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    Wonky's Tales FAQ by LightningYoshi

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    Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
    Wonky's Tales FAQ
    By LightningYoshi
    Version 1.0
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    {== Table of Contents ==}
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    I. Version History [HIST]
    II. Introduction [INTR]
    III. Who is Wonky? [WNKY]
    IV. Wonky's Tales [TALE]
    ~ Amazy Dayzees [AMZY]
    ~ Battle Techniques [BATL]
    ~ Behind the Trouble Center [BHND]
    ~ Big Door [TTYD]
    ~ Charmer [CUTE]
    ~ Chet Rippo [CHET]
    ~ Cold Place's Secret [COLD]
    ~ Couple's Cake [CAKE]
    ~ Creepy Steeple's Secret [COIN]
    ~ Final Tale [HERO]
    ~ Finding Star Pieces [ISPY]
    ~ Grubba from Glitzville [GOLD]
    ~ Horsetails [TAIL]
    ~ How to Save Money [GBAR]
    ~ Lahla's Private Life [LIFE]
    ~ Legend of Rogueport [MYTH]
    ~ Lucky Punies [PUNI]
    ~ Minstrel [ROOF]
    ~ Monsters' Weaknesses [WEAK]
    ~ Mysterious Troops [NAUT]
    ~ Mystic Bag [SACK]
    ~ Omelette Plate [EGGY]
    ~ Pianta Parlor [CARD]
    ~ Pirate King Cortez [ARRR]
    ~ Professor Frankly's Garbage [TRSH]
    ~ Secret of Boggly Woods [TREE]
    ~ Southern Isle Secret [JLLY]
    ~ Southern Isle Whacka [BUMP]
    ~ Spin Panels [SPIN]
    ~ Strange Ones [MERL]
    ~ Striking First [FRST]
    ~ The Incident I Saw [GASP]
    ~ Trouble Center [TRBL]
    ~ What's Behind the Sign [SIGN]
    ~ What's Hidden Below [LUCK]
    ~ Yoshi Colors [YSHI]
    ~ Z Button [RWND]
    ~ Zess Dynamite [BOOM]
    ~ Zess T.'s Sister [TYCE]
    V. Contact Info [MAIL]
    VI. Legal Info [LGAL]
    VII. Closing Words [BBYE]
    {== Version History [HIST] ==}
    V 0.90 | 08/13/2010
           - Finished compiling all of Wonky's Tales.
    V 0.94 | 08/27/2010
           - Added more info on hidden items.
           - Finished the Table of Contents and added Closing Words.
    V 0.98 | 08/28/2010
           - Added Pianta Parlor info for Lahla and unlockable items
           - Added more info on the Couple's Cake and Merlee.
    V 1.00 | 09/03/2010
           - Fixed some errors
           - Submitted guide to GameFAQs.
    {== Introduction [INTR] ==}
    Deep within Old Rogueport is Herb T.'s Cola Bar. A few shady characters linger
    inside, one of which is Wonky. This eccentric old man knows the secrets of the
    game. While Grifty the Minstrel sits atop a roof in Rogueport, telling Mario
    all about the secrets of the past, Wonky stays deep underground, telling Mario
    all about the secrets of the present. I transcribed his stories, wrote concise
    explanations, and combined them into this FAQ, exposing and explaining
    Wonky's secrets once and for all. For those who never had the money (or the
    patience) to listen to Wonky, those who didn't quite completely understand
    what he was talking about, or those who want to know more about this amazing
    game - this FAQ has something for nearly everyone.
    {== Who is Wonky? [WNKY] ==}
    Wonky lives in the Rogueport Sewers, spending his days in Herb T.'s Cola Bar.
    For five coins, he will tell Mario a juicy tidbit of information, ranging from
    gossip about the characters Mario will meet along his journey to helpful
    information that will prove absolutely essential in battle. Similar to Grifty,
    Wonky will not charge Mario more than once to hear the same story again. As
    Mario progresses through each chapter, Wonky will have more stories to tell.
    Upon beating the game, Wonky will cycle through the stories randomly.
    Wonky is an egg-shaped character of an unknown species. He wears swirly glasses,
    similar to those worn by Professor Frankly. He's always grinning.
    Wonky can occasionally be seen as a contestant in the Paper Game at the Pianta
    Parlor. In addition to Wonky and Herb T., the Cola Bar is home to a Bandit and
    a pink male Bob-omb who attempts to provide info as well (albeit not very
    useful info.)
    Goombella's tattle of the area Wonky is in:
    "We're down below Rogueport. Folks say these are the ruins of a 1,000-year-old
    town. Even though these buildings are crumbling, some seem safer than those
    above us. The people living here mostly can't show their faces above for one
    reason or another. Some have actually started successful businesses here,
    though! What a hardy bunch! "
    Goombella's tattle of Wonky himself:
    "That's Wonky, the go-to guy for useful info. He looks nuts, but I think his
    tips are OK. Just make sure you get your money's worth... Not that you'll
    know until you pay..."
    What Wonky says when you first talk to him:
    "HOWWWWWWWWDEEEEEEEE!!! My name's Wonky, and I just know stuff! I may not look 
    like much, but I know a thing or two, you'd better believe it! And who knows?
    The stuff I know may even be stuff that could help you! So, if you want to
    ask me a question, just speak up, and ask away!"
    What Wonky says after he tells you everything:
    "Uh huh huh huh huh huh! My apologies, but I told you all the stuff I know.
    Of course, I might learn some new stuff soon, so check back with Wonky!"
    {== Wonky's Tales [TALE] ==}
    And now the moment you've all been waiting for! I present...
    The alphabetical compilation of Wonky's Tales.
    || Amazy Dayzees [AMZY] ||
    "I've heard tales of an Amazy Dayzee, a truly rare breed among Dayzees...
    They're worth oodles of Star Points, but they're timid and tend to run
    away fast. Still, I bet if you kept visiting the same area, you could meet
    one again..."
    (What is Wonky talking about?)
    An Amazy Dayzee is a super-rare enemy that only appears occasionally in a
    battle in Twilight Trail. Rumors abound that keeping a Golden Leaf (only found
    by hitting a tree beside the Creepy Steeple) in your inventory increases the
    chance of encountering an Amazy Dayzee in battle, but no reliable proof
    Amazy Dayzees can also be found in the Pit of 100 Trials, on Floors 91-99,
    with other enemies. Amazy Dayzees have been known to appear in pairs in
    these battles as well.
    Amazy Dayzees look like gold, sparkly Dayzees. They prefer to run as soon as
    possible, but there is still a small chance that they will attack. Amazy
    Dayzees sing, dealing 20 damage to Mario and his party member and usually
    inflicting sleep.
    The Tattle Log entry for Amazy Dayzees, not in-battle:
    "Max HP: 20  Attack: 20  Defense: 1
    A mystical Dayzee that's almost never seen. Since it has such high HP, and
    since it's so quick to run away, this creature is almost impossible to beat."
    || Battle Techniques [BATL] ||
    "I hear the best way to fill your battle crowd up is to succeed at Action
    Commands. Especially when you succeed at several in a row. Hoo! I hear
    THAT'S great! Also, beating enemies quickly and striking first can build
    your crowd, too. That might be good to remember."
    (What is Wonky talking about?)
    Successful Action Commands increases the possibility of more members joining
    your audience. Keep the momentum going! Just keep your audience happy and
    you'll be fine. Wonky is basically reminding you to succeed at Action Commands
    and First Strikes.
    || Behind the Trouble Center [BHND] ||
    "So there's that Trouble Center on Rogueport's east side, right... Well,
    only a few people know about the back entrance to it... Hey, I'm not saying
    there's anything good in there, but it may be worth a look."
    (What is Wonky talking about?)
    After Flurrie joins your party in Chapter 2, you can unlock this secret
    entrance. In East Rogueport, there's a narrow alleyway between Admiral
    Bobbery's house and the Trouble Center. Mario can fit through in Paper
    Mode, which he gets in Chapter 1.
    Using Flurrie's special ability with X on the back wall reveals a door.
    Inside, you will find that a Robbo named Goose operates the Trouble Center.
    Goose requests that Mario keep his identity a secret for his own safety.
    "Whoa! What's the meaning of this? You found my secret way in? Dang...
    Look. A lot of, shall we say, "sketchy" requests get submitted here... So,
    don't tell anyone that we're the ones running the Trouble Center, OK?"
    Goombella's tattle for Goose:
    "That's Goose. Turns out the Trouble Center was being run by him and
    Ishnail's boys. He may look violent, but he's actually an intellectual.
    People surprise you, huh?"
    || Big Door [TTYD] ||
    "Well, you know, there's a really big door down here. I've only seen it
    once myself, but... If there really is some legendary treasure down here,
    it's behind that door... Yeah, when I saw it, I got the feeling there was
    bad stuff going down in there... In fact, I've been too heebie-jeebied to
    get near that door ever since..." 
    (What is Wonky talking about?)
    Why, nothing other than the Thousand-Year Door! The entire game revolves
    around it. The Crystal Stars were used to seal it, but the seal only lasts
    for a thousand years. It's beginning to weaken...
    || Charmer [CUTE] ||
    "You know, there's a charmer named Merlee down here somewhere... If you get
    her to charm you, you'll get good stuff in battle. Not only that, but she's
    a total babe... Ol' Wonky would LOVE to get a date with her! I'm serious.
    You have to check her out sometime."
    (What is Wonky talking about?)
    Merlee is also a Merl (or a Shaman in some circles.) A character named Merlee
    appears in each Mario game. In each game, Merlee is hinted to be the twin
    sister of Merluvlee. In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Merluvlee helps
    Mario find Shine Sprites and Star Pieces using magical cards. However, Merlee
    charms Mario using a magical box. Additionally, Merlee only speaks in rhyme.
    Merlee is located in the Rogueport Sewers directly under East Rogueport. Her
    house is in the background, accessible through a pipe. The more coins Mario
    pays, the more times the spell activates before running out. The spell can
    increase Mario's defense for a turn, increase Mario's attack for a turn,
    double Mario's Star Points at the end of battle, and more.
    There are three types of spells you can purchase. The Cheap Path is 5 coins, 
    and it activates a few times before running out. The Normal Path is 20 coins, 
    and it lasts a bit longer than the Cheap Path. The Special Path is 50 coins, 
    and it lasts thelongest.
    Merlee also submits a trouble to the Trouble Center, "Heartful Cake Recipe..."
    Mario agrees to help her find the recipe for a Heartful Cake. A young Toad
    living in Petalburg, Toce T., happens to know the recipe. Ruin Powder and
    Cake Mix. After Mario provides some Cake Mix from the Pianta Parlor, Merlee is
    able to bake her cake, and Merlee gives him 30 coins.
    || Chet Rippo [CHET] ||
    "There's a weird guy named Chet Rippo who lives down here somewhere. I hear
    he'll lower one stat and raise another for you if you want. And he can even
    power down one of your partners to power up another... He may be spendy, but
    I'm sure it's worth it..."
    (What is Wonky talking about?)
    In this game, Chet Rippo is considered by many to be a Shaman as well,
    despite the fact that his name does not start with Merl-. Origins aside,
    he also lives in the Rogueport Sewers directly under East Rogueport. The pipe
    to his house is accessible once Bobbery joins your party in Chapter 5.
    Chet Rippo does what Wonky says he does - he lowers one of Mario's stats
    and raises another. He can also downgrade a party member in order to upgrade
    another. He's essential in various special runs, as this is the only way to
    lower Mario's max HP down to 5.
    || Cold Place's Secret [COLD] ||
    "There's a pipe down here that leads to a very cold place, ol' Wonky
    hears... And if you jump in front of the tree to the far right of the
    area you come out in... Then you get something nice, supposedly. But you
    won't catch 'ol Wonky out in a chilly place like that, no sir!"
    (What is Wonky talking about?)
    Once you first enter Chapter 7, you'll find yourself in a snowy area. There's 
    a tree right before the next screen. Jumping reveals a hidden block that 
    contains a Double Dip P!
    || Couple's Cake [CAKE] ||
    "You know Zess T., in the square, I'm sure. The girl with the mean cooking
    talent. Well, she's got a secret recipe called the Couple's Cake. Cute name,
    huh? To make it, she needs a Snow Bunny and Spicy Soup... If you bring her
    both, she'll make it, at least that's what ol' Wonky hears. By the way, a
    Snow Bunny is made from a Golden Leaf and an Ice Storm... And Spicy Soup is
    made from a Fire Flower and a Dried Bouquet. Even so, I hear that this
    recipe really reminds her of her late husband... So she doesn't make it
    for just anybody. I wonder how she feels about you?"
    (What is Wonky talking about?)
    He just told you a few recipes. Completing all recipes is considered to be
    part of 100% completion in this game.
    The Couple's Cake slowly heals 2 HP over 10 turns, and it can be created by
    giving Zess T. a Snow Bunny and a Spicy Soup. Snow Bunnies can only be made
    from a Golden Leaf and an Ice Storm. Spicy Soup can be made by cooking just a
    Fire Flower. There are several other combinations for Spicy Soup that can be
    found in the Zess T.'s Cooking Guide. The locations for the items can be found
    in the Item FAQ and the Shopping Guide.
    The Couple's Cake is also the reward for completing the "Looking for a Gal!"
    trouble after Chapter 5. A lonely Goomba in the Pirate's Grotto wants a
    girlfriend, and after Goombella rejects him, he runs away, leaving the 
    Couple's Cake behind.
    Zess T. gains the ability to cook with two items after completing the
    "Seeking legendary book!" trouble after Chapter 4. Zess T. has heard rumors 
    of an amazing cookbook in the Creepy Steeple. After Mario hands it over to 
    Zess T., she hands you a Honey Shroom, evidence of her newfound power over 
    food and explosives alike.
    || Creepy Steeple's Secret [COIN] ||
    "There's a wacky old place called Creepy Steeple somewhere in this land...
    And if you jump on the fourth step from the top, ol' Wonky hears you get
    a good thing. I don't know how useful that is, but hey, it's worth a shot."
    (What is Wonky talking about?)
    There's a hidden block above the steps leading to the front door of the
    Creepy Steeple in Chapter 4. What's in it? A coin. Yup.
    || Final Tale [HERO] ||
    "I heard this one from my ol' grampa... It's a legend about one who will
    come to this town some day in the future. He will come when the sky grows
    dark again... Clothed in red and blue, the hero will bear seven stars and
    face the darkness... I don't know what that's supposed to mean, but I see
    that you wear red and blue. If the hero turned out to be you... Well, I
    guess that would be a bit much, huh?"
    (What is Wonky talking about?)
    Wonky is foretelling the events that will unfold at the end of the game.
    The sky will grow dark, and Mario, our hero in red and blue, will take the
    Crystal Stars and fight a horrific incarnation of darkness. Look deeper
    at this game - it has quite the storyline.
    || Finding Star Pieces [ISPY] ||
    "You've heard of Star Pieces, of course... Yes, they're no less than
    pieces of actual stars that have fallen to earth... They're so pretty
    and shiny that anyone who stumbles on one turns into a collector. If
    you want to find some, just check out all the nooks of each area you visit.
    They always seem to be slightly hidden, know what I mean?"
    (What is Wonky talking about?)
    Star Pieces. They're found in various places, including Spin Panels. The
    only way to retrieve a Star Piece from a Spin Panel is to Spin Jump on the
    ground next to one. Mario gains the ability to Spin Jump in Chapter 2,
    when he finds the Super Boots.
    There are 100 Star Pieces. Star Pieces can be traded to Dazzle for badges.
    Dazzle is in Old Rogueport, directly under Central Rogueport.
    || Grubba from Glitzville [GOLD] ||
    "So about that Grubba in Glitzville... He went from a mediocre fighter
    to the ruler of Glitzville in a matter of years. And there's a rumor that
    it was all because he found a glittering gem somewhere. I don't know what
    kind of stone it was, but it must've been a nice good-luck charm. Then
    again, I heard he hasn't been seen recently around Glitzville, so who knows?"
    (What is Wonky talking about?)
    In Chapter 3, Mario and company face off against the Glitz Pit promoter, 
    Grubba, who had been using the Gold Star to siphon the life-force out of
    fighters, keeping him forever young and buff. Fortunately, Mario was able
    to trounce Grubba, despite a transformation into Macho Grubba.
    || Horsetails [TAIL] ||
    "You've been to Petal Meadows, haven't you? Well, they have those blue-
    and grey-striped poles called Candy Pops all over, right? I heard that
    one of those will give you a Horsetail if you hit it ten times... You
    should go try that out sometime."
    (What is Wonky talking about?)
    In Petal Meadows, two screens west of Petalburg, the first thing Mario sees
    is a little Candy Pop (or a Candy Cane, as I like to call it.) Hitting it
    ten times with a hammer nets you a Horsetail! They restore 3 HP, and Mario 
    can leave and re-enter the area in order to get more. Cooking a Turtley 
    Leaf and a Horsetail nets you a Healthy Salad, which can be combined with a
    Shroom Steak to make one of Zess T.'s most powerful healing items, the Zess
    Deluxe. For more combinations of Horsetails, check out the cooking guide.
    || How to Save Money [GBAR] ||
    "Did you notice that you can only carry up to 999 coins? Well, if you ever
    want to collect more... You should buy Gold Bars at the shop near here...
    And then store them at the shop, where you can convert them back to coins
    anytime. They may sell for slightly less than you buy them for... But it's
    better than losing all the coins you wouldn't be able to pick up, right?"
    (What is Wonky talking about?)
    The shop nearby sells pricey items, including Gold Bars. Gold Bars are an 
    important part of Mario's inventory late in the game. Mario can only hold 
    up to 999 coins, so if you find yourself running out of space, purchase a 
    gold item. A single Gold Bar costs 110 coins, and it sells back for 100 
    coins. A Gold Bar x3 costs 350 coins or 234 Piantas, and it sells back for
    300 coins. (Super Mario Wiki incorrectly states the buying and selling price 
    of Gold Bar x3.) You're basically converting your money into items - capital,
    to some degree. Like Wonky says, there's a small fee involved, but it's better
    than not being able to pick up any more coins.
    || Lahla's Private Life [LIFE] ||
    "You know Lahla, the cute receptionist at the Pianta Parlor? She never gets
    too personal from beyond those iron bars, because it's, like, business...
    But if you get in there and talk with her, she's a totally different person!
    You should get in there and see how good your game is, Mr. Popular!"
    (What is Wonky talking about?)
    Lahla works at the Pianta Parlor - she holds Mario's Piantas for him while 
    he's off saving the Princess, she sells him items, and she grants access to 
    the different games. She's sisters with Peeka, who runs the shop next door
    (under the careful watch of the Pianta Syndicate.)
    Mario can use Paper Mode to slip between the bars and strike up a
    conversation with her. Getting high scores in each of the four mini-games 
    will result in Lahla telling you more about herself.
    I've compiled what she tells you. Afterwards, I realized that this information
    is also available in the Completion FAQ. Oh, well...
    << Initial Conversation >>
    Oh, my! Customers arenít allowed back here!
    What?!? You want to learn a little more about me?
    Well, Iím in charge of the parlor center, silly!
    I know all there is to know about this place, so if you have a question,
    just ask!
    ...You were hoping for more personal information? Uhhh... Ugh! Fine! Whatever...
    Iím eighteen. My favorite food is Honey Shrooms. The rest is a secret.
    If you get a high score in one of the mini-games, maybe Iíll tell you more...
    << One High Score >>
    Oh, my! Customers arenít allowed back here!
    What?!? You got a high score in one of the mini-games?
    Ugh! Fine! Whatever... Um...
    My sister Peeka works in the shop next door, and we get along REALLY well!
    We go shopping together whenever we get a day off. So much FUN, shopping!
    Peeka likes jewelry and bags and things, but those donít interest me at all.
    I guess maybe I could use a little more flair in my outfits, though...
    OK! Thatís enough.
    Maybe Iíll tell you more if you get another high score.
    << Two High Scores >>
    Oh, my! Customers arenít allowed back here!
    What?!? You got a high score in one of the mini-games?
    Ugh! Fine! Whatever... Um...
    I really love sweets, so I ask Zess T. to bake stuff for me all the time.
    Ooh, and I love nothing better than a nice, sweet cake, but...
    Lately Iíve been feeling a little chunky, though...
    So Iím on a diet.
    But hey! Thatís a secret! Seriously! Donít tell Peeka!
    But thatís all for now.
    Maybe Iíll tell you more if you get another high score.
    << Three High Scores >>
    Oh, my! Customers arenít allowed back here!
    What?!? You got another high score?
    Ugh! Fine! Whatever... Um...
    The other day a customer named Arfur asked me out to dinner.
    But I said no... I mean, I donít even know him, right?
    Still, I wonder if he really likes me...
    I just donít get it, though. What could he like about me? I mean, really...
    OK, thatís all for now. How embarrassing.
    Maybe Iíll tell you more about me if you get another high score, all right?
    << Four High Scores >>
    What?!? You got another high score?
    Ugh! Fine! Whatever... Um...
    My dream is to have my own place someday.
    I just wanna be surrounded by cakes and cute stuff all the time...
    And then Iíd get all the people I like to hang out here... Itíd be sooo great!
    So, Iíve gotta work hard now to make my dream come true.
    But I kind of like being a parlor kitty, too, tee-hee!
    OK, thatís all for now! I feel silly talking about this kind of stuff.
    And, Mario... I hope youíre not spending all your time trying to talk to
    little old me.
    Because Iím sure there are other things youíre supposed to be doing, right?
    || Legend of Rogueport [MYTH] ||
    "You've heard about the legendary treasure hidden beneath Rogueport, right?
    Apparently it's the vast fortune of that ancient, forgotten civilization...
    Most people think that's just a silly old myth now, of course. But not Wonky!
    According to my sources, it's the real deal. Huh? Who are my sources? Well,
    I can't really say, can I? That, my friend, is what's called a trade secret!"
    (What is Wonky talking about?)
    He's talking about the rumor of the treasure of the Thousand-Year Door. Beldam
    the Shadow Siren started the rumor, planting the notion of a legendary
    treasure into the minds of men. Her ultimate goal was realized when Grodus,
    the leader of the X-Nauts, having discovered what the "treasure" truly was, 
    brought Peach to the Palace of Shadow to serve as a vessel for a certain 
    demon to live again.
    || Lucky Punies [PUNI] ||
    "There's a place called Boggly Woods somewhere in this world... And there
    are small beasts named Punies who live there. Ol' Wonky hears that anyone
    who sees a Puni will have fortune visited upon them... Some people go to
    Boggly Woods just to catch a glimpse of a lucky Puni..." 
    (What is Wonky talking about?)
    It's pretty obvious - the Punies, found in Chapter 2. Mario first sees a Puni
    while traveling through the Rogueport Sewers. After talking with the Puni,
    Mario helps him save the Puni home, the Great Boggly Tree. In return, they
    give Mario the second Crystal Star.
    A trouble opens up after beating the game, "Roust these cads!" Mario clears 
    the enemies in the Boggly Woods, allowing Doe T. to make his way to the Great
    Boggly Tree. Doe T. stands amazed at the colossal tree, lamenting at the slow
    demise of the great wonders of nature.
    || Minstrel [ROOF] ||
    "Somewhere here in Rogueport there's a minstrel by the name of Grifty.
    He knows all the old legends of Rogueport... And he'll tell you interesting
    tales you've never heard before, I'm pretty sure. So, if you find him, you
    should definitely listen to at least one."
    (What is Wonky talking about?)
    Grifty is Wonky's counterpart above the ground. As I stated earlier, Grifty 
    tells the tales of old. For five coins, Grifty will relay ancient legends 
    that connect to the dragons, the Four Heroes, and the Crystal Stars
    themselves. Definitely worth a read. If you don't have the money, there's 
    always the Grifty's Tales FAQ.
    || Monsters' Weaknesses [WEAK] ||
    "There're a lot of mean monsters in this world, but many have weaknesses.
    Everybody knows that fire monsters are weak against ice and vice versa...
    But flying monsters are weak against wind, and they tend to get dizzy
    easily... And sometimes machine- and cloud-monsters can be easier to
    freeze than most... I've even heard that it's very easy to put Piranha
    Plants to sleep... I'd say, try out some new things and see if you can
    find all monsters' weaknesses."
    (What is Wonky talking about?)
    He's being straightforward again, granting you important battle advice.
    Airborne enemies are weak to moves like Tornado Jump, Gale Force, and Dizzy
    Dials. Puffs are weak to moves like Ice Storm and Ice Smash. Piranha Plants 
    are weak to moves like Sleep Stomp and Sleepy Sheep.
    || Mysterious Troops [NAUT] ||
    "I've gotten word of a strange group skulking about Rogueport recently.
    They wear masks and weird costumes with an "X" on the front... Talk about
    kooky. And they're always huddled together mumbling about some treasure.
    I've even heard that they unearthed some shiny stone down here! Weird..."
    (What is Wonky talking about?)
    The X-Nauts. Despite Koops thinking that they're a brand of tissues, the 
    X-Nauts were a major antagonist group in the game. They usually come in the 
    forms of X-Nauts, but they also appear as X-Naut PhDs and Elite X-nauts.
    They discovered the Crystal Star beneath Rogueport, eventually losing it to
    Mario on their moonbase.
    || Mystic Bag [SACK] ||
    "You know about the Pit of 100 Trials down here, right? Well, somewhere
    down there is an item called a Strange Sack. This thing is great. If you've
    got it, you can hold up to 20 items! And you know what that means, my good
    friend... Easy adventuring! No adventurer should be without one, take it
    from ol' Wonky!"
    (What is Wonky talking about?)
    The Strange Sack! Found on Floor 50 of the Pit of 100 Trials, this is easily
    one of the best finds down there. It doubles Mario's inventory space. Like 
    Wonky says, easy adventuring. It's simply a wonderful item, and it definitely 
    makes the Sleepy Sheep coin trick easier to perform.
    || Omelette Plate [EGGY] ||
    "The most delicious thing ol' Wonky has ever eaten is an Omelette Plate...
    I remember having it at the hotel at Poshley Heights. It was made by that
    chef of legend, Maitre Delish... I believe it was made with a Mushroom and
    a Mystic Egg. Oh, just one more bite... I hear one can actually find that
    Mystic Egg near the Boggly Woods... It seems the Punies are the only ones
    who know where to find them..." 
    (What is Wonky talking about?)
    The Omelette Meal. Zess T. can cook it, but each recipe involves the use
    of a Mystic Egg. After Chapter 2, Mario can return to the Great Boggly 
    Tree and play a short game with Petuni, Punio's younger sister. Victory 
    nets you a Mystic Egg. Leaving the Boggly Woods and returning allows you 
    to get another.
    What's strange is where Petuni even gets these eggs. No one seems to know,
    but her brother seems to have the same pattern on his body... O_O
    Mario receives a complimentary Omelette Meal after staying at the Poshley 
    Heights Hotel. It's a bit pricey, but there's an Inn Coupon right behind 
    the Fresh Pasta Cart outside.
    || Pianta Parlor [CARD] ||
    "There's a game center on the west side of Rogueport run by Don Pianta.
    There's a hidden game there that few people know about... Only members
    are allowed to play this special game. Well, that's what ol' Wonky hears.
    If you want to try it, you'll have to find a Member's Card somewhere..."
    (What is Wonky talking about?)
    The Card games. No, not playing card games. It's similar to the original Paper 
    Mario game, where Cards unlocked new minigames to play. There are four 
    Cards total, each one unlocking a new minigame and new additions to the shop.
    The Cards can only be found by completing certain troubles.
    It's considered hidden for several reasons. Apparently, no one but Mario
    seems to take troubles on. Additionally, at first glance, the only game at
    the Pianta Parlor is the slots.
    Before you get any Cards, there are only four items for sale: Cake Mix, Super
    Shroom, Super Appeal, and Refund.
    The first card is the Special Card. It unlocks the Plane Game, Maple Syrup,
    Power Jump, HP Plus, and FP Plus. It's a reward for the "Try to find me!"
    trouble after Chapter 1.
    The second card is the Silver Card. It unlocks the Paper Game, Power Smash,
    Multibounce, HP Plus P, and Gold Bar x3. It's a reward for the "Help my daddy!"
    trouble after Chapter 2.
    The third card is the Gold Card. It unlocks the Tube Game, Power Rush, Power
    Rush P, Hammer Throw, and Tornado Jump. It's a reward for the "Important thing!"
    trouble after Chapter 6.
    The fourth card is the Platinum Card. It unlocks the Boat Game, Quake Hammer, 
    Ultra Shroom, Jammin' Jelly, and Money Money. It's a reward for the "I must
    have that book." trouble, also after Chapter 6.
    || Pirate King Cortez [ARRR] ||
    "About a thousand years ago, there was a pirate king called Cortez on these
    seas. He raided this city often, striking fear into the hearts of its
    inhabitants... But Cortez was betrayed by one of his crew... Just before he
    died, he's said to have sailed off with all of his treasure. Then, even
    after he died, some say his spirit still protects that treasure... But,
    you know... That's all just hazy legend now."
    (What is Wonky talking about?)
    Cortez actually took the Sapphire Star from the Stalwart Koopa a thousand
    years ago. Now, Cortez's spirit lives on, forever protecting his treasure,
    especially from the likes of Mario at the end of Chapter 5.
    || Professor Frankly's Garbage [TRSH] ||
    "There's a kindly old teacher named Frankly who lives on Rogueport's east
    side... And if you check his garbage--when he has some--I hear you can
    learn stuff. I don't know what's in there, but if his bin has trash in it,
    check it. I've even heard there are notes about terrifying monsters in
    (What is Wonky talking about?)
    If you fail to Tattle an enemy, and you pass the last chance to do so, their 
    Tattle info will show up in Professor Frankly's trash can. If you're 
    collecting Tattles (considered part of 100% completion,) then be sure to get 
    the Glitz Pit-only enemies on your way up on either your first or second
    climb. Climbing back down to Tattle them later on might not be fun.
    || Secret of Boggly Woods [TREE] ||
    "Deep in Boggly Woods is a spot with a bunch of tree stumps all lined up...
    If you jump hard on the tenth stump from the left, you'll get something good.
    Now I don't know what it is, but I hear it's really good."
    (What is Wonky talking about?)
    In the area between the Great Boggly Tree and Flurrie's house, there's an 
    airplane panel that you need in order to scale a tall wall. Behind the panel,
    though, is a series of tree stumps. If you jump on the tenth stump, you get 
    another hidden badge! This time it's the P-Down, D-Up P. The P-Down, D-Up 
    badges take effect later in damage calculations, meaning it protects against
    piercing damage, too.
    || Southern Isle Secret [JLLY] ||
    "Far to the south of Rogueport lies an isle... And on this isle there are
    three yellow blocks in a row. And if you do a Spring Jump on the second
    of these blocks from the bottom... I hear you'll get something good for
    your health. But what island could this 'southern isle' be referring to,
    (What is Wonky talking about?)
    On Keelhaul Key, in the area before the bridge overlooking the coconut 
    tree, there's a block on the ground and a hidden block just above it. If you 
    Spring Jump on the second block, you'll hit a hidden block. Inside? 
    A Jammin' Jelly.
    || Southern Isle Whacka [BUMP] ||
    "There's a rare creature called a Whacka on the southern isle. Yeah,
    and if you whack him, he drops this great little thing called a Whacka
    Bump. The thing is, people have been whacking the Whackas to get Whacka
    Bumps... And now, only one remains that hasn't been whacked to extinction.
    Isn't that sad?"
    (What is Wonky talking about?)
    On the shore of Keelhaul Key, deep in the back, Whacka lives peacefully.
    Hitting him with a hammer causes him to drop a Whacka Bump. According to 
    Super Paper Mario, Whacka Bumps are a type of pastry.
    A Whacka Bump restores 25 HP and 25 FP, and it can be used in a few recipes.
    The recipes that utilize Whacka Bumps have alternative methods, in case you
    refuse to whack Whacka.
    Whacka can survive eight hammer blows, giving a Whacka Bump each time. Hitting 
    Whacka with Bobbery will deplete the number of hits he can take by two, but 
    Mario receives no Whacka Bumps for doing so.
    Hitting Whacka eight times results in him disappearing forever.
    Goombella's tattle for Whacka:
    "That's a rare Whacka. I don't think you see many of his kind anymore,
    nope. If you whack a Whacka, they drop a Whacka Bump. Those are supposed
    to be delicious. They fetch a high price in gourmet auctions, too. Yup,
    super-precious delicacies. Still, whacking a defenseless creature to
    get one... You'd never do that, right, Mario?"
    || Spin Panels [SPIN] ||
    "Do you know about these spin panels scattered around the world? When
    you Spin-Jump a spin panel... It bumps a Star Piece right out of the
    ground! Score! Problem is, they look just like regular flooring, so it's
    hard to tell. There's actually one right in front of me, so give it a shot,
    why don't you?"
    (What is Wonky talking about?)
    I addressed this earlier, but... the only way to retrieve a Star Piece
    from a Spin Panel is to Spin Jump on the ground next to one. Mario gains
    the ability to Spin Jump in Chapter 2, when he finds the Super Boots.
    There are 100 Star Pieces. Star Pieces can be traded to Dazzle for badges.
    Dazzle is in Old Rogueport, directly under Central Rogueport.
    || Strange Ones [MERL] ||
    "About Merlon on the east side of Rogueport and Merluvlee underground...
    Ol' Wonky hears they're from a strange tribe that names people by
    profession. So, for example, if someone did the same work as Merlon,
    they'd have the same name... So there could be Merlons all over. Don't
    you find that strange? Wonky does!"
    (What is Wonky talking about?)
    The Shamans, or the Merls, have appeared in every Paper Mario game to date.
    The major ones perform tasks similar to their counterparts in other games.
    Merlee always curses or charms Mario. Merluvlee always helps Mario find things
    like Star Pieces. Characters named Merlon, Merluvlee, and Merlee have 
    appeared in all the games.
    || Striking First [FRST] ||
    "Don't you love it when you strike first on the field and get that
    first attack in? If you use a Spin Jump or Bobbery's Bomb attack to
    strike first... Then your first attack will have more power than just a
    jump or hammer move, see? It's not a big thing, but it's worth remembering!"
    (What is Wonky talking about?)
    First Strikes. There are many ways to pull one off, including Jumping, Spin 
    Jumping, Hammering, Super/Ultra Hammering, Bobbery's Bomb, and Koops' Shell
    Toss. Additionally, pulling off a first strike with a Bomb grounds a Spiky 
    Parabuzzy. (Bobombast does the job as well, but there is one other way to
    ground a Spiky Parabuzzy...)
    If you perform a First Strike on a weaker enemy (one that gives you no Star
    Points) with the First Attack badge on, the enemy will automatically be
    || The Incident I Saw [GASP] ||
    "So I saw this really cute girl in a pink dress walking around town a
    while back. She was pretty enough to be a princess, I tell ya! She hung
    around town for a little while after buying something from that old lady.
    Then she got nabbed in a back alley by a bunch of suspicious guys in white
    suits! I'm pretty sure I'm the only person who saw that, though. Ol' Wonky
    was scared! Well... I guess it's neither here nor there... People get
    kidnapped, whatever. Still, just knowing what's going on in the streets
    can be helpful sometimes."
    (What is Wonky talking about?)
    Now -this- is an interesting one. Wonky appears to be the only witness to
    Princess Peach's kidnapping (because obviously neither Professor Frankly nor
    Toadsworth had any idea what had happened.) Wonky also notices that the
    vendor who gave Princess Peach the Magical Map was an "old lady." The
    general consensus is that the vendor was Beldam. Wonky also mentions the
    X-nauts, suspicious guys in white suits. Although Wonky may not have
    prevented Princess Peach's capture, his knowledge is invaluable.
    || Trouble Center [TRBL] ||
    "There's a place called the Trouble Center on the east side of Rogueport.
    People who need help write little notes on the board in there... And if you
    help them out, they give you a reward of some sort. Ol' Wonky hears that
    some of those rewards are pretty tasty, my friend!"
    (What is Wonky talking about?)
    In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, the majority of sidequests were 
    centralized. Whether that was a good move or not, the Trouble Center
    sidequests are a vital part of 100% completion, and the rewards for the
    majority of the missions are extremely helpful. Check out the Trouble
    Center FAQ for more information.
    || What's Behind the Sign [SIGN] ||
    "There's a billboard in front of the shop in town with all kinds of
    stuff written on it... Well, some folks like to write graffiti on the
    back of the message board, you know. There's all kinds of good stuff
    there, especially for an info guy like ol' Wonky. You should give it
    a gander next time."
    (What is Wonky talking about?)
    There's a billboard in Central Rogueport that has a lot of interesting
    stuff written on both the front and the back after each chapter. Check
    it out.
    || What's Hidden Below [LUCK] ||
    "Ol' Wonky just got this juicy bit of info recently... You know that
    small hole down here that only a little critter can get through? Well,
    you just head out away from the wall there... And when you can't go
    any further, jump to get something good. If you see that hole, you should
    give it a try..."
    (What is Wonky talking about?)
    On the way to the Thousand-Year Door, Mario can find Punio hanging around
    in the plane panel room before the events of Chapter 2. Punio usually runs
    and hides in a little hole, but directly across from it, in a hidden block,
    is a Pretty Lucky badge! It's one of the first badges you can get in the game.
    || Yoshi Colors [YSHI] ||
    "Way, way down to the south is an island where lots of Yoshis live. And
    Yoshis are born from eggs, as everyone knows... But a Yoshi's color depends
    on its egg conditions right before hatching. So it's always a surprise to
    see what comes out... Know what I mean? Your Yoshi has a rather nice color,
    by the way. I'm sure he'll grow up to be a fine Yoshi, yup."
    (What is Wonky talking about?)
    The Yoshi partner in the game comes in different colors. The color your Yoshi
    is depends on how long he's in his egg.
    Once the egg "joins" your party, an invisible timer starts ticking.
    Once your egg hatches, the Yoshi will be a different color, depending on
    how long you've had the egg.
    0-6 minutes = Green
    6-9 minutes = Red
    9-11 minutes = Blue
    11-15 minutes = Orange
    15-18 minutes = Pink
    18-19 minutes = Black
    19-20 minutes = White
    20-26 minutes = Green
    After twenty minutes, the cycle restarts.
    || Z Button [RWND] ||
    "Hey, ol' Wonky just heard something kind of helpful. If you press Z
    when you're talking to someone, you go back to what they said last.
    I'm sure that could be handy in a pinch!"
    (What is Wonky talking about?)
    There's a fair bit of conversation in this game. Remember - press A for
    the next line, press B to get it more quickly, and press Z to see what
    you may have missed.
    || Zess Dynamite [BOOM] ||
    "You know Zess T., right? She's the really good cook on Rogueport's main
    square. Well, she has a rare recipe in her repertoire caled Zess Dynamite...
    It's made with a Coconut Bomb and an Egg Bomb. And by the way, an Egg Bomb
    is made from a Fire Flower and a Mystic Egg... And a Coconut Bomb is made from
    a Fire Flower and a Coconut. ...And that's all I know, because Zess lost the 
    rest of the recipe somewhere... It was written down and she lost it! What a
    tragedy! It sure would be cool if she could make it, though..."
    (What is Wonky talking about?)
    One of the few things Zess T. has over her sister, Tayce T., from the original
    game, is her mastery of munitions. Wonky's filled in most of the blanks,
    but combining an Egg Bomb and a Coconut Bomb results in the powerful Zess
    Dynamite. Although it is considered explosion-type, meaning it won't work on
    Buzzy Beetles, and the like, it is the strongest attack item in the game.
    Take a few with you next time you go through the Pit of 100 Trials.
    || Zess T.'s Sister [TYCE] ||
    "About that Zess T. near Rogueport's main square... I've heard her sister
    is a really good cook as well. She married and moved away a long time ago,
    but I'd love to try her cooking..."
    (What is Wonky talking about?)
    Well, what do you know? I just mentioned this. Zess T.'s sister is Tayce T.,
    who married and moved away a long time ago. She eventually settled in Toad
    Town, and, although she's alone now, she enjoys cooking for those around
    her, including Mario.
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    compilations found online, most notably with their uses of ellipses,
    the word "kingly" and the words "thousand year."
    All Tattles were found in-game. Sure, the Tattle Guide is right there, but I
    honestly went through the game and got the Tattles by hand.
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