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    Grifty's Tales FAQ by Ivix

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    The Tales of Grifty
    ©2004 by Ivix (Greg Zwaagstra)
                                        ~==~Table of Contents~==~
    1. Introduction
    2. Important Notice
    3. Grifty's Tales:
                 3.1: The Fearsome Demon
                 3.2: The Crystal Stars
                 3.3: Dragons and Dungeons
                 3.4: The Hero Who Arose
                 3.5: The Wise Goomba
                 3.6: The Stalwart Koopa
                 3.7: The Four Heroes
                 3.8: The Duel With the Demon
                 3.9: The Demon Sealed Within
                 3.10: The Demon's Curse
                 3.11: The Great Tree and Punies
                 3.12: The Boo Heroine's Last Days
                 3.13: The Pirate King Cortez
                 3.14: The Demon Sealed Within
                 3.15: All Becomes Legend 
                 3.16: The Magical Map
    4. Thank You
    On the east side of the town of Rogueport, there is a man standing on a roof.  
    His name is  Grifty, and to paraphrase Goombella's description, he is a 
    rooftop-minstrel kind of guy.  For the small fee of five coins, he will spin 
    you a tale.  They are all stories heard on the streets of Rogueport about the 
    history of the city and the world in general.  There are quite a few tales 
    and to hear them all could cost a fair amount of coins.  Fear not, for I have 
    spent the coins for you! Listed below, are the exact accounts of the tales 
    Grifty told me, word for word.  I made a transcript of the stories he told me 
    and posted them here for you to read, to learn, and to enjoy.
    This is the first guide I have made, and I pray that it will delight you, 
    as you delve deeper into the history of Rogueport and the evil that befell 
    it a thousand years ago.
                              ~==~Important Notice~==~
    Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door is the intellectual property of Nintendo 
    and Intelligent Systems.  This guide is the intellectual property of me, Greg 
    Zwaagstra.  This guide can be reproduced in whole or in part on 
    www.gamefaqs.com.  If you wish to have this guide or any part on your website 
    or in any other form, you may by simply by asking my permission and giving me 
    credit.  You may contact me through e-mail at the following address: 
                                ~==~Grifty's Tales~==~
    3.1 The Fearsome Demon
    Ages ago, a city flourished here in peace in splendor, but it was destroyed in 
    a single day by a demon from the dark beyond.  Historians claim a great 
    calamity befell the city, but nay... 'twas a demon.  The city sank below 
    ground, and one-quarter of the old city became the demon's den. This demon 
    put fear into the hearts of all men and sent out minions to take the land.  
    And its den, its palace, grew rich with the treasures stolen from all 
    over the world.
    3.2 The Crystal Stars
    In order to increase its already formidable power the demon created Crystal 
    Stars to hold the essence of the heavens.  One of these stars was placed 
    in each country to exert the demon's influence.  One of the castles built 
    to contain these stars still stands near Petal Meadows.
    3.3 Dragons and Dungeons
    The demon built a dungeon near its palace and filled it with terrifying 
    monsters.  All those who fell into disfavor were thrown into this dungeon to 
    rot.  Yea, and the demon also had three dragon pets: Hooktail, Gloomtail, 
    and Bonetail.  These dragons flew across the land, spreading fear and sorrow 
    over all.  Even now, the mere mention of a dragon is enough to give some 
    the terrors...
    3.4 The Hero Who Arose
    One day, there came a hero who could vanquish the fell demon. The young Toad 
    from Petal Meadows was strong of arm, but shy of voice.  All those around 
    the boy teased him endlessly about the way he spoke.  But when the demon 
    cast his fearful gaze across the lands and reached out, the young Toad used 
    and strength and honor to defend his people and he became a hero to all, 
    despite his odd voice.
    3.5 The Wise Goomba
    There was a wise Goomba from Boggly Woods gifted in knowledge of the world.  
    When beasts rose to take the woods, this knowledge helped the people fight 
    them.  And the Goomba, who knew the way that every monster would attack, 
    she began to think of a way to banish all monsters from the land...
    3.6 The Stalwart Koopa
    A Koopa who travelled the world alone learned of the darkness covering the 
    land.  He went alone wherever evil dwelt and banished it with shell and 
    sheer bravado.  The monsters grew to fear this scar-riddled Koopa who 
    thwarted them at every turn.  But the brave Koopa was finally taken in 
    a trap set for him by the monsters.  But then, a Boo who fought with the 
    monsters came and used her magic to free him.  The brave Koopa's spirit 
    melted the heart of the cold Boo lass...
    3.7 The Four Heroes
    The Boo used her powerful magic to learn more aobut the evil they
    faced.  "We cannot destroy this darkness alone" she decided, her face
    a grim mask.  "We need the Toad hero of Petal Meadows and the wise
    Goomba of Boggly Woods." The Boo's magic drew the four heroes together
    to send the demon from the world.  And so, the four heroes finally set out
    to the Palace of Shadow...
    3.8 The Duel With the Demon
    The power of the world-devouring demon was more powerful than any could
    imagine but the wise Goomba soon realized that this was the power of
    the Crystal Stars.  She thought of a way to take the stars and use them
    against the demon.  She told the other heroes her plan and set it in
    motion, the brave Koopa seized the stars and succeeded in badly damaging
    the demon...
    3.9 The Demon Sealed Within
    But even the brave Koopa's stroke was not enough to end the demon's
    reign.  The Wise Goomba thought of another use for the Crystal Stars
    in that dire hour.  She suggested sealing the demon forever with the
    Crystal Stars.  All agreed.  The heroes matched their strengths with
    the power of the Crystal Stars and they successfully sealed the
    demon's soul within the deepest part of the palace. Together they
    made it out so that only all seven stars could break the seal...
    3.10 The Demon's Curse
    The four heroes thought they had sealed away the demon and all of
    its power, but the demon used a tiny opening before the seal was complete
    to curse them all.  While holding the Crystal Stars, they felt nothing, but
    when they let them go a black box would appear to seal their souls within. The
    four heroes travelled the world, scattering the stars so the seal would remain.
    But the last four stars each carried the curse, which claimed each hero...
    3.11 The Great Tree and Punies
    The hiding places of many of the crystal stars have now faded into legend but
    some say that the wise Goomba hid one in the Great Tree.  At that time, many
    monsters wandered in the nearby Boggly Woods.  The tiny Punies were always
    tormented by their fierce appetites, it was said.  Pitying them, the Goomba
    hollowed out the Great Tree for the Punies to live in.  The Punies were so
    grateful they swore to protect the Crystal Star there...
    3.12 The Boo Heroine's Last Days
    Once the Boo heroine hid her star in a steeple, she was trapped in the nearby
    town.  Some say the Crystal Star lies in that steeple still.
    3.13 The Pirate King Cortez
    The Koopa hero went to a southern isle to hide his star where none would find 
    it.  But the Koopa was so tired from his journey that the pirate Cortez stole 
    it easily.  In that very instant, the Koopa was trapped in an inescapaple chest.
    But Cortez did not realize the power of the star and lost it among his 
    3.14 The Toad Hero's Final Days
    The strong Toad held his star and continued his arduous journey.  But eventually
    the miles took their toll upon him and he collapsed.  A travelling healer 
    happened by and saved his life but the Toad knew his fate was to be trapped in 
    the box when the star was gone.  So he asked the healer to hide the star in a 
    secret place known to no one...
    3.15 All Becomes Legend
    After the demon was sealed within the Palace of Shadow, many refused to come 
    near that place of terror.  But as the years passed, entire generations 
    forgot and the penniless and the immoral began to congregate in this 
    once-barren place.  This place soon became a populous harbor, the town of 
    Rogueport, and some even began to say that the underground city held a 
    legendary treasure.  But they were unaware the demon slept beneath 
    them still...
    3.16 The Magical Map
    The heroes knew the seal might not last forever and they sought to make the 
    Crystal Stars available to one who might need them.  So, before going to 
    their individual dooms, they made a map to all the stars.  And to prevent 
    an evil force from misusing this map they placed it in a box that could 
    only be opened by the pure of heart.
                                      ~==~Thank You~==~
    A special thanks goes out to Intelligent Systems and Nintendo for making such 
    a fantastic game. Also, I would like to thank the American localization team for
    their excellent job.  I have never before experienced so many genuinely funny 
    lines in a video game.  
    Second, thanks go to those of you who took the time to read this guide.  
    I hope you enjoyed it!
    Lastly, a very special thanks goes out to Grifty himself.  Without him, this 
    guide would never have  been created and nobody would know the true, in-depth 
    story to the demon beneath Rogueport, the Crystal Stars, and all of the good 
    people involved in sealing away the demon.  Also, it taught why you come 
    across those spirits in the black chests to gain abilities/curses.  I 
    wonder, why are they so evil and stupid when they were supposed to be so 
    good and wise?  I suppose that comes with being locked away in a chest 
    for a thousand years.
                                                                         - Ivix
    ©2004 by Ivix (Greg Zwaagstra)

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