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    Pianta Parlor FAQ by ChainChomp

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    			 Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
    				Pianta Parlor FAQ
    	           A FAQ, and Walkthrough for the Pianta Parlor
    			   Copyright Michiel de Groot
    1. Table of Contents
    1. Table of Contents
    2. What is the Pianta Parlor?
    3. The Games
    3a. The Slots
    3b. Plane Game
    3c. Paper Game
    3d. Tube Game
    3e. Boat Game
    4. Trade in Winnings
    5. People in the Pianta Parlor
    6. FAQ
    7. Legal Disclaimer
    2. What is the Pianta Parlor?
    The Pianta Parlor is the Game House in the west part of Rougeport.
    It is next to the Western Side Goods Shop, and left of the road. 
    You can easily see it because there is a Pianta (a yellow guy with
    a leafskirt, and in Paper Mario he has got a hat and sunglasses)
    outside and the name "Pianta Parlor" is above the door. 
    In the Pianta Parlor itself, you can play several games, like a
    normal slots game. You can also play with each paper curse. 
    In the Pianta Parlor, you can get some items and badges that you
    can't get anywhere but there.
    3. The Games
    These are the Games you can play. For each except the Slots, you'll
    need to get Cards through troubles in the Trouble House.
    You can get Pianta's at the big Pianta in the middle of the Parlor.
    They cost 3 coins each.
    3a. the Slots.
    Where: 		At the right of the Pianta Parlor, between the High Score
    		GameBoy and the Lahla cage.
    How to Unlock: 	Unlocked at start
    To Play: 	1 Pianta
    Rules: 		Just match up three of the same picture, A Pianta head, a
    		Starman, and a 7.
    Tips/Tricks: 	None. It's just luck.
    3b. Plane Game
    Where: 		Talk to Lahla
    How to Unlock: 	Do the Trouble of Koopook "Try to find me!". He is hidden
    		in Hooktail Castle.Go to Hooktail Castle, in the room with 
    		a kind of bridge at the top of the 
    		room. Use the big block to go up and look at the left while 
    		you're going up.
    		You'll see a Koopa on a ledge at the left. Once on the bridge 
    		above, go left 
    		and drop down below on the ledge with the Koopa. Talk to him 
    		to get a Special Card as a reward. 
    To Play: 	10 Piantas
    Rules: 		In Plane Mode, get as far as you can. There are minus and 
    		double  tiles which increase or decrease your Piantas if
    		you land on them. (Just plane easy -.-)
    Tips/Tricks:	Please. Don't go for the Piantas floating in the air. Keep
    		tilting the control stick to the left and you´ll go very far.
    		It will cost some time, but then you can get over the 400m
    		easily. And of course, try to land on a x2 or x3 tile.
    3c. Paper Game
    Where:		Talk to Lahla
    How to Unlock: 	Take Trouble "Help my daddy!" of Pine T Jr.
    		Go to the Rogueport sewers, in the Pit of 100 Trials (at the left of the
    		Thousand-Years door) and talk to Pine T. Jr. He'll ask you to find his dad.
    		Go in the pipe to enter the Pit and reach the 18th level. There you should 
    		find Pine T. Jr's dad. Talk to him, then enter the next pipe and in the
    		next level should be a guy who'll bring you back to the entrance for 10 coins.
    		Go back to the entrance and talk to Pine T. Jr to receive a Silver Card.
    To Play:	10 Piantas
    Rules:		Just be the first to get over the finish. If you see the
    		fans blowing, immediately press R to go into Paper Mode. 
    		The many, many, many other contestants will do this, too.
    Tips/Tricks:	Always watch the fans. Also, try to push other racers in the 
    		endless doom. Evil. You can also jump over most of the gaps and
    		you can jump while in Paper Mode! If you are placed first, you'll 
    		get really many Piantas..
    3d. Tube Game
    Where:		Talk to Lahla
    How to unlock: 	Take trouble "Important thing" of Frankie.
    		Go to the west part of Rogueport and talk to Frankie the Pianta in the small
    		area with grass and flowers. He'll ask you to find the wedding ring he lost
    		in town. Go to the east part of the town, past the Trouble Center. Stand at
    		the right of the small bridge and use Yoshi to cross over the gap. Pick up
    		the blue ring next to the crates. Bring it back to Frankie to receive the
    		Gold Card.
    To Play:	10 Piantas
    Rules:		Roll in Tube mode so fast as you can to the finish. Don't fall into the
    		endless deep (DON'T!). Get some Piantas if you want to..
    Tips/Tricks:	First, just keep pressing right and press A to jump over the 
                    fences,DO NOT jump when you see the higher fence. 
    		Dodge the lamps. After the bend, take the second row, and keep jumping 
                    and pressing left. This is the most 
    		easy way to get to the small bars. If you did it right, you'll roll easily
    		over the bars. Roll through the Tunnel. If you are fast enough, you can just 
    		roll onto the upper moving platform. Otherwise, wait for the lower one. Roll
    		downhill. If you are lucky, get some Piantas, too. Go through this bend, and
    		jump and roll under the fences again. Then get over the strange hilly thing
    		(just keep pressing up-right and then ONLY right or you'll fall off. Then 
    		roll further for a glorious finish.
    3e. Boat Game
    Where: 		Talk to Lahla
    How to Unlock: 	Take trouble: "I must have that book" of Toodles
    		Go to Poshley Heights and talk to the girl inside the pink house. She'll
    		tell you that Jolene has her magazine and that she wants it back. Go to
    		Glitzville and talk to Jolene to receive the magazine. Go back to Poshley
    		Heights with the magazine and give it to Toodles to receive the Platinum
    		Card as a reward.
    To Play: 	10 Piantas
    Rules:		In Boat mode, dodge the barrels and whirlpools and get as quick as you
    		can to the finish.
    Tips/Tricks:	Try to dodge the barrels first,not very hard. After this,try 
    		make an as small bend as you can. Then dodge the whirlpools. You can be 
    		sunk once, maybe twice, but if you're really unlucky you'll float from one
    		whirlpool to another, which is incredibly irritating. So time well. It's
    		much harder than you would suggest. And the payment is strangely low.
    4. Trade in Winnings.
    Okay, after you've played some games, you can trade them in when you
    talk with Lahla. For what?
    For this: (The items/badges marked with an asterisk are only obtained
    				at the Pianta Parlor)
    Cake Mix*     ---   6 piantas
    Super Shroom  ---  10 piantas
    Maple Syrup   ---  14 piantas
    Jammin' Jelly ---  67 piantas
    Ultra Shroom  ---  67 piantas
    Gold Bar x 3  --- 234 piantas
    Power Rush P  ---  34 piantas    (Badge)
    Power Rush    ---  34 piantas    (Badge)
    Power Smash   ---  34 piantas    (Badge)
    Power Jump    ---  34 piantas    (Badge)
    Refund*       ---  34 piantas    (Badge)
    Super Appeal  ---  34 piantas    (Badge)
    Hammer Throw  ---  50 piantas    (Badge)
    Multibounce   ---  50 piantas    (Badge)
    Quake Hammer  ---  67 piantas    (Badge)
    Tornado Jump  ---  67 piantas    (Badge)
    HP Plus       --- 100 piantas    (Badge)
    FP Plus       --- 100 piantas    (Badge)
    HP Plus P     --- 200 piantas    (Badge)
    Money Money*  --- 234 piantas    (Badge)
    Well, you can get Refund from some enemies in the Pit 100 Trials, but
    that's the only other way.
    5. People in the Pianta Parlor
    Well, the Pianta Parlor is owned by Don Pianta, the boss of the Rogueport
    Mafia, but you don't see him there in the early chapters. After Chapter
    6 (I think), with the Excess Expres, you will see him there. 
    Another important person is Lahla, the Boo behind the bars. You can "unlock"
    something by talking to her: first go through the bars in Paper Mode, and
    then talk to her. If you set High Scores in the games (which just means
    first place..) she'll tell you more about herself, which is pretty fun.
    There's also a mouse next to the Pianta Exchanger, but he just says that
    the Pianta Exchanger is exchanging coins for Piantas. D'oh.
    There is a Goomba, too, which is always trying to get better scores. Pretty
    And then there's the girl Toad, which is a mother of some children, but seems
    to spend her time the whole game in the Parlor. How sad.
    6. FAQ
    7. Legal Disclaimer
    This FAQ is COpyright me. If you have questions or want to post this FAQ
    anywhere, please contact me at kamikazepiloot_@hotmail.com with 
    Pianta Parlor in the subject. 
    Thanks to:
    Don Pianta - for building the Pianta Parlor :P
    Me - wow, that sounds egoistic..
    You - Really, thanks for reading!
    CJAYC - For GameFAQs, again.
    Nintendo - for making the fantastic game Paper Mario!
    Intellegent Systems - Well, see above.

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