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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Kirby021591

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    Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
    Copyright 2004-2005 Brian McPhee
    Author: Brian McPhee (kirby021591)
    E-mail: Kirby0215@aol.com
    Most Recent Update: July 23, 2005
    Originally Created: October 25, 2004
    Version 1.2
    -------------------------------Table of Contents--------------------------------
    Section 1*
    The Stage*
    Section 2*
    Chapter 1*
    Chapter 2*
    Chapter 3*
    Chapter 4*
    Chapter 5*
    Chapter 6*
    Chapter 7*
    Chapter 8*
    Section 3*
    Pit of 100 Trials*
    Shine Sprites*
    Star Pieces*
    Trouble Center*
    Tattle Log*
    Zess T. Cooking Guide*
    Shops and Items*
    Status Effects*
    Special and Partner Moves*
    Super Luigi*
    Lumpy's Tales*
    Grifty's Tales*
    The Glitzville Glitch*
    Easy Experience*
    Section 4*
    Credits and Legal Information*
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    ||--------------------------------Section 1*----------------------------------||
     \                                                                            /
    It's time.  Another walkthrough!  Just brings a tear to your eye, doesn't it?
    Well it should.  This is my guide for Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.  Let
    me explain the thought processes that went into my selection.  First, I was
    going to play this game no matter what, walkthrough or not.  This game is a
    sequel to Paper Mario for the N64, which was a sequel to Super Mario RPG.  So,
    just by its lineage you know that this game is worthy of purchase.  I don't hear
    a lot about Super Mario RPG, but it was such a great game.  Plus, this game
    stars everyone's favorite Italian plumber, Mario!  Oh, and, um, it has Luigi in
    it too.
    Now, you might not understand the humor in this.  Paper Mario is literally a
    paper-version of Mario.  He is 2-D and has the properties of paper, as you'll
    find out as you progress in the game.  Paper Mario and all of his paper buddies
    are back.  Unfortunately, (brace yourself for a shock) this game does not
    feature Bowser as the main enemy.  Do not worry, though.  Not only is he in it,
    but Peach gets kidnapped, too.  Sticking to the basics.  But more than that,
    Mario games portray a sort of video game utopia.  It combines fun with
    unpredictability and has such an air about it, it is truly the model for all
    Nintendo games; the standard all games should try to live up to.  That is
    honesty if I ever heard it.
    Now I know what you're thinking.  Is he ever going to finish his unbearably
    boring explanation for reason 1?  Just in case you have a short attention span,
    I'm saying why I chose this game for my walkthrough.  Well, second, this game is
    not a remake.  Rejoice!  Lately it seems that Nintendo has had no new material
    at all.  I just finished a walkthrough for a remake game.  Now reason 3 (by now
    I'm sure I convinced you to get this game, so I'm just bragging here) is simple.
    This game rules!  It does not stray far from Super Mario RPG at all, and at the
    same time it adds aspects to the game that you can enjoy.  I don't know how they
    do it, but there's always something to do after you beat the last boss.
    You can get the badges, the enemy info, and so on.  This game is long, fun, and
    will not disappoint.  Not only that, but Mario geographers (there probably
    really aren't any) will be ecstatic.  The game takes us to Rogueport, the slimy
    underbelly of Mushroom Kingdom.  There's even a mafia.  If that does not
    convince you to play this game, I don't know what will.  Mario has a hammer.  Oh!
    There I go again, convincing people to play this game.  I should really stop
    that.  Now, enough of my ramblings.  It's time for the good stuff!
    On a side note, I'd like to make note of something.  Most games, including this
    one, are made in Japanese and translated to English.  When this is a direct
    translation, text is pretty dull.  But this game was translated brilliantly.  It
    really feels like English, making use of all the phrases and cultural nuances of
    America (I'd speak for other English-speaking countries, but I've never been to
    them).  The text is also pretty funny.  In the first Super Mario RPG, they took
    a shot at humor, and every now and then it was, and they tried even more so in
    Paper Mario.  This game pulled it off in a spectacular fashion, so thanks very
    much to all those translators out there.
    By the by, if you see this guide on any website other than GameFaqs.com or its
    affiliates, please contact me at the e-mail address listed at the top of the
    guide.  With your help, this guide will not be plagiarized.  Thanks a millions,
    Unfortunately for you, this doesn't qualify as the good part of the walkthrough.
    Now, if you've used any of my guides before you'd know about my asterisk (*)
    policy.  Those little stars are used in most of my guides, save two so far that
    were old walkthrough revivals.  So, it is customary that I include these.  Yes,
    they are relevant to navigation.  If you press, on your keyboard, CTRL + F,
    Apple + F if you have a Mac, a search engine will pop up.  Type in the name of
    the section you want and it will take you right to it.  Pretty nifty.  You may
    want to press Find twice, as it will take you to the first place I used it in my
    guide, a.k.a. the Table of Contents.  With that said, let us continue.
    Without revealing too much, I'll summarize what goes down in the plot right here.
    So, one day Mario gets a letter.  Mario should catch on; this letter-writing
    business is usually dangerous.  It is from his good friend (not his girlfriend,
    or is it?) Princess Peach.  If you're new to the newer Mario games, that is
    Princess Toadstool's first name.  She's also on holiday, which is equally
    dangerous for her.  So, anyways, Mario gets a letter inviting him on a treasure
    hunt.  For undisclosed purposes I will record what the letter said here, written
    in my best cursive.
                                |    Story Summary    |
    Hello there, Mario!
    I am now on holiday, traveling in the Mushroom Kingdom.  In my travels, I came
    into possession of a mystical map.  a treasure map, actually.  It was inside a
    box I got from an old merchant in a town called Rogueport.  But since it would
    be too difficult for me to try to go find the treasure all be myself.  I thought
    you could help me hunt for it!  You will, of course, won't you?  I've included
    the map with this letter, so please bring it with you when you come.  I'll meet
    you at Rogueport.  (That means you MUST come!)
    Well I never!  As it turns out, the map leads to the Thousand-Year Door.  No one
    knows for sure what is behind that ancient door.  Lots of speculation has born a
    few results.  Rumor has it that either a great treasure, an object of
    immeasurable power, or a being of great evil is behind the door.  The plot would
    be really bad if the first two were true, so guess what's behind the door.  You
    stoked?  'Cause you should be!  But, let's give a run-down of the characters
    involved in the game.
                              |    Cast of Characters    |
    The coolest plumber you'll ever meet, Mario first appeared as a carpenter from
    Brooklyn.  In his first game - Donkey Kong in arcades everywhere - Mario had to
    scale construction sites to rescue his girlfriend, the Lady (later named
    Pauline), from a giant ape named Donkey Kong.  Mario, who was named "Jumpman,"
    at the time, succeeded in the end not only in rescuing Pauline but also in
    putting Nintendo on the map.
    Nintendo's instant popularity with Donkey Kong led to a similar game that pitted
    Mario against Donkey Kong Jr., the ape's son, but Mario quickly vanished from
    the Donkey Kong franchise (which resulted in a long period of obscurity for
    Donkey Kong characters) to find time to fix the sewers of Brooklyn with his
    younger brother, Luigi.
    Before Mario Bros., Mario gained his name because he bore resemblance to Mario
    Segali, the landlord of the Nintendo of America building.  The early technology
    of arcade units dictated how Mario looked.  Because hair was hard to animate,
    Mario wore a hat.  To give a crude suggestion of arm movement, he wore overalls.
    To make his ears noticeable, he had sideburns.  His mustache covered his mouth,
    too.  And red was an easy color to generate back then, which is why Mario wore
    it (in this game, Mario wears blue overalls and a red undershirt.  In Donkey
    Kong and a few later games, it was the reverse).  And Mario gained his new
    profession in Mario Bros. - plumbing.  Mario Bros. allowed Nintendo to take
    Mario into a whole new dimension - home consoles.
    Mario arrived at the NES in a celebrated title.  Super Mario Bros. took Mario to
    the Mushroom Kingdom, which was in distress because the people of the kingdom
    had been transformed into blocks, bricks, and horsehair plants!  The only one
    who could undo this black magic brought on by the Koopa, a race of turtle-like
    creatures, was Princess Toadstool, but the King of the Koopa, Bowser, had
    kidnapped her!  It was up to Mario, and tag-along Luigi, to save Toadstool,
    which they ultimately did.  The title cemented Mario's place in video game
    history, and so he would continue to appear in game after game in the future as
    the mascot of Nintendo.
    Although Mario is now romancing Princess Peach Toadstool and is more of a hero
    than a plumber, he does go on vacation from time to time.  At the beginning of
    Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Peach sends him a strange map that leads to
    supposed treasure.  Vacations normally don't go too well for Toadstool (if Super
    Mario World and Super Mario Sunshine are any examples), and so It wouldn't be
    unrealistic to think that Mario might have his fair share of adventuring in his
    trip to Rogueport.  This is Mario's fourth RPG (third console RPG), and it's
    better than ever!
    Luigi is Mario's younger brother who appears taller and thinner with a smooth
    mustache and green threads.  Also, he spent the first part of his video game
    career neglected.  The title of his first game shows this quite well - Mario
    Yes, Luigi was a pallet swap for Player 2 to control.  Luigi's name has quite
    interesting origins, actually.  In Japanese, there is very little distinction
    between the "l" and "r" sounds.  So, the Japanese word "ruiji," which means
    "similar," could be mistaken for "Luigi," which is a common Italian name as well.
    A great in-game pun though it is, Luigi did not get his own sprite.  He was
    colored green.  And like Mario's red clothes, green is a very easy color to
    generate.  So, Luigi now has an identity, sort of, as playing second fiddle to
    his brother.  Had the title of Mario Bros. been changed to "Mario and Luigi,"
    Luigi's life would have been far different.  But, that's not how things happened.
    Luigi appeared as the optional Player 2 in Super Mario Bros.  He was not
    differentiated at all from his brother aside from looks, and he was only
    playable is there were two players.  Player One got Mario, and Player Two was
    stuck with Luigi.  Not a great day for Luigi, but he'll soon be separated from
    his brother.
    In the American and Japanese versions of Super Mario Bros. 2, Luigi was actually
    differentiated from that glory-hog Mario.  In both versions, he was a better
    jumper, and in both versions, he tended to skid more than his brother.  In the
    Japanese version, he ran slower, and in the American version, he lifted objects
    more slowly than Mr. Nintendo.  However, he returned to being the same as his
    brother in the best-selling game for the NES, Super Mario Bros. 3, shortly
    afterward.  So much for his own characteristics.  It should be noted, though,
    that future games, such as Super Smash Bros. and Super Mario 64 DS, keep Luigi's
    jumping prowess and lesser strength and speed intact.
    Luigi tagged along in Super Mario World.  In the sequel, Super Mario World 2:
    Yoshi's Island, Luigi really got robbed.  SMW 2 tells the story of how Yoshi
    escorts Baby Mario (that is, Mario as an infant) to the castle of Baby Bowser
    (Bowser as an infant) to rescue Baby Luigi (you got it; Luigi as an infant) and
    the stork from the pint-sized titan.  You see, Baby Bowser's advisor at the time,
    Kamek, foresaw all the trouble those pesky plumbers would cause the Koopa Troop
    in the future, and so they tried to intercept the stork as it was delivering the
    brothers to their mothers.  Baby Mario manages to rescue his brother and the
    stork, who are essentially he-damsels, with the help of Yoshi.  However, this
    game undoes two facts that Nintendo established in earlier games: 1) In the
    ending scene, the stork delivers Baby Mario and Baby Luigi to a house in the
    Mushroom Kingdom, not Brooklyn, and 2) The brothers are delivered at the same
    time, making them twins.  Although I can agree with the first change, I dislike
    the second.  But, I guess that Luigi could still be technically younger.
    Luigi got a starring role in an edutainment (entertainment + education =
    edutainment) title called Mario is Missing (even in his own game, he doesn't get
    his name in the title).  In this game, Luigi used his advance knowledge of world
    geography to find Bowser, who had kidnapped Mario and wanted to melt the polar
    ice caps.  A chance to shine for the green man?  No, it was more of a slap in
    the face since edutainment games reek.
    Ruled out of the popular Super Mario 64 altogether, Luigi was forced to
    participate in Mario's party games - like Mario Party, Mario Kart, and so on,
    until he got a chance to appear in Paper Mario on the N64 late in the run of the
    system.  He was not playable, though.  Instead, he sat around Mario's house as
    his brother ran about saving Peach from Bowser.  Mario could even read Luigi's
    private diary.  In it, he recorded that as much as he likes to give Mario the
    spotlight, it would be nice if he had a game of his own.
    Later in 2001, his wish came true.  One of the Game Cube's launch titles was
    Luigi's Mansion.  In it, Luigi won a contest he didn't even enter, and the prize
    was a new mansion.  Mario went to check it out, but he never returned.  So, it
    was up to Luigi to investigate, and he found that his mansion was actually
    haunted!  With the help of Professor Elvin Gadd and his marvelous inventions -
    the Poltergust 3000, a vacuum for sucking up ghouls, the Gaddlight, a flashlight,
    and the Game Boy Horror, a device that can read the souls of ghosts, Luigi
    ventured into the mansion.  Mario was trapped within a painting by the insidious
    King Boo, a servant of Bowser, who was sick of Boos being constantly beaten by
    Mario and Luigi.  In an epic fight, Luigi defeats and captures King Boo in the
    Poltergust, and E. Gadd is able to free Mario from his painting imprisonment.
    And at the end, Luigi got a good laugh at Mario.
    Finally, Luigi and Mario are equals!  It took almost twenty years, but it
    happened.  In the next RPG Mario participated in, Luigi was the co-hero
    (reluctant though he was).  Yes, Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga gave Luigi a
    chance to shine.  And in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Luigi goes on an
    adventure, too.  But, we never actually get to see it; we only hear about it.
    Could there someday be a Paper Luigi?  Maybe, for it would seem Nintendo is
    trying to right the wrongs that had once cast Luigi to the side.
    ----------------------------Princess Toadstool Peach----------------------------
    The pretty princess in pink is kidnapped a lot.  But, Mario hasn't always been
    with her.  Originally, his girlfriend was named Pauline (named after the damsel
    in distress in "Perils of Pauline."  But, Mario presumably dumped her in favor
    of rescuing Princess Toadstool of the Mushroom Kingdom in Super Mario Bros.
    Toadstool was the only person who could undo some black magic of the Koopa Troop
    that transformed the residents of her kingdom into common objects such as stones
    and horsehair plants (whatever those are).  Abducted by Bowser to prevent her
    from doing so, it was up to two stalwart plumbers - Mario and Luigi - to beat
    down Bowser and let her be free.  They succeeded, and Mario got a kiss.  From
    then on, Mario and Toadstool were on friendly terms.
    Toadstool sends Mario nice letters throughout his journeys in Super Mario Bros.
    3 containing helpful items and pieces of advice.  But, just as Mario has
    liberated the last region of the Mushroom World, Bowser sends him a letter!
    Toadstool has been kidnapped, and Bowser is holding her hostage in Dark Land!
    Never fear, though; Mario can handle it.  And that he does, freeing Toadstool
    yet again.  Toadstool makes a lame joke in reference to Toads, her humble
    servants, and the game ends.
    (Mario did stray from Toadstool once, though.  In Super Mario Land, Mario
    rescues Princess Daisy of Sarasaland.  But, rather than upset their relationship,
    Daisy is looked at more as a match for Luigi nowadays.  She was reintroduced in
    Mario Tennis for the N64 along with Waluigi, a rival for Luigi, as part of
    Nintendo's grand equalizing of Mario and Luigi.)
    So, now that Mario and Toadstool are great pals, they decide to go on vacation
    together, dragging Luigi with them for the heck of it.  But, just before Super
    Mario World begins, Peach is kidnapped!  Shocker!  So, Mario rescues her again.
    Poor Bowser, who kidnaps her in Super Mario World, must feel like a real loser.
    At the beginning of Super Mario RPG, Toadstool is flung to the far-off Booster's
    Tower during Mario and Bowser's climactic battle when a giant sword crashes
    through the castle's roof.  Mario lands at his house, and he travels around the
    land to rescue her.  After safely returning her to her castle, she decided to
    accompany Mario, Mallow (partner), Geno (partner), and Bowser (yes, he was a
    partner!) to help them defeat Smithy, the master of that giant sword who wants
    to wreak havoc on the world.  Bowser wants to defeat Smithy to reclaim his
    castle.  Toadstool proves to be a great asset to the team with her healing
    Toadstool got to be on more friendly terms with Mario in Super Mario 64.  She
    invites Mario over for some cake, signing her letter "Peach."  And she has been
    referred to as Princess Peach, her first name, after since.  Speaking of which,
    she was kidnapped in Super Mario 64, too.  But, Mario alone rescued her that
    Bowser tried again to abduct the princess in Paper Mario.  But even making
    himself absolutely invincible with the magical Star Rod could not prevent Bowser
    from losing in the end.  Mario and Peach can even enjoy fireworks as Bowser's
    castle explodes and everyone celebrates with a parade.
    Peach was kidnapped yet again in Super Mario Sunshine.  Vacationing with Mario
    to the paradise Isle Delfino, she was abducted by "Shadow Mario," a Mario
    doppelganger.  This happened as Mario was cleaning up a mess (this was his
    punishment for a crime he did not commit; Shadow Mario covered the island with
    goop and framed Mario, who then had to clean it).  Only by collecting the Shine
    Sprites, the source of power for Isle Delfino, could Mario venture into Mount
    Corona where he confronted Bowser and Bowser Jr.  Bowser Jr., Bowser's eighth
    child (the other seven are those accursed Koopalings), had been tricked into
    thinking that Peach was his mother and that Mario was holding her captive, and
    so he dressed as Shadow Mario to frame the plumber and take off with his "mama."
    Of course, Mario kicked both their hides.  Afterwards, the real vacation began.
    And poor, confused Bowser Jr. realized that Bowser had tricked his son to get
    cheap labor out of him.
    In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Peach has decided to go to Rogueport for
    a vacation of sorts, and Mario is invited.  Vacations normally don't bode well
    for the princess, though, and I wouldn't be surprised if she ended up kidnapped
    by someone.  But, will it be Bowser?  Oh, I can't stand the suspense!
    Toadsworth is cutting it close as an important character, but he is Peach's
    caretaker since Super Mario Sunshine.  He's an old Toad, hence the brown
    Mushroom cap, and he is quite boring, I'd imagine.  He is the chaperone on all
    of Peach's excursions lately.
    He journeyed with the princess to Rogueport where they were staying at a local
    inn as they waited for Mario.  Mario finds Toadsworth before Toadstool, although
    you'll have to play the game to find out what Toadsworth has to say.  Toadsworth
    spends the rest of the game inside that inn, although a newsletter on the
    Mailbox SP suggests that Toadsworth could be having a relationship with an
    equally old female Toad, Zess T., who lives in a house next to the inn.  He
    really plays a minor role in the game.
    -                                     ----                                     -
    There are other important characters, but I'd be giving away a lot about the
    game if I mentioned them.  Also, there are many, many new characters introduced
    to the game.  These colorful people add a lot to the game, in my opinion.
    ===================================The Stage*===================================
    This time around, Mario engages enemies in fights when he touches them, just
    like in Super Mario RPG and the first Paper Mario.  However, there are many new
    elements involved with this.  For one, you always fight on a stage, with a
    background reflecting your environment, and with an audience.  First off, Mario
    always fights with a partner.  Your enemy almost always fights with one or more.
    You can only fight with one partner, although you can switch them during a fight.
    To win a fight, you must make it so that there are no enemies on the other side
    of the field.  You can do this by dropping their HP to 0, forcing them off
    (certain partners have moves that can do this), or if they run away willingly.
    For winning, you get Star Points.  Every 100 Star Points you get, you can
    upgrade HP, FP, or BP.  Now here I'll take a look at all of the elements
                            |    Elements of the Stage    |
    Heart Points (HP): Mario and most of his partners start out with 10 HP.  HP is
    the amount of damage you take.  It is one of the most important things to watch
    in a match.  If you use Tattle (partner move), you can see your enemies' health,
    and one badge lets you see it anyway.  Your ultimate goal in battle is to reduce
    your enemies' HP to 0 and keep yours high.  HP damage can be formulated by
    Attack - Defense.
    Flower Points (FP): FP is your capacity for using certain attacks.  Attacks that
    use FP are either stronger than normal ones or hit a broader range of enemies.
    While it is not as important as HP, FP is a lifesaver.
    Badge Points (BP): Although you cannot see them, BP plays a great roll in fights.
    Badges have certain effects when worn.  So, you could augment your HP, FP,
    attack, defense, or many other varying qualities of fights.  BP is upgraded in
    multiples of 3, unlike HP and FP, which is upgraded by 5.
    Star Power: Star Power is the measure of how popular you are.  When the audience
    cheers for you, you gain it.  Therefore, the larger the audience, the easier it
    is to get Star Power.  Star Power lets you use special moves.  You get special
    moves every time you get a Crystal Star, and you get another unit of Star Power
    every time you get a special move.
    Audience: The audience plays a major role throughout the game.  The main purpose
    of the audience is to boost Star Power, but they do lots of other things.
    Sometimes, hostile members will throw items at you.  If you see the X icon
    beneath Mario, press it to kick that audience member out.  However, you don't
    want to kick out audience members about to throw useful items at you.  Very
    rarely the audience is used for other purposes.  Hooktail, one of the bosses in
    the game, devours some members to regain HP.  Also, look in the audience.  You
    might see Luigi watching your fight.  If you do see Luigi, make the fight last
    as long as possible because he throws all the good items.  Toads tend to throw
    okay items.  Shy Guys tend to run backstage to drop hazards.  X-Nauts like to
    throw items at you.  Dry Bones don't give Star Power, and Crazee Dayzees put
    audience members to sleep, causing them to give no Star Power.  Punis run away
    from loud noises, while Bulky Bob-ombs take up two seats, decreasing audience
    size.  They can also explode to scare away audience members.  And Boos are
    interesting; they randomly make fighters transparent, thus making them immune to
    attacks.  Know your audience.
    Scenery: The background scenery often falls on you after a powerful attack is
    unleashed, dealing a bit of damage to your HP.  Press A before they hit you to
    avoid damage.  The same goes for stage lighting and misters.  On occasion, these
    will fall, and hurt you.  Once again, pressing A avoids damage.
    First Strike: If you get the first strike on an enemy in the over world, like
    you hammer them, you'll get an extra attack on them at the very beginning of the
    fight.  First strike can work the other way around, too.  Try to beat
    them to the strike.
    Action Command: When an enemy is attacking, press A to avoid taking damage, or
    lessen damage, right before they hit you.  This is called Action Guard.  If you
    press B in the same way, you'll hit them and take no damage, called Superguard.
    When you attack, if you follow the attack instructions for Action Command, you
    can hit the enemy multiple times or with great power.  Action Command is the
    best way to attack.  I'm glad it's in this game.
    Items: You can use all items displayed under Gear, except for Important Items,
    in battle.  Their effects vary widely, but generally there are items that heal
    or help you, and those that hurt the opponent.  It's pretty unusual for an item
    to have a universal effect.  Your enemy can also have items, and sometimes, when
    you beat them, you get it in their remains along with coins.
    Stylish Moves: If you press the buttons when performing an attack in a certain
    fashion, you get Stylish instead of Nice.  This restores Star Power when done,
    so use it often.  When you get the badge Timing Tutor you can see an exclamation
    mark every time you can use A for a stylish move.
    Star Points: For every 100 of these you get you can upgrade HP by 5, FP by 5, or
    BP by 3.  You get Star Points every time you defeat an adversary, as in drop
    their health to 0.  When you upgrade, you get a new level, and every so often
    when you upgrade your level your stage becomes bigger, allowing for more
    audience members.
    The only thing you need now is Mario.  Let the walkthrough begin!
      /                                                                          \
     /                                                                            \
    ||--------------------------------Section 2*----------------------------------||
     \                                                                            /
                                  "A Rogue's Welcome"
                               |    The Magical Map    |
    We start out at Mario's pad.  The mailman, a Paratroopa, swoops in to deliver
    Mario his mail.  Luigi comes out to get it and takes it in.  Luigi reads it
    aloud and gives you a map.  The title is shown and you start sailing to
    Rogueport, the place you must meet Peach in.  The title of the chapter, Prologue,
    is displayed (it's like a book, so it has chapters).  Mario, you've arrived at
    Rogueport.  Not quite what you were expecting, eh?  If you talk to the first
    character you see you'll find that there is a Save Block to save with.  Save now
    if you'd like and walk forward.  It shows a poor Goomba getting bullied by some
    freaks in a cult!
    No, just Lord Crump.  After the dialogue run up to Crump and let battle ensue!
    Here's how it works.  You have two options right now, jump, or hammer.  Either
    of them does the same damage.  Since all of his attacks do 1 damage, you'll win
    if you keep attacking.  Try to press A before you attack to do extra damage.
    Once you've beat Crump, it's go time.  Crump summons legions of his henchmen to
    punish you.  As they jump all over each other follow the Goomba to the right and
    head up the stairs.
    After a cinema in which Lord Crump realizes that you escaped, Goombella, as she
    introduces herself, just has to give you a reward.  I let you see this one.
    When you introduce yourself as Mario, she recognizes you right away.  When you
    show her the Magical Map.  Look in the background to see a few mafia members
    beating up some locals.  Anyway, Toadsworth sees you and walks over.  You find
    out from him that Peach is missing.  After the end of a long chat (huff, I say)
    Goombella joins your party!  That was easy.  Her ability, X to use it, tells you
    about things, places, or people.  So after telling you about Rogueport Plaza and
    Goomther, she shows you a picture of Professor Frankly, who teaches at this
    wretched city.  You need to find him.  So once you stop laughing, it's time to
    start the search!
                              |    Professor Frankly    |
    As you head up and left you'll see a woman walking around trying to find her
    contact lens.  When you walk forward you squish it.  Sorry.  She'll block the
    west gate.  Oh well.  Now head to the east gate, directly to the right.  As you
    do a thief will run by and steal fifty of your coins.  You can follow him behind
    the inn (north) to get your coins back if you want.  Keep on going to a house
    with no mark on it to the right.  Open it and you'll see Professor Frankly!
    Once he doesn't know who you are he'll tell you about Rogueport's treasure.
    He tells you that to find the treasure you need the Crystal Stars.  I hope
    you're absorbing all this.  Once he sees you have the Magical Map, he joins your
    party.  No, just kidding.  But he does follow you around.  He opens a gate to a
    warp pipe you can take to the city below.  First, you must fight Goombella to
    learn Action Command.  He teaches you several techniques, the best of which are
    Guard, Superguard, and of course, doing more damage with regular attacks.  Once
    the session is over, hop down the warp pipe.
                     |    Star Pieces and Paper Airplane Mario    |
    From the start head left through the archway to find a new area.  Behind the
    pillar is a Star Piece.  Collecting these helps you get badges later on.  But
    enough of that.  So return to the first room (right) and head right down some
    stairs.  Don't you just hate it when Goombas hit on your sidekicks?  When
    Goombella tells the gang off they challenge you to a battle (he said zing!).
    Frankly can't join this battle with you.
    First, the middle Spiky Goomba cannot be jumped on.  The Paragoomba (flying
    Goomba) cannot be hit with the hammer.  The regular foe can be hit in either
    manner.  If I were you, I'd switch to Goombella (so she fights first) so she's
    your shield.  When it is her turn use Tattle on enemies.  This gives you their
    info and HP.  It's very handy in the future.  When using Tattle line the cursor
    up with the ball and press A to get the info.  Now, you should defeat the
    adversaries in this order.  First, using the Hammer attack on the Spiky Goomba
    is easy to pull off a 2 damage hit, which will defeat it.  To do the action
    command hold left on the control stick and press A as soon as the star lights up.
    Then go for the Paragoomba and Goomba.  By the by, if it is your turn and you've
    already used Tattle on all three of them, don't use it again.  After you've won,
    Frankly gives you advice.
    You get first hit if you attack and enemy on the field before battle.  So when
    you see an enemy, jump on them (if they are not spiked) or use the hammer (B) if
    they are.  Now climb the stairs and go around the wall to jump to a floating
    platform.  Take it to a warp pipe and go down into it.  As you head right you'll
    be confronted by a Goomba and a Paragoomba.  Defeat them on the first turn and
    head down the stairs.  As you do you'll fight a Spiky Goomba and see two item
    blocks.  Hit them with your hammer to get items, a Mushroom and a Fire Flower.
    Mushrooms replenish 5 HP and Fire Flowers attack all enemies on the screen in
    Break the two blocks and head into the warp pipe.  As you get out walk around
    behind the huge block for a Star Piece.  Head right to see two Spinia.  Defeat
    the lot of them, they have 3 HP, and head right to find a blue switch.  Jump on
    it or pound it and the wallpaper falls, revealing a stairway.  Walk up and go
    through the door.  You'll discover a chest.  Go up to it as if about to talk to
    it.  Only the legendary hero can hear the creature within, and it wants to be
    released.  You need the Black Key.  Go to the previous screen, step on the gray
    platform, jump down toward the wall, and you'll land by the key.  You got the
    Black Key.  Now go back to the chest.  Use the Black Key to open it, and you get
    A monster inside cursed you by making it so that when you press Y, you transform
    into a paper airplane.  The fiend!  When you stand on an airplane panel and
    press Y, you transform.  Now we're just going to have to suffer.  So, return to
    the previous room and fly like the paper airplane you are.  It may take a while
    to hone your skills, but your goal is to at least get on top of the huge yellow
    block to the left.  When you do pass through the door.
    It's the chamber that contains the door.  Stand near the pedestal and the room
    illuminates.  The Magical Map appears from you and rises, The map now shows
    where the first star can be found.  Mario also learns Sweet Treat, a new move.
    After the cinema you appear in Frankly's place.  He first explains that Mario
    can use a special move.  When you use Sweet Treat tokens start falling from the
    sky.  They replenish HP and FP (units used to use certain attacks).  Now, have
    you noticed the audience before?  When you excite them (as if this were a public
    fight) you gain Star Points, letting you use special moves.  Now you can attack
    Professor Frankly to build Star Power.
    This fight rules!  During the intermediate stage of the bout two Sprite Shine
    icons appear.  After playing a sort of slot machine, you can restore all your HP,
    FP, or Star Points.  This will dramatically increase your audience number.  He
    warns you that every now and then this works against you (Poison Mushrooms).
    After that Frankly points out a bum in the audience with a hammer.  He intends
    to throw it at you.  Press X to knock the bum out.  You'll lose an audience
    member, but you prevent damage.  Now you're done with the fight.
                              |    Power Smash Badge    |
    After this scintillating battle you return to Frankly's pad.  He looks at the
    Magical Map and discovers that, amazingly, the next Crystal Star location is
    revealed.  It is in the "suspicious" Petal Meadows.  He asks where you got the
    map, from Princess Peach, of course, and then he has another outburst of
    excitement.  If we just told him our life stories before we left to the sewers
    this kind of thing would never happen.  Frankly says Princess Peach came by the
    other day and might have gone to Petal Meadows at the suggestion of Frankly.
    Goombella comments that a suspicious gang (led by Lord Crump, the enemy you
    fought to get Goombella on your team) asked the same thing.  Now it's settled.
    You and Goombella must go to Petal Meadows.  There's a pipe in the sewers.  As
    you exit Frankly forgot to give you something and comes out.  You got the Power
    Smash!  It's a badge, used to augment your natural abilities.  This one raises
    the attack of the hammer.  Seeing as how you have no other badges, it might be a
    good idea to equip it.  If you want Frankly will show you how to equip them.
    Press Start/Pause, move to Badges, and press A at All Badges.  Press A again to
    remove it.  Right now you have three BP, Badge Points, and this badge costs 1.
    When Frankly stops talking, I'd equip the Power Smash Badge.  Note that it takes
    FP, so watch that gauge as well.  So confusing!  You'll survive.
                            |    Pipe to Petal Meadows    |
    Head down into the warp pipe that leads to the sewers.  Head right, down and up
    two stair flights, and then you'll reach an airplane panel.  Press Y to fly
    across to a door.  Go through.  You see that tentacle.  Pound it with the hammer.
    A battle will ensue.  The targets are L. and R. Tentacle at first.  Use Tattle
    to catalogue it, of course, and you find out a lot.  It has 12 HP, each tentacle
    has 3 HP.  It's attack is only 1.
    The Hammer is fair game for the lower tentacle.  Once you destroy the other
    tentacle it will fall, vulnerable to attack in every way.  This lasts only a
    turn.  It will eventually regain its composure.  If you use a Power Smash Action
    Command you can do four damage in one hit.  Try using Action Command with
    Goombella's Headbonk and you'll be set.  Remember that the tentacles eventually
    come back.  After getting major Star Points (get 100 for a level-up), platforms
    appear.  Use them to cross the water.  At the other side is a warp pipe.  Your
    darn bloopin'!
    ===================================Chapter 1*===================================
                                  "Castle and Dragon"
                                |    Petal Meadows    |
    Welcome to Petal Meadows!  You can save to the left.  When you walk down you see
    a huge shadow pass by.  It's a dragon!  You find out later it is the evil
    Hooktail.  Head right and jump to an item block.  Jump into it for a Mushroom.
    Now continue right.  You'll encounter a Goomba to defeat.  Piece of cake.
    Aterwards hit the item block for the badge called Close Call.  Use it in battle
    so enemies sometimes miss.  Now go right a screen.  Defeat the Goomba (two
    Goombas, a Paragoomba, and a Spiky Goomba.  To delay a long battle you use a
    Fire Flower on them).
    Now go behind the bushes you see and press A when the "!" mark comes up.  A warp
    pipe appears.  Get in and you'll be in the background.  First head right and
    press the blue switch (vintage Super Mario Bros. 3).  A bridge forms in the main
    path.  Continue right for a Star Piece.  Now you have three.  Right after that
    shake the bushes, getting a Mystery (random effect in battles) and a Fire Flower
    from the item block.  Go right a screen.
                                  |    Petalburg    |
    Welcome to the sleepy village of Petalburg.  A Koopa comes up to greet you as
    you come in.  The Koopa mentions Hooktail, the dragon you saw.  Now to explore
    the town called Petalburg, the city that never sleeps.  In the first house is an
    Inn.  Staying there replenishes all your FP and HP.  Now there are a few more
    town elements to explain.  The shop with a Fire Flower sign is the Item Shop.
    You can buy items there, obviously.  Stock up, if you'd like.  I suggest items
    like the POW Block or Fire Flower, which attack multiple enemies.  In the next
    screen head into the pink house.  Within is a gnarled old Koopa, the mayor of
    He tells you that Hooktail has one of the Crystal Stars.  After talking to the
    half-deaf mayor, you'll somehow wind up challenging the dragon Hooktail.  He
    tells you (Murphy!) that to reach Hooktail you must gather the Stone Keys in
    Shhwonk Fortress.  As you leave you get an e-mail from Professor Frankly.  Go to
    Items on the sub-screen and read it.  It just tells you to check your e-mail.
    Now talk to the Koopa by the wooden gates and he'll open them to Shhwonk
    Fortress.  As he does, a young lad by the name of Koops approaches you.  He says
    nothing.  Now off to the tower where the stone monster lives!
                               |    Shhwonk Fortress    |
    As you go through you'll meet new enemies, among which is a Koopa Troopa.
    Tattle on it for information and the key to victory.  If you jump on it, it
    flips over and is vulnerable to attack over and over.  After the battle you're
    probably going to have enough Star Points to level up.  You'll get a choice
    between leveling up HP, FP, or BP.  BP and FP double if you do, while HP is
    raised by a third.  I suggest you take HP since you don't have many badges or FP
    based attacks at the moment.  Now head down (you may get an item called a Sleepy
    Sheep that puts enemies to sleep temporarily) and continue down the path.  As
    you do a Spiky Goomba, a Koopa Troopa, and finally you'll find the stone
    fortress.  Note that there's an item block along the way containing a POW Block.
    Inside the fortress.  press A by the pedestal to be attacked by new enemies.
    You use Tattle on one of these enemies, Bald Clefts, and you'll find out how
    tough they are.  If you're in the mood for using a Power Smash, do so for a
    total of 2 damage killing one, if you did Action Command.  The best thing to do,
    though, is to use a POW Block to defeat them.  When you defeat them the gate
    opens.  That was it?  Big whoop!  Back outside is your average group of evil-
    doers.  To the right is a second tower.  Could this be the fortress?  Are they
    all the fortress?
    In here are new enemies to tattle on called Bristles.  Use a POW Block if you
    know what's good for you; they have a defense of 4!  Once you've beat them in
    the suggested manner you'll be in another fortress transition screen.  Take the
    item in the item box, a Fire Flower (a lot of good it does).  As you fight your
    way through you'll reach a block.  Hitting it replenishes all your health and FP
    in exchange for the number of coins displayed, in this case 5 coins.  I
    recommend you do this in case you are battle weary.  Enter the really Shhwonk
    The big bad guy (this was actually pretty clever on their part) is an old Super
    Mario Bros. enemy - Thwomp!  Take it on and you'll engage in the 65th Super Fun
    Quirk Quiz!  You're in for it.
    - The first question, "What's hidden in this place?" can be answered with Stone
    - The answer to "What do Mr. Softener and one Fire Flower cost at the stop in
    Petalburg in total?" is 16 coins.
    - "What is the name of the mayor of Petalburg?" is Kroop.
    - "Where is the Crystal Star?" can and should be answered Hooktail Caslte.
    - "How can you get from Petal Meadows to Rogueport?" is easily answered by go
    through a pipe.
    - "Which of the following creatures have hands" makes references to Koopa
    - The last question, "What number question is this" is seven.
    If you get three wrong you must fight his Clefts.  Use a POW Block if you must
    face them.  He then makes a warp pipe form.  That way easy!
    Hop down the warp pipe to a sewer system.  In front of you is an item block.
    Hit it for the Multibounce Badge.  You should now have three.  Equip them all
    (you have no other badges to choose from) and continue right.  As soon as you do
    you'll encounter an enemy called a Fuzzy.  Since they each have 3 HP and no
    defense, use a previously useless Fire Flower to do them in and defeat them.
    Continue on this path to find another Fuzzy.  Kick its butt and head right.
    It's something called the Sun Stone!  Once you get it four Fuzzies come to
    attack you.  Once again, Fire Flower.  That was tough.
    Now head left two more screens to return to the first room.  Like the other room,
    this one is infested with Fuzzies.  You should have tattled on them by now.  In
    the next screen is the Moon Stone.  And you guessed it!  Four Fuzzies.  Fire
    Flower does the job in one turn.  Now head two screens to the right.  In the
    first room will be a yellow Fuzzy.  It will attack you.  If you tattle on this
    nemy, the Gold Fuzzy, you'll find out quite a bit.  One, it has 10 HP, it has 1
    attack, and it doesn't suck up HP.  Cool!
    I suggest using Headbonk for Goombella (duh) and Hammer for Mario, both Action
    Command.  I've found it very easy to do Action Commands on them.  Eventually,
    Gold Fuzzy summons hoards of Fuzzies to protect it.  They have 20 combined HP.
    Note that the Fuzzy Horde, as they call it, can be tattled on to get the Fuzzy
    tattle card.  Now, use items on the lot of them, like POW Blocks if you have
    them.  This is a tough battle if you don't because they do crazy damage.  If you
    defeat Gold Fuzzy, they are destroyed too.  Use Jump to defeat the Gold Fuzzy.
                        |    The Path to Hooktail's Castle    |
    So what was that all about?  Seems like nothing.  Go back to Petalburg.  For a
    Star Piece go to the first screen after Petalburg and shake the bush.  Now you
    four!  Now return to Petalburg.  Go left as if heading to Rogueport.  In the
    screen you'll see Koops, the Koopa coward of Petalburg.  He's decided that he's
    done being afraid and he's going to go and slay Hooktail, who undoubtedly ate
    his father.  Tell him he can tag along and you can get a new sidekick!  Yes, you
    still have Goombella.  You can swap partners on Start/Pause.  As you start to
    leave, Koops's girlfriend, Koopie Koo (this is going to get "mushy", isn't it?)
    comes along.
    After she roughs you up (should've gotten her as a partner), you are free to
    leave.  First order of business, head left a screen.  You may've noticed a badge
    here earlier that you couldn't get.  Go down the warp pipe and you'll surface
    high up near a badge.  Use Koop's ability, X, to retrieve the Happy Heart Badge.
    This is a good badge.  If you've already upgraded your BP equip it, but if not
    rid yourself of Close Call (this more than makes up for it and one of the
    attacks, Multibounce or Power Smash.  Since Power Smash almost always gets an
    Action Command, let Multibounce loose).
    Now head left again and place the Moon Stone and Sun Stone in their stone slots.
    An inscription (huzzah!) appears and the stone moves away to reveal two blue
    switches.  Hold X with Koops about to crash into one and release as you've hit
    the other.  The earth shakes revealing a warp pipe to the dread castle.
                              |    Hooktail's Castle    |
    Once you waltz into the castle, notice the spring behind the stone pillar.  Save
    if you want, and then bounce up to the walkway above.  Take the right exit.
    After a little cinema showing the grandeur of the castle, Koops will be all like
    "Man this is terrifying!"  Poor Koops.  As you exit right notice the airplane
    panel.  Stand on it, press Y, and swoop down into the bridge.  Chances are
    you'll make it.  If you miss, when you do it again aim for under the bridge.
    You can also get that badge with Koops's X move.  It is the HP Plus Badge,
    increasing your HP by five.  I highly recommend you use it.  Now enter the pink
    door.  The music is so inviting.  First, notice the Koopa skeleton.  They're
    everywhere.  As you continue forward a Koopa Troopa, accompanied by a Paratroopa,
    will assault you.
    I would keep Goombella out as her Headbonk is very valuable.  As you continue to
    head forward you'll get the Power Bounce Badge.  If you're good at Action
    Command, it will be good to you.  At the end is a door.  Go through and Koops
    will come out.  He sees the bones of his father.  But the skeleton is holding a
    letter.  When read, it says that Hooktail hates crickets and somewhere in the
    castle is a cricket-related item.  Also, those bones are Koops's dad's bones.
    If you approach the pink bones at the end hundreds of skeletons will appear to
    kick you out.  Resist them by jumping to the pink Koopa.  If you have Goombella,
    this is a great time to tattle on them.
    Let's discuss some items that would really help in this battle.  Mr. Softener
    decreases their defense by 3.  That really helps.  Also, you want to fight with
    Goombella.  As of right now, she's better than Koops in battle.  If you do
    tattle on Red Bones you'll know that it can come to life after being defeated.
    Aim for Dull Bones and then go for the red.  If you have a POW Block, use it.
    It kills all Dull Bones.  But every turn they can remake them.  Dizzy Dial is
    another great move to use.  For an easy win, use Mr. Softener, and a Pow Block
    to defeat all Dull Bones.  Red Bones will probably make another or attack you.
    Either way, it will have low defense for two more turns.  Focus on attacking it.
    When it collapses, defeat all other enemies on the field.  Mario can use his
    Action Command Hammer attack to defeat one in a single blow.  After you get lots
    of Star Points for that, I'd go save and recover health.  By the way, you can
    swap partners even if your current is out of health.  So when you victor, go
    through the door.  A few of these skeletons are Dull Bones in disguise.  Get the
    first hit with the hammer if you can manage.
    Along the way you'll see an item block.  Hit it for a Shine Sprite.  These rare
    items, from Super Mario Sunshine, can be used to raise your partner's rank in a
    shop in Rogueport.  Anyway, climb up the stairs (there are only two Dull Bones
    in here) and drop down to a purple switch toward the screen.  Hit it once with
    the hammer so that a purple block drops.  Then, using Koops's X move, hold the
    shell in place to hit the switch again.  Hold it, and have Mario stand on the
    purple switch that fell.  Take it up and go through the door for a Star Piece.
    Now go back to the previous room on the purple block/elevator.
    So, when you stand on it jump down to a large yellow block.  Smash and break it.
    Now go down back to where the purple switch was.  Have Koops positioned to hit
    the switch.  Once you hit it, a block rises.  Stand where it was and use Koops's
    ability to hit the red switch.  The stairs switches positions.  Take it up to
    the top gray platform that extends outward.  Stand there and use Koops's ability
    to get the Castle Key.  Now you can open the door in here.  Switch the stairs
    back in place like you did before and take them up to the locked door.  Open it.
    Save here if you want and go through the door.  After being attacked by a
    Paragoomba and a Dull Bones, you'll have to get out Koops.  Have him positioned
    to hit the red switch.  Walk near the gate to the upper right.  Release and walk
    into the gate.
    Walk through the hole in the wall.  Now we're making progress.  In this new room
    you'll see a chest.  Talk to it (seems familiar) and head into the next room.
    Open the chest for the Black Key.  Uh-oh.  Spikes formed.  I hate it when that
    happens.  You've got forty some seconds to get out.  First head all the way
    right and down, take the thing up, around, down and to the door.  If you make it
    in time, you'll have the Black Key.  Open the chest for a similar cinema to the
    one before.  Once more, your cursed.  Mario sure is dumb.  But this curse is
    good.  Press R to turn to the side to become paper thin.  Once he's done
    jabbering head through the hole.
    Use R to become paper thin again (the properties of paper!) and walk through the
    bars.  Do this to reach a badge called Attack FX R in the vicinity.  It changes
    the sound effects of your attacks to cricket sounds.  It is what Hooktail is
    weak to.  Now you can beat him with ease!  It takes 0 BP, so you definitely want
    to use it.  Now make your way all the way to the room where you fought Red Bones.
    Go to the bars that do not criss-cross (look like l l l) and slide through them
    with your new, property of paper (said in a loud, booming voice).  Walk around
    for another Castle Key.  Now go to the room that had the Save Block in it, two
    rooms over.  Climb the stairs and hit the switch while on the large green block
    with Koops.  Rise up to a staircase.  Climb up and use the key on the door you
    find there.
    In the next room make the bridge form by hitting the switches, the first
    directly, the second with Koops, and then your stuck.  Or are you?  Jump out the
    window, walk around, and jump through the window.  While outside, walk around
    for a Star Piece.  Now go through the door.  Try to get the first shot on the
    Dull Bones here.  If you do, you can kill one with an Action Command Hammer
    attack from the start.  Now climb the stairs, set Koops up to hit the switch,
    and release while standing on the platform.  Take it up and go through the door
    to the left.  You'll see a thief, Ms. Mowz.  *Cough*, *cough*, weirdo, *cough*.
    After being bold (is that legal?) she leaves, explaining that there is a badge
    that'll help you best Hooktail.  You're an idiot if you haven't taken this in
    First the letter, and now Ms. Mowz.  We don't need that badge!  Now open the
    chests for a Mushroom, a Castle Key, Honey Syrup, and hit the item block for a
    Shine Sprite.  Now return to the previous room and go through the locked door.
    Watch out for the Dull Bones and Koopa Troopa.  After that you'll reach some
    stairs and a hiding Dull Bones.  Defeat the latter and descend the former.  Hit
    the yellow block switch and then get out Koops.  Prepare to hit, get onto the
    block that fell (if you do so you can fall to a badge called Last Stand P, which
    you might want to get), release, and ride it up.  Head left and slide through
    the bars to an airplane panel.  If you want a Star Piece, go through the
    opposite bars and walk over to the Star Piece (right).
    Fly to the door to the lower right.  Go through and take the stairs down.  Hit
    the switch twice so that the block rises and get the Castle Key.  If you don't
    want to backtrack through many rooms, use Koops's ability to grab the key.  Now
    head up the stairs.  Get the Shine Sprite at the top and go through the door.
    You're outside.  Fight/avoid the Koopa Troopa enemies scale the tower.  Be at
    full health before entering the door at the top.  Save (I suggest) and enter
    (have Attack FX R on beforehand).  It's Hooktail!
                                   |    Hooktail    |
    The boss of this chapter is the evil Hooktail, the dragon that ate Koops's pops.
    Before engaging the beast have Goombella out.  This is a good Tattle opportunity.
    Hooktail has 20 HP, 5 attack, and 1 defense.  After tattling, switch back to
    Koops, who is more useful in this fight.  Now, Hooktail is not hard at all.  I
    beat him without losing any health (okay, I just got a Bingo at the last turn).
    After you deal twenty damage (use Action Command, and Power Smash, a lot!),
    Hooktail will start begging for mercy.  Say "Keep your coins, fiend!" to reject
    him (he'll hurt you if you don't) and the battle continues.
    Hooktail will eat a few audience members to regain HP.  The battle then takes to
    the stage.  Here's where you might die if you didn't get Bingo like I did.  Use
    Courage Shell if you got one and the Mushroom and Honey Syrup you got earlier.
    Always use Action Command if possible.  Use Power Smash, of course, and if you
    need it go to Petalburg to get a badge by the Mayor's house that will help you
    out tremendously.  By the way, the badge Hooktail hates so much is Attack FX R.
    Once Hooktail keels over you get 30, count 'em, 30 Star Points.  Then Hooktail
    spits out a Koopa.  Wouldn't you know it?  It's Koops's dad.  How lucky can you
    get?  Koops's dad, who single-handedly beat Hooktail (Hooktail played the mercy
    game on him and gobbled him) him, must be way stronger than you, so show some
    respect.  And, his old man knows the location of the Crystal Star.  What are the
    odds?  He pulls it out of his shell.  Mario takes his first Crystal Star.  You
    also learn a new move, Earth Tremor.  It's a Special.  Now that you have the
    Diamond Star, it's one down, six to go.
                            |    Lord Crump and Grodus    |
    So where is Princess Peach, anyway?  In a cinema you see Lord Crump, two minions,
    and Peach walking to the master of evil, Grodus.  He wants the map to get the
    Crystal Stars.  He looks like a girl (wearing the dress).  Grodus is the leader
    of the X-Nauts, the sinister league of evil-doers led by Grodus.  Not too
    helpful, eh?  Grodus gets a message from an underling saying that someone took
    Hooktail's Crystal Star.  As the minion describes the man who slew the dragon,
    Peach blurts out Mario.
    Grodus then mentions the next Crystal Star location, Boggly Woods.  Who comes up
    with these names, anyway?  He then summons the Shadow Sirens after dismissing
    Crump.  They come (sort of the equivalent of the Axem Rangers from Super Mario
    RPG, only weirder).  They depart after a bounty is placed on your head.  Peach
    is talking to herself.  Now you get to control Peach!
                               |    Enter the Peach    |
    Head through the door to the left.  A bathroom.  Go in and press B by the tub to
    take a shower.  Yes this is relevant!  Then go outside.  The door will have
    opened to the right.  Go through and you'll open another door.  Go through it
    and the computer will talk to you.  It's the TEC-XX (you may call it TEC).
    After sounding like a total pervert it will explain that it needs to examine the
    unknown reason that it led you there.  Peach suggests it's in love.  Ah, I hate
    where this is going.  So, in exchange for Emotions 101 you can contact someone.
    Who might that be?  Now Peach leaves.  Weirdo.
                            |    The King of the Koopa    |
    Another cinema?  Good gosh!  Two Armored Koopas open the door for the evil king,
    Bowser.  Well, not really.  He's Mario's constant rival (he always steals Peach).
    Kammy, Bowser's personal Magikoopa is summoned to see him.  Cool!  You can be
    Bowser now.  There's stuff to do.  Press B to release fire.  Neat-o!  Walk
    forward to the door and Kammy, the crusty old hag, comes from the rear.  Ah man.
    Now you have to go over there.  Yeah right!  Kammy comes to you and reports that
    Mario (that scum) is off to Rogueport.  She later asks you if you like fried
    Say "You bet I do", or the other; it makes no difference.  Either way, Kammy
    Koopa invites you to a picnic.  How lovely.  As Bowser is extremely angry, a
    lesser Magikoopa comes to Kammy.  He tells Kammy, who in turn tells Bowser, that
    someone abducted Peach.  Remember, under no circumstances is anyone allowed to
    kidnap her without my say-so!! - Bowser.  Now determined to put an end to this,
    Bowser gets in his balloon from Super Mario World and flies off to Rogueport.
                         |    The Second Crystal Star Mark    |
    Thought you were in that for the long haul, huh?  Just cinema after cinema after
    cinema.  Geesh.  So, you're back in Petalburg and everyone's reunited.  Koops is
    going to stay with you for a while.  Now, destination.  Goombella suggests you
    go back to Rogueport.  You need to unfurl the Magical Map before the Thousand-
    Year Door for the next Crystal Star location.  When Goombella stops quoting a
    book go to the mayor's house and shimmy through the gate by pressing R to get
    the Mega Rush P.  It increases your Attack by 5 when your partner is in Peril (1
    HP).  Exit Petalburg to go to Rogueport and here that music!  Super Mario World
    (beginning cinema)!
    You have a new e-mail on the Mailbox SP.  So continue on your merry way to exit
    Petal Meadows.  You should have all the following badges before exiting: Mega
    Rush P, Last Stand P, Attack FX R, HP Plus, Power Bounce, Happy Heart, Close
    Call, Multibounce, and Power Smash.  If not, read up on my sections.  Now go
    through the warp pipe to Rogueport sewers.  Hop across the platforms to exit
    this room.  In the next, fall down and engage a Goomba.  Now, you're headed for
    the Thousand-Year Door.  Head left to the screen where you found your first Star
    Piece back in the Prologue.  That's Dazzle, right there.  You can buy badges
    from him for Star Pieces.  Do so if you want.  Personally, I bought Chill Out
    from him for 2 Star Pieces.  Now head back to the first room that has a pipe
    leading up to Rogueport.
    Use the platform to get to the gated off pipe.  Take it down and descend the
    stairs.  Take the warp pipe down to an old room.  Go around to the right, climb
    up the stairs, and paper airplane fly to the left side of the room through a
    door.  Welcome, to the room with the Thousand-Year Door.  Slide through the bars
    at the start and bounce to an airplane panel.  Fly to the other side and bounce
    up for a Shine Sprite.  Now step on the altar and hold up the Crystal Star.  It
    shall point the way to the second star.  It lies north of Rogueport.  Next stop,
    Professor Frankly!  You'll be warped there and he reveals that it is in Boggly
    Woods.  If you paid attention to the cinema with Grodus, you'd know that already.
    Luckily, a pipe in Rogueport leads there.  When you exit, notice Luigi to the
    left.  Whoa.  He's trying to, get this, rescue Princess Eclair of the Waffle
    Kingdom.  She's been kidnapped by the Chestnut King.  Who writes this stuff?
    Ask to hear what happened, which is remarkably similar to your quest, only more
    food like.  Near where Luigi was standing is a shop with a Sprite sign on it.
    Enter it and Merlon will offer to upgrade a partner.  In the original Paper
    Mario, Merlon could see into the future (he had a house in Toad Town).  But he
    does different things in this game.  With three Shine Sprites, which you have,
    you can upgrade a partner's power.  Now choose a partner to power up.  Tough
    decision.  I chose Goombella, but Koops would be equally good a choice.  If you
    upgrade Goombella, after a cinema, she will 20 HP, more attack, and a new move.
    It is called Multibonk and takes 3 FP.  Awesome.
                                     |    Gus    |
    Get out the character you powered up and talk to the spearman to the right of
    Frankly's house.  I suggest, actually, you use Goombella for the first move to
    Tattle.  This is Gus, the creature that guards the door to a new section of
    Rogueport.  Say "I can take you" and you can fight him.  His HP is 20, he has an
    attack of 3, and defense of 0.
    He's weaker than Hooktail, so it should be no problem beating him.  Don't jump
    to attack, as he has a spear.  Use Koops afterwards, as Goombella is useless
    because she only has jump attacks.  Use Power Smashes and items like Mushrooms
    when you need them and you'll do fine.  He's very easy and yields lots of Star
    Points.  Once you beat him you won't have to fight him again.  Now you have
    access to this part of the city for later.
                           |    The Path to Boggly Woods    |
    Go down to the sewers with the pipe by Frankly's.  Slip through the bars near
    the start and take the warp pipe down.  Slip through the bars again and take
    that warp pipe down.  Hey look!  The weird thing the professor showed you.  Go
    through the bars to a doorway to where it went.  Corner it and explain that
    you're not here to eat it.  The creature connects you with the X-Nauts, Peach's
    captives.  The X-Nauts went to Boggly Woods and started tearing apart the Great
    Tree.  Once you agree to help him, Punio leads you to a crack in the wall.  Talk
    to him again and he'll press a button making a door your-size appear.  Walk
    through (if you walk right you can get the Damage Dodge Badge) and Punio will
    lead you to a pipe headed to Boggly Woods.  Ride the pipe.
    ===================================Chapter 2*===================================
                                "The Great Boggly Tree"
                                 |    Boggly Woods    |
    Walk forward and save the game.  You're headed for the Great Tree.  As you do,
    three witch-like creatures appear.  Vivian, the red hat, will target Mario
    (a.k.a. you) and steal the map.  After revealing one and a half parts of their
    plan they notice you.  Drat.  Beldam takes her necklace while stifling the
    yellow-hat's comments.  What a jerk!  Walk forward (they don't know you so a
    battle will not ensue) and right past them.  Have Goombella out for tattling and
    approach your first new foe.  First you can tattle on the Cleft, or the Pale
    Piranha.  When faced with a Cleft, just run to avoid having to use an item.  In
    the next screen you'll see Big Tree, home of the Punies.  Jump into the warp
    hole and make your rounds into the Great Tree.  Some mechanically-inclined
    person installed a metal door.  That's odd.
    There's a secret entance to the Great Woods, but Punio cannot find it.  Flurrie,
    a denizen of the forest might be able to, though.  She's a wind spirit.  After
    you exit, a cinema plays.  Something of hers is gone (notice how they avoid
    showing her body.  Who could she be?) and you must find it, I'd bet.  Return
    through the warp pipe.  To the right is an Inn Coupon.  Continue in the right
    direction to a new screen.  Tattle on the Dark Puffs (a clear reference to Huff
    N. Puff from Paper Mario on the N64), which should not be attacked while
    electric.  Use the first log you see as a warp pipe.  Right now you don't need
    it.  Head right all the way and to a shiny portal in the wall.  Use it as a
    tunnel to get into the background.  Walk to the switch, press it, and get the
    Star Piece.  Now you can fly across the screen with the airplane panel.  Also,
    from the airplane panel, you can use Koops to retrieve a Shine Sprite.
    Fighting these Dark Puffs yields a badge, Sleepy Stomp.  It takes 1 BP and you
    can use a move, which takes 2 FP, to try to lull enemies to sleep.  You'll also
    find the Quake Hammer Badge at the other side when you fly across.  Now enter
    the next screen.  Here, walk along the bushes to find a crack you can slip
    through with the R paper ability.  Take the warp pipe into the background and
    walk into Flurrie's house.  Head up the stairs and Punio's voice clues her in
    that you're friends.  However, the drama queen will not help you until you get
    her necklace back.  Now as you exit the house a cinema will play with the Shadow
    Sirens.  They've found the sketch of Mario and now they know who you are.  Head
    back to them.  They're in the very second screen of Boggly Woods.
    When they see you she wants the map.  No way.  Tattle on three of them when the
    fight starts.  Vivian is the youngest.  She has 10 HP, 1 attack, and no defense.
    Marilyn is the middle child.  She has 12 HP, 2 attack, and no defense.  Take her
    out first with jumps and Headbonks.  Beldam, the leader and oldest, is the
    weakest.  She has 9 HP and 1 attack.  The only notable thing she does is boost
    other's attack power.  Once you've gotten Marilyn, aim for Vivian.  This should
    be very easy now without them attacking you.  All that's left to do is take out
    Beldam, and between your two partners and you, this should be a piece of cake.
    The only notable attack Beldam has is Blizzard, which does 2 damage.  Once
    you've beaten these easy opponents, let the Star Points fall.
    Do it again!  When you win they scram and drop the Necklace as they do so.  Get
    it and return to the home of Flurrie.  Go to the door and use the item Necklace
    to introduce herself Flurrie has a disco ball.  AHHHH!  It's a ghost-like wind
    spirit!  Since Super Mario Bros. 3, Boos, ghost-like spirits, have haunted Mario
    and Luigi.  But make no mistake; she is no Boo.  She's a wind spirit.  Just
    peachy.  Flurrie joined your party!  With X she exhales strong winds that blow
    away obstacles.  Great for getting the first strike on enemies.
    As you head for Boggly Woods you get an e-mail.  It's nothing, though.  Enter
    the Great Tree.  Climb up the root and hop up to where Punio was earlier.  Blow
    the bark off the tree and a secret entrance is revealed.  Punio enters and opens
    the door for you.  Now you can enter.  Everything is abandoned, and two X-Nauts
    come out to see you.  You must fight them.  As you would expect, these X-Nauts
    are not very strong.  They have 4 HP, 3 attack, and no defense.  First, if you
    use the upgraded character you can two damage in one move and then an Action
    Command Hammer to beat one.  Do it twice to win.  If it drinks a potion to make
    itself bigger, do not worry.  This is just their tactic of getting higher attack.
    There defense is still 0.
                                |    The Great Tree    |
    They run away to report you to Lord Crump.  A Puni darts past the tree,
    accompanied by friends.  Punio introduces you to them.  And the Jabbi tribe, who
    also lives in the tree, is allied to the X-Nauts!  The larger Puni refuses to
    accept your help until you've proven yourself.  We're on a mission!  You stoked?
    I should really stop saying that.  Well, this is a lot like Hooktail's castle in
    that it is the maze before the bout with the boss.  Go through the warp pipe by
    the Save Block.  Take the next warp pipe here and you'll be in a room with an X-
    Naut.  When you attack it tattle on the Yux.
    It was made in X-Naut laboratories.  It has 3 HP, 2 attack, and no defense.  It
    can form Mini-Yux (apparently Yux is the plural form of the singular Yux) as a
    barrier around it, like a human shield.  You can also tattle on Mini-Yux.  Take
    the next warp pipe up, and walk around, attacking the Yux, to find another pipe.
    When you come up it you see a cinema where a "mysterious" person knocks out an
    X-Naut.  When you do come up, Punio sees the elder of the Punies.  To the left
    are the rest of the Punies, including Punio's sister, Petuni.  Now head into the
    next room.  It's Ms. Mowz.  Great.  As soon as she leaves the X-Naut wakes up.
    Now you have to fight him, and him alone.  Real tough.  You'll probably beat him
    before he gets a turn.  When you defeat him you get the Red Key.
    It opens the elder's door.  In the treasure chest is an Ultra Shroom.  It
    replenishes 50 HP.  Now head back into the previous room and free the elder.
    Look!  Punio's getting zinged.  Got to hurt.  Several hours later.  the lecture
    is over!  Now you've freed the elder, which Punio called a she.  This just isn't
    my day for guessing genders.  Now you need the Blue Key.  Where to get it?  I'm
    quite glad you asked.  Head down the pipes to the first room.  Puniper still
    doesn't trust you.  After a lecture from the elder, though, ten Punies join the
    party!  Didn't see that one coming, now did you?  The elder then gives you the
    Puni Orb.  It's the emblem of the Puni leader.  Now you must rescue all the
    Punies.  Take the warp pipe up and welcome to the elevator room.
    Have all your Puni companions stand on it and then you must place the Puni Orb
    in the altar.  Now a warp pipe forms.  Nab the Puni Orb so that they follow you
    and go to the warp pipe.  Take it down and fight the first X-Naut that assaults
    you.  Fall down into the pit and get the Shine Sprite.  You have enough for
    another partner upgrade.  Shake the bushes for the item Thunder Rage.  Now take
    the warp pipe up.  Press the button so the door from the first room leads into
    this one automatically.  Place the Puni Orb in the altar and get out Flurrie.
    Blow the Punies off the edge and take out the Puni Orb quickly.  They'll rise up
    in balloons.  Blow the balloons to the right so they're on the other platform.
    Hop across and go down the warp pipe with your Puni pals.  As you cross the path
    you'll encounter a Pider on a web.
    These new enemies, residents of the Great Tree, are spiders.  They have 5 HP and
    2 attack.  Luckily, they're very easy to beat and guard against.  On the other
    side blow away the black statue thing to uncover an airplane panel.  Fly to
    another panel across the room and to a Shine Sprite on the other side.  Fall
    down and fight the Pale Piranhas you find.  Go down the warp pipe.  Here you'll
    see a Jabbi.  Fall down through the floor and press A against the bushes for a
    Star Piece.  Now take the warp pipe back up.  Enter the cave the Jabbi ran into
    and prepare for a battle!  A ten Jabbi squadron will come out.  Use Flurrie to
    blow them away and the Punies themselves will attack.  The Punies enter the hive
    fortress and destroy it.
    A path is revealed.  Go through and fall down to a treasure chest.  It contains
    the Blue Key.  Now you can save the other Punies!  When you exit the room a
    cinema with the captured Punies plays.  To reach their locked room, go left, up
    the warp pipe, up the warp pipe to the left, up the pipe to the right, across
    the gap, up the pipe, up the pipe, up the pipe, and up the pipe to the right.
    Welcome to the cell.  Open it to free the Punies.  Now, 90 Punies are added to
    your party.  Return to the room you were in with the Jabbies you fought.  You
    need all 101 Punies.  Enter the room with the long narrow path and defeat all
    the Piders.  You can jump on them or use Koops to hit them with the shell.  Then
    the Punies will follow you.
    Go through the door opposite the one with the 10-Jabbi squad.  This is the 100-
    Jabbi squad!  It takes a few minutes just for them to assemble!  Use the hammer,
    Flurrie's wind, whatever, but the Punies can win themselves.  They outnumber the
    Jabbies by one.  Then they all go to the hive and destroy it.  Now go through
    the door that formed.  Defeat the Pale Piranhas (there's a Star Piece behind the
    lower pipe) and go into the next room.  Place the Puni Orb in the altar and a
    cage comes over you.  It's Lord Crump!  He's trapped you.  Well, Mario can slip
    through the bars.  Go through and take the warp pipe down.
    Press the black switch and take it up.  Return to the room where you got the
    Blue Key.  In case you forgot, go left, up, right, right, right, right, and fall
    down.  White switches are here.  Press them to make the symbols rearrange.  You
    want them to show, from left to right, sun, moon, Puni, star.  They lower to
    reveal a door.  Enter it and open the big chest for the Super Boots!  Toadette
    appears to explain them to you.  Press A in midair to perform a Spin Jump.  Now
    exit this room to the previous.  Use the Spin Jump on the wood panels in the
    floor to fall through to a Shine Sprite.  To the left is a badge.  Use Koops to
    retrieve it.  Now you can upgrade two partners!  It is Charge, letting you use
    the move Charge.  Now head left two screens after going up.  In this room with
    the long winding path use Koops's ability to hit under the pink block.  An
    invisible block will materialize.  Jump onto it and hit the pink item block for
    a badge.  It is the Damage Dodge P Badge!
    It cuts damage by 1 HP when your partner uses the Guard Action Command.  Head
    left twice again to see another wood panel in the floor.  Use Spin Jump to fall
    to a warp pipe.  Ignore it for now and head right to the room with the poor
    captured Punies.  Slip into the cage and use Spin Jump to create a pit.  Use
    Flurrie to blow all the Punies down.  When you fall through get the Star Piece
    behind the pipe.  Now with all 101 at your command, head left and take the pipe
    up.  Fall down the hole you made earlier with the Spin Jump with all your Punies
    (blow them in) and go down the warp pipe.  Fight the X-Naut you see and follow
    the trail to a warp pipe.  At the bottom is a Yux.  Notice that the strength of
    your jump attacks is doubled.  You also have a new attack - Spin Jump.  So,
    obliterate the enemies and go down the warp pipe at the bottom.
    Head down the next warp pipe and hop across the platforms.  Take the up-pipe and
    hit the blue switch you find.  Use Koops's X and hold.  Get off the switch and
    release to hit the real one.  The water in the rooms pours into the one below.
    Get the chest in the once-water-filled pool for a new badge, Shrink Stomp.
    Using it shrinks enemies, radically reducing their attack power.  Now take the
    pipe down to the water-filled room and use the lily pad to get a Shine Spirte.
    Now take the down pipe with all your Punies.  Place the Puni Orb in the altar
    and all 101 will gather on the platform.  The platform lowers into a new, hidden
    room of the Great Tree.  Save here.  Head through the cave door to the right to
    see Lord Crump.  When he hears you coming he runs.  Place the Puni Orb in the
    altar and they will gather on the platform.  It lowers to give you the Crystal
    Star!  But Lord Crump darts out and takes it.
    Now, to make sure you don't interfere, and as payback for earlier, he's going to
    wallop you... with the remote time-bomb detonator!  You have 300 seconds.  Take
    the pipe he did and fight two X-Nauts as fast as you can.  Press the switch to
    make the door open and run out.  Head up, taking all the pipes, and exit this
    tree.  The elder is stopping Crump.  Crump stops the detonator to save himself
    and then summons his fighting machine, Magnus von Grapple.
                                    |    Magnus    |
    "Are you crying yet?  Yeah?  Sorry, but this thing isn't armed with tissues."
    I'll make you eat those words!  First off, get Goombella to use Tattle on this
    freak of nature.  For all his tough talk, it isn't THAT tough.  It has 30 HP,
    one defense, and 2 attack.  I could beat that in my sleep if I could sleep-play-
    videogames.  Its fists can also be attacked.  They have a Max HP of 2, attack of
    4, and no defense.  I would use whichever partner you powered up.  If you're
    good with Action Command use the Multibounce Badge in this fight.  If not, stick
    to Power Smashes.  I used Goombella, so Multibonk is what saved the day for me.
    As soon as it releases the X-Fists, destroy them.  A good Action Command Jump
    does the trick.  The X-Fists are dangerous if you keep them on the stage.  Other
    than the X-Fists, this boss is super-easy.  If you have no FP, always use a Jump
    over a Hammer, as Jumps can do two damage with Action Command and the Hammer
    does only 1 with Action Command.  When you win it you get major Star Points and
    Magnus von Grapple explodes.  Crump runs away and you get the Crystal Star.
    Five minions manage to escape the Great Tree alive.  Now you have the Emerald
    Star.  With it you learned the new Special, Clock Out.  You beat the X-Nauts as
    an added bonus.
                              |    Grodus's Reaction    |
    Ooh!  Grodus, he be mad!  An underling X-Naut comes in and reports that the
    Boggly Woods Crystal Star was taken by the mustachioed wonder Mario.  The Shadow
    Sirens, Lord Crump, even the Magnus von Grapple failed.  Hey kids!  Want to
    learn something totally cool?  If you cross your arms in the manner like the X-
    Naut did, X, you can do the X-Naut hand signal.  Neat-o.  This message was
    brought to you by Grodus.  And now we go to Princess Peach.  You can control her
    again.  Be walking around and TEC will open the door.  Continue on the path to
    TEC, the supercomputer built by Grodus.  Apparently, when Peach mentioned that
    she would never dance at the Mushroom Ball again, TEC had the impulse to dance.
    Dork.  So, you dance with a hologram of yourself.  Press the buttons as they are
    displayed.  You taught TEC to have fun!  Boy, he needs to get out more often.
    Now Peach can send Mario an e-mail.  What a surprise.
                      |    The Second Dragon of Petal Meadows    |
    Bowser has come to Petal Meadows with Kammy.  Bowser, in an attempt to kidnap
    the already kidnapped Peach, is head to Petalburg, the last place she was seen
    in.  Now this is fun!  It's the first Super Mario Bros., only as Bowser.  It
    even has the score system, the world 1-1, and lives at the start.  It even has
    the black screen with the box that shows Bowser at the start of the level.
    First, getting meat gives you an upgrade, like Mushrooms did Mario.  They make
    you big.
    If you get a Starman you become unthinkably tall.  The level ends when you reach
    the flag.  Hilarious!  So, Bowser reaches Petalburg.  Everyone runs like
    chickens to hiding places.  Kammy seemingly spots Peach in a window.  Man, that
    was easy.  The Koopa who lived there would rather die than give up his life-
    sized Peach poster.  Pretty funny.  Poor Bowser.  Bow your heads solemnly,
    laughing at him on the inside.
                         |    The Third Crystal Star Mark    |
    The Punies dismiss you from the Great Tree with a thanks.  Now head back to
    Rogueport.  As you do, you'll get an e-mail.  Read it, from Peach.  Now go back
    to the pipe that led to Boggly Woods.  Exit the sewers.  If you used this guide
    you've gotten a total of nine Shine Sprites so far, and you have six because you
    spent three to get an upgrade.  Well, go the Shine Shop, left of Frankly's, and
    get two more upgrades for the other characters.  Now all your partners are a
    heck of a lot stronger.  When you're done exit and take the warp pipe down into
    the underground.  By now, you should know your way to the Thousand-Year Door.
    First, slide through the bars and take the pipe down.  Then slide through the
    bars you see and fall to another pipe.  Head right, up the stairs, and use the
    airplane panel to fly to the door.  Now you're in the chamber.  Stand on the
    pedestal.  The Crystal Star will rise up and the Magical Map will be marked with
    the next location.  The next star is in the clouds.  Now, go to Frankly's place
    to have him check it out.  Frankly suspects it is in Glitzville.  To reach it
    you must use a blimp.  All tickets to it are sold by Don Pianta, the mafia
    leader.  He is on the west side.  Remember, a woman named Zess is blocking the
    way to the west side because you broke her contact lens.  Time to replace the
                    |    The West Side and the Pianta Syndicate    |
    Go left a screen from Frankly's to find Luigi.  Luigi, telling the sequel to his
    first tale, did in fact go to Rumblebump Vocano and he did get a piece of the
    Marvelous Compass.  Blooey, who is acting as Luigi's partner (his quest could be
    an addition to this one, I tell you!  It's exactly like yours!), is there with
    him.  If you talk to Blooey, he tells you that Luigi actually threw him in lava,
    not at the statue.  Oops.  Now, go back to Frankly's.
    Remember when you fought Gus, the guard of the Robbo turf?  If you haven't,
    choose to fight him.  He's really easy.  So go into that screen and use R to
    become paper thin.  Walk between the two buildings here to reach a rat named
    Pierre.  He's not the important one.  Go through the door near him and talk
    tothe Koopa-looking creature.  When he finds out your looking for Don Pianta
    (jerky-for-brains), they'll tell you how to get a seat with the don for 64 coins
    (64 is like Nintendo's lucky number.  They did release the N64, after all).  Say
    you'll pay and he'll give you the info.  Go to a store next to the parlor and
    buy a Dried Shroom and a Dizzy Dial.  Make sure you buy them in that order.
    Then the shopkeeper asks you your favorite color.  Say "yellow."  By the way,
    this may vary from game to game.  Now exit.  There's a Star Piece
    behind the barrel.
    First, you need access to the west side where the parlor is.  Go to the Item
    Shop and talk to the first Toad Bros.  He'll special order a contact lens for
    you.  Leave Rogueport (go down the warp pipe and reenter) and the order will be
    filled.  Standing outside is the Toad.  For 10 coins you can purchase the
    Contact Lens.  So Zess retreats when you give it to her and you can enter the
    West Side.  It is much nicer than the east.  Behind the pipe is a Star Piece.
    Walk along the wall near the grass for another.  To the left, near a crack in
    the wall, is a third.
    Now, notice Pianta Parlor.  It's a casino.  To the left is an Item Shop.  First,
    buy a Dried Shroom and then a Dizzy Dial.  She then asks what color your
    mustache is.  Say yellow.  Wrong question.  What's your favorite color.  Say
    yellow again to get access to Don Pianta.  Go through the door she unlocked.
    Walk up the stairs and head into his house.  Notice the race these people belong
    to.  They're from Super Mario Sunshine.  Anyway, for the tickets you must bring
    Pianta's daughter Francesca and her husband (with whom she eloped) Frankie over
    to him.  Oh, and just so we're clear, if you don't find his daughter, your luck
    might turn terrible.  You got the Super Boots, but how about the cement shoes?
    So, we've got to find this guy's daughter, eh?  While I was writing this I was
    so talking as if I were a member of the Italian mafia.  So, where does one find
    the likes of Francesca?  Well, they're at the dock where you first arrived at
    Rogueport at the beginning of the game.  Let her go with Frankie and return to
    Don Pianta.  Tell the don where they are hiding.  They come in and after a
    little scene you get the tickets!  As you leave you get an e-mail.  It is from
    Koopley, Koops's dad.  Read it and then, from the west side, head north.  Talk
    to the Cheep Cheep and take the blimp to Glitzville.
    ===================================Chapter 3*===================================
                                  "Of Glitz and Glory"
                                  |    Glitzville    |
    When you land head down to the right to see a big blue switch.  Spin Jump it to
    make a staircase form.  Walk up to the chest, containing the Power Plus P Badge.
    Now, as you may've noticed, this place is not only a floating city, but it is
    home of the Glitz Pit, the arena in which fighters duke it out to appease the
    masses.  Don Pianta bets on fight outcomes, which is why he is connected with
    the Cheep Blimp service.  Head into the large building and then through the main
    doors.  The champion is Rawk Hawk.  After knocking the living daylights out of
    an armored Koopa, Rawk Hawk is anxious for a worthy challenger.
    As champion, the Rawk gets the Crystal Star.  Whoever your current partner is,
    you'll be asked to either steal the belt or fight your way to the top.  Either
    way you choose, you end up fighting your way to the top, making this one of the
    easier levels.  Exit the Glitz Pit and walk around either side of the stairs to
    see a blue creature guarding the door.  Talk to him and you'll be given the
    offer to become a fighter.  He lets you through the door.  Go through the hall,
    after a locked door, to see Mr. Grubba's office.  He is the promoter.  Say (oh
    how I degrade myself), "darn skippy," and you can be a fighter.  Follow Grubba
    to the champion's room (meant to motivate you).
    Then he takes you to the major-league locker room.  You must sign a contract
    afterward to become a fighter.  From now on, your name in the Great Gonzales.
    So then Jolene, Grubba's secretary, comes in.  She takes you to the minor-league
    locker room.  It's disgusting and full of losers!  To start a fight walk to the
    GBA screen and press A.  Choose to Reserve a Match and Grubba appears.  For the
    first battle you must fight the Goomba Bros.!  For this part of the guide, each
    fighter will have his/its own little section, like Glitzville does (you're
    reading that section).
    Note: This is important.  I wrote the way my game had the conditions set, but it
    is random!  So, do not necessarily rely on the conditions I wrote, because
    chances are yours are different.  For Rawk Hawk, though, it is always the same.
                                 |    Goomba Bros.    |
    The condition is that you must appeal to the crowd at least once.  Easy, right?
    Very shortly after Jolene stops talking to you security takes you out into the
    Glitz Pit.  When you go there Grubba introduces you against them.  Basically,
    you must fight five Goombas.  Use Koops.  On the first turn use Appeal with
    Mario.  Then have Koops do Power Shell.  Easy.  You get 1 Star Point.  Ms.
    Jolene gives you three coins for winning.  After that the minor-leaguers
    introduce themselves.  There's King K, Master Crash, Bandy Andy, and Cleftor.
    If you sleep in the bed in this room you can recover HP and FP.
                                |    The KP Koopas    |
    You cannot use any Flower Points, FP.  First, you should tattle on the KP Koopa
    and the KP Paratroopa.  The KP Koopa has HP of 4, attack 2, and defense 1.  The
    KP Paratroopa has the same stats.  After getting one Star Point, the fight is
    over.  Jolene gives you four coins.  You're now # 18!  After some friendly talk
    with King K, you can challenge the next combatant.
                              |    The Pokey Triplets    |
    Traditionally desert-dwelling enemies from old Mario games, these are very
    unique.  First off, the Pokey is a new enemy, so tattle on it.  They have no
    defense, 4 HP, and 2 attack.  One Power Smash can defeat one.  The biggest
    concern is that they can make allies.  As you defeat them they'll lose segments
    of their bodies.  Before you finish them off use Appeal at least once and then
    take them out.  This time around you get 4 coins.  Now you're rank is 17.  Bandy
    Andy follows Jolene out, and is scolded for doing so.  Now go reserve the next
                                |    The Dead Bones    |
    In this corner, the Great Gonzales.  In the other corner, the Dead Bones!  You
    must be damaged by the enemy three times.  The Dead Bones are just three Dull
    Bones warriors, like the ones you fought in Hooktail Castle.  Take damage, as in
    Mario, three times, and then let them have it.  A single Normal Jump will defeat
    one, since their defense is 1 and their HP is 1, and any sidekick can defeat
    them (if you upgraded them like I told you to earlier!) with a standard attack.
    Remember when you cried because you thought they were so hard?  I sure didn't.
    You get, like before, 1 Star Point for winning and this time five coins.  Things
    are looking up.  Nice, Double-G-dog!  A cinema plays after a conversation with
    King K (a Koopa with a shell of gold) where someone is dragged to the hospital.
    Tough break.
                                 |    Spike Storm    |
    Like last time, be damaged three times.  The enemies are two Spinies and a
    Lakitu.  Use Tattle right away.  These enemies are as old as time itself -
    they're from Super Mario Bros.  Spinies cannot be jumped on.  They have
    everything at 3 (HP, defense, and offense).  Lakitu is a distant relative of the
    Koopa.  It rides clouds and throws down Spinies.  It has 5 HP, 2 attack, and 0
    defense.  This is your first "tough" fight.  After taking damage thrice use an
    item, such as a POW Block.  Using Flurrie's Gale Force can also knock away some
    enemies.  Koops is the man here, though.  Use a Power Punch and then Power Shell
    to drive out some Spinies.  Since Spinies have such high defense, it may be wise
    to use Earth Tremor.  Still, you get only 1 Star Point.  You get five coins.
    Now rest up.  King K informs you that the Hog Dog Stand got a new menu item.
                              |    The Hand-It-Overs    |
    Do not use any special moves (Sweet Treat, Earth Tremor, or Clock Out).  That
    should be no problem.  You may recognize the enemies, the thieves from Rogueport
    in the East Side.  Use Tattle on these enemies, Bandit and Big Bandit.  Bandit
    has 5 HP, 2 attack, and no defense.  The main thing to remember is that they can
    steal items and coins.  If you defeat them fast enough you'll get them back.
    Big Bandits have 8 HP, 3 attack, and no defense.  To prevent thievery use Guard
    Action Command.  Once they have an item they run.  So, they are easy to beat,
    but it might be costly.  You get a varying number of Star Points for beating
    them.  For beating them you get six coins.  Starting to pay off.  Now you're #
    14.  King K says he saw a babe at the juice bar or something.  Rest up.
                              |    The Mind-Bogglers    |
    No using the hammer.  The enemies are varied, but they are basically enemies
    from Boggly Woods (hence, the Mind-Bogglers).  There's nothing here you haven't
    tattled on before, but you should use Goombella anyway for the first two enemies.
    First take out the Dark Puff.  One Normal Jump or Headbonk will do the trick
    with Action Command.  Then defeat the Pider in a similar manner.  Now, how to
    beat the Pale Piranha without the hammer?  Get out Koops and use Shell Toss, of
    course!  You could also use Earth Tremor, although I don't see why you would.
    These were much easier than the previous two fighters.  You get six coins for
    winning.  Now you're unlucky # 13.  King K tells you he's thinking about
    retiring soon.
                                |    The Punk Rocks    |
    Just appeal to the crowd once.  Think you can handle it?  It's you V.S. Cleftor
    and his buddies.  They should've given up when they had the chance.  First off,
    you want to tattle on these goons.  These Hyper Bald Clefts have 2 defense, 2
    attack, and 3 HP.  If it is hyper, target it especially.  The easiest way to win
    is with items like the POW Block, but Earth Tremor is a great alternative.
    Defense cannot withstand the tremor.  This makes them pretty easy.  You get
    seven coins for winning.
                                |    Bob-omb Squad    |
    Ooh!  A new opponent.  Like last time, appeal to the crowd once.  Master Crash
    is a member of the Bob-omb Squad.  First off, tattle!  It's HP is 4, it has 2
    attack, and one defense.  To win all you have to do is hang in there for a while.
    If you can endure their self-destructs, which adds up to a total of twenty HP
    loss, you can win.  To make them blow themselves up, attack once.  Multibounce
    is perfect for this.  After you do it they'll attack you on the next turn.  Use
    your partner to Appeal before you do and you've got it made.  If they choose not
    to self-destruct, attacking them again KO's them.  You get seven coins for
    winning.  A new fighter comes to replace King K, Sir Swoop.  Sir Swoop gets the
    same talk you got.
                                     |    Egg    |
    This is not an enemy, but a character.  Go to the Hot Dog Stand (getting the
    Star Piece in the bush as you do) and an egg will be hopping around.  The egg
    jumps on top of the Hot Dog Stand.  There's only one thing to do.  Go to where
    you got the Power Plus P Badge (main area, up some stairs you formed).  Use the
    spring to bounce up to an airplane panel.  Now fly like the paper airplane you
    are to that naughty egg.  Now you have two choices.  Help the little guy, or let
    there be hot dogs!  Either way, the egg is let free.  Let the egg follow you.
    As you head into the Glitz Pit you get an e-mail.  Its RDM Issue 2.  Toadsworth
    (60) and Zess T. (55) were spotted together.  Spread the gossip!  Now head into
    the locker room.  Reserve the next fight.
                             |    The Armored Harriers    |
    If you win this battle, you'll be in the major leagues.  Here, take damage
    thrice (three times).  Tattle on the Iron Cleft.  He has 6 HP, 4 attack, and an
    unknown defense.  It's defense is so high that NO attack will hurt it.  Period.
    There's only one thing to do.  Nope, Earth Tremor does not work.  This is an
    impossible battle without pulling a few strings first.  Because you know that
    they've been beaten because they're rank 10.  Unfortunately, you cannot win with
    your current moves and items.  Run away.  You must.
                                 |    Name-a-Yoshi    |
    When you return from you loss to the Armored Harriers the egg will have hatches
    into everyone's favorite character, Yoshi!  This Yoshi is not the traditional
    Yoshi, but a newly hatched one.  For saving him from Hoggle, he joins your party.
    So, _____ joins your party!  I call him _____ because you get to name him (he
    was just born).  I named mine Yoshi to be traditional, and I will refer to him
    as Yoshi throughout the guide.  His abilities rock.  First, you can ride him
    with X to move much faster.  Second, he has a longer jump than you.  In battle,
    you can use his trademark Ground Pound move or his even older signature move,
    Gulp.  Now you have my favorite character.  Huzzah!
                      |    Rematch with the Armored Harriers    |
    You couldn't win before, but that's all going to change.  Have a rematch and use
    Yoshi as your partner.  This time, you must beat them in five turns or less.
    Easy!  Use the little hellion to beat them with (you ready?) Gulp!  Release when
    the star lights up to do 4 damage!  Yoshi, you rule.  Yoshi then proceeds to
    spit out the enemy and send them right into the other!  Since they're spikes are
    super-pointy, able to penetrate any substance, they hurt each other.  During
    Mario's turn use Appeal or Defend.  You get into the major leagues and you get
    seven coins.  First, see Grubba in his office.  Grubba gives you thirty coins.
    Then you go to the major league locker room.  After Jolene leaves Rawk Hawk
    comes in.  After Yoshi's bad attitude gets you in trouble, you get an e-mail.
    It is from someone called X.  They say that if you want the Crystal Star you
    must heed their warning.  In the corner of the lockers is an item called Ice
    Storm.  Now then, reserve a match.
                               |    The Tiny Spinies    |
    In this fight you, Mario, cannot hit at all.  Only your partner can.  First, use
    Goombella to tattle on the enemies.  I don't know if this always holds true, but
    Luigi was in my audience for this fight.  The Red Spike Top, or a Red Spike
    Buzzy Beetle, has 5 defense, 5 HP, and 3 attack.  Just use Yoshi's Gulp to beat
    them.  Thank you, oh game designers, for including Yoshi.  You get eleven coins
    for winning.
                               |    The Poker Faces    |
    Next up are these losers.  You must win before taking 20 HP damage.  You might
    recognize these foes.  They are from way back - Shhwonk Fortress.  Well, if you
    could beat them then, they should be no problem now.  Use a POW Block for
    instant victory.  Earth Quake also works.  Items are the bomb.  You earned
    twelve coins by winning.
                                 |    Super Hammer    |
    Take the e-mail.  It demands that you go to the watering hole outside the Glitz
    Pit, signed by X.  As you exit the Glitz Pit, notice you have a poster.  Now
    exit.  Go to the Juice Bar and talk to the green character.  He'll say that
    someone left a package for you.  Inside is the Super Hammer.  It breaks blocks.
    Toadette comes out to teach you how to use it.  To perform Super-Hammer, hold B,
    rotate the control stick, and release.  You then get an e-mail from X again,
    telling you to smash the block in the minor league room.  Go there and smash the
    block with Super Hammer.
    As you go there you'll see a cinema with Jolene.  Someone got inside the locked
    door.  Now go to the minor-league room.  Break the block here like I said.  Jump
    on top of the computer shelf and use Yoshi to float across the gap to get the
    Dubious Paper.  It is a scientific document on the Crystal Stars.  When you go
    back out Jolene sees you.  Jolene comes in, confiscating the Dubious Paper.  Now
    enter next match.
                              |    The Shellshockers    |
    No using Jump.  The enemy this time around is a lot like the KP Koopas.  I
    suggest you use Goombella throughout this fight.  Tattle on the Shady Koopa and
    Paratroopa.  Shady Koopa has 8 HP, 3 attack, and one defense.  Treat it like a
    regular opponent.  When it's on its back use Power Smash to do six damage with
    Action Command!  The Shady Paratroopa is the same deal.  The Super Hammer does
    much more damage that in ever did before.  Beat them with ease.  After them the
    Armored Harriers rush through the crowd.  Time for payback!  First move, Swap
    Partner to Yoshi.  Then use Gulp.  Easy.  Any more wimps want to challenge us?
    You get twelve coins for that fight.  You then get an e-mail.  It threatens you
    if you keep investigating.
                            |    The Magikoopa Masters    |
    You know these jokers - Bowser's magicians.  They are called Magikoopa.  Beat
    them for rank # 6.  This time, no hammer.  There are three enemies to tattle on.
    The Red Magikoopa has 7 HP, 4 attack, and no defense.  White Magikoopa has the
    same stats.  Green Magikoopa has HP 7, attack 4, and a defense of zip.  First,
    take out the white.  Then the red, and then the green.  If it makes copies of
    itself use an item to defeat it, like Earth Quake.  All and all, they aren't
    hard to beat.  You get 13 coins from them.  Now, Jolene left you a cake.  You
    can either eat it or not.  Eat it to recover everything.
                                   |    The Fuzz    |
    Be damaged five times.  Naturally, the Fuzz is a gang of Fuzzies.  You want to
    tattle on the Green and Flower Fuzzy.  The Green Fuzzy has 5 HP, three attack,
    and no defense.  The Flower Fuzzy has 6 HP, three attack, and no defense.  It
    does no damage, but it does suck out Flower Points.  First, beat the Black Fuzzy,
    then the Flower Fuzzy, and then finish off the green machine.  If you'd rather
    face magic than health-suckers first, reverse the last two's order.  After
    winning a spectator wants to fight.  Bowser!
    First off, use Tattle!  Bowser has 30 HP, 3 attack, and one defense.  Oh dear.
    OK.  You can do this.  First, use the most powerful moves you have.  That means
    Power Smash.  Stick to Power Smash and don't use anything fancy that takes FP
    with the partners.  That's why you were supposed to beat the Flower Fuzzy first!
    Anyway, Bowser's bite is poisonous and will have a lasting effect.  You'll
    gradually lose HP.  If he Ground Pounds you, you won't be able to use a command.
    Really, he isn't that hard if you use Power Smash Action Command (doing five
    damage), and weaken him with the partner.  You also get 15 Star Points from that
    duel.  You get thirteen coins on top of that.
                                  |    Craw-Daddy    |
    Win before you take 20 HP damage.  Easy enough, right?  The enemy is a lot like
    Gus from Rogueport, only more evil and demented.  Tattle on it right away.  Dark
    Craw has 20 HP, 6 attack, and no defense to speak of.  No jumping because of the
    spear.  When fog appears it will be harder to hit him.  I suggest you stick to
    the Power Smash and use Action Guard wisely.  Other than that, he's really easy.
    You get fourteen coins for winning.  You then get another e-mail.  When you walk
    outside you see Rawk Hawk.  He just threatens you.  Go to the telephone booth
    out on the pavilion, X.  Hmm.  Leave Glitz Pit and go to the telephone booth,
    left of the Cheep Blimp landing site.
    There's a key inside - the Storage Key.  Go back to the locked door in Glitz Pit.
    As you do you'll get an e-mail.  It says just what we were about to do.  When
    you enter the door you see Ms. Mowz.  Perfect.  Now you get another e-mail,
    telling you to find the staircase.  This is awfully suspicious.  Get out Flurrie
    and blow away the metal crates.  Crack the blocks to find a badge, Charge P.
    Destroy the other blocks to find a switch.  A staircase forms.  Take it up to
    the second story.  If you talked to Bandy Andy about the seven wonders of Glitz
    Pit, you'd know this was one of them.  First get the Shine Sprite.  Get out
    Yoshi and hop onto the tiered crates.  Use A to get across to the other side and
    use the hammer to destroy the block.  Use Koops to retrieve the badge, HP Plus P.
    Fall into the hole and peek down the light hole to the left.  Apparently, they
    don't know where King K is, and why are they guarding the storage room?  I think
    Ms. Jolene is a traitor.  When Grubba hears you say whatever.  He even shrugs
    off belch.  Grubba leaves and it's back to you.  Use R to fall through he vent.
    Now go sign up for the next fight.
                           |    Hamma, Bamma, and Flare    |
    No jumping.  This enemy said that their great granddad was in World 7-1.  That's
    so clever on Nintendo's part.  There was probably a Hammer Bro. in that world.
    You can tattle on each of them.  Hammer Bro. has 7 HP, 4 attack, and one defense.
    Fire Bro. has 7 HP, 3 attack, and one defense.  Its burn attack will effect you
    for several turns after the punch.  Boomerang Bro. has 7 HP, 2 attack, and one
    defense.  It hits you twice (once on the return hit, once back, and it hits both
    of you).  This can be a tough battle.  Aim for the Hammer Bro. first and then go
    for fire, and then boomerang.  You get 14 coins and you're # 3.  You get an e-
    mail.  It is another threat.  Now heal up.
                                |    Chomp Country    |
    Jolene brings a cake.  It is poison; do not eat it or you'll have to fight alone
    in the next match.  The condition is not using Flower Points.  First, tattle on
    the Red Chomp.  It has 6 HP, 5 attack, and 3 defense.  Your best bet is a strong
    Earth Tremor.  If you need to do a bit extra damage, use a fully-charged Normal
    Hammer.  No FP, remember.  Flurrie's Body Slam also does 1 damage when used.
    When you win, you are at rank # 2!  Next, the Rawk Hawk!  You get 15 coins for
    winning.  Now go rest up, have Goombella out, and choose to face the # 1
                                |    The Koopinator    |
    Do not use items.  Use Tattle to get his info.  Dark Koopatrol, the real name,
    has 25 HP, 5 attack, and 2 defense.  How are you supposed to beat him?  Use all
    the Power Smashes you can muster.  Luckily, the fog causes him to miss, too.
    When it comes down to it, though, D. Koopatrol is easier to beat then his stats
    might suggest.  You get fifteen coins for winning.  Now you're # 1.
    Read the e-mail.  It asks you to remove the Great Gonzales posters in the lobby.
    Notice that they're all Great Gonzales posters.  Use Flurry to blow them off.
    Eventually (there are some on the second story) you'll uncover the Storage Key.
    X says you a message telling you to go to the second story of the Storage Room.
    Go there and unlock the door.  Use Yoshi to reach the large block and break it.
    Crushed beneath were Bandy Andy and King K!  They warn you not to enter the ring
    when no one is there...
    Now exit and you'll see Jolene spying on you.  Go to challenge Rawk Hawk.  You
    must use at least one special move.  The man brings you into the minor league
    locker instead of the ring.  Meanwhile, Grubba is advertising the fight.  The
    door is locked, too!  You're going to miss the match of the century.  Use
    Flurrie to blow the Princess Peach poster to the right off the wall.  Go through
    that door to be in the other major league room.  Go down the toilet in the
    bathroom adjoined to this one as if it were a warp pipe.  Now exit into your
    home-locker room and go to the arena.
                                  |    Rawk Hawk    |
    In the fight he reveals that he sent the poisoned cake and that he got you
    locked up!  If you tattle on him you'll discover that he has 40 HP, 3 attack,
    and one defense.  He's much easier than he sounds.  Power Smash does six damage
    to his HP when you use Action Command.  Watch it for his one attack, Time to
    Rawk.  Besides it, he has lots of mediocre moves.  Doing 6 damage per turn, plus
    an extra three or four from the partner, it will be easy as a Goomba.  Throw one
    special move in along the way.  The one thing that might make him a tad hard is
    when he brings the stage down and paralyzes you and your partner for a turn.
    Wait for the aftermath and make him pay for his cheap attacks.  Surprisingly, he
    gives very little Star Points.  There's a new champion!
    After the fight Grubba gives you the belt.  Jolene takes you to the champ's room.
    You get an e-mail.  Find the ghost.  Get out Yoshi and stand on the stack of
    gifts.  Float to the door edge and then to the vent.  Smash it with the hammer
    (B and rotate) to open it.  Go through to find Grubba gone.  Open the desk for a
    Star Piece.  Look by the plant for another.  The other drawer contains Grubba's
    paper.  Grubba's planning on building a machine under the arena to suck people's
    power out to keep himself young forever!  Grubba walks in and sees you.  Grubba
    retreats.  Go out the door to the arena.
                                 |    Macho Grubba    |
    The arena lowers to reveal the machine, powered by the third Crystal Star.  He
    uses it to become Macho Grubba.  This does not look good.  If you tattle on the
    monster you'll discover his stats, unstoppable.  60 HP, 4 attack, and no defense.
    Well, not unstoppable.  First off, you can use your partners to do four damage
    with Action Command.  Then you (Mario) do Power Smash with Action Command to do
    six damage each turn.  In six turns he's toast.  What makes him difficult is his
    attack pattern.  First he increases the number of time he can attack.  Then he
    uses a power-up, like attack or defense, and then attacks you.  So he can be
    invulnerable for turns at a time.  At times like that, either Defend, Appeal, or
    use Earth Tremor.  Every so often the nozzles in the ground release an element.
    I only witnessed ice.  It freezes you and Grubba, but it freezes you for a turn
    and him for two, leaving vulnerable.  In the end, the battle was close, but I
    prevailed without too much difficulty in this battle.  You get 30 Star Points
    for winning, too.  Not bad.
    Jolene thanks you for defeating Grubba.  Mush, her younger brother, fought to
    support the family.  He went missing one day (he was champion) and she suspected
    foul play.  So she got hired to investigate.  She was X the whole time, guiding
    you to defeat Grubba.  The Crystal Star spits Mush out (how convenient!) to make
    it a happy ending.  Now take the third Crystal Star.  Now you can use Power Lift,
    a special move!  The plot there was good.  It kept me guessing 'til the end.
                               |    You've Got Mail    |
    The Shadow Sirens still haven't defeated Mario.  Beldam says that the three have
    a secret weapon in store for Mario next they meet.  And they leave.  So, we
    return to Peach.  She's officially bored.  TEC opens the door once more.  Go
    through the doors and to TEC.  It wants you to ask Grodus a question.  You must
    disguise as a soldier and go.  You don't get to hear what Peach has to ask, yet.
    Head through the hall to the elevator by a green screen.  Now head right to a
    green overhead light door.  Enter and change into the uniform in the second
    locker from the right.  You look the part.  Exit the room.  Now go through the
    door to the right.  There's Grodus.  Now return to TEC as Peach.  The plot
    thickens.  So Peach typed away to send Mario an e-mail.
                                   |    Too Late    |
    Bowser's now in Boggly Woods, steaming over his loss to Mario in Glitzville.
    Search in the bush for the elder Puni.  Now, Bowser can say one of two things
    under his breath.  You're both too old!  Har! Or, It's hag vs. hag!  Awesome!
    The elder reveals that Mario took the Crystal Star.  Poor Bowser.  Can't win for
                           |    The Secrets of the City    |
    After saying their good-byes, the fighters dismiss you from the Glitz Pit.  Now
    exit the pit.  Notice the Shine Sprite by the pit.  To get it, use the Super
    Hammer to make a block appear and then use it to reach the block.  Now you have
    two.  Take the Cheep Blimp back to Rogueport.  When there, go to the West Side.
    As you do, you'll get e-mail.  Peach tells you about the X-Naut world domination
    plot.  Now, do you see that grated floor in the center of the West Side, to the
    lower right of the Pianta Parlor?  Press R to become paper-thin and fall through.
    Drop down and you'll see new enemies to tattle on, Spania.  They're the spiky
    equivalent of Spinia.  When you defeat one you get a badge, Pretty Lucky.  Now
    take the pipe back up to the West Side.
    Fall in again, this time with Yoshi.  Float across the gap to the Shine Sprite
    to the left.  Go down the pipe near it to be in the background.  Hop to the Star
    Piece.  Now use Yoshi to get back to the first platform and hop across to the
    door.  Welcome to the bustling center of the ancient city.  Head into the water
    and open the chest for a badge.  Now you're done here.  Return to where you fell
    and fall down to where you fought the Spania for the Pretty Lucky Badge.  Take
    the warp pipe down and follow the path.  Continue down the path, getting item
    blocks.  See the patch of wall that looks like it could blow off?  Blow on it to
    reveal a pipe.  Take it down and head right.  You're in the Thousand-Year Door
    Step on the pedestal to be pointed to the next Crystal Star.  The Gold Star
    points to some place on a mountain of some sort.  So, back at Frankly's place.
    It says that the star is in Twilight Town.  There was pipe to it in the city.
    Go to the Shine Sprite shop to get Yoshi upgraded.  As you do you get an e-mail
    from Koopie Koo, Koops's girlfriend.  Now go to the West Side.  As you do you
    can hear Luigi's tale.  Apparently, Luigi went to Plumpbelly Village on the
    Strudel Continent.  The town was ruled by a giant snake named Hizza.  Luigi's
    new partner is Jerry the Bob-omb.
    Anyways, go to the underground city, East Side.  First, in the room directly
    before the Thousand-Year Door with the airplane panel.  Break the block to
    reveal a spring.  Now you don't have to fly!  If you use Flurrie to blow away
    the piece of the wall in here you can uncover the Happy Heart P Badge.  Now go
    up the pipe in this room.  Head into the room to the left.  Break the block and
    use the rising floor to Spin Jump the switch.  Get the Shine Sprite, too.  Take
    the left blue warp pipe that formed to be in the Great Tree.  Walk right to get
    the FP Plus Badge.  Take the right to go to Petalburg.  Awesome.  You now have
                                    |    Darkly    |
    Now back on the surface of Rogueport.  From Frankly's go to the Robbo turf and
    use Yoshi to get by the bridge (lower side).  Climb the houses and jump around
    for a red roofed house with a Shine Sprite on it.  Near it is a Star Piece
    behind a chimney on a gray roofed house.  Fall down nearby to find Darkly, a
    creature from Twilight Town (he's the nephew of the mayor).  He writes your name
    on your overalls so you can go down the pipe to Twilight Town.  While here, head
    through the alley and jump on the crate for a Star Piece.  Now go left a space
    to the main square of Rogueport, where the Inn is.  Search around the crates
    near the skull fence for a Star Piece.  Now go to the West Side.  Fall through
    the grated floor with R.  Use Yoshi to float across the gap to the left and open
    the door.  Fall through the warp pipe.
    ===================================Chapter 4*===================================
                               "For Pigs the Bell Tolls"
                                |    Twilight Town    |
    Welcome... to the town the earth vomited.  As you arrive, a creature like Darkly
    comes up.  But a bell tolls and everyone freaks out.  The creature turns into a
    pig.  A decrepit old... organism walks up to you.  Freddy just turned into a pig.
    Dour, the mayor, thinks you're adventurers.  When you enter his house he tells
    you a tale.  The tale of woe, misery, and pigs.  The town is cursed.  For in the
    forest is an ancient building called the Creepy Steeple.  The evil that lives
    there cursed the land, and when a bell rings the villagers of Twilight Town
    transform into pigs.  You, too, could be piggified.  If you're reading this
    before you got here, I'm not kidding.
    Once again, the writers were brainstorming and one pointed out that if you add y
    to commerce, it rhymes with Circe.  And so Twilight Town was born.  The mayor
    tells you that in Creepy Steeple there is a red star-shaped stone.  Red with
    blood.  psyche!  Oh you should've seen the look on your face.  Now exit the
    house.  To the left of the mayor's house is a Star Piece.  Now exit this screen.
    Talk to the man at the gate.  The monster is beyond.  I got to stop that.  You
    need the mayor's permission to pass.  Go talk to him and he'll be a pig!  Exit
    his house.  Look in the grass for a Star Piece.  Now head back to the gatekeeper.
    As you do, walk along the fence for another Star Piece.  This has been one good
    paragraph for Star Pieces.
    The bell rings pig.  It was the gatekeeper, this time.  Go through the gate to
    the next area, the outskirts of the town.  Walk around in the shed for the Black
    Key.  Continue to the next area to see a new enemy.  It's a Hyper Goomba.  Add
    it to your tattle log.  Each has 8 HP, 2 attack, and no defense.  If they charge
    up, attack it.  You'll also meet a Hyper Paragoomba.  The Hyper Paragoomba has
    the same stats as its wingless brethren.  Of course, no party would be complete
    without the Hyper Spiky Goomba.  It has 3 attack, which is the only difference.
    Do not jump on it.  Next screen, a tree blocks your way.  Use Koops to roll
    under and retrieve the Shop Key.  Return to Twilight Town.  Enter the house that
    has someone inside going "sniff, sniff."  After jabbering for a while she'll say
    you can take anything in the storeroom.  So open the door and enter.  Take all
    the items: Jammin' Jelly, Boo's Sheet, and Life Shroom.  The first restores 50
    FP, the second makes you invisible (impervious to attack), and the Life Shroom
    restores 10 HP when you have 0.  Open the chest for a new badge, Defend Plus.
    Then use the Black Key to open the chest.
    Curses!  Again?  Mario, you'd fall for anything!  It makes you roll into a paper
    cylinder to roll under tight spaces.  NO!  Now go back to where you got the Shop
    Key.  As you do you get a new e-mail, RDM Issue 3.  Anyway, at the tree...  Roll
    under it and get the Star Piece.  Now continue forward.  Use Flurrie to blow
    away the tree.  Warp via the pipe and head left.  The enemy, from Paper Mario,
    is a Crazee Dayzee.  It has 7 HP, 2 attack, and no defense to its name.  Its
    only notable attack is a lullaby that lulls you to sleep.  Slip through the
    grass and hit the item block for an Earth Quake.  Head left, beating another
    enemy, to a new screen.  Here you'll meet a Hyper Cleft, a new enemy.  Tattle on
    it and then hit the item block for Hammer Throw.  Use Flurrie to blow away the
    tree at the end and then go right in the background.  In this screen, look for a
    dark spot on the ground.  Blow it away and use Spin Jump to break it open.  Push
    the boulder in the background to move the one in the regular screen, too.  Hop
    into the hole that was revealed.  Head right to Creepy Steeple.
                                |    Creepy Steeple    |
    The gate doesn't work, so hop down the well.  Get the Shine Sprite and fight
    your new enemy, Buzzy Beetle.  It has 5 HP, 3 attack, and 4 defense.  The only
    way to beat it, unless you use unnecessarily strong attacks, is to jump on it to
    flip it then attack the belly.  Easy.  Head right to the next screen.  Not so
    easy.  It's four Buzzy Beetles.  Use Multibounce to flip them and hit them
    effectively.  This takes a bit of FP, but it is worth it to save lots of HP.
    Then you will fight Spike Tops.  They have five attack, three attack, and four
    defense.  So the question is how do you flip it without jumping on it.  I use
    Earth Tremor to defeat these enemies.  When faced with only one, just use Power
    Smashes.  After fighting legions of these things you can hit an item block
    containing the badge Tornado Jump.  Now exit the well.  Get into Tube Mode and
    roll through an opening in the fence to be near the manor.  There' a Star Piece
    along the fence.  Now it is time to end getting badge quests.  Time for the
    Enter the house.  Looks like a cathedral or something with all that glass.  In
    Tube Mode roll through an opening in the wall above the door.  Inside is the
    Cookbook, a Shine Sprite, a Star Piece behind the furniture, and the Ice Smash
    Badge.  Now roll back to the first room.  Walk toward the statue of the Crystal
    Star and push it to fall down a hole.  Use Flurrie to blow away the wall above
    the spring.  Enter the opening and head right to get the Flower Saver Badge.
    Now take the door left of the spring.  Open the box and tons of Boos come out.
    They are ghosts.  First, it asks you how many Boos came out.  200 is the answer.
    For getting it right, math nerd, you get an Ultra Shroom.
    Now return to the first room using the spring.  Talk to the Boo and say you
    won't be mean to it.  They all come out and take you to the start of the place.
    Go through the lower left door when you reenter.  You'll see a bat that looks
    just like Sir Swoop from Glitzville.  Attack the Swooper.  It has 6 HP, 3 attack,
    and 0 defense.  Since you can only hit it once it's been damaged, use Flurrie's
    Body Slam to hurt it then you can beat it up.  Press the red switch.  A
    staircase has formed.  Take it up with Yoshi and float across the gap to get the
    Steeple Key.  Go through the upper left doorway and do the same thing, except
    this time you're opening the door.  When you do it on the upper row, you must
    hit the red switch twice so the stairs move two spaces.  Now take the stairs up
    and unlock the door.  If you're low on health for some reason, restore some with
    the block in here.  Ascend the long, winding staircase to a spring.  Bounce up
    to talk to someone.  The monster!
                                    |    ?????    |
    Pulling pranks is his favorite thing to do.  He did it all for fun (turning the
    villagers into pigs).  The monster, who I will call ???, is unknown even with
    tattle.  It has 40 HP, 4 attack, and no defense.  Thank you!  No defense!  It
    has the power to transform.  Use Power Smashes and Action Commands to take it
    down.  It's not a tough boss.  It's really a good boss because the music rocks.
    Once you weaken it enough it turns into Shadow Mario.  It is just a dark version
    of you with a tint of red.  Continue whaling on it until you win.  However, as
    Shadow Mario it is weaker.  After you beat it you get a few Star Points and the
    fourth Crystal Star.
    That was pathetic.  Shortest chapter yet.  Prologue was longer than this.  After
    that they leave and the screen focuses on ???'s defeated body.  Wait!  You're
    Shadow Mario!  Go ahead.  You can control him.  If you exit Creepy Steeple a
    cinema plays.  The Shadow Sirens have their secret weapon, the Superbombomb.
    "Vivian" lost it, and so the other Shadow Sirens leave her to find it.  Now back
    to you.
                            |    Mario vs. Shadow Mario    |
    Will the real Mario please stand up?  Exit Creepy Steeple and go to the shack
    where you got the Black Key a time ago.  The impostor Mario jumps out and
    asks you to name him.  Uh, weird request.  Anyway, besides more great music,
    this dork is getting mobbed (you're mobbed when an impostor has your body,
    sure) and man can he jump.  Now, the twist is to guess his real name.  You
    cannot guess his name properly, so you're just going to have to fight him.  I
    named mine Shadow, not that it's relevant to the guide.  Now, let the battle
    begin.  The enemy is the same as last time, except he has your body.
    So, first turn, make him cry with your Hammer.  This is a harder battle since
    you have no partner.  Didn't quite work, did it?  When he attacks you, nothing
    happens.  Hmm.  This doesn't seem to be working.  Not even specials can phase it.
    So guess what.  Run!  As you do you'll enter Twilight Town.  When you enter the
    first space you see Vivian crying in the grass, searching for the Superbombomb
    Beldam lost.  Ha ha!  Serves you right, villain!  No, really, poor Vivian is the
    subject of so much verbal abuse.  Shake the leftmost bush to find it.  Talk to
    Vivian and show it to her.  But it's broken!  As you talk to her, she decides to
    join your party.
    Darn!  Enemies aren't supposed to do that.  Well, Vivian can press X to pull
    Mario into the shadows, safe from enemies.  When you use the X move by some
    crows you find out that the only person who knows that ghost's name is locked
    deep beneath Creepy Steeple.  Remember the well you went down?  Now, to Creepy
                              |    Bottom of the Well    |
    As you go you must meet Shadow Mario again.  Notice that P is gone from the
    letter-selection.  Now go to Creepy Steeple, into the well.  Go to the second
    room where there are legions of enemies.  Push up against the gate thing and
    press X to submerge into the shadows.  It will slide past you.  Then rise up out
    of the darkness.  Now head through the door.  Get the Shine Sprite and save if
    you'd like.
    Get into Tube Mode and roll up the stairs to the right to a wooden plank.  Use
    Spin Jump to break through and you'll fall to the room with all the Boos from
    the box.  Walk around for a Star Piece.  Now get into Tube Mode and roll through
    the opening to the left.  Open the chest for Power Plus, a badge, and Mr.
    Softener, an item.  Open the box for The Letter "p" and the other for Steeple
    Key.  Use it on the locked door in here.  Go through to exit Creepy Steeple.
    Now head all the way back to the shed.  Shadow Mario's real name turns out to be,
    get ready to laugh, Doopliss.  Doopliss runs to Creepy Steeple.  Go all the way
    back, again!
                                   |    Doopliss    |
    Go to where you fought (giggle) Doopliss the first time.  Your partners refer to
    the fake as Mario, so Vivian is surprised.  No partner for you!  Then the fight
    begins.  Throughout Doopliss has a partner.  Curses!  You shouldn't of upgraded
    them.  They start out with Goombella.  Your goal is not to hurt them.  Focus on
    Doopliss.  Power Smashes work well.  Eventually, Vivian returns to help you in
    the battle.  That's good, because I was getting creamed.  I hate that Multibonk.
    Now you know what it's like on the receiving end.  Stick to Power Smashes, using
    Shade Fist and items thrown to you.  Also, use Veil when you are nearing death.
    A good strategy to use is Power Smash and Veil.  Vivian has really joined your
    party now.  And you get the fourth Crystal Star.  In your face, Doopliss!  What
    a dumb name.
                                   |    Pop Quiz    |
    The new move: Art Attack.  Now, to the cinema!  First, Beldam and Marilyn are
    waiting for Vivian.  They see Doopliss run by.  Could a partnership be in the
    works?  Now, like I said, back to Peach.  After Grodus gloats Peach sees TEC.
    TEC wants to exist for Peach, but he was built for Grodus.  Hey, stop laughing!
    Now, TEC will ask you questions.  Get five right and you've got yourself an e-
    mail.  They're all pretty easy.  The answers are "Thousand-Year Door opens," To
    conquer the world," "A 1000-year-old demon's soul," "Bring the demon back to
    life," and "Crystal Stars."  Man!  That spoiled the ending for me!  And the
    cinema ends.
                               |    Where's Bowser?    |
    Not too significant.  Bowser is headed for Glitzville again after hearing
    there's a treasure there.  Instead of riding in that Cheep Balloon, he's riding
    in style in his circus-reject thing.  However, as he does Bowser, falls in the
    ocean; his ride runs out of gas.  Now, play the underwater level.  This game is
    so awesome.  At the end spring up to the surface, defeating a Goomba, and
    hitting the flag at the end.  Well, at least Kammy had a good time.  Rawk Hawk!
                                |    The Next Mark    |
    Head back to Rogueport.  As you do you get an e-mail.  It tells you that the
    legendary treasure is the spirit of a demon.  For your sixth Shine Sprite go in
    the rightmost house in the West Side and up the stairs.  Use Tube Mode to roll
    through the hole and get the Shine Sprite.  To leave roll into the pocket by the
    flower bed and exit the house you roll into.  Now, first order of business - get
    Vivian upgraded.  Go to the Shine Shop and get her upgraded.  Now go to the East
    Side and down the pipe.  You know how to get to the door by now, don't you?
    Slip through the first bars and go down the pipe.
    Slip through the bars you see and go down another.  Now bounce up to the chamber.
    Stand on the pedestal to be shown the way to the next star.  This one's on an
    island.  If you've seen advertisements for this game, two enemies are hyped the
    most.  They're Hooktail, and the upcoming enemy.  Now go to Frankly.  When he
    hears about the demon spirit he freaks, stutters, and all of the above.
    Apparently, in legend, four heroes defeated the demon spirit.  Let's count the
    faces that appear on the coin at the end of chapters!  Grodus, Mario, Bowser,
    and Peach.  Could they be the new heroes?  No, of course not, although they all
    contribute.  Well, the next one is on Keelhaul Key.
    To reach Keelhaul Key go to the Inn in the Rogueport Plaza.  Luigi's in there
    with his new partner, Torque.  Luigi sure had a similar adventure to yours in
    Glitzville.  He entered a kart contest in Circuit Break and won the belt by
    totaling everyone else's car.  The belt had a piece of the Marvelous Compass on
    it.  Dumb luck, I tell you!  Now talk to the weirdo in the red suit singing to
    himself.  That's Flavio, owner of a boat.  They say the pirate king Cortez, no
    relation to the Spanish conquistador, hid his booty on that island.
                                   |    Ms. Mowz    |
    Thought you could help a poor soul out.  Go to the East Side, Robbo turf, and
    read the Trouble Center Bulletin entitled ???.  Go to Zess T.'s roof by entering
    the Inn and heading through the door on the second story.  It's Ms. Mowz.  No!
    There's a badge in Hooktail's Castle she can't get at.  Time to get that badge.
    Go to Petalburg with the shortcut we found earlier in the sewers (if not read
    section The Secrets of the City under Chapter 3).  Once there, go to Hooktail's
    castle.  Then you need to get to Hooktail's room.  Lucky for you, you've done
    this already.  The goal is to reach Hooktail's room.  Use Yoshi to cross the
    bridge instead of having to fly over to enter the castle.  Now head right a
    screen.  You'll laugh at how pathetic every enemy is.  Now head right again and
    again.  In this room climb the stairs and use Koops to hit the switch while
    you're on it to rise up.
    Take the door at the top of the stairs.  In this room jump through the window to
    cross.  In the next room take the block up like before and head right through
    the door.  Now head right to reach the door.  You must fly to it.  Hit the
    yellow switch and position Koops about to hit it.  Get on the yellow block and
    release.  Now cross the rails to an airplane panel.  Go through the door and
    climb the stairs up.  Go through the door to be outside.  Cross the bridge and
    ascend the stairs.  You'll reach Hooktail's room.  Bet you didn't think you were
    going to do this again.  Get out Flurrie and blow away at the central strip of
    floor.  A chest containing the badge Attack FX B is yours.  Now return to Ms.
    Mowz in Rogueport.
    Give Ms. Mowz the badge and since you could find it (and obviously others),
    she'll travel with you from now on.  Dang!  So after a kiss, Ms. Mowz joins your
    party.  With X she can sniff out hidden objects nearby.  Now go the harbor of
    Rogueport.  Flavio has set up his ship for Keelhaul Key.  But there is no
    navigator.  Bet we can find him.  Now you need to find Admiral Bobbery.  Go to
    the Inn in the plaza.  Talk to the bartender.  Go to the East Side, the Robbo
    turf.  Use Yoshi to cross the gap under the bridge and then climb up the blocks.
    Head left one house and roll down the chimney in Tube Mode.
    That crusty old sea dog is Admiral Bobbery.  He says he's never sailing again.
    This is a predicament.  Go to the Shine Shop to upgrade Ms. Mowz.  Now, to
    demonstrate the abilities of your new partner.  Go to the West Side and sniff
    around.  Go in front of the Pianta Parlor and you'll be right on target.  Spin
    Jump the brown spot in front of it and a Star Piece flies out.  Now talk to the
    bartender at the plaza Inn again.  Listen to the story where Bobbery's wife
    Scarlette dies because he was out at sea.  The barkeeper eventually gives you
    the Old Letter.  Thanks, Podley.  Now go see Bobbery.  The door is open.  When
    you give the Old Letter to him, he goes to his room (he wants a moment to
                                  |    Out to Sea    |
    Bobbery goes off to the ship.  Head out with him.  Doing so gets you an e-mail.
    It's from Petuni, Punio's sister.  Now go to the ship.  Talk to Flavio and shove
    off.  Notice the sailor who looks quite a bit like Lord Crump wearing a bandana
    and overalls with a scarf.  And so the ship sails, for Keelhaul Key!  X-Naut One
    sends message that X-Naut Black is aboard the vessel.
    ===================================Chapter 5*===================================
                                  "The Key to Pirates"
                              |    The Pirate Ghosts    |
    For a few days the diary will be running, written by Flavio aboard the S.S.
    Flavion.  After day three Flavio will sing his song.  After describing his
    defeating of a sea serpent, the ship stops.  There are ghosts on the ship.  The
    Pirate Ghosts!  There are hundreds of them.  The ship begins to sink and a few
    people jump overboard.  But the sea washed you aboard an island.  They lost
    three men, including Bobbery.  Go into the next screen.  Flavio and Pa-Patch are
    fighting.  As they're going off to hurt each other the ghosts arrive again.  You
    get to the fight some.  Tattle on them to discover that they're Embers.  They
    have 8 HP, 3 attack, and no defense.  Hammer attacks are the way to go.  When
    you beat them, getting lots of star points, Flavio suggests you explore the
    island.  Do so.
    Go to the previous screen, up to see a mole, Whacka.  Use Ms. Mowz to track
    treasure here.  It is northwest of the exit.  Spin Jump the space for a Star
    Piece.  Now return to the camp point.  Go right to a new screen.  Hey look!  A
    Green Fuzzy like the one in Glitzville.  No problem.  Use Koops's Power Shell
    and then your Multibounce for a one-move victory.  These guys dish out a lot of
    Star Points.  Shake the first bush in this screen to find a Star Piece.  Hit the
    item block ahead for a new badge, Head Rattle.  There's also a Courage Shell in
    the item block below.  Continue right to face more Fuzzies.  In the next screen
    you'll face a new enemy.  Putrid Piranhas are poisonous, with 8 HP, 3 attack,
    and no defense.  Always guard against attacks to avoid being poisoned.  Use
    Koops, Yoshi, or Vivian to deal with them, and the hammer.  Ms. Mowz could work
    too, I guess.
    Continue to the right to find an item block.  Jump up to find an invisible block
    with coins in it.  Walk along the root for a Star Piece.  Head up the platforms
    and go right to find platforms.  Jump across them and get Yoshi out.  Float
    across the gap using the invisible block you got earlier.  To the left is a
    Shine Sprite.  Use Yoshi to float to the brick and then hit the block for the
    Shine Sprite.  Head right to see Bobbery and the other two getting beaten by
    some Embers.  So, the other two run away.  X-Naut Black even addresses you, the
    video game-player, telling you not to tell Mario who he is.  It's a real toughie.
    But just because those cowards abandoned Bobbery, does not mean you did!
    Reenter the screen.  He's gone.  Cross the bridge and get the Shine Sprite
    behind the leaf.  Drop through the bridge with R to get the badge, which I
    highly recommend you equip.
    If you want a Coconut (item) use Yoshi to hop across the platforms below and go
    down the warp pipe, then hit the tree.  Enter the next screen.  Bobbery was
    chased up a tree and the Embers are circling around him like vultures.  Use
    Koops as the partner (only he can hurt the Embers).  Power Shell these losers as
    much as you can and use Power Smash a lot, too.  Make sure you get the first hit.
    Art Attack is a really good Special to use if you can't seem to win.  Once you
    defeat one hit the tree with the hammer so Bobbery falls out.  Before he dies,
    Bobbery has one last request.  Get him the Chuckola Cola before he ends his last
                       |    Chuckola Cola and the Skull Gem    |
    Go back to Flavio's camp.  Talk to Flavio and he gives you the Chuckola Cola.
    But, you must give him replacement food.  Give him a Coconut in place of it for
    the Chuckola Cola.  Now head back to the admiral.  Give him his cola and he'll
    nod off (dead).  Hit him with the hammer to revive him.  Now Bobbery joins your
    party!  You can throw Bobbery to cause an explosion.  Remember those cracks
    you've seen everywhere, even one in Hooktail's castle?  Bobbery blows them up.
    Now return to Flavio.
    As you talk to him, Pa-Patch mentions that Flavio stinks.  Flavio will join you
    for a short time.  He just follows you.  Head back to where you found the
    admiral.  Head right of that tree and Flavio will retreat (dead-end).  Ask him
    for the Skull Gem.  It his family heirloom, so don't lose it.  Place it in the
    skull indentation to the right.  Did you listen to Flavio's song, passed down
    for generations?  Hit the red statue with the Spin Jump thrice and the blue with
    the hammer four times.  The path to treasure opens.  Throw Bobbery up there to
    explode in the hole to open a cave.  Luckily, the Skull Gem was salvaged.  Now
    Flavio runs off.
                               |    Pirate's Grotto    |
    In this first room look by the barrels for Hinder Powder, confusing enemies.
    Now go through the door.  Drop down and head right.  In here is a new enemy, the
    Lava Bubble.  By tattling on it you find out that it has 4 attack, no defense,
    and 6 HP.  At least it is weaker than the Ember, or easier to beat.  Now, if you
    equipped Ice Power, a badge, you can jump on it.  For the third Shine Sprite,
    jump on the bow of the ship and jump up to hit the block.  Now, when you get
    back to Rogueport, you can upgrade Bobbery.  Then jump from the boat to the
    other side to fight another Lava Bubble.  From there use Yoshi to get a Star
    Piece.  Use Yoshi again to dash across the spikes while they are down.  Go to
    the next screen.  As you cross the bridge new enemies called Bullet Bills
    confront you.  There old school!  Each has 2 HP, 1 defense, and 4 attack.  Their
    only means of attack destroys themselves, making them pretty easy.  If you stink
    against these, use Vivian to hide when they come.  At the end you face another
    new enemy, the Bill Blaster.  Also old school!
    They have 5 HP, 2 defense, and they only attack by sending Bullet Bills at you.
    Use the hammer to damage the Bill Blasters and do not aim for the Bullet Bills
    at first, unless you're partner cannot attack otherwise (most of the time they
    can't due to their attack being too low).  Once you've got them down to one and
    you're using, say, Goombella (for tattling), you can attack the Bullet Bill as
    it comes and use Mario to gradually weaken the Bill Blaster without using FP.
    The Bill Blaster occasionally does shoot two Bullet Bills, mind you.  Now go
    through the door.  Use Yoshi to hover across the gap and you'll see a new,
    interesting, enemy.  It is a Bulky Bob-omb.  It has 6 HP, 2 attack, and one
    defense.  Getting the first hit should be easy.  These are good enemies because
    they only attack once, and then the battle's over (they explode).
    This means that you can rough them up all you want until they kill themselves.
    Go through the door.  An Ember!  I hate those things.  They're relatively easy
    if you use Koops, though.  Now head up the stairs because the door is locked.  A
    new enemy!  It is a Parabuzzy.  I'm guessing that the prefix para- means flying
    in this game.  Tattle on them to discover that they have 5 HP, 4 defense, and 3
    attack.  The only distinction between them and their grounded relatives is that
    this one flies.  Like the regular, the defense drops to 0 when it is flipped
    over, so hit it twice when it's airborne to get it into a vulnerable position.
    No problem at all, really.
    Want another Shine Sprite?  To the right of the Shine Sprite is an invisible
    block to hit.  Stand on it and use Koops to retrieve the Shine Sprite.  Huzzah!
    Use Bobbery to hit the blue switch in the island part of the room.  The stupid
    ghost starts talking to you again.  When will they learn?  Go through the door
    and attack the Bulky Bob-omb.  Spin Jump right near the door for a Star Piece.
    Hop across the path to a door over yonder.  In here, get on the crate and hit
    the red switch so the chained platform is at the bottom.  Set up Koops so he's
    prepped for his X move (hold X) and release when you're on the platform.  It
    rises, allowing you to get the Grotto Key.  From here jump onto the crate that
    rises from the platform to get a Shine Sprite.  From here walk down to the open
    barrel.  Fall in for a Star Piece.  Now go back two rooms and down to the locked
    door.  Use the Grotto Key to open it.  Ah! It's raining Parabuzzies!  But really,
    they're easy Star Points.
    After disposing of them use Spin Jump in the center to unearth a Star Piece.
    Use Koops to get the Shine Sprite.  They're practically giving these away in
    here.  Get in Tube Mode and roll under the spikes.  Go through the door.
    Another Shine Sprite...  Hit the block beneath it, which is invisible, and use it
    as a stepping stool to get the one above.  Use Yoshi to cross the gaps in the
    bridge and defeat the Embers/Lava Bubbles.  At the end use Bobbery to blow up
    the wooden door.  Go through.  Defeat the Bill Blasters and their minions
    (Bullet Bills) as you do.  Remember, Power Smash the first Bill Blaster on the
    first turn.  Wait for the next turn (use Goombella or Vivian) and defeat the
    first Bill Blaster.  Then use your partner to take out the Bullet Bills and
    yourself to take out the remaining Bill Blaster.
    Now, like I said, Vivian is the way to go here.  You must defeat a new set of
    Bill Blasters.  Use Vivian to hide from the Bullet Bills and when the time is
    right get a hit in on them.  Also, Vivian is better than Goombella here
    because she can hurt the cannons.  Go through the door.  I hope you still
    have Vivian out.  When you see the Bulky Bob-omb, just skip your turns away.
    Use Veil after they've been lit.  Tada!  The only setback to this is that they
    may raise their attack or defense instead of killing themselves.  Keep taking
    that chance.  It may just be smarter to kill them, actually.  When they're out
    of the picture, head through the screen to a black treasure chest within a ship.
    Behind the chest is the P-Down, D-Up Badge.  Next talk to the chest.  After
    being disappointed because he doesn't get to surprise you with the curse, the
    chest says a ghost has the key.  Speak of the devil!  A ghost appears.  Defeat
    the Embers and get the Black Key.  Let the curse begin!
    Behold origami!  Now you can turn into a paper boat on boat panels by pressing Y.
    The horror!  Now go to the room with the waterfall, the one right before the
    room where you got the Grotto Key.  Before plunging down the waterfall, sail
    right through a door.  Go through the waterfall and into a passage with a badge,
    Defend Plus P.  Now sail down the waterfall and head left through a few doors in
    the water.  When you reach a boat platform get off and get the Gate Handle.  Now
    use Yoshi to run over the spikes and head right again.  Place the Gate Handle in
    the winch here to open a gate.  Go back to the waterfall and sail through those
    Head right through a water door when you land and continue right.  As you go
    avoid the waves and sail straight through the cave entrance.  A cinema with a
    few Toads plays.  Head right all the way to a boat panel.  Take the warp pipe
    down and jump in the background to the boat.  Take it to a warp pipe.  Use the
    airplane panel near it to reach the first warp pipe.  Take it down and hit the
    switch.  Now fall down and take the warp pipe to the left in the background to
    be back at the airplane panel.  Fly to the second warp pipe.  Hit that switch
    and barrels will form.  The Toads are free!  And so are Frankie and Francesca.
    Now take the background pipe to the boat panel and head right to a new room.  X-
    Naut Black comes in, unknown to Mario that that's who it is.  Use the Save Block,
    the Recovery Block, whatever.  Cortez really is a pushover, but he's still the
    Pirate King.  When you're ready, enter the door.
                                    |    Cortez    |
    Actually, in Spanish the name is spelled with an "s", not a "z".  The reference
    to Cortes is simple.  He was a Spaniard who conquered much of central and south
    America.  To the indigenous people he conquered, I suppose Cortes really was a
    monster.  Hence, in appreciation for all those who were conquered, they named
    this boss (or monster) Cortez.  But history aside, we need to fight a skeleton
    weirdo with a spear.  As you walk into a room with so much treasure it would
    make you sick, a tornado with Cortez inside forms.
    Time to battle.  Okay.  He's much bigger in person.   First, tattle on him.  He
    has 20 HP, 4 attack, and one defense.  Not too bad.  Now, continually jump on it.
    If you have full HP, and since Cortez spreads out his attacks on you and your
    partner, it should be easy to lower his HP from 20 without dying.  That was easy.
    Once he's down to 0, though, the stage closes and he reforms!  He's a tad weaker
    in this form; he is only half of his former self.  If you're good with Action
    Command and use Art Attack (the best special you have right now), you can take
    him down easy.  Just watch out for when he charges attacks.  Next time you down
    him he's in his last form.  His weapons (his hook, his rapier, his sword, and
    his sabre) are up against you.  Aim for Cortez, or use items to hurt them all at
    once.  I know I got Ice Storm a few times from enemies in Pirate Grotto, and it
    works like a charm.  So, keep using items, because by this time you 're probably
    running a touch low on HP.  When you've weakened the fiend a lot, like Hooktail,
    he eats half the audience.
    Hope you kept some of those items!  I should point out that for this stage of
    the fight, Vivian is perfect because she can burn him and cause 3 damage.  Once
    you take him out this time, he's done for good.  After getting lots of Star
    Points, you win!
    He wasn't easy, but it wasn't that hard.  Cortez shrinks down and says that you
    cannot kill him, for he is already dead.  But Mario isn't interested in his
    treasure, only that blue star-shaped stone that Cortez doesn't really like,
    anyway.  Now you learned a new move, Sweet Feast!  And, you got the fifth
    Crystal Star.  Life is good.  Once you've won you must exit Pirate Grotto.  Now
    you need to rescue the island inhabitants.  Throw Bobbery at the cracked wall
    and presto.  There is a tunnel to the surface.  Go through the tunnel yourself
    to be outside.  Flavio approaches and asks if you found the treasure.  One of
    the Toad shipmates finds his brother here on Keelhaul.  How wonderful.  Then you
    hear an explosion.  There it is!  X-Naut Black!
                                  |    Lord Crump    |
    As Lord Crump is firing away Flavio suggests you take him to Cortez.  You must
    use his cursed ship to defeat Crump.  Go through the tunnel you made right to
    Cortez.  He forms in his usual tornado.  Cortez says the only power that can
    move this magical ship is the Skull Gem.  Hey!  What a coincidence.  Now, on the
    Black Skull, you and everyone else are ready to take out Crump.  Embers take you
    to the surface.  From the cave rises the Black Skull!  Let is sail again!
    Now, a face-off.  The Embers start beating up the X-Naut minions.  Now is
    Mario's chance to fight Crump.  Tattle on Lord Crump to find out that he has 30
    HP, 3 attack, and no defense.  Focus on Crump.  If you want to make the battle
    much easier use one Power Smash to defeat the X-Nauts.  Then you can hammer away
    at him.  Easy.  When he has little HP left he summons a whole ton of X-Nauts.
    At this point, Crump is weak, though.  Give him a thrashing and he'll run out of
    the stage and use a few healing items.  Now you have a troop of X-Nauts to deal
    with.  Ignore them, because Crump just summons new ones when you defeat them.
    Attack Crump relentlessly.  This time, when you beat Crump, he's down.  Now he
    runs away.
                               |    Peach Undercover    |
    He blew it again.  Crump is just so incompetent.  Grodus tells an X-Naut to have
    the Shadow Sirens attack Mario.  He runs off.  Wasn't that exciting?  Then Peach
    enters the TEC room.  You need to retrieve a floppy disk for TEC (a data disk,
    actually).  Take the elevator in the hallway up.  Head left past two doors and
    you'll enter a potion-brewing room.  Now we must solve a little puzzle.  I love
    these.  First, we know not to place the red potion on the far right.  The Blue
    Potion goes next to the Red Potion.  Pick those up to the left.  Then pick up
    the remaining two potions.  Place the orange potion between the blue and green.
    Now, we can figure out the order.
    Place the Red Potion to the far left.  Place the Blue Potion to the second-
    farthest left.  Place the Orange Potion to the left of the blue and place the
    green in the far right slot.  Now press the flashing button to make the potion.
    When doing this I found another hint, but it was not needed.  Now press the
    buttons when the beaker stops.  At the end count to 30 and press the button as
    the heating begins.  Count slowly (if you have a clock, use the second hand).
    If you do it correctly the potion will be green.  Now drink the potion, making
    you invisible.
    Exit the room and head right.  Go through the door.  In here, go through the
    door to right, guarded by a red Yux-looking creature.  In Grodus's room go to
    the shelves and take the Data Disk.  Now place it in the computer.  Now place
    the Data Disk on the shelf.  Go back to the potion room.  Drink the Green Potion
    to become visible again.  Now return to the computer room.  TEC has his data.
    Now you can use the communicator.  And so, in time, Mario will get a message.
    Your welcome, TEC.
                            |    Bowser V.S. Lord Crump    |
    Bowser's in Twilight Town.  He's so slow!  Lord Crump is around here searching
    for a Superbombomb.  Then Lord Crump sees it!  Kammy and Bowser suspect Lord
    Crump of knowing about the Crystal Star.  Lord Crump calls Bowser turtle boy, in
    a taunting, wavy-text fashion.  Then Bowser makes fun of his mother!  No, not
    really.  He says he has an ugly head... which he inherited from his mother!  Zing!
    Lord Crump assembled the X-Nauts.  Boy, they sure are loyal.  Then Bowser
    summons his Koopas!  Feel like talking yet?  Then Lord Crump throws a
    Superbombomb.  It just hits Bowser's head.  Bowser then lights it on fire.  Boom!
                             |    Return to Rogueport    |
    Cortez thanks you for the fight, or sees you worthy, or something.  You can use
    the Black Skull anytime you'd like to return to Keelhaul Key.  Flavio jumps on
    and you do too.  Frankie and Francesca, Don Pianta's daughter and son-in-law,
    are staying.  Adios (as Cortez would say).  Pa-Patch will also be staying. B-bye
    suckers!  Now you sail for Rogueport.  Yes!  This is the last time you ever have
    to read Flavio's diary!  When you hit Rogueport, either Cortez was using Usted
    form (which is kind of unlikely) or the Nintendo writers just used incorrect
    Spanish!  He should've said "comprendes".  Now head for Frankly's place.  As you
    do, you receive an e-mail.  Read it to find out that TEC is helping Peach there.
    Yeah, we kind of know that.  Now that we're back in Rogueport, there are a LOT
    of secrets to get.
    You have Paper Boat Mode and Bobbery, which equals many secrets to uncover.
    First, head right to see Luigi.  He's been to Jazzafrazz Town and he got another
    piece of the compass.  You see, he met a hip Dayzee named Hayzee (his new
    partner).  Hayzee was a producer and he needed actors.  The incentive to do this
    was the fact that the piece of the Marvelous Compass was the prize.  So, Luigi,
    Torque, Jerry, and Blooey (all his partners + Hayzee) got to work on writing
    themusical entitled "The Mystery of the Fiery Hat of Social Awareness."  Luigi
    was vital in the play, as he played grass in the road.  So, Luigi won the Drama
    Slam.  During the after-party Luigi had lots of fans.  Now talk to Hayzee for
    the real story.
    Luigi's a great actor... what?  Hayzee is sticking with him to be on tour.  I
    guess Dayzees really dig grass.  Now step on the paper boat panel and sail left
    to another panel.  Behind the barrel is a Star Piece.  Open the chest behind the
    table for HP Drain, a badge.  Now head into the plaza.  Walk around and you'll
    receive an e-mail, RDM Issue 4.  Next, go to the East Side.  Merlon is outside.
    He has a hint for getting something in Hooktail's Castle.  We'll get it, later.
    Upgrade Bobbery at his shop.  Bobbery is really one of the better characters to
    upgrade.  But wait!  You have three Shine Sprites left, and all partners are
    upgraded!  That can only mean there's another partner to power-up you'll get
    soon, or you can upgrade partners twice.  Happy day!
    Now head into the Robbo turf.  Use Paper Mode to slip through the crack in the
    two buildings and you'll see a paper boat panel by Pierre.  Use it to sail
    around to another paper boat panel by a treasure chest.  Open it for a new badge,
    Double Dip.  Now return to the first boat panel.  Use Yoshi to cross the gap and
    get the Shine Sprite.  Now go to the West Side.  Go left all the way and throw
    Bobbery at the crack in the wall.  Walk through the new tunnel and get the Shine
    Sprite.  Life is good.  Now there is one thing left to do.  Go to Hooktail's
    Castle and get this last thing there so you never have to go back!
                           |    Secret in the Spike Room    |
    If you recall, you got Paper Mode from a black treasure chest in Hooktail's
    Castle.  Merlon referred to a chest there that cursed you.  Go to Petalburg,
    this time the long way.  That is, go right until you can no further and use the
    airplane panel to fly to a door.  Go through and use the paper boat panel to
    sail to a Shine Sprite.  Lucky # 7.  Now sail back to the boat panel and go
    through the pipe to be in Petal Meadows.  Hit the tree to the left of the pipe
    for a Star Piece.  Now go down the pipe to the right and enter Hooktail's Castle.
    Man is this getting old.  Use Yoshi to get across the bridge and head left.  In
    this room, where you fought Red Bones, is treasure.
    Slip through the bars and Spin Jump the floor for a Star Piece.  Head left again
    and once more.  In here go through the door on ground level.  Head right and
    slip through the rightmost bars.  Head right through the door to be in the
    cursed black chest room.  Go through the right door.  Throw Bobbery at the crack
    and go through the hole.  Hit the blue block to uncover a chest.  Within is the
    Up Arrow.  Now head to the room with the save block.  Rise up on the green block
    (you should know how; you've done this a few times already) and take the stairs
    to the first door.  Head left and fall down the pit to be on a ledge with a Star
    Piece on it.  The last treasure in Hooktail's Castle is yours!  Unless you want
    to go back for a Life Shroom that can be found in here.  I'm not covering that.
    Go back to Rogueport.
                         |    The New Secrets of the City    |
    Like I said, there are many new secrets to uncover with Bobbery and Paper Boat
    Mode.  First, go down the pipe on the east side in Rogueport.  When you get down
    throw Bobbery at the crack in the wall to the left.  Fall down the pipe.  This
    guy is Chet Rippo.  For 39 coins he can give you an upgrade as if you got 100
    Star Points.  That's a good shop.  When you're done there head left.  You can
    buy many badges from Dazzle now that you've gotten so many Star Pieces.  Spend
    away.  Now use Bobbery to blow up the road block to the left.  There's now a
    shortcut to the west side!  Walk near the rubble below where it was and search
    around for a Star Piece.  Behind the leftmost pillar is another.  Now head back
    to the east side.  Take the first warp pipe down (the one you usually take).
    It's time to get another treasure.
    Slip through the bars to be on the bottom level.  Notice the new enemies.  You
    may want to tattle on the Magikoopa.  It has 7 HP, 4 attack, and no defense.
    Power Smashes are your friend.  Use Paper Mode to slip through the bars that
    have a dark door behind them.  Enter and use Vivian to get through the spike
    maze.  Inside the treasure chest at the end is the Spike Shield.  It's a really
    good badge.  You take no damage from jumping on spiky enemies.  Now it's time to
    get the Crystal Star mark.  Head down the pipe left of the spike room and bounce
    up to the door.
    Step on the Thousand-Year Door pedestal and the map will be added to.  It's in a
    city.  At Frankly's you find out that this one's at Poshley Heights.  It's
    basically Hollywood in Mushroom Kingdom.  No dungeons!  No monsters!  A tourist
    attraction!  There's a train called the Excess Express that goes there from here.
    Rogueport is like the gate to the world.  However, only rich people can get
    their hands on those tickets.  Time to visit the mafia.
                          |    Don Pianta and Don Frankie    |
    You know the way.  Go through the door in the item shop next to Pianta Parlor
    and climb the steps.  Pianta is sick.  To put it in the terms used, with their
    Italian accents, da big man's been sick wit' loneliness ever since his daughter
    skedaddled.  But you know where she is.  Keelhaul Key is the place.  Go to
    Cortez in the harbor and sail to Keelhaul Key.  When there talk to Francesca,
    one space right of Flavio's old camp.  Before you leave you have to find her
    wedding ring.  It is in the screen that the entrance to Pirate's Grotto was
    (with the statues).  It's right to the left of the tree you met Bobbery in.  Now
    take the ring back to the lovebirds.  Now go to Rogueport.
    Go to Pianta's place.  He announces that he will retire!  And Frankie will be
    his successor.  Now, he gives you a Train Ticket.  When you go outside you hear
    a wretched voice.  The Shadow Sirens!  Beldam, actually!  The race is on to
    Poshley Heights.  First, let's go do something important.  Go to Merlon at the
    Shine Shop.  Show him the Up Arrow.  Now he found the Ultra Stone.  With it he
    can power up partners twice!  Since you have enough get two powered up, any two
    you'd like.  Goombella and Koops is a pretty balanced combo.  Now go to
    Rogueport Station.  That's where the Cheep Blimp to Glitzville is.  Take the
    train.  As you do you get e-mail.  It's just telling you that the Creepy Steeple
    has no more treasure in it.  From the Creepy Steeple Boo.
    ===================================Chapter 6*===================================
                                   "3 Days of Excess"
                                   |    Day One    |
    It'll take three days to get to Poshley Heights.  Your partner notices a note,
    which is kind of odd.  The culprit, the threat-maker, is on the train.  Just
    like the Orient Express.  First, get the Shine Sprite in the room by the lamp.
    Exit your room and head left.  Keep going until you reach the conductor.  Enter
    room 008 near him.  It's the Bob-omb family from Glitzville.  Now head left to
    see a Cheep Cheep surrounded by several suspicious individuals.  Pennington is
    his name.  He's a detective.  Now go to your room.  There are footsteps on the
    ground - no.  Spilled stew.  Enter room 003.  Talk to the Toad and look in the
    drawer.  The culprit was located.  You got the Galley Pot.  Now meet Pennington
    in room 006.  Return to the pot to Cheep Shimi along the way for a Star Piece.
    Now, in room 006...
    You are Pennington's new assistant.  And he deduces that you are Luigi.  Bingo!
    Head to room 008.  First, it starts with an "A".  Second, it's someone's
    autograph.  You find out by talking to the conductor that the kid wants to be a
    train engineer when he grows up.  Now, walk around the train and get two jobs -
    one to find shell earrings and one to find a gold ring.  Now head all the way to
    the right (right of the room where the rich woman employed you for the Gold Ring)
    and talk to the engineer.  You got the Autograph!  Go back to Bub.  For doing it,
    Bub gives you a Shine Sprite.
    Talk to Pennington.  Now talk to the conductor.  He's missing a blanket.  Call
    me Blanket P.I.!  Go to room 004.  Spin Jump the floor for a Star Piece.  Now
    have Vivian take you beneath the train floor.  Soon a ghostly Toad appears.  If
    you help him, he'll give you the blanket.  Bring the ghost his diary in the
    baggage compartment.  Go to the conductor and he'll let you into the baggage
    compartment.  In here, slip between two crates and get the Ragged Diary.  Go
    back to the ghost.  Do NOT read the diary (you'll get a game over.  Besides,
    it's pretty dull, really).  Now go give the conductor his blanket.  Go to your
    room after getting a Mushroom and call it a night.
                                   |    Day Two    |
    The second day of the voyage starts.  Go to 006, Pennington's room.  RDM Issue 5
    comes out along the way.  Who cares.  At Pennington's room, Mr. Businessman has
    lost his briefcase, Luigi.  If his product, Nitro Honey Syrup, is mixed with
    gold and sea shell, bam!  Explosion.  Rudimentary, my dear Luigi.  The thief is
    on the train.  Pennington is a regular Einstein.  Now go to room 001.  It houses
    Zip Toad, the actor.  Pick up the thing on the floor.  It's the Vital Paper.  Go
    to Mr. Businessman and give it to him.
    Now you must find that Zip Toad.  Go to your cabin, # 005.  It's another paper.
    Use Vivian to plunge into the shadows.  Zip Toad eventually leaves his hiding
    place.  Now he jumps around.  Stand on the sofa and you'll catch him.  As it
    turns out, that wasn't Zip Toad.  You got the Briefcase.  You got the Gold Ring.
    And the Shell Earrings, too.  Give Mr. Businessman the Briefcase.  Now the train
    stops at Riverside Station.
                              |    Riverside Station    |
    You know who can impersonate people?  I'm just saying who this loser might be,
    trying to impersonate Zip Toad.  It's really Doopliss!  And he runs off,
    admitting that he is in cahoots with Beldam.  Deliver the Shell Earrings and the
    Gold Ring for a Star Piece and 30 coins.  Now get off the train.  The door to
    the outside is right by 001.  Head outside and you'll see that someone lifted
    the drawbridge.  The Excess Express cannot leave the station.  He saw Beldam go
    into the basement, where one would find the switch to do this.  Use the Station
    Key you just got to enter the station.  Head right through the door in here and
    roll under the wood bars to hit the switch so a stairway forms.  Take it up to
    another door.  An enemy attacks you.  It's a Ruff Puff.
    They have 7 HP, 4 attack, and no defense.  Once you've triumphed over them use
    the stairs and the rotors to reach the upper right part of the room.  Now you'll
    see some machinery.  Once you see a tan-yellow wheel spinning, jump on and onto
    the next large spinning tube with half of it cut out.  Jump to the stationary
    platform to the right of it and use Yoshi to get the Station Key.  Behind that
    platform is a Star Piece.  Now go back to where the stairs unfolded earlier, one
    room back, and use the key there.  Walk down and tattle on the Poison Pokey, a
    new enemy.  They have 8 HP, 4 attack, and no defense.  Once you've won continue
    right.  As you do, get a Shine Sprite.  If you use Tube Mode to roll through the
    slot in the bottom stair, you can uncover another badge, HP Plus.  That will
    come in handy.  Continue down the stairs.
    At the very bottom of the stairs use Flurrie to blow away the posters and go
    through the door.  Tattle on the Spiky Parabuzzy and roll down the opening.  In
    this maze is a badge, P-Up, D-Down.  Go through the room to the left if you land
    correctly and left again.  Defeat the Goombas and hit the switches the specified
    number of times.  Climb the stairs and use Koops to get the Shine Sprite.  At
    the top is a chest containing the Ultra Boots.  YES!  Now you can jump higher.
    Toadette comes to explain it.  Now head right over the blocks with the Spring
    Jump and fall through the vent in Paper Mode.  Use Spring Jump to get over the
    fence (use the pipe) and do it again under the shelf to get the Elevator Key.
    Now return to the first room.  Use Spring Jump to get the badge, Close Call P.
    Now you're ready to take the elevator down.  When you're ready, walk to it.
    Use the Elevator Key and take it down.  That's a very interesting enemy.  Break
    through them with your hammer and flip the switch.  Stairs form.  Walk up and
    press the blue switch.  Now the train can leave Riverside Station.  Now take the
    elevator back to the top.  Go to the train.  As you do, King K (from Glitzville)
    e-mails you.  He's so cool.  He showed me the light (I can call people g-money!).
    Now enter the train.  Go to bed.
                                    |    Smorg    |
    Everybody's missing!  That stinks!  Go talk to the engineer today, on day 3.  As
    you do, Pa-Patch (from Keelhaul Key) e-mails you.  Please, fans, there's enough
    of Mario to go around.  As you talk to him, something gets on the windshield.
    It's one of those stupid critters from Riverside.  Sure are a lot of them.  It's
    your duty to check on the passengers, even though there are none and the
    engineer never touches the controls anyway.  Go to the baggage car.  They seem
    to say "Smorg."  Like before, keep whacking those things until you uncover the
    conductor and the lady Pennington called gluttonous.  Use the Spring Jump and
    the pipe to go through the door.  Muscle your way through the crowd and hear the
    call of the wild.
    Smorg?  They're gathering together into one super thing.  Tattle on Smorg to
    earn its stats.  It has 50 HP, five attack, one defense, and pretty nice music.
    Here's how this works.  The main part is what you're worried about.  The
    tentacles can regenerate.  So don't worry about attacking the Smorg Miasma.  But,
    it is necessary to lower its defense, considering that it is impregnable as it
    is.  Since you upgraded Bobbery, his Bomb Squad attack is perfect.  When the
    tentacles are gone, attack the body.  Power Smash!  Art Attack only when they
    have no tentacles.  Smorg is pretty tough.  Do as much damage as you can when
    the tentacles are down.  When it's weak Smorg Miasma forms into a piranha plant
    kind of thing.  That's your cue to kill it then and there.  Also, any attacks
    that can attack multiple times, like Multibonk, are worth using.  And so, the
    Smorgs fly off the train and the passengers are free.  Refund, please.
    Sent in by reader Cheeseperson91, I've decided to include a slightly edited
    version of what he sent me (fixing up the grammar/spelling mistakes).  This is
    his strategy for Smorg that works for just about all bosses.
    - You need one Charge P Badge and as many defensive badges as you can equip
    (like Pretty Lucky, Damage Dodge, Defend Plus, etc.)
    - Make Yoshi be your partner
    Now, let's go kill Smorg.  Keep Mario in front since he should have higher HP
    (unless you somehow get this far with a max 25 or less!), and start attacking
    the Smorg Miasmas (the tentacles) with him.  Have Yoshi use Charge (found under
    tactics).  Keep having Mario attack the Smorg Miasmas until only one remains,
    one hit away from being destroyed. The miasmas will not regenerate until they
    all go down and the boss becomes vulnerable.  Note that it can also only attack
    once now.  Keep Yoshi using Charge and have Mario defend.  When you have used
    charge with Yoshi say, six times, have Mario kill the other miasma the next turn.
    Now, attack!!  Assuming Yoshi has powered up twice to Ultra Rank, he gets six
    hits with his ground pound.  He will do 11 damage on the first hit (because
    Smorg has one defense), then 10, 9, 8, 7, and 6. That's a total of 51 damage,
    dropping the Smorg instantly.  This strategy can also apply to other bosses, but
    you should avoid using it on ones that attack both characters at once.  I did
    over 100 damage to [the final boss] this way; my defense helped me reduce its
    hits (mainly Damage Dodge) enough to keep me alive, and Yoshi died the turn
    after he hit.  You can do this with Power Bounce, but Mario usually has better
    defense and thus is better for taking hits.  It works with Goombella's Multibonk,
                               |    Poshley Heights    |
    Welcome to Poshley Heights.  Yes, you're finally there.  Head down to the left
    to see the family of Bob-ombs.  To the left is a lawn chair.  Behind is a Star
    Piece.  Now go to the Save Block.  Spin Jump for a loose tile hiding a Star
    Piece.  I do say this has been quite the prosperous venture, hmm?  In the blue
    house slip through the crack in the wall hidden by the flower pot to reach a
    chest with the badge HP Drain P inside.  Now, if you use Tube Mode to roll into
    the hedges by the red house you can get another Star Piece.  Go to the next
    screen.  First, there's a Star Piece behind the hedges.  There's an Inn Coupon
    behind the shop below.  In the next screen is the Poshley Sanctum.  Use Ultra
    Jump to get the Shine Sprite to the right of it.  Notice all the penguins from
    Shiver City, a city in the first Paper Mario, I do believe.
    Now let's enter the sanctum.  Can't, now can you?  Pennington comes by and he is
    the Sanctum Manager.  That sure is lucky.  He opens the door.  Go inside to see
    the new Shadow Sirens with the Crystal Star.  Or is it?  No, it's a red herring
    (a fake.  Do you really think they'd display something that valuable with no
    security?).  Now, Luigi, find it yourself.  Stand on the star tile to the left
    and Spring Jump to the bar.  Climb right and continue this on star tiles until
    you reach an airplane panel.  Now Spring Jump your way to a blue switch.  Hit it
    and take the pipe down into the painting.  Inside, head right.  New enemies,
    don't you know?
    Dark Boos...  They have 5 attack, 8 HP, and no defense.  Finish these fiends off
    fast.  Really, for such weak enemies they sure do give a lot of Star Points.
    You can do what you did in the real Poshely Sanctum (use the bars and Spring
    Jump) to get L Emblem (a badge that lets you wear Luigi's clothes) and a Shine
    Sprite.  Now get the Crystal Star on the altar.  Awesome!  It really is.  Next
    stop is those losers at their fortress - the X-Nauts.  But first, there are a
    few cinemas to watch.  Head over to Pennington, the sanctum keeper (with your
    new special, Showstopper).  Congrats Luigi!  Exit the stage.
                               |    The Death of TEC    |
    So, what's going down at Grodus's place?  Well, they fell for that Crystal Star
    hook-line-and-sinker.  Except now they know otherwise.  Then the X-Naut
    underling tells Grodus something secret.  I guessed this so many times it's not
    funny.  Peach goes to TEC just as she's talking about him, err, it.  TEC has
    analyzed the data.  Just as TEC is telling you the good part, they flash out the
    cinema.  It must have something to do with sacrificing her to the demon to
    revive it or whatnot.  And TEC tells you where you are... The moon.
    Good lord!  Really?  Gee golly gosh!  How are you going to escape?  Just as
    Peach is sending you an e-mail before fleeing, Grodus enters.  I like the line
    he gives.  "In my most paranoid moments, I never thought my own computer would
    betray me."  Fabulous music, by the way.  Now it is time to make TEC forget all
    about Princess Peach.  This had better not lead to a heart-over-circuits thing.
    That is a little too cliché for my tastes.  So, the X-Nauts shut down TEC.  In
    his last words, he sends the e-mail.  He says, "I l-o-v-e."  What?  Speak up!
    Ah, man.  He's deleted.  Jerks...  I'll never forgive you for this!
                                  |    World 1-4    |
    He's in Rogueport this time around.  Kammy comes in to tell them that the
    Magikoopa scouts found an underground chamber not even on the maps.  It's time
    to investigate!  Luigi comes up like he saw something, but Bowser isn't there,
    and so he just leaves.  Now prepare for World 1-4, the Super Mario Bros.
    equivalent of the castle.  Head right, avoiding flames.  When you reach a big
    one, wait for it to stop and jump over.  Look!  There's the Crystal Star.
    Finally, Bowser's getting some respect.  But, Rawk Hawk comes in.  He doesn't
    know how you cleared his secret training facility; he even imported X-Nauts to
    make it all the more challenging.  So, after beating up Rawk Hawk, the Crystal
    Star breaks.  I knew it was fake...  Too bad, so sad, King Bowser.
                                |    Secrets Finale    |
    And so the Excess Express returns to Rogueport.  As you go you get the e-mail
    from Peach.  And, was I right?  She writes that in order to resurrect the demon
    they need her -.  If only she had paid a bit more attention during Mario Typing
    (yes, that's a real game) she could've gone faster and written this e-mail up.
    Head down the stairs and talk to Luigi, with his new partner.  He went to the
    Rapturous Ruins.  Cranberry, a boy within, awoke when he sneezed and the boy (a
    Luff) gives him the compass piece.  What a coincidence.  Luigi's readying for
    his final battle, too.  Talk to his new partner, Screamy.  If you go to the Inn,
    you can buy Super Luigi and Super Luigi 2, books Luigi hired a writer to write
    about his adventure.
    Next, it's time to get a treasure I've wanted for a while.  Go to the plaza and
    Spring Jump into the chest.  It falls down, allowing you to open it.  It's the
    Ultra Hammer!  Why hello, Toadette.  And you learn a technique of the same name.
    Now we're ready to do a little more exploration beneath the city.  First,
    upgrade your partners at Merlon's.  Now fall down to the west side of
    Rogueport's underground city.
    Time for a major haul in Shine Sprites.  When you fall down to the west side
    head down the lower pipe to the right.  When you fall through the bars you'll be
    attacked by an enemy, the Koopatrol.  Tattle!  It's a lot like the one you
    fought in Glitzville.  It has 6 HP, 4 attack, and two defense.  A single Power
    Smash can kill one, though.  Don't you just love the Ultra Hammer?  Go down left
    to see a pipe.  If you don't see one (because you weren't using my guide at the
    time) use Flurrie to blow the loose wallpaper off.  Left of the pipe is a tunnel
    leading to a boat panel.  Become a paper boat and sail right.  Keep going until
    you reach a room with a lot of Spania in it.  There's one other enemy here
    that's new, a Spunia.  Tattle on it.  They have 12 HP, 7 attack, and two defense.
    Pretty strong, actually.  However, you have the Ultra Hammer.  Use Koops's Power
    Shell to destroy all the Spania from the get-go and then weaken up the Spunia.
    From where the Spunia was, use Yoshi to get the platform and Koops to get the
    badge, Defend Plus.  Now get the three Shine Sprites (the middle with Spring
    Jump).  Save!  From the boat panel (the first one) head right to a room with a
    large metal block.  Use Ultra Hammer to break it.  Now take the platform up to
    the chest, containing FP Plus badge.  Then Spin Jump the blue switches for pipe-
    shortcuts.  The one on the right leads to Keelhaul Key and the left one to
    Poshley Heights.  In the first room on the west side find an X on the ground.
    Ultra Jump there and go left for the Flower Saver P badge.
    Finally, go to the room where you fought the Blooper long ago (has a pipe
    leading to Petal Meadows).  Use Spring Jump to get up to the platform near the
    door with the pipe.  Throw Bobbery at it and get the chest on the other side for
    the Defend Plus P badge.  If you use that pipe to go in the opposite direction,
    you reach a pipe leading to a house with a Star Piece in it.
                              |    Fahr Outpost Pipe    |
    Go to the Thousand-Year Door pedestal and get the mark on the map.  Yes, it's
    the moon.  So, at Frankly's he deduces it is on the moon.  As Frankly reads it,
    you get an e-mail from the real Zip Toad, thanking you for stopping his impostor.
    After wasting some time around town go to Frankly, and he'll have it figured out.
    In Fahr Outpost there is a cannon that can blast you anywhere.  Despite the fact
    that this defies physics, it was a plan of Aristotle, I think.  Somewhere
    beneath Rogueport is the pipe.  It shouldn't be too hard to find.  Good thing
    you already procured the Ultra Hammer.  Since you've explored every inch of the
    underground, you probably know where it is.  If not, go to the west side and
    fall into the city below.  From where you fall use Yoshi to head left over the
    gap.  Smash the iron block here and there's the pipe to the outpost.
    ===================================Chapter 7*===================================
                                "Mario Shoots the Moon"
                                 |    The Outpost    |
    To the left of the pipe is a Star Piece you can Spin Jump for.  In front of the
    rightmost tree is a hidden item block with Double Dip P, a badge, in it.  Head
    right to a new screen.  As you do a new enemy, the Ice Puff, attacks you.  Each
    has 9 HP, 4 attack, and no defense.  Behind the second tree is a Shine Sprite
    (hidden by the leaves).  As you continue right, look for a Star Piece in a shrub.
    Soon you'll see a new enemy, the Frost Piranha.  Each has 10 HP, 5 attack, and
    no defense to speak of.  In the next screen hit the item block for HP Plus P.
    Walk along the wall for a Star Piece.  Head right.  Welcome to Fahr Outpost.
    First, get the Star Piece along the wall you may've seen in the cinema.  Head
    right.  Notice those girls.  It's the Traveling Sisters 3.
    Mario needs to find out how they get everywhere.  Anyways, in the next screen
    over.  There's an Inn Coupon right at the stairs of the inn.  In one of the
    houses, right of the item shop, is a Star Piece. There's a Shine Sprite in plain
    site next to it.  The last Star Piece here is left of the cannon.  Two words:
    Spin Jump.  Have Bobbery as your partner and talk to the green bob-omb.  But
    first, you need Goldbob's permission to use the cannon.  He's the rich bob-omb
    you saw in Glitzville, on the Excess Express, and in Poshley Heights.  General
    White is in Petalburg.
                          |    Goldbob and General White    |
    Remember the pipes that lead to Poshley Heights and Petalburg in Rogueport
    Sewers.  Surely you do, there left of the pipe leading to the room before the
    Thousand-Year Door.  Go to the Poshley Heights pipe.  Take it down and go left
    two screens.  Talk to Goldbob, Gonzales.  Tell him you'll give him all your
    coins.  After robbing you blind you get the Goldbob Guide.  Hurrah!  Now to find
    General White.  Here's what you need to do, and thanks goodness you have
    shortcuts.  You must go to every place and ask people if they've seen him.
    Although you saw his depressing figure in Petalburg, he's not there anymore.  By
    the way, Goldbob gives your money back.  What a great guy.  As you leave Poshley
    Heights you get the second to last issue of RDM.  Anyways, back on topic with
    General White.
    First, talk to the mayor of Petalburg.  Then Pa-Patch, the bob-omb with an eye
    patch, on Keelhaul Key.  Next up, talk to the Juice Bar's bartender in
    Glitzville.  As you go to Glitzville, passing through Rogueport, you can buy
    Super Luigi 3.  While at Glitzville you can un-retire as the Great Gonzales and
    return to the ring.  Now go to the Great Tree and talk to the Puni.  Now talk to
    the man in front of the inn in Twilight Town.  Now, head back to Fahr Outpost.
    As you enter you get an e-mail from Rawk Hawk, threatening to beat you if you
    ever reenter the ring.  So, when you talk to the mayor of the outpost he doesn't
    have a clue.  Enter the house to the right and jump on him repeatedly.  It's
    General White!  The fortune-teller that sold Peach the Magical Map told him to
    look for Mario.  Right on!  Now be shot to the moon.
    Follow the mayor's instructions and it will work out.  Remember, Mario doesn't
    need to breathe.  After a cool cinema, you get shot by a rocket-cannon.  Head
    right three screens.  Notice that you can jump more.  Anyways, as you go you'll
    encounter a new enemy, the Moon Cleft.  Great...  Each has 6 HP, 5 attack, and
    five defense.  Two Power Smashes will kill one if you use Action Command thanks
    to their super-defense.  But, the best way to win is with Bobbery.  Bomb them
    and they flip over, vulnerable.  This strategy applies to any cleft.  As you go
    you can blow up rocks with Bobbery to uncover items.  You can get a Stopwatch, a
    Volt Shroom, and then you'll find a new enemy.  I don't know if I told you this,
    but the Yux was created by the X-Nauts.
    The Z-Yux, a new enemy, lives on the moon.  And just like their ultra-annoying
    counterparts, these idiots create tiny Mini-Z-Yux.  Each has 7 HP, 4 attack, and
    no defense.  They can recover HP, too.  Each Mini-Z-Yux has 2 HP, 0 attack, and
    the same defense.  In the third screen, behind a rock, is a Star Piece.  Blow up
    another for Power Punch and another to reveal a pipe.  If you were to keep going,
    you'd reach the starting moon point, so it's a waste of time.  Go down the pipe
    and enter the fortress.
                               |    X-Naut Fortress    |
    Take the conveyor belt up and go through the door.  When you do, two Elite X-
    Nauts come to attack you.  Each has 10 HP, 5 attack, and one defense.  The
    easiest way to win is to use a Power Smash and then the partner to finish the
    job.  Now let the good music begin!  Go through the door.  Continue right to
    another door.  Now, you must follow a trail to avoid being electrocuted.  The
    first tile is right above (from your perspective) the door against the wall.  Go
    to the corner and go right four tiles.  Go three tiles toward the opposite wall
    from here.  Now jump to the chest, containing the Elevator Key.  The item block
    contains a Super Mushroom, but it isn't needed.  If you have enough space in
    your inventory, get it after the tiles turn neutral.
    Return to the previous room.  Take the elevator down to Sublevel 2.  This is
    Princess Peach's hallway.  In the first door to the right is a portal to
    Rogueport Sewers (another shortcut!).  But first, walk around the hallway.  You
    may be attacked by a new enemy, X-Naut PhD.  It has 9 HP, 4 attack, and no
    defense.  The second room over is nothing and the third room over is a locker
    room.  The yellow note says that the code for the day is 014029.  The switches
    are left, right, middle.  The next room is Grodus's chamber.  When there a new
    enemy attacks you, an X-Yux.  Each has 10 HP, one defense, and three attack.
    The best way to win is to win on the first turn.  The Mini-X-Yux has 1 HP,
    nothing else.  Multibounce the Mini's if you must.  When you've beaten it, enter
    Grodus's room.  Take the Card Key.  Now return to the elevator (don't take it
    Head left.  The first room is the potion room (to the left).  The next room is
    electric floor.  The pattern is on the wall.  Go down twice (from the door) over
    three tiles, up one, left one, up all the way, left to the item block, down five,
    left one, down one, left all the way, and up.  The chest contains the Card Key.
    Now you have the red and green.  Now, to get a few extras before we advance.  Go
    to the past the transporter room.  Use Spring Jump to go through the hatch.  Now
    you're in the ventilation system or something or other.  Go all the way left for
    a Star Piece.
    The door left of the one you came through is above the transporter room.  Use
    Paper Mode (R) to fall through the vent and use Koops to retrieve the Cog.  Now
    you're ready to start doing some stuff.  Go to Sublevel 1, first door to the
    left.  Put the Cog in the crane and press the buttons in the following order:
    left, right, middle.  Now press the button on the yellow flashing thing.  You
    can play the crane game to get items!  You can get two badges, this way (Feeling
    Fine and Feeling Fine P).  There really good badges (if only you had them
    earlier).  You can also get a Star Piece.  You know that it is in claw-range
    when it lights up.  Once you have the treasure exit the room.
    Now open the door to the right.  To do this you must enter the access code.  It
    is 014029 (in my game at least).  Hey look!  It's our good friend Metal Thwomp.
    It is time to play his favorite game - the Annual Quirk Quiz.  First, an
    Elevator Key is hidden here.  Koops's girlfriend is Koopie Koo.  The enemies he
    lists have six legs combined.  The Diamond Star was in Hooktail's belly.  Prince
    Mush was the first champion in Glitzville.  Frankie and Francesca lost a ring on
    Keelhaul Key.  Last, it's question number seven.  If you still get it wrong,
    even with my guide, you fight...
    Two X-Yux!  You really should have used my guide.  If you do fight them, use Art
    Attack to defeat both on the first turn.  They're worth some Star Points, and so
    it's a good way to get them.  Now you get the Elevator Key.  Now go to Sublevel
    2.  Go right of the elevator to the one that was not open before.  Use
    theElevator Key to go down.  This is Peach's area.  Sublevel 2 is the place she
    always infiltrates.  Now go to Sublevel 4.  Head left to see that Peach is gone.
    TEC's door is locked.  So, let's return to Sublevel 3.  Go left to an electric
    floor room.  Follow the tile as it moves (stick to the middle tile, as it is the
    safest place to be).  The chest contains the Card Key.  Now exit this room and
    go right.
    Place the Card Keys in there corresponding computers.  Now go through the door.
    Here's the showstopper in X-Naut Fortress.  First, throw Bobbery at the blue
    switch over the fence.  Then slide through the bars and use Vivian's X to get
    under the next one.  Stand on the thing at the end of the conveyor belt tract
    and take the platform up.  Hop across them to the left and enter the warp pipe.
    In the background use the chained platforms to maneuver to an Ultra Shroom.  Use
    the platforms you came on to get onto the cogs.  Take them to a platform that
    lowers and rises.
    Use it to reach a pipe below a red bar (it kind of looks encased) and follow the
    platforms (not in the background, we're regular now) to a blue switch.  Hit it
    and stairs form.  Now take the pipe you came by back into the background.  Head
    right with the platforms to a very high pipe.  Take it and use the airplane
    panel below to reach a Card Key.  Use the stirs you made earlier to reach a door.
    Insert the Card Key into the reader and go through the door.
                            |    Magnus Von Grapple 2.0    |
    Lord Crump sure is in good spirits today.  He's going to crush you with a new
    robot, since he reeks at regular fighting...  He used the Crystal Star to lure you
    there, like cheese to mice, and then he'll take all your Crystal Stars.  It's
    show time!
    First tattle on it.  Magnus now has 70 HP, 6 attack, and two defense.  He wasn't
    kidding; it is WAY stronger than it was in the Great Tree.  Each X-Punch (his
    rocket-hands) have 5 HP, 9 attack, and no defense.  So, first turn, Power Smash.
    All subsequent attacks by Mario should be Action Command Power Smashes.  If the
    X-Punches are unleashed, drop Magnus and defeat them.  I hope you recovered and
    saved.  If things look desperate, Art Attack is a wondrous special.  If you have
    Goombella, Rally Wink lets Mario attack twice in one turn.  That's pretty nifty.
    You could do 12 damage in one turn for eight FP.  Bobbery is a good partner if
    you upgraded him because he does lots of damage when he attacks, which equates
    to a little less because of Magnus's defense, but it's still better than the
    others' attacks.  However, Bobbery is bad against X-Punches.  You need someone
    who can attack in the air and the ground.  Flurrie is a good choice.  So is
    Vivian if you upgraded her.  Bobbery can defeat X-Fists, but it is too demanding
    on your FP.
    About halfway through the battle Magnus sucks up audience members and catapults
    them at you.  That is one tough attack to block.  This happened to me when he
    was around 30 HP left, and I had 20.  It was a game over right then and there.
    So, when dealing with the Magnus at 30 HP, use Ruin Powder right before so he's
    confused, which may cause him to miss.  When you finally are about to beat him
    don't let him get his turn.  Also, remember that the Ultra Shroom is your friend.
    Use it when you are at about 15 damage, or 20 to be safe.  With 10 HP left he
    will repeat the audience attack.  Don't let him!  Finish him off!  You get tons
    of Star Points for winning, and the last Crystal Star.  Huzzah!  Crump flies off
    into space.  It's safe to say he's dead (although I wouldn't bank on it).  Now
    Mario can use a new special, Supernova, and you have all seven Crystal Stars.
    All's left to do is find Peach!
                          |    Bowser and the Great Luigi    |
    The Koopa King is in Poshley Heights.  Go to the sanctum and the lock breaks.
    Bowser walks up to the Crystal Star.  Finally!  He has one!  Then Pennington
    sees you and you must introduce yourself.  Either you're the remorseless king of
    evil, the shadow thief, or Koopa Koot.  Either way, Pennington tells you that
    it's a fake.  Then he tells Bowser that he gave the real one to Luigi.  Burn!
    That's harsh.  Luigi even beat Bowser here.  A Paragoomba flies in as Bowser is
    fuming.  Apparently, Mario has all the Crystal Stars.  Now an angry Bowser is
    headed to the Thousand-Year Door.  Still, Luigi beat him.  If I could use that
    text, Luigi would so be in italics.
                                  |    TEC Lives    |
    Go to Sublevel 4 from here.  Go to TEC's room.  It is unlocked.  The power is
    out.  But it flickers on.  After formal introductions, TEC says he must tell you
    something.  Princess Peach is with Grodus in the Palace of Shadow.  TEC then
    sends all power to the teleporter (so you can get off the moon), but to do that
    he must cut his AI functions.  TEC will kill himself for the love of Peach.  And
    so TEC fails.  Now go to the teleport room on Sublevel 2.  It is left of the
    elevator two doors.  Press the teleport button and return to Rogueport.  Good-
    bye, TEC.
                             |    The Path to Shadows    |
    When you exit the room you warped to Frankly will call you.  Now go to the
    Thousand-Year Door.  As you do, you get the last issue of RDM.  Now go to the
    Thousand-Year Door.  Stand on the pedestal and let loose all seven of the
    legendary Crystal Stars.  And finally the door budges.  Immense shadows lie
    behind.  Enter now, to the Palace of Shadow.  The door closes behind you.
    ===================================Chapter 8*===================================
                                "The Thousand-Year Door"
                               |    Palace of Shadow    |
    Sure is fancy in here.  Head right through the door.  If you search around the
    staircase above you can get a Stopwatch.  Now head down the main staircase.
    You'll meet a new enemy, a Swoopula.  It's basically a Fuzzy with wings.  A
    series of jumps will do it in.  Have Goombella ready to tattle when you go
    through the door.  Hit the item block for a Shooting Star.  Now attack the enemy
    ahead.  It's a Dry Bones.  Each has 8 HP, 5 attack, and two defense.  That's a
    tough customer.  Vivian and Bobbery are most effective against them.  Continue
    down to meet new enemies, Bombshell Bills.  Each has 3 HP, 6 attack, and two
    defense.  Can you say hammer?
    Once again, Vivian rocks here.  Her attack does 3 damage automatically, and she
    can hide you beneath the floor if you're avoiding a fight.  The B. Bill Blasters
    are another new enemy.  They have 20 HP, 4 defense, and they attack indirectly
    with Bombshell Bills.  Remember the Shooting Star item you got earlier?  Now's
    the time to use it.  Go through the door.  Hit the item block for the badge All
    or Nothing.  If it lands in the spikes, use Koops to retrieve it.  Now make your
    way through here.  Go through the door and use the Save Block.  It's a good
    Vivian, a Shadow Siren, feels at home in the Palace of Shadow.  Use her to get
    by the flaming chains.  It would seem that Bowser's been here.  Yoshi also works
    pretty well.  Of course, I've found the easiest way to do this is by Mario alone.
    At the end a flame challenges you, a Phantom Ember.  It has 10 HP, 5 attack, and
    no defense.  Finally!  I hate all these high-defense enemies.  You can get a
    Boo's Sheet through an invisible item block above the double-flame chain.  Now,
    this next section was made for Tube Mode, or Vivian.
    Use her to hide from the high flame chains and jump over the regular ones.  Go
    through the door.  Talk to the blue pile of bone to start a fight, a lot like
    the Red Bones in Hooktail's Castle.  Use the hammer to break through the mob and
    fight the Dark Bones.  It has 20 HP, 5 attack, and two defense.  First, defeat
    its underlings.  Use Supernova, the new special.  In this scenario Koops is the
    ideal partner to start with.  Power Shield is really good.  If Supernova isn't
    your thing, use Power Shell to beat the others and then Art Attack only on Dark
    Bones to finish them.  You get lots of Star Points for winning.  You also get
    the Palace Key.  Use it on the locked door.
    There's an Ultra Shroom in the item block.  Pass by the Bombshell Bills to some
    cannons.  Use Vivian to hurt the cannons and their produce.  Continue on this
    path to fight more of them.  If you need to finish them off right away, use Art
    Attack on the first turn.  Go through the door.  Get the badge P-Up, P-Down P
    here and the items in the boxes.  Avoid fights as much as you can.  For the next
    few rooms you must go through the doors with the lit torches.  That is, lower
    right, lower right, upper right, upper right, lower right, upper right, and
    lower right.  Now you're in the main room area.  Could this be the underground
    city of lore?  First, head over the bridge and fight yet another new enemy, the
    Chain-Chomp.  They have 7 HP, six attack, and five defense.  The best thing to
    do is either run or use a special.  After it is a Save Block.
    May I note that Yoshi's Gulp is extremely good against Chain-Chomps?  When I
    fight Chain-Chomps I use the badge All or Nothing to increase my Action Command
    attack strength.  Go through the door at the end of the path.  There are a few
    interesting enemies in this hallway.  First, there's a Dark Wizzerd.  It has 10
    HP, 5 attack, and two defense.  In the next hall is a Chain Chomp.  Yoshi,
    that's your cue.  In the next hall is a nothing.  In the fourth is a Phantom
    Ember duo and a Save Block.  Enter the next room.
                                  |    Gloomtail    |
    I learned some disturbing stuff in this room.  Hooktail is a girl?  Gloomtail,
    the older brother, is out for revenge.  Drop unnecessary badges for the moment
    and equip a few of these especially picked for Gloomtail: Defend Plus, Defend
    Plus P, Pretty Lucky, Feeling Fine, Feeling Fine P, Attack FX R, and any other
    badges you like to use.  Gloomtail has 80 HP, 8 attack, and two defense.  When
    Gloomtail stores up an attack, use Vivian's Veil to hide.  She's good to use
    anyway because she burns people and penetrates their defense.  Use Power Smash!
    Bobbery is strong, though, so using him is wise.  Use all items at your disposal,
    no matter how tiny, for they may save your life, and maybe if you're lucky
    you'll get a Bingo to restore your health.  After I tattled I used Flurrie.  Her
    attack, Lip Lock, is great.
    HP Drain, Boo's Sheet, Ruin Powder - all of these are good items to use.  I won
    by the skin of my teeth (1 HP left).  All I can say is good luck.  When you win
    he spits out a treasure chest.  Inside is the Star Key.  Throw Bobbery to the
    right to find a tunnel.  Inside is an Ultra Shroom and a Jammin' Jelly.  Return
    to the big main room.  Use that Recovery Block.  Throw Bobbery at the Chain-
    Chomp statues to destroy them and create a warp pipe.  Press the blue switches
    in the background to form paper boat panels.  Enter the large main area.
                              |    Within the Palace    |
    Enter the door to the right.  Use Flurrie to blow the ground in front of the
    sign for a Palace Key.  In the next room, directly above it, walk through the
    wall and hit the blue block and get the Palace Key.  In the next room, to the
    left, is a metal box.  Smash it and take the stairs up.  Go in the corresponding
    upper-left door.  Smash both blocks and return down to the first floor upper-
    left room.  Smash the gray block and hit the blue block to make a treasure
    appear.  It's a Palace Key.  Go to the second-story upper-left room and hit the
    blue block for another Palace Key.  On the first floor, in the lower-left room
    you go.  Hit the left red block thrice and the right twice.  This yields another
    Palace Key.
    Go up the stairs.  In the lower right room is a hidden block.  Use Vivian to
    hide beneath the floor and wait for it to appear.  Hit it and get the Palace Key.
    Go to the upper right door.  Now throw Bobbery at the wall.  Another Palace Key...
    Go to the lower left room.  Defeat the enemies in this order (by the way, this
    is your only chance to get their tattle log for a few of these, so do it): Dull,
    Red, Dry, and Dark.  Hit the blue block for the last Palace Key.  Go to the
    third floor.  Place the Star Key and the Palace Keys in the correct
    altar/pedestals.  A staircase forms.  There all the way back somewhere else.
    Man!  Exit this shrine area.  Save and recover if needed and head right as if
    going to fight Gloomtail again.
                              |    The Shadow Sirens    |
    Marilyn, Beldam, and Professor Frankly come out.  So, Professor Frankly was
    really Doopliss before!  Time for the final battle with these jerks...  Beldam is,
    anyway.  Doopliss is the new Vivian.  Since you've already tattled on all three
    of these wonderful people already, you have their stats.  Right now, Doopliss
    has 40 HP, Marilyn has 40 HP, and Beldam has 30.  First, take out Marilyn.
    She's the toughest of the Shadow Sirens.  Pretty often Doopliss transforms into
    either you or your partner, sporting their attacks.  Marilyn has very low
    defense.  Next, let Doopliss meet your hammer.  Then, finish the weakest link,
    Beldam.  That bully.
    It's time she paid for mistreating not only Vivian but her own partners, too.  I
    felt it was rather poetic letting Vivian give Beldam the last hit.  You get
    major Star Points for winning, and they were much easier than Gloomtail.  And
    like Gloomtail, you don't quite kill them.  They're still alive, just
    unconscious.  It's less apparent with Gloomtail, but he kicks his feet
    occasionally.  Now recover.  Go through the door to the right, heading toward
    Gloomtail.  Take the stairs, this time.
                           |    The Depths of the Palace    |
    Head down the stairs and use a Spring Jump to get the item in the block.  Walk
    all the way right and have Flurrie blow away the wallpaper.  Walk up the stairs
    to the left and use Yoshi to hover to the door.  Use Koops to hit the switch
    (delayed, hold it) and get on the stairs.  Release and jump across the platform.
    Descend the stairs and hit the item block for a Repel Cape.  Go through the door.
    Go left through the door.  Hit the green block and go through the door to the
    right.  Use Yoshi to cross the gap and then up the stairs and down the pit you
    go.  Hit the purple switch and ride the purple block up.  A little way up use
    Yoshi to go through the gap in the wall.
    Use Yoshi again to reach a door.  Go through.  Use Spring Jump a few times to
    cross with the pipes until the pipe stops.  Drop down and go through the door.
    Pick up Bobbery and throw him down the pit to hit the switch.  Cross the pit and
    attack the Chain-Chomp.  Continue up the stairs to see a Save Block.  Hit it.
    Head right and stand on the platform.  With Yoshi, hover to the center - where
    the spokes connect.  Use Yoshi again to retrieve the Palace Key.  Go through the
    locked door left of where the Save Block was.  They always have machines in the
    last level (like Smithy did in the first Super Mario RPG).  Use Spring Jump to
    hit the item block for a Life Shroom.  This have definitely earned their keep in
    my book.  Go up the stairs, the last part done with R (Paper Mode).  First, rid
    the field of the enemies and hit the following blocks: first from the left,
    third from the left, fourth from the left, and the second-last one.  Go to the
    previous room.  The cog is now moving.
    Take it across, getting the Life Shroom in the item block as you do.  Go through
    the door.  Use Flurrie to blow away the wallpaper on the ledge.  Then Ultra
    Hammer the metal box.  Spin Jump to fall through the floor to a new room.  Get
    the coin in the item block and go through the door.
    In here, head right.  When doing this walk slowly and while moving vertically
    use R to become paper-thin.  Make sure to watch your shadow.  If you want to
    risk it, use Yoshi to save time.  Go through the door.  Use the airplane panel
    to fly to a door, the first one you see.  Enter it and go down the stairs,
    defeating a Chain-Chomp.  Yoshi is invaluable as of late.  Hit the red block and
    ride him up the stairs, two sets, and get across the gap where the platform
    extended.  Open the chest for a Palace Key.  Return to the previous room and use
    Yoshi to hover as far as you can to land on a Life Shroom and a Shooting Star.
    Then go back to the left, use the spring, and use the airplane panel to go all
    the way to the right, the second door.  Use the Palace Key to enter a new room.
    In this room, save and recover before heading up the stairs.
                                    |    Grodus    |
    Go through the door and up the stairs.  There's Grodus, sitting on a throne, it
    would appear.  I must admit, Grodus does fit the bill for the insane villain.
    He used Crump to gather the Crystal Stars.  He treated his life like a commodity.
    Now, I never really liked Crump, but this guy I hate.  It's about time you beat
    Grodus and rescued Peach!  The game's almost over...  Use Goombella on the first
    turn to tattle on him and his Grodus X underlings.  He has 50 HP, 7 attack, and
    one defense.  Grodus is basically a Yux with super-powers.  Grodus X's can
    attack.  They have 3 HP, 4 attack, and no defense.  There's one partner who has
    the best skills to take down Grodus.  Yoshi!  Use his Stampede attack to take
    down all the Grodus X's, and then take out the big G with Mario, like it should
    be.  Grodus produces two of his X's every turn.
    Whenever you get the chance, use Power Smash.  When you beat Grodus, who is
    really pretty easy, you get major Star Points.  He also gets pretty banged up.
    Then Grodus reveals Peach!  If you move one step further, Grodus will kill Peach.
    Then Grodus summons some huge lightning.  He continues beating you down until
    your partner asks you to attack or not.  Choose to attack.  Just as Grodus is
    about to finish you, the ceiling starts shaking.  I love this part...  Eh!
    Bowser!  How's it going, m' man!  And so, Bowser squashes Grodus with his
    tremendous body.  Kammy flies in, too.  Now that Bowser sees you, he's going to
    steal the Crystal Stars, worthless as they are now, in a last-ditch effort to do
    something important in this game.
                               |    Bowser and Kammy    |
    Lucky for me, I gained a level from beating Grodus so when I fought Bowser I was
    in peak condition.  If you're not, you're going to have fight Grodus all over
    again if you get a game over.  You've faced Bowser before, and you know his
    stats.  He has 70 HP.  Tattle on Kammy to discover that she has 50 HP, 5 attack,
    and no defense.  First, aim for Kammy.  For the first move, use Art Attack.
    Focus it on Kammy to do more damage to her.  Or you can use Supernova to hurt
    them both equally.  This will cause her to fall off her broom, and it will
    likely cause her lots of pain.  If you do another Art Attack, you can almost
    finish her.  Should Bowser jump on you, you won't be able to.
    Once Kammy Koopa is down, Bowser is much easier.  Vivian can pierce his awesome
    defense; use her.  But, Bowser is easy to beat with Koops.  I used him.  Without
    Kammy, Bowser's defenses are a tad lacking.  No matter what the case, keep your
    partner in front.  Bowser usually attacks both, but if he attacks one or the
    other, it's often the front man.  From Koops switch to Bobbery.  Anyways, when
    you win you get lots of Star Points.  But, Grodus runs off with Peach.  Go to
    the previous room, save, recover, and then follow Grodus to where he led you.
                    |    The Treasure of the Thousand-Year Door    |
    Open the chest for an Ultra Shroom.  Continue down the stairs until you reach
    another one containing Jammin' Jelly.  Save and enter the door.  It is a casket,
    and Peach shall be offered to it.  The spirit will possess Peach's body and
    wreak havoc on the world.  The flames turn black and the coffin's lid is turned
    over.  A dark spirit comes from an ancient rest.  The world is enveloped in
    darkness.  This darkness heralds the ultimate evil, the Shadow Queen...  She
    seeps into Peach and takes over her body, and the earth trembles beneath its
    inhabitants.  And so the Shadow Queen is reborn in Peach, sporting a new black
    wardrobe.  And her first action, is to rid the world of Grodus.  The Shadow
    Sirens arrive before her.  As it turns out, Beldam was really the great
    puppeteer!  Everyone is controlling everyone else!  Refuse the witch and you
    will join her in battle.  Prepare yourselves for unparalleled darkness!
                                 |    Shadow Queen    |
    First, let's tattle on this witch.  She has a whopping 150 HP, 7 attack, and no
    defense.  That means you've got to really persevere in this match.  I remember
    Smithy, the boss of Super Mario RPG, had a lot of HP, but he was easy!  Bowser
    wasn't too hard in the first Paper Mario, but the Shadow Queen makes mince meat
    out of them.  However, since she has no defense, she's not too tough.  You want
    to use your strongest partner, like Bobbery, at first.  Weaken her with every
    tough attack in the book.  Power Smash is ideal.  She tends to go through
    partners pretty quick, though.  However, she isn't that hard.  She downs
    partners like there's no tomorrow, but I went through the first 50 of her HP
    without taking 10 HP damage with Mario.  Save up specials for later.  Supernova
    is highly overrated; Art Attack does more damage when used properly and takes
    less Star Power.  After taking her first fifty damage, she assumes her true form.
    Let the games begin.  As of now, you cannot hurt her.  Your goal is to survive,
    plain and simple.  Pretty soon she revives herself completely with the audience.
    At this point, the battle ends.  The Crystal Stars resonate.  The gallows in
    Rogueport Plaza is the site of their dismissal.  One goes to Petalburg.  One
    goes to the Great Tree.  One goes to Glitzville.  One goes to Twilight Town.
    One goes to Keelhaul Key.  One goes to Poshley Heights.  And one goes to Fahr
    Outpost.  If you look at the room, you can recognize some people.  It is light -
    shining into the Shadow Queen, breaking the possession.  Peach restores Mario to
    his full power.
                           |    The Crystal Stars' Power    |
    Now you can damage the Shadow Queen.  First off, always attack her body, not the
    hands or Dead Hands.  Power Smash often.  Luckily, when explosions occur on the
    field, they only hurt her.  If she charges an attack, use Mario's turn to get
    out Vivian and use her to use Veil.  That way, you don't take 14 damage.
    Luckily, she mostly targets your partners.  First, use Ultra Shrooms only when
    you're on the brink of death.  Sweet Feast is a good special to use.  Feeling
    Fine and Feeling Fine P are good badges to have on.  Pretty Lucky is another one,
    and so is Quick Change.  The really hard part of the battle is when she's at 30
    HP.  Well, to be honest she's not impossibly hard, like Gloomtail-hard.  She's
    more die-hard and annoying.  You want to use the most powerful partners later on,
    when she sucks up HP and junk.  Also, Vivian reeks!  Change her as soon as you
    use Veil.  Whenever I use Vivian she ends up costing me major Life Shrooms.  Now,
    since this lasts lots of turns, you have lots of opportunity for Bingo.  If
    you're extremely lucky you'll get three Shine Sprites, restoring all FP, HP, and
    Now it's time to discuss the strategy with the best character for the job.  It's
    Koops.  First, have him at rank 2 before doing this, obviously.  His Power Shell
    can attack Shadow Queen and the Left and Right Hand, defeating them.  It's also
    an easy Action Command.  When Dead Hands appears, let Koops take them out and
    use Mario for the queen.  In the end, she isn't that hard, like I said.  If you
    use the Koops strategy, you can't go wrong.  After Koops dies, though, you'll
    have to rely more on not destroying the hands.  Finally, deliver the last blow
    to the witch.  HUZZAH!!!!!!!!!!!
    shadowgirl_24 elaborates on the Bingo strategy with the below e-mail she sent me
    as an alternate strategy for the Shadow Queen battle.  Shadowgirl_24 writes:
    "When you go back to fighting her [after Peach restores your health], use Art
    Attack with Mario on the first and second turns.  For your partner's turn use
    whoever has the highest attack power (you can use as many Flower Points as you
    want) and get the action command right on both turns.  If you mess up the action
    command, this won't work.  On the third turn use Power Smash or Power Jump with
    Mario and you should get the Bingo thing to come up, if you get the action
    command right.  I fought her three times and every time it came up with three
    Shine Sprites.  I know it works because I purposely tried to get something other
    than a Shine Sprite and it went all the way through the other things back to the
    Shine Sprite.  Anyway, back to the fight.  After the Shine Sprites refilled my
    health and Star Power guage I used Art Attack whenever it filled back up.  My
    partner was Koops and then Vivian when he died.  When she was down to about
    twenty-something health points I used Art Attack two turns in a row to finish
    her off.  I started with ninety-five health points and I didn't have to use an
    Ultra Shroom or anything other than a few Super Shrooms."
                                |    The Aftermath    |
    You get 1 (one) Star Point for winning.  Really, now.  One?  She disappears,
    finally dead forever, leaving Princess Peach behind.  Light fills the room.  The
    Shadow Sirens run away.  Frankly finally finds you.  Frankly found a treasure
    chest along the way that you somehow missed.  Fortunately, you exit the Palace
    of Shadow automatically.  You go to Rogueport harbor.  You, Peach, and
    Toadsworth must leave now.  Goombella becomes Frankly's new research assistant.
    After their farewells Punio and his sister brings Mushrooms for you and Peach.
    And now the boat comes.  And so ends the final chapter of Paper Mario: The
    Thousand-Year Door.  Luigi and Mario are at their house in the Mushroom Kingdom.
    Mario gets an e-mail.
    Goombella doesn't tell you what she found in the chest, though.  As they go she
    visits all your partners.  Koops is living peacefully with his dad and Koopie
    Koo.  He's planning to be the next mayor of Petalburg.  Flurrie is on stage, in
    a new play called Paper Mario, reflecting your adventure.  Doopliss is one of
    the actors, there.  Yoshi is fighting solo in the Glitz Pit.  He calls himself
    "The Great Gonzales Jr."  Vivian is now a member of the Shadow Sirens, but
    without the Shadow Queen there's nothing to do evil.  Bobbery is Cortez's ship
    mate now.  Ms. Mowz runs the badge shop in Rogueport.  And the X-Nauts somehow
    lived.  Apparently, Lord Crump and Grodus (his helmet anyway), as well as a few
    underlings, are in Poshley Heights.  And best of all, TEC must have saved his AI
    to a disk (or disks), because he's alive and well.  He sure wants to see Peach...
    After the e-mail, you get a knock on the door.  It's Toadsworth and Peach.  They
    were cleaning out the attic and they found a treasure map.  Surly it leads to
    the real treasure.  Ready to go on adventure?
                                     ---The End---
    In the credits all the characters you met walk by, including your partners.
    Some of the bigger baddies may even stop in, like Hooktail and the other bosses.
    In the end, Mario and Peach walk across the screen.  Don't stop playing yet,
    though.  There's much more to do than just that!  If you choose to play again,
    it shows you coming back to Rogueport.  The whole team is their to greet you.
    Talk to Frankly to discover that the chest contained a Dried Shroom.
      /                                                                          \
     /                                                                            \
    ||--------------------------------Section 3*----------------------------------||
     \                                                                            /
    ===============================Pit of 100 Trials*===============================
    Go to the Thousand-Year Door room.  If you come from the normal entrance, slip
    through the bars above and hop up and use the airplane panel to get across the
    gap.  Enter the door.  This is a great room.  This is the entrance to the Pit of
    100 Trials.  This is a great way to earn badges and Star Points.  It's a huge
    dungeon that descends deep into the bowels of the earth, ending at an
    unstoppable boss.  I suggest you have at least the following before entering,
    and maybe better.  Have a comfortable set of badges and keep good-all-around
    ones (like Ice Power and Spike Shield).  Now, for a list of things to have, at
    least (helpful).
                             |    Minimum Requirements    |
    - Be Level 30.
    - Have and use the badges Spike Shield and Ice Power.
    - Chill Out is a good badge to use.
    - Use the badge combo Power Plus and HP Drain.
    - Be ready to waste quite a bit of time.
    - Also, it may be a good idea to use the badge Timing Tutor.  That way you know
    how to use Stylish moves, which restores Star Power.
    Now, for the rewards of the pit, the incentive.
                                   |    Rewards    |
                                  Sleepy Stomp: 1-10.
                                   Fire Drive: 11-20
                                     Zap Tap: 21-30
                                   Pity Flower: 31-40
                                  Strange Sack: 41-50
                                   Double Dip: 51-60
                                  Double Dip P: 61-70
                                   Bump Attack: 71-80
                                    Lucky Day: 81-90
                                 Return Postage: 91-100
    Before starting you may want to see Chet Rippo.  He upgrades stats for cheap
    money.  To find him, go to Rogueport sewers.  Throw Bobbery at the cracked wall
    to the left (if you come from the East Side) to see a pipe.  Take it down to the
    background and walk into the house.  You can even pay to have upgrades for
    partners that normally would cost Shine Sprites, but you must drop something
    else.  Do this only if you have an excess of something, because this isn't the
    best way to gain stats.  Now I'll write the walkthrough for this miserable place.
    You get lots of coins throughout, so come prepared.  Also, when inside and
    you're low on HP, use Sweet Feast before using a recovery item.  Recovery items
    are needed later on and are last resort.
    Also, in case you were wondering how I did it, I'll list all the badges I used
    throughout the first 99 floors right here.  It is a good idea to come into the
    pit with lots of recovery items and about 40 points of Star Power.  That way,
    you can level-up around level 70, where it gets hard.  Strategically leveling-up
    is the key to getting stronger in the pit and not having to use a recovery item,
    for all level-ups restore all your HP, FP, and SP.
                                    |    Badges    |
                                        HP Drain
                                       Ice Power
                                       Chill Out
                                      P-Up, D-Down
                                      Damage Dodge
                                      Pretty Lucky
                                      Power Bounce
                                        HP Plus
                                      Spike Shield
                                        Zap Tap
                                      Lucky Start
                                       Power Plus
                                       Lucky Day
                                      Quick Change
    Notice that I'm wearing a few badges from the pit itself.  Once you reach level
    90, take the badge and exit the pit.  This way, you can get more items and
    manage your badges.  Although I didn't have enough BP, you would also do well to
    equip Feeling Fine and Feeling Fine P.  Anyways, the basic strategy employed
    here is simple - conserve HP.  Each jump can do a maximum of 10 damage with this
    setup, so you can jump on all enemies (thanks to Ice Power and Spike Shield) to
    attack and defeat most in one fell swoop.  HP Drain drops your attack a bit, but
    you regain one HP per attack.  Zap Tap not only weakens most enemies, but it
    prevents the attacks of every enemy in the Bandit, Fuzzy, and Swooper family.
    Always try to get the first strike.  When you reach level 99, stop.  There's a
    different strategy for the boss than there is for the rest of the pit.  Also,
    Lucky Start restores a lot of HP at the beginning of the battle.  Now for the
    guide.  Note that the enemies you face are for the most part random.
                                     |    1-10    |
    In the first chamber you can fight a new enemy, a Gloomba.  Now take the pipe
    down.  In this room you fight a series of common enemies, Spinia.  Next are some
    Spania.  Multibounce will work in one hit for all three.  Go down.  You fight a
    Dull Bones and two Spinia.  In the next chamber you fight a Fuzzy.  Once again,
    Multibounce.  Next, you fight a Spania.  Then fight a Spinia.  Next is a Spania.
    Chamber 9 contains Dull bones.  In the last chamber open the chest for the
    Sleepy Stomp badge.  Hit the blue block to make a pipe appear.
                                    |    11-20    |
    The first chamber here contains a Paragloomba.  12 contains a few old Great Tree
    enemies.  13 contains a Pokey.  14 contains a Dark Puff.  15 contains a Pider.
    16 contains another Paragloomba duo.  17 has Clefts.  18 contains another Pokey.
    19 has Dark Puffs in it.  20 has the badge Fire Drive in it.  Hit the blue block
    to make a pipe appear.
                                    |    21-30    |
    First chamber has a Spiky Gloomba in it.  In this room is Mover.  He's a Puni by
    the looks of him.  Ignore him and hit the blue block.  23 has a Lakitu in it.
    Go to 24.  It has a Bob-omb in it.  25 has a Boo.  26 holds two Spiky Gloombas.
    27 has a Bandit in it.  28 has a Lakitu.  29 holds a Bob-omb and company.  30
    has the Zap Tap badge.  Equip it right now.  There's also a salesman here.  Buy
    all the items you want (he's really overpriced, though).  Hit the blue block and
    go down the pipe.
                                    |    31-40    |
    This is a Dark Koopa.  32 contains a Hyper Cleft.  Use Yoshi to beat it with
    Gulp.  33 has a Parabuzzy.  34 contains a Dark Koopa.  Level 35 has a Flower
    Fuzzy.  36 has a Dark Koopa.  37 has a Hyper Cleft.  38 has a Parabuzzy.  39 has
    a Dark Koopa.  Now go to the fortieth room.  Open the chest for the Pity Flower
    badge.  Hit the blue block and go down the pipe.
                                    |    41-50    |
    In 41 you'll encounter a Dark Paratroopa.  42 has a Bulky Bob-omb.  43 has a
    Lava Bubble.  44 has Mover in it.  Use him to go down 5 floors to 47.  You want
    to avoid potential damage against stronger enemies here.  Besides, you've made
    tons of coins and this only costs 30.  On 49 you see a Poison Pokey.  In 50 is
    the chest.  It contains the item Strange Sack.  It lets you carry up to 20 items.
    If you have too many items (you should enter with some that will be useful),
    this is your perfect match.  Hit the blue block and
    take the pipe down.
                                    |    51-60    |
    On the first turn you attack a Badge Bandit.  52 has an Ice Puff in it.  53 has
    a Dark Boo.  54 has a Red Chomp on it.  55 has a Mover in it.  Pay him 30 coins
    to go down five floors.  Open the chest for Double Dip.
                                    |    61-70    |
    Aren't you so excited?  This marks the beginning of Version 1.1.  Right on.
    First we have a Dark Lakitu, possibly partnered up with a Dark Craw.  Next
    you'll face a Dry Bones.  63 has a Dark Wizzerd.  64 has a Frost Piranha in it.
    65 has a Dark Craw in it.  66 has a Dark Lakitu in it.  67 has Dry Bones in it.
    68 has a Dark Wizzerd.  69 has a Frost Piranha.  70 has Double Dip P inside.
                                    |    71-80    |
    Here's where the going gets tough and the weak get going.  As you've enemies are
    starting to give Star Points, or usually around this point or in the sixties.
    First, you face a Wizzerd.  72 boasts a Dark Koopatrol.  73 has a Phantom Ember.
    74 has a Swoopula.  75 has a Chain Chomp.  76 has a Wizzerd.  77 has a Dark
    Koopatrol.  78 has a Phantom Ember in it.  79 has a Swoopula standing guard.  80
    has the treasure, the Bump Attack badge.  It's very good but it's effects are
    negated in the Pit of 100 Trials.  Now go to 81.
                                    |    81-90    |
    First you fight a Spunia.  Second is a Dark Bristle.  83 has an Arantula.  84
    has a Piranha Plant, as in the regular kind.  85 has a Spunia.  86 has another.
    87 contains a Dark Bristle.  88 has an Arantula.  89 has a Piranha Plant.  90
    finally has the Lucky Day badge.  Either run back up or go down to the last ten
                                    |    91-99    |
    91 contains an Elite Wizzerd.  92 has a Poison Puff.  93 has a Bob-ulk.
    Remember you can splurge on FP every now and then because in the 90 levels
    you'll level-up eventually.  94 contains a Swampire.  If you fight an Amazy
    Dayzee, kill it right away; they give about 40 Star Points.  95 holds an Elite
    Wizzerd.  At this point, use whatever partner isn't weak.  96 has a Poison Puff
    in it.  97 contains a Bob-ulk (mine had an Amazy Dayzee partner, yes!).  98
    harbors a Swampire.  99 has an Elite Wizzerd.  Now stop!  DO NOT TAKE THE PIPE!
    We need to gather ourselves for Bonetail.  Lucky for me, I leveled-up at 98, so
    I was raring to go.  If you're not at peak condition, use the recovery items
    that recovers the closest to the HP you're missing.  If you have an Ultra Shroom
    and a few Life Shrooms back up, don't use it.  I had five Life Shrooms when I
    got to 99.  If you have more, good for you.  If not, hope that you can make due.
    Now it's time to put on new badges.  Put on the following (as this is a good
    setup for the final boss).  We're going to try to manipulate every possible
    disadvantage this guy might have, no matter how unlikely (hence the Attack FX
                                    |    Badges    |
                                      Attack FX R-
                                      Attack FX Y-
                                      Attack FX B-
                                      Attack FX G-
                                      Attack FX P-
                                       L Emblem-
                                       W Emblem-
                                      P-Up, D-Down
                                      Damage Dodge
                                     Damage Dodge P
                                    Pretty Lucky x 2
                                      Happy Heart
                                      Power Bounce
                                        HP Plus
                                     All or Nothing
                                      Lucky Start
                                       Power Plus
                                       Lucky Day
                                      Quick Change
    If the badge has a - next to it, it is not needed for the fight.  Those badges
    take 0 BP anyways, so you might as well equip them.  The boss, a relative of
    Hooktail, might have a weakness to a certain Attack FX badge.  When you're
    healed and ready, take the pipe down to the hundredth trial...
    Note: Bonetail doesn't have any of those weaknesses, but it sure makes for an
    interesting battle.
                                   |    Bonetail    |
    What, you didn't think there wouldn't be a boss, did you?  Well, I'll say that
    if you can beat this beast you are truly a champion.  This is very easily the
    toughest boss in the game.  Just look at its stats!  By tattling on it you
    discover that it has 200 HP, 8 attack, and 2 defense.  *Gulp*.  Fortunately for
    you, though, there is a badge combination that will teach Hooktail's oldest
    brother a lesson.  Disregarding defense, the goal in beating this baddie is
    purely by brute force.  If you don't do it that way, the battle will be drawn
    out and with his tremendous attack power you'll be crushed.  The first 99 levels
    shouldn't have forced you to use all your Ultra Shrooms.  The endurance strategy
    is simple - enter with about ten Ultra Shrooms and you can finish off Bonetail
    in a very long fight, always preventing your demise with another Ultra Shroom.
    But if you're not into that, let's cover the real way to beat this boss.
    To whittle down Bonetail's HP you need a strong attack to start with.  If you
    use the recommended badge combo, Power Bounce will be radically strong.  If you
    want you can use Power Lift before using it to strengthen the onslaught.  If you
    do a regular Power Bounce only five times with the badges, you'll deal him 15
    damage.  By that logic, it would take you around 13 turns to finish him.  Of
    course it will be less, since you have your partner.  Since every Power Bounce
    costs 3 FP, it should take you 39 FP to finish him.  You can reduce the length
    of this with more than five jumps per Power Bounce, or with your partner.  Keep
    your partner in front to take the claw attacks.  Use Boo's Sheet (ON MARIO) if
    you're low on health.
    Also, always remember to heal Mario when his HP drops to 10 or lower.  The best
    heal method is obviously the Ultra Shroom, but if you're desperate, use other
    recovery items as last resorts.  Now to cover what Bonetail does.  Also, don't
    waste a turn tattling because you can get the tattle in Frankly's garbage can
    later.  Bonetail is a really easy attacker; defending is a piece of cake.  For
    his breath, press A as soon as it hits you, and the claw is the same.  If you're
    using a partner, I'd recommend Bobbery.  With forty HP, he's an excellent shield,
    as cruel as that may sound.  When he's out switch to Flurrie (Lip Lock is a good
    move to use).  In truth, Bonetail is not nearly as hard as he sounds.  I used
    three of my Life Shrooms, but not a single Ultra Shroom.  When he kicks the
    bucket (he really just flips over) he spits out a treasure chest like his
    brothers.  Inside is Return Postage, the final badge, the last frontier.  When
    you win, be a gracious winner and leave Bonetail on his back begging for mercy.
    With that badge combo, who couldn't be Bonetail?  The pipe to the surface is
    behind his prone body.
    =================================Shine Sprites*=================================
    There are a grand total of 42 Shine Sprites in the game, hidden throughout the
    world.  For every three Shine Sprites you have you can upgrade a partner.
    Upgrading the rank of a partner is extremely useful and highly recommended.  It
    makes their HP and attack higher as well as giving them a new move.  So, since
    there are seven partners and three Shine Sprites for each, that's 21.  The other
    21 is for the second upgrade.  Before you can get a second upgrade you must give
    Merlon the Up Arrow.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.  Merlon owns the Shine
    Shop, left of Frankly's house, in Rogueport.  He's the guy you have upgrade your
    partners.  If you used my guide throughout, you have exactly 39 of the Shine
    Sprites.  I went back and found the three I'd missed.  Now here is my list,
    organized by site and when you can get them.
                                   |    Up Arrow    |
    Up Arrow: This is how to get the Up Arrow, letting you upgrade partners twice.
    This is an excerpt from my guide.  If you recall, you got Paper Mode from a
    black treasure chest in Hooktail's Castle.  Merlon referred to a chest there
    that cursed you.  Go to Petalburg, this time the long way.  That is, go right
    until you can no further and use the airplane panel to fly to a door.  Go
    through and use the paper boat panel to sail to a Shine Sprite.  Lucky # 7.  Now
    sail back to the boat panel and go through the pipe to be in Petal Meadows.  Hit
    the tree to the left of the pipe for a Star Piece.  Now go down the pipe to the
    right and enter Hooktail's Castle.  Man is this getting old.  Use Yoshi to get
    across the bridge and head left.  In this room, where you fought Red Bones, is
    treasure.  Slip through the bars and Spin Jump the floor for a Star Piece.  Head
    left again and once more.  In here go through the door on ground level.  Head
    right and slip through the rightmost bars.  Head right through the door to be in
    the cursed black chest room.  Go through the right door.  Throw Bobbery at the
    crack and go through the hole.  Hit the blue block to uncover a chest.  Within
    is the Up Arrow.
    1) Left of Frankly's house is a seemingly brick wall.  Walk into it and then
    left or right and continue down the alley to see Darkly.  Use Paper Mode to slip
    through the crates and get a Shine Sprite.
    2) You need Yoshi for this Shine Sprite.  Go to the East Side and see the bridge.
    Stand below it and hover across the gap to the other side.  Hop up the crates
    and jump around the roofs.  On one is a Shine Sprite.
    3) Go to the West Side of town.  Enter the rightmost house and walk up the
    stairs.  Roll through the opening in the wall in Tube Mode and you'll land
    outside by a Shine Sprite.
    4) When on the rooftops as described in # 2, find one house with a chimney.
    Roll into it in Tube Mode to enter Bobbery's house.  The Shine Sprite is right
    there in plain site.
    5) On the West Side throw Bobbery at the crack in the wall left of the item shop.
    The Shine Sprite is within.
                                    Rogueport Sewers
    6) In the Thousand-Year Door room is a Shine Sprite.  Once you have Paper Mode
    use the spring and airplane panel to reach it.
    7) Once you've gotten the Super Hammer in Glitzville go to the room left of the
    room that contains the pipe leading to the room that leads to the Thousand-Year
    Door room.  In simpler terms, from entering the sewers from the East Side take
    the first pipe down and go through the door to the left.  Break the block and
    get the Shine Sprite.
    8) Once you have Yoshi, go to the West Side and use Paper Mode to fall through
    the grate.  From where you land hover to the left.  The Shine Sprite is right
    before the door to the pipe to Twilight Town.
    9) In the room where you fought the Giant Blooper use Boat Mode to reach a Shine
    10) Fall through the grate in the West Side and take the lower pipe down.  In
    this room is a bit of wallpaper that looks like it's peeling off.  Use Flurrie
    to blow it off and you'll see a pipe leading to the Pit of 100 Trials.  Don't
    take it.  Walk left of the pipe for an opening and continue to find a boat panel.
    Sail right until you can no more.  There are three Shine Sprites in here.  The
    middle one can be reached with Spring Jump.
    11) Next to # 10.
    12) Next to # 10.
    13) Dazzle sells badges for Star Pieces in the little underground city part of
    Rogueport, left of the East Side entrance.  Spring Jump onto the pillar near him
    and get the Shine Sprite.  To do this, head left and take the lift up.  Stand
    next to the pipe and Spring Jump there.  Cross over and fall onto the building.
    Fall to the next and jump onto the pillar.
                                   Hooktail's Castle
    14) In plain site in the room right after the Red Bones hallway.
    15) In the room with Ms. Mowz, in plain site.
    16) In the room before the bridge and stairway (which are outside) that lead to
    Hooktail, the site.  Go one room back (so you're now inside) and go up the
    stairs all the way.  There's your Shine Sprite.
                                      Boggly Woods
    17) On the way to Flurrie's house you must use an airplane panel, right?  From
    that panel use Koops to retrieve the Shine Sprite.
                                       Great Tree
    18) In the room with all the Punies and the bubbles, where you must use Flurrie
    to blow them across, fall down and you'll see it.
    19) In one room (the upper-level of that room) is a black statue sort of thing.
    Use Flurrie to blow it away to reveal an airplane panel.  Fly to the Shine
    20) In the room you fill with water, jump across the lily pads to get a Shine
    21) In the room before the one where you get the Super Boots, use Spin Jump to
    break the wooden panel and hop to the Shine Sprite.
    22) Before entering the Glitz Pit you'll see a Shine Sprite too high to hit with
    the jump.  Hit below it with the hammer and an invisible block forms.  Use it as
    a stepping stone to reach the Shine Sprite.
    23) Inside the second story of the storage room is your Shine Sprite.
                                     Twilight Trail
    24) Before you reach Creepy Steeple there's a tree (by a Dayzee) that covers a
    Shine Sprite.
                                     Creepy Steeple
    25) In the very first room in the well.  Jump in to get it.
    26) In the first room use Tube Mode to roll through an opening above the door.
    Inside are quite a few goodies, among which is a Shine Sprite.
    27) From the bottom of the well, in the second room, push against the barrier-
    thing and use Vivian to get to the other side as it slides past you.
    In this room is the Shine Sprite.
                                      Keelhaul Key
    28) In the screen right before where you first see Bobbery (on the bridge), use
    Yoshi to reach a block hovering in the air and jump for the Shine Sprite.  The
    block is directly left of the exit of the screen.
    29) In the screen with the bridge (right of where you got # 28), the Shine
    Sprite is behind the palm tree at the other side.
                                    Pirate's Grotto
    30) In one of the earlier rooms you must use a partially-sunken ship as a
    stepping stone to cross a gap.  Stand on the bow and jump for a Shine Sprite
    hidden by some rock.
    31) In the room with the Save Block (the room had a locked door and a rock
    stairway up to a door to the left) is a Shine Sprite you can't get.  Use Koops
    to hit it.
    32) In the room where you got the Grotto Key.  Ride the chain crate up and get
    the Shine Sprite.  While you're there, search the barrel for a Star Piece.
    33) Right by the second set of spikes that come out of the wall (by second I
    mean the spikes you have to get in Tube Mode to get past) you can have Koops get
    it for you.
    34) In the room after the second set of spikes use the hammer to make an
    invisible block form under the Shine Sprite and then jump to it.
                                     Excess Express
    35) Right in Mario's cabin (# 005) behind the table.
    36) You get this when you give Bub the engineer's autograph.
                                   Riverside Station
    37) Along the stairs that are outside (where you first meet the Poison Pokey) is
    a Shine Sprite.
    38) In the room with the Goombas and the numbered blue switches that form a
    staircase, use Koops to get a Shine Sprite out of reach up near the stairs.
                                    Poshley Heights
    39) Use a Spring Jump to get this Shine Sprite, right of Poshley Sanctum.
    40) Inside the painting in Poshley Sanctum use Spring Jump to climb along the
    bars and reach a Shine Sprite.
                                      Fahr Outpost
    41) On the path leading to the outpost is a Shine Sprite hidden behind a tree.
    It's one of the front trees.
    42) Right of the house you find General White in.
    That's where you can find all the Shine Sprites and the Up Arrow.  Now let's a
    give a big round of applause to Merlon.  I wonder what he does with those Shine
    ==================================Star Pieces*==================================
    Here I'll list all the Star Pieces by location.  There are 100 in total and you
    can see how many you have by reading the sign in the room with the pipe that
    starts the Pit of 100 Trials.  If you use my guide, you can get over half of the
    Star Pieces, but you don't really need that much.  There are 100, but only half
    are really needed, and they serve only one purpose.  Besides looking nice, Star
    Pieces are traded to Dazzle for badges.  To find Dazzle, take the first pipe
    down to Rogueport Sewers (from the East Side) and go left.  There's your man.
    He's pretty weird, and he has a Star Piece collecting.  Go figure.  Before I
    list how to get them, I'll list the badges Dazzle has.
                                 |    Badge Prices    |
                                     Attack FX P: 1
                                      Chill Out: 2
                                    Pretty Lucky: 3
                                    Happy Flower: 4
                                     Happy Heart: 4
                                    Happy Heart P: 4
                                      Item Hog: 5
                                    Flower Finder: 6
                                    Heart Finder: 6
                                      Peekaboo: 7
                                    Quick Change: 8
                                    Flower Saver: 10
                                   Flower Saver P: 10
                                     Power Plus: 15
                                    Power Plus P: 15
    Some badges I'd recommend getting, while others have easier alternatives.
    Generally, the first badges up to the price of 8 are good.  Quick Change is an
    excellent badge, as is Chill Out.  Together, though, they only cost 10.  Dazzle
    sells some badges that you can't get anywhere else.  I'd take the easy Star
    Pieces first and leave the hard ones for if you want the more expensive badges.
    1) Behind the crates in the plaza.
    2) Go through the alley and behind the Inn.  You'll find the hideout of a bandit.
    Enter the house and you'll find it.
    3) On top of Zess T.'s house.
    4) On top of the crates behind Frankly's pad, near where Darkly is found.
    5) Behind the barrel next to Ishnail's house.
    6) Behind the chimney on Bobbery's house.
    7) Along the wall of the West Side.
    8) Behind the warp pipe in the West Side.
    9) Behind the trash can at the very left side of the West Side.
    10) In the harbor, use the Boat Panel to the right and sail left.  In the hidden
    area you'll find the Star Piece and the badge HP Drain.
    11) Behind the warp pipe that leads to the background you walk in to access the
    Cheep Cheep Blimp.
    12) In front of the gallows in the town square, Spin Jump.
    13) In the alley, behind Zess T.'s house by the Goomba, Spin Jump.
    14) When climbing up the crates on the East Side to get on the rooftops of the
    buildings, Spin Jump on the first building (it has a lock on it until you do the
    trouble at the Trouble Center).
    15) Spin Jump in front of Merlon's house.
    16) Spin Jump in front of the Pianta Parlor.
    17) Spin Jump by the stairs in Rogueport Harbor.
    18) At the very end of the train platform, Spin Jump.
                                    Rogueport Sewers
    19) Behind the pedestal in Merluvlee's house.  She's the fortuneteller by Dazzle.
    20) Behind the broken pillar next to Dazzle.
    21) From the West Side entrance to the Pit of 100 Trials, there's a Star Piece
    behind the stairs.  If you don't know where I'm talking about, it's the first
    pipe down on the lower level of the West Side entrance.
    22) Behind the yellow block in the room right of the Thousand-Year Door.  This
    room has an airplane panel and a huge block that you can crush to reveal a
    23) In the room that leads to Petal Meadows (not the shortcut, the regular way)
    Spring Jump to the bar near the beginning.  Take the bar all the way to a pipe.
    Take it into the background and enter the house.  Here's the Star Piece.
    24) When you first enter the West Side, use Yoshi to cross the gap as if going
    to Twilight Town.  Take the pipe down and head right in the background to see
    the Star Piece.
    25) Behind the central platform in the first room from the West Side.
    26) Near the building with the teleport system to X-Naut Fortress, behinds some
    27) In the underground town area, take the lifting block up and enter the house.
    Here is Wonky, at Herb T.'s bar, who allegedly knows everything.  Spin Jump in
    front of the know-it-all.
    28) In the south part of the Thousand-Year Door room use the Spin Jump.
    29) Spin Jump in front of the moving platform in the first room from the East
    Side entrance.
    30) Spin Jump by the pipe to Boggly Woods.
    31) Spin Jump in front of the black chest that cursed you.
                                     Petal Meadows
    32) Left of the Save Block, hammer the tree.
    33) In the screen with the blue switch in the background where you made the
    bridge, keep going right for the Star Piece.
    34) Spin Jump by the pink flowers in the east screen.
    35) Spin Jump near Bub-ulber, the flower creature, in the west screen.
                                    Shhwonk Fortress
    36) Shake the first bush in the first screen when coming from Petalburg.
                                    Hooktail Castle
    37) Spin Jump left of the room with the Castle Key behind the bars.  That's the
    room where you fought Red Bones, the second room.
    38) When you reach the point where you jump out the window, keep going right.
    39) In the room where you must walk on the rail on the ceiling, keep walking
    right to see the Star Piece (on the rail).
    40) In the room where you must jump through the window, fall down the gap in the
    floor.  You'll fall to a lower level, on a ridge, that has a Star Piece on it.
    41) In the room below the one with the window, which has a purple block you must
    hit and two metal crates, take the purple block up and go through the right door.
    In here, a balcony, the only thing you can do is take the Star Piece.
                                      Boggly Woods
    42) Right next to the blue switch that raises the warp pipe.
    43) Behind the gate by Flurrie's house-pipe.
    44) In the third tree from the left from Flurrie's house.
    45) In Flurrie's room, Spin Jump by the love seat.
                                     The Great Tree
    46) Spin Jump the ground in the blue cell that held the Punies.
    47) In the first room take the pipe up.  Spin Jump the right end of this room.
    48) In Pungent's Shop, the store in the Great Tree, shake the bush right of it.
    49) In the room where Lord Crump tries to trap you with the cage, behind the
    50) In the big room where Crump stole the Crystal Star from you, take the pipe
    up.  Shake the bush by the pipe.
    51) In the room left of where Crump traps you, behind the pipe, is a Star Piece.
    52) Jump on Koops and send him to receive the Star Piece on the Juice Bar roof.
    53) Behind the shrubs by the arena.
    54) Behind the phone booth (which sometimes features Luigi).
    55) Behind the counter in the Juice Bar.
    56) Behind the plant in Grubba/Jolene's office.
    57) In the drawer in Grubba/Jolene's office.
    58) Spin Jump below where the blimp lands.
    59) Spin Jump right of the left staircase in the lobby of the Glitz Pit.
    60) Spin Jump in the center of the Storage Room, the first floor.
    61) In the second story of the Storage Room, where you find Bandy Andy and King
    K, you'll locate the Star Piece behind the yellow block.
                                     Twilight Town
    62) In the first screen, between the two first houses.
    63) In one of the bushes you shake in the first screen when you're finding the
    64) Behind the barrels in the fenced-in area of the second screen.
                                     Twilight Trail
    65) Right behind the fallen tree that you must roll under in Tube Mode.
    66) Behind the warp pipe right of the fallen tree.
                                     Creepy Steeple
    67) Behind the wall/fence outside the steeple.
    68) In the room with the moving stairs (they move as you hit the switches,
    remember) Spin Jump right of the stairs.
    69) In the first room, roll through the opening with Tube Mode to find a variety
    of items, among which is the Star Piece.
    70) When you fall into the background (from the well) of the room where you
    freed the Boos, you'll find this Star Piece.
    71) Spin Jump by the door in the room with the parrot.
                                      Keelhaul Key
    72) In the first screen (with the shore), by the rock formation, Spin Jump.
    73) In Flavio's camp on the left side of the beach.
    74) Also in Flavio's camp, behind the rocks.
    75) In the screen right after Flavio's camp, shake the first bush.
    76) In the screen after the one where you got # 75, it's behind the giant root
    to the right.
    77) In the screen where you rescue Bobbery, behind a rock formation.
                                    Pirate's Grotto
    78) In the third room, which has a ship in it (and a Shine Sprite), on a small
    island in the room.
    79) In the room after the door that was locked (which is small and has some
    Parabuzzies in it), Spin Jump the floor.
    80) In the room where you get the Grotto Key, inside one of the barrels at the
    81) In the room before where you got the Grotto Key, Spin Jump the ground near
    the right door.
                                     Excess Express
    82) Spin Jump in cabin 004.
    83) When you return the Galley Pot to Chef Shimi, you get a Star Piece.
    84) When you return the Shell Earrings to the waitress, you get a Star Piece.
    85) Spin Jump in front of the engine in the engine room.
    86) Look in the nightstand in cabin 008.
                                   Riverside Station
    87) Behind the object the Storage Key is on, which is a room filled with gears
    and mechanics.
                                    Poshley Heights
    88) Spin Jump the stairs that lead to the Excess Express.
    89) Walk through the hedge to the right (by the pink house with the picket
    fencing) to find it.
    90) Behind the lawn chair in front of the blue house.
    91) Behind the hedges in the house left of the hotel.
                                      Fahr Outpost
    92) Spin Jump by the warp pipe.
    93) Right of the screen of the warp pipe in a shrub.
    94) Walk along the broken wall in the screen before you reach the actual outpost
    95) Spin Jump left of the cannon.
    96) Behind the wall in the west screen of the outpost.
    97) Behind the boxes in the far-right house.
                                        The Moon
    98) Use Bobbery to blow up one of the cracked rocks in the screen that contains
    the X-Naut Fortress.
                                    X-Naut Fortress
    99) In the air duct, very left.
    100) In the crane room pick up the Star Piece along with the Feeling Fine (P)
    That's where you can find every single Star Piece - all 100 of them.  Finally
    you can complete Dazzle's collection!  I wonder what he does with them when he's
    done.  Just stares at them, I guess.  Freak...
    My favorite part of this game is undoubtedly the badges.  I was a bit
    disappointed, though.  I thought the badges in Paper Mario were better (they
    didn't have multiples, if I remember correctly), but who am I to judge.
    Here's my list of badges, how to get them, and what they do.  By the way,
    there are multiple ways to get almost every badge.  I will list only one.
    Usually, though, you can buy more at the badge shop in Rogueport or from
    Dazzle or from the salesman in Rogueport Plaza.  Although they are overpriced,
    you can get some badges from the Pianta Parlor.  To increase the number of items
    and badges you can buy from the Pianta Parlor, you'll need the Special, Silver,
    Gold, and Platinum Cards.  Read my section entitled Trouble Center for
    information on how to get those items and others.
    Note: Note that the badge shop has more badges on sale through the chapters.
    You can also sells badge duplicates there for pretty good money.  If you want
    more of one type of badge, try to buy from Dazzle, the Star Piece trader one
    screen left of the first screen in Rogueport Sewers.  Most of his badges can be
    easily obtained through other means, but he sometimes, very rarely, has a good
    Power Jump: Buy this from the badge shop in Rogueport.  It lets you use the
    attack Power Jump.
    Multibounce: You can use the jump attack Multibounce.  For this badge, hit a
    badge block in Shhwonk Fortress.
    Shrink Stomp: Shrinks enemies when you use this attack.  You can find this in an
    item block in the Great Tree.
    Sleepy Stomp: The prize for completing the first 10 floors of the Pit of 100
    Trials.  This gives you an attack that may lull enemies to sleep.
    Soft Stomp: Allows you to use the Soft Stomp attack, which reduces enemies'
    defense.  It's in a chest in the city part of Rogueport Sewers.
    Tornado Jump: Hit an item block in the well of Creepy Steeple for this.  It
    allows you to use Tornado Jump.
    Power Bounce: In an item block in Hooktail's Castle.  This badge lets you use
    the attack Power Bounce.
    Power Smash: This is an infinitely useful badge!  It lets you use Power Smash, a
    hammer attack.  Professor Frankly gives it to you during the Prologue.
    Piercing Blow: Buy this in the badge shop in Rogueport.  This lets you use the
    hammer attack Piercing Blow.
    Hammer Throw: This is in an item block in Twilight Trail.  It lets you use
    Hammer Throw, an attack that can hit an enemy anywhere on the screen.
    Head Rattle: This is in an item block in Keelhaul Key.  It lets you use the
    attack Head Rattle.
    Ice Smash: This attack may freeze enemies.  To get it enter the first room of
    Creepy Steeple and use Tube Mode to roll into a secret room through an opening.
    It's among a few other prizes.
    Quake Hammer: This badge lets you use that attack, Quake Hammer.  This can be
    found in an item block along the path to Flurrie's house in Boggly Woods.
    Fire Drive: This badge is the prize for clearing the first twenty levels of the
    Pit of 100 Trials.
    Charge: This adds Charge to your tactic menu, which lets you store up power for
    the attack next turn (costing 1 FP).  Get it in the Great Tree.
    Charge P: This adds Charge to your partner's Tactic menu.  Get it in the Storage
    Room in Glitz Pit.  Read the section Craw-Daddy for more detail.
    Double Dip: This lets Mario use two items in one move.  Get it by clearing the
    first 60 levels of the Pit of 100 Trials.
    Double Dip P: This lets your partner use two items in one move.  Get it by
    clearing the first 70 levels of the Pit of 100 Trials.
    HP Plus: At the start of Hooktail's Castle (the first bridge leading into it)
    hop down under the bridge until you can't make a jump.  Use Koops to retrieve
    the badge.  It adds 5 HP to Mario's max HP.
    HP Plus P: This badge is in the second floor of the Storage Room in the Glitz
    Pit.  It adds five HP to the max HP of your partner.
    FP Plus: Be outside of the Great Tree.  Walk near the waterfall on the right
    side to see this badge.  It raises your max FP by five when worn.
    Power Plus: Raises Mario's jump and hammer strength by 1.  Get it in the room of
    Creepy Steeple where you get The Letter "p".
    Power Plus P: Raises your partner's jump and hammer strength by 1.  Get it in a
    chest on top of the juice bar in Glitzville.
    All or Nothing: This is in an item block in the Palace of Shadow.  If you use
    Action Command, it raises that attack by 1, but if you fail the Action Command,
    it does no damage at all.
    Jumpman: Buy this from the salesman in Rogueport Plaza.  If he doesn't have it
    in stock at the moment exit Rogueport and reenter.  He'll have new stock.  This
    increases jump power, but you can no longer use the hammer.
    Hammerman: Buy this from the salesman in Rogueport Plaza.  It raises hammer
    power by 1, but you lose the ability to jump.
    P-Up, D-Down: This raises Mario's attack by 1, but it lowers his defense by 1,
    too.  This is in the Tube Mode maze in Riverside Station.
    P-Up, D-Down P: This raises your partner's attack by 1, but it lowers his/her
    defense by 1, too.  Get this in the Palace of Shadow in the room before the four
    consecutive candle-light rooms that repeat themselves.
    P-Down, D-Up: Drops the damage Mario deals and receives by 1.  Get this behind
    the black cursing chest in Pirate's Grotto.
    P-Down, D-Up P: I know that this the badge, and I know that it drops the damage
    your ally gives and takes by 1.  This is in Boggly Woods on the path to
    Flurrie's house.  When on the airplane panel continuously jump around until you
    hit a hidden item block containing this badge.  This is also in Fahr Outpost.
    From the pipe, jump next to the second tree left of the pipe.
    Damage Dodge: When you use the Guard Action Command, you get one less damage
    than you normally would.  When Punio makes the path to Boggly Woods, head left
    instead of right to reach the badge (in Rogueport Sewers).
    Damage Dodge P: This is in an item block in the Great Tree (in the room between
    the two Jabbi fighting arenas).  Use Koops to make an invisible block appear
    below it.  This makes it so that your partner takes one less damage than normal
    when they use the Guard Action Command.
    Defend Plus: This is in a chest in the storage room of the item shop in Twilight
    Town.  That's the room with the black cursed chest that gives you Tube Mode.  It
    raises Mario's defense by 1.
    Defend Plus P: In Pirate's Grotto, in the room before you get the Grotto Key,
    use the boat panel to sail through a water door to the right.  Sail up the path
    through the waterfall to the chest.  Inside is the badge.  This badge raises
    your partner's defense by 1.
    Double Pain: This doubles the damage Mario takes.  I have no clue why anyone
    would want to use this unless they were challenging themselves.  You can get
    this from the salesman in Rogueport Plaza, but even if not it doesn't make a
    difference.  Who would want it?
    Power Rush: Increases Mario's attack power by 2 when he's in Danger (has only 5
    HP left or less).  Get this in the badge shop in Rogueport.
    Power Rush P: This increases your partner's attack power by 2 when he/she's in
    Danger.  Buy this in the badge shop of Rogueport.
    Last Stand: Purchase this at the badge shop.  This drops the damage Mario
    receives by half when he's in Danger.
    Last Stand P: Get this in Hooktail's Castle, in the very large stairway room
    that leads to the bridge.  This cuts the damage your partner takes in half when
    in Danger.
    Mega Rush: Increases Mario's attack power by 5 when he's in Peril (1 HP left).
    Get this from the Rogueport Lovely Howz of Badges (badge shop).
    Mega Rush P: In Petalburg, slip through the gate by Mayor Kroop's house for this
    badge with Paper Mode.  It increases the attack power of your partner by five
    when in peril (1 HP left).
    Close Call: Hit an item block in Petal Meadows for this one.  It causes enemies
    to sometimes miss Mario when he's in Danger.
    Close Call P: In the first room of the inside of Riverside Station, Spring Jump
    under the shelf to knock this badge down to Earth.  It causes enemies to miss
    sometimes when your partner is in Danger.
    Pretty Lucky: I got this badge from beating a Spinia in Rogueport Sewers, the
    West Side, first room.  When Mario's attacked, sometime enemies will miss.  I
    think you can just get this from enemies in general.  Dazzle will also give this
    to you.
    Pretty Lucky P: Buy this badge at the badge shop in Rogueport for 150 coins.
    This causes enemies to sometimes miss in battle (your partner).
    Lucky Day: Attain this by clearing the first ninety floors in the Pit of 100
    Floors.  This causes enemies to miss much more often.
    Lucky Start: Get this by beating the Atomic Boo, a boss in Creepy Steeple.  To
    fight it, go there and let some Boos pile up on you.  Use Super Hammer to knock
    them off and they'll form.  When you win, you get this badge and they'll stop
    haunting you in the Creepy Steeple and just start attacking like regular enemies.
    Happy Heart: In Petal Meadows take a pipe up to a high pipe.  There's a block
    with this badge on it in the distance.  Use Koops to snag it.  This slowly and
    automatically restores HP during battle.
    Happy Heart P: You know the room with the airplane panel that is directly before
    the Thousand-Year Door room?  Go there with Flurrie and blow away the wallpaper
    in here to find this badge.  It slowly and automatically restores your partner's
    Happy Flower: This badge is bought from Dazzle or the badge shop.  It slowly and
    automatically restores FP during battle.
    Flower Saver: In the first room of the Creepy Steeple walk up to the Crystal
    Star statue and push it in.  Fall down the pit and use Flurrie to blow away the
    wall.  Walk through the tunnel and right to this badge.  It drops the FP used
    when Mario attacks by 1.
    Flower Saver P: In the first room of the West Side in Rogueport Sewers find an X
    on the ground.  Use Spring Jump there to reach a pipe.  Work your way to the
    left and drop down to this badge.  It reduced the FP used when your partner
    attacks by 1.
    Pity Flower: Get this by clearing the 40 levels in the Pit of 100 Trials.  This
    sometimes restores 1 FP when you receive damage.
    HP Drain: Reduces Mario's attack power by 1, but he regains 1 HP every time he
    attacks.  To procure this badge go to the harbor in Rogueport and use the paper
    boat panel by Lumpy, the green rat.  Sail left to another panel and you'll be in
    someone's home (I theorize Ms. Mowz's home because of the rabbit ears on the
    television).  Behind the table is a chest with this badge inside.
    HP Drain P: Drops your ally's attack power by 1, but they regain 1 HP each turn.
    Get this in Poshley Heights.  Go to the first blue house and behind the flower
    pot is a thin crack.  Go through in Paper Mode and open the chest.
    FP Drain: Buy this from the badge shop in Rogueport.  This badge drops Mario's
    attack by 1 and adds 1 FP per attack.  Hint, hint.  Use this badge with Power
    Plus.  This applies for Power Plus (P) and HP Drain (P) as well.
    Heart Finder: More hearts appear after beating a foe in battle.  I know for a
    fact that Dazzle sells this.
    Flower Finder: I know for a fact that Dazzle sells this.  It makes more flowers
    (which restore FP) appear after battle.
    Item Hog: Dazzle will gladly sell this to you.  It makes it more likely that
    items appear after a battle.  Heart and Flower Finder, as well as Item Hog,
    would help you in the Pit of 100 Trials.
    Ice Power: I love this type of badge.  It lets you jump on fire enemies without
    taking damage.  Get it in Keelhaul Key.  It's in the bridge screen.  Slip
    through the opening in the bridge to get it.
    Spike Shield: Mario takes no damage from spiky foes.  This is a bit more useful
    than Ice Power.  Get this in the following manner.  Go to Rogueport Sewers, East
    Side entrance.  Go through the first warp pipe.  Slip through the bars and fall
    down.  Notice the bars here.  One of them has a door on the other side.  Use
    Paper Mode to go through.  Now use Vivian to cross over the spikes and reach the
    chest, which contains this wonderful badge.
    Zap Tap: Get this by clearing the first 30 levels of the Pit of 100 Trials.  It
    makes Mario constantly electrified in battle, so most enemies take one damage
    when they attack him directly.  An exception is the Koopa.
    Return Postage: Half of the damage you receive is dealt to your direct-attacker.
    This is very good and really hard to get, as you must clear all 100 levels of
    the Pit of 100 Trials.
    Feeling Fine: Get this in X-Naut Fortress with a crane.  Read that section for
    more detail.  This makes Mario immune to dizziness and poison.
    Feeling Fine P: Your partner is immune to poison and dizziness.  Get this with
    the same crane in the X-Naut Fortress you used for Feeling Fine.
    Refund: Get this at the Pianta Parlor for 34 Piantas.  When you use items in
    battle, you sometimes get coin refunds.
    Money Money: Note that before doing this you need the Platinum Card, gotten in
    the Trouble Center (read that section).  For 234 Piantas, exchanged for 702
    coins, you can purchase this.  Although it is absurdly expensive, it pays for
    itself over and over again.  This makes more, and they mean more, coins appear
    after battle.  Have fun, little patrician.
    Super Appeal: When you use Appeal on the Tactic menu, you get more Star Power
    than you normally would.  Buy this from the badge shop in Rogueport.
    Super Appeal P: When your partner uses Appeal on the Tactic menu, they get more
    Star Power than normal.  Buy this from the badge shop in Rogueport.
    Peekaboo: Trade Dazzle this for some Star Pieces.  It makes enemies' HP visible
    constantly, whether you use Tattle or not.
    Quick Change: Dazzle will sell this to you, and you should get it.  This is a
    great badge because it allows you to switch out your partners and still have an
    attack (like Swap Partner doesn't count as a move).
    Timing Tutor: Charlieton, the salesman in Rogueport, sells this.  It displays an
    exclamation mark when you're performing a move, which indicates when you should
    press A to do a Stylish move.  Stylish moves restore Star Power.
    Simplifier: Buy this from the badge shop.  This makes Action Commands easier to
    use, but you earn less Star Power.  This is great in conjunction with All or
    Unsimplifier: Buy this at the badge shop.  It makes Action Commands harder to do,
    but you earn more Star Power.
    Chill Out: Buy this from Dazzle.  It is one of the best things he sells, and it
    only costs 2 Star Pieces.  When wearing it you never succumb to a First Strike.
    First Attack: When you do a First Strike on a weak enemy, it lets you finish
    them without doing a battle.  Buy this from the badge shop.
    Bump Attack: By wearing this you can simply walk into a weak enemy to defeat
    them with no battle.  Get this by clearing the first eighty levels of the Pit of
    100 Trials.
    Attack FX R: This changes the sound of Mario's attacks to a cricket chirp.
    Unless you like crickets, this serves no practical purpose other than really
    helping against Hooktail.  It makes him attack less and weaker.  Get it in the
    room before the cursing black chest by slipping through the bars in Hooktail's
    Attack FX Y: This sort of sounds like metal hitting metal.  I can't really tell
    what sound it is.  It changes Mario's attack sound.  Dazzle sells this dirt
    cheap, one Star Piece.
    Attack FX B: This makes another weird noise for Mario's attack.  I don't know
    what it's supposed to be.  Go to the room in Hooktail's Castle where you fought
    Hooktail.  Have Flurrie blow away at the center and uncover a chest.  Inside is
    this badge.
    Attack FX G: I don't know how I got this, but I would guess Dazzle, the badge
    shop, or the salesman in the plaza.  Try them.  This changes Mario's attack
    sound to that of a woman laughing.
    Attack FX P: Buy this from the badge shop.  It makes the noise of what sounds
    like a man getting hit, but I wouldn't guess.
    L Emblem: Lets Mario wear Luigi's clothes.  When this is equipped with W Emblem
    at the same time, you wear Waluigi's clothes.  Get this in Poshley Sanctum using
    Spring Jump and the bars.
    W Emblem: Changes Mario's clothes to those of Wario.  When this is equip with L
    Emblem simultaneously Mario wears Waluigi's clothes.  Buy this from the
    Rogueport Plaza salesman for 360 coins.
    Slow Go: This makes Mario unable to run in the field.  I don't know why anyone
    would ever want this badge unless they were challenging themselves.  I'm fairly
    certain you buy this from the salesman in Rogueport plaza.
    And there you have it!  Oh, the badges!  It's just so beautiful...
    ================================Trouble Center*=================================
    The Trouble Center is located in the East Side of town.  It's where people list
    their problems and let some kind soul help them.  This is completely unnecessary
    to complete the game, but offers a few quick coins and some prizes.  One of the
    seven partners even joins your party this way.  Let the troubles commence!
    Every time you beat a chapter more troubles became available for solving.
    1) Need a Key! - Garf
    This trouble is easy.  Haven't you always wondered what was inside the locked
    house on the East Side, though?  To find his house key (he lost it) go to the
    badge shop.  If you're having short term memory loss, go to the Inn and up the
    stairs.  Go through the door.  Now you're there.  Head left to find the House
    Key.  Give it to Garf, the creature that looks like Gus, who's standing in front
    of the house.  He gives you 20 coins as a reward.
    2) Safe delivery. - McGoomba
    A Goomba bandit hiding in Rogueport needs something delivered.  Go to Rogueport
    Plaza and through the north exit.  Head right.  Talk to him and you'll need to
    take the package to Goomfrey.  He's the Goomba in front of the Shine Shop.  Give
    the Box to him so he can dispose of it.  Now talk to McGoomba again for 20 coins.
    While there Spin Jump the ground for a Star Piece.
    3) Price adjustment. - Arfur
    Arfur needs to know the price of Fire Flowers, Sleepy Sheep, and Tasty Tonics in
    Rogueport for opening his new shop.  Go right in front of the Trouble Center and
    talk to the Doogan.  Fire Flowers cost 10 coins, Sleepy Sheep cost 8 coins, and
    Tasty Tonics cost three coins.  He gives you 20 coins.
    4) Find this guy! - Goomther
    You must bring a credit card fraud-person to justice.  Goomther is a Goomba in
    Rogueport Plaza.  A bandit named Larson swindled him.  To find Larson go to the
    Shine Shop.  See the wall?  Walk into it and left or right.  It's really three
    unconnected wall.  Talk to him and he'll run away.  Go to the harbor and talk to
    him again.  This time follow him behind the Inn.  Goomther shows up and gives
    you 20 coins.  Now he takes his anger out on Larson.  Problem solved!
    5) Hit me, please! - Mousimilian
    The rat in front of the item shop is suffering from amnesia and wants you to
    whack him a few times.  After a long series of thrashing he remembers that he
    wanted to buy a Sleepy Sheep here and sell it for a two coin profit in Petalbrug.
    That's your reward, the tip, which is useless unless you've got a lot of time on
    your hands.
    6) I'm hungry! - Bomberto
    Go buy a Mushroom and give it to the sailor Bob-omb in the harbor near the Save
    Block.  Ant food will do, like Dried Shrooms from the West Side shop.  You get
    11 coins for taking on his trouble.
    7) Try to find me! - Koopook
    You must find a Koopa hiding in Hooktail Castle.  Every time you get out they
    drag you back in.  Go to Hooktail Castle.  You want a room with Dull Bones on
    the ground, a large green block on the floor, and two doors exiting the room on
    the upper level.  Use Koops to hit the green switch while you're on the block
    and ride it up.  At the top walk left and walk off the top.  There's Koopook.
    Curses!  Even when I said I wouldn't cover it, I did tell you how to get the
    Life Shroom in this castle.  BLAST!  If you have Koops as your partner they'll
    recognize each other.  For winning hide n' seek you get the Special Card.  It
    lets you play Plane Mode games in Pianta Parlor.
    8) Listen to me! - Mayor Kroop
    Mayor Kroop has no one to talk to.  Go to him and listen to his long, boring,
    unfocused story about impatient kids and the missus.  You get a Turtley Leaf for
    that one.
    9) Order me an item! - Plenn. T.
    Beforehand go to Petalburg and buy five Courage Shells.  This equates to 25
    coins.  Go to the item shop in Rogueport, the Toad Bros. Bazaar, and talk to the
    owner.  He needs Courage Shells to sell.  Give him five for an Ultra Shroom,
    saving you lots of coins for the cost of one.
    10) Emergency Shroom! - Puni Elder
    The Puni Elder wants some life insurance, a Life Shroom.  You probably have one
    left over from trouble # 7.  If not, you can buy them in item shops.  When
    you've acquired one go to the Great Tree and give him one.  He's in the first
    room.  As a reward you get jack.  Just kidding.  You get 60 coins.
    11) Play with me! - Lahla
    The Pianta Parlor's having its grand opening.  Go to the Pianta Parlor on the
    West Side and talk to her.  For doing only that you get ten Piantas, game tokens
    you cash in.
    12) Help my daddy! - Pine T. Jr.
    Pine T. Jr.'s dad is in the Pit of 100 Trials (in a world of hurt).  He's on the
    eighteenth floor.  You should be able to get there very easily.  I have a
    section of this walkthrough devoted to it.  When you reach that floor defeat the
    Pokey and talk to him.  Take the pipe down and defeat the Dark Puff you find.
    Now you're on level 20.  Take the exit pipe out.  Talk to Pine T. Jr. for a
    Silver Card.  You can now play Paper Mode in the Pianta Parlor.
    13) Help wanted! - Jolene
    Go to Glitzville.  Talk to Jolene to find out that she needs you to play garbage
    man and clear out some trash.  Go to the storage room and take all the Battle
    Trunks.  There are twenty.  Tell Jolene and go to Rogueport.  Give them all to
    Goomfrey, the Goomba in front of Frankly's place.  Return to Jolene for 30 coins.
    14) Heartful Cake recipe. - Merlee
    Merlee, a fortune-teller, needs help remembering a recipe.  She first learned it
    from Toce T., in Petalburg.  To find Merlee go to Rogueport Sewers.  Go to the
    second warp pipe to the right and use Paper Mode to slip through the bars and
    reach a pipe.  Take it down and hop to the house of Merlee.  She sends you to
    Petalburg.  Go there and talk to the Toad in the rightmost house.  You need Ruin
    Powder and Cake Mix.  Cake Mix costs six Piantas at the Pianta Parlor.  Now go
    back to Merlee.  She gives you thirty coins for your trouble, a slight profit.
    15) The food I want. - Bub-ulber
    Bub-ulbers are creatures from the first Paper Mario game (or at least that
    species).  First, go to Glitzville and buy two Hot Dogs from the stand there.
    Then go to Petalburg.  Bub-ulber has been craving these.  Give him, maybe her,
    the Hoggle Hot Dogs.  (S)He is across the river in the first screen of Petalburg,
    the flower thing.  After devouring them it wants Mousse Cake.  Go to Zess T.
    with Cake Mix from Pianta Parlor and make it.  For helping him/her/it, you get a
    Dried Bouquet.  Sweets are the spice of life.
    16) Elusive badge! - ???
    As you start for the Trouble Center, you may get this e-mail from Koopook, the
    Koopa Hide n' Seek champion.  Here, you must find a badge for someone.  Go to
    Zess T.'s rooftop to meet the person.  It's Ms. Mowz!  Talk to her and she wants
    a badge.  Go to Hooktail's Castle, the room you fight Hooktail in, and blow away
    the center.  In the chest is a badge, Attack FX B.  Take it to her and not only
    do you keep the badge, but Ms. Mowz joins your party!  She's the only optional
    partner.  Her X lets you sniff out treasure.
    17) Newsletter. - Mayor Dour
    Go to Twilight Town and talk to the mayor.  You got the Routing Slip!  Take it
    to the Puni Elder at the Great Tree.  You get another one to give to Kroop, the
    mayor of Petalburg.  Give it to him and talk to the Twilight Town mayor.  He
    gives you 30 coins.
    18) Seeking legendary book! - Zess T.
    You need to find a legendary cookbook.  It's easy to find.  You probably already
    have it.  Go to Creepy Steeple.  In the first room use Tube Mode to roll through
    an opening.  In the chests here you can find a Cookbook.  Take it to Zess T.
    She sure is mean.  She gives you a Honey Shroom.  She can now make two-
    ingredient recipes.
    19) Tell that person. - Eve
    Go to Twilight Town.  You want to talk to Eve, a woman who lives in the first
    house of the right screen.  You step outside and she wants you to relay a
    message to her former love, Podley.  He's the bartender in Rogueport.  Tell Eve
    to live in the moment and you'll get a Meteor Meal.
    20) Looking for a gal! - Goom Goom
    As you head to the Trouble Center Pine T. Jr. sends you some e-mail.  In
    Pirate's Grotto lives a Goomba, Goom Goom, who needs a girlfriend.  The
    storeroom is where you got the Grotto Key.  Talk to the Goomba with Goombella as
    your partner.  Goom Goom leaves, but you get to keep Couple's Cake.
    21) Important thing! - Frankie
    Ooh!  The mafia boss!  Find him in the West Side by the fountain.  He lost his
    wedding ring, this time 'round.  Go the East Side, Robbo turf.  Use Yoshi to
    hover below the bridge to get it.  Go back to Frankie and give it to him.  You
    get the Gold Card, letting you play Tube Mode at the Pianta Parlor.
    22) Get these ingredients! - Chef Shimi
    Chef Shimi of the Excess Express needs three items for a recipe.  There are a
    Golden Leaf, a Mystic Egg, and a Keel Mango.  As you leave the Trouble Center
    you get an e-mail from Jolene.  First, get the Golden Leaf.  Go to Creepy
    Steeple and take the upper door.  Head to the second Swoop enemy and notice a
    crack in the gate.  Use Paper Mode to slip through and head right.  Pound the
    tree for the Golden Leaf.  Go to the Great Tree and talk to Petuni.  She has a
    pink antenna.  Play a game with her - Stump Petuni.  Simply ask a question like
    "Mario likes which person the most?"  She seems to be totally ignorant of Luigi
    and the X-Naut Army, though.  For playing with her you get a Mystic Egg.  Now go
    to Keelhaul Key.  From the blue shortcut pipe hit the palm tree directly to the
    left for a Keel Mango.  Now go to Poshley Heights or Rogueport Station and board
    the Excess Express.  Chef Shimi is the Cheep Cheep cook.  When you give him all
    of those ingredients you get 40 coins.
    23) I must have that book. - Toodless
    Go to Poshley Heights and talk to the rich lady, the one who always calls you a
    marvelous man.  Talk to her and then go to Glitzville.  Talk to Jolene for
    Wrestling Mag.  Now take it all the way back to Toodless.  She gives you the
    Platinum Card, letting you Boat Mode at the Pianta Parlor.
    24) Security Code. - Businessman
    I hate all these things having to deal with Glitzville!  Go there and talk to
    the blue mouse.  You must look in all these places for the number of chairs
    there are, for it's the code.  Luckily, I did it for you.  The code is 2625.  As
    a reward you get Hot Sauce.
    25) Delivery, please! - Goldbob
    This one can be conquered with the convenience of shortcuts.  Go to Poshley
    Heights and talk to Goldbob.  He's the Gold Bob-omb.  You got the Package!  Go
    to Fahr Outpost and talk to the Bob-omb in his house.  Never mind, no shortcuts.
    Talk to the bartender in Rogueport, the juice bar owner in Glitzville, and then
    Goldbob.  Return to Fahr Outpost and deliver the Package to General White in his
    house after waking him up.  Now see Goldbob.  You get 64 well-earned coins.
    26) I can't speak! - Gob
    Gob's lost his voice.  Honey Candy can restore it.  Take Cake Mix from Pianta
    Parlor and Honey Syrup from the item shop in the West Side and have Zess T. use
    them to make Honey Candy.  This must be after you did trouble # 18.  Take the
    Honey Candy to Gob, a Bob-omb who stands by the snowman near the item shop in
    Fahr Outpost.  You're rewarded with twenty coins, a net loss of three coins.
    27) I wanna meet Luigi! - Toadia
    In Poshley Heights is a Toad who stands near the fountain (by Poshley Sanctum)
    who wants to meet Luigi.  Have the L Emblem, gotten in Poshley Sanctum, and wear
    it when talking to her.  Easy as that.  She gives you Choco Cake.
    28) Roust these cads! - Doe T.
    Talk to the Toad in the second part of Boggly Woods.  He's Doe T.  He asks you
    to defeat the enemies in the area so he can advance.  Do so for a measly 20
    29) Help me make up. - Bub
    Meet Bub, the kid Bob-omb, in Poshley Heights.  He needs a present for his mom.
    The quickest thing to get utilizing the shortcut pipes is a Keel Mango in
    Keelhaul Key.  Simply take the other shortcut pipe, go left, hit the tree, and
    return to Poshley Heights.  Give the item to Bub and take the letter to his
    mother, in the first section of Poshley Heights by the Excess Express.  Go back
    to Bub and talk to him for three coins.  Wasn't that worth it?
    30) Erase that graffiti! - Swob
    On the fiftieth room in the Pit of 100 Trials is some graffiti.  To erase it,
    blow it up with Admiral Bobbery.  Go to Fahr Outpost and talk to Swob, the Bob-
    omb near the cannon statue.  Fortunately, this one yields a mildly good
    item.  It's a Snow Bunny.
    As you do these, you get e-mail to add to your archives.  After doing all these,
    you sure do feel like a saint, huh?  As you'll find, some are worth doing and
    other.  are not.  But if you had the patience to do all this, you're a model
    ==================================Tattle Log*===================================
    Goombella has a most useful ability, indeed.  But seriously, Goombella was your
    first partner for a reason.  She has Tattle, an ability to record enemies' HP,
    attack, and defense power.  Without her you'd be blindly attacking monsters
    hoping they were going to kick the bucket soon, or be wasting BP on Peekaboo.
    And so, to help you out again, I'm going to record all of the enemies in the
    game, just as Goombella records them in her tattle log.  If an enemy has a / in
    their attack, HP, or defense, that means that their stats have changed since the
    first fight.
    1) Goomba
    Location: Various
    HP: 2, Attack: 1, Defense: 0
    2) Paragoomba
    Location: Various
    HP: 2, Attack: 1, Defense: 0
    3) Spiky Goomba
    Location: Various
    HP: 2, Attack: 2, Defense: 0
    4) Hyper Goomba
    Location: Twilight Trail
    HP: 8, Attack: 2, Defense: 0
    5) H. Paragoomba
    Location: Twilight Trail
    HP: 8, Attack: 2, Defense: 0
    6) H. S. Goomba
    Location: Twilight Trail
    HP: 8, Attack: 3, Defense: 0
    7) Gloomba
    Location: Pit of 100 Trials
    HP: 7, Attack: 3, Defense: 0
    8) Paragloomba
    Location: Pit of 100 Trials
    HP: 7, Attack: 3, Defense: 0
    9) Spiky Gloomba
    Location: Pit of 100 Trials
    HP: 7, Attack: 4, Defense: 0
    10) Koopa Troopa
    Location: Petal Meadows
    HP: 4, Attack: 2, Defense: 1
    11) Paratroopa
    Location: Hooktail Castle
    HP: 4, Attack: 2, Defense: 1
    12) KP Koopa
    Location: Glitzville
    HP: 4, Attack: 2, Defense: 1
    13) KP Paratroopa
    Location: Glitzville
    HP: 4, Attack: 2, Defense: 1
    14) Shady Koopa
    Location: Glitzville
    HP: 8, Attack: 3, Defense: 1
    15) S. Paratroopa
    Location: Glitzville
    HP: 8, Attack: 3, Defense: 1
    16) Dark Koopa
    Location: Pit of 100 Trials
    HP: 8, Attack: 4, Defense: 2
    17) D. Paratroopa
    Location: Pit of 100 Trials
    HP: 8, Attack: 4, Defense: 2
    18) Koopatrol
    Location: Rogueport Sewers
    HP: 6, Attack: 4, Defense: 2
    19) D. Koopatrol
    Location: Glitzville
    HP: 25, Attack: 5, Defense: 2
    20) Dull Bones
    Location: Hooktail Castle
    HP: 1, Attack: 2, Defense: 1
    21) Red Bones
    Location: Hooktail Castle
    HP: 5, Attack: 3, Defense: 1
    22) Dry Bones
    Location: Palace of Shadow
    HP: 8, Attack: 5, Defense: 2
    23) Dark Bones
    Location: Palace of Shadow
    HP: 20, Attack: 5, Defense: 2
    24) Hammer Bro
    Location: Glitzville
    HP: 7, Attack: 4, Defense: 1
    25) Boomerang Bro
    Location: Glitzville
    HP: 7, Attack: 2, Defense: 1
    26) Fire Bro
    Location: Glitzville
    HP: 7, Attack: 3, Defense: 1
    27) Lakitu
    Location: Glitzville
    HP: 5, Attack: 2, Defense: 0
    28) Dark Lakitu
    Location: Pit of 100 Trials
    HP: 13, Attack: 5, Defense: 0
    29) Spiny
    Location: Glitzville
    HP: 3, Attack: 3, Defense: 3
    30) S. Blue Spiny
    Location: Pit of 100 Trials
    HP: 6, Attack: 6, Defense: 4
    31) Buzzy Beetle
    Location: Creepy Steeple
    HP: 5, Attack: 3, Defense: 4
    32) Spike Top
    Location: Creepy Steeple
    HP: 5, Attack: 3, Defense: 4
    33) Parabuzzy
    Location: Pirate's Grotto
    HP: 5, Attack: 3, Defense: 4
    34) S. Parabuzzy
    Location: Riverside Station
    HP: 5, Attack: 3, Defense: 4
    35) R. S. Buzzy
    Location: Glitzville
    HP: 5, Attack: 3, Defense: 5
    36) Magikoopa
    Location: Rogueport Sewers
    HP: 7, Attack: 4, Defense: 0
    37) R. Magikoopa
    Location: Glitzville
    HP: 7, Attack: 4, Defense: 0
    38) W. Magikoopa
    Location: Glitzville
    HP: 7, Attack: 4, Defense: 0
    39) G. Magikoopa
    Location: Glitzville
    HP: 7, Attack: 4, Defense: 0
    40) Kammy Koopa
    Location: Various
    HP: 50, Attack: 5, Defense: 0
    41) Bowser
    Location: Various
    HP: 30/70, Attack: 3/7, Defense: 1/2
    42) Gus
    Location: Rogueport
    HP: 20, Attack: 3, Defense: 0
    43) Dark Craw
    Location: Glitzville
    HP: 20, Attack: 6, Defense: 0
    44) Bandit
    Location: Glitzville
    HP: 5, Attack: 2, Defense: 0
    45) Big Bandit
    Location: Glitzville
    HP: 8, Attack: 3, Defense: 0
    46) Badge Bandit
    Location: Pit of 100 Trials
    HP: 12, Attack: 5, Defense: 0
    47) Spinia
    Location: Rogueport Sewers
    HP: 3, Attack: 1, Defense: 0
    48) Spania
    Location: Rogueport Sewers
    HP: 3, Attack: 1, Defense: 0
    49) Spunia
    Location: Pit of 100 Trials
    HP: 12, Attack: 7, Defense: 2
    50) Fuzzy
    Location: Shhwonk Fortress
    HP: 3, Attack: 1, Defense: 0
    51) Gold Fuzzy
    Location: Shhwonk Fortress
    HP: 10, Attack: 1, Defense: 0
    52) Green Fuzzy
    Location: Keelhaul Key
    HP: 5, Attack: 3, Defense: 0
    53) Flower Fuzzy
    Location: Keelhaul Key
    HP: 6, Attack: 3, Defense: 0
    54) Pokey
    Location: Glitzville
    HP: 4, Attack: 3, Defense: 0
    55) Poison Pokey
    Location: Riverside Station
    HP: 8, Attack: 4, Defense: 0
    56) Pale Piranha
    Location: Boggly Woods
    HP: 4, Attack: 2, Defense: 0
    57) Putrid Piranha
    Location: Keelhaul Key
    HP: 8, Attack: 3, Defense: 0
    58) Frost Piranha
    Location: Fahr Outpost
    HP: 10, Attack: 5, Defense: 0
    59) Piranha Plant
    Location: Pit of 100 Trials
    HP: 15, Attack: 9, Defense: 0
    60) Crazee Dayzee
    Location: Twilight Trail
    HP: 7, Attack: 2, Defense: 0
    61) Amazy Dayzee
    Location: Twilight Trail
    HP: 20, Attack: 20, Defense: 1
    62) Pider
    Location: The Great Tree
    HP: 5, Attack: 2, Defense: 0
    63) Arantula
    Location: Pit of 100 Trials
    HP: 16, Attack: 7, Defense: 0
    64) Swooper
    Location: Creepy Steeple
    HP: 6, Attack: 3, Defense: 0
    65) Swoopula
    Location: Palace of Shadow
    HP: 9, Attack: 4, Defense: 0
    66) Swampire
    Location: Pit of 100 Trials
    HP: 20, Attack: 6, Defense: 0
    67) Dark Puff
    Location: Boggly Woods
    HP: 3, Attack: 2, Defense: 0
    68) Ruff Puff
    Location: Riverside Station
    HP: 7, Attack: 4, Defense: 0
    69) Ice Puff
    Location: Fahr Outpost
    HP: 9, Attack: 4, Defense: 0
    70) Poison Puff
    Location: Pit of 100 Trials
    HP: 15, Attack: 8, Defense: 0
    71) Boo
    Location: Creepy Steeple
    HP: 7, Attack: 3, Defense: 0
    72) Atomic Boo
    Location: Creepy Steeple
    HP: 40, Attack: 4, Defense: 0
    73) Dark Boo
    Location: Poshley Sanctum
    HP: 8, Attack: 5, Defense: 0
    74) Ember
    Location: Keelhaul Key
    HP: 8, Attack: 3, Defense: 0
    75) Lava Bubble
    Location: Pirate's Grotto
    HP: 6, Attack: 4, Defense: 0
    76) Phantom Ember
    Location: Palace of Shadow
    HP: 10, Attack: 5, Defense: 0
    77) Bald Cleft
    Location: Petal Meadows
    HP: 2, Attack: 1, Defense: 2
    78) H. Bald Cleft
    Location: Glitzville
    HP: 3, Attack: 2, Defense: 2
    79) Cleft
    Location: Boggly Woods
    HP: 2, Attack: 2, Defense: 2
    80) Iron Cleft (Red)
    Location: Glitzville
    HP: 6, Attack: 4, Defense: Unknown
    81) Iron Cleft (Green)
    Location: Glitzville
    HP: 6, Attack: 4, Defense: Unknown
    82) Hyper Cleft
    Location: Twilight Trail
    HP: 4, Attack: 3, Defense: 3
    83) Moon Cleft
    Location: The Moon
    HP: 6, Attack: 5, Defense: 5
    84) Bristle
    Location: Petal Meadows
    HP: 2, Attack: 1, Defense: 4
    85) Dark Bristle
    Location: Pit of 100 Trials
    HP: 8, Attack: 8, Defense: 4
    86) Bob-omb
    Location: Glitzville
    HP: 4, Attack: 2, Defense: 1
    87) Bulky Bob-omb
    Location: Pirate's Grotto
    HP: 6, Attack: 2, Defense: 1
    88) Bob-ulk
    Location: Pit of 100 Trials
    HP: 10, Attack: 4, Defense: 2
    89) Chain-Chomp
    Location: Palace of Shadow
    HP: 7, Attack: 6, Defense: 5
    90) Red Chomp
    Location: Glitzville
    HP: 6, Attack: 5, Defense: 3
    91) Bill Blaster
    Location: Pirate's Grotto
    HP: 5, Attack: -, Defense: 2
    92) Bullet Bill
    Location: Pirate's Grotto
    HP: 2, Attack: 4, Defense: 1
    93) B. Bill Blaster
    Location: Palace of Shadow
    HP: 10, Attack: -, Defense: 4
    94) Bombshell Bill
    Location: Palace of Shadow
    HP: 3, Attack: 6, Defense: 2
    95) Dark Wizzerd
    Location: Palace of Shadow
    HP: 10, Attack: 5, Defense: 2
    96) Wizzerd
    Location: Pit of 100 Trials
    HP: 10, Attack: 6, Defense: 3
    97) Elite Wizzerd
    Location: Pit of 100 Trials
    HP: 12, Attack: 8, Defense: 5
    98) Blooper
    Location: Rogueport Sewers
    HP: 12, Attack: 1, Defense: 0
    99) Hooktail
    Location: Hooktail Castle
    HP: 20, Attack: 5, Defense: 1
    100) Gloomtail
    Location: Palace of Shadow
    HP: 80, Attack: 8, Defense: 2
    101) Bonetail
    Location: Pit of 100 Trials
    HP: 200, Attack: 8, Defense: 2
    102) Rawk Hawk
    Location: Glitzville
    HP: 40, Attack: 3, Defense: 1
    103) Macho Grubba
    Location: Glitzville
    HP: 60, Attack: 4, Defense: 0
    104) Doopliss
    Location: Various
    HP: 40, Attack: 6, Defense: 0
    105) Cortez
    Location: Pirate's Grotto
    HP: 20, Attack: 4, Defense: 1
    106) Smorg
    Location: Excess Express
    HP: 50, Attack: 5, Defense: 1
    107) X-Naut
    Location: Various
    HP: 4, Attack: 3, Defense: 0
    108) X-Naut PhD
    Location: X-Naut Fortress
    HP: 9, Attack: 4, Defense: 0
    109) Elite X-Naut
    Location: X-Naut Fortress
    HP: 10, Attack: 5, Defense: 1
    110) Yux
    Location: The Great Tree
    HP: 3, Attack: 2, Defense: 0
    111) Mini-Yux
    Location: The Great Tree
    HP: 1, Attack: 0, Defense: 0
    112) Z-Yux
    Location: The Moon
    HP: 7, Attack: 4, Defense: 0
    113) Mini-Z-Yux
    Location: The Moon
    HP: 2, Attack: 0, Defense: 0
    114) X-Yux
    Location: X-Naut Fortress
    HP: 10, Attack: 3, Defense: 1
    115) Mini-X-Yux
    Location: X-Naut Fortress
    HP: 1, Attack: 0, Defense: 0
    116) Grodus X
    Location: Palace of Shadow
    HP: 3, Attack: 4, Defense: 0
    117) Magnus
    Location: The Great Tree
    HP: 30, Attack: 2, Defense: 1
    118) Magnus 2.0
    Location: X-Naut Fortress
    HP: 70, Attack: 6, Defense: 2
    119) Lord Crump
    Location: Various
    HP: 4/30, Attack: 1/3, Defense: 0/0
    120) Grodus
    Location: Palace of Shadow
    HP: 50, Attack: 7, Defense: 1
    121) Beldam
    Location: Various
    HP: 9/30, Attack: 1/5, Defense: 0/0
    122) Marilyn
    Location: Various
    HP: 12/40, Attack: 2/7, Defense: 0/0
    123) Vivian
    Location: Boggly Woods
    HP: 10, Attack: 1, Defense: 0
    124) Shadow Queen
    Location: Palace of Shadow
    HP: 150, Attack: 7, Defense: 1
    And that is every last enemy you'll ever face, ever.  I wrote down exactly what
    the Tattle Log says, so when I say "unknown defense" or "-" for attack, that's
    what the game says.  For the case of # 80 and # 81, they are basically the same
    enemy and in the Tattle Log they have the same name.  I wrote, in parenthesis,
    red and green next to their names to distinguish them.  Bill Blasters and B.
    Bill Blasters have "-" attack because they cannot attack, they fire Bullet Bills
    or Bombshell Bills to attack for them.  Also, just because the location says one
    place doesn't mean that they're limited to that place.  You can find some
    enemies all over.  Last but not least, some enemies are only fought once.  If
    you miss your opportunity to tattle on them, go to Professor Frankly's house and
    look in the yellow trash can.  You'll find what you're looking for.
    =============================Zess T. Cooking Guide*=============================
    First, you should know that Zess T. is the yellow Toad who wears contacts and
    was blocking the West Side of Rogueport.  Enter her house and she'll insult you
    repeatedly.  As you might guess from her name (zesty), she is a cook.  She makes
    food for you, and I thought I'd record how to make everything right here.  At
    first she can only cook with one item, but later she reaches two.  To get her to
    that point, she needs the Cookbook.  Go to the first room of Creepy Steeple and
    roll to the upper wall in Tube Mode to find a hole.  Inside is a lot of treasure,
    among which is the Cookbook.  Answer her trouble request, # 18, and she can cook
    with two items.  Now here's what she can make.  Note that certain items don't
    always come out right.  Save before you venture into her house.  If the name of
    the recipe has a * by it's name, it doesn't always come out right.  You'll end
    up with a Dizzy Dial or a Peachy Peach if it fails.
    Choco Cake
    Cake Mix + Coconut
    Mousse + Inky Sauce
    Coco Candy
    Cake Mix + Coconut
    Coconut Bomb
    Coconut + Fire Flower
    Couple's Cake
    Snow Bunny + Spicy Soup
    Courage Meal
    Courage Shell + Zess Deluxe
    Courage Shell + Zess Dinner
    Courage Shell + Zess Special
    Courage Shell
    Dried Bouquet + Courage Meal
    Point Swap + Mr. Softener
    Dried Shroom
    Life Shroom + Mr. Softener
    Mushroom + Mr. Softener
    Super Shroom + Mr. Softener
    Ultra Shroom + Mr. Softener
    Earth Quake
    Point Swap + Thunder Bolt
    Egg Bomb*
    Dried Bouquet + Courage Meal
    Mystic Egg + Fire Flower
    Electro Pop
    Cake Mix + Volt Shroom
    Fire Flower*
    Point Swap + Ice Storm
    Fire Pop
    Cake Mix + Fire Flower
    Cake Mix + Hot Sauce
    Fresh Juice*
    Gradual Syrup
    Honey Syrup
    Jammin' Jelly
    Keel Mango
    Maple Syrup
    Peachy Peach
    Gradual Syrup + Turtley Leaf
    Honey Syrup + Gradual Syrup
    Honey Syrup + Jammin' Jelly
    Honey Syrup + Maple Syrup
    Honey Syrup + Turtley Leaf
    Jammin' Jelly + Gradual Syrup
    Jammin' Jelly + Turtley Leaf
    Keel Mango + Coconut
    Maple Syrup + Gradual Syrup
    Maple Syrup + Turtley Leaf
    Peachy Peach + Coconut
    Turtley Leaf + Coconut
    Fried Egg*
    Mystic Egg
    Fried Shroom*
    Dried Shroom
    Poison Shroom
    Super Shroom
    Volt Shroom
    Dried Shroom + Fire Flower
    Dried Shroom + Volt Shroom
    Mushroom + Dried Shroom
    Fruit Parfait
    Gradual Syrup + Keel Mango
    Honey Syrup + Keel Mango
    Honey Syrup + Peachy Peach
    Jammin' Jelly + Keel Mango
    Jammin' Jelly + Peachy Peach
    Keel Mango + Peachy Peach
    Maple Syrup + Keel Mango
    Maple Syrup + Peachy Peach
    Gold Bar
    Point Swap + Gold Bar x 3
    Healthy Salad
    Golden Leaf + Turtley Leaf
    Turtley Leaf + Horsetail
    Heartful Cake
    Cake Mix + Ruin Powder
    Peachy Peach + Ruin Powder
    Honey Candy
    Honey Syrup + Cake Mix
    Honey Shroom*
    Honey Syrup + Volt Shroom
    Mushroom + Honey Syrup
    Honey Super
    Life Shroom + Honey Syrup
    Super Shroom + Honey Syrup
    Honey Syrup
    Point Swap + Gradual Syrup
    Point Swap + Mushroom
    Honey Ultra
    Ultra Shroom + Honey Syrup
    Ice Storm
    Point Swap + Fire Flower
    Icicle Pop
    Honey Syrup + Ice Storm
    Ink Pasta
    Fresh Pasta + Inky Sauce
    Inky Sauce + Koopasta
    Inky Sauce + Spaghetti
    Inky Sauce + Spicy Pasta
    Inky Sauce
    Hot Sauce + Fresh Juice
    Hot Sauce + Koopa Tea
    Hot Sauce + Shroom Broth
    Hot Sauce + Turtley Leaf
    Hot Sauce + Zess Tea
    Tasty Tonic + Hot Sauce
    Jammin' Jelly
    Point Swap + Ultra Shroom
    Jelly Candy
    Jammin' Jelly + Cake Mix
    Jelly Shroom
    Jammin' Jelly + Volt Shroom
    Mushroom + Jammin' Jelly
    Jelly Super
    Life Shroom + Jammin' Jelly
    Super Shroom + Jammin' Jelly
    Jelly Ultra
    Ultra Shroom + Jammin' Jelly
    Koopa Bun
    Keel Mango + Turtley Leaf
    Koopa Tea*
    Turtley Leaf
    Fresh Pasta + Turtley Leaf
    Turtley Leaf + Spaghetti
    Love Pudding
    Mystic Egg + Mango Delight
    Mango Delight
    Keel Mango + Cake Mix
    Life Shroom + Maple Syrup
    Super Shroom + Maple Syrup
    Maple Shroom
    Maple Syrup + Volt Shroom
    Mushroom + Maple Syrup
    Maple Super
    Super Shroom + Maple Syrup
    Maple Syrup
    Point Swap + Super Shroom
    Maple Ultra
    Ultra Shroom + Maple Syrup
    Meteor Meal
    Shooting Star + Shroom Fry
    Shooting Star + Shroom Roast
    Shooting Star + Shroom Steak
    Mini Mr. Mini
    Point Swap + Power Punch
    Incompatible Ingredients
    Mousse Cake
    Cake Mix
    Mr. Softener
    Point Swap + Courage Shell
    Dried Shroom + Hot Sauce
    Dried Shroom + Peachy Peach
    Dried Shroom + Power Punch
    Point Swap + Dried Shroom
    Point Swap + Gold Bar
    Point Swap + Honey Syrup
    Point Swap + Poison Mushroom
    Omelette Meal
    Life Shroom + Mystic Egg
    Mushroom + Mystic Egg
    Mystic Egg + Horsetail
    Super Shroom + Mystic Egg
    Ultra Shroom + Mystic Egg
    Peach Tart
    Cake Mix + Peachy Peach
    Poison Shroom
    Dried Bouquet + Trial Stew
    Slow Shroom + Inky Sauce
    Power Punch
    Point Swap + Mini Mr. Mini
    Random Item
    Point Swap + Mystery
    Repel Cape
    Point Swap + Boo's Sheet
    Ruin Powder
    Point Swap + Spite Pouch
    Shooting Star
    Point Swap + Thunder Rage
    Shroom Broth
    Golden Leaf + Poison Shroom
    Shroom Cake
    Life Shroom + Cake Mix
    Mushroom + Cake Mix
    Super Shroom + Cake Mix
    Shroom Crepe
    Ultra Shroom + Cake Mix
    Shroom Fry
    Mushroom + Golden Leaf
    Mushroom + Turtley Leaf
    Shroom Roast
    Life Shroom
    Slow Shroom
    Life Shroom + Volt Shroom
    Mushroom + Fire Flower
    Mushroom + Gradual Syrup
    Mushroom + Super Shroom
    Mushroom + Volt Shroom
    Super Shroom + Dried Shroom
    Super Shroom + Golden Leaf
    Super Shroom + Turtley Leaf
    Super Shroom + Volt Shroom
    Shroom Steak
    Ultra Shroom
    Life Shroom + Dried Shroom
    Life Shroom + Golden Leaf
    Life Shroom + Turtley Leaf
    Mushroom + Life Shroom
    Mushroom + Ultra Shroom
    Super Shroom + Life Shroom
    Super Shroom + Ultra Shroom
    Ultra Shroom + Dried Shroom
    Ultra Shroom + Golden Leaf
    Ultra Shroom + Life Shroom
    Ultra Shroom + Turtley Leaf
    Ultra Shroom + Volt Shroom
    Sleepy Sheep*
    Point Swap + Tasty Tonic
    Snow Bunny
    Golden Leaf + Ice Storm
    Space Food
    Dried Bouquet + Cake Mix
    Dried Bouquet + Choco Cake
    Dried Bouquet + Coco Candy
    Dried Bouquet + Coconut
    Dried Bouquet + Couple's Cake
    Dried Bouquet + Egg Bomb
    Dried Bouquet + Electro Pop
    Dried Bouquet + Fire Pop
    Dried Bouquet + Fresh Pasta
    Dried Bouquet + Fruit Parfait
    Dried Bouquet + Golden Leaf
    Dried Bouquet + Healthy Salad
    Dried Bouquet + Heartful Cake
    Dried Bouquet + Honey Candy
    Dried Bouquet + Honey Shroom
    Dried Bouquet + Honey Super
    Dried Bouquet + Honey Ultra
    Dried Bouquet + Horsetail
    Dried Bouquet + Hot Dog
    Dried Bouquet + Ink Pasta
    Dried Bouquet + Jelly Candy
    Dried Bouquet + Jelly Shroom
    Dried Bouquet + Jelly Super
    Dried Bouquet + Jelly Ultra
    Dried Bouquet + Keel Mango
    Dried Bouquet + Koopa Bun
    Dried Bouquet + Koopasta
    Dried Bouquet + Love Pudding
    Dried Bouquet + Mango Delight
    Dried Bouquet + Maple Shroom
    Dried Bouquet + Maple Super
    Dried Bouquet + Maple Ultra
    Dried Bouquet + Meteor Meal
    Dried Bouquet + Mistake
    Dried Bouquet + Mousse Cake
    Dried Bouquet + Mystic Egg
    Dried Bouquet + Omelette Meal
    Dried Bouquet + Peach Tart
    Dried Bouquet + Peachy Peach
    Dried Bouquet + Poison Shroom
    Dried Bouquet + Shroom Cake
    Dried Bouquet + Shroom Crepe
    Dried Bouquet + Shroom Fry
    Dried Bouquet + Shroom Roast
    Dried Bouquet + Shroom Steak
    Dried Bouquet + Spaghetti
    Dried Bouquet + Spicy Pasta
    Dried Bouquet + Turtley Leaf
    Dried Bouquet + Zess Cookie
    Dried Bouquet + Zess Deluxe
    Dried Bouquet + Zess Dinner
    Dried Bouquet + Zess Special
    Dried Shroom + Dried Bouquet
    Life Shroom + Dried Bouquet
    Mushroom + Dried Bouquet
    Super Shroom + Dried Bouquet
    Ultra Shroom + Dried Bouquet
    Fresh Pasta
    Spicy Pasta
    Fresh Pasta + Hot Sauce
    Hot Sauce + Koopasta
    Hot Sauce + Spaghetti
    Spicy Soup*
    Dried Bouquet
    Fire Flower
    Snow Bunny
    Dried Bouquet + Fire Flower
    Hot Sauce + Fire Flower
    Spite Pouch
    Point Swap + Ruin Powder
    Super Shroom
    Point Swap + Life Shroom
    Point Swap + Maple Syrup
    Point Swap + Volt Shroom
    Tasty Tonic*
    Hot Sauce
    Honey Syrup + Hot Sauce
    Hot Sauce + Peachy Peach
    Jammin' Jelly + Hot Sauce
    Maple Syrup + Hot Sauce
    Point Swap + Sleepy Sheep
    Thunder Bolt
    Point Swap + Earth Quake
    Thunder Rage*
    Dried Bouquet + Volt Shroom
    Point Swap + Shooting Star
    Trial Stew
    Couple's Cake + Poison Shroom
    Ultra Shroom
    Point Swap + Jammin' Jelly
    Volt Shroom*
    Life Shroom + Thunder Bolt
    Life Shroom + Thunder Rage
    Mushroom + Thunder Bolt
    Mushroom + Thunder Rage
    Super Shroom + Thunder Bolt
    Super Shroom + Thunder Rage
    Ultra Shroom + Thunder Bolt
    Ultra Shroom + Thunder Rage
    Zess Cookie*
    Gradual Syrup + Cake Mix
    Maple Syrup + Cake Mix
    Mystic Egg + Cake Mix
    Zess Deluxe
    Healthy Salad + Shroom Steak
    Ultra Shroom + Fresh Pasta
    Zess Dinner*
    Coconut + Spicy Pasta
    Fresh Pasta + Coconut
    Fresh Pasta + Healthy Salad
    Healthy Salad + Fried Shroom
    Healthy Salad + Koopasta
    Healthy Salad + Spaghetti
    Life Shroom + Fire Flower
    Life Shroom + Gradual Syrup
    Life Shroom + Horsetail
    Meteor Meal + Fruit Parfait
    Mushroom + Horsetail
    Mystic Egg + Fresh Pasta
    Super Shroom + Fire Flower
    Super Shroom + Gradual Syrup
    Super Shroom + Horsetail
    Super Shroom + Keel Mango
    Super Shroom + Peachy Peach
    Ultra Shroom + Keel Mango
    Zess Dynamite
    Egg Bomb + Coconut Bomb
    Zess Frappe
    Jammin' Jelly + Ice Storm
    Maple Syrup + Ice Storm
    Zess Special
    Dried Shroom + Fresh Pasta
    Healthy Salad + Ink Pasta
    Healthy Salad + Shroom Roast
    Healthy Salad + Spicy Pasta
    Life Shroom + Fresh Pasta
    Mushroom + Fresh Pasta
    Super Shroom + Fresh Pasta
    Ultra Shroom + Fire Flower
    Ultra Shroom + Gradual Syrup
    Ultra Shroom + Horsetail
    Ultra Shroom + Peachy Peach
    Zess Tea
    Golden Leaf
    Maple Syrup + Jammin' Jelly
    As you can see, there are multiple ways to create certain food items.  As you
    may have seen, some are obviously more expensive than others.  To be on the
    smart side, when Mushroom and Ultra Shroom are ingredients, use a Mushroom.
    Also, you'd think that Space Food was the best item ever, with its fifty-some
    ways to make it.  Go ahead and count.  Read my item section for specifics on how
    to get some items for cheap.
    On a side note, Zess T. and Toadsworth were reported as having gone out together
    in an e-mail you get (RDM).  In another e-mail Zess T. was reported as having
    pummeled someone once, and a Glitzville talent agent picked her up.  Zess, when
    will you learn?  Learn what?  Um, I don't know...
    ================================Shops and Items*================================
    There's a great range of items in this game, and shops, too.  Here, I'll list
    what is sold in every shop everywhere, and then list all the items in the game
    and how you might stumble upon them.  You ready for this?
    First, I'll list those who sell some badges, starting with all badges to a few
    to none.
                                    |    Dazzle    |
    Dazzle is one screen left of the first screen in Rogueport Sewers, when entering
    from the East Side.  The unit of currency used is the Star Piece.
    Attack FX P: 1
    Chill Out: 2
    Pretty Lucky: 3
    Happy Flower: 4
    Happy Heart: 4
    Happy Heart P: 4
    Item Hog: 5
    Flower Finder: 6
    Heart Finder: 6
    Peekaboo: 7
    Quick Change: 8
    Flower Saver: 10
    Flower Saver P: 10
    Power Plus: 15
    Power Plus P: 15
                               |    The Lovely Howz of Badges    |
    The (#) represents how much the badge costs when on sale, or when he has it
    displayed on the counter.  Reach this store by entering the Inn and taking the
    door (upper story) out left.
    Prologue and Beyond
    FP Drain: 100 (70)
    Happy Flower: 150 (105)
    Last Stand: 50 (35)
    Last Stand P: 50 (35)
    Piercing Blow: 75 (52)
    Power Jump: 50 (35)
    Simplifier: 50 (35)
    Super Appeal: 50 (35)
    Unsimplifier: 50 (35)
    Chapter 1 and Beyond
    Close Call: 100 (70)
    Close Call P: 100 (70
    Sleepy Stomp: 75 (52)
    Chapter 2 and Beyond
    First Attack: 100 (70)
    Power Rush: 50 (35)
    Pretty Lucky P: 150 (105)
    Chapter 3 and Beyond
    Ice Smash: 75 (52)
    Power Rush P: 50 (35)
    Shrink Stomp: 75 (52)
    Chapter 4 and Beyond
    Damage Dodge: 150 (105)
    Head Rattle: 100 (70)
    Soft Stomp: 75 (52)
    Chapter 5 and Beyond
    Damage Dodge P: 150 (105)
    Fire Drive: 100 (70)
    Super Appeal P: 50 (35)
    Chapter 6 and Beyond
    Attack FX P: 100 (70)
                                  |    Charlieton    |
    Charlieton, the merchant in Rogueport Plaza, restocks his inventory every time
    you leave Rogueport and return.  He'll never have all of these items at once.
    Also, you can find Charlieton in the Pit of 100 Trials, but his stock changes
    prices as you get deeper and it is more like a regular store than his specialty
    Attack FX C: 120
    Boo's Sheet: 24
    Double Pain: 36
    Dried Shroom: 2
    Earth Quake: 18
    Hammerman: 180
    Jammin' Jelly: 120
    Jumpman: 180
    Mega Rush: 60
    Repel Cape: 18
    Shooting Star: 36
    Slow Go: 12
    Stop Watch: 24
    Timing Tutor: 120
    Ultra Shroom: 120
    W Emblem: 360
    Here's what he sells in the Pit of 100 Trials.  The price rises as you continue
    to unreal heights, but this is the lowest his items will ever go.  Darn
    Fire Flower: 10
    Honey Syrup: 10
    Maple Syrup: 20
    Mushroom: 5
    Super Shroom: 20
    Thunder Rage: 20
                                |    Pianta Parlor    |
    Pianta Parlor is in the West Side.  The currency they use is the Pianta, one
    gambling token, equivalent to three coins.  Rather than gambling for Piantas,
    you can play it safe and use the exchange machine.  Once you get the Membership
    cards (read the Trouble Center section) you'll be able to buy more items and
    play different gambling games based on Mario's paper abilities.
    Cake Mix: 6
    Super Shroom: 10
    Maple Syrup: 14
    Power Jump: 34
    Power Rush: 34
    Power Rush P: 34
    Power Smash: 34
    Refund: 34
    Super Appeal: 34
    Hammer Throw: 50
    Multibounce: 50
    Jammin' Jelly: 67
    Quake Hammer: 67
    Tornado Jump: 67
    Ultra Shroom: 67
    FP Plus: 100
    HP Plus: 100
    HP Plus P: 200
    Money Money: 234
    Gold Bar x 3: 234
    Now, those are the "unconventional" stores.  They either don't use coins, or
    they sell badges.  Regular "shops" are defined in the following way.  1) They
    must use coins at currency.  2) They must give you points.  Those are all the
    conditions I've set.  In every store, every time you buy an item, you get points
    for it.  Every time you get up to a certain number of coins, you get an item
    from the shopkeeper.  The points carry over from the different shops, luckily.
    Here's what you get for earning those points.  Remember that every item earns
    you one and one point only, no matter how expensive it is.
                                |    Point Rewards    |
    Mushroom: 10 Points
    Ice Storm: 20 Points
    Super Shroom: 30 Points
    Thunder Rage: 50 Points
    Shooting Star: 70 Points
    Gold Bar: 100 Points
    Life Shroom: 150 Points
    Ultra Shroom: 200 Points
    Jammin' Jelly: 250 Points
    Gold Bar x 3: 300 Points
    Now, here are the names of the shops, their merchandise, and where you can find
    them.  Also note, that if you're in the market for points, every time you get an
    RDM issue via e-mail and you read it, for the next 15 minutes you receive double
    the points when you shop at the advertised store.  If you buy in mass quantities
    the cheapest item, it is the easiest way to rack up points.
                              |    Toad Bros. Bazaar    |
    This shop is located in Rogueport Plaza.  It also sells the Contact Lens (10
    coins) you're supposed to give to Zess T. and the Super Luigi books.
    Fire Flower: 10
    Fright Mask: 5
    Honey Syrup: 5
    Mushroom: 5
    Sleepy Sheep: 8
    Tasty Tonic: 3
                                |    Westside Goods    |
    This store, run by Don Pianta, is located in the West Side.  You'll have to buy
    two items here eventually since you need to in order to get the Blimp Tickets.
    Dizzy Dial: 12
    Dried Shroom: 2
    Life Shroom: 50
    Super Shroom: 20
    Thunder Bolt: 10
    Volt Shroom: 10
                               |    Underground Shop    |
    This shop is located right of the lifting block in Rogueport Sewers, the same
    screen you can find Dazzle in.  This store is great if you're into Gold Bars,
    especially considering that you can buy them at the Pianta Parlor for more than
    double the price.  Other than that, though, Charlieton even has better prices.
    Gold Bar: 110
    Gold Bar x 3: 350
    Gradual Syrup: 15
    Jammin' Jelly: 200
    Slow Shroom: 15
    Ultra Shroom: 200
                                |    Niff T.'s Shop    |
    This establishment resides in the lovely Petalburg.  To make a very slight
    profit of 2 coins, buy Sleepy Sheep in the Toad Bros. Bazaar and sell them here.
    This only works well if you store lots of them and go.  There are better items
    to do this kind of trick with.  Other than that, this is a pretty good store.  I
    don't know if you realize this, but if you keep buying enough Honey Syrup here,
    you can restore as much FP as you would with a Jammin' Jelly except at a much
    lower cost.
    Courage Shell: 5
    Fire Flower: 8
    Honey Syrup: 5
    Mr. Softener: 8
    Mushroom: 4
    POW Block: 5
                                |    Pungent's Shop    |
    Pungent is a Puni in the Great Tree.  His shop is good because he has a very
    cheap HP Drain, which is a great item for earlier bosses and enemies.  His items
    are just all-around cheap.
    Honey Syrup: 5
    HP Drain: 10
    Ice Storm: 15
    Mini Mr. Mini: 8
    Mushroom: 3
    Mystery: 3
                                |    Souvenir Shop    |
    The Souvenir Shop in Glitzville is pretty good.  You have yourself a good Power
    Punch and Earth Quake price.  They even have Point Swap for 5 coins, needed in
    lots of recipes.  Also in the area is the Hot Dog Stand, where you can buy a Hot
    Dog for 10 coins.  After you've solved his trouble, Businessman will sell you
    Hot Sauce for 10 coins, as well.
    Earth Quake: 15
    Point Swap: 5
    Power Punch: 15
    Repel Cape: 15
    Super Shroom: 15
    Thunder Bolt: 12
                                |    Twilight Shop    |
    This shop is very important to your progression in the game since it has the
    black chest in it.  As far as items go, this shop is involved with a few money-
    making options.
    Life Shroom: 40
    Maple Syrup: 20
    Spite Pouch: 10
    Stop Watch: 30
    Super Shroom: 15
    Thunder Rage: 20
                              |    Keelhaul Galleria    |
    Pretty convenient that this store just happened to be where Flavio set up camp,
    eh?  It's not spectacular, but it makes due when you're on the island.
    Fire Flower: 5
    Fright Mask: 2
    Honey Syrup: 3
    Ice Storm: 15
    Sleepy Sheep: 10
    Super Shroom: 12
                                 |    Sales Stall    |
    Located on the Excess Express, the Sales Stall is a pretty good shop.  It has
    some Boo's Sheets for cheap, at least.  During the Smorg attack, the shop is
    still open, although the merchant is shaking in his boots.  In Pohsley Heights,
    you can buy Fresh Pasta from the cart there for 50 coins.
    Boo's Sheet: 20
    Maple Syrup: 15
    Mystery: 3
    Super Shroom: 15
    Tasty Tonic: 3
    Thunder Rage: 15
                               |    Northwinds Mart    |
    The only shop in Fahr Outpost, this is the place to shop if you want Ice Storms.
    Of course, they must be overloaded with them.  If you buy Honey Syrup at Toad
    Bros. Bazaar and an Ice Storm here (combined 11 coin-cost) and have Zess T. mix
    them, you get an Icicle Pop.  Sell it at Keelhaul Key for 20 coins, a net gain
    of 9 coins.
    Ice Storm: 6
    Maple Syrup: 20
    Ruin Powder: 15
    Shooting Star: 30
    Stop Watch: 12
    Super Shroom: 15
    Here are shops where you can sell items you buy in other shops for making money.
    I find this a very boring way to make money, but unlike fighting, you're
    guaranteed to make a profit.  Also, selling items you can get for free, like the
    Golden Leaf, for instance, always make a profit.
                              |    Toad Bros. Bazaar    |
    Fresh Pasta: 53, 3 coin profit
    Hot Sauce: 11, 1 coin profit
                                |    Niff T.'s Shop    |
    Sleepy Sheep: 10, 2 coin profit
                                |    Pungent's Shop    |
    Life Shroom: 43 coins, 3 coin profit
    Power Punch: 17 coins, 2 coin profit
                                |    Twilight Shop    |
    Hot Sauce: 12 coins, 2 coin profit
                              |    Keelhaul Galleria    |
    Hot Dog: 13 coins, 3 coin profit
    Tasty Tonic: 5 coins, 2 coin profit
                                 |    Sales Stall    |
    Hot Sauce: 15 coins, 5 coin profit
                               |    Northwinds Mart    |
    Hot Sauce: 14 coins, 4 coin profit
    Now, for the list of items.  The effects of Attack and Defense Items is sort of
    self-explanatory, but for the other items I'll go into detail to explain the
    effects.  Generally, the more expensive the attack or defense item is, the
    better it is.  When I have the Effect Item category, that is any item that
    changes the status of a character on stage.  Now remember that all items whose
    locations say "Zess T." can be made by her.  Read that section for how to make
    it.  Also, I'd like to point out that the point of cooking items is to combine
    items' effects, making it one item (so you have room for more).  Under Important
    Items, if the effect is "Trouble Center," the item is needed to complete a
    trouble.  If the location is "Trouble Center," then you get the item as a
    Trouble Center reward.
    ----------------------------------Attack Items----------------------------------
    Coconut Bomb
    Effect: Hurts one opponent.
    Location: Zess T.
    Courage Meal
    Effect: Deals 4 damage to an enemy.
    Location: Zess T.
    Earth Quake
    Effect: Attacks all ground opponents.
    Location: Souvenir Shop
    Egg Bomb
    Effect: Damages one enemy on the screen.
    Location: Zess T.
    Fire Flower
    Effect: Burns enemies and does 3 damage.
    Location: Toad Bros. Bazaar
    HP Drain
    Effect: You take 5 HP from your enemy and add it to your own supply.
    Location: Pungent's Shop
    Ice Storm
    Effect: Freezes non-ice enemies and does 3 damage apiece.
    Location: Northwinds Mart
    POW Block
    Effect: Does 2 damage to all ground enemies.
    Location: Niff T.'s Shop
    Shooting Star
    Effect: Damages all enemies and confuses them.
    Location: Northwinds Mart
    Thunder Bolt
    Effect: Deals 5 damage to an enemy.
    Location: Westside Goods
    Thunder Rage
    Effect: Deals 5 damage to enemies and may stun them.
    Location: Twilight Shop
    Zess Dynamite
    Effect: Deals 7 damage to all enemies.
    Location: Zess T.
    ----------------------------------Defense Items---------------------------------
    Boo's Sheet
    Effect: Makes you invisible, impervious to attacks.
    Location: Sales Stall
    Courage Shell
    Effect: Boosts partner's defense by 2.
    Location: Niff T.'s Shop
    Love Pudding
    Effect: Makes you invisible, electrified, or sleepy.
    Location: Zess T.
    Peach Tart
    Effect: Either electrifies you, makes you dodgy, or sleepy.
    Location: Zess T.
    Repel Cape
    Effect: Makes your evasion higher
    Location: Souvenir Shop
    Volt Shroom
    Effect: Electrifies you.
    Location: West Side Goods
    ------------------------------Recovery Items------------------------------------
    Cake Mix
    Effect: If you ever get this, save it for recipes, not recovering.
    Location: Pianta Parlor
    Choco Cake
    Effect: Restores 5 HP and 15 FP.
    Location: Zess T.
    Coco Candy
    Effect: Replenishes 3 HP and 15 FP.
    Location: Zess T.
    Effect: Don't bother recovering with this; use it in recipes/
    Location: Keelhaul Key, hit the tree in the background of the bridge screen.
    Dried Bouquet
    Effect: Restores 1 HP.  Use it in recipes.
    Location: Help Bub-ulber in the Trouble Center.
    Dried Shroom
    Effect: Restores 1 HP.
    Location: Westside Goods, Charlieton
    Electro Pop
    Effect: Restores 15 FP.
    Location: Zess T.
    Fire Pop
    Effect: Restores 20 FP.
    Location: Zess T.
    Fresh Juice
    Effect: Replenishes 5 FP.
    Location: Zess T.
    Fresh Pasta
    Effect: Restores 10 HP and 5 FP.
    Location: Poshley Heights
    Fried Egg
    Effect: Refills 10 HP.
    Location: Zess T.
    Fruit Parfait
    Effect: Restores 10 HP and 2 FP.
    Location: Zess T.
    Golden Leaf
    Effect: Restores 10 FP.
    Location: In the Creepy Steeple, first room, go through the upper door and slip
    through the crack in the gate.  Head right and smash the tree for this.
    Healthy Salad
    Effect: Restores 15 FP and cures poison.
    Location: Zess T.
    Heartful Cake
    Effect: Restores 20 FP, but it softens you (you're defense is lowered).
    Location: Zess T.
    Honey Candy
    Effect: Restores 20 FP.
    Location: Zess T.
    Honey Shroom
    Effect: Refills 5 HP and 5 FP.
    Location: Zess T.
    Honey Super
    Effect: Restores 10 HP and 5 FP.
    Location: Zess T.
    Honey Syrup
    Effect: Replenishes 5 FP.
    Location: Toad Bros. Bazaar
    Honey Ultra
    Effect: Restores 50 HP and 5 FP.
    Location: Zess T.
    Effect: Restores 3 FP.
    Location: Petal Meadows
    Hot Dog
    Effect: Restores 5 HP and 5 FP.
    Location: Hot Dog Stand (Glitzville)
    Icicle Pop
    Effect: Replenishes 10 HP.
    Location: Zess T.
    Ink Pasta
    Effect: Replenishes 10 HP and 30 FP.
    Location: Zess T.
    Inky Sauce
    Effect: Refills 30 FP.
    Location: Zess T.
    Jammin' Jelly
    Effect: Restores 50 FP.
    Location: Underground Shop, Charlieton
    Jelly Candy
    Effect: Refills 64 FP, the magic number of Nintendo.
    Location: Zess T.
    Jelly Shroom
    Effect: Replenishes 5 HP and 50 FP.
    Location: Zess T.
    Jelly Super
    Effect: Restores 10 HP and 50 FP.
    Location: Zess T.
    Jelly Ultra
    Effect: Replenishes 50 HP and 50 FP.
    Location: Zess T.
    Keel Mango
    Effect: Restores 5 HP.
    Location: On Keelhaul Key, smash the tree left of the warp pipe from Rogueport
    Koopa Bun
    Effect: Restores 15 FP.
    Location: Zess T.
    Koopa Tea
    Effect: Restores 7 FP.
    Location: Zess T.
    Effect: Restores 7 HP and 7 FP.
    Location: Zess T.
    Life Shroom
    Effect: When you or your partner runs out of HP, you automatically regain 10.
    Location: Westside Goods
    Mango Delight
    Effect: Restores 10 HP and 3 FP.
    Location: Zess T.
    Maple Shroom
    Effect: Refills 5 HP and 10 FP.
    Location: Zess T.
    Maple Super
    Effect: Restores 10 HP and 10 FP.
    Location: Zess T.
    Maple Syrup
    Effect: Restores 10 FP.
    Location: Twilight Shop
    Maple Ultra
    Effect: Replenishes 50 HP and 10 FP.
    Location: Zess T.
    Meteor Meal
    Effect: Restores 7 HP and more the subsequent turns.
    Location: Zess T.
    Effect: Refills 1 HP and 1 FP.
    Location: Zess T.
    Mousse Cake
    Effect: Refills 15 FP.
    Location: Zess T.
    Effect: Restores 5 HP.
    Location: Toad Bros. Bazaar
    Mystic Egg
    Effect: Restores 5 HP.
    Location: In the Great Tree (once you've cleared it) talk to Petuni, the pink
    Puni, and take her test.  Ask a question like "Who does Mario like the best?"
    and she'll answer it correctly.  She gives you the Mystic Egg.
    Omelette Meal
    Effect: Restores 5 HP and 5 FP.
    Location: Zess T.
    Peachy Peach
    Effect: Refills 1 HP and 2 FP.
    Location: Zess T., Twilight Town
    Shroom Cake
    Effect: Restores 10 HP and 10 FP.
    Location: Zess T.
    Shroom Crepe
    Effect: Restores 30 HP and 20 FP.
    Location: Zess T.
    Shroom Fry
    Effect: Restores 6 HP and 2 FP.
    Location: Zess T.
    Shroom Roast
    Effect: Replenishes 15 HP and 5 FP.
    Location: Zess T. (who else?)
    Shroom Steak
    Effect: Restores 30 HP and 10 FP.
    Location: Zess T.
    Snow Bunny
    Effect: Refills 30 HP at the price of freezing you.
    Location: Zess T.
    Space Food
    Effect: Restores 5 HP.
    Location: Zess T.
    Effect: Restores 6 HP and 4 FP.
    Location: Zess T.
    Spicy Pasta
    Effect: Refills 10 HP and 10 FP.
    Location: Zess T.
    Spicy Soup
    Effect: Restores 4 HP and 7 FP.
    Location: Zess T.
    Super Shroom
    Effect: Restores 10 HP.
    Location: Westside Goods
    Tasty Tonic
    Effect: Cures certain status effects, like poison.
    Location: Toad Bros. Bazaar
    Turtley Leaf
    Effect: Refills 3 FP.
    Location: Niff T.'s Shop
    Ultra Shroom
    Effect: Restores 50 HP.
    Location: Underground Shop, Charlieton
    Whacka Bump
    Effect: Restores 25 HP and 25 FP.
    Location: On Keelhaul Key, where you dock off, head north to see Whacka, a sort
    of mole.  Hit it with the hammer for this item.  You can get it 8 times maximum.
    Zess Cookie
    Effect: Refills 15 HP and 15 FP.
    Location: Zess T.
    Zess Deluxe
    Effect: Replenishes 40 HP and 40 FP.
    Location: Zess T.
    Zess Dinner
    Effect: Restores 10 HP and 10 FP.
    Location: Zess T.
    Zess Frappe
    Effect: Restores 20 HP.
    Location: Zess T.
    Zess Special
    Effect: Restores 20 HP and 20 FP.
    Location: Zess T.
    Zess Tea
    Effect: Refills 20 FP.
    Location: Zess T.
    ---------------------------------Effect Items-----------------------------------
    Couple's Cake
    Effect: Slowly refills HP.
    Location: Zess T.
    Dizzy Dial
    Effect: Makes enemies dizzy (they miss more often).
    Location: Westside Goods
    Gradual Syrup
    Effect: Slowly refills FP.
    Location: Underground Shop.
    Hot Sauce
    Effect: Save this for recipes.
    Location: Businessman, Glitzville (see Trouble Center)
    Mini Mr. Mini
    Effect: Shrinks enemies, reducing their attack strength.
    Location: Pungent's Shop
    Mr. Softener
    Effect: Makes enemies soft, reducing their defense.
    Location: Niff T.'s Shop
    Poison Shroom
    Effect: Makes you poisoned when used.
    Location: Zess T.
    Power Punch
    Effect: Increases your partner's attack power for a brief period.
    Location: Souvenir Shop
    Ruin Powder
    Effect: Confuses enemies (sometimes they miss or attack themselves).
    Location: Northwinds Mart
    Shroom Broth
    Effect: Slowly refills HP.
    Location: Zess T.
    Sleepy Sheep
    Effect: Sometimes makes enemies fall asleep (they're completely vulnerable).
    Location: Toad Bros. Bazaar
    Slow Shroom
    Effect: Slowly refills your partner's HP.
    Location: Underground Shop
    Spite Pouch
    Effect: When a foe attacks you directly, they take half the damage.
    Location: Twilight Shop
    Stop Watch
    Effect: Freezes time, making all enemies vulnerable.
    Location: Twilight Shop
    -------------------------------Other Effect Items-------------------------------
    Fright Mask
    Effect: Summons what looks like Bowser to scare away enemies.
    Location: Toad Bros. Bazaar
    Inn Coupon
    Effect: Let's you stay at an Inn free of cost.
    Location: Various
    Effect: Random
    Location: Pungent's Shop, Sales Stall
    Point Swap
    Effect: Shifts FP and HP of your partner.
    Location: Souvenir Shop
    Trial Stew
    Effect: Reduces Mario's HP to 1 and FP to 0.
    Location: Zess T.
    --------------------------------Important Items---------------------------------
    Effect: The autograph of the engineer on the Excess Express.  Bub wants it for
    his birthday.
    Location: Excess Express
    Battle Trunks
    Effect: Trouble Center item.
    Location: Glitz Pit
    Black Key
    Effect: Used to free the spirit in the black chests, which then curse you,
    giving you a new paper ability.
    Location: Various
    Effect: The blanket of the conductor on the Excess Express.  A ghost took it.
    Location: Excess Express
    Blimp Ticket
    Effect: Let's you take the blimp to Glitzville.
    Location: Don Pianta
    Blue Key
    Effect: Opens the cell door of the Punies.
    Location: Great Tree
    Blue Potion
    Effect: Used to make Peach invisible.
    Location: X-Naut Fortress
    Effect: Trouble Center
    Location: Rogueport Plaza alley
    Effect: Stolen by Doopliss on the Excess Express.  Give it to Businessman.
    Location: Excess Express
    Card Key
    Effect: Used to open doors in the X-Naut Fortress.
    Location: X-Naut Fortress
    Castle Key
    Effect: Opens locked doors in Hooktail's Castle.
    Location: Hooktail Castle
    Cave Key
    Effect: Opens a door in Pirate's Grotto.
    Location: Pirate's Grotto
    Champ's Belt
    Effect: Declares you are champion of the Glitz Pit.
    Location: Glitz Pit
    Chuckola Cola
    Effect: Bobbery's favorite drink and his last request.
    Location: Keelhaul Key
    Effect: Used to operate the crane in the X-Naut Fortress.
    Location: X-Naut Fortress
    Contact Lens
    Effect: Used as a replacement for the contact lens you broke.  Give it to Zess T.
    and she'll stop block the West Side.
    Location: Toad Bros. Bazaar
    Effect: Written by Maitre Delish, this lets Zess T. use two items to cook with.
    Location: Creepy Steeple (roll through a slot in the first room)
    Data Disk
    Effect: Contains the specifics to Grodus's evil plot.
    Location: X-Naut Fortress
    Dubious Paper
    Effect: Needed for the progression of the plot in Chapter 3.
    Location: Glitz Pit
    Elevator Key
    Effect: Used to operate the elevators in X-Naut Fortress.
    Location: X-Naut Fortress
    Floodgate Handle
    Effect: Raises a gate in Pirate's Grotto.
    Location: Pirate's Grotto
    Galley Pot
    Effect: Given to Chef Shimi for a Star Piece.
    Location: Excess Express.
    Gold Bar
    Effect: Raises the amount of coins you can carry.
    Location: Pianta Parlor, Underground Shop
    Gold Bar x 3
    Effect: Raises the amount of coins you can carry.
    Location: Pianta Parlor, Underground Shop
    Gold Card
    Effect: Let's you play Tube Mode in Pianta Parlor.
    Location: Trouble Center
    Gold Ring
    Effect: Give this to Toodless for 30 coins.  Doopliss stole it in an attempt to
    blow up the Excess Express.
    Location: Excess Express
    Goldbob's Permission
    Effect: Lets' you use the cannon is Fahr Outpost.
    Location: Poshley Heights
    Green Potion
    Effect: Needed to make Peach invisible.
    Location: X-Naut Fortress
    House Key
    Effect: Trouble Center
    Location: Rogueport Plaza
    Lottery Pick
    Effect: Let's you participate in the Happy Lottery in the Happy Lucky Lottery in
    the West Side of Roueport.
    Location: West Side
    Mailbox SP
    Effect: Let's Mario receive e-mail on his GBA SP-inspired device.
    Location: Starting item
    Moon Stone
    Effect: Half of the key to Hooktail Castle.
    Location: Shhwonk Fortress
    Effect: Flurrie will join your party once you retrieve this item from the Shadow
    Sirens, particularly Vivian.
    Location: Boggly Woods
    Old Letter
    Effect: A letter written to Bobbery from his true love Scarlette on her deathbed.
    After reading it, Bobbery will agree to come with you.
    Location: Rogueport Inn
    Palace Key
    Effect: Create a path in the Palace of Shadow when used together.
    Location: Palace of Shadow
    Platinum Card
    Effect: Let's you play Boat Mode in Pianta Parlor.
    Location: Trouble Center
    Effect: Trouble Center (Bub wants it delivered to Sylvia, his mom)
    Location: Poshley Heights
    Puni Orb
    Effect: The symbol of the Puni Elder, it causes Punies to follow you or stay in
    Location: Great Tree
    Ragged Diary
    Effect: Wanted by the ghost on the Excess Express in exchange for the Blanket.
    If you read it, you get an automatic game over, and it is very boring
    Location: Excess Express
    Red Key
    Effect: Let's you open the red cell containing the Puni Elder.
    Location: Great Tree
    Red Potion
    Effect: Used to turn Peach invisible.
    Location: X-Naut Fortress
    Routing Slip
    Effect: Trouble Center
    Location: Twilight Town
    Shell Earrings
    Effect: Stolen by Doopliss in a plot to use the Nitro Honey Syrup to blow up the
    Excess Express, return these to the waitress for a Star Piece.
    Location: Excess Express
    Silver Card
    Effect: Let's you play Paper Mode in Pianta Parlor.
    Location: Trouble Center
    Skull Gem
    Effect: Opens the door to Pirate's Grotto.  It is later given to Cortez by
    Flavio, offering you a way to get to Keelhaul Key and back easily.
    Location: Keelhaul Key
    Special Card
    Effect: Enable you to play Plane Mode in Pianta Parlor.
    Location: Trouble Center
    Star Key
    Effect: With the Palace Keys, this opens the path into the depths of the Palace
    of Shadow.
    Location: Palace of Shadow
    Station Key
    Effect: Opens a door in Riverside Station.
    Location: Riverside Station
    Steeple Key
    Effect: Opens a door in Creepy Steeple.
    Location: Creepy Steeple
    Storage Key
    Effect: Opens the storage room in the Glitz Pit.
    Location: Glitzville
    Strange Sack
    Effect: Lets you carry 20 items instead of 10.
    Location: Level 50, Pit of 100 Trials
    Sun Stone
    Effect: Half of the key to Hooktail's Castle.
    Location: Shhwonk Fortress
    Super Luigi
    Effect: A book about Luigi's adventures.
    Location: Toad Bros. Bazaar
    Super Luigi 2
    Effect: A book about Luigi's adventures.
    Location: Toad Bros. Bazaar
    Super Luigi 3
    Effect: A book about Luigi's adventures.
    Location: Toad Bros. Bazaar
    Super Luigi 4
    Effect: A book about Luigi's adventures.
    Location: Toad Bros. Bazaar
    Super Luigi 5
    Effect: The climatic conclusion to Luigi's adventures.
    Location: Toad Bros. Bazaar
    Effect: Supposed to be used by the Shadow Sirens to defeat Mario, Beldam loses
    it and breaks it, then blames Vivian.  This eventually results in Vivian joining
    your party.  Bowser also gives it a whirl.
    Location: Twilight Town
    The Letter "p"
    Effect: Needed to guess Doopliss's name.
    Location: Creepy Steeple
    Train Ticket
    Effect: Needed to board the Excess Express.
    Location: Don Pianta
    Ultra Stone
    Effect: Let's Merlon upgrade your partners twice.
    Location: Shine Shop
    Up Arrow
    Effect: Points to where Merlon store the Ultra Stone, in his attic.
    Location: Hooktail Castle
    Vital Paper
    Effect: A document detailing Grubba's plan to stay forever young using the
    Crystal Star.
    Location: Glitz Pit
    Wedding Ring
    Effect: The symbol of Frankie and Francesca's eternal love.
    Location: Keelhaul Key, West Side (in a trouble)
    Wrestling Mag
    Effect: Trouble Center
    Location: Glitz Pit
    Yellow Potion
    Effect: Used to turn Peach invisible.
    Location: X-Naut Fortress
    ----------------------------Mario's Equipment-----------------------------------
    Magical Map
    Effect: Shows the path to the next Crystal Star when shown before the Thousand-
    Year Door.
    Location: Given to Mario by Peach in the Prologue.
    Diamond Star
    Effect: One of the Crystal Stars.  Mario got it when he defeated Hooktail.
    Location: Hooktail Castle
    Emerald Star
    Effect: One of the Crystal Stars.  It was hidden deep within the Great Tree.
    Location: Great Tree
    Gold Star
    Effect: One of the Crystal Stars.  Mario got it when he bested Grubba at his own
    Location: Glitzville
    Ruby Star
    Effect: Mario got this and his body back when he defeated Doopliss.  It is one
    of the Crystal Stars.
    Location: Creepy Steeple
    Sapphire Star
    Effect: One of the Crystal Stars.  This was the only treasure Mario took from
    Cortez's troves of treasure.
    Location: Pirate's Grotto
    Garnet Star
    Effect: One of the Crystal Stars.  Pennington helped Mario to find the real one
    in the Poshley Sanctum.
    Location: Poshley Sanctum
    Crystal Star
    Effect: The final Crystal Star.  This was the only one Grodus had and Lord Crump
    used it to power the Magnus von Grapple 2.0.
    Location: X-Naut Fortress
    Hammer & Boots
    Effect: Let's Mario jump and use his basic hammer attacks.
    Location: Starting item
    Super Boots
    Effect: Let's Mario use Spin Jump.  These are twice as strong as the Boots.
    Location: Great Tree
    Super Hammer
    Effect: Let's Mario use Super Hammer.  It is twice as strong as the Hammer.
    Location: Glitzville
    Ultra Boots
    Effect: Let's Mario use Spring Jump.  These are three times more powerful than
    the Boots.
    Location: Riverside Station.
    Ultra Hammer
    Effect: Let's Mario use Ultra Hammer.  It is three times as strong as the Hammer.
    It also marks the last time Mario sees Toadette.
    Location: Rogueport Plaza
    And those are all the items you get in the game!  Man am I exhausted.  Hold on a
    second, *pant*, *pant*.  Okay...  Let the walkthrough continue to less strenuous
    ================================Status Effects*=================================
    There are plenty of status effects that affect either your party or your enemies.
    Here I'll list them for your convenience.  As always, I've categorized them
                                   |    Statuses    |
    Allergic: Causes all other status effects to stop.
    Attack-Up: Raises attack power.
    Burned: After being burned, you take damage on the subsequent turns from the
    Charged: Raises power briefly, constituting as your turn.
    Confused: Character will not follow instructions.
    Defense-Down: Lowers defense.
    Dizzy: Makes character more liable to miss targets.
    Dodgy: Makes character able to be missed by most attacks.
    Electrified: Direct attackers take one damage when they attack the character.
    Fast: Allows character to move twice in one turn.
    Frozen: Disables your ability to move and does damage as you enter and exit the
    Gradual FP: Slowly recover FP.
    Gradual HP: Slowly recover HP.
    Huge: Raises attack power.
    Immobilized: The affected character cannot move.
    Invisible: Attacks pass through the invisible character.
    Knocked Out: The character has 0 HP left.  When Mario is knocked out, it is a
    Game Over.
    Payback: Direct attackers take half the damage they give to the character.
    Poison: At the end of every turn the affected character takes 1 damage.
    Sleepy: The character loses the ability to move, but it awoken when attacked.
    Slow: You can only move once per every two turns.
    Tiny: Lowers attack strength.
    Let these status effects work to your advantage.  Certain badges can negate
    negative statuses to Mario and his partner, like Feeling Fine and Feeling Fine P.
    Whenever you're up against a poisonous enemy, equip those badges.
    ===========================Special and Partner Moves*===========================
    There are a host of techniques you can employ on enemies.  Rather than listing
    all of Mario's moves, though (which change with the wind due to badges), I'll
    record all the specials you can do and all the moves your partner can use.
    Maybe it will help you decide which partner should get the upgrade.  First, the
    specials because they rock out loud.  Note that you get a special every time you
    finish a chapter, except for Chapter 8.
                                   |    Specials    |
    Sweet Treat: 1 SP
    A useless attack later on, but it is pretty good when you're starting and weak.
    Tilt left on the controller to throw a miniature Crystal Star at falling objects
    that either display your face with a heart by, your partner's face with a heart
    by it, a flower, or a poison mushroom.  Hitting either heart faces restores 1 HP
    for that player.  The flower restores 1 FP, and the poison mushroom disables you
    from tossing the star for a bit.  Obviously, avoid the poison mushroom and tilt
    that control stick for everything else.
    Earth Tremor: 2 SP
    This is a moderately good attack, depending on your timing skills.  You jump
    onto the Diamond Star and a bar appears.  You must press A when the gauge passes
    the circle.  Each time you do this without failing, the star gets a little bit
    bigger and the attack does 1 more damage.  You can do a maximum of 6 damage.
    Clock Out: 2 SP
    I never use this, but you might want to.  A bomb appears and you must press the
    button that appears to fill the gauge so the bomb gets bigger.  Make sure that
    when it is about to explode, it's not on your side of the stage.  When it
    explodes, the target will be stunned for a while - sitting ducks.
    Power Lift: 3 SP
    This is the special that raises attack and defense for you and your partner.
    Align the cursor with the arrows that do not show a poison mushroom and press A.
    This will add to your gauges (orange being attack, blue being defense).  If you
    fill one gauge, your attack or defense will be raises by 1 depending on which
    you filled.  This is a very useful special when executing a heavy hit (like
    Power Bounce, for instance).
    Art Attack: 4 SP
    I think this is the best special.  Supernova is good, but it is harder to pull
    off and takes much more Star Power.  Art Attack is simple, playing on Mario
    Paint (an SNES game, I believe).  You move the star around the enemies to
    encircle them.  It always pierces defenses and it either does 0, 1, 2, or 3
    damage each time.  The amount of damage it does depends on how much of their
    body you encircled, three being all of it.  Easy to use and very effective -
    just how I like it.
    Sweat Feast: 5 SP
    The perfected form of Sweet Treat is Sweat Feast.  The concept is the same, but
    a bit different.  Now there are big pictures, which are worth five.  You can
    also just hold left and rapid-fire.  Like last time, there are poison mushrooms,
    too, but they don't seem to appear as often as they do in Sweet Treat.
    Showstopper: 2 SP
    And so it was that Showstopper wouldst destroy all enemies.  Yes, if performed
    correctly you can defeat every enemy on the stage with only 2 Star Power!  This
    does not work on bosses, sadly, but who cares?  To do this you must press the
    buttons in the order they appear.  This isn't too challenging, huh?  You can
    press the buttons in a total of five sequences.  Each one you pull off increases
    the likelihood of you defeating your foes.
    Supernova: 6 SP
    This can do a maximum of 15 HP damage to your adversaries.  That's enough to
    defeat most common enemies.  The concept for this attack is surprisingly simple,
    just mash the A button as fast as you can.  Some people are amazing when it
    comes to moving their trigger-fingers, while others are sluggish.  If you're
    good at it, though, you can deal a lot of damage in one turn.  For every
    sequence you do complete, 3 more damage is added to your attack.
    Those are the amazing specials.  Now I'll list all your partners and their
    attacks.  To give your partners a new attack, simply upgrade them at Merlon's
    Shine Shop.  It is really worth it.
                               |    Partner Attacks    |
    This is Goombella's basic attack, requiring 0 FP.  It can do a total of 6 damage
    when Goombella is upgraded twice.  To do an Action Command, press A before
    Goombella lands on the target.  This attack does not work on spiky foes.
    This works on every enemy in the game and only needs to be done once per type of
    foe.  That is, tattle shows how much HP, attack power, and defense a type of
    enemy has.  From that point on, the enemy's HP is shown, even when you re-engage
    them.  Your Tattle Log shows which enemies you've tattled on.  If you forgot to
    tattle on a one-time-only enemy, like most bosses, you can find the tattle card
    in Professor Frankly's garbage can.
    This is just a repeated Headbonk on the same foe.  Each time you hit, the attack
    strength is reduced just a bit, until you reach 1 damage per hit, where it stays
    until the attack ends.  It goes on and on and on until you miss an Action
    Command.  It requires 3 FP.
    Rally Wink
    Press the button, A or B, that is displayed and the gauge will fill.  Get it
    past the "OK" point and Mario can attack again in that turn.  It takes 4 FP.
    Shell Toss
    This is an easy attack to master.  Wait for the circle to light up and release
    the control stick (which you should have tilted left) to do the Action Command.
    Koops launches himself at the first ground enemy in sight.  Take it easy.
    Power Shell
    This is Koops's award-winning technique.  Hold the control stick left until the
    circle is lit up (which is really easy) to do an Action Command.  Koops does a
    Shell Toss to every ground enemy at once, dealing up to 5 damage to each.  Using
    this takes 3 FP.
    Shell Shield
    Koops drops a huge Koopa shell on Mario, raising his defense.  For the best
    protection, press A when the needle is at the OK point.  This demands 4 FP.
    Shell Slam
    For 6 FP you can do a sort of mega-Power Shell as this ignores the enemies'
    defense completely, dealing pure damage.  The more you tilt the control stick
    left, the more damage it does (6 max).  To go very fast tilting it, place the
    palm of your hand on the control stick and do a waving motion rapidly.
    Body Slam
    A very...  interesting attack.  Get the cursor right in the crosshairs and
    Flurrie will jump out, smashing her body into the enemy you chose.
    Gale Force
    Flurrie's second attack, with a 4 FP price, is useful for avoiding fights.  It
    has the potential to blow away all non-boss enemies at once, which is quite
    appealing.  For the most accuracy, press the A button when the lit circle
    indicates only.
    Lip Lock
    Flurrie, sort of like a leech, kisses an enemy for their HP.  Press A when the
    circle is lit up to fill the bar (which isn't too hard to do), but don't press A
    when it isn't illuminated, or you'll lower the power.  At most, you can suck
    five HP right out of your enemies.  The best part of this attack, though, is
    that Flurrie gains the HP you took.  This asks 3 FP of you.
    Dodgy Fog
    The actress is very good at dodging attacks - or at least helping Mario to do so.
    Dodgy Fog makes Mario "dodgy" and almost impossible to hit.  Tilt the control
    stick in the direction you're told to and you can make it more successful.  It
    takes 4 FP.
    Ground Pound
    Yoshi has ample opportunities to do heavy damage, and this is no exception.
    Press R as fast as you can, which is REALLY easy to do.  Yoshi will hover over
    to the enemy you targeted and bounce on them over and over, doing one damage
    each time.  If the enemy has at least one defense, or is spiky, Yoshi's attack
    will fail miserably, however.  The most you can do is 6 damage.
    Here's the famous Yoshi move we've all been waiting for.  This also just happens
    to be one of Yoshi's best moves.  It takes 4 FP to use, but it always penetrates
    enemies defense (unless they have a spike extended sideways, like a Bristle) and
    can damage two enemies at once.  Hold R as Yoshi approaches the enemy and
    release when the circle lights up.  Yoshi swallows one enemy and spits it out at
    another, doing a maximum of 6 damage to each, unconditionally.  No defense to
    stand in your way.
    If you power up Yoshi, this attack has a lot of damage potential.  Yoshi throws
    eggs at enemies, which shrinks them and does a bit of damage to boot.  To be the
    best that you can be, press A when the circle lights up.  It takes 3 FP to use.
    Although it takes 6 FP, this is a miracle attack against Grodus with his
    annoying Grodus X's.  It causes a herd of Yoshis to run by, damaging all enemies
    on the screen, 1 damage at a time.  If they have defense at all, it will be less
    effective, but if they don't, watch them take a whopping 6 damage apiece.
    Shade Fist
    Since this is a fire-based attack, it is most effective against plant enemies
    and ice enemies.  I've found the attack to do 5 damage to all of the list
    enemies, and three to certain others.  Wait for the timer to count down and then
    press the displayed button in the right time frame to do the Action Command.
    The Action Command has no difference in attack strength, but it does burn the
    Perhaps her best attack, Veil takes Mario and Vivian into the shadows.  This is
    most useful when the enemy charges an attack and you want to escape its ill
    effects.  It only costs 1 FP to use, but your reemergence constitutes as you
    entire turn, leaving you open to the next wave of attacks.  Press the buttons as
    they appear.
    Fiery Jinx
    Press the buttons in the order they appear to attack every enemy with a fiery
    blast.  It burns them as well.  It costs 6 FP.
    Costing 4 FP, Infatuate confuses all enemies for a few turns.  Press A right
    when the heart appears above the enemies' heads to use the Action Command.
    This is pretty self-explanatory.  Hold A and release it when the circle is lit.
    While you do this, Bobbery walks up to the enemy and explodes in their face.  It
    can do 6 damage max.
    Bomb Squad
    Tilt left on the control stick to throw mines that explode at the end of the
    next turn.  This latent attack is very effective, but make sure you don't throw
    it by Mario!  It takes 3 FP to use.
    Hold Fast
    Press A when the circles light up to make the attack last for more turns.  Each
    time an enemy directly attacks Bobbery they take damage, too.  This isn't a
    great attack, but it gets the job done.  You need 4 FP to use it.
    This super-expensive attack (9 FP!!!) requires you only press A as quickly as
    you can.  Do that and you can hit every foe on the screen like a regular Bomb
    ------------------------------------Ms. Mowz------------------------------------
    Love Slap
    Tilt back and forth (right and left) to fill the gauge.  When she's at level
    three you can do six damage at once, ignoring defense.
    Kiss Thief
    This takes 2 FP to use, but it is pretty good when it comes down to it.  Press
    the A button until the gauge is filled past the OK point and she'll run up and
    steal the selected enemy's item or badge.
    Alternate the A and B buttons to fill the gauge to its full point.  Ms. Mowz
    will maneuver around the enemy, confusing them.  It takes 3 FP to use this move.
    This is the most FP-consuming attack in the game.  With the tremendous price of
    10 FP you can restore 10 HP of Mario's.  If 10 FP worth 10 HP?  You decide.  To
    fill the gauge alternate between A and B.
    Those are all the attacks your partners can have.  Have fun using them.
    ==================================Super Luigi*==================================
    In this game Mario swapped his trademark epithet Super for Paper.  Meanwhile,
    Luigi was grabbing it up.  If you ever talk to him during the game, at Rogueport,
    he'll tell you all about his adventures saving Princess Eclair.  Luigi even gets
    partners and has a few elements in common with your quest.  Since it is just so
    interesting, I'll record a little about each of Luigi's tales he tells and a bit
    of the truth his partners recall.
                            |    Waffle Kingdom Letter    |
    After Mario went off on his adventure with Peach and the Magical Map, Luigi got
    a letter from Crepe, a cabinet minister in the Waffle Kingdom.  The Chestnut
    King has kidnapped the princess of the land, named Eclair.  There is only one
    way to find where she is being held captive, and that is by collecting the
    pieces of the Marvelous Compass, for a curse made thousands of years ago split
    it into seven parts.  Each part of the Marvelous Compass pointed to the next,
    and Eclair had one embedded in her tiara.  With that Luigi received the first
    piece, the Compass Base.
                              |    Rumblebump Volcano    |
    The Compass Base pointed to this volcano on the Pudding Continent.  As his ship
    docked he set out for the volcano.  Through the jungle as Luigi screamed just a
    bit, a Blooper named Blooey heard him and came to his rescue, making him the
    first new member of his party.  So with the White Torpedo, Luigi reached the
    heart of the volcano.  Just when he thought it was over, a 100-foot statue
    sprang to life to stop his valiant efforts.  The weakness was on his forehead, a
    red gem.  Luigi and Mario, although famed jumpers, could never reach that high.
    So Luigi threw Blooey up and cracked its head open.  If you talk to Blooey, he
    says that he landed in lava, explaining his red color, and he was still
    traveling with Luigi so he could get revenge.  He needs to make sure he delivers
    it, though.  Anyways, Luigi got his second piece of the Marvelous Compass.
                              |    Plumpbelly Village    |
    On the Strudel Continent is a village ruled by an evil two-headed snake named
    Hizza.  The mayor's daughter was to be sacrificed to the snake.  Luigi wanted to
    be heroic, so he put on a wedding dress and went in her stead.  Maybe the snake
    didn't notice, but Luigi's new partner Jerry the Bob-omb did.  He later says he
    followed Luigi to convince him never to wear a dress again.  When Luigi and
    Jerry met the tyrant, Luigi fainted.  The two heads were coming at each other
    with gaping mouths, and defying physics they each other at the same time, making
    them both disappear.  Another piece of the Marvelous Compass was Luigi's!  This
    time, Luigi heard the voice of a maiden.
                             |    Circuit Break Island    |
    When Luigi arrived he saw that for winning a local kart race you could win the
    Marvelous Compass piece.  Luigi entered, of course.  Now, these races are no
    Mario Kart game.  They are supercharged!  Luigi got a racer from a local Buzzy
    Beetle named Torque.  So, with the Big Green 01 Luigi started the race.  He
    accidentally hit the reverse and went flying backwards into the audience.  But
    all the other karts crashed, distracted by Luigi.  Because the other wrecked
    vehicles were disqualified, Luigi won!  Torque, his new partner, sticks with him
    so he can get payback for his racer, in money.  Another piece of the Marvelous
    Compass is Luigi's to take!
                               |    Jazzafrazz Town    |
    Luigi arrived and saw the Drama Slam, where the winner gets a piece of the
    Marvelous Compass.  Hayzee, a producer, joined Luigi's party for the slam.
    Luigi ended up being the grass.  Hey!  Just because he's green doesn't mean he's
    grass!  But the Dayzees loved grass, and Luigi became an instant superstar in
    his musical, "The Mystery of the Fiery Hat of Social Awareness."  I've got to
    hand it to Nintendo, I would've never thought up such a title for a musical.
    Luigi won the Drama Slam and he got the plaque, which was actually part of the
    Marvelous Compass.  Jump for joy!  Oh, Princess Eclair, random words would form
    poetry if spoken by your voice.  Get over it.
                               |    Rapturous Ruins    |
    The next and strangest of the pieces.  In Grimble Forest are the Rapturous Ruins.
    They are white, so white that you can't see the floor's end and the wall's
    beginning.  In the main chamber sat a boy named Cranberry.  A... creature named
    Screamy appeared out of nowhere as Luigi's newest partner.  Luigi, the child of
    fate, sneezed by Cranberry and he awoke from his eternal slumber.  Suddenly,
    Luigi could understand Luff, his language.  Cranberry was the last of the Luff
    empire, which had ruled the world eons ago with the Marvelous Compass that could
    see into the future.  The Luffs seem a lot like the pre-Rogueport civilization.
    They were cursed for their greed and their empire collapsed.  As Luigi left, the
    ruins vanished...
                                |    Hatesong Tower    |
    The lair of the Chestnut King...  Now, first I'll tell Luigi's side of the story.
    Ask him about it and he says the tower is atop a sheer cliff and the winds that
    blow against it are like banshees.  When Luigi reached the top he saw the
    Chestnut King, monstrous and drooling.  With his hammer Luigi toppled the
    Chestnut King.  And then an evil worse nightmare thing came, but he beat it too
    no sweat.  According to a book, when Luigi saw the Chestnut King and Princess
    Eclair, they were truly in love and the Chestnut King was transformed into a
    beast by Crepe!  With his lust for the throne Crepe had taken her captive and
    waited for Luigi to gather the pieces of the Marvelous Compass.  Crepe wanted
    the Luff empire to rule the world again using the Marvelous Compass!  Luigi was
    no match, even with all his partners, for Crepe.  But the last piece of the
    Marvelous Compass sprang forth from the tiara of Princess Eclair.  With the
    compass complete Luigi saw into the future, to see what Crepe would do.  Knowing
    his every move before it was made Luigi smote the fell man and rescued the
    kingdom.  Luigi sure does mimic his brother...
                               |    Super Luigi Book    |
    The last tale Luigi has to tell is about his book, based on his adventures.
    Apparently, someone interviewed him and novelized his quest.  Super Luigi set
    the new record for consecutive weeks at number one best-seller.  According to
    Luigi, it was a bit boring if you read between the lines.  You can buy it, right
    there in Rogueport, actually.  They have varying costs, usually pretty expensive,
    and they cover his adventures.  There are five books in all.  The first,
    entitled Super Luigi, covers Waffle Kingdom Letter.  Super Luigi 2 covers
    Rumblebump Volcano and Plumpbelly Village.  Super Luigi 3 discusses Circuit
    Break Island and Jazzafrazz Town.  Super Luigi 4 only discusses only Rapturous
    Ruins.  Super Luigi 5 talks about the true finish in Hatesong Tower and the
    aftermath.  According to it, Luigi muttered in his sleep, "I shall return."
    It would've been so awesome if you could unlock Super Luigi as a second quest
    kind of thing.  Too bad you can't.  Besides, Luigi is supposed to love Princess
    Daisy, not Eclair.  This sure has made me hungry though (I made a funny!).
    =================================Lumpy's Tales*=================================
    In the harbor, you might find a green Ratooey named Lumpy who will ask for 100
    coins to use visiting Dry Dry Desert in the Mushroom Kingdom.  Give it to him
    for triple the amount of coins back later (a good investment), but regardless of
    whether you spend the coins or not, you'll get to hear his stories when he
    returns a rich Ratooey.  Here, I decided to record these epics because most of
    them equate to said-so cameos for many characters in the original Paper Mario on
    the N64.  These are my summarized versions.
                               |    The Night Before    |
    With a pack full of cheese, Lumpy is readying himself for the journey tomorrow
    to Dry Dry Desert, a region that Mario visited in his N64 classic, Paper Mario.
    He wants to find oil because he has a dream...  In his hometown, the people are so
    cold (a reference to Shiver Region, perhaps?), and he wants to give them oil to
    burn for heat.  Also, he loves money (*_Apprentice_ theme song begins to play*).
    Cover him with it!  So, if he finds oil, then he makes them happy and he gets
    major dough.  For the love of money!
                               |    The Buzzar Fiend    |
    Lumpy took a boat to the Toad Town Harbor.  In Paper Mario for the N64, Mario
    spent much of his time navigating Toad Town to reach the entrances to many
    different lands.  He then took a train to Mt. Rugged, which he proceeded to
    climb.  The long, winding paths were torture, but they were nothing compared to
    what awaited him - a huge, terrible vulture!  This creature, Buzzar, accosted
    all travelers who attempted to pass through Mt. Rugged's bridge that leads into
    the desert.  Mario once defeated this bird...  Lumpy turned and ran, but he was
    too slow for that inexorable terror.  It dug into his back and ripped off his
    backpack!  NOOOOO!!!!!  His food, his money - everything was in there!  He was
    tossed off a cliff afterward, and he survived the fall.  But, it was then that
    he realized his backpack was gone.  He could not turn back lest Buzzar attack
    him, but all he had was his shovel to dig for oil, his journal that he recorded
    these events in, and his life...  He must press on.
                                |    A Helping Hand    |
    Lumpy collapsed on the cruel desert floor, and he awoke in a small town called
    Dry Dry Outpost.  Mario did much in this place in Paper Mario; it was here that
    he received the proper equipment to venture into the Dry Dry Ruins where he
    could free the second Star Spirit from Tutankoopa.  Lumpy's savior?  A Koopa
    archaeologist/adventurer named Kolorado who traveled the world (Kolorado plays
    an active role in Paper Mario).  He himself is a dreamer, dreaming of
    discovering great archaeological sites and treasures.  After telling Kolorado of
    his dreams of riches and his encounter with Buzzar, Lumpy received food and
    water.  Kolorado explained that he did this because he wanted to believe that
    every dream is a possible one.  They spoke for the rest of the night of their
    dreams and aspirations, a relief to the weary Ratooey, Lumpy.
                               |    A Reliable Guide    |
    Kolorado had left, and Lumpy entered the desert from Dry Dry Outpost.  Without a
    guide, he could find nothing.  He wandered about lost until consciousness had
    almost left him.  From an unknown source, he heard a faint voice inquire: "Hey,
    are you a nice guy?  If you're a nice guy, then give me something nice."  It
    offered again, but Lumpy responded that all he had was his dream...  With that,
    Lumpy slipped into sleep.  When he awoke, he saw above him a Squeek, a mouse in
    gray scarf.  He introduced himself as Moustafa, and although he had received
    nothing tangible, something nice was now his all the same.  Lumpy found himself
    in an oasis where he could nourish himself.  But even more, he had found a guide
    through the desert...  Mario met Moustafa as a disguised Squeek named Sheek.  Only
    by proving Mario's kindness did Sheek reveal himself as Moustafa, master of Dry
    Dry Outpost.  Mario received from him an ancient jewel that guided him to Dry
    Dry Ruins deep beneath the sands.
                              |    The Digging Point    |
    Moustafa led Lumpy deep into the desert to a point between Dry Dry Ruins and the
    oasis that Merluvlee, a shaman in the outpost related to Merlon, had claimed oil
    awaited an owner at.  He used the blue cactus and the cactus of stone as his
    landmarks, and he has finally arrived at the digging spot that he has sought out
    for so long.  Moustafa left Lumpy to fulfill his own destiny, and it is with the
    utmost eagerness and lemons and limes in stock that he prepares to dig for what
    will make him rich.  He must find that oil now, or it will all have been for
                                 |    The Long Dig    |
    For days Lumpy has dug in this accursed desert... this accursed heat... in this dry
    patch!  The oil eludes him, and he fears that these are his last hours.  His
    supply of food and water has diminished to nothing, and his hope leaves him just
    as swiftly.  Will his dream die here with him under these cloudless skies?  Or
    will it push him further, make him stronger, and force him to continue.  He
    perseveres, his energy depleted though it is.  He is sapped of life itself, but
    he must keep moving his arms.  He must believe...... oil...
                                 |    The Wrap-Up    |
    Lumpy records this as he returns to Rogueport from Toad Town.  He did it!  He
    struck oil in Dry Dry Desert!  With the initial money that he has made, his men
    will continue the work in the fields.  But, though his dream has come true, it
    is so much more than just his dream now.  So many have helped him along the
    way...  Kolorado...  Moustafa...  all of those who funded his trip...  And even
    through all the hardships, struggles, and adversity, he succeeded.  This feeling
    inside, this knowledge he gained - he had to share it with those who made his
    dream a reality.  He had a message for them all:
                                   Dreams come true.
    That's perhaps the most inspirational thing ever in a Mario game, I guess.  Well,
    not really...  I mean, I liked the ending of this game a whole lot more than
    that.  But, at least Lumpy tried.  He's good people.
    ================================Grifty's Tales*=================================
    Grifty is some sort of rooftop minstrel who resides on the rooftops of the Robbo
    turf in eastern Rogueport.  When you are able to get onto the rooftops, Grifty
    will charge five coins per story.  His tales explain much of the back story of
    the game, such as the origins of the black chests and the creation and
    distribution of the Crystal Stars, among other things.  So, I'm saving you coins
    (unless you want to hear the actual stories), because these are my summaries of
    the tales.
                              |    The Fearsome Demon    |
    Long ago in a galaxy far, far away... no, hold on, wrong story.  Ages ago a city
    flourished where Rogueport now stands, but it was destroyed in but one day.
    Historians attribute this to a natural disaster, but such was not the calamity
    that struck this prosperous city.  It was a foul demon peerless in power, and it
    struck down the city and made it its dark den.  Its palace became filled with
    hoards of treasure that its minions had robbed the surrounding regions of, but
    not even the greediest of fools would attempt to infiltrate the palace of that
                              |    The Crystal Stars    |
    In order to further augment its power, the demon created seven objects, the
    Crystal Stars.  Objects of great evil, they exerted the demon's terrible
    influence on the surrounding lands from the safety of castles filled with hordes
    of monsters.  One such castle still stands in Petal Meadows.
                             |    Dragons and Dungeons    |
    The demon created a dungeon around its palace overflowing with nightmarish
    monsters.  Those who defied the demon or its servants were left to rot in this
    dungeon.  The demon kept three dragons as pets: Hooktail, Gloomtail, and
    Bonetail.  These dragons flew across the land, inspiring fear in all who saw
    them.  Even today, these dragons still linger in the realm of the living, and
    the very mention of the word can leave some stricken with fear.
                              |    The Hero Who Arose    |
    In Petal Meadows there was a young Toad boy strong of arm, but his voice was
    most odd.  Others teased him for his voice, which caused him to be quite shy.
    But, when the demon extended its reach into the meadows with its minions, the
    boy valiantly defended his land and drove out the monsters.  Despite his voice,
    he became a hero to all.
                               |    The Wise Goomba    |
    There was a Goomba of notable wisdom from Boggly Woods gifted with knowledge of
    the world and its troubles.  With her wisdom, she knew the ways of the enemy,
    and so she was able to save the woods from its conquerors.  And in her mind was
    brewing a strategy for defeating all the terrors that plagued the world...
                              |    The Stalwart Koopa    |
    A traveling Koopa learned of the darkness that shrouded the land ever since that
    fateful day when the demon overcame the peaceful city through his journeys.  His
    body was riddled with battle scars, but his shell and bravado earned him renown
    still as he banished evil wherever it dwelt.  He impeded their advances single-
    handedly for a time, but there eventually was a day that he was captured by the
    forces of evil in a trap that they had designed for him.  But, it was chance
    that a Boo lass who had been fighting the monsters in the area came upon him,
    and she freed him as he won her heart with his bold charm...
                               |    The Four Heroes    |
    The Boo used her powers of invisibility to spy on the evil forces and learn the
    extent of the demon's might.  Individually, the heroes could not stop the demon.
    But, with their combined strength, the Boo determined that they could bring an
    end to the demon's reign of tyranny.  She used her magic to bring the Toad of
    Petal Meadows and the Goomba of Boggly Woods to them.  Together, they set out to
    vanquish the evil at the Palace of Shadow...
                           |    The Duel With The Demon    |
    The demon was far too wicked and powerful for the four heroes.  But, the wise
    Goomba realized that this was not the natural strength of the demon, but instead
    the work of the Crystal Stars.  It harnessed their power to make itself
    completely indestructible.  The audacious Koopa managed to steal the Crystal
    Stars from the demon, and it was no longer impervious to all offense.
                           |    The Demon Sealed Within    |
    But even so, it was too powerful for the heroes to destroy.  In that dire hour,
    the fate of the world hung in the balance.  The Goomba knew that they could not
    permanently slay the demon, but they could use the power of the Crystal Stars to
    seal it away in its palace.  With the magic of the stars, they sealed the demon
    into the deepest chamber of the palace, and the entrance to the Palace of Shadow
    was locked.  Only the seven Crystal Stars could open the path to the demon...
                              |    The Demon's Curse    |
    But, the demon slowly regained its strength, and through a small opening in the
    unfinished seal the vindictive demon's soul cursed the four heroes.  The power
    of the Crystal Stars repelled this curse, but they could not evade the curse
    forever, for they would eventually be forced to hide away these Crystal Stars
    lest the demon be freed from its prison.  And so, it was the tragic fate of the
    heroes that they would sacrifice themselves by hiding the Crystal Stars.
                          |    The Great Tree and Punies    |
    The locations of the hidden Crystal Stars are all but forgotten, but some would
    say that the wise Goomba hid one star in the Great Tree in her homeland, Boggy
    Woods.  Many monsters roamed the woods from the absence of the Goomba, and the
    Punies who resided in the woods were tormented and starved.  It is said that the
    Goomba took pity on these creatures, and let them have a home in the Great Tree
    if they agreed to forever look after the Crystal Star hidden deep within.  They
    accepted this generous offer.
                         |    The Boo Heroine's Last Days    |
    The Boo lass journeyed deep within a dark land where twilight rules the day to
    hide her Crystal Star.  After placing it within a steeple, she succumbed to the
    demon's curse a short distance away in a bleak town.  Her spirit would remain
    there for the rest of time, or so it is supposed.
                            |    The Pirate King Cortez    |
    The Koopa traveled overseas to an isle to the south to hide his Crystal Star
    there.  But, his years of adventure had taken its toll on the Koopa warrior, and
    he was defeated by the dread pirate king, Cortez.  The curse affected him
    immediately, trapping him within an inescapable chest just like the others where
    he stood.  Cortez knew not the strength of the Crystal Star, and so it was lost
    amongst his mounds of treasure...
                          |    The Toad Hero's Final Days    |
    The Toad continued to scour the world to find a place to hide the final Crystal
    Star.  But his fate was inescapable, and he eventually fell ill as he continued.
    Collapsed, a healer came upon his body.  The Toad asked the healer to hide the
    star where no one would find it, and to this day its location is unknown.  The
    Toad was claimed by the curse shortly afterward.
                              |    All Becomes Legend    |
    The demon still evoked fear, and many refused to come near the ruins of the city
    that it was contained beneath.  But, over time, the people forgot the terrors of
    the demon and the times of old, and the city became a haven for the crooked and
    the poor.  It became a harbor called Rogueport, and rumors started by the greedy
    scum told of insurmountable treasures lying beyond the sealed door in the depths
    of the old city.  But, they were unaware that beyond those doors slept an
    ancient demon waiting to be resurrected...
                               |    The Magical Map    |
    The heroes knew that the seal could not last forever.  Before they met their
    individual dooms, they provided a method for obtaining the hidden Crystal Stars
    so that someone in the future could finally slay the demon that they could not.
    They created a map that would lead its user to the Crystal Stars.  But, to
    prevent the forces of evil or the lingering servants of the imprisoned demon
    from finding the map, they placed it within a box that only the purest of souls
    could open...
    Of course, there's much to comment on.  If you've beaten the game, you know who
    the demon they refer to is.  Furthermore, having beaten the game you will know
    who its servants are.  This explains the origins of the sibling dragons,
    Hooktail, Gloomtail, and Bonetail, and the young Toad hero probably had a voice
    that resembled the sound of a cricket (which he used to overpower Hooktail.  Or,
    this could be the source of Hooktail's fear of crickets).  It shows how the
    Crystal Stars appeared, and where those black chests come from.  You'd think the
    spirits in the chest would be wiser, but I guess being locked in a chest for
    almost 1000 years drives you mad.  It explains how the Punies got their sweet
    digs, and it explains one other thing, very loosely.  Here's my theory:
    In "The Toad Here's Final Days," they make reference to a healer who takes the
    Crystal Star from him.  I think that this is a reference to Merlar, the ancient
    ancestor of Merlon, whose spirit Mario meets guarding a Crystal Star in the
    original Paper Mario.  Merlar took the Crystal Star and hid it within a shrine
    beneath the Crystal Palace in the Shiver Region of the Mushroom Kingdom.
    Centuries later, Mario used the Crystal Star to create a stairway to the Crystal
    Palace so that he could rescue the seventh Star Spirit and thus penetrate
    Bowser's Star Rod's magic (in Paper Mario).  Mario left the Crystal Star in an
    altar and then climbed the stairs to the palace.  But, later on, Kolorado and
    Mario's former partner Kooper decided to excavate the Crystal Palace.  On their
    way, they must've found the Crystal Star.  Kolorado most likely sent it to a
    museum, Poshley Sanctum.  And that is how I think Pennington came into the
    possession of the last Crystal Star.  So, if Bowser had not kidnapped Peach in
    Paper Mario, then the Crystal Star would still be under Merlar's watchful eye.
    This is both a good and bad thing; the X-Nauts wouldn't find it, but the demon
    would eventually break the seal on its own.
    Anyways, these are the tales of Grifty.  I think these are great stories, second
    only to Super Luigi, because they explain so much about the background of the
    Crystal Stars and other odd in-game elements.
    =============================The Glitzville Glitch*=============================
    After you've cleared Chapter 3 you can return to Glitzville.  Once there talk to
    the doorman and he'll lead you to Jolene.  You can renew your old fighting days
    as the Great Gonzales!  However, someone erased your data, so you must start
    over from the bottom.  This becomes a really handy tool.  For one, you get tons
    of coins for winning.  Once you reach Rawk Hawk, just keep winning for 20 coins
    a pop.  But not only that, there must be an easy way to earn lots of experience
    points, too.  Well, because of the way the game works, once you advance beyond a
    certain point, enemies past that point give one Star Point.  Once you beat the
    game, almost everybody gives one Star Point.  Well, bosses, no matter how weak
    they are, always give more Star Points.  And Rawk Hawk just happens to be the
    only boss you can and fight again and again and again.  Besides, beating the
    opponents up to him should be no trouble at all.  Eventually, though, you'll
    work him down to lower Star Points.  Feel the RAWK!
    ================================Easy Experience*================================
    I'm always on the lookout for easy ways to make experience points and I think
    I've found one.  However, you're going to have to have Art Attack in your
    arsenal, or another attack that does at least 15 damage in one move to a one-
    defense enemy.  Go to the Twilight Trail.  Go to where you first see a Dayzee
    enemy.  If it is gold, stick around.  If it's not, run back and forth (reenter
    the screen without battling).  Gold Dayzees are called Amazy Dayzees, and they
    have 20 HP, 20 Attack, and one defense.
    Sounds pretty extreme, but they usually run away.  That's why you must win on
    the first turn.  To more easily find the Amazy Dayzee, go to the second screen
    where you can find a Dayzee (not engaging any) and run back and forth the
    screens, scooping out the color.  You might even use Yoshi to pass the time more
    quickly.  Once you actually engage the Dayzee, use Mario's Art Attack five times
    (it should be easy since it is so small).  Then, use Bobbery or Flurrie to take
    out the remaining HP.  This may be easy experience, but it is hard to do
    (considering how long it takes to track one of these).
    The other method is much faster.  Assuming you get 1 Star Point for defeating an
    easy enemy - like the Bullet Bill.  Go to Pirate's Grotto and fight the Bullet
    Bills without destroying the cannon.  100 times makes a level-up.  This is also
    pretty tedious.  The really best way to accumulate Star Points is by fighting
    stronger enemies.  The Pit of 100 Trials has a plethora of different-ranged
    enemies.  One floor must yield good Star Points for you.  If not, you're a pro
    and you don't really need to level-up.
    For those who are acronym-challenged, FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions.
    If I get a question from everybody and their brother three times a day (which
    hasn't happened yet, for some reason), I can answer them here.  Or if there's a
    good question that hardly nobody asks me, I can write it here.  Let the
    interrogations commence!
    Question: Why won't the mayor of Fahr Outpost activate the cannon?  He just
    talks about the weather!
    Answer: You must follow the guide to the letter.  First, you must have already
    seen Frankly and gotten the location of the Crystal Star marked on your map.
    Then, and only then, can you get the mayor to activate the cannon (also, you
    must have Bobbery as your partner).
    Question: Where is Pungent's Shop located?
    Answer: It is quite cleverly hidden in the Great Tree.  Get to the room in the
    Great Tree with the winding path above a lower floor.  The area below the
    winding path has a Save Block in it, as well as a Star Piece behind a shrub.  If
    you use Flurrie to blow the left wall away, you'll create a door to the shop.
    Question: Paper Mario?  I don't get it.  What's the joke?
    Answer: Paper Mario isn't a joke.  The game is 2-D and the creators probably
    thought of paper.  Now, let's face it.  We live in a hugely biased world when it
    comes to video games.  It always seems like games with ultra-good graphics sell
    the best, and if you ask around that's what a lot of people say they look for.
    Well, Paper Mario may be paper, and thus not have more-realistic-than-real-life
    graphics, but the paper style brings something else to the table.  The artists
    can really express emotions, ideas, etc. in ways that they can't in a 3-D game,
    and there are many aspects of the game that manipulate Mario's paper form.  So
    to answer your question, Paper Mario isn't a joke, it's clever.
    Question: I missed a tattle!  How do I get it back?
    Answer: Reset your game.  No, just kidding.  In reality, you cannot miss a
    tattle.  Every single one is laid out to you on a silver platter.  If you don't
    tattle on a one-time-only enemy, like Hooktail, for instance, you can still get
    the info.  Go to Frankly's house and look in the garbage can.  Frankly is a very
    strange Goomba.
    Question: How am I supposed to beat the Armored Harriers?
    Answer: Look at the guide and you'll see the answer.  But if you don't want to,
    I can say right here that you need the fourth partner to beat them.  To improve
    your reading and absorption skills, however, you'll have to read the guide and
    find out.
    Question: What's behind the Thousand-Year Door?
    Answer: Really, this is one of the best parts of the plot.  I could tell you,
    but it would totally ruin the entire storyline for you.  Really, it makes you
    wonder why Vivian never said anything.  Anyways, you can skim through the guide
    and spoil it, but I'm not supposed to spoil it for everyone else.  Of course,
    reading the various sections of the guide, like the Tattle Log, it's pretty much
    a dead giveaway.
    Question: How do you face the Atomic Boo?
    Answer: I didn't cover that in the guide because it's an extra boss and you're
    conserving HP.  Atomic Boo is the first of the two optional bosses.  To fight
    Atomic Boo, enter the first room of the Creepy Steeple after releasing all the
    Boos.  They'll be swarming around all over you.  Use Super Hammer to knock them
    off and they all form into one big Boo, Atomic Boo.  It is a really easy fight,
    though.  And you get the Lucky Start badge for winning.
    Question: A green rat in the harbor of Rogueport wants me to give him 100 coins.
    Should I do it?
    Answer: If you have the coins, then go for it.  Lumpy, a Ratooey, will spend the
    money on going to Dry Dry Desert where he strikes it rich when he finds oil.
    He'll thank you with 300 coins.  A good investment, no?
    Question: You do know that the conditions in the Glitz Pit are random, right?
    Answer: Well I know now!  I get tons of e-mail about this.  Yes, this is quite
    true, but I at the time I wrote it I wasn't aware of this.  So, to preserve the
    original content of version 1.0, I'm not touching it.  Of course, the condition
    for fighting Rawk Hawk is always the same - use one special.
    Question: My Yoshi is red!  Is there a problem with my game?
    Answer: Traditionally, Yoshi is green.  However, the time you take from getting
    the egg to letting it hatch determines the color of your Yoshi.  Green is a very
    common color.
    Question: So what colors are there?
    Answer: Yoshi comes in a variety of colors.  You can get him in green, white,
    black, red, blue, orange, and pink.  In Yoshi's debut game, Super Mario World,
    depending on what color Yoshi was, when he swallowed a Koopa shell it had a
    different effect.  My favorite was always blue, because then Yoshi could fly for
    a short time.  Anyways, save right before you get the Yoshi egg and go do the
    process of running away from the Armored Harriers.  Wait for different lengths
    of time, varying from below one minute to above six minutes (in one-minute
    increments), and Yoshi's color will be different.
    Question: Who is Yoshi?
    Answer: You're probably new at the whole Mario thing, aren't you?  Yoshi is the
    esteemed stallion of Mario, except he's a green dinosaur.  You probably don't
    know who he is because you can name Yoshi in the game when you first get him as
    your partner.
    Question: How did Grodus live?  I mean, seriously, he got struck be lightning!
    Answer: How did Lord Crump survive being jettisoned into outer space?  Oh, I'm
    sorry; it seems I've answered your question with a question.  Aha ha.  But
    really, this game doesn't emphasize death.  It emphasizes redemption.  Well, not
    really.  I guess you could just say that it would be a tiny bit sad seeing
    Grodus die at the hands of what he worked so hard to revive, even though Grodus
    is a jerk to the third degree.
    Question: Can you get any old partners in the game?
    Answer: Nope, but you can see a few.  Peach is one (she was a partner in Super
    Mario RPG), as well as Bow.  Bow can be seen in Poshley Heights with Bootler
    after you've finished the game.  It's pretty neat-o.  And, a Paratroopa flies in
    at the beginning of the game to deliver a letter.  Personally, I think this is a
    cameo of Parakarry, a mailman from Paper Mario, but the shells are different
    colors.  Oh well...
    Question: What should I upgrade: BP, FP, or HP?
    Answer: HP seems like the least desirable by the description.  "Great if you
    lack self-confidence."  But in fact, HP should be upgraded the most.  At first,
    keep upgrading your HP until you have around 20.  That shouldn't take long.
    Then upgrade HP, the next level FP, HP, the next level BP, and so on.  FP is the
    least-needed of the three upgrades.  When you're FP is at 30 or 40, don't touch
    it.  You hardly ever go through so many battles without recovering FP that you'd
    need more than that.  As for BP, I keep it around 50.  Note that I'm in the
    Level 30's.  BP is very useful, but it is not quite so as HP.  HP is the best
    because it's the only thing that can prevent a Game Over.
    Question: What are the shortcuts you keep talking about in the walkthrough?
    Answer: There are four shortcuts in the game that you'll eventually "unlock".
    They lead to Petalburg, the Great Tree, Keelhaul Key, and Poshley Heights.  It
    saves you quite a bit of time.  To reach them, take the East Side entrance into
    Rogueport Sewers and go down the first pipe to the right.  In here take the
    stairs down and go left through the door.  Break the block here and take the
    lift up to the blue pipes.  If you go left again you see another block that can
    be broken later on to lead to blue pipes.  I highly recommend you use these
    Question: What's the name of that one ghost-guy?
    Answer: I don't know why people do this!  The answer is written in the guide in
    plain English!  His name is Doopliss.  You're missing The Letter "p" at first so
    you have to return to Creepy Steeple.  Read the guide; that's why it's there.
    Question: What paper forms are there?
    Answer: There's Plane Mode, Paper Mode, Tube Mode, and Boat Mode.  Feel the
    Question: What little Mario Easter eggs are there?
    Answer: Definition: Easter Egg (videogame terminology 101): A hidden element,
    component, or secret is a video game which correlates to an earlier game of the
    same nature.  In other words, an Easter Egg is something that is cleverly hidden
    in the game that relates to an earlier one.  This game has way too many to count.
    Let's give it a shot (excluding all Paper Mario/Super Mario RPG elements because
    they are truly countless).  In the X-Naut Fortress if you go in the dressing
    room and come out you're the 2-D pixilated Mario.  With the L and W Emblem
    badges you can change your clothes to Luigi's, Wario's, or Waluigi's.  There are
    many old school Mario enemies and items.  In Glitzville, the Hammer Bro says
    that his hammer is that of his grandpa in world 7-1.  Bowser's events often
    parody the first Super Mario Bros.  Jumpman, a badge, is the original name of
    Mario from Donkey Kong.  Toadette, a racer from Mario Kart: Double Dash is in
    the game.  Shy Guys are sometimes in the audience.  Yoshi is in this game.
    Luigi gets partners.  Mario has a hammer.  THEY'RE ENDLESS!  I'd say more of
    them, but I'm afraid your computer would take hours to load such a huge document.
    Oh yeah.  In Poshley Heights many penguins make reference to Shiver City.
    Question: Do you have to do the recipes and tattles?
    Answer: No.  That's just optional.  Just about everything in Section 3 is
    optional stuff, but most of it helps you out a bunch.
    Question: Isn't Pennington the name of a character in some Hercule Poirot book?
    Answer: Yes.  Pennington, who is a sleuthing penguin in this game, is a
    character in the Agatha Christie novel "Death on the Nile."  Pennington was the
    trustee of Linnet Ridgeway.  Man I hated that book.  But while we're on the
    subject of Pennington, he also says "rudimentary, my dear Luigi," a lot.  That's
    supposed to be a take on Sherlock Holmes always saying "elementary, my dear
    Watson."  Of course, Sherlock Holmes didn't say it that often.  More often he
    said, "it is simplicity itself."
    Question: How many versions of this guide are there?
    Answer: Three, so far.  First, I made the walkthrough and I finished the
    majority of the guide, on October 10, 2004.  On November 7, 2004, I made a big
    update (Version 1.1) that completed all the incomplete sections of my guide.
    After a long time, I decided to reformat the guide, add a strategy for Smorg
    from a reader, and add two new sections about the back story of the game (about
    Lumpy and Grifty).  I also added the Cast of Characters to the "Plot" section
    for this update.  This all happened on June 20, 2005.  Yes, it's been a while,
    but it has been fun refreshing my memory of everything in this game.  Now you
    have Version 1.2.  I also added a few questions to the FAQ about Lumpy,
    Pungent's Shop, and getting the cannon in Fahr Outpost to work.
    Question: Can I use your walkthrough on my website?
    Answer: NO! NO!  NEVER!  Why, you ask.  It is very convenient for me to use
    GameFaqs.  If I were to use your website and others I'd have to update my guide
    on every one of those sites every time.  If you didn't get around to updating my
    guide I'd get lots of e-mail that was already answered.  Also, it is a crime to
    do so as this is copyrighted.  Don't do it.
    Question: What other guides have you written?
    Answer: One for (in this order) The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures,
    Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and 1, Sonic Heroes, Mario
    Kart: Double Dash, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, The Legend of Zelda:
    Ocarina of Time/Master Quest, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Super Smash
    Bros. Melee, The Legend of Zelda: Adventure of Link, this one, and The Legend of
    Zelda.  I wrote that last one between the update for version 1.0 of this guide
    and 1.1 for this guide.  For an up-to-date list of what guides I have (as of the
    June 20, 2005 update, I have accumulated many more guides.  The link is below:
    Question: How can I contact you?
    Answer: Obviously I made up this question.  If you want to ask a question, e-
    mail me at kirby0215@aol.com.  Please put "Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door"
    in the subject line of the e-mail.  Also, try to spell things correctly and
    punctuate so that it's just a bit easier to read.  Don't send me Spam, chain
    letters, flames, "tags", etc., and I do NOT accept IM?s.  Please follow these
    rules to get the most help out of me as possible.  That would be much
    And so 20 questions ends.  Now you can read the best part of the guide, the
    Legal Information section!  I am so ecstatic right now.  I love reading the
    legal section almost as much as I love reading the ingredients to tofu-based
      /                                                                          \
     /                                                                            \
    ||--------------------------------Section 4*----------------------------------||
     \                                                                            /
    Credits and Legal Information*
    It's time for the credits in another wonderful, fun-filled legal section.
                                   |    Credits    |
    First, I'd like to thank myself for playing the game, writing the walkthrough,
    and so on.  The man!  The myth!  The legend!
    Second, I'd like to thank Nintendo for not only making this game, but also for
    including that health hazard notice at the start.  Nintendo is saving lives.
    Also, thanks a bunch to GameFaqs.com for hosting my guide.  Let me just say here
    and now that NO OTHER SITES CAN HOST THIS GUIDE but GameFaqs.com.
    Now recently the following people have helped me out.  Here's who and what they
    Cheeseperson91, who sent in a strategy for defeating Smorg that works on most
    Shadowgirl_24, for sending me a strategy on defeating the Shadow Queen easily.
    spacepope4u, a contributor here at GameFaqs.  His Mario Series Character Guide
    is a must-read if you're a Mario/Wario/Yoshi/Donkey Kong fan, and it's chockfull
    of hilarious bios and facts you probably didn't know.  I learned a bit (which I
    then passed on to you through my character bios) from his guide; thanks for all
    the information and hard work!
    That's it for now but I'm sure it will grow.  Now, for the part everyone's been
    waiting for, the legal section!
                                |    Legal Section    |
    First off, this document is Copyright 2004-2005 Brian McPhee.
    Second, this may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
    site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
    of copyright.
    Third, I take no credit in making this game at all in any way you'd like to
    define it.  That honor goes to Nintendo.  To put this legally.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Let me just make it clear that nobody can use this walkthrough save GameFaqs
    exclusively.  Don't even waste your breath asking.
    Well, this has been a blast for me.  Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
    reminded me what pure fun was all about, what video games look like when they
    aim for perfection to such a degree.  I can safely say that this was another
    well-made Mario game.  Look out, readers, for my guide!  Who knows what game it
    will be for next?  I'm not even completely sure.  So, usually I end with my
    catch phrase, but this time, something different.  See you later.  Nah, let's
    stick to the classics.  See ya later.

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