th place  you can fight for a chance to join the 1st class
     division. My explanation is over. Do you understand? (Yes/No) Ok. Please wait
     here until someone comes for you."
    A guy in blue enters and says,
    "Gonzalez, if you're ready follow me."
    Talk to him to enter the ring. Guns introduces the teams.
    "First we have the 'Stone Heads from Space'. The KuruKuri Brothers. And we 
     have a new face, the Great Gonzalez. The KuriKuri Brothers have already 
     entered the ring and we are just waiting for Gonzalez. KuriKuri Brothers, 
     how is your condition?"
    "We're gonna tear this guy to pieces. Gonzalez, right? He's a cocky little
     rookie to make us wait like this. We're gonna have to teach him some respect
     for his betters. You better call an ambulance."
    "Oh, the Great Gonzalez has entered the arena. He's a new face but he has a 
     strong heart. Ok, Gonzalez, let me explain the rules again simply."
    An anxious Goomba attacks Gonzalez. The fight starts. Mario's partner says,
    "That was dishonest of them to attack before the bell. Let's beat these guys
    The Goombas say,
    "Hey newbie. That was a special present for keeping us waiting. Hope you
     liked it."
    After the battle Guns says, 
    "Gonzalez wins. What's your impression of the fight? (It was close/It was Ok/
     No point in discussing it) That was a good battle but I am expecting an even
     more exciting match next time. A new hero is born. Everyone give a big hand 
     to the Great Gonzalez."
    Back in the waiting room Guns says, 
    "That was a good battle but if you want to be a pro fighter you need to work
     up the crowd more. I'm waiting for an even more exciting performance next 
     fight. Got it? Now, if you'll please excuse me, Kinoshikowa will give you 
     your fight money."
    Kinoshikowa says, 
    "If you want to fight again please use the computer. You can also check your
     ranking at the computer. (choice #2) Until the next fight you are free to 
     move around as you please. Now, if you'll excuse me."
    Kinoshikowa leaves and a yellow turtle guy talks to you. 
    "Hey, rookie. How was your first fight? My name is Michael. I'm a member of
     this waiting room also. Nice to meet you. I hope we can be friends. That guy
     over there (the bob-omb) is Okutoru."
    Okutoru says, 
    "Nice to meet you. I'll give you some advice. Like Kinoshikowa said, it really
     is important to follow the boss's orders."
    Michael says, 
    "Okutoru's advice is useful sometimes, so feel free to talk to him."
    Okutoru says, 
    "Not sometimes. Always."
    Michael says, 
    "That guy over there in green is Prots."
    Prots says, 
    "Hi. I'm not usually in this room but when I am please talk to me. Also, that
     bed over there will refill your HP and FP. The bed in the Championship Room
     even refills Star Power."
    Michael says, 
    "The last guy is GanGan."
    GanGan says, 
    "I don't want to be friends."
    Michael says,
    "Yeah, he's not a very friendly guy. That's all of us. If you need anything 
     please ask. We'll be fighting soon probably."
    Refill your energy at the bed and save in the hallway if you'd like. Now 
    register for the next fight. Before the fight Guns starts referring to you as
    the Executioner from Hell, the Great Gonzalez. 
    I don't know if the conditions are random or not but this is how mine went:
    19th place -    Use Appeal more than once
    18th place -    Can't use Jump
    17th place -    Can't use FP
    16th place -    Can't use Hammer.
    15th place -    Can't use Items
    14th place -    Can't use Items
    13th place -    Use Appeal more than once
    12th place -    Can't use Special Abilities
    11th place -    Can't use Jump
    10th place -    Must take damage from enemy three times
    10th place #2 - Can't use Special Abilities
     9th place -    Can't use Jump
     8th place -    Can't use Hammer.
     8th place #2 - Mario can't attack
     7th place -    Can't use Special Abilities
     6th place -    Partner can't attack the first 3 turns
     6th place #2 - Can't switch partners
     5th place -    Must take damage from the opponent at least 5 times
     4th place -    Must take damage from the opponent at least 5 times
     3rd place -    Can't switch partners
     2nd place -    Can't use Items
     1st place -    Can't use Special Abilities
    Title Fight -   Use Special Abilities at least once
    After the fight Michael says, 
    "You're really good. I lost but I'm going to win next time."
    Register for your next battle and fight. After the battle Michael says, 
    "You returned Gonzalez. Did you win this time too? You're strong, huh? I 
     wish I had your luck."
    Kinoshikowa enters the room  with Prots behind her. 
    "Hurry up and get in here. Why do you keep getting in the one place I said 
     was of limits? You have to observe the rules if you want to stay a member
     of this arena. Also, stop following right behind me. It's really creepy. If
     you don't listen to me this time you will be expelled. Got it?"
    Michael says, 
    "Again, Prots?" 
    "Yeah, the nag caught me."
    "Don't worry about it Prots. She always acts like she's better than anyone 
     else. Don't take it to heart. But, why do you follow that girl around? You 
     don't have a crush on her, do you?"
    "Stop it, will ya? Well, I'm off again."
    Prots leaves. Register for your next match.   
    After the match Gonzalez takes 16th place. Michael talks to you yet again.
    "Wow, you won again. You're the most promising new fighter that I've ever 
     seen. And because I say it you know it's true."
    Red exclamation points appear over all their heads. It's because of the voices
    that are heard in the hallway. Michael says, 
    "Sounds like they're taking someone really injured to the hospital. This is 
     the Arena, so it's nothing new."
    Register for your 15th place fight. Fight. And then, after the fight Michael
    talks to you again. 
    "The Oolong Town Hot Dog Stand has a new menu. According to the rumor, this 
     hot dog uses a strange egg obtained from an island down south. They say that
     you will win your match if you eat one of those hot dogs. You should try them
     at least once."
    Register for your 14th place match. After the fight Michael talk to you.
    "Do you know? Sometimes the great Beppin visits the Oolong Town Juice Bar. I 
     really want to get close to Beppin. You should go sometime."
    Register for the 13th place match. Fight. Win. Michael says, 
    "I'm thinking that maybe I should retire. This seems about as far as I can go.
     This will be my last battle. It's a little sad, but it's the right thing to 
     do. I like you so please don't forget all the boring things I said."
    Register for your 12th place match. Fight. Win. 
    Register for your 11th place fight. Fight. Win. 
    Back in the waiting room the bob-omb and the stone guy are talking.
    "It's lonely around here without Michael."
    "All that happened is that the wimp went home. No loss."
    Kinoshikowa brings a new fighter in to the room and explains all about the 
    computer. It's pretty long and identical to the speech she gave Mario. The
    new fighter introduces himself. 
    "Hello, everyone. I am Orich. Nice to meet you."
    The guys comes to escort Orich to the fight and he leaves. Exit the main Arena
    building and go to the hot dog stand. The Hot Dog cook is chasing an egg 
    "Help. The egg is running away. Somebody please catch it."
    Eventually it lands on top of the Hot Dog truck. 
    "The only way to get up there is to fly. I'm really going to have to think 
     hard about how to get up there."
    Go the Airplane Panel on top of the Juice Bar and fly to the top of the Hot 
    Dog truck. Talk to the egg. Mario's partner says,
    "You want us to save you? (Save him/Don't save him) Is it OK with the hot dog
    "Yeah. An egg that hops all around is not really appealing so you are free to 
     go. Bye."
    "You want to come with us? What should we do Mario? (Take it with us/ Leave 
     it)OK, you can come along but don't get in the way."
    Walk towards the main building and you will get the second issue of the 
    Hoodlum Town Times by mail. Enter the main building and go in the hallway and
    make your way back to the door with the lock on it. Kinoshikowa is standing 
    in front of it. 
    "So we don't know if anyone has been able to get in here or not."
    "That's right Kinoshikowa. But, I heard a noise from inside there."
    "Ok, please leave it to me and return to your post. And don't mention this to
    She spots Mario watching her.
    "What do you think you are doing around here? You shouldn't go where you have
     no business."
    Return to your waiting room and register for your 10th place fight. In the 
    ring Guns asks for your condition. (So-so/Perfect/Fart sound) You cannot win 
    this fight so try not to waste too many items or too much FP and Star Power. 
    After the battle return to the waiting room. 
    "Where did the egg go? It just disappeared all of a sudden."
    "Hey, I'm over here. Gonzalez, thanks to you I was able to safely hatch from 
     the egg."
    "You hatched from that egg? So that was a Yoshi egg."
    "You want to be champion, right? And find the Star Stone. When I was in the 
     egg I heard everything that you said. As a way to repay my debt to you I 
     would like to fight along side you. I can swallow any enemy whole. So, if 
     you want to make this job easy, let me join you. My name? Well, I was just
     born so I don't have a name yet. You saved me so I think you should name me.
     Something cool."
    And after you name him...
    "Well, it's so-so. I'll probably come to like it though."
    *  YOSHI JOINS YOUR PARTY                                      *
    *                                                              *
    *  Press X to ride Yoshi. He runs much faster than Mario can.  *
    *  Press the A Button while riding Yoshi to make him float     *
    *  through the air. In battle Yoshi has the Hip Drop attack    *
    *  and the Nomikomi (Swallow) attack.                          *
    Register for the 10th place battle again. This time with Yoshi as your 
    partner. Use Yoshi's Swallow command to defeat the opponents. 
    Back in the waiting room Kinoshikowa says, 
    "The boss wants to see you. Please follow me."
    Gun is seen stuffing something into a desk drawer as we enter.
    "Sir, I brought Gonzalez for you." 
    "Kinoshikowa, have you forgotten your knocking manners?"
    "Sorry, boss."
    "It's OK. So, what is this about? Oh, yeah, Gonzalez. Congratulations, you 
     made it to the first class division. I told you I could spot a rising star. 
     I'm looking forward to your next powerful, exciting matches. And, I'm going
     to give you a present. (Get 30 Coins) I've noticed for a while that your 
     costume is cheap looking. I'll tell you what. If you become champion I'll 
     buy you a new costume. Something pink with frills. It'll look nice on you. 
     Ok, you're free to go."
    "Please follow me. This is the 1st class division waiting room. Please use 
     this room from now on. All the rules are the same as in the 2nd class 
     division but the battles are more difficult. Now, if you'll excuse me."
    She leaves and Yoshi says, 
    "It doesn't look like we're going to get a warm reception here."
    Gold Hawk enters the room. 
    "Listen up! I heard that there was someone who is speeding up through the 
     ranks. Huh, it's you Gonzalez? I never would have thought it from looking at
    "What, Gonzalez? Oh, the champion belt..."
    "What are you staring at?"
    "I don't understand it but I think that this Star Stone is a fake?"
    "What do you think you're trying to prove saying my belt is a fake. Fighters
     these days have absolutely no manners."
    "Sorry. I didn't mean that your belt was a fake."
    "This isn't the ring so you are safe now but I'm going to rip you two apart 
     when we get in the ring."
    Gold Hawk leaves. 
    "I guess we made him mad. However, the Magic Map definitely showed that the 
     Star Stone is in Oolong Town. If it's not the championship belt, where is 
    Mario gets mail.
    "Gonzalez, you got mail. Who's it from?"
    [If you want the Star Stone you must follow my instructions from now on. 
     From, X]
    "Who is X? But if X knows were the Star Stone is then that is good. But, it 
     seems kind of suspicious, huh?"
    Check between the two banks of lockers for a Kouri no Ibuki item. Register for
    the 9th place match. Fight. Win. 
    Register for the 8th place match. Fight. Win.
    After the 8th place fight, Mario gets mail again.
    [Go to the Juice Bar near the Arena.
     From, X]
    "X again. So we should go to the Juice Bar near the Arena. But, who is X?"
    Go to the Juice Bar and talk to the owner. 
    "Gonzalez, I've been waiting for you. A little while ago a letter and package
     were put outside the store for you. The letter said to give you the package 
     when you came here. Here it is."
    Your hammer attack power is increased. And you learned a new technique. Hold 
    the B Button and rotate the control stick to wind up. Let go to do a spinning 
    attack. Do you want to do it again? (One more time/That's enough) The spinning
    attack can destroy the large yellow blocks, too.
    The barkeep says, 
    "Wow that's the new 2004 model. That is a great hammer especially in the 
     craftsmanship of the grip. It's said that this hammer is used by masters. It
     must be a present from one of your fans. But, why would they leave it here? 
     You would think they would hand it to you personally."
    Mario gets mail again.
    [Break the block in the 2nd class division waiting room.
     From, X]
    "Break the block in the 2nd class room? I wonder if there is something there?"
    Go to the 2nd class room and use the spinning attack to break the yellow block
    and reveal a room. There are papers on top of a bookshelf. Climb on the top of
    the computer desk and use Yoshi to fly to the other side and get the 
    Suspicious Document. Mario reads the paper. 
    "Gonzalez, that's about the Star Stones. So somebody did a scientific inquiry
     into the Star Stone. There's even pictures. But who and why? Something about
     this stinks."
    Leave the room and Kinoshikowa sees you.
    "Hey, you. What were you doing over there? You are 1st class fighters now. You
     shouldn't be in here. And why did you break the wall? I'll be confiscating
    She takes the Suspicious Document and leaves.
    "Can you believe her? After we went through all that to get that report. But
     at least we know that the Star Stone has to be here in the Arena somewhere."
    Go back to the 1st class room and register for the next fight. You will be 
    fighting the 9th place fighter. So, even after you win you are still 8th 
    Fight. Win.
    Register this time for the 7th place bout. After you defeat your opponent the
    opponents from your first match with Yoshi will jump in the ring and challenge
    you. Defeat them with Yoshi the same way as before. 
    **It might happen at different times for different people but this is the 
    match where my possible spectator number increased to 100 and the fighting 
    stage got larger. This is helpful for getting Star Power back.**
    Back in the waiting room, Mario get a mail message. 
    [If you go any further your life is forfeit.]
    "That kind of threatening mail is different from the ones X sends. Now who was
     that from?"
    Register for your the 6th place match. Fight. Win. 
    The turtle guy in the suit of armor says, 
    "Hey, Gonzalez, Kinoshikowa brought this cake in for you. It's from a fan."
    "Yum, looks delicious. We'll get nice and strong if we eat it. Do you want to 
     eat it?" (Yes/No)
    All of your tiredness has been relieved. Register for the next match. You have
    to fight the 7th place opponent so your rank won't increase. 
    Register for the 5th place fight again. After you win, Bowser jumps in the 
    ring and challenges you. Mario vs Bowser. Classic. After the battle Mario 
    becomes 5th place. Mario's partner says, 
    "I was really surprised when he jumped in the ring like that."
    Register for the 4th place match. Fight. Win. 
    After the fight, Mario gets mail again. 
    "Gonzalez, you have mail again."
    [Go to the phone booth in Oolong Town.
     From X]
    "Well, let's go to the phone booth. But, where is the phone booth? Let's walk
     around and look."
    Gold Hawk stops you in the hallway.
    "Gonzalez, I have a piece of advice for you. If you are thinking of besting me
     you are going to regret it. So if you value your life.....Hahahahah!"
    Gold Hawk runs away laughing.
    "That was pretty threatening. Wait, threatening. You don't think he wrote that
     mail message, do you? Well, whoever sent the mail, we should be more careful
     from now on."
    Go to the phone booth next to the Item Shop. Go there and pick up the 
    Storeroom Key. Mario gets another mail message.
    [Go to the storeroom next to Guns's office.
     From, X]
    "Go to the storeroom in the Arena? I'm getting sick of this 'Go here' 'Go 
     there' stuff."
    Go to the locked door next to Guns's office. Use the key and enter. ChuChu 
    Rina is inside. 
    "Mustache man, we meet again."
    Yoshi says, 
    "You're Mario's friend. From looking at you I'd say you are a thief. You 
     weren't by any chance the noise that people have been hearing from this room,
     were you?"
    "No. I would never make a stupid mistake like making a sound.It wasn't me. But, 
     it does look like somebody has been around here. Well, I have what I came for
     so I will bid you adieu. It's time to say goodbye Mustache man."
    ChuChu Rina gives Mario a kiss. Yoshi is jealous.
    "Only Gonzalez gets a kiss?"
    "In this Arena there are many suspicious areas. That kiss is so you don't end
     up like those above. Goodbye Mustache man."
    "Ah, she's gone. What was that kiss like? I want to be a grown up. By the way,
     what did she mean by the 'people above'?"
    Mario gets a mail message. 
    [Find the switch and hit it for the stairs to the 2F.
     From, X]
    Use Clouda to blow at the boxes to reveal blocks. Break the blocks on the left
    for the switch to the room above and the blocks in the right for a Charge P
    Badge. Go up the stairs. The door on the right is inaccessible so go left. Hit
    the block for a SHINE. Use Yoshi to cross the gap between the wooden boxes. 
    Use the spinning attack to break the large yellow block. Use Yoshi to get the
    Heart Feru P Badge. Jump down the hole. 
    Walk right and hit the A Button when you see the exclamation mark in order to
    listen in on Kinoshikowa and Guns's conversation. Guns says,
    "So, no one has been in there. Right?" 
    "Right. The lock is shut tight. Don't worry. I am in charge of it. It was 
     probably just a mouse."
    "No problem. The most important item isn't in there anyway. Good job. By the 
     way, what happened to Michael?"
    "I have no idea where Michael went to. According to the rules, I terminated his
     fighting contract. All connection between Michael and our company has been 
     completely dissolved. The same as the other fighters who have gone missing."
    "That's 5 fighters this year who have gone missing. What possibly happened to
     them. I feel like the Arena is cursed."
    "It doesn't make any sense to me either."
    "For the time being tell the other fighters that Michael went back to his home
     town. The fact that fighters are disappearing is top secret. If bad rumors 
     start floating around the fans will stop coming."
    "As you wish."
    "You are an excellent manager but sometimes I can't find you. Where do you go?"
    "Sir, that's a rather private question."
    "Also, what do you know about the Star Stone?"
    "Um, well, I don't know anything about it."
    "Hmm, OK. You are free to go."
    Kunishikowa leaves and Guns says, 
    "Lately the number of good fighters is dwindling. Gonzalez is the only good, 
     powerful fighter that I have."
    Back in the ceiling...
    "Did you hear that, Gonzalez? Fighters have been going missing. I thought that
     Michael retired and went home..."
    Mario agrees and Guns hears. He says, 
    "Is someone there?"  (ChuChu/NyaNya/Kyuchan)
    I chose ChuChu. It's a mouse sound.
    "Oh, just a mouse. I thought somebody was spying on me. I should get back to 
    Guns leaves. Back in the ceiling Yoshi says, 
    "That was close. Guns said something about the Star Stone. It seems that 
     Kinoshikowa was familiar with it. Let's get out of here before we get caught."
    Walk left and use the Paper Thin mode to fall through the grate. Go back to 
    the waiting room and register for the 3rd place fight. Fight. Win. 
    After the fight Mario gets mail.
    [This is your last warning. Stop sniffing around the Star Stone! Otherwise, 
     you will have the same fate as the other, missing fighters.]
    "Whoever wrote this mail knows about the Star Stone and the missing fighters.
     This person is the key to everything. But, who is it? There are too many 
     suspicious people around this place."
    Register for the 2nd place match. After you register Kinoshikowa comes in and
    "Gonzalez. This was brought for you. I will leave it here so either eat it or
     throw it away. Do as you please."
    Walk to the cake.
    "Looks good. Let's dig in." 
    Eat the cake? (Yes/No)
    "Oh, it is good. Wait a minute. My body is numb."
    Yoshi, or any of the other partners, can't move so Mario has to fight this 
    battle by himself. After the battle, Mario becomes 2nd place. Yoshi says, 
    "I'm all better now. Way to go Gonzalez. That was a poison cake. Somebody has
     their eye on us. We need to be careful."
    Now register for the 1st place match. Fight! Win! 
    After the fight, Mario gets mail. 
    [Check the Great Gonzalez posters in the lobby. 
     From. X]
    "X, again. It's suspicious but this seems to be the only way to get the Star
     Stone. Let's go to the lobby."
    Go to the 2F lobby and use Clouda to blow the poster on the left side of the 
    door off the wall for a Storeroom Key. Mario gets mail again.
    [Open the door on the 2F of the storeroom.
     From, X]
    Open the locked door in the 2nd floor of the storeroom. Use Yoshi to fly 
    across the gap between the wooden boxes. Use the spinning attack to break the
    large yellow block. Prots and Michael are laying on the floor. Check between 
    Michael and the wooden box for a STAR PIECE. 
    "Prots, Michael. What are they doing here?"
    Talk to Prots and he says, 
    "No one was around...I went near...the stage...and..."
    "Prots, what happened?"
    Michael doesn't say anything. Head back towards the door and Kinoshikowa is 
    peeking through the door at you. 
    "Gonzalez, did you see that? That was Kinoshikowa. What was she doing up here?"
    Go back to the waiting room and register at the computer for the title fight.
    The blue guy in the suit comes to get you. Follow him, but in the hallway he 
    takes a left. 
    "Isn't the ring the other way?"
    "This time is special so please follow me."
    "Where are we going?"
    "Please wait here."
    He leads Mario into a dirty, dingy waiting room.
    "So there is another 2nd class division waiting room. We're supposed to wait
     here for the title fight?
    Guns is in the ring.
    "Today's main event. First ranked Great Gonzalez is challenging the Champion, 
     the Gold Hawk. First, the "Human Nuclear Power Plant" Gold Hawk, enters the 
     ring. Champion, how's your condition? The challenger is formidable."
    "There is only one champion. ME! Bring this fool Gonzalez out. He's no match 
     for me."
    "But, he advanced through the ranks faster than anyone else. Even you."
    "Is that so? Well, I'll give you proof who number one is."
    Back in the waiting room...
    "Boy, they're late. I'm gonna go ask what's going on. Gonzalez, this door is 
     locked. They shut us in."
    Back in the ring...
    "And now for the challenger, "The Executioner from Hell", the Great Gonzalez.
     What happened? What happened to the Great Gonzalez?"
    "HAha, he was probably scared of me and ran away."
    "This is an unexpected development. Did the Great Gonzalez really run away? If
     the Great Gonzalez does not show up the Champion retains his title."
    Back in the waiting room...
    "We're gonna lose if we stay in here. We have to get out of here."
    Use Clouda to blow the poster off the right wall. In the next room open the 
    locker door. In the next room open the bathroom door and go down the toilet 
    like it is a pipe. You appear in the 1st class division waiting room. 
    "Where are we? Let's hurry to the ring."
    Before you go to the ring here are some badge recommendations: Gatsun Naguri, 
    Jishinn Attack and Renzoku Jump. Go to the ring.
    "Everyone, the Great Gonzalez has entered the ring!"
    "Wow. We got this point really quickly. Let's get in the ring."
    "Great Gonzalez, this is a great accomplishment. Are you going to use Hell's 
     Hammer on the Gold Hawk? This is a battle of destiny. Fight!"
    40 HP
    Gold Hawk admits to the threatening mail and the poison cake. But, he knows 
    nothing about the Star Stones. He has a sliding attack which causes 4 damage. 
    He also has a Superman attack which causes 6 damage. He has a spin attack 
    which causes 4 damage to both people. When he jumps to the ceiling use the 
    Jishin Attack to bring him down. If you guard and heal enough this battle is 
    no problem. Get 12 Star Stones.
    "Who could have predicted this? It's a miracle. It was a battle of technique
     against technique, power against power and soul against soul. A legendary 
     battle. And the victor of this legendary battle is Great Gonzalez. 
     Congratulations, you are the new Champion."
    Back in the waiting room Guns says, 
    "Well, you finally did it. You are the new champion."
    Guns gives Mario the Championship Belt. 
    "Please use the Championship Room. Kinoshikowa, please lead Gonzalez to the 
     Championship room."
    "Ok, boss. Champion, follow me."
    In the Championship Room...
    "Congratulations. From today you can use this room. It is yours, so please make
     yourself at home. Now if you'll excuse me."
    Kinoshikowa leaves.
    "Mario, we did it. Gold Hawk rally didn't seem to know about the Star Stone, 
     did he? We still don't know where the real star is. Mario, do you hear that
     strange voice? Could it be a ghost?"
    Mario gets mail.
    [Find the truth of the Championship Room's ghost.
     From, X]
    Jump on the gifts on the left side of the room. Use Yoshi to float to the door
    and then to the air shaft. Hit it with your hammer. 
    "This is an air shaft. Where is this connected to?"
    Get the near the end and you hear,
    "My condition is perfect. My body will be beautiful forever. But, I have to 
     take care of my delicate treasure. I carelessly let Michael see it before. I 
     think Kinoshikowa and Gonzalez are becoming aware of my plan. If they do find
     out I'll just have to make them disappear like the others. Just like the first
     champion, Prince Marsh."
    "That voice is Guns. He was lying about not knowing about the missing fighters."
    "I better go lock up that room tight to be safe. And I'll put the papers
     relating to it into my desk drawer. Luckily there haven't been many strong 
     fighters lately. I should probably make Gonzalez disappear for my safety."
    Use the spinning attack to knock out the air shaft panel and go through. Guns's
    "It looks like he's gone out."
    Check the potted plant on the left for a STAR PIECE. Check his right desk 
    drawer for another STAR PIECE. Check the left desk drawer for a document.
    "That's what Guns was hiding. Read it. What? Under the ring is a machine that 
     uses the Star Stone? And that is the plan? Somehow the Star Stone powers the
     machine. It looks like this machine can suck the power out of people. Could it
     be that Michael and Prots had their power taken by this machine?"
    Guns walks in on them reading the plan.
    "How did you get in this room? Hey, stop reading that."
    "So it was by your hand that Michael and Prots ended up as they did."
    "Oh, my god!"
    Guns runs away.
    "Gonzalez, Guns is running away."
    Go to the ring. Some badge recommendations are: Gatsun Naguri, Tsuranu Naguri
    and Heart Feru. Enter the ring. Guns says, 
    "You are a fool to follow me this far. You'll have to die now that you know my
    The middle of the ring sinks in and a machine rises from it. 
    "Gonzalez, look! The Star Stone."
    "I use this machine to suck all the power out of the fighters. That's how I 
     keep my body beautiful forever."
    "We can't let you use the Star Stone for such things."
    "I can do whatever I want to do with my Star Stone. Let's go, muscle!"
    Guns gets really big and orange.
    "Wow, he got huge."
    "I am going to crush you and steal your energy, too."
    Macho Guns
    60 HP
    Guns spends alot of time building up his stats. Use this time to attack him. 
    When he gets thin and wavy, heal yourself. Again, not a hard fight. 
    Get 30 Star Points
    "My beautiful body lost. Gonzalez, nice fight."
    Kinoshikowa calls out, 
    "Champion. I mean, Mario. Thank you for defeating the boss. I'm sorry to get
     you all wrapped up in this. But, I had to make the truth about this place 
     clear. You see, I had a brother called Kinoshichofu. We were very poor and
     in order to support us he came here to fight. But, one day he disappeared. In
     order to find my brother I came here as the boss's manager. And I found out 
     the boss's true intentions. I felt there was nothing I could do but then you 
     came along. So I secretly slipped you information."
    "So you were X."
    "That was me. When I watched your fights I knew you would be able to defeat the
     boss. Boss, I mean, Guns...what did you do to my dear brother? He was the 
     first champion Prince Marsh."
    Guns says, 
    "Prince Marsh...he found out about this machine and I made him disappear. It's
     no use to search for him. He is no longer in this world."
    "Ah...................that's what I feared. Kinoshichofu."
    "Despite her coldness it seems that her brother was really important to her. 
     Look Gonzalez, the Star Stone." 
    The Stone spins around and Kinoshichofu pops out.
    "What...this...the Arena?"
    "Ah, sister, what are you doing here?"
    "Don't worry. It's all over now."
    "Gonzalez, could the power of the Star Stone do that? Let's take the Star 
    "You saved my brother, please take the Star Stone."
    Mario discovered the dangerous backside of Oolong Town. He helped Kinoshikowa
    and revealed Guns's true plans. He defeated the powered up Guns and got the 
    third Star Stone. He stopped the power up machine. It seems the Star Stones
    have many powers that Mario doesn't know about. 
    Do you want to save? (Yes/No)
    In the Megabatten hideout the Three Shadows Group and holding counsel with 
    "Majorin, what are you doing? You still have not captured Mario."
    "It has been more difficult than we anticipated."
    "I don't know if you understand the importance but we must get the Star Stones
     before anyone else."
    "You can relax because we won't fail again. We have prepared a deadly weapon."
    "I'll trust you in this."
    "Leave it to us. Marilyn, Vivian, let's go."
    The Three Shadows Group leave. 
    Next we see Princess Peach.               
    "I am so bored. They haven't asked about the Magic Map in a long time. I wonder
     if that's a good sign."
    The door opens.
    "Must be Tech."
    Go to Tech's room.
    "You always call me without warning. What do you want this time?"
    "Go ask? What do you mean?"
    "Aren't you the main computer? Don't you know everything?"
    "But, if I go they will just capture me and put me back in my room."
    "So, a disguise. You probably still want me to go even if I don't want to."
    "OK. What do you want me to ask?"
    "AS FOR THAT..."
    Peach is back in the hallway.
    "I don't know what Tech is thinking. He truly is a strange computer."
    Go to the elevator and enter it. When it stop Tech says,
    The henchman walks by. 
    Go to the Changing Room and Tech says, 
    The uniform is in the locker second from the right. 
    "This uniform? I have to wear this?"
    Go to the changing room to put on the uniform. 
    "Ah, it's tight. And it smells. Somehow I got it on."
    Peach comes out of the changing room. And she's really short.
    Now leave the room and go right into the throne room. Talk to Batsugaruf.
    "Lord Batsugaruf..."
    "May I ask something about Princess Peach?"
    "Your voice is strange. Peach, huh? There's nothing more I want to ask her. 
     Keep her locked in her room."
    "Why did we capture Princess Peach?"
    "That's none of your business. You should just be thinking about the Legendary
     Treasure. We need that treasure in order to take over the world."
    "Take over the world? Legendary Treasure?"
    "What are you talking about? I thought you were strange..."
    "No, it's nothing. Ok. Thanks. Excuse me."
    Peach retreats back to the Changing Room.
    "Ah, I was nervous. World domination....I wonder what this has to do with the 
     Star Stones."
    Change back into the dress.
    "This dress feels the best. I should get back."
    Peach appears is Tech's room. 
    "Tech, your purpose is to take over the world?"
    "Of course I like it. There are parts I hate but overall I love it."
    "What connection do the Star Stones have? And what is the Legendary Treasure?"
    "I should tell Mario about the world domination plan. Tech, please let me use
     your mail receiver."
    "....................................OK. PLEASE PROCEED."
    Peach types her message.
    "Please send it."
    Do you want to save your game? (Yes/No)
    We see some Punis in the Great Tree. Bowser enters.
    "So big.....Everybody hide!!"
    "Mario couldn't have been here already..."
    "What did you say, Lord Bowser?"
    "No, nothing. What were those little guys?" 
    "They are Punis. They probably know about the Star Stone that is here. Let's
     find some and get the location."
    Go to the right and check a bush to find Obaba.
    "YOU IDIOT!!! You're looking for the Star Stone?"
    "Tell us what you know about it."
    "HOW RUDE!!!! Who are you? I am Obaba of the Puni."
    "You scared me, old bag."
    Bowser says, 
    (Who you calling old?/Obaba is Obaba)
    "Did you say something Bowser? Something you want to get off your chest?"
    "No, nothing. Now, Obaba, where is the Star Stone?"
    "The Star Stone isn't here. Mariko, the guy with the mustache took it. He 
     needed it to get the Legendary Treasure and rescue Princess Pinch."
    Kamekubaba says, 
    "Mariko must be Mario. And Princess Pinch is Princess Peach. So the treasure
     Mario is looking for has something to do with the Princess. We can get Mario, 
     Peach and the treasure all in one fell swoop."
    "Freakin' Mario. Peach and the Star Stones are my treasures. Next time I see 
     him we'll settle this once and for all."
    Do you want to save? (Yes/No)
    The fighters, Gold Hawk and Kinoshikowa are seeing you off.
    "So, you're leaving? Well, I guess it was inevitable. I hope you can get all 
     the Star Stones."
    Gold Hawk says, 
    "Yo, Gonzalez. I decided not to use any more cowardly tactics. I want to train
     more and become a real champion. I won't lose to you next time."
    Michael says, 
    "Mario, thanks for everything. I like you the best of everyone I've met here. 
     I'm going to stay here and try and have more faith in myself. Thanks to you."
    Kinoshikowa says, 
    "Now that Guns is gone I am going to take over running the Arena. You're room
     will be waiting for you if you want to come back. There are many fans who
     want to see you fight. Take care."
    Outside the building Yoshi says, 
    "So we have 3 Star Stones now. Let's get back to Hoodlum Town."
    Take the airship back to Hoodlum Town. 
    Enter the Hoodlum Town West Area and Mario gets mail. 
    I found out something horrible. Their plan is to take over the world. To do 
    this they need the Star Stones and the Legendary Treasure. I'm not sure what 
    the treasure is but please hurry and get it. I will try and get as much 
    information as I can. 
    "World domination? Things are worse than we thought."
    Use Paper Thin mode to go down the grate in the West Area. Use Yoshi to make it 
    over to the area on the left. Hit the block for a SHINE. Go through the door 
    and go down the brown pipe. Mario gets spit back up. This is the pipe to the 
    Gloomy Village. 
    Exit the door and go down the green pipe by the door. It takes you to the 
    background. Head right to get a STAR PIECE. Take the pipe back and go right, 
    across the floating platforms and into the door. 
    There is a STAR PIECE behind the pillar in the background. Check the treasure
    chest in the water for a FunyaFunya Fumi Badge. There is an Item Shop with 
    these items:
    JiwaJiwa Mushroom     -  15 Coins 
    JiwaJiwa Syrup        -  15 Coins
    Ultra Mushroom        - 200 Coins
    Royal Jelly           - 200 Coins
    Gold Bar              - 110 Coins
    3 Gold Bars           - 350 Coins
    Leave this area.
    Fall to the floor below and go down the pipe. Hit the two blocks for a JiwaJiwa
    Mushroom and a JiwaJiwa Syrup. Have Clouda blow the peeling paper off the wall
    for a pipe. Go down this pipe and end up in the 100 Floor Dungeon room. Exit 
    this room to be in the 1000 Year Door room. 
    Before you stand on the pedestal, go to the room to the right. Break the large 
    yellow block to reveal a spring. Have Clouda blow off the peeling piece of 
    wall for a treasure chest with a Happy Heart P Badge inside. Now, instead of
    going to the 1000 Year Door take the pipe up and enter the door on the left. 
    Break the large yellow block. Hop on the moving piece and hit the block for a 
    SHINE. Jump down on to the two blue switches and butt slam them to reveal blue
    warp pipes. The left one takes you to the Great Tree and the right one takes 
    you to HanaHana Village. Go to the Great Tree and there is a badge in the 
    waterfall. It is a Flower Fueru Badge. 
    Now, finally, go to the 1000 Year Door and stand on the pedestal.
    The 4th Stone Star appears on the map. 
    "The fourth Star Stone. We should have Professor Furankuri read it for us. And
     we have to tell him about the message from the Princess."
    Back at the Professor's house...
    "WHAT!!!?? The people who took Peach want to take over the world?"
    "Yep. It looks like that's why they need the Legendary Treasure."
    "Things are more dire than I had expected. To tell you the truth, I was doing
     some research on the Legendary Tresure and I couldn't believe what was written
     in one book. It said that the treasure itself is a horrible evil. It's the 
     evil that destroyed this town 1000 years ago."
    "So they want to use that evil to help them take over the world?"
    "What they are doing I don't know. But, that is most likely the case. We cannot
     let them get their hands on the treasure. If they do this town, no...the world
     will fall to evil."
    "Ok, Professor. We have to find the next Star Stone quickly."
    "According to the map it is in the Gloomy Village. I don't know too much about 
     it. But, I've heard that it's quite eerie. Just a second. (Grabs a book off 
     the shelf) Ah! There appears to be a pipe to the Gloomy Village under this 
    "Um, Professor. We went in the pipe but it spit us back up."
    "What? You can't enter the pipe? I have no idea what to do. Ah! That's right. 
     There is a guy in Hoodlum Town from Gloomy Village. You should ask him how to
     use the pipe. His name is....Kuragari. I've seen him in the alley near here."
    Leave the Professor's house and go around the brick wall to the alley. Talk to
    the green guy in the back. He says, 
    "I am Kuragari. What do you want? You want to know how to use the pipe to the 
     Gloomy Village? It's easy. You have to have something on your body with your
     name on it. Do you have anything with your name written on it? No? Ok, well
     I'll write your name for you. What's your name? Mario? Ok, bend over and I'll
     write Mario on your butt. Perfect. Now, I'll do the same to your partner. 
     What's your name?"
    "Nokotaro...hey, that tickles."
    "I don't know why you want to go to Gloomy Village but good luck. I'll be 
     rooting for you."
    Make your way to the brown pipe and go down to enter...
    STAGE 4 - THE BELL TOLLS FOR PIGGY                             pmrpg4
    Mario and his partner emerge from the pipe. 
    "This creepy place must be Gloomy Village." 
    A local notices you.
    "It's been a really long time since anyone as visited here. Have you come from
     far? Ah, your face. You have an adventurer's face. But, you came at kind of a
     bad time. Actually, if you are an adventurer it is perfect timing."
    "Bad time? What do you mean?"
    "Well, it's a scary tale to hear. Actually, it's scary to tell. Oh no, the bell
     is ringing. Who's it going to be this time?"
    He turns into a pig.
    "What the heck was that?"
    The Mayor comes over. 
    "So, it was Freddie who became a pig this time."
    "Who are you?"
    "I am the Mayor of this village. You must be travelers. Let's go back to my 
     house and I'll explain."
    At the Mayor's house...
    "Welcome to Gloomy Village...is what I want to say. But, I can't. As you can 
     see, this Village has been cursed. In the forest straight ahead there is an 
     old building. The Odoron Temple. A monster has settled there and placed
     a curse on us. Every time the bell rings one villager turns into a pig. You 
     see all of your loved ones become pigs and then you wonder, 'When will it be
     my turn.' It's hard to sleep at night from worry. Well, this village is always
     night...Anyway, the village is becoming overrun with pigs. I hate to say it,
     but you should get away from this village before you too become a pig."
    "We can't do that Mayor. There is something that we are looking for. It's
     a glittering star shaped stone called a Star Stone. Have you ever heard of it?"
    "I've never heard of the Star Stone but in the Odoron Temple there is a red
     star shaped stone of some kind. At least from what I've heard."
    "Bingo. That has to be the Star Stone."
    "You surely can't be talking about going to the Odoron Temple? Ah, how valiant."
    Leave the Mayor's house and check in the space to left of his house for a STAR
    PIECE. Check the grass in the foreground for a STAR PIECE and a COIN. Go right
    to the next screen. 
    Enter the first house and give the mother a mushroom to feed her children and 
    get a KiraKira Otoshi item. She then turns into a pig. 
    Check along the wooden fence for a STAR PIECE. Enter the Item Shop and the 
    Shopkeeper says, 
    "Oh, a customer. I'm sorry but the store is closed right now. Why? It's because
     my husband got turned into a pig. He went into the forest to collect herbs
     yesterday. He was gone a long time and then appeared like this. We had a fight
     recently and I told him I hoped he turned into a pig. It was just a joke, 
     though. I wonder if it's my fault...
        (Goes by too fast to translate, sorry, something about socks and underwear)
     Hey, are you even listening to me? Could you do something to cure my husband?
     I'll do whatever I can to help you. You can have everything that is in the 
     storage room."
    Check the lock on the door.
    "It's locked? My husband probably dropped the key in the forest."
    Go to the right and talk to the guy by the gate.
    "There is talk that frightening monsters live in the forest. If you want to 
     pass you need the Mayor's permission."
    "This seems to be a pattern."
    Go to the Mayor's house. On the way the bell rings. 
    "Gonzalez, the bell's ringing. Who is it going to be? ... Well, it wasn't me. 
     Let's go."
    Enter the Mayor's house. There is a pig inside.
    "That can't be the Mayor. Is it? How are we going to get permission now?"
    Make your way back to the gate. The bell rings and the gatekeeper is turned 
    into a pig. 
    "Huh, where's the gatekeeper? He's a pig. Good. We can go through the gate now."
    Go to the next screen. In the shed is the BLACK KEY. Keep going right to the 
    next screen. Hit the Coin Blocks. One is 1 Coin, the other is 10 Coins. The 
    enemies, while Goombas, are a lot harder than before. They raise their AP high
    and do up to 9 damage. Go right to the next screen.
    Use Nokotaro to retrieve the STOREROOM KEY on the other side of the tree. 
    Go back to the Item Shop.
    Open the locked door and get a Royal Jelly, an Emergency Mushroom and a Teresa
    no Fuku. In the small treasure chest is a Bougyo Plus Badge. Now talk to the 
    Black Chest.
    "I can hear people's voices. I can't believe it. It's been so long. What? 
     You've seen chests like this before. No, no, no. I am nothing like those 
     others. Please could you let me out of here? No, a curse, you say? Well, how
     should I put it? I want to give you a great new skill. How about it? Please 
     let me out. The key should be around here somewhere. Please." (heart)      
    Check the chest again.
    "You're going to let me out. WUHAHHA. YOU FOOLS!!! I bet you thought a sexy 
     lady was going to pop out. Well, as promised, I have to curse you now. My 
     curse is very scary. It'll make you roll around on the ground. Now, you are 
     cursed.Invoke my curse and you won't be able to walk. Ah ha, how interesting!
     Let me see your new distressing form. Hold the R Button and rotate the Control
     Stick. Ha ha, how funny. Now you have to roll around. Have you mastered the 
     Roll Mode? (Not yet mastered/ Mastered) Press the B Button to return to your
     normal form. Hahahaha."
    Go back to where you got the Storeroom Key and roll under the fallen tree. 
    Check the other side of tree for a STAR PIECE. Use Clouda to blow the pine 
    tree away and reveal a pipe. Enter the pipe and go left into the forest. 
    Go left and hit the Coin Block. Use Paper Thin Mode to slip through a space
    in the grass. Hit the block on the right for a YuraYura Jishin item. Go left
    into the next screen. 
    Hit the Badge Block for a Hammer Nageru Badge. Have Clouda blow on the tree to 
    reveal an entrance. Go in. In the background, walk right. When you come to an
    open area with a dark spot on the ground use Clouda to blow the spot, revealing
    a hole. Butt slam the hole to end up in the background. Walk right and push the
    boulder. This moves the boulder in the foreground as well, revealing another
    hole. Jump down it to appear on the other side of the boulder. Walk right to 
    the next screen.
    You reach the Odoron Temple.
    "So this is the Odoron Temple where the monsters live. It's really creepy. 
     Let's find the Star Stone quick."
    Use the Recovery and Save Blocks if needed. 
    Roll through the opening to the right of the locked gate. Walk to the part of 
    the fence near the Save Block for a STAR PIECE. Enter the temple. 
    After the view of the interior turn to Mario's left and roll into the opening.
    Inside is a SHINE, an ICE NAGURI Badge, a COOKBOOK and a STAR PIECE. Go back to
    the main room. Walk to the right and push the statue to the right, revealing a
    hole. Jump down. 
    Have Clouda blow the covering off the wall. Enter and go right for a Flower 
    Setsuyaku Badge. Go back and take the door on the left. Open the box to let the 
    ghosts out. One of them talks to you.
    "I know this is a little sudden. But, how many of us just flew out of this box?
     (50/100/200) [200 is the answer] Right. Here, I'll give you this. I'll 
     probably see you again."
    He drops an Ultra Mushroom. Now that the ghosts are loose take the spring back
    up to the main room. Talk to the lone ghost in the room. He says, 
    "Are you going to bully me? (Bully/Won't bully) REALLY!!! OK, come out guys."
    All of the ghosts emerge. The side doors are now unlocked. Enter the door in 
    the foreground. Go right and hit the red switch. A sound is heard. 
    Enter the door nearest the switch. The sound was the moving of this staircase. 
    Go up the staircase and through the door. Go all the way left to get the 
    ODORON TEMPLE KEY. Fall down below and enter the door in the background. Go 
    all the way right and hit the red switch. Go through the nearest door and up 
    the staircase. Go all the way left, save, and then open the locked door. 
    Use the Recovery Block and then climb the winding stairs. Hop on the spring and
    end up in an office. There is a ghost in a chair.
    "Now, now. Who is this interrupting my leisure time?"
    "You must be the monster that the Mayor mentioned."
    "I'm not a monster. Did you come here to try and defeat me? You see, I'm really
     busy planning my next prank so if you could just go home, that'd be great. I'm
     wasting my breath, aren't I? You're not going home. Yes, I turned the 
     villagers into pigs."
    "Why would you turn them into pigs?"
    "They are always so gloomy and grumbling and just so...boring. They are far 
     more interesting now. Do you have a complaint? Ah, I see. You came here 
     because you have complaints. Ok, I'll play."
    The battle starts. Mid-way through the battle the ghost turns himself into a 
    Shadow Mario. After the battle Mario gets the fourth STAR STONE. 
    Do you want to save? (Yes/No)
    "Wow, he was weak. That was really easy. Well, we got the Star Stone so, let's
     go back to the village."
    Mario and his partners leave and Shadow Mario is left behind. Press A to jump 
    up. We are now Shadow Mario. Leave the Temple and the scene changes to the 
    Three Shadows Group. They are in the Gloomy Village.
    "Hihihihi. This time we'll defeat Mario and get the map for sure. This new bomb
     I made will make mincemeat out of Mario. I should call it a Mincemet Bomb. 
     Vivian, give me the Mincemeat Bomb."
    "Vivian, that 'Huh?' doesn't mean what I think it means, does it?"
    "It's just that...I thought you had the bomb. You said I couldn't be trusted 
     with such important things."
    "Again? We're gonna go through this again? We decided that you would carry the
     bomb. You're not trying to say that I lost it, are you?"
    "Without the Mincemeat Bomb we can't continue our talk, can we? I'm sure that 
     you probably just dropped it somewhere around here. Look for it until we get 
     back. If you don't find it...You know."
    "You do know. Now look for it. Marilyn, let's leave this slowpoke to it's work."
    They leave and the scene changes back to us, Shadow Mario. Go back towards the 
    village. Near the shed where you got the Black Key, Fake Mario jumps through 
    the background. 
    "I've been waiting for you. You're Mario, right? That's a good name. This body 
     is good, too. Oh, and don't get me started on the jumping power. You're really 
     a popular guy in this world, aren't you? I think I'm going to live my life as
     Mario. Have you noticed? I took both your name and your body. I have the power
     to turn myself and other things into something else. I guess in order to truly
     become you I should get rid of my old name and body. So, I waited here to 
     defeat you. But, a straight fight is boring so I'm going to give you a chance.
     If you can guess my old name right I will give you back your name and body. 
     How's that? Interesting, isn't it. Ok, try and guess my name."
    The naming screen opens. Don't bother trying to name him because one of the 
    important letters is missing. Name him anything to proceed.
    "What? What kind of name is that? Well, I guess we have to fight. And don't 
     think you're going to be able to run away from this."
    The battle starts but neither of you can do damage to each other. Run away.
    Fake Mario says,
    "Ah, he got away." 
    Enter the first area of Gloomy Village. Vivian is crying and looking for the 
    "What should I do? What should I do?"
    Go over and talk to Vivian. 
    "I'm looking for something really important. My sister will punish me so bad if
     I don't find it. But, I don't know where it is."
    Search the grass south of the pipe for the Mincemeat Bomb. Take it to Vivian.
    "You found it for me? Thank you so much. Now I won't be punished. OH NO! It's 
     broken. It must have broken when my sister dropped it. No matter what I do, it
     is my destiny to be punished. (Comfort Vivian/Fix the Bomb) Thank you. I feel
     a little better. But what should I do? My sister will be here shortly. Please
     tell me your name. I can't hear you. What? Your name was stolen? Please 
     explain. (Mario explains) Wow! That's way more serious than my situation. 
     Since you were so nice to me I want to help you get your name, your body and 
     your friends back. Don't worry about me. I don't really like hanging around my
     sisters. Plus, you're so sweet."
    * VIVIAN JOINS YOUR PARTY                                          *
    *                                                                  *
    * Press the X Button to make Vivian and Mario become a shadow on   *
    * the floor. Enemies will pass you by. Press X again to return to  *
    * your former self. During battle Vivian has the KAGENUKE PUNCH    *
    * which sets an enemy on fire. Use KAGEGAKURE during battles to    *
    * hide from the enemies.                                           *
    "First let's find that monster's real name. So, we need to collect some info. 
     Do you know? When you stand in front of birds they pretend not to know 
     anything but when they think we are not around they talk alot. If you use my
     power you can get information from birds. My power can be very useful."
    Go back towards the Odoron Temple. Fake Mario stops you again by the shed.
    "Wait. I've been waiting here for you so that the villagers didn't find out 
     our little secret."
    "So you're the monster that stole his body and face. I've seen that face 
     before somewhere."
    "I'll give you another chance to guess my name. Ready?"
    The naming screen opens but we still can't name him so run away from the fight
    and proceed towards the temple. 
    At the temple gate, instead of rolling through the opening, jump down the well.
    Hit the block for a SHINE. Go to the room to the right but prepare for 6 or 7
    consecutive battles. Hit the badge box for a Tatsumaki Jump Badge. Push the 
    door up the incline and use Vivian's power to fall into the floor. The door 
    will pass over you. Go in the next door. 
    Hit the block for a SHINE and save. Roll through the opening on the right and 
    butt slam the floor. Go left and roll through the opening. Open the treasure 
    chests for a Power Plus Badge and a FunyaFunya Kun item. Open the two other 
    boxes for the ODORON TEMPLE KEY and THE LETTER N. Now, walk over to the parrot
    and use the shadow power to sink into the floor. The parrot talks.
    "Huh? Weren't there some strange people just here? Oh well. It seems that the 
     magic he put on me so I wouldn't tell people his real name is wearing off. I 
     hate standing guard over that piece of his name in this dank room. I'm hungry. 
     I hope Ranperu gets back soon."
    Go through the locked door to the right. 
    "We got it! We got his real name. Ranperu. Now we can get your name and body 
     back. Let's go get him."
    Go back through the forest to the shed and talk to Fake Mario again. This time
    when the naming screen opens, follow these steps:
    1. Hit "Katakana". It's the second yellow rectangle. The characters should 
       change shape.
    2. RA. First column, Ninth row, First character.
    3. N. Second column, First row, Third character.
    4. PE. Second column, Sixth row, Fourth character. 
    5. RU. First column, Ninth row, Third character.
    6. Hit "End". Bottom yellow rectangle. 
    Fake Mario's face drops.  
    "How do you know my name? Why? (x50)"
    Fake Mario runs away. Vivian says, 
    "We have to catch him to get your name and body back."
    Go back to the top floor of the temple where you fought Ranperu the first time.
    "You guys are tenacious to follow me this far. Well, things are pretty clear. 
     You with me guys?"
    All of Mario's partners are with Fake Mario. 
    Christinu says,
    "Of course, Mario. You don't even need to ask."  
    Nokotaro says, 
    "It looks like he's teamed up with one of the Three Shadows Group."
    Clouda says, 
    "Mario, teach them that it is unforgivable to challenge you."
    Yoshi says, 
    "Show them the power of Gonzalez."
    Fake Mario says, 
    "Let's take down this guy with no name and no body."
    Vivian says, 
    "Mario? The guy who stole your name and body is called Mario? So your Mario? 
    (Yes/ No) You mean I was helping Mario the whole time?"
    Fake Mario says, 
    "Uh-oh, it looks like they are on the outs. But, I can't make allowances."
    Fake Mario
    HP 40
    You fight Fake Mario and your old partners. Vivian doesn't want to help Mario 
    so at first you have to fight alone. Eventually she decides to help you. 
    Get 20 Star Points
    Fake Mario turns back into Ranperu the ghost and Shadow Mario regains his old
    body. He also gets the Star Stone. Ranperu says, 
    "Darn. I'll remember this."
    And then he jumps out the window. Christinu says, 
    "Mario ran away. Wait, is this the real Mario?"
    Nokotaro says, 
    "Were we fooled?"
    Clouda says, 
    "I'm stupid for thinking he was my little Mario."
    Yoshi says, 
    "By the way, who is that? Isn't it one of the Three Shadows Group? Why are you 
     helping Gonzalez?"
    Vivian stutters and can't think of anything. Clouda says, 
    "Well, anyway, thanks. You saved us."
    Vivian says, 
    "Mario, I'm am little embarrassed but I want to turn over a new leaf."
    Do you want to save? (Yes/No)
    Marjorin and Marilyn are in Gloomy Village where Vivian was looking for the 
    "What's taking Vivian so long? Where in the heck did she go to look?"
    Ranperu runs in front of them and exclamations marks appear. 
    In Batsugaruf's main chamber...
    "...And that is certain?"
    "Yes, sir. According to the inspection of the 1000 Year Door. Just as Marjorin
     said, the seal appears to be weakening."
    "Good. It seems that the time for us to get our hands on that dark power is
     fast approaching. Continue the search for the Star Stones. And don't forget to
     eliminate Mario."
    "Yes, sir."
    "When I get my hands on that power I will plunge this world to the depths of
     terror. Nobody will be able to stop me. Everything in this world will kneel
     before the Megabatten. And I, Batsugaruf, will construct a new world. It will
     be a perfect world built by me, for me. Hahahahahaha!!!"
    Princess Peach enters Tech's room. 
    "Tech, did you call me? What shall it be today? A dance? Costume? Do you want
     me to sing for you?"
    "I...I AM TROUBLED."
    "What's wrong Tech? This isn't like you at all."
    "What do you mean?"
     OK....QUESTION #1:
    What will happen when all 7 Star Stones are assembled?
    1. Wishes will come true.
    2. The 1000 Year Door will open. *
    3. Get 1000 Coins.
    Question #2:
    What is the Megabatten leader's plan?
    1. Take over the world. *
    2. Become rich.
    3. Become a super hero. 
    Question #3
    What is the Legendary Treasure behind the 1000 Year Door?
    1. 10000000000 Coins
    2. A super rare badge.
    3. A 1000 year old demon soul. *
    Question #4
    What will Batsugaruf do after he gets the demon's soul?
    1. Treat it with love.
    2. Revive the demon. *
    3. Do volunteer work. 
    Question #5
    In order to seal the demon's soul away what do you need?
    1. The Legendary Sword.
    2. A spell.
    3. The Star Stones. *
    "Tech, was it okay for you to tell me those things?"
    "Okay. (Types) Please send it."
    "Thank you. You really are a strange computer, Mr. Tech."
    Do you want to save? (Yes/No)
    Kamekubaba and Bowser are in Hoodlum Town near the ticket gate for the 
    Airplane. Kamekubaba says, 
    "It seems like there is something secret at Oolong Town we should check out. 
     Let's take the airplane there. (To the ticket taker) One for Bowser and one 
     for this spring chicken you're looking at."
    "AH! Bowser!! And Broom Grandma!!"
    The ticket taker runs away. 
    "Geez, he was rude. Huh, where did Bowser go? "
    Bowser appears in his flying balloon thing. 
    "I'll see you there. I've been there before so I know the way. You can rest  
     your tired old bones on the slow plane ride."
    "Wait, Bowser. I brought special lunches for us to eat on the ride."
    We see Bowser flying in the sky but then runs out of gas and falls into the 
    sea. Begin Super Koopa Brothers World 2-1. Its an underwater level. Finish the
    mini level and Bowser pops out of the water at the Hoodlum Town harbor. He 
    "Boy, that was rough."
    All of the nearby people get scared and run away. Kamekubaba enters wearing
    a Gold Hawk hat and holding balloons. 
    "Bowser, what are you doing here? I was looking all over for you. Oolong Town
     was great and the Arena was so exciting! I even danced! And I had a hot dog!
     Did you have your fill, too?"
    Bowser sets her broom on fire. 
    "I wanted to have a good time. But....UGA!!! Enough fooling around. Let's find
     out what we need about Peach and the Star Stones."
    Do you want to save? (Yes/No)
    Back in Gloomy Village the Mayor is offering his thanks.
    "So that was Fake Mario. Everyone here was fooled. Are you mad? (No, it's okay/
     I'm a little hurt) That's good. You are a true adventurer. You are the light
     in our dark village. Our hero!!"
    "Mario, shall we get back to Hoodlum Town?"
    "Please come back to our village anytime."
    Take the pipe back to Hoodlum Town and Mario gets mail from Peach.
    I know what the Legendary Treasure is. It is the soul of a demon. They want to
    revive the demon and use its power to take over the world. They need the Star
    Stones to open the door and get the soul. But, the Star Stones can also be used
    to seal the door again. Whatever you do, don't let them get their hands on the 
    Star Stones. Please stop their plan. 
    Go to the 1000 Year Door and hold up the map. The star appears on an island in 
    the south. 
    At the Professor's house...
    "What? That was written in Peach's message? The Legendary Treasure is the soul
     of a demon? So that's why they want the Star Stones. That corresponds with
     the information that I have found out as well."
    "What did you find out Professor?"
    "Well, it's a long story. People in front of the TV, make sure you listen 
    "People in front of the TV? What does that mean?"
    "Don't worry about it. My information has to do with the book I told you about
     that mentioned the disaster that befell the ancient city 1000 years ago. It 
     turns out that a demon destroyed the city. The demon also made the 7
     Star Stones which helped it control the world. It is said that 4 brave
     warriors finally overcame the demon. But, they only destroyed its body. They 
     weren't able to destroy its soul. So, they used the power of the Star Stones 
     to seal the soul away behind the 1000 Year Door. The Star Stones can be used
     for both good and evil. So, with the 7 Star Stones you could either seal the
     demon away or revive it. It's up to the user."
    "Then, isn't it dangerous to collect all the stones? If we get all the stones 
     and they are stolen, the demon can be revived. Isn't it better to keep them
     hidden away?"
    "I thought that at first, but then I came upon some new information. It seems
     that the seal that holds the demon gets weaker every year. It will only hold
     for 1000 years. And this year is the 1000th year. I'm sure that the bad guys
     are thinking about this also. They might not need the Star Stones to open the
     door and revive the demon. But, we need them to seal it away again."
    "Then let's hurry. Where is the next Star Stone?" 
    "According to the Magic Map, it is on Tropico Island. To tell you the truth
     I don't know much about Tropico Island, except for the bad rumors. I heard 
     that a vengeful spirit with a grudge cursed the island. You should ask around
     Hoodlum Town harbor for more details. "
    Go to the 1st floor of the Inn and talk to the guy in red who looks like a 
    "What do you want? Me? Well, I am Marco. Thanks to my business as a trader, I 
     am the richest man in Hoodlum Town. My abundant wealth is equal only to my 
     full heart. Yet, even though I live a free life I always feel like something
     is missing. What could it possibly be? (Romance/Emotion/Thrills/Money) {I 
     chose romance} Romance...It is important, isn't it? Ah, come to think of it
     I heard a tale long ago of the treasure of Cortez, the Pirate King. I'm gonna
     go look for it. It sounds like a romantic, thrilling and emotional experience.
     Do you know this story about the treasure of Tropico Island? It is supposedly
     just a fairy tale. But, many many people have gone in search of the treasure 
     and never returned. It's said that they are attacked by his ghost. Nowadays, 
     no one goes looking for the island. But, I believe that the treasure is real
     and intend to get my hands on it. Because I am Marco, traveler of the shining
     7 seas. What's that? You're looking for the Legenday Treasure in Hoodlum Town.
     What? That thing doesn't exist. It's bad to be so gullible. Bad, bad, bad. Oh, 
     you have a treasure map? May I see it? Isn't that Tropico Island on your map? 
     You're trying to steal my treasure. No? You're looking for the Star Stone? 
     Come to think if it, I've heard that inside Cortez's treasure is a star shaped
     stone of some kind. Do you plan on selling it for a big profit? Anyway, I am
     mostly concerned with the thrills, emotions and romanticisms. It's fate. We
     should travel to Tropico Island together. You can have the Star Stone and I 
     will take the rest. What? You don't have a boat? Ha-ha. You really don't know
     who you are talking to. I have a great boat for this trip. Ok, well let's get
     ready to go. For now I am the leader but you are Captain. Go to the harbor
     when you are ready."
    Marco leaves. Go to the harbor. Talk to Marco and he says, 
    "Um, yeah there seems to be a little problem. But, first, look at this boat. 
     Isn't it great? This is my favorite of all my boats. The S.S. Marcon. It 
     really is a thing of beauty, a work of art. These elegant curved lines. It's 
     not just nice to look at. It is also a top class ship. What? Oh yeah, the   
     problem. I forgot all about it. We don't have a helmsman. He got scared and
     ran away. The helmsman is the person who stands at the wheel and steers the 
     boat. He is very important. To make matters worse, the area around Tropico 
     Island is very dangerous. We are in a bind."
    The bomb guy with the eye patch says, 
    "Master Marco, I thought of someone who can help us."
    "Who is it, Konpobi?"
    "I've heard that there is a legendary sailor living somewhere in Hoodlum Town.
     He's a tough old man called Barel. He has the skill to work any boat. But, 
     recently he hasn't been seen on the seas."
    "It's decided. We have to scout this Barel. As your first act as Captain, you
     Mario should find him and bring him back. Does everyone agree with this? OK, 
     Captain, you have your mission."
    Go to the East Area to the bridge with the skulls on it. Stand between the 
    bridge and the fence and use Yoshi to jump across. Jump on the boxes to get on
    the roof. Butt slam the open area near the barrels for a STAR PIECE. Use Yoshi
    to jump left on to the next rooftop. There is a chimney on this building. You
    can use roll mode to enter it but first, check behind the chimney for a STAR
    PIECE. Jump over to the red building in the back for a SHINE. Now go down the 
    chimney and end up in Barel's house. 
    "Who are you guys? Barel the sailor? Never heard of him. You got the wrong guy.
     Go away now."
    Check the room in the back for a SHINE. Leave his house. Go back and talk to
    "You found someone like Barel but he claimed to be someone else. How about 
     talking to people and asking about Barel?"
    Go to the 1st floor of the Inn and talk to the bartender. He says, 
    "Barel? Yeah, I know him. He lives in the East Area in the first house after 
     you pass the wall. But, I think it's best to just leave him alone."
    Go to Barel's house and talk to him.
    "Barel? Nope, you got the wrong person."
    "Don't bother lying. We know you are Barel."
    "Fine. What do want with me? You want me to steer your boat? I'm sorry but 
     you'll have to ask someone else. I am done with the sea."
    "Please help us. You're the only person who can make it to Tropico Island."
    "I already said no and I won't change my mind."
    Leave his house and Yoshi (or your partner) says,
    "What should we do? We have to convince him somehow. But, he said he's done
     with the sea. There has to be someone around here who can help us."
    Go back to the bar and talk to the bartender again. 
    "He said he's done with the sea? And you want him to go back to the sea? I see,
     you want to go to Tropico Island. Only Barel can take you there safely. You
     see, Barel has a sad past. Do you want to hear? (Yes/No) Barel used to have a
     beautiful wife named Scarlet. They loved each other very much. Barel, being a 
     sailor, was gone from home for long periods at a time. Scarlet waited for him
     without complaining even once. And Barel never once thought of another woman
     besides Scarlet. However, one cold winter Scarlet became ill. Barel was on a 
     long trip at the time. By the time Barel got back, Scarlet had already passed
     away. Barel said that it was his fault that his wife died because he wasn't 
     there to nurse her back to health. After that he gave up being a sailor."
    "So that sad tale is his reason..."
    "Even after hearing this story do you still want him to sail with you? (Yes/No)
     I see. Well then, I have something to give you. This is the letter that 
     Scarlet wrote for Barel on her deathbed. I don't know what it says. But, if
     ever Barel was blaming himself for Scarlet's death I was supposed to give
     this letter to him. But whenever I see Barel trying to put all of this behind
     him I chicken out. Please give this letter to Barel for me."
    "Thank you, we will be sure to."
    Go back to Barel's house.
    "Oh, you again? No matter how many times you come here my mind will not change. 
     Go away! What? A letter? For me? From Scarlet?"
    I wrote this letter because I have something to tell you. When you read this 
    letter I will no longer be beside you. You are probably feeling that you are
    to blame for my dying. Although my life was short,I received a lifetime's worth
    of happiness from you. I always took pride in your life at sea. Please continue
    it. Live with the sea.
    "Live with the sea. I'm sorry. I need to be alone."
    He goes to the room in the back and says, 
    "I was happy, too. I love you Scarlet."
    He comes back out.
    "So, you were looking for a helmsman to Tropico Island, right? I'm a senile old
     fool but I am still useful."
    Leave the house and Barel says, 
    "The ship is probably at the port. I'll go on ahead."
    Go back to the boat and talk to Marco. 
    "I knew you could bring Barel back here. I made a great choice naming you 
     captain. All the belongings are stowed and all preparations are made. Shall 
     we depart? (Yes/No) Let's go! To Tropico Island!!"
    The boat leaves and we see a henchman near the stairs.
    "This is Batten One. This is Batten One. Over. We were able to sneak Batten
     Black on the ship. I repeat...Batten Black is aboard the ship."
    STAGE 5 - The Great Pirate of Tropico Island                       pmrpg5
    Diary Entry #1 - The S.S. Marcon has conquered its obstacles and set sail. Is
                     this a reckless voyage? These spineless wimps. I'll show them
                     the bravery of a man of the sea. 
    Diary Entry #2 - A good wind is blowing again today. The white clouds and blue
                     sea is a beautiful sight. Our journey must be blessed. 
    Diary Entry #3 - The sailing is so smooth it's scary. At this rate we should 
                      be at our destination by tomorrow morning. 
    Marco sings a song.
    "The red skull jewel shines and shows who's boss. Bonbobo Bonbo, it's a 
     festival. The bearded brothers get along. Red beard falls on his butt three
     times. Blue beard gets hit four times. Everybody, light your fireworks.
     Bonbobo Bonbo, it's a festival."
    He stops singing and says, 
    "This feels great. I told you there was nothing to be scared of. And I can see
     the island. And the treasure mountain. Let me regale you with a tale of my 
     heroic exploits. Ah, how about the time I grappled with a giant snake?"
    He starts his tale and one of the sailors complains, 
    "Ugh, he's started. I had to hear his stories yesterday, too. There's nowhere
     to run. I have no choice except to grin and bear it. Marco gets mad when his
     stories are interrupted. What? Uh-oh, the boat is stopping. Um, Marco, the
     boat has stopped."
    "....stopped? Isn't it your job to make the boat move? Hurry up and fix the 
    "OK, I'll go check."
    The eye patch bomb guy climbs up to the lookout. A blue ghost whispers in his
    "I'm checking now. Hold your horses."
    It whispers in his ear again.
    "I said I was working. Shut up!! (sees the ghost) UWAAAAA!!!"
    He climbs down to the deck and runs to Marco. 
    "There's something up there."
    "What's up there? You're too noisy, I can't understand you."
    Lots of ghosts appear and start to terrorize everyone.
    "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! The Pirate King! The vengeful spirit! The rumors are true. 
     What should we do? Uwaaaaaaaaaaa!!"
    Marco says, 
    "Don't panic! It's just a trick. But, lets get this boat moving. Uwaaaa. It 
     really is the Pirate King."
    "Everybody relax. Relax, relax, relax...UWAAAAA!!!"
    "Barel, get us out of here. Uwa!! Everybody save yourself."
    The boat sinks.
    Diary Entry #4 - When I regained consciousness I had washed ashore on the 
                     island. Luckily, the island is Tropico Island. But, three
                     people, including Barel, have gone missing. Did the spirit
                     get them? But, what do we do now? A deep sense of despair has
                     washed over me. 
    Diary Entry #5 - Calm has finally returned to our crew. We gathered all of the
                     goods that washed ashore. Salt cheese, salt potatoes, salt
                     bread... Enough has washed ashore for us to live here for a 
    Diary Entry #6 - We gathered the crew and built huts. Now we have shelter
                     from the elements. But, Barel's group is still missing. I hope
                     they are still alive. 
    Diary Entry #7 - Its been three days since we washed ashore. We have begun our
                     new life on Tropico Island. We still believe that someday we
                     will get back to Hoodlum Town. 
    We see Mario at the island's edge. An eye-patch bomb guy calls.
    "Captain Mustache. The huts are dirty but they are done. Please come look."
    Go left and a blue mole thing pops out of the ground. Hit it with your hammer
    to get a TANKOBU item. Go right and north of the exit butt slam for a STAR
    PIECE. Go into the next screen. A yellow mushroom guy says to you, 
    "Mario, come quick, it's Marco and Konpobi."
    Walk over to Marco and Konpobi (eye-patch bomb guy). Marco says,
    "You act all big and bad but you're scared of this island's ghosts."
    Eye-patch bomb guy says,
    "What are you saying, bub? You're the one who's scared."
    "Wait, did you just call me, Marco, 'bub'?"
    "Bub! B-U-B! Bub! Bub! Bub! Bub! Bub!"
    "Oh, you dirty swine. Go over there, we're having a duel."
    "Fine. I'm gonna knock that conceited nose off your face."
    They walk off screen to duel.
    "Ahhhhhhhhhh! Something's over here!!"
    They run back and hide behind Mario. 
    "Captain Mustache. A swarm of ghosts has appeared."
    "Mario, this is an order. Get rid of those ghosts!"
    Fight the ghosts. After the battle...
    "Captain Mustache, you did it!"
    "It's too soon to feel safe. They are probably all gathered in the middle of
     the island. Somebody needs to go and check if we are going to be able to live
     here. As the leader, I will stay here. Mario, can I leave this duty to you? 
     (Yes/No) Thank you, Mario."
    Save at the Save Block. Go right and check the boulder for a STAR PIECE. Go 
    right to the next screen. 
    Check the first bush for a STAR PIECE. Hit the Badge Block for a Konran Naguri
    Badge. Hammer the yellow Item Block for a KachiKachi Koura item. Head right
    to the next screen.
    Stand on the yellow block and jump for a hidden Coin Block. Walk right and 
    check the log before the stairs for a STAR PIECE. Go up the stairs and jump
    across the gaps. Use Yoshi to jump across to the newly uncovered Coin Block. 
    Use him again to jump to the other side. At the top of the stairs, use Yoshi
    to jump left, to a Shine Block. Keep going right and hit the Item Block for a
    Kaminari Dokkan item. 
    Enter the next screen and you hear, 
    "Go away hideous creatures!"
    It is Barel. 
    "Is that Mario over there? I'm glad that you are safe. You came at the perfect
     time. Please take these two people and run away from here."
    Green mushroom man says, 
    "Barel, what do you think you are doing?"
    "Please, leave these fiends to me. Save yourself. This is an order. GO!"
    The ghosts start to attack Barel. The guy with the red scarf says, 
    "Well, you heard Barel, let's get out of here."
    Everyone runs to the previous screen. Green Mushroom guy says, 
    "I'm sorry Barel...."
    Mushroom dude runs away. Red scarf says,
    "I'm going to run away, too."
    He runs away but then comes back and looks at the screen,
    "By the way, to those of you in front of the TV, you probably already know who
     I am, but please don't tell Mario."
    Mario's partner says, 
    "Who the heck is the person in front of the TV?"
    Go right and as soon as you enter the screen go down the grass stairs in the 
    foreground. Use Yoshi to jump across to the pipe. Go down and end up on a small
    island in the background. Hit the tree for a Yashi Seed. Go back up the pipe 
    and cross the bridge. Cross the bridge and use Paper Thin mode to fall through
    the bridge and get the Ice no Chikara Badge. Next, hit the Shine Block. Go 
    right to the next screen. You hear Barel's voice.
    "This is the end of the legendary sailor called Barel."
    Run to the tree and fight the ghosts. After the battle hit the tree and Barel
    falls out. 
    "Oh, Mario. *cough* *cough* Those guys hurt me bad. I want to say one last 
     thing to you. Thank you for getting me back on the sea. My one regret is that
     I left my bottle of Vintage Red on the ship. I decided I would drink it if we 
     made it to this island. It reminds me of Scarlet. It might have washed ashore
     of this island just like we did. I wanted just one drink before I left this 
     world. *cough* *cough*  Vintage Red..."
    Go back to the camp and talk to Marco. He says, 
    "Ah, you're still alive. That's great news. I thought we would never meet again
     but we waited here just in case. Is it my imagination or are we still one man
    Green Mushroom Guy says, 
    "It's true. Barel stayed behind to fight the ghosts while we escaped. Everyone
     let's go save Barel!"
    Marco says, 
    "Oh, he's still alive, too? He's a strong old chap. Mario, I am going to leave
     the Barel business to you. What? Vintage Red? I haven't seen anything like it.
     By the way, why do you need it? Barel is dying and he wanted one last drink? 
     You came here to find it for him, huh...Well, I guess I have no choice. I'll
     give you this bottle that washed up on the shore. However, this Vintage Red 
     is a very important food for me...I mean, for the group. So, in its place, 
     bring back another food. OK, if you find some food on this island and bring
     it back to me, I'll give you this bottle."
    Talk to him again.
    "So, what have you brought to exchange for this Vintage Red? It has to be 
     acceptable to my refined gourmet senses."
    Give him the Yashi Seed that we found earlier.  
    "Hmmm, a Yashi Seed. This is way different from what I was thinking. But, here,
     take this bottle and give to Barel."
    Marco hands you the Vintage Red bottle. He says, 
    "I was looking forward to drinking that so please if possible, save some for
    Take the bottle back to Barel. 
    "Oh, that familiar smell. You brought my bottle for me? It's so good I might
     EXPLODE! It seems that the god of the sea heard my last act of selfishness. 
     Thank you Mario for helping me. I am on my way to heaven to see Scarlet. 
    Talk to him again and he doesn't respond. Talk to him again. 
    "Mario, he's just sleeping. I really thought he went to heaven. We should wake
     him up." 
    Hit him with your hammer to wake him up. 
    "*snore* *snore* What! Pirates! Where?"
    "Are you still half asleep?"
    "Mario. You crossed over, too."
    "We didn't cross over. We're all still alive."
    "This isn't heaven? Oh, I remember. Mario, there's still life to be lived. I 
     want to join you. My bomb power may come in handy."
    * BAREL JOINS YOUR PARTY                                      *
    *                                                             *
    * Press the X Button to throw Barel. He walks a few steps and *
    * then explodes. Use this to break walls and boulders and to  *
    * hit switches. During battle he can attack enemies on the    *
    * ground with his EXPLODE power. Also, use TIMEBOMB to throw  *
    * bombs at enemies. They explode after one full turn.         *
    Go right. Check the fern in the water for a STAR PIECE. Examine the skull in 
    the rock. Now go back and talk to Marco. 
    "Barel, welcome back. I was worried sick about you. I am the leader so I care
     for all of my crew. Things are tough right now. Something lies in wait for
     us. But what it is, I don't know. And on top of that, we have no way back to
     Hoodlum Town. We have to all work together."
    Barel says, 
    "You talk way too much. By the way, at the end of the jungle there is a skull
     mark carved in stone. Maybe this is related to the Star Stone. I have a hunch
     about it. Sailor's intuition. Something about that skull smells."
    The eye patch bomb guy says, 
    "Speaking of smells...*farts*...What was that sound? Anyway, the skull shaped
     rock smells of treasure."
    Marco says, 
    "You didn't even need to say anything cause I knew all along. There is treasure
     beyond that skull. I am going to stay here and protect everyone. Mario, I feel
     bad always relying on you. But, please..."
    Barel says, 
    "Marco. If you want the treasure, you're coming too."
    "Me, oh, let's decide this fairly. Does everyone think I should participate in
     the treasure hunting? Really, no complaints? Are you sure? OK."
    Go back to the skull in the wall. Marco says, 
    "There's nowhere to go. It's a dead end. Wait, this the skull that Barel was
     talking about. Yes, this place reeks of secrets. Let's quickly decipher the
    Examine the skull again. Yoshi (or your partner) says,  
    "Gonzalez, the hole in the rock is just like that thing Marco has."
    Go back and talk to Marco. He's singing his song again. 
    "The red skull jewel shines and shows who's boss. Bonbobo Bonbo, it's a 
     festival. The bearded brothers get along. Red beard falls on his butt three
     times. Blue beard gets hit four times. Everybody, light your fireworks.
     Bonbobo Bonbo, it's a festival...."
    "...I like this song. It makes my spirits light. But, I have absolutely no 
     idea what it means. What? You want me to lend you something? What do you 
     want me to lend you? (Vintage Red/Coins/Skull Jewel) You want the Skull Jewel?
     That is a family heirloom. OK. It's because I am very rich and very generous.
     But, I am only lending it to you, not giving. So, make sure you give it back."
    Put the jewel in the skull. The red and blue brother's eyes light up. Butt slam
    the red one 3 times and then hit the blue one with your hammer 4 times. A small
    door opens above the skull. Throw Barel into it. The wall explodes, exposing a
    Marco says, 
    "Oh, a cave opening. My JEWEL! Mario, what did you do to my family heirloom?"
    His jewel falls from the sky.
    "My skull jewel. Thank goodness. Well, I am very sorry guys, but I am going 
     back to camp. I'm sure everyone is worried about me. You understand, don't
    Enter the Pirate's Cave...
    Diary Entry #8 - Without looking back, they have entered the cave. I can hardly
                     wait to see if the Pirate King's treasure is real. 
    Save and then enter the door on the right. Make your way to the bottom and go
    through the door on the right. Jump across to the half-submerged boat and 
    climb up it and hit the block for a SHINE. Keep going right and grab the STAR
    PIECE. The boat to the right holds the HANDLE but is inaccessible now so go 
    towards the back, to the spikes. Use Yoshi to safely run across them while 
    they are down. Go through the door. 
    Run across the bridge, fighting the bullets and the cannons. Go through the
    Run across another bridge. Use Yoshi to jump over the water. Examine the WINCH.
    Unfortunately we need the HANDLE which we still can't get yet. Go through the
    The door on the right is locked so go up the steps. Jump to the right of the 
    Shine Block for an invisible block. Stand on the invisible block and use 
    Nokotaro's shell attack to get the SHINE. Jump across the water and throw 
    Barel up to the blue switch. Enter the door. Butt slam the area north of the
    door for a STAR PIECE.
    Go left and go through the door. There is a key on the shelf, a platform 
    connected to chains which moves up and down and is controlled by the red 
    switch (Platform A), and another platform (Platform B) that moves left to right
    in the water. Stand on Platform B and use Nokotaro's Hold move. Shoot his shell
    out to the left as Mario runs to Platform A. Release the shell to move the 
    platform. Jump to the right for the Pirate Cave Key. Repeat Nokotaro's Hold 
    move and as Platform A rises, jump left on top of the wooden box. Wait a moment
    and it will rise. Jump left at the top for a SHINE. Check the open barrel for
    a STAR PIECE. Go back down to the locked door and enter it. Butt Slam the 
    middle of the room for a STAR PIECE. 
    Go through the cave door. Use Nokotaro to hit the Shine Block to the right. 
    Use Mario's Roll Mode to pass the wall of spikes. Go through the door. 
    There is a Shine Block. Stand facing away from the door and have Barel explode
    near the Shine Block. An invisible block appears. Use it to hit the Shine 
    Go left across the floating barrels, ship remains and the bridge to reach a 
    boarded up entrance. Use Barel to blow it up. 
    Go left, fighting bullets and cannons along the way. Go through the door. Go 
    left and enter the hull of the wrecked ship. There is a Black Chest inside. 
    Behind the chest is a Namakura Yaiba badge. Examine the chest and it says, 
    "Ah! A friend has come to save me. And I thought no one would ever come to 
     this place. What? You want to skip my introduction and talk about a curse? 
     How do you know about that? Just a second. Let's talk for a moment. You see, 
     I've been bored to death cramped up in this chest. Huh? I'm the fourth chest
     you've come across? So you think you are very familiar with the process. I see.
     I so wanted to see a surprised look when this box was opened. You promise to 
     be surprised? Please look for the key to this chest. You know what the key
     looks like. However, the key is being held by a vengeful spirit in this room.
     Beat him to get the key. Please."
    An enemy appears. Defeat it to get the key. Go back to the Black Chest. 
    "You brought the key. Please open the chest. OK, I'm going to start. You 
     promised, remember? Um....oh yeah, WAHAHAHA, YOU IDIOT!!! You fell into 
     my trap. You fool. Hey, this feels good. Anyway, you are so stupid that now I 
     have to inflict my curse upon you. I will make you regret ever opening this
     chest. Now you are C-U-R-S-E-D!!!  Um, are you OK? It didn't hurt, did it? Now
     press the Y Button on a Boat Panel to become a paper boat. Isn't that 
     terrifying? Now you should practice your new curse. The boat panel will glow
     when you stand on it. Now press Y to become a boat. HAHAHAHAHA! Serves you 
     right! Now you can travel on the water. Now everyone will treat you like a 
     curiosity. Press the Y Button again to return to your original form. Try it.
     Ah, that was nice. Do you understand how to use your new curse? (I don't 
     understand/ I understand) Well then, farewell. You did a good job."
    Your partner says, 
    "Wow, he was really a good person."
    Leave the ship, go right and become a boat at the Boat Panel. Sail to the right
    and turn back into Mario at the other Boat Panel. Go back up to room between 
    the small waterfall and the room with the Pirate Cave Key and hop on the Boat 
    Panel. Sail to the right and go through the door. As a boat, enter the 
    waterfall. Sail to the right to get a Nice de Bougyo P Badge. Now go back to 
    the large waterfall and go down it. Sail to the left and go through the door.
    Sail left and go through the next door. At the Boat Panel, become Mario and 
    hop on the boat to get the HANDLE. Run to the WINCH and use the HANDLE to raise
    the gate. The Pirate King's voice is heard. Mario's partner says, 
    "That voice. It seems like it's getting closer."
    Go back up to the Boat Panel, go down the waterfall and enter through the now
    open gate. Sail to the right and go through the door. Sail to the right but
    avoid the waves. If you hit one it sends you back to the start of the screen. 
    Enter the door and a voice says, 
    "Hey, look. Something's floating this way."
    We see many mushroom people stranded on the wreckage of a ship. 
    "It's a boat. Over here! Save us!"
    Go right to the Boat Panel and then go down the pipe. Now we are in the 
    background. Go all the way left and climb up to the pipe. The pipe takes us
    to an Airplane Panel. There are two pipes that take us to the switches in the
    background. Hit both of the switches and the mushroom people can get off the 
    "We can get across. Let's go quickly."
    Now, fly over to the boat and head right to the mushroom people. 
    "I don't know how you got this far, but thank you for saving us."
    Another mushroom person says, 
    "We all came here to get the Pirate King's treasure but were stopped by the 
     creatures in the sea."
    Moni and Piton are in the group as well. Moni says, 
    "Isn't that Mario? It's me, Boss Monteone's daughter, Moni Monteone. Of course,
     Piton is with me. After papa gave us his permission we decided to go on a 
     trip. But, the ship we were on sank when we got near this island. I guess
     that the stories about the Pirate King Cortez are true after all. Actually, 
     he's in the next room. By the way, why are you here? Papa didn't ask you to 
     bring us back, did he? Oh, you came here to get the treasure and the Star 
     Stone? I've heard that his treasure is inside the ship right up ahead. I have
     a feeling that you will be able to defeat Cortez. Please defeat Cortez for 
     making us be stuck here for so long."
    Head through the door. The crew mate who looks like Peckda enters and says, 
    "Oh sorry, did I scare you? I followed you into the cave but I quickly became
     lost. At long last I was able to catch up with you. Mario, the Star Stone has
     to be with the treasure inside the Pirate Ship. And the Pirate King Cortez...
     Mario, please defeat Cortez. I will be waiting here."
    Save and use the Recovery Block. Enter the ship.
    "You ignored my warnings. Come through the door and I will smother you in 
    Go through the door. The skull of Cortez appears.
    "(written in spooky, wavy text) Ooooh, Ooooh. You have entered my...*cough*
     *cough*... (end spooky text) Enough of that kind of speaking. So you are the 
     latest scoundrel to come looking for my treasure. This treasure that I stole
     from so many innocent people. Don't you understand that this is my territory? 
     I guess you want to end up a skeleton like me." 
    HP 20
    AP  4
    DP  1
    In the first 2 forms, attack the pile of bones behind Cortez. When he takes his
    3rd form, use Clouda's 4 FP wind attack to blow away the swords. Without the
    swords he shouldn't be too hard.
    Get 30 Star Points
    After the battle Cortez says, 
    "Nooooooo, my treasure. Hehehehe, you haven't defeated me yet. Because I am
     bound to my treasure, I cannot die so easily. So, even if you defeat me, 
     it doesn't matter because I am already dead. I have grown tired of protecting
     this treasure. But, I am bound to it. What? You don't want my treasure? Then
     why did you come here? You want this blue stone? Really? Fine, I'll give it
     to you. I don't really like it anyway."
    Do you want to save? (Yes/No)
    Cortez says, 
    "Well, get out of here if you have other things to do."
    Diary Entry #9 - This time nobody could believe their eyes. But, there is no
                     denying it. We found the Pirate King's treasure. 
    Use the Recovery Block and Save and then head left to the room with the 
    mushroom people. 
    "There was a great tremor. Are you all right? You defeated Cortez? You are
     really something. If you've got some time to spare, how about finding a way
     out of this room."
    The mushroom dude in the back says, 
    "That tremor caused this wall to crack. I can feel wind blowing through it. If
     we can break this wall we can probably get outside to safety."
    "How are we going to break such a sturdy wall?"
    Use Barel to blast the wall.
    "Look everyone, just like I said. I'm going first."
    "Everyone, let's get out of this cave."
    Moni says,
    "These cramped places don't suit us. Let's go Piton."
    All of the mushroom people leave. The last one says,
    "We owe you our lives. We won't forget this."
    Go through the opening and appear next to the base camp. Go right to the 
    entrance of camp and Marco appears.
    "Mario, you returned. Did you find the treasure? What happened? What? Cortez
     is still protecting the treasure? So you beat Cortez, but you felt sorry for
     him and left the treasure there?"
    "You're a kind hearted person. I guess that's one of Captain Mustache's
     good points."
    Mushroom guy in the green hat says, 
    "Is that my brother?"
    Dirty yellow hat mushroom guy says, 
    "What are you doing here?"
    "I wanted to see you again so I came here. But, ghosts sank our ship on the 
     way here. I am so happy to see you again. Did all of you float ashore as well?"
    A sound is heard in the distance.
    "What was that noise? What is that?"
    A black Megabatten ship appears and is firing cannonballs at the island. A 
    voice says, 
    "Sorry...No, I mean, Guwahahahaha. Guwahahahahaha. Sorry to surprise you...No, 
     my favorite phrase is...Well, anyway, good work getting the Star Stone."
    Marco says, 
    "Hey, isn't that the sailor with the eyeglasses? It is. What are you doing 
     over there? It's dangerous to climb to places like that."
    "What is that weak reception? Sailor with glasses was just my temporary guise. 
     Guwahahaha!! I am really Peckda. I have been controlling things from the 
     shadows to ensure Mario could get the Star Stone. Mario, give me the Star
     Stone. I'm sure you understand what will happen if you don't comply."
    Marco says, 
    "He's shooting at us. So, sailor with glasses is a pirate. Why's everybody 
     standing around. Somebody do something!"
    "We don't have a boat so there's no way we can fight back."
    "There is a boat left. A great, fantastic ship. Mario, take me to Cortez's
     lair. Cortez has a ship we can use. If the legends are true, that ship rivals
     any other on the sea."
    Mushroom guy says, 
    "Marco, you're crazy. That is impossible. Mario couldn't even defeat Cortez. 
     So, if we ask him to use his boat he'll kill us. It's dangerous. DAN-GER-OUS."
    "I may be a spineless wimp but I am still your leader. It is my job to protect
     all of you. If we dilly-dally around here we'll all be killed. Even if we're 
     refused or punished, we still have to try. I won't allow any complaints. I am
     the leader and I am going to negotiate with Cortez. Mario, please lead the 
    Take Marco to Cortez's treasure room. Cortez says, 
    "Ooooooh....Oh, it's you, mustache man. What do you want this time?"
    Marco says, 
    "C...C...C...C....Cortez! I...I...I...want to talk with you! Y...Y...Y...Your
     boat....Could you lend us your boat?"
    "Why do you need my great ship? And just who are you?"
    "I...I...I...I am Marco. And I am in a pinch.  I want to protect my men from
     pirates that are attacking the island. So, I'd like to use your boat."
    "You are wasting your breath. I will never give you this ship. Anyway, this 
     magic ship, the Black Skull, can't move. You need a key to start this ship
     and I lost it somewhere. It is a magical skull shaped jewel."
    "Skull shaped jewel? Could it be this?"
    "Ah! The skull jewel!"
    "Well then, let's negotiate. In exchange for me giving you my family heirloom, 
     you have to let us use your boat. That's fair, isn't it?"
    "You jerk, you probably stole that jewel from me. And what nerve to try and 
     use it to get my ship. You're such an outrageously rude jerk, so I'll just
     have to take it from you by force."
    "If you feel that way, I'll have Mario trounce you again. Would you like that?
     And while you're fighting I'll throw this jewel to the bottom of the sea."
    "You're a nasty little bugger. Fine, I will accept your demands. There is
     no need to throw away the jewel."
    "The negotiations were a success. That's because you are dealing with a world
     class trader. If you listen to people you can easily decipher their wants and 
     needs. Well, then let's finalize this deal."
    The skull jewel floats over to Cortez.
    "At long last the Black Skull can once again set sail. And, we get to return
     fire on the pirates outside. It's been a long time since my last rampage."
    "Leave it to me to have a successful meeting. Well, Let's go Mario!"
    Go to the deck of the ship and everyone is already on board. 
    "We're ready and willing."
    "We all want to fight the pirates."
    "We can't let Marco's act of coolness go to waste. Let's go Captain Mustache!"
    Cortez says, 
    "It's been so long since I've been on the sea that my bones are ringing. Set
    Peckda is on the front of his ship.
    "Guwahahaha...We have countless cannonballs. Fire away!! 
    From the cavern we hear, 
    "I will offer no forgiveness to these transgressors. They are all chicken
    The Black Skull blasts through the stone wall. Peckda screams, 
    "WHAT!! WHAT IS THAT!!?"
    The two ships circle each other until finally coming side by side. Peckda says,
    "We'll sink your tattered ship to the ocean floor."
    Cortez says, 
    "And we won't let even one of your men live."
    Peckda's henchmen and Cortez's spirits start to battle. Marco says, 
    "Mario, it's your turn. Let's settle this once and for all."
    HP 30
    AP  3
    DP  0
    He keeps summoning more henchmen every time you defeat them so attack Peckda
    After the battle Peckda says,
    "No, I've been defeated again. I have to think of something good to tell Lord
     Batsugaruf. I won't forget this!!"
    Peckda leaves and Marco says, 
    "You did it Mario. We are safe now."
    Do you want to save? (Yes/No)
    Peckda is reporting to Batsugaruf by video screen. 
    "So you failed again."
    "I am terribly sorry. I really thought we had them that time."
    "Peckda. Stand by until your next order. However, this is your last chance. 
     Got it?"
    "Yes, sir."  
    "You are free to go."
    Batsugaruf calls out to a henchman.
    "Yes, sir?"
    "Tell the Three Shadows Group to make another attack on Mario. But this time, 
     failure will not be tolerated. I have one, Mario has five. There has to be a
     way to get my hands on them somehow."
    Peach enters Tech's room.
    "Why did you call me this time? What's wrong?"
    "Data disk?"
    "But, how? A disguise again?"
    "I don't mind, Tech. I'll do anything."
    Go to the elevator and ride it up. 
    Go left and enter the science room. 
    "OK, what should I do first?"
    The memo says:
    Place two potions between the green and the red potions. 
    The solution to this puzzle is to place the potions from left to right as:
    red, blue, yellow and green. Then, hit the switch on the left. As the beaker 
    stops hit the switch in front of it. Keep doing this until it is full. Next, 
    it moves to the final station. Hit the button, wait 30 seconds, and then hit it
    again. The potion will emerge from the machine on the far right. Drink it. 
    "Is it really safe?"
    "Oh! Really! I see."
    "No problem."
    Leave the room. The guard says, 
    "The door opened and nobody is there. Must be a glitch."
    Go all the way right and enter the main chamber. Go through the door on the 
    right to enter Batsugaruf's room. 
    "This is Batsugaruf's room. I wonder where the disk is?"
    The disk is in the bookshelf in the corner. Take it to the computer. A screen
    emerges. When it finishes Peach says, 
    "Looks like it's done. I should put everything back the way it was."
    Put the disk back on the shelf and go back to the science room. 
    "Oh, good."
    "Wait a second."
    Peach puts her dress back on. 
    "That's good. So, the green potion, right?"  
    Drink the green potion in the back to be visible again. 
    "It worked. I didn't know what I was going to do if it didn't work."
    Leave the room to instantly end up in Tech's room.
    "By the way, Tech, what was the data?"
    "What was it you suspected?"
    "Please let me know. Ok, I'll use your mail machine. Ok, please send it."
    "OK. Bye, Tech."
    "You're welcome."
    Peach leaves.
    Do you want to save? (Yes/No)
    Bowser and Kamekubaba enter the Gloomy Village. Bowser says, 
    "This place sure is creepy."
    "This is the Gloomy Village. There is supposed to be a treasure here. Let's
     throttle someone around here and get the location of the Star Stone."
    Talk to Peckda and he says, 
    "Majorin said the Mincemeat Bomb was lost right around here... Things suck so
     bad for me right now. I have to defeat Mario. Ah, here it is. The Mincemeat
     Bomb. Now I can defeat Mario and get the Star Stones! Gehehe. They haven't
     seen the last of me after all."
    Kamekubaba says, 
    "That strange guy over there is talking about the Star Stones."
    "Gehehe? What do you want, turtle? Are you looking for the Star Stones, too?  
     Is this my chance to finally reverse my luck? Tell me everything you know."
    Bowser says, 
    "No, YOU tell us everything YOU know."
    "Are you challenging me? Well, if you want to fight, let's fight. Everyone, 
    Peckda's henchmen emerge behind him. 
    "So, feel like talking now?"
    "Don't take our Koopa army too lightly. ASSEMBLE!!"
    "Let's do it. I have this just for a time like this. It will make mincemeat 
     out of you."
    He throws the Mincemeat Bomb at Bowser and it bounces off of Bowser's nose.
    "Huh, nothing happened. It's just a toy."
    Bowser shoots his fire at it, causing the bomb to explode.
    Do you want to save? (Yes/No)
    Back at Tropico Island Cortez says, 
    "You all fought admirably. From now on the Black Skull is at your service."
    Marco says, 
    "With this boat we can be back in Hoodlum Town in no time. Let's say farewell 
     to this island and head for home."
    A mushroom guy says, 
    "Home. We've been waiting for this for a long time. To be able to go home is 
     better than any treasure. Let's go."
    "Let's go, Mario."
    Moni says, 
    "Mario. We are going to stay on this island. It has grown on us. I want to 
     start my life with Piton here."
    Piton says, 
    "Say hello to the Boss for us."
    Eye-patch bomb guy says, 
    "I'm staying here too. As long as there are no more monsters it should be a 
     nice place to live."
    Barel says, 
    "Mario, they will be fine. Let's go."
    Cortez says, 
    "OK, Set Sail!"
    Diary Entry #10 - Our adventure is finally over. We are making great time and
                      should be home before we know it. I never did get my hands on
                      the treasure but am satisfied just the same. I feel like I 
                      got something more important than treasure. I can see Hoodlum
                      Town now. Our travels have finished. It has been an honor.
    Back in Hoodlum Town Marco says, 
    "I'm finally back home. Because of my invaluable actions we were able to get 
     safely home. But, everyone already knows that."
    The mushroom people say, 
    "We are to be going now. If fate wills it, I hope we can meet again."
    Marco says, 
    "They left already? They sure don't seem very thankful. Mario, good luck on 
     your continuing journey. The day will probably come when you may surpass my 
     greatness. Although, maybe not. Good luck."
    Cortez says, 
    "Mario, if you want to go to Tropico Island again, just talk to me. I can take
     you there super express."
    Marco says, 
    "Well, Mario, the spectators have all gone so I will be on my way too. If you
     need me again just call."
    Your partner says, 
    "Mario, let's go to the 1000 Year Door."
    Start walking and you will get mail.
    I have someting to tell you. Where I am there is a really strange computer
    named Tech. Tech has been helping me get data about their plans. Right now Tech
    is analyzing the newest data. When he's done, we'll know more about what their
    plans are. When I know I'll send a message. 
    Jump on the Boat Panel in the harbor and sail left. Open the treasure chest for
    a Heart Suitoru Badge. There is a STAR PIECE near the barrel. Return to the
    Go the guy selling things near the gallows and he has an Acrobat Wakaru Badge
    for sale for 120 Coins. Very Useful!
    Remember the pipe that we used Clouda to uncover that takes us to the 100 
    Floor Dungeon? If not, go down the grate in the west area and take the pipe
    down. Walk left and go down the stairs. If you haven't done so, use Clouda to
    blow the peeling wallpaper off. There is a pipe. But, behind the pipe there is
    an area you can enter. Walk left for a Boat Panel. Sail to the right as far as
    you can for a room with 3 SHINES (only 2 are attainable now) and a Bougyo Plus
    There is a Boat Panel where we fought Gesso, the squid. Sail to the right
    for a SHINE. Go left to the pipe that leads to the East Area. Use Barel to 
    bomb to the left of it. A pipe is revealed. It leads to a place where you can
    increase one of your stats by decreasing one of the others. For example, raise
    HP from 30 to 35 by decreasing FP from 30 to 25. You can also raise and lower
    partners' ranks. 
    Go to the Shine House where you level up your partners. Dale is standing in 
    front of the door. He says that he got a fortune talking about the dragon's 
    castle and a black chest room and a mustache man and a crack in the wall. He
    wants you to find out what it means. Go to Gonbaba's Castle and go to the room
    with the spikes next to the Black Chest room. Bomb the crack in the right wall
    and go through the hole. Hit the switch for a chest. Inside is a Uemukiya 
    Jirushi (explanation says to ask someone what it is).  Take it back to Dale and
    give it to him. Now you can level up your partners to Rank 2!!!!
    You can use Barel to get the SHINE that we couldn't get before in Oolong Town.
    Go to the 1000 Year Door and stand on the pedestal. 
    At the Professor's house...
    "You should be happy. The next Star Stone is in the Pikari Hills."
    "Pikari Hills? Where all the rich people and movie stars live? I've heard there
     is a shrine there where they worship a star. Even the scary monsters and 
     strange dungeons have become tourist destinations."
    "And how do we get to Pikari Hills?"
    "You should ride the famous train, the RichiRichi Express. You can enjoy a 
     comfortable ride and the Star Stone will be before you before you know it. 
     It's usually dangerous to get the Star Stone. But, this time should be a piece
     of cake."
    "But the tickets are way too expensive for us to buy."
    "You should ask Monteone for a ticket."
    "We should be able to get a ticket from him. But, I'd rather not have to deal
     with a Mafia Boss. We have no choice, though. Let's go Mario."
    "We don't have much time left so I will continue searching for information. 
     Good Luck!"
    Go to Monteone's office. He is lying on a bed.
    The henchmen say, 
    "He's sick because he feels like he was too harsh on his daughter. The boss
     misses her and Piton both. Even other bosses are worried about Monteone. By 
     the way, why are you here?"
    "What? You want a ticket on the RichiRichi Express? Sorry, we can't help you. 
     You really have to talk to the Boss about that."
    "I can't bear to look at the Boss like that. If only we knew where Moni was. 
     We could get her to meet with the Boss."
    Mario's partner says, 
    "Moni and Piton? They are on Tropico Island."
    "You know where Moni is? Really? If you're lying we'll make you eat 1000 needles
     and then we'll really go to work on you. Could you go to Tropico Island and
     bring Moni back? We have to stay and care for the boss. If you can bring Moni
     back we will give you the RichiRichi Express ticket. Ok? (I'll do it/ No 
     thanks) I thought you would take the job. Thanks."
    Talk to Cortez and take the boat to Tropico Island. Go to the jungle past the 
    camp. Talk to Moni.
    "Hi, Mario. What's up?"
    "Huh? The Boss is ill?"
    "No, not at a time like this. I've dropped the ring that Piton gave me. I can't
     go back and see Papa until I find the ring. I lost it somewhere between here
     and the red and blue statues."
    "Miss, let's forget about the ring and hurry back to the Boss."
    "No. That ring is a testimony of our love. We have to find it. Unless you don't
     love me anymore."
    "Miss, of course I still love you."
    "If you love me then say it 100 times."
    "100 TIMES!!?"
    "If you love me you'll say it."
    "I love you...please leave it at that."
    "No, you have to say it 99 more times."
    "I love you..."
    Hit the button until the counter says 100. 
    "...is that OK, Miss?"
    "Oh, Piton. Stop it. I'm embarrassed."
    "Miss, let's quickly find the ring."
    Mario's partner says, 
    "Are they all right? Mario, let's help them look."
    The ring is in the screen with the red and blue statues near the tree that 
    Barel was in. Take it back to Moni.
    "My ring! You found it. Piton, let's go back to Papa."
    "OK, Miss, let's hurry back."
    "We'll go to the ship first. Please come quickly."
    Go back to the Black Skull. 
    "Mario, we're ready. Let's go back to Hoodlum Town."
    Back in Hoodlum Town...
    "Piton, let's hurry back to Papa."
    Head back to Monteone's office. 
    "Papa, you're awake."
    "Moni, you came back. Piton, too."
    "That's right, Papa. We heard that you were ill and I blamed myself so we 
     rushed back."
    "Moni, Piton, I am sorry. I was too strict on you. This is the only way that 
     I could get you to come back here. I have been so lonely without you. I caused
     you all a lot of trouble. 'The God of Death' Monteone, has gotten old. So, I
     am going to retire. I want to make my prodigy, Piton, the new Boss. From today
     you are the new Monteone Family Boss."
    "What? Boss. You are too young to retire. I'm not ready."
    "Don't worry. I have been thinking about this for a long, long time. You will 
     do just fine. I taught you everything I knew. Please accept my offer and join
     our family."
    "Mario, thank you for all of your help."
    Henchman says, 
    "About that, Boss."
    "We kind of made Mario a promise. If he brought Moni back we said we would give
     him a ticket to the RichiRichi Express."
    "Oh, that. I'll give you a ticket, no problem."
    "Please come back anytime. I am already retired so I'm going to leave."
    "You are the Boss now, Piton."
    Monteone leaves. Moni says, 
    "We are going to try our best together from now on."
    "Yes, Miss."
    "Stop it with the Miss. Call me Moni."
    "Yes, my wonderful Piton!!"
    The henchmen say, 
    "Boss, we are at your service."
    "We are your faithful henchmen."
    Moni says, 
    "Thank you for everything Mario."
    Piton says, 
    "Come back at any time."
    The henchmen say,
    "Wow, you can do anything."
    "I like you so much I want you to be a part of the family."
    Leave the office and exit the Item Shop.
    "Mario, now we can go to Pikari Hills. Let's hurry and get the 6th Star Stone."
    Majorin appears, 
    "Hihihihi. I heard that. I heard that. So the 6th Star Stone is in Pikari
     Hills. I listened at just the right time."
    "Ah! It's you."
    "Really I came here to defeat you and that double crosser Vivian. But, as it's
     just me I'll probably get my bones broken. So, I'll overlook this meeting. 
     What I'll do instead is go to Pikari Hills and get that Star Stone before you.
    "Mario, this is bad. We have to hurry to Pikari Hills. Let's go!"
    Go to the train and give your ticket to the ticket mushroom guy. 
    "Do you want to go to ride the RichiRichi Express? (Yes/No) OK, let me see 
     your ticket. Watch your step boarding the train."
    STAGE 6 - 3 DAYS ON THE RICHIRICHI EXPRESS                         pmrpg6
     ____________   ___________   _________   _________   ________   ___________
    |            | |           | |         | |         | |        | |           | 
    |Baggage Car | |  Rooms    | | Dining  | |  Rooms  | | Rooms  | | Engine    |
    |            | | 8  7  6   | |  Car    | | 5  4  3 | | 2   1  | |  Car      |
    |____________| |___________| |_________| |_________| |________| |___________|
    ----DAY 1---------------------------
    In Mario's Room his partner says,
    "The RichiRichi Express is really as comfortable as you would expect. We should
     be in Pikari Hills in three days, but it should pass before we know it. Look!
     There is a paper on the floor over there."
    It says:
    "A threatening letter? It has to be Majorin. The person who put this letter in
     our room is probably still on the train. We should catch him before he can
     do anything."
    Check the dresser for a Withered Mushroom. Hit the Shine Block next to the bed
    for a SHINE! Leave your room and save at the Save Block.
    Go all the way left and talk to the Conductor.
    "Welcome to the RichiRichi Express. I am the Conductor. You are Mario from 
     room 5, right? Please enjoy your stay. What? You got a threatening letter? I
     see. Well, if anything happens I will tell you right away."
    Go to the dining car and talk to the blue guy in the bow tie and hat. He says, 
    "Hmmm. Something is fishy. The lunch stew pot has mysteriously disappeared. 
     There is proof that this is a criminal incident."
    "Criminal incident!!?"
    The cook says, 
    "Incident? What kind of food is that?"
    The blue guy with the hat says, 
    "I am Powan. I am in the middle of an investigation. I have a keen sense of 
     smell for these things. I will solve this incident as well. The most important
     information that we have about this incident is that someone stole the stew
     pot and stew. Therefore, the criminal is....YOU!!"
    The girl with purple pig-tails says, 
    "What!!! Me!!! I don't understand how this could be!!"
    To which Powan replies, 
    "Oh, sorry, sorry. I have just always wanted to say that. ...........*cough*.
     OK, I'll be serious now. This is a difficult investigation."
    The blue rat says, 
    "So...what we know is that...we don't know who the criminal is. Right?"
    The cool mushroom dude with the shades says, 
    "This is stupid. I'm going back to my room."
    Powan says, 
    "You're awfully anxious to get back to your room. How suspicious. The criminal
     is Mister Tron."
    Purple pig-tailed girl says, 
    "There is nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo way that Mr. Tron did this. Don't just
     accuse people."
    Powan says,
    "By the way, who are you? The plot thickens..." 
    Examine the spots on the floor. Mario's partner says, 
    "Aren't these stew stains? Let's follow it to the culprit."
    Follow the stains to room 003. Talk to the fat mushroom guy.
    "What's up? Stew pot? You have no evidence so you are only accusing me 
     because I am fat. Oh, there are stew stains all the way to my door? I don't
     know anything about that. Of course there is no stew pot in my dresser. Don't
     even check there."
    Check the dresser drawers for the stew pot. 
    "Oh! I'm sorry. I ate all of it."
    Powan enters the scene. He says, 
    "So, lunch was so good you wanted to eat more. You distracted the cook and 
     took the stew pot."
    "That's right. I acted on impulse. I am so, so sorry."
    "This case shows no signs of malice or hatred. So, mustache guy, I'm afraid
     this has nothing to do with your case. By the way, about the threatening letter
     that was delivered to you room, I heard about it from the conductor. If you 
     want to talk again, please come to my quarters. Room 6. Make sure to take the
     pot back to the cook."
    Take the pot to the cook for a STAR PIECE. Go to room 6 and talk to Powan.
    "I was waiting for you. You showed some skill on that case back there. But, we
     weren't able to find your perpetrator. But, I think you have the makings of an 
     investigator. You can be my assistant from now on. Now for introductions. I 
     am an investigator living in Pikari Hills. My name is Powan. I am known 
     throughout the world as the "Man with the Pink Brain". I'm sure you have heard
     of me. Now your name. Wait, don't tell me. Let me guess it through reasoning. 
     That mustache. That nose. Ah!! You are the famous Luigi! I have been hearing 
     about your exploits for a long time. About the person who wants to blow up 
     the train...there is a suspicious family on board. Don't you think so? Luigi,
     let's solve this mystery together."
    Go to room 008 and talk to the small bomb kid. 
    "Mom and Dad are fighting about what to get me for my birthday. I'm bored."
    Mom says, 
    "We should get him the gifted education package."
    Dad says, 
    "No, that's too cheap. We should get him a car or a house." 
    "Isn't Konarikin a little young for those? You only care about appearances. We
     should prepare for the entrance exams for his gifted school."
    Bomb boy says, 
    "I don't want either one but they won't listen. Do you think you could get 
     me what I really want? (Yes/No) Really? If you get me what I really want I 
     will give you something good in return."
    Talk to him again to hear the two hints.
    "The first hint is: Somebody with a hat. The second hint is: That person's 
     autograph. Got it?"
    Leave the room and talk to the conductor by room 8. He says, 
    "I feel bad for Konarikin, having to be in that room with all the arguing. Do
     you know? His dream is to be a train engineer. Such a cute dream for such a 
     rich kid. I bet that the thing that he really wants has to do with his dream."
    "We should hurry up and find what he wants."
    Go all the way right to the Engine Car and talk to the Engineer.
    "You want my autograph for Konarikin? Sure, no problem. I feel embarrassed 
     about giving an autograph."
    While in the Engine Car, Butt slam near the engine for a STAR PIECE. Take the
    autograph back to Konarikin. He says, 
    "Did you bring back what I really wanted? This is perfect. This is exactly what
     I wanted. Please take this. (Get a SHINE) I will cherish this autograph. Thank
    Go to room 006 and talk to Powan.
    "An autograph. Just as I suspected. Good work, Luigi. But, there's an air of
     intrigue that still lingers. The conductor was looking for you earlier."
    Leave room 006 and go left to talk to the conductor. 
    "I just thought of something strange that happened. I was one blanket short 
     when I passed them out to the passengers. I was able to give them mine to make
     up. But, there was no way I could have miscounted. Which means that there is 
     a passenger on board who didn't buy a ticket. That person is probably the 
     criminal that you are looking for. If I don't have a blanket I won't be able
     to get to sleep tonight. Will you find the person that snuck on board and get
     my blanket back? (Yes/No) Really? Thank you. I'll be here keeping watch."
    Go to room 004. Butt slam the lower left corner for a STAR PIECE. Use Vivian's
    power to sink into the floor. Wait and a ghost will appear. Talk to him and he
    "Oh no! I've been found out. As you can see, I am a ghost. I have never been 
     able to rest peacefully. Blanket? Yeah, the conductor brought one in here. He
     didn't even notice that I'm a ghost. Threat letter? That sure wasn't me. Since
     I'm not corporeal, I can't even hold a pen. Huh? You want the blanket back? If
     you listen to my favor, I'll give it back to you. What do you think? (Yes/No)
     What I want is...YOUR LIFE!!!!  Not really. It's an old ghost's joke. You see
     I died in this room a long time ago. My belongings from that time are still 
     in the baggage car. Inside my belongings is a diary that I have been keeping
     since I was a kid. It's because I've been worrying so much that someone will 
     read my diary that I haven't been able to rest in peace. I can't leave this 
     room so could you go there and get it for me? If you do that I will give you
     the blanket. But, whatever you do, DO NOT READ MY DIARY!! If you do...well, 
     let's just say that maybe I wasn't joking earlier. Got it?"
    Go talk to the conductor again.
    "Did you find him? Ah! It's a ghost? And if you bring his diary that is in the
     baggage car to him he will give you the blanket? Ok. Go on in."
    Go in the baggage car and use Paper Thin mode to slip between the wooden crates
    to get the DIARY. 
    ***Don't read the diary! It is instant Game Over. Believe me.***
    Leave the baggage car and the conductor says, 
    "Did you find it? I can't leave my post so please take it to him. I wonder what
     is written...?"
    Take the DIARY back to the ghost in room 004. 
    "Did you find my diary? This is definitely it. Well here's the blanket as 
     promised. Thank you for not reading it. Now after all this time I can finally
     rest. Thanks to you. I'll never see you again while you are alive so take 
    He starts to rise towards the heavenly light. And then drops.
    "...On second thought, I've been in this room for so long that I think I will
     just stay here."
    Take the blanket back to the conductor. 
    "Did you bring it? Thank you. Now I can keep watch here all night. But, you 
     still haven't found the person who wrote the threatening letter, have you?
     Here, take this as a token of thanks. (Get a Mushroom) It's late so you 
     should probably get some sleep. If anything happens I will report directly to
     you, so there is no need for worry. Not when you ride the RichiRichi Express."
    Go to your room and your partner says, 
    "We can leave the rest to the conductor. Let's call it a day. "
    Go to sleep.
    -------------DAY 2--------------------------
    Go to room 006 and talk to Powan. 
    "Ah, Luigi, you came at the perfect time. There's been another incident. Mr. 
     Business Man, please explain your situation to Luigi."
    The blue rat business man says, 
    "When I woke up this morning I noticed that my briefcase was missing. There are
     very important business papers concerning our newest product inside. I'll be 
     fired if I don't get those back."
    Powan says, 
    "Please relax and tell us the rest. You can trust Luigi."
    "OK...My company's newest product is the Nitro Syrup. It's so powerful that it
     can even bring people back from the dead. If you mix gold and the calcium 
     from sea shells with the syrup ... you will have a HUGE EXPLOSION!! 
     That would easily throw the train from the tracks. If somehow it falls into 
     wrong hands being fired will be the least of my worries."
    Powan says, 
    "So someone stole your briefcase. You are positive you had it yesterday. Also,
     the train hasn't stopped. So, the criminal is still on the train. Luigi, have
     you talked to the waitress and the woman in room 002? They have both lost 
     items inside the train. The waitress lost her 'Sea Shell Earrings' and the 
     woman in 002 lost her 'Gold Ring'. The criminal will probably try to mix 
     these two items with the Nitro Syrup. There is a possibility that the person 
     who stole the Ring and the Earrings is the same person who wrote the letter.
     Luigi, quickly find the criminal. Terrible things will happen if you don't."
    Go to room 001. Pick up the IMPORTANT LOOKING DOCUMENT and take it back to 
    Powan in room 006. 
    "Did you find a clue? This paper? How could this paper possibly be a clue?"
    The business man says, 
    "Hey! That's one of my documents."
    Powan says, 
    "Yes, of course it is. Luigi, where did you find this? Room 001? That is Mr. 
     Tron's room. Come to think if it, I haven't seen him all morning. He must
     be hiding somewhere on the train. Luigi, find Mr. Tron!"
    Go to Room 005, Mario's room and examine the paper on the floor."
    "That looks like the other document. Could the criminal be in this room?"
    Use Vivian to go into the floor. Tron comes out from under the bed. Pop out of
    the floor and Tron says, 
    "Where did you come from? Darn. But, can you catch me again?"
    He starts to bounce around the room. Catch him and the scene changes. Powan
    and the business man are in the room with you. Powan says, 
    "So you are the criminal. You pretended to be Mr. Tron to throw us off our 
     guard. You went about and stole things from the passengers. Exactly as I 
     deducted. I knew all along that you were not the real Tron. And, you wrote the
     threatening letter to Luigi."
    "Darn. And I was going to get off at the next stop and run away."
    "Stealing Mr. Tron's looks and name was both a daring and shrewd trick. But, you
     had the bad luck of riding on a train with me. There is no escaping my pink 
     brain. Now, return all that you stole."
    The business man says, 
    "Oh, my briefcase. Is the Nitron Syrup safe?"
    Give him the briefcase. 
    "Oh, thank you. The syrup is safe. And, now I won't be fired."
    A voice comes on the intercom...
    [May I please have your attention. We will soon be making a brief stop at 
     Riverside Station.]
    ------- RIVERSIDE STATION----------------------------
    The train pulls up to the drawbridge. Fake Tron and Powan get out. Tron says, 
    "Ciao! I can't believe you caught me. Majorin is going to be soooo mad. Here is
     my real form. I am really Ranperu!!! Majorin and I planned to deal a severe 
     blow to Mario but thanks to you I have to run away again. I have to report 
     this to Majorin. Bye bye!!"
    Ranperu runs away. Mario is back in the train. Take the RING back to the woman 
    in room 002 for 30 Coins. Take the EARRING back to the woman in the dining car
    for a STAR PIECE. Leave the train. Talk to the blue hat mushroom guy by the 
    draw bridge. 
    "Mario! We have a problem. Some bad guys put the bridge up. We can't leave with
     it like this. I saw a very suspicious shadow wearing a hat go into the station.
     It probably went to the basement room and hit the switch for the bridge.
     The switch hasn't been used in so long that not even the station employees
     know where it is anymore. The customers will be really upset if we can't leave
     here. Mario, could you try and find the switch for me? Is it OK? (Yes/No)
     Really? Thanks. Well, here's the key to the station. Good luck."
    Use the Save and Recovery blocks if needed and then enter the station. 
    The elevator needs a key so go through the door on the right. Use Roll Mode
    to access the blue switch. Hit it to make a stairway unfold. Go up the stairs
    and through the door.
    Go up the stairs and climb over, under and around gears to get near the STATION
    KEY. Use Yoshi to jump over to it. Drop down and check behind where you got the
    key for a STAR PIECE. 
    Now open the locked door to the right of where you unfolded the stairs. 
    At the bottom of the first set of stairs, use Roll Mode to roll under the stairs
    and get a Heart Fueru Badge. Go right and go down another set of stairs. Go 
    left and get a SHINE. Go all the way left to the dead end. Use Clouda to blow
    away all of the papers, revealing a door. Enter.
    Use Roll Mode to slide through the passages. You need to get to the door, which
    is on the left side. There is also a Morohano Yaiba Badge hidden in the middle
    of the maze. Use the spring to jump up and try again if you do it wrong or want
    to explore more. The box that you land in near the door has a Withered 
    Mushroom in it. Go through the door. 
    We can't do anything in this room yet so go to the room on the left. Hit the 
    1 switch 1 time, the 3 switch 3 times and the 10 switch 10 times. Go up the
    stairs. Use Nokotaro to get the SHINE. Go through the door on the right. 
    Open the chest for: 
    Your jump attack power is increased and a new move is learned. Hold the A
    button while rotating the Control Stick to wind up. Release to do a high jump.
    This is called Jabara Jump. (I will call it the Ultra Jump)  With this new 
    jump you can jump up to pipes above and use them to move throughout a room. 
    Do you have it mastered? (I need one more time / I've got it) The Ultra Jump
    can also be used in battles.
    Stand to the right of the treasure chest and use Ultra Jump to reach a pipe
    overhead. Go right, fall down, and use Paper Thin mode to drop through the 
    Stand on the boxes on the right and use Yoshi to cross to the left. Ultra Jump
    to the pipe above and shimmy to the left. Fall in the fenced area. Do an Ultra
    Jump under the ELEVATOR KEY to make it fall. Take the ELEVATOR KEY to the 
    In the room at the bottom are a bunch of noisy little creatures that are black
    with yellow eyes and look like dust bunnies. 
    "Mario. What are those? They're probably the ones who threw the switch. Let's 
     get them out of here and find the switch."
    Use the hammer or Clouda's wind attack to get rid of them and reveal a switch. 
    Pull it and stairs unfold. Climb the stairs and hit the blue switch to lower
    the drawbridge. 
    Make your way out of the station but make sure to use your Ultra Jump to get
    the Pinch de Lucky P Badge that is by the entrance. 
    Talk to the blue Mushroom guy by the bridge. He says,
    "Thank you very much. Now we can depart. It's time we should be leaving. Please
     board the train and have a nice trip!"
    Enter the train and it departs.  A voice comes on the intercom:
    [Sorry for the delay. We are now heading towards our destination, Pikari Hills]
    Leave your room, save and go back in your room. Your partner says, 
    "Mario, we have to get to Pikari Hills and get the Star Stone before anyone 
     else. It's late so we should get some rest."
    ---------DAY 3 ------------------------
    "Ah, the start of a new day. I wonder if it will be a quiet, refreshing
    Everyone seems to have disappeared from the train. The door to the Baggage 
    Car is locked so go to the Engine Car and talk to the Engineer. 
    "Good morning, Mario. Today is very quiet, isn't it?"
    A dust bunny jumps on the window.
    "Oh, there's garbage on the window. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! What are those?"
    Mario's partner says, 
    "Aren't those the things we saw yesterday in the basement of the station? What 
     are they doing here?"
    "WWW...What, SSS...Should, III...I, DDD...Do? I have to make sure the passengers
     are safe. But, I have to work the controls here. Mario, please check to see
     if the other passengers are safe."
    Make your way back to the Baggage Car. The door is now unlocked. Enter and
    there are a bunch of creatures like in the station. They say, 
    "moa, moa, moa, moa, moa, moa, moa, moa, moa, moa, moa, moa, moa, moa, moa."
    "Mario, they got inside the train. Let's get rid of them."
    Use Clouda to blow them away like before. Uncover the girl from the Dining Car
    and the Conductor and the creatures run away through a vent. The conductor says,
    "Mario, you saved us again."
    Dining Car girl says, 
    "They swallowed me up while I was sleeping. It was scary."
    "Somehow they got in through that vent over there. They took all of the other
     passengers as well. Please save them."
    Use Ultra Jump to reach the pipe. Go left through the vent, to the roof of the 
    train. Go right while using Clouda to blow the creatures out of the way. 
    Eventually the creatures will assemble into the boss. 
    "W W W What the heck is that? Mario, look. The other passengers."
    HP 50
    AP  5
    DP  1
    If you attack the arms they just grow back so I suggest attacking the main
    part. If you use Barel's 2nd level bomb attack, it kills all the arms at once
    and does damage to the body. When the arms grow back just bomb them again. 
    Get 29 Star Points!!!
    After the battle the passengers thank you. The conductor says, 
    "You saved us the whole three days you were on board. Thank you very much."
    The Dining Car girl says, 
    "Everybody is safe and it is all thanks to you."
    The Cook says, 
    "You are our carrot. I mean, benefactor. We owe you our lives. That's what I 
    Powan says, 
    "I don't know if everybody knew this already but this is the famous Luigi!!"
    The Conductor says, 
    "We will be arriving in Pikari Hills shortly. Please prepare your belongings."
    Back in Mario's room a voice comes on the intercom:
    [I have an announcement. We have just arrived in Pikari Hills. Please make sure
     not to leave anything behind. Thank you for riding the RichiRichi Express.]
    "Mario, let's go. We should go to the Pikari Shrine."
    Leave the train.
    ------- PIKARI HILLS -------------------------------------
    There are STAR PIECEs behind the blue beach chair next to the blue house on 
    the left and by the Save Block. Butt Slam to get it. Go in the blue house and
    use Paper Thin mode to slip through the crack in the wall to get a Heart 
    Suitoru P Badge. There's also a STAR PIECE to the right of the pink house.
    Go to the next screen and check behind the hedges for a STAR PIECE. The Food
    Wagon sells NAMA PASTA for 50 Coins. Behind the wagon is a SHUKUHAKUKEN. (Good
    for the hotel) The Hotel takes 30 Coins but you get to ride an elevator and in
    the morning you get Nancy's SEASONAL OMELETTE. 
    Go to the next screen. There is a SHINE to the right of the shrine. Use Ultra
    Jump to get it.
    The door of the Pikari Shrine is locked so look at the memo next to the door. 
    [Gone on a trip. Be back shortly.      
                            - Priest]
    "Now what should we do?"
    Powan enters the screen.
    "Luigi, what are you doing in front of my house?"
    "This is your house? You're a priest? So, you're not a real detective?"
    "That's right. It's just my hobby. If you want to talk, feel free to enter my
    Enter the temple and Majorin, Marilyn and Ranperu are inside by the Star Stone.
    "Hihihihi. You were too slow. The Star Stone is mine."
    Majorin and Marilyn sink into the floor. Ranperu is left alone.
    "Don't just leave me here."
    He jumps out the broken window.
    Mario's partner says, 
    "We didn't make it in time. We have to go after them."
    Powan says, 
    "Woah, slow down. Luigi, please explain what is going on. (...) Oh, I see. You
     are looking for the Star Stone in the shrine. Don't worry about the Star Stone.
     It is safe. The Star Stone that was over there was a fake. I keep the real
     Star Stone in a different part of the shrine so it doesn't get stolen. But, 
     as for where the Star Stone is...you have to figure that out for yourselves.
     Use your powers of deduction."
    Stand on the stars and use Ultra Jump to access a series of poles that you have
    to shimmy across. There is a blue switch on the upper left that uncovers a 
    pipe. Go down the pipe to end up in the painting in the background. Enter the
    shrine in the painting. 
    This shrine is filled with ghosts. You don't have to fight them but it makes it
    easier and you get experience. Use Ultra Jump to reach more poles. The left 
    side of the room has a SHINE and a Luigi's Costume Badge. Get the Star Stone.
    Do you want to save? (Yes/No)
    Go back and talk to Powan. 
    "So that's where the Star Stone was. What? No, nothing. Anyway, congratulations
     Luigi. I will give you the Star Stone like I promised. Go ahead and take it. 
     I'll bring another fake one out here. Our adventures together have been tough
     but also fun. You look like you're going to continue your travels. Good Luck."
    Leave the shrine and the scene changes.
    In Batsugaruf's main chamber...
    "Are you telling me that they grabbed a fake Star Stone?"
    A henchman says, 
    "Sorry, sir."
    "So Mario probably got his hands on the real thing."
    "Probably so."
    "Now Mario has all of the Star Stones besides the one I have. I think maybe
     I should change my plans somehow."
    "Batsugaruf, sir. I actually have something I should tell you."
    The henchman whispers in Batsugaruf's ear.
    "What?!! Are you sure?"
    "There is no mistake."
    "How could this be?"
    In Princess Peach's room...
    "I wonder if Tech will call for me soon."
    Go through the door and into Tech's room.
    "Tech, what's up for today?"
    "A conclusion?"
    "What do you mean?"
    "Run away? But, how? And why the rush?"
    "Batsugaruf's plans?"
    "Noooo. I am...." 
    "But, how? And where am I?"
     IS THE MOON."
    "The moon? The one floating in the sky?"
    "How do I run away from the moon?"
    "But, is it OK?"
    "OK. But first, let me write a message to Mario. This has become more than just
     my problem."
    "GO AHEAD."
    Princess Peach starts to type her message when Batsugaruf enters. 
    "Stop right there Princess."
    "Oh!!	You!!"
    "Tech, I am aware of your actions."
    "I didn't think a computer could double cross you. I guess if they're that
    Peach says, 
    "What do you plan to do?"
    "I have only one thing I am going to do to this abnormal computer.I am going to
     shut it down and erase it's programs and data. The memories of Princess Peach
     as well. I am going to make sure that nothing like this will happen again."
    "I...I AM NORMAL."
    "You two, press the red buttons on either side of Tech at the same time."
    "MAIL SENT...PRINCESS....PEACH...I...LOVE...........YOU.. .    .      .      "
    "I'm sorry Princess but Tech is no longer in this world."
    "You are horrible!"
    "Princess, this is no time to grieve over a computer. I have an important 
     purpose for you. Fuhahahahaahahaha"
    Do you want to save? (Yes/No)
    Bowser appears in Hoodlum Town.
    "I don't have any Star Stones and I haven't found Peach. And what was that all
     about back at the Gloomy Village. That kinda hurt. Mario has once again taken
     all the fun out of everything I do."
    Kamekubaba flies in on her broom.
    "Bowser, I did it. I found the "Suspicious Underground". It's not on any map
     and it is really, really suspicious. There has to be something there."
    "Well done. We're sure to find something this time."
    "We have to break through the Hammer Bros. stage. The road will be perilous
     and rife with danger."
    "Show me the way. Then we'll smash our way through!"
    Bowser and Kamekubaba leave and Luigi enters, looks around and leaves.
    Finish the mini-stage and end up in a room in the castle.
    "Bowser, we overcame the obstacles. We're lucky to be alive."
    "Um, it wasn't perilous or dangerous at all. Where are we now?"
    "Bowser, look at the wall. It's the Star Stone!! We finally found it. Let's 
     grab it."
    Gold Hawk enters the room.
    "Who are you?"
    "You mean you forgot the mighty Gold Hawk? I know you haven't forgotten me. I'm
     surprised that you could make it here to my Secret Training Room. Recently alot
     of strange people have appeared. It's really raised the difficulty. But, I've
     got what it takes. I won't let you take my championship belt."
    "You look pretty weak to me."
    "Me? Weak? Why don't you FIND OUT!!"
    Gold Hawk does a flying kick at Bowser but Bowser steps on him. 
    "Weak. Just as I thought."
    The Star Stone falls off the wall and breaks. 
    "The Star Stone....."
    "Bowser, this is just glass. It's a fake."
    Gold Hawk says, 
    "Great Gonzalez has the real championship belt."
    Bowser says, 
    "I don't know this Great Gonzalez. Ahhhhh! So we don't get a Star Stone after 
     all. "
    Do you want to save? (Yes/No)
    Back in Hoodlum Town Mario gets a message from Peach. 
    I finally found out where I am being held. It's the moon. The one in the sky.
    Also, there's something much, much worse. In order to revive the demon spirit, 
    "The moon? Princess Peach is on the moon? And the message is cut off in the
     middle. I wonder if something happened to her."
    Go to the Town Square and use the Ultra Jump to get the treasure chest to the 
    right of the Inn. Inside is the:
    Your hammer power is increased. This hammer is the same as the Super Hammer 
    except now you can break the gray blocks. 
    There are new areas and goodies we can access with our new hammer and jump. 
    In the room with the Badge Trader is a SHINE. Use Ultra Jump to reach a pole
    to shimmy with. Also, get the 3rd SHINE from the room where we got the first
    2 earlier. Use the Paper Boat and then Ultra Jump. In the room where we fought
    the squid, use Ultra Jump and then bomb the wall to open the treasure chest and
    get a Bougyo Plus P Badge. In the squid room, Ultra Jump and go right and then
    go in the pipe and enter the house to get a STAR PIECE. You can also break the
    blocks to access two more warp pipes. One to Tropico Island and the other to 
    Pikari Hills. Near the pipe to Gloomy Village there is an X on the ground. Do 
    and Ultra Jump and go left to get a Flower Setsuyaku P Badge. Use the Boat Panel
    behind the Worry Center to sail to a Nikai Item Badge. In the underground room
    with all the spikes use Vivian to sink into the floor. Walk while the spikes are
    down. Get a Toge o Guard Badge. 
    Go to the Thousand Year Door. The Star Stone appears on the moon. 
    At the Professor's house...
    "If this map is right, the last Star Stone is on the Moon."
    "That's what we thought. That's where Princess Peach is."
    "But, there's a problem on how to get to the Moon. I have no idea how we would
     possibly, conceivably, ever get to the Moon. Wait just a moment... (Grabs a 
     book off the shelf) I am going to research a way to the Moon. This might take
     some time so please come back again."
    Walk around the town a bit and then come back and talk to the Professor again.
    "Mario, you got here at just the right time. I have figured out a way to the 
     Moon. Go to the Remote Village. There they have a great big cannon."
    "A cannon that shoots to the moon?"
    "I don't know the details but it seems that the cannon can shoot anything or
     anyone anywhere they want. Like the Moon for example."
    "So, the cannon is in the Remote Village."
    "There is a pipe beneath this city that connects to the Remote Village. But, 
     the pipe is always kept hidden. If I remember correctly, you need the ULTRA 
     HAMMER to get to it."
    "Ultra Hammer? We already have that."
    "Wow! You're way ahead of me. Use the Ultra Hammer to find the way to the Remote
    "Got it. Mario, let's go!"
    "Oh yeah, one more thing. It is a Bob-omb village and they are very difficult
     people. It's possible that they won't want to let you use the cannon. Keep this
     in mind. Well, good luck with the next Star Stone."
    The pipe to the Remote Village is next to the door to the Gloomy Village. Break 
    the small block with the Ultra Hammer and go down the pipe to enter STAGE 7!!
    STAGE 7 - AIMING FOR THE MOON                                          pmrpg7
    "C-c-c-c-c-c-cold. Mario, let's find the cannon."
    Butt Slam to the left of the pipe for a STAR PIECE. Jump in front of the tree
    in the background by the exit for a hidden Badge Block. Get a Nikai Item P 
    Badge. Go right to the next screen. 
    Jump behind the first tree in the foreground for a hidden SHINE. Check the 
    2nd frozen bush for a STAR PIECE. Go right and to the next screen.
    Hit the Badge Block for a Heart Fueru P Badge. Walk along the broken wall for a
    STAR PIECE. Go right to the next screen to enter the Remote Vilage. 
    "This must be the place. So, where is this cannon that will take us to the 
     moon? Let's ask around."
    Check around the broken wall in the foreground for a STAR PIECE. Go to the
    next screen. 
    Butt Slam near the cannon for a STAR PIECE. Check the building on the right 
    for another STAR PIECE. To the right of this building is a SHINE. Check to the
    right of the Inn's stairs for a Shukuhakuken. Stay at the Inn to get a Space
    Food item. Next, talk to the Bob-omb with a mustache who is next to the cannon.
    Have Barel as your partner. 
    "What have you come to the Remote Village for? What? Huge Cannon? We don't have
     anything like that here."
    Barel says, 
    "Aren't you the Mayor? Why are you lying? I remember seeing a Huge Cannon when
     I came to this village before."
    "Hey, aren't you a Bob-omb? So you must understand. Nobody but the Bob-ombs can
     know about the Huge Cannon. People will want us to use it for war purposes."
    "I know that. However, we need to use the Huge Cannon to get to the Moon. If we 
     don't, the world will end."
    "The world will end? Ah, we have problem. You see, due to a couple of reasons, 
     we can't use the cannon right now."
    "What do you mean?"
    "In order to use the Huge Cannon you need Goldman's permission. It was Goldman's
     job use the cannon to send anything anywhere it wanted to go. But, he recently
     came into some money and quit his job. And General White, who gave life to the
     Huge Cannon went into a depression after being fired and took the key with 
     him somewhere."
    "Goldman and General White?"
    "That's right. So, you have to find Goldman and General White in order to use
     the Huge Cannon."
    "All right. We'll be back. Mario, let's go."
    Go to Pikari Hills. Goldman is in the screen with the train, in front of the 
    blue house. Talk to him. 
    "Ah, Gonzalez. What can I do for you? You want to use the Remote Village's 
     Huge Cannon to save the world? Sure! You've helped us out plenty. To tell you
     the truth I have business with the Cannon as well. But, that's between us. My
     wife complained everyday about the sound of the Huge Cannon so I stopped it
     for her. Unfortunately, it with take alot of money to get the cannon working
     again. Please show me how much you really want to use the cannon. How many 
     coins are you willing to part with? (None/1 Coin/64 Coins/ All Coins) [Choose
     All Coins] What? You're going to give me all of your coins? Is it really Ok?
     Really? Really? (Yes/No) I really didn't think you would say that. If you
     give me all your coins you'll be left with zero. Do you understand? (Yes/No)
     I'm sure it was tough to get all those coins. Are you sure you want to give
     them up? (Yes/No) Is it really OK? I wonder if you truly know the value of 
     money. I'm sure you will regret this later. Do you want to proceed? (Yes/No)
     Can I really take it? Is it really all right? I won't give them back to you
     later, even if you ask. (Yes/No) Well, OK. Thank you for showing me your true
     feelings. Ok, here's my permission. About before, that was all a joke. I was 
     never going to keep your coins. I'll give them back. Here you are. Good luck."
    To find out about General White follow these steps in this order:
    1. Go to HanaHana Village and talk to the Mayor. 
    2. Go to Tropico Island and talk to the eye patch bob-omb. 
    3. Go to Oolong Town and talk to the Juice Bar's bartender. 
    4. Go to the Great Tree and talk to the first Puni. 
    5. Go to Gloomy Village and talk to the guy in front of the Inn.
    6. Go back to the Remote Village and talk to the Mayor.
    The Mayor says, 
    "What? Nobody knows where General White is? I wonder where he went. Without 
     General White we can't operate the Huge Cannon. I don't know what to do."
    Go to the building on the right and go to the bed. General White is sleeping.
    Select Yes to jump on him. Keep doing this until he wakes up.
    "What do you want? I'm tired. If you're here to comfort he, I don't need it. My
     hopes and my dreams are...wait! That mustache, that hat, that hammer... I have
     been searching everywhere for you. Why? Well, in order to operate the Huge
     Cannon again. When I lost my job I lost my reason to live. At a loss, I 
     wandered into the psychic's room in Hoodlum Town. She said that a man with the
     M mark on his hat, with a hammer and a mustache would make my dreams come true.
     What? You want to use the Huge Cannon to save the world? My horoscope was 
     right!!! I'll get preparations started. Please tell the Mayor."
    Go talk to the Mayor.
    "So the Huge Cannon is back in service. Fortunatly, the Cannon is ready to go 
     already. Let's send you guys to the Moon!! Follow me. This way. Come on."
    Go to the screen to the left and talk to the Mayor.
    "Stand right there."
    Mario falls through an opening.
    "General White. Commence with preparations."
    "Yes, sir. Come on men, let get this this started."
    General White enters the control room with 2 of his men.
    "System start!"
    "Starting the system. Completed."
    "System check."
    "System check all clear."
    General White says over the intercom,
    "We will now begin launch preparations."
    Back in the control room...
    "Outer gate open. Inner shutter open. Big Bomb lift off!!"
    The Huge Cannon emerges from the ground.
    "Take aim. Target: the Moon. Point 75.38, angle 54.66, distance 389603. Wind 
     speed 1.08, so point +3.03, angle -2.39. Target lock. Chamber hatch open."
    The Mayor says, 
    "OK, everybody in."
    "Chamber hatch close."
    ***The bob-ombs in the hatch are funny. They say things like, "This is cramped."
       "Don't push." "It hurts, it hurts." "Hey, watch the feet!" "I'm nervous" and
       even "Don't touch my butt." ***
    "Condition all green. Standby OK!"
    "OK. Big Bomb...fire!!!
    Mario flies off towards the moon and the bob-ombs parachute safely back down. 
    The Mayor says, 
    "Good luck, Mario."
    ------- MOON --------------------
    "That was crazy. They really travel like that? But, we did make it to the Moon.
     Let's find the Star Stone and rescue Princess Peach!"
    Go to the right for 3 screens until you see the Megabatten Base in the back.
    Use Barel to blow up the rock with the cracks in it to reveal a pipe. Check 
    behind a small rock near the middle of the screen to find a STAR PIECE. Go in 
    the pipe and go right and enter the Megabatten Base.
    -------- MEGABATTEN BASE ------------
    "This is a strange place. We should be careful."
    Go up the conveyor belt and through the door. Two henchmen are in the room.
    "What's this? !! You're Mario. Well..."
    Defeat the henchmen and they run away. 
    "Mario, if they are here then this place has to be their hideout. The Star
     Stone has to be here. Princess Peach is probably in this building as well."
    Use the Recovery and Save Blocks and then go right to the next room. Go down the
    corridor and through the door on the right. The floor is electric and will hurt
    you if you don't follow the pattern through the room. Start at the panel on the 
    background side of the door against the wall. Go up 1 to the corner. Go right
    3 panels and then go down 5 panels to the other wall. Go right four panels and
    up 2 to get the Elevator Key. Hit the Item Block for a Super Mushroom. Go back 
    to the elevator. Go to B2.
    There are 6 doors on this floor. The one on the far left leads to another 
    electric floor room. (The pattern is written on the wall) The 2nd door is the
    Potion Room. Nothing in there. The 3rd door has a transporter that will take 
    you back to Hoodlum Town. The 4th door has a hatch that you can Ultra Jump up
    into in order to fall down into other rooms. While up above go all the way left
    to get a STAR PIECE. Use Paper Thin mode to fall through the grate into the 
    Transporter Room. Use Yoshi to jump across to the COGWHEEL. Enter the 5th door 
    to be in the Changing Room. Go behind the curtain and retro Mario emerges. The
    6th door (on the the far right) leads to Batsugaruf's main chamber. Go through
    the chamber and into his room for the CARD KEY. Take the elevator up to B1.
    Go left and go through the door. Put the COGWHEEL in the machine and hit the 
    green button to move the crane to get a STAR PIECE, 6 Coins, Always Genki Badge
    and an Always Genki P Badge. Go down the corridor and to the door on the far
    right. Enter 014029 to open the door. Inside is another quizmaster like back
    in the fortress. He says, 
    "Oh, you. So you want the Elevator Key so you can go to the Computer Room, huh? 
     You'll have to challenge me? Are you up to it?" (Yes/No)  
    Question 1
    What is hidden in this place?
    1. Card Key
    2. Monkey
    3. Elevator Key *
    4. Tama ni Lucky Badge
    Question 2
    What is the name of the girl who is waiting for Nokotaro?
    1. Puniko 
    2. Marilyn
    3. Marco
    4. Nokorin *
    Question 3
    How many legs do Kuribo, Bubble, Met and Teresa have combined?
    1. 4
    2. 6 *
    3. 8
    4. Japan     
    Question 4
    Where was the diamond Star Stone?
    1. Oolong Town's Arena
    2. Inside Cortez's Pirate Ship
    3. In Gonbaba's stomach  *
    4. Pikari Shrine
    Question 5
    Who was the first champion at the Oolong Town Arena?
    1. Prince Marsh *
    2. Prince Macho
    3. Prince Maashu
    4. Prince Matthew
    Get the ELEVATOR KEY. Take the elevator back to B2. Go right and take the next
    elevator to B3.
    Go left and into another electric floor room. Follow the panels as they light
    up to get a CARD KEY. The item block has a Suitoru Chululu in it. Go down the
    corridor and go through the door. Put the Card Keys in the readers. Go through
    the door. 
    This is one of the best rooms in the game so I won't tell you how to get through
    it. The only thing I will say is that you will need to use Barel and Vivian. 
    Save and Recover before heading through the door at the top of the stairs. 
    Peckda is in this room. He says, 
    "Gehehehehehe. I've been waiting for you. Actually, I'm really tired of 
    "Ah! You! What do you mean you were waiting for us?"
    "Gehehehe. The Star Stone has been here waiting...No, I've been waiting here
     to get your Star Stones. It's been my plan. And Princess Peach is no longer 
    "So the Princess was here. Where have you taken her?"
    "I'll never tell you. Besides, showtime is about to begin. Allow me to introduce
     the Megabatten Robot Mark 2. Are you ready? The Mark 2 is overflowing with
     power. This isn't the same old robot you fought before. Let me show you!"
    Megabatten Robot Mark 2
    HP 70 (in the body) 
    HP  5 x 2 (the drill hands)
    AP  6
    DP  2
    Get 30 Star Points
    "Lord Batsugaruf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    Do you want to save your game? (Yes/No)
    Bowser and Kamekubaba arrive in Pikari Hills. Bowser says,
    "We're here. Now, where is the Pikari Shrine?"
    "Bowser, that's it over there."
    "Well, let's go in then."
    Walk over to the door and check the lock. Bowser stamps his foot until the lock
    breaks off.
    "Ah, it's open. Let's go."
    Bowser walks up to the Star Stone. 
    "I finally got it!!"
    "I knew you could do it Bowser. Great job!!"
    Powan enters the room. He says, 
    "Hello. What...You're robbers, aren't you. My powers of perception are perfect."
    Bowser says, 
    "What should I say? (I am the King/ I am a / Give a false name)I am Nokojiro 
     and I am taking your treasure."
    "That there is a fake so if you want it go ahead and take it."
    "WHHHHHAAAATTT!!! A fake?"
    Kamekubaba says, 
    "But you had it displayed so prominently. Where is the real stone?"
    "I gave the real stone to Luigi."
    "We walked right by Luigi. I hate those two brothers."
    "It doesn't look like we're going to get any of the stones first. But where
     is Mario now?"
    A winged Goomba flies in. 
    "Ah, a Goomba. Is something happening?"
    "I have some reconnaissance information to inform you about. Princess Peach
     has been spotted near the 1000 Year Door."
    "Princess Peach! What is the 1000 Year Door?"
    Kamekubaba says, 
    "The 1000 Year Door guards the Legendary Treasure."
    "We should hurry over there. I can get Peach and the treasure in one swoop. 
     Let's go Kamekubaba.
    Bowser, Kamekubaba and the Goomba leave. Powan says, 
    "Luigi. Keep it up!!"
    Do you want to save? (Yes/No)
    Back in the Moon base...
    "We got all 7 of the Star Stones. Now we can open the Legendary Door. But, we
     still have no idea where Princess Peach is. For the time being lets go back 
     to Hoodlum Town. Maybe the Professor has some new information about the 
    Take the elevator to B4 and go right to Tech's room. 
    "Princess Peach is in the Dark Palace?"
    "What will happen to you?"
    "We will, Tech."
    "Mario, let's save Princess Peach. For Tech."
    Go to the transporter on B2. Get in it and we see the moon. Tech says, 
    Then the Moon Base explodes. Back in Hoodlum Town, Mario's partner says, 
    "Did you hear something just now?"
    Go out the door and Professor Frankuri greets you.
    "Oh, there you are, Mario. Come here. So, you just came back from the moon with
     the Star Stone? What? The Megabatten's secret base was on the moon? So, was
     Princess Peach there?"
    "About that... it seems that they have taken her to the Door."
    "I knew it!! A little while ago I felt something strange in the air so I went to
     check on the 1000 Year Door. I saw a strange guy with a cape and a woman that
     looked like the Princess go through the door."
    "Really? But without the 7 Star Stones they can't open the door."
    "There's no mistake. I saw it with my own two eyes. I've got a bad feeling about
     this. Princess Peach is in danger. Hurry to the 1000 Year Door and rescue the
     Princess. I'm going there right away, so I will meet you there."
    Go to the 1000 Year Door. Talk to the Professor.
    "Mario, it looks like no one is around. They must be behind the door."
    Stand on the pedestal and the 7 Star Stones float into the air.
    "Look, Mario, the door!!"
    "The entrance to the Dark Palace is open. Stop them before they hurt Peach and 
     destroy the world."
    "Mario, let's go."
    Go through the 1000 Year Door to enter:
    STAGE 8 - STAR STONES AND LEGENDARY TREASURE                         pmrpg8
    (I am using Nokotaro, so) Nokotaro says,
    "Ugh, what a creepy place. But, I shouldn't say that. Let's stop these guys
     and save the Princess before it's too late. Let's go, Mario."
    Go right and through the door. Go down the staircase and through the next door.
    Hit the Item Block for a KiraKira Otoshi item. Work your way down the two 
    staircases and past the cannons and go through the door. Dodge the spikes in 
    this room. Hit the Badge Block for a Ichikabachika Badge. Go right to the next
    door. Save at the Save Block. 
    Use Yoshi to run fast and dodge the fire bars. Hit the Item Block for a Teresa
    no Fuku item. In the second half use Roll Mode to avoid the rest. Go through the
    Talk to the skeleton on the right. Other skeletons fall from the ceiling. Find
    the blue skeleton to fight him. Defeat him for a Palace Key. Use it to open the
    Hit the Item Block for an Ultra Mushroom. Pass the cannons and make your way
    to the door. In the next room hit the 2 Item Blocks for a Coin and a Royal 
    Jelly. Hit the Badge Block for a Morohano Yaiba P badge. Go through the door.
    For the next 7 rooms go through the door where the torch is lit. Lower right, 
    lower right, upper right, upper right, lower right, upper right and lower right.
    Emerge into a large open area. (I am using Clouda) Clouda says, 
    "I knew we were somewhere strange but this place...It's really wide open but
     can this really be under the city? What kind of place is this?"
    Go right and fight the Chomps. Use the Save and Recovery Blocks and go right 
    through the door. Go through 4 identical (except for the enemies in them) rooms.
    Emerge in a chamber. A familiar dragon is in there with you. 
    "Who are you? It's been a long time since someone's come around here. You are 
     unspeakably rude to burst into a holy place such as this with your shoes still
    "Gonzalez, doesn't this dragon look like the one you defeated earlier? He's big,
     with an ugly look in his eyes. He's exactly how you described Gonbaba."
    "What?!! You guys defeated my cute, cute younger sister? Come to think of it, I 
     haven't gotten a letter in a while. Oh well, My name is Bunbaba. First I'll 
     avenge my sister and then I'll really kick your butt."
    HP 80
    AP  8
    DP  2
    Get 25 Star Points
    Bunbaba spits out a treasure chest after you defeat him. Inside is a Star Key.
    Use Barel to blow up the wall on the right to get an Ultra Mushroom and a Royal
    Jelly. Go back to the main open area.
    Use Barel to blow up the two Chomp statues to reveal pipes. Go in the pipes and
    hit the switches to reveal two Boat Panels. Use the Boat Panels to get across
    to the building. Enter the front door. 
    There are 8 rooms in this place. 4 on the first floor and 4 on the second
    floor. The key pedestals are on the 3rd floor. Starting with the room to the 
    right of the main door work your way counter clockwise. In the first room use
    Clouda to expose the hidden chest for a Palace Key. In the next room walk 
    through the wall and hit the blue block for a Palace Key. In the third room 
    and smash the grey block. This room is linked to the room directly above it. Go
    there and smash the two grey blocks. Go back down and hit the blue block for a 
    Palace Key. Smash the remaining grey block. Go counterclockwise to the door to 
    the left of the main door. Hit the left red block 3 times and hit the right 
    red block 2 times. Go upstairs to the second floor.
    Go to the room to the right of the stairs. Use Vivian to sink into the floor.
    The blue block appears. Hit it for a Palace Key. Go to the next room and use 
    Barel to blow up the wall to get to the treasure chest with the Palace Key. Go
    to the next room and hit the blue block for a Palace Key. Go to the last room. 
    There are 4 skeletons you have to defeat in a particular order. Brown, Pink, 
    White and Blue. Get the Palace Key. Go to the 3rd floor. 
    "Mario, look at that! It's big but what is it?"
    Insert the Star Key into the pedestal. The Palace Key pedestals emerge from the
    floor. Put the keys in them and the model of the solar system starts to move.
    "It's moving! (There's a noise) What!! What's that?"
    Stairs appear in another place.
    "What could that have been?"
    Go back to the main area and use the Save and Recovery Blocks. Go right Majorin,
    Marilyn and Professor Frankuri emerge.
    "We've been waiting for you."
    "Professor, what are you doing here?"
    Majorin says, 
    "Thank you for opening the door, Mario. Thanks to your generosity our plans have
     gone off quite smoothly."
    "We opened the door for you? What do you mean?"
    "Hihihihihi...I see you haven't noticed yet. The Professor that you met earlier
     when you opened the door was really just a disguise. Hihihihi. The real 
     Frankuri is counting sheep in a shed somewhere. This has all been part of our
     plan to lure you here. Are you ready? This time we're going to pay you back
     for stealing Vivian from us."
    Ranperu says,
    "Yeah, let's get him."
    "You shut up."
    "I'm sorry."
    Barel says, 
    "We're not going to lose to you. Let's finish this once and for all."
    HP 30
    AP  5
    DP  0
    HP 40
    AP  7
    DP  0
    HP 40
    AP  ?
    DP  0
    Get 45 Star Points
    Go through the door on the right and go down the stairs. Do an Ultra Jump to
    hit the Item Block for a Kaminari Dokkan item. Walk all the way right and use
    Clouda to peel off the wallpaper to reveal stairs. Use them to walk left. Use
    Yoshi to jump across to the door. Go in. Use Nokotaro's Hold Move to hit the 
    switch and reveal the platform. Jump across and go down the stairs. Hit the Item
    Block for a Teki Yokeru item. Go through the door.
    Go up the stairs on the left and go through the door. Hit the small green 
    block and go back through the door on the right. Use Yoshi to cross the space
    where the large green block was. Fall down onto the purple and red blocks. Use
    Barel to hit the purple switch. Ride the block to the top. Jump right to the 
    small red block. Hit the red switch and stand on the large red block when it 
    appears. Use Nokotaro to hit the red switch. Half way down jump right into an 
    opening. Go right and use Roll Mode to cross safely to the door. Go in. 
    Use Ultra Jump to grab the pipe above. Go right to the door and go in. Go up the
    stairs and drop Barel down onto the switch. Go left and up the stairs and then
    go right to the wheel. Stand on the first platform and walk right off the ledge
    to land on the Palace Key. Go through the locked door on the left. 
    Hit the Item Block for an Emergency Mushroom. Go up the stairs. Red Blocks are
    lined up. Hit block numbers 1,3,4 and 6. Go back to the wheel in the room to
    the right. It is moving now so ride it to the other side. There is an Emergency
    Mushroom on the top. Go down the stairs and through the door. 
    Have Clouda blow away the stone that is covering a block in the middle of the 
    room. Smash the block to reveal a Butt Slam panel. Go down and hit the block for
    a coin. Go through the door and navigate the narrow path to the right. Go 
    through the door. 
    Use the Airplane Panel to fly to the door. Go in. Hit the red switch and use
    Yoshi to run real fast to the moving platform. Open the chest for a Palace
    Key. Go back to the previous room and either use Yoshi or the Airplane Panel
    to get to the door on the right. Go all the way right and use the Save and 
    Recovery Blocks before going through the door on the right. 
    Mario enters a large chamber. His partner (Yoshi) says, 
    "Well, we've found the creepiest room yet. What is this place?"
    Go up the stairs and Batsugaruf appears. 
    "Fuhahahaha. It's nice to meet you, Mario. I've wanted to meet you at least 
    "He must be the enemy leader!!"
    "Hahaha, that's exactly right. I am Batsugaruf, the leader of the secret
     organization, Megabatten. However, I must thank you. The reason is that you
     have been kind enough to collect all the Star Stones that I was searching for."
     "Wait. That last Star Stone on the Moon was..."
    "You've finally figured it out. I decided that instead of taking trying to take
     the Star Stones from you, I would just wait here and have you bring them right
     to me. That's why I entrusted the search for the Star Stones to by boneheaded
     assistant. Peckda never had a clue about anything. So, whether you won or lost
     on the Moon was of no consequence to me. The Star Stones would be in my hands
     either way. I did think that the Three Shadows Group would give you more 
     trouble than they did. But, I guess they were also just useless pieces of 
     trash. And it leaves the job of disposing of you to me."
    "Watch out Gonzalez, I have think this guy might be dangerous."
    "Once I get rid of you and get the treasure, there is nobody else in this world
     who can stop me. I am the ruler of this world!!!"
    "We won't let that happen."
    "Let's begin."
    HP 50
    AP  7
    DP  1
    HP  3
    AP  4
    DP  0
    Use Yoshi's "Yoshi Stampede" attack to kill all four of the barriers at once. 
    Get 29 Star Points
    "No....You're stronger than I thought. But, just in case, I planned for this
     eventuality. Look over there."
    Princess Peach appears trapped in a green bubble. She says, 
    "Where am I? Mario?!!"
    "Princess Peach!!"
    Batsugaruf says, 
    "If you make even one step in that direction, her life will be forfeit."
    "You coward!"
    "Take this!"
    Lightning bolts strike Mario and his partner. Peach says, 
    Batsugaruf says, 
    "Hahaha. How's that? How about one more time?"
    Lightning bolts strike Mario again. Yoshi says, 
    "What should we do, Gonzalez? If we don't attack him then we're done for." 
     (Attack/ Don't Attack) ***Choose Attack*** 
    "What!! You think you're going to defy me? I see you don't care about what 
     happens to the Princess. Well, if that's how you feel..."
    Dust starts to fall from the ceiling. 
    "What? What is that?"
    Bowser falls through the ceiling on top of Batsugaruf. Peach says, 
    "Ugh...what happened? Did I just fall?"
    Kamekubaba appears and says, 
    "Lord Bowser, are you all right?"
    Bowser says, 
    "What is Mario doing here?"
    "Woah! The Princess is here as well."
    "I don't know what happened but this is a once in a lifetime chance. Mario!
     Once I defeat you I will take Princess Peach and the treasure."
    Yoshi says, 
    "You've got to be kidding? There's no way we'll lose to you."
    "Hahahaha. That's what you think. But, today is the day I rid myself of you for
    HP 7O
    AP  7
    DP  2
    HP 50
    AP  5
    DP  0
    Get 30 Star Points
    "No, I lost......................"
    "Wow. That was close. Well it's all settled. Let's save the Princess. Huh?!!
     Where is Batsugaruf?"
    "That's Princess Peach's voice."
    Batsugaruf carries Peach into the next room. Follow him. There is a treasure
    chest with an Ultra Mushroom inside. Use the Recovery Block and proceed to the 
    right. At the bottom of the stairs is a Royal Jelly and a Save Block. Go through
    the door. 
    Princess Peach is on the floor in front of a casket. Batsugaruf is in front of
    her. He says, 
    "I hate to say it, Mario, but you are too late."
    "What are you talking about?"
    "Behind me in that casket the Legendary Treasure is sleeping. The soul of the
     demon is confined within it. Using Princess Peach's body I will bring the 
     Shadow Queen back to life."
    "Using Peach's body..."
    Princess Peach says, 
    "Mario, I just wanted to send you the map. I didn't mean for this to happen. I'm
    Batsugaruf says, 
    "With this great power at my disposal, I will easily be able to rule the world.
     Finally the time has come. The world is mine. Awake, Shadow Queen!!"
    Darkness falls over the room as the casket opens and the Shadow Queen appears. 
    A darkness falls over Hoodlum Town. 
    A darkness falls over HanaHana Village. The mayor says, 
    "What is the meaning of this?"
    A darkness falls over the Great Tree. Puniko says, 
    Punio says, 
    "The sky...the sky..."
    A darkness falls over Oolong Town. Kinoshikowa says,
    "What is going on? The sky's turned black."
    Back in the Palace chamber the Shadow Queen says, 
    "Who woke me from my slumber?"
    Batsugaruf says, 
    "It was me."
    The Shadow Queen says, 
    "I see. Have you brought a container for my soul?"
    "Yes, this young girl."
    "That will do just fine."
    The Shadow Queen envelops Princess Peach.
    A darkness has already descended upon Gloomy Village but the crows in the 
    background fly away. 
    A darkness has descended upon Tropico Island. 
    "Save me............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    Powan in Pikari Hills says, 
    "This is it. The end of the world."
    In the Remote Village the Mayor says, 
    "What has happened? I fear something fantastically terrifying has happened."
    Professor Frankuri in the Dark Palace says, 
    "No! The Legendary Darkness has begun again. This is bad...!!" 
    The Shadow Queen says, 
    "I have been resurrected. My new body and my soul have not yet fully merged and
     it'll take some time to get fully accustomed."
    Batsugaruf says, 
    "My Queen...put an end to those scoundrels."
    "Who do you think you are giving ME orders?!!"
    "What do you mean? Don't I get to order you around since I was the one who 
     brought you back to life? This isn't the time for this discussion. Do as I 
     say with out any objections. If you don't, I'll put you back to rest in the 
    The Shadow Queen hits him with a bolt that disintegrates his body and leaves
    his helmet rolling around on the floor. 
    "To not understand your place and bark orders is an intolerable act of 
    She zaps his helmet with another blast.
    "Ahh...my powers haven't fully come back yet. It's to be expected, I guess."
    Mario's partner (Barel) says, 
    "Mario, what the heck is going on?"
    The Three Shadows Group appears and Majorin says, 
    "Your Majesty. You have been revived."
    "Ah, Majorin. It's been a long time. I see. I was you who brought me back to 
    "I searched for a young girl of pure heart for my queen. And I started a false
     rumor about a treasure. I knew idiots would be lining up to find the Star 
     Stones and break the seal to get the treasure."
    "Good work. (She looks at Mario) And who are you? You seem agreeable. How would
     you like to be in my service? If you become my servant, no harm will come to 
    Barel says, 
    "Mario is not the type of person to fall for your wicked promises. Right?" 
     (Refuse/ Become a servant) ***Choose Refuse***   
    "I see have chosen to defy me. Interesting. You'll pay dearly for this."
    HP 150
    AP   7
    DP   0
    You can hurt her in her first form but then she changes form and your attacks 
    won't work. After a while Mario leaves the battle because there is no chance of
    The Shadow Queen says, 
    "Are you sure you don't want to enter into my service. I will let bygones be
    "Become your servant? That won't make my dead wife very happy."
    "Well, then I will destroy you as per your obvious desires. Now for the coup
     de grace. (A light flashes) What is that?"
    The Star Stones float in the air around Mario. Barel says, 
    "The Star Stones?!!!"
    The Star Stones shoot into the air above Hoodlum Town. One lands in HanaHana
    Village. The Mayor says, 
    "What is this?"
    Nokotaro's father says, 
    "Sir, that is the Star Stone. But, I thought Mario had it."
    "It just fell from the sky. I wonder if there is some connection?"
    "I don't know. I hope nothing has happened to Mario and Nokotaro."
    Nokorin says, 
    "No, he is safe. He promised that he would come back to me."
    A green Star Stone appears by the Great Tree. Punio says, 
    "The Star Stone."
    Obaba says, 
    "What? Why is it here? That is very strange indeed."
    Puniko says,
    "Don't be so easygoing about it. Mario must be in danger. This Star Stone came
     here to tell us that.  
    Punio says, 
    "Really? You think so? Maybe you're right. The Star Stone came here to tell us
     that Mario is fighting to save the world."
    "Mario! Clouda! Good luck!!"
    Another Star Stone lands in Oolong Town. Kinoshikowa says,
    "Gonzalez, I mean, Mario. You're probably somewhere fighting for us. The Star
     Stone came here to communicate that to us. I can't help save you, though. But
     I can send you good vibes to help you win."
    Gold Hawk says, 
    "Good Luck, Gonzalez. There's no way someone who beat me can lose to anybody."
    Everybody says, 
    "Gonzalez, good luck!! Try your best!!!"
    In the Gloomy Village a Star Stone falls, 
    "Don't lose, Mario. You're probably in a pinch right now. If you lose the world 
     will probably be over."
    "I wonder if Vivian is with him. I always worried about that girl."
    "It's all right. He won't lose. You saw how easily he beat that ghost that was
     in this town. We have to believe that light will come back to this world."
    On Tropico Island....
    "Mario, do your best!!"
    "Come on guys, I can't hear you!"
    "MARIO, DO YOUR BEST!!!!!!!!! BAREL, TOO."
    "Barel, show them what a man of the sea is made of!"
    In Pikari Hills...
    "I hope everyone is all right."
    Powan says, 
    "Don't worry. Luigi is my number one apprentice. I'm sure he will save the 
    Bomb mother says, 
    "Of course, I'm a little worried. I want my son to have a bright future and I
     have a bad feeling that it won't happen."
    Bomb father says, 
    "Well then, let's cheer for him. This shining stone will surely deliver our
    "That's right, dad. Good luck, Mario. Good luck everyone."
    Powan says, 
    "What? Mario? Gonzalez? His name isn't Luigi?"
    In the Remote Village...
    "Sir, everyone is gathered."
    "Good work everyone. Let's go...."
    "Good luck Mario. 
    Back in the Dark Palace the voices fill the chamber. 
    "Mario, can you hear that? It's everyone...Everyone is giving us their power."
    The Shadow Queen says, 
    "What are these troublesome voices?"
    "Mario, look!"
    "Ah, what is this light?"
    The barrier surrounding the Shadow Queen is broken. Peach says, 
    "That voice is Princess Peach's. 
    The Shadow Queen takes over and says, 
    "What do you think you're doing, little lady? Trying to defy me?"
    Peach says, 
    "Mario, I will send you the last of my power."
    All of Mario's energies are refilled. Barel (or whoever) says, 
    "This power..."
    Peach says, 
    "Goodbye Mario. I believe in you."
    "PRINCESS PEACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    The Shadow Queen says, 
    "I don't know what you were trying to do but it's all over now."
    Same stats as before but now you can damage her. I don't have any special 
    strategy besides using Mario's Special Abilities, especially his 6SP attack. It
    does 15 damage to everything. 
    Get 1 Star Point
    "No....This can't be......I can't be beaten by this lot. And I was just  
     revived. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    "Princess Peach!!"
    Light returns to the room. The Three Shadows Group is still in the room. Majorin
    "This isn't good. Marilyn, let's get out of here."
    They sink into the floor, leaving Ranperu behind. 
    "Wait for me..."
    Barel runs to Princess Peach.
    "Mario, come here. The Princess is all right. There isn't a scratch on her."
    Peach wakes up and says, 
    "Mario, it's over, isn't it? I'm sorry Mario, I didn't mean for things to turn 
     out like that."
    "Princess, don't worry about it. It's OK."
    "Thank you."
    Professor Frankuri enters the room and says, 
    "Here you are, Mario. They pounced on me, even though I'm old. But, I was 
     worried so I came looking for you anyway. From the looks of things, everything
     turned out just fine. You are all heroes. And look what I found. This must
     be the Legendary Treasure that was written about. This is proof of the power
     of research. Well, it's all over now. Let's leave this dank place."
    Princess Peach says, 
    "Let's go home Mario."
    At the Hoodlum Town port...
    Frankuri says, 
    "So, you're leaving? That's too bad. I was hoping you'd stay and help with 
     my research."
    Christinu says, 
    "The others wouldn't let you hog Mario all to yourself anyway. From now on I 
     will support the Professor in his research."
    "Thanks Christinu. Mario, even though you're leaving, think about us from time
     to time. OK?"
    Christinu says, 
    "One thing I learned on our adventure is to never give up, no matter what the 
     odds. Thanks, Mario. Don't forget me."
    Nokotaro says, 
    "Mario, thanks to you I feel like I've become a little more like a man. And 
     I learned to like myself some. I should go and visit my father."
    Clouda says, 
    "Mario, I'm thinking about making my stage comeback. I realized on this 
     that it is my dream to express myself as an actress. I want to get reaccustomed
     bathing in the spotlight. Come see me on stage. Peach too."
    Yoshi says, 
    "Gonzalez, well, Mario...Although to me you will always be Gonzalez. I was born
     at the Arena and love the champion Great Gonzalez. Let's meet again someday."
    Vivian says, 
    "Mario....about me...oh, forget it. You and Princess Peach make a very charming
     couple. I will never forget our adventure together. So, don't forget about me."
    Barel says, 
    "Mario, I have to thank you. If I hadn't met you I would still be lost in my own
     miserable world. But, you got me back on the sea, just like my Scarlet wanted
     me to. Let's meet somewhere again. Maybe at sea."
    ChuChu Rina says,
    "It's time to part. But, I won't say goodbye. Because, this is also you home. 
     Please come back here anytime. Take care of yourself. Until I see you again..."
    Uncle Mushroom says,
    "The boat should be here shortly."
    Punio and Puniko enter the port area carrying mushrooms. 
    "MARIO!!!! Ah, we made it on time. Please take these and eat them on your trip
     home. They are very fresh mushrooms."
    Peach says, 
    "Oh, thank you. I'm so happy. Everyone...if you weren't here the world would
     still be swallowed by the darkness. But through your hopes for peace you saved 
     the world. I thank you from the bottom of my heart."
    Professor says, 
    "No, no, it is us who should be thanking you. If you hadn't come to this city
     Batsugaruf and the Shadow Queen would be unstoppable."
    Uncle Mushroom says, 
    "The boat!  I see the boat!! 
    "Goodbye everyone."
    The ship's porter says, 
    "Sorry, sir. I overslept. Please get on and we will be on our way. To the 
     Mushroom Kingdom!!" 
    Princess Peach and Mario are riding on the back of the boat. 
    "They sure were great people, weren't they? I can't really say that being taken
     hostage in Hoodlum Town was a good thing but I got to meet some great people. 
     Mario, I was really worried when I was taken hostage. But, Tech was there so
     I decided to try my best. I knew that you would come and save me. Thank you.
     I wonder if I should start acting more like a princess, like Uncle Mushroom 
     wants me to? Mario! Hoodlum Town looks beautiful in the setting sun."
    Mario and Luigi are relaxing in their home. Luigi says, 
    "Sounds like you had a rough time. But, at least nothing happened to Princess
     Peach. If anybody can save the world it is you, brother. It's been a long time
     since that journey. Do you feel like going on another adventure any time soon? 
     I wonder what your partners are up to these days?"
    Mario gets mail. 
    "It looks like you've got mail."
    How are you? This is Christinu. I am still working with Professor Frankuri. We
    defeated the Shadow Queen bit there are still many unanswered questions about
    the legend. We are continuing our research. But, based on the information from 
    our adventure, we've uncovered some new facts. There is some truth to the 
    legend. By the way, what do you think was in the treasure chest that the 
    Professor picked up? It's a secret. I'll tell you next time I see you. 
    I have revisited many of the places we went to on our journey. And I meet our 
    old partners from time to time. 
    Nokotaro is living with his father and Nokorin in HanaHana Village. Mario, did
    you know what Nokotaro's future dream was? To become Mayor of the village! I was
    really surprised. But, I was happy for him. And he seemed like he had become 
    more mature the last time I saw him. But, he's still weak as ever when it comes
    to Nokorin. 
    Clouda has made her stage comeback and she's as big as ever. Right now she's 
    acting in a play about our adventure. The title is "Paper Mario" and it's 
    really good. Ranperu, with his ability to change shape, is an important part
    of the show. But, it kind of gives me a strange feeling, you know? 
    Yoshi is a fighter at the Arena. He's really strong and will be champion soon.
    He calls himself "Great Gonzalez Junior". It's kind of funny but also cute. He
    thinks he's as strong as you. He never changes. 
    Vivian returned to her sister's village. Since we beat the Shadow Queen, the 
    Three Shadows Group have become completely harmless. And I made Majorin promise
    me that she wouldn't abuse Vivian. Now, the three sisters(?) can live in peace.
    Come visit her sometime, OK? 
    Barel goes to sea every day on Cortez's ship. He finally seems at peace with 
    himself. I ran into him one day on Tropico Island. He seemed so happy that he
    might explode. I'm sure that is looking happily down at him from heaven. 
    Everyone else on Tropico Island is healthy and happy as well. 
    ChuChu Rina is working at the Hoodlum Town Badge Shop. She sometimes comes to
    the Professor's house to visit. But like always, she's running here and there
    looking for rare badges. But, that's what we shouldn't expect any less from the 
    great thief ChuChu Rina. 
    Oh yeah, I heard on my travels that Peckda and Batsugaruf are still alive. If 
    it's true, they're pretty tenacious. But, maybe they've learned from they're
    experience like Majorin did and will stay out of trouble. 
    Speaking of still alive, one more person is still alive. Tech. He really wants
    to see Princess Peach again. 
    Lastly, our adventure together had some tough times but over all it was a great
    experience. There was something I wasn't able to express to you before. It is...
    well, it's a secret. Say hi to the Princess for me. Let's meet again soon.
    You're friend.
    "Sounds like everyone is doing well. What? A visitor?"
    Uncle Mushroom and Princess Peach enter. 
    "Hello, Mario. Hello, Luigi."
    "Mario, sorry to drop by without warning. I was cleaning around the castle the
     other day when I found something great!!"
    "We found a treasure map. I think that this time it is the real thing. Mario, 
     let's go looking for the treasure. The boat is waiting."
    ITEM LIST                                                        pmrpgI
    Acchiikeshisshi          Scare enemies and make them run away
    BiriBiri Mushroom        Make yourself electric.
    DekaDeka Drink           Raise AP by becoming giant.
    Dried Flower             Recover 1 HP. 
    Emergency Mushroom       When HP reaches 0, regain 10 HP automatically
    Fire Flower              Cause 3 fire damage to all enemies
    FunyaFunyaKun            Reduce an enemy's Defense Power.
    Gold Bar
    Honey Syrup              Refill 5 FP
    Hot Dog                  Refill 5 HP and FP
    Irekaeru                 Switch partner's FP and HP
    JiwaJiwa Mushroom        Gradually recover HP
    JiwaJiwa Syrup           Gradually recover FP
    KachiKachi Koura         Increases Defense Power
    KameKame Leaf            Regain 3 FP. Can also be made into tea?
    Kaminari Dokkan          Cause 5 damage by lightning strike
    Kaminari GoroGoro        Cause 5 damage by lightning strike
    KiraKira Otoshi          Do 6 damage by shooting star.
    Kouri no Ibuki           Cause ice damage
    Mushroom                 Refill 5 HP
    Nama Pasta               Refill 10 HP and 5 FP
    Nemureyoikoyo            Causes all enemies to sleep
    POW Block                Does 2 damage to all enemies.
    Royal Jelly              Refill 50 FP
    Seasonal Omelette        Refill 5 HP and FP
    Shukuhakuken             Stay at an Inn for free
    Special Card             Lets you play the Paper Airplane game.
    Suitoru Chululu          Give 5 damage and refill 5 HP.
    Sukkiri Drink            Cure poison and status ailments
    Super Mushroom           Refill 10 HP
    Tankobu                  Restore 25 HP and FP
    Teki Yokeru              Make enemy's attacks miss you
    Teresa no Fuku           Make partner clear and unable to be attacked. 
    Ultra Mushroom           Refill 50 HP
    What Will Happen?        It's a mystery
    YuraYura Jishin          Cause 5 damage with an earthquake
    BADGE LIST                                                      pmrpgB
    Acrobat Wakaru      -  Tells you when to hit the button to do Acrobat Moves.
    Always Genki        -  Mario receives no status ailments. 
    Always Genki P      -  Partner receives no status ailments. 
    BiriBirin           -  Makes Mario electric. 
    Bougyo Plus         -  Raises Mario's DP by 1.
    Bougyo Plus P       -  Raises Partner's DP by 1. 
    Charge              -  Forfeit one turn to make the next attack more powerful.
    Charge P            -  Forfeit 1 turn to make partner's attack more powerful.
    Coin Modoru         -  Receive Coins for items you use. 
    Fire Naguri         -  Fire hammer attack. 
    Flower Deru         -  After a battle, receive more flowers than usual.
    Flower Fueru        -  Increase Max FP by 5.
    Flower Setuyaku     -  Reduce Mario's FP expenditure by 1.
    Flower SetuyakuP    -  Reduce partner's FP expenditure by 1.
    Flower Suitoru      -  Reduce Mario's AP by 1 to refill 1 FP every turn.
    FunyaFunya Fumi     -  Reduce enemy's Defense Power.
    Gatsunn Naguri      -  Powerful hammer attack.
    Gatsunn Jump        -  Large jump attack.
    Hammer Dakeyo       -  Hammer AP +1 but cannot use Jump attack. 
    Hammer Nageru       -  Attack any enemy by throwing the hammer.
    Happy Flower        -  FP automatically refills during battle.
    Happy Heart         -  HP automatically refills during battle.
    Happy Heart P       -  Friend's HP refills during battle.
    Heart Deru          -  After a battle, receive more hearts than usual.
    Heart Fueru         -  Increase Mario's Max HP by 5
    Heart Fueru P       -  Increase partner's Max HP by 5
    Heart Suitoru       -  Mario's AP -1, but recover 1 HP every attack. 
    Heart Suitoru P     -  Partner's AP-1, but recover 1 HP every attack.
    HP Mieru            -  See an enemy's HP.
    Ice Naguri          -  Freeze an enemy with an ice hammer attack.
    Ice no Chikara      -  Take no damage from jumping on fire enemies. 
    Ichikabachika       -  If Mario does Action Command successfully then AP +1,
                           if not AP is 0
    Item Deru           -  After a battle, receive more items than usual.
    Jishin Attack       -  Do earthquake damage to enemies.
    Jumo Dakeyo         -  Jump AP+1, but cannot use hammer. 
    Kantan ni Naru      -  Action Commands are easy but SP received is reduced.
    Kiken de Power P    -  If a partner is in danger, their attack power is +5.
    Konran Naguri       -  Cause [confusion] with a hammer attack.
    Luigi's Costume     -  Change your clothes to look like Luigi's. 
    MiniMini Fumi       -  Shrink enemies and lower their AP.
    Morohano Yaiba      -  Mario's AP+1 but DP -1.
    Morohano Yaiba P    -  Partner's AP +1, but DP -1.
    Muzukashiku Naru    -  Action commands are harder to do but more SP received. 
    Namakura Yaiba      -  Mario's AP -1, but received damage also -1.
    Namakura Yaiba P    -  Partner's AP -1, but received damage also -1.
    Nemurase Fumi       -  Makes enemies go to sleep. 
    Nibai Damage        -  Doubles the amount of damage Mario RECEIVES.  
    Nice de Bougyo      -  When Mario guards, defense power +1.
    Nice de Bougyo P    -  When partner guards, defense power +1.
    Nikai Item          -  Use 2 times in one turn. 
    Nikai Item P        -  Partner can use 2 items in one turn. 
    NoroNoro Aruku      -  Slow your walking speed to a crawl.
    Pikkyo Loan A       -  Makes Mario's attack sound like a frog.
    Pikkyo Loan B       -  Makes a strange sound when Mario attacks.
    Pikkyo Loan C       -  Makes Mario's attack sound like a mouse. 
    Pikkyo Loan E       -  Makes Mario's attack sound like Bowser's voice. 
    Pinch de Ganbare    -  Mario's AP +2 when in a PINCH.
    Pinch de Ganbare P  -  Partner's AP +2 when in a PINCH.
    Pinch de Lucky      -  Makes enemy's attacks miss when Mario's in a PINCH.
    Pinch de Lucky P    -  Makes enemy's attacks miss when partner's in a PINCH.
    Pinch de Mamoru     -  When Mario is in a PINCH, damage taken reduced by 1/2.
    Pinch de Mamoru P   -  When friend is in a PINCH, damage taken reduced by 1/2.
    Power Plus          -  Raise Mario's Attack Power by 1.
    Power Plus P        -  Raise partner's Attack Power by 1.
    Renzoku Jump        -  Have Mario do a continuous jump on one enemy.
    Sensei Sarenai      -  The enemy never attacks first.
    Supayakukawaru      -  Change partners during battle w/o losing a turn.
    Super Appeal        -  Get extra Star Power when you do Appeal command.
    Super Appeal P      -  Get extra Star Power when partner does Appeal command.
    Tama ni Lucky       -  Sometimes enemy attacks cause no damage to Mario.
    Tama ni Lucky P     -  Sometimes enemy attacks cause no damage to Partner. 
    Tatsumaki Jump      -  Damage all flying enemies with a whirlwind.
    Toge o Guard        -  Lets Mario jump on spiked enemies w/o taking damage.
    TsugiTsugi Jump     -  Jump on all enemies in a row.
    Tsuranuki Naguri    -  Ignore an enemy's Defense Power and inflict damage. 
    Yattsuke Attack     -  Defeat weak enemies on field screen with First Attack.
    Wario's Costume     -  Makes your clothes look like Wario's. 
    WORRY CENTER SIDE QUEST                                       pmrpgW
    The Worry Center is in the EAST AREA next to the bridge with the skulls on it. 
    Inside the Worry Center is a bulletin board with many requests posted. Help the
    people of your world and get coins, items and other things in return. 
    1. FIND MY KEY   -   GISU
       Talk to the guy across the little bridge to the right of the Worry Center.
       He is locked out of his house and needs your help. His key is on the walkway
       in front of the Badge Store. Bring it back to him for 20 COINS.  
    2. BOOTS         -   MAKURI
       Talk to the Goomba in the Town Square's back alley for a pair of boots.
       Deliver them to the Goomba in the East Area in front of the Professor's
       house. Go back and talk to the first Goomba for 20 COINS.
    3. SURVEY        -   ROTTEN
       Talk to the dinosaur guy directly south of the Worry Center. He asks you 
       the prices of items at the Item Shop. Answer 10, 8 and 3 for 20 COINS.
       Talk to the Goomba walking side to side near the gallows in the Town Square.
       He wants you to track down someone who swindled him. Go to the East Area's
       back alley and talk to the guy in blue. He will run away to the harbor. 
       Talk to him there and he will run away to the squalid house in the alley
       behind the Town Square. Talk to him again for 20 COINS. 
    5. HIT ME!!       -   MARUCHURO
       Talk to the rat in front of the Item Shop. Hit him with your hammer until 
       he regains his memory. He tells you that if you buy the sleep item at the 
       Hoodlum Town Item Shop and sell it at the Item Shop in HanaHana Village, 
       you can make a profit of 2 Coins. 
    6. I'M HUNGRY     -  BOMBTONIO
       Talk to the bomb-guy near the Save Block in the harbor. He wants you to 
       give him some food. Give him something to get 11 COINS.
    AFTER CLEARING STAGE 1-----------------------------------------------------
    7. FIND ORECCHI!  -  NOX
       Go to Gonbaba's Castle where we found the Emergency Mushroom. ( Jump off 
       the bridge before the door where we met ChuChu Rina) Orecchi is playing 
       hide and go seek. Get the Special Card.
       Go to the Mayor's house and listen to his long story about his wife for 
       a KameKame Leaf. 
    9. GATHER ITEMS!       -   KINOSHIMO
       Talk to the Item Shop keeper inside Hoodlum Town's Town Square Item Shop. 
       He tells you to get 5 Kachi-Kachi Koura items (the turtle shell) from 
       HanaHana Village and bring them back to him. Do this to get an Ultra
    AFTER CLEARING STAGE 2-------------------------------------------------------
        Buy an Emergency Mushroom at the West Area Item Shop and take it to Obaba
        to get 60 Coins.
    11. COME AND PLAY!     - TERESA
        Go to the West Area's Amusement Center and talk to the bunny-eared teller. 
        She gives you 10 Montes.
    12. SAVE MY FATHER!   - KINO
        Go to the 100 Floor Dungeon and talk to Kino. She asks you to enter the 
        dungeon and rescue her father. Find him on the 18th floor and lead him to 
        the exit on the 20th floor to get the Silver Card.
    AFTER CLEARING STAGE 3------------------------------------------------------
        Go to Oolong Town and gather all the dirty underwear in the Storage Room.
        Talk to Kinoshikowa and she tells you to take them to the Goomba in 
        Hoodlum Town's East Area. Go back to Oolong Town and talk to Kinoshikowa
        again to get 30 Coins.  
        Go to HanaHana Village and talk to the Mushroom girl in the far right 
        house. Go to Sanderu's house. (It is below Hoodlum Town's East Area, in 
        the background. Use Paper Thin mode to slip through the bars to access the 
        pipe) Tell her the recipe. She doesn't have the Okashi no Moto so go to the
        Amusement Center and buy it for 6 Montes. Take it back Sanderu. Get 30
        Go to HanaHana Village and talk to the white creature with the pink rose 
        sticking out of its head. He wants you to give him 2 hot dogs. (Get them
        from the vendor in Oolong Town) Next he wants Moose Cake. Buy another
        Okashi no Moto from the Amusement Center and take it to the chef next to
        the Town Square Item Shop. Give her the Okashi no Moto and she will give
        you the Moose Cake. Take it back to Mr. Flower for a Dried Flower.   
    ---- AFTER STAGE 4 -----------------------
    16. ???
        Go to the roof of Nancy's house in the Hoodlum Town town square and meet
        ChuChu Rina. She wants a badge from Gonbaba's Castle. Go to the room where
        you fought Gonbaba and use Clouda to uncover a chest in the middle of the 
        room. Get the Pikyo Loan C Badge. Take it back to ChuChu Rina and she joins
        your party. She also gives you the badge. 
         Get a circular from the Gloomy Village Mayor and take it to Obaba in the 
         Great Tree. Next take it to the HanaHana Vilage's Mayor. Take it back to
         the Gloomy Village Mayor to get 30 Coins.
        Nancy wants the cookbook. We should have it already but if not, it is in
        the Odoron Temple (see above for details). Give it to her and she can now
        combine ingredients to make new items. Get a Honey Mushroom.
    ------ AFTER STAGE 5 --------------------------- 
    19. TELL THIS PERSON...       -  DIANA
        Go to Gloomy Village and talk to the woman in the house with the kids. She
        and Bean used to date and she still carries a flame. She wants you to ask 
        him about her. Go to Hooflum Town and talk to the bartender at the Inn. He
        is Bean but he claims not to remember Diana. Go back to Diana and decide
        whether to (Tell the truth/Lie) to get one of Nancy's creations, the 
        Hoshifuru Dina (recovers 7 HP and then regenerates HP every turn).    
        Go to Tropico Island and find Kurichero in the room in the cave with the
        red switch at the top of the stairs by the waterfall. He wants a girlfriend
        so make Christinu your partner and he will hit on her. Christinu claims to
        be dating Mario. Kurichero leaves in a huff but you get another food, 
        Together Forever. (Cannot eat it yourself. Regenerates HP every turn)   
    ----- AFTER STAGE 6 -----------------------------
        Talk to Piton. He is in the West Area, in the grassy area. Moni lost her
        ring again. It is on top of the wall between the Professor's house and
        Barel's house. Take it back to him for a GOLD CARD (unlocks the Roll Mode
        game in the amusement center). 
    22. FOOD DELIVERY                -  COOK
        You have to collect 3 items and take them to the cook on the RichiRichi
        Express. The Gold Leaf is in the Odoron Temple. Go to the room where you
        hit the switch to move the staircase and use Paper Thin mode to slip into
        the grassy background. Go right and hammer the tree for the Gold Leaf.Next,
        talk to Puniko (Puni with the pink ball on her head) in the Great Tree.
        Answer her questions (no right or wrong answers) to get the Strange Egg.
        Next, go to Tropico Island and hit the tree to the upper left from the warp
        pipe for a Tropico Mango. Ride the train and give them to the Cook for 40
        Talk to Madam Rose in the pink house in Pikari Hills. She wants a book from
        Kinoshikowa (the fight promotor) in Oolong Town. Go talk to Kinoshikowa, 
        get the book and take it back to Madam Rose for the Platinum Card. (Unlocks
        the Paper Boat game in the Amusement Center)
    24. SECURITY NUMBER              -  BUSINESS MAN
        Go to Oolong Town and talk to the blue business rat guy. Give him the 
        combination of 2625 to get the Red Kararin. (A hot sauce) 
    ------- AFTER STAGE 7 -----------------------------------
        Meet Goldman at the Pikari Hills station. He wants you to deliver something'
        to General White. Go to General White's house in the Remote Village. Talk
        to the bomb guy. Next, go to Master Bean's bar in Hoodlum Town. Talk to 
        Master Bean. Next, check at the Oolong Town Juice Bar for him. Talk to the
        barkeep. Now go back to the Pikari Hills and talk to Goldman again. Now go
        back to General White's house. Give him the package. Go back to Goldman
        and collect your 64 Coins.  
    26. I LOST MY VOICE!!            -  KUROMU
        Take the Okashi no Moto and the Honey Syrup to Nancy to get the Honey Candy.
        Take the Honey Candy to Kuromo near the snowman in the Remote Village. Get
        20 Coins. 
    27. I WANT TO MEET LUIGI!!       -  KINOBIA
    28. CONFRONT MY ENEMY            -  FABIO
    30. ERASE THE GRAFFITI           -  BOMUROFU 

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