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    Star Pieces Guide by Aturian

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    Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
    Star Pieces Location Guide
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    Rogueport: 18 Pieces
    1. In town square on right hand side behind some crates
    2. Enter the town square alley and go into the house next to the inn from 
       the back.
    3. On the roof of Zess T.'s house.
    4. Right in front of the gallows in the town square. (Need Super Boots)
    5. Under ground behind Zess T.'s house in alley. (Need Super Boots)
    6. Behind Prof. Frankly's house on top of some crates.
    7. Right in front of Prof. Frankly's house. (Need Super Boots)
    8. On top of building in East Rogueport with lock on door. (Need Yoshi and 
       Super Boots)
    9. Behind chimney on Bobbery's house in East Rogueport.
    10. Behind barrel next to Ishnail's house.
    11. Underground in front of the Pianta Parlor. (Need Super Boots)
    12. On the west side look behind the short wall surrounding the garden right 
        as you enter.
    13. Behind Warp pipe in garden on west side.
    14. Behind trashcan on west side of town next to the item shop.
    15. In front of stairs in harbor. (Need Super Boots)
    16. Use boat panel in harbor to reach hidden area on the left side of 
        harbor. (Need Paper Boat)
    17. On the left side of the train platform. (Need Super Boots)
    18. Behind pipe to blimp.
    Rogueport Sewers: 13 Pieces
    19. Next to Merluvlee's house, behind pedestal.
    20. In Herb T.'s house in front of Wonky. (Need Super Boots)
    21. Behind pedestal next to X-Naut teleporter house.
    22. Hidden behind broken pillar in front of Merluvlee's house.
    23. From the pipe in front of Frankly's house enter and it should be in 
        front of the moving platform. (Need Super Boots)
    24. Behind stairs in entrance to Pit of 100 Trials.
    25. In room with Thousand-Year Door south of the platform. (Need Super Boots)
    26. Right in front of black treasure chest that gives you Plane 
        Mode. (Need Super Boots)
    27. In room to the right of the Thousand-Year Door behind a big yellow block.
    28. Next to the Warp pipe to Boggly Woods. (Need Super Boots)
    29. In the background of the warp pipe room that leads to Petal 
        Meadows. (Need Spring Jump)
    30. Enter the sewers through the west side of Rogueport drain. The Star 
        Piece is in the background.
    31. Enter through the sewer drain on the west side and search behind the 
        center ledge.
    Petal Meadows: 2 Star Pieces
    32. At very beginning, hit tree on the left with the hammer to knock it down.
    33. In the background to the right of the blur switch.
    Petalburg: 2 Star Pieces
    34. Near Bub-ulber in west side of village. (Need Super Boots)
    35. Next to pink flowers at eastern exit. (Need Super Boots)
    Shhwonk Fortress: 1 Star Piece
    36. In the first bush after Petalburg.
    Hooktail Castle: 5 Star Pieces
    37. Next to Castle Key behind bars. (Need Super Boots)
    38. Use big Purple block as elevator and enter door to the right 
        when elevated.
    39. On top of the big yellow block, when elevated to the left.
    40. To the right when you first jump out of a window.
    41. To the right of the paper airplane panel inside the castle on the 
    Boggly Woods: 4 Star Pieces
    42. Next to the blue switch that raises the warp pipe.
    43. From Flurrie's house move three trees to the left and use your hammer.
    44. Behind the fence that surrounds the warp pipe to Flurrie's house.
    45. Next to sofa in Flurrie's room. (Need Super Boots)
    The Great Tree: 6 Star Pieces
    46. In the first room near the save block. (Need Super Boots)
    47. Inside the blue prison cell. (Need Super Boots)
    48. Search first big bush to the right of Pungent's shop in tree.
    49. Behind warp pipe in room with giant tree stump.
    50. Behind warp pipe in room beneath prison cell.
    51. During pursuit of Lord Crump, check all bushes in first room of pursuit.
    Glitzville: 10 Star Pieces
    52. Behind the telephone.
    53. In front of the landing spot for the blimp. (Need Super Boots)
    54. Behind ferns on the right of arena entrance.
    55. Under billboard on top of juice shop. Use Koops to get it.
    56. Behind counter in the juice shop.
    57. To the right of the left side stairs in the arena 
        entrance. (Need Super Boots)
    58. In Grubba's Office in the right side desk drawer.
    59. Behind plant in Grubba's office.
    60. Behind giant yellow block in the same room where you discover 
        the injured fighters.
    61. In storage room on first floor. (Need Super Boots)
    Twilight Town: 3 Star Pieces
    62. On west side of town in-between the first two houses.
    63. In west side of town behind a bush near the tree.
    64. Behind some barrels on the east side of town inside a fence.
    Twilight Trail: 3 Star Pieces
    65. Behind the downed tree.
    66. Right behind the warp pipe after the fallen tree.
    67. Behind the wall in front of the Creepy Steeple.
    Creepy Steeple: 4 Star Pieces
    68. In first hall, use the small opening. (Need Paper Tube)
    69. In the same room as the moving stairs on the right 
        side. (Need Super Boots)
    70. After you drop down the well, enter the background of the room were you 
        free the Boos. In plain sight.
    71. In the room with the parrot's key near the door. (Need Super Boots)
    Keelhaul Key: 6 Star Pieces
    72. Look for gap in rock formation near right side of 
        shore. (Need Super Boots)
    73. In Shantytown on the left side of the beach.
    74. On the right side of the beach behind some rocks.
    75. Behind the first bush after Shantytown.
    76. At cliff behind the root on the right side.
    77. Behind a rock grouping in front of the entrance to Pirates Grotto.
    Pirate's Grotto: 4 Star Pieces
    78. Look for a platform on the water near spears that stick up from 
        the floor.
    79. On top of the big waterfall next to the exit on the 
        right. (Need Super Boots)
    80. In the same room as the Grotto Key ride a crate to the top of the 
        room. Look inside a barrel.
    81. Behind the locked door in the center of the room. (Need Super Boots)
    Excess Express: 5 Star Pieces
    82. In cabin 4 near seats. (Need Super Boots)
    83. Inside cabin 5 in drawer.
    84. In the engine room right in front of the engine. (Need Super Boots)
    85. Return the galley pot to Chef Shimi
    86. Return the Shell Earrings to the waitress
    Riverside Station: 1 Star Piece
    87. Behind the cylinder with the storage room key on top.
    Poshley Heights: 4 Star Pieces
    88. Right in front of the Station Stairs. (Need Super Boots)
    89. Behind a lawn chair next to the blue house.
    90. Behind fence in front of pink house. Enter through hedge.
    91. Behind hedge near the house to the left of the hotel.
    Fahr Outpost: 6 Star Pieces
    92. To the left of the warp pipe. (Need Super Boots)
    93. Behind shrub in first area after warp pipe.
    94. In the next area after the one above look behind some crumbled wall.
    95. Behind broken wall in west Fahr Outpost.
    96. Left of the cannon in the town. (Need Super Boots)
    97. At far right house behind some boxes
    The Moon: 1 Star Pieces
    98. Inside broken rock in area where X-Naut Fortress is in 
         background. (Need Super Boots)
    X-Naut Fortress: 2 Star Pieces
    99. Use crank to get Star Pieces after you grab the cog.
    100. In the air duct on the left end. Use Spring Jump to get up there.

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