Review by TheGrizzlor

Reviewed: 04/18/05

It has its moments, but also a ton of problems.

Ghost Recon 2 puts you and three squad mates behind enemy lines in North Korea in 2007 after a U.S. warship is sunk by North Korean anti-ship missiles. Your goal is to wreak havoc upon the North Korean military.

Controls - 9/10 - Sadly, the controls are the highlight of the game. The 3rd -person view works great; it's easy to run, crouch, crawl, strafe, and shoot around corners, which is important, because you'll be doing all of those quite often. Changing weapons and issuing commands to your squad is also easy.

Graphics - 4/10 - The graphics are pretty ugly. This game could have easily been on the N64. It is also choppy, and whenever you fire your gun, the screen turns black and white (except your health-bar). And your night vision is disgusting; it is extremely grainy and fuzzy.

Sound - 5/10 - The sound is average at best. The gunfire and explosions are ok, but the music goes unnoticed during gameplay, and your squad mate's voice acting is of poor quality. However, the music during the long loading sequences is decent.

Gameplay - 5/10 - In short, Ghost Recon 2 can be really awesome at one moment, and a few seconds later be just awful. First of all, there are no checkpoints in the level, and no health pickups, so you'll be retrying levels many, many times before you successfully complete them. Your squad mates are utterly useless. They can't hit anything, and they'll just stand out in the open. You can have them throw grenades at a target, but far too often their grenades hit something and bounce back, killing them. I lost more squad mates to their own grenades than to enemy fire. The enemies in the game are equally terrible. They know where you are at all times, and you can hide behind a rock, some boxes, or even a building, and they will continually shoot at you. They also spawn instantly; when you're running and the game stalls for a second, 4 or 5 new enemies will instantly appear. If you use the option to send a squad mate ahead to take 'point,' they'll go to where you tell them too and actually say 'all clear.' Then when you start running towards them, enemies will spawn, often just a few feet from your squad mate. Enemies also generally only shoot at you, no matter where your squad mates are. If one of your guys gets shot, it's usually because he was standing too close to you and got hit by a stray bullet that was intended for you. Absolutely ridiculous. Luckily, once you beat a level in the campaign mode, you can go back and play it in the 'Lone Wolf' mode, which means that it's just you. This mode is extremely fun in most cases, because you can call in laser-guided artillery strikes against your enemies. Nothing is more satisfying than sneaking up to a bunch of enemies who are just standing around and putting the laser right in the middle of them. A few seconds later, the whole area is pulverized. The artillery strikes are also very useful against tanks. Lone Wolf mode is really the only part of the game worth playing again and again. Once you suffer through the campaign, the game becomes significantly better.

Frustration factor - high - The problems with the enemies can become pretty frustrating. One time I was in a warehouse and I had shot all of the enemies, but as I was running around some boxes, and enemy spawned a few feet from me and shot and killed me. It's cheap and annoying. No checkpoints also makes this a very frustrating game.

If you're thinking of getting this game, I'd say that if you can actually find a store that is selling it, wait a little while because it'll surely be a clearance-bin game soon. And like I said, once you beat levels in the campaign mode, it is very, very fun to replay most of them in the Lone Wolf mode.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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