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"Barely worth renting"

Ghost Recon 2 for the Gamecube suffers from some serious flaws that make this game barely worth renting. A breakdown will explain what I mean:

Graphics: 5

In truth, the graphics aren't too bad, but they certainly aren't breathtaking. Actually, they barely meet the expectations of a game released so late in the life of this system. When you're close to the foliage in this game, which is literally everywhere, you immediately notice the pixelation and blockiness of the graphics. This same problem happens with other objects in the field, including rocks and grass textures. That being said, the character models are fairly good; but, again, definitely not anything amazing. The only real brightspot is when you have to use the nightvision goggles...everything looks really good in green for some reason.

Controls: 4

Ok, the controls can be separated into two categories: (a) the player you control, and (b) the team members you direct.
(a) When using your own player the controls aren't too bad. It's fairly easy to kneel, lay down, get back up, look around, aim, and just plain move around. Yet, there are some serious problems. For instance, when you need to reload your player just freezes in his position...which makes for some seriously frustrating experiences when enemies decide to get into firing position and unload on you while you are completely helpless. Lesson learned - always reload after taking cover. Also, when strafing you move at a turtle's pace. This is annoying when you're trying to shoot at enemies and get behind cover as fast as possible.
(b) It is nearly impossible to command your team. Although the command layout is fairly simple, you will regularly lose team members if you don't babysit them constantly. You can barely ever get them to throw grenades at the place you want them to. They regularly disregard your commands if you don't place the cursor in the right place (although it is rarely understood what makes certain places 'right' and others 'wrong'). Plus, when it gets down to it, the commands at your disposal are really limited. There really isn't much to do with these guys...I would recommend killing them at the beginning of each mission, but you lose points for that.

Sound: 6

The music isn't so bad. The tunes in between missions are actually pretty good. Other than that, there is rarely any music during gameplay...I can only think of some silly music they play if one of your team members is killed. Otherwise, the guns sound pretty good; there are some environmental sounds, like birds; but nothing really stands out as 'wow, did you just hear that?'. Nothing.

Gameplay: 1

There are serious problems here. Serious. Everything is completely linear. You rarely have any choice where to go next. Sometimes arrows are even painted on walls telling you where to go, which takes the exploration element out of the picture. You'll often wonder how you're getting hit, considering how you're hiding behind a rock. I couldn't figure it out. I figured it was either my incredibly dumb team members (who often stand right in the way of your bullets), or somehow the enemy was shooting me through rocks, etc. Sometimes you'll even be able to aim on enemies while hidden, but somehow not be able to shoot them at all. Other times, you can kill them with one shot in the same situation. Weird. The most interesting -- and not welcomed -- thing about this game is the way the screen loses its colour if you shoot your gun too much. It slowly comes back into colour, but it's just not needed and actually detrimental to gameplay. Let's keep going...If you walk too fast into an enemy spawning point, you will often be completely turned around to face another direction, which gets confusing and can get you shot. Also, your map will not show enemies, your zoomed-in scope doesn't show any enemies up ahead, so you start running and...kaboom...all of a sudden there are magically appearing enemies right in front of you, shooting up a storm. Needless to say, this sucks. Oh, and don't even get me started on the escort missions. Try keeping the person alive without being able to control where they go; for some reason, the person usually just stands out in the open, even when enemies are firing like crazy, without even trying to hide anywhere. Insane. In the end, this game gets down to an exercise in trial and error. I don't mind experiences like that, but this one gets a little ridiculous. Especially when (considering the comments above) your death often happens because of stupid glitches in the game.

Replay/Value/Buy/Rent: ?

Do you really want to replay a game like this? Do you really want to pay $40 ($50 Canadian) for a trip through mediocrity? I doubt it. In fact, if you have to pay more than $5 to rent this game, I wouldn't recommend that you do. Heck, even Hitman 2 for the gamecube beats this game hands-down...which, looking back, says an awful lot about Ghost Recon 2.

Overall: It might not add up, but it is at most a 4.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 03/28/05

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