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    Pit of 100 Trials FAQ by noz3r0

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    Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
    Pit of 100 Trials FAQ By: MysticalMoon
    Email: mystical_moon@comcast.net
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    Copyright 2004 MysticalMoon
    Version 1.0
    Pit of 100 Trials -
      What is the Pit of 100 Trials you ask, it's a dangerous dungeon with 100
    floors. Inside it are enemies that you see throughout the game but some enemies
    are only in this pit, these enemies are marked with a "*" after their name. The
    Pit of 100 Trials is hard depending on when you do it and what badges you have
    equipped, but the rewards are great. Every 10 floors is an item that you receive
    for conquering the previous levels.
    The Mover -
      The Mover is a little critter that knows secret passages through the Pit of
    100 Trials. He appears on random floors and asks if you wish to skip a few
    floors, for a cost ofcourse. 
    Charlieton -
      Charlieton appears on every 10th floor after 10, so 20, 30, 40, etc... He
    sells items for an inflated price but when you need to heal and bad you sure
    won't mind his prices.
    The Strategy -
      Come in prepared, a Life Shroom or two could help if you're not too confident
    in your battling abilities. Ultra Shrooms and Jammin' Jellies (or Jelly Ultras
    which are even better) are prefered since the lower levels will start to wear
    you down. Equip defensive badges for the most part or badges that help your
    attack power without hurting something else. A few suggestions are the All or
    Nothing, Spike Shield, Pretty Lucky, and Feeling Fine Badges -- try to make sure
    you have these on or atleast some of them. The Unsimplifier Badge is helpful for
    those who can time Action Commands very well since it will reward them with nice
    Star Power return and since the All or Nothing Badge is probably equipped as
    well it's almost common sense to equip the Unsimplifier Badge. Other badges that
    help as well are the Lucky Start Badge and Flower Saver Badge.
      When you feel prepared to take on the pit, head to the Thousand-Year Door room
    and use the spring, then the Airplane Panel to fly over to it.
    Note: All floors consist of 5 various enemies.
    Floors 1-9 \_________________________________________
    Enemies: Gloomba*, Spinia, Spania, Dull Bones, Fuzzy |
      To get through these floors just use things like Fiery Jinx and Multibounce,
    they hit all enemies and should make it easy to take all enemies out in one
    Floor 10 \________________
    Items: Sleepy Stomp Badge |
    Floors 11-19 \________________________________________
    Enemies: Paragloomba*, Pokey, Cleft, Dark Puff, Pider |
      These floors are still relatively easy so using Vivian again isn't a bad idea
    for now. Have Mario Jump on enemies that rise to the air and then have your
    partner finish the ground enemies off, Bobbery helps for that.
    Floor 20 \______________
    Items: Fire Drive Badge |
    Floors 21-29 \__________________________________________
    Enemies: Spiked Gloomba*, Bandit*, Lakitu, Bob-omb, Boo |
      The enemies start to gain more HP now so using FP consuming attacks should
    become regular. If you have the Flower Saver Badge on it should start to help
    and if you get a Lucky! that recovers FP take advantage of it.
    Floor 30 \___________
    Items: Zap Tap Badge |
    Floors 31-39 \__________________________________________________________
    Enemies: Dark Koopa*, Flower Fuzzy, Shady Koopa, Hyper Cleft, Parabuzzy |
      Equip your new badge, Zap Tap and march proudly into battle. The enemies here
    are really vulnerable to being flipped so use Quake Hammer or Bobbery to flip
    them relatively fast, then pound them while they are immobile and useless.
    Floor 40 \_______________
    Items: Pity Flower Badge |
    Floors 41-49 \______________________________________________________
    Enemies: Dark Paratroopa*, Bulky Bob-omb, Poison Pokey, Lava Bubble |
             Spiked Parabuzzy                                           |
      These enemies all pose a different kind of status inducing threat except the
    Spiked Parabuzzy which is a handful itself, so make sure the Feeling Fine Badges
    are equipped to prevent further HP loss. As for the Bulky Bob-omb and the Spiked
    Parabuzzy, use Power Smash on them to do a decent amount of damage or better yet
    Piercing Blow to get through the tought defense.
    Floor 50 \__________
    Items: Strange Sack |
    Floors 51-59 \_____________________________________________________
    Enemies: Badge Bandit*, Ice Puff, Moon Cleft, Dark Boo, Red Chomp* |
      The enemies here are just annoying and need to be taken out in the first or
    second turn or else the battle will linger on. Do what is necessary to wipe them
    out fast, use Piercing Blow on the Red Chomps to take them out in one turn.
    Floor 60 \______________
    Items: Double Dip Badge |
    Floors 61-69 \____________________________________________________________
    Enemies: Dark Lakitu*, Dark Wizzerd*, Dark Craw, Dry Bones, Frost Pirahna |
      All of these enemies have high attack power so either take it to them hard or
    change badges for this section to help out the defense. Defense Plus or Damage
    Dodge Badges help out well for this section, don't be afraid to use Specials to
    take these guys out because having high HP is the main concern.
    Floor 70 \________________
    Items: Double Dip P Badge |
    Floors 71-79 \_________________________________________________________
    Enemies: Wizzerd, Dark Koopatrol, Phantom Ember, Swoopula, Chain Chomp |
      By now you should be gaining decent Star Points per battle so start unloading
    if you know a level up is near. Otherwise, stick to the enemies weaknesses so
    that you can take them out quickly. Ice attacks take out the Phantom Ember, the
    Wizzerds fall victim to a Power Smash and a partner attack easily, Chain Chomps
    can die from a Piercing Blow, and the Swoopula and Dark Koopatrol fall victim to
    the Jump attacks.
    Floor 80 \_______________
    Items: Bump Attack Badge |
    Floors 81-89 \___________________________________________
    Enemies: Spunia, Dark Bristle*, Arantula*, Pirahna Plant |
      Enemies here have a lot of HP and defense, rely on Piercing Blow or Specials
    to take these enemies out. The upside to these floors are the Pirahna Plants
    that are taken out in a single blow, so hope you get a bunch of them.
    Floor 90 \_____________
    Items: Lucky Day Badge |
    Floors 91-99 \___________________________________________________________
    Enemies: Elite Wizzerd*, Poison Puff*, Bob-ulk*, Swampire*, Amazy Dayzee |
      The hardest floors in the dungeon are here, even the battle ahead isn't as
    difficult as these battles. The Feeling Fine Badges really help here and maybe
    using the Jumpman and Power Bounce Badges isn't a bad idea either. Strengthen a
    certain attack and use it through out these floors, be sure to use Supernova
    when ever possible since you'll be regaining Star Power really fast since the
    enemies are difficult. If you run into an Amazy Dayzee be sure to kill it on the
    first turn, do what ever it takes because they reap a large amount of Star
    Points and should help to level up and recover.
    Floor 100 \_________________
    Enemies: Bonetail*          |
    Items: Return Postage Badge |
      So you've made it this far to fight a boss that has stats better than even the
    final boss in the game, congratulations. Now you need to beat this menace and
    the ultimate prize. Make sure you have all the badges you need on (see above for
    suggestions) and enter battle.
    Boss: Bonetail \_______________________________________________________________
    HP: 200                                                                        |
    Attack: 8                                                                      |
    Defense: 2                                                                     |
    Attacks: Poison Breath, Chomp, Stomp, Charge, Unleashing                       |
    Strategy: Bonetail acts much like Gloomtail in the same sense that he can be   |
              confused, uses the same attacks, and is pretty hard if you don't know|
              what to do. Start the battle off by using the Power Lift Special,    |
              this will allow you to do a nice amount of damage for 3 turns and    |
              really get the ball rolling. For the next 3 turns stick to Piercing  |
              Blow attacks with Mario and have Bobbery use his normal attack. The  |
              combination should result in about 50-60 damage after a few turns. If|
              your health is high repeat this, if not, heal with Sweet Feast or an |
              Ultra Shroom. When Bonetail begins to Charge, bring out Vivian so you|
              can use Veil and dodge the brutal attack. Keep Vivian out if Bobbery |
              is low on HP and burn Bonetail to start wittling away at his HP. If  |
              you can use Soft Stomp on Bonetail, power up Mario and use a Power   |
              Bounce attack to deal a decent amount of damage. Try to negate this  |
              monsters defense at all costs and heal when ever your HP is below 15.|
              If you have a Life Shroom, don't be afraid of dying and just go all  |
              out on Bonetail until your Life Shrooms are depleted.                |
      After you defeat Bonetail take open the chest for the Return Postage Badge
    and take the warp pipe out of the pit. Congratulations on completing a long and
    tiring quest!
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