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"Oh Tom, What HAVE they done?"

To start off, I have enjoyed virtually every Tom Clancy game to date.....until now.

When I saw Ghost Recon 2 on the shelf of a Blockbuster, I thought to myself "wow, Ghost Recon 2. I GOT to take this home and try it."

If there were words I could take back, these are some of them.

Here are my views:
For the main character that I play, I found the controls relatively good. Easy to learn and the usual great ergonomics of a Nintendo controller makes it easier. When you crawl, however, that gets interesting. I found myself trying to crawl across the bridge in the Bird Down mission and I was in a stand still.

Controlling the team is a nightmare. You'll see what I'm talking about in tht AI section.

There are times when I play the game that I swear I'm sitting in a large hollow tin can. The times that I don't hear the tin noise is pretty good over all.

The Graphics are wonderful and painful all at the same time.

The scenes are great. I love what they did with the cut scenes.

The over the shoulder view was a terrible idea. Sure you get a good view of what's around you, but I feel you don't get the true aiming feel or the feel of walking through the environment like you are part of the action. That and when you are going through the bushes (which are, by the way, are so Paper Mario), you lose sight of where you are going and where your enemies are.

The skins for the enemies were sub-par for the caliber of the game to have Tom Clancy's name stamped on it.

Where to begin with the AI?

How about summing it up with 1 word. Ridiculous!

The Enemy got smarter and my team members are dumb as rocks. There are places, which are beyond me, that the team will not go. They constantly get in the way during a fire fight which resulted in me killing my own team members. They will stand there are watch me get picked off, and in quite a few cases, I had to go back because a team member doesn't know how to step over or around a rock that is just ankle height.

How is it that the enemy can pick me off through rocks, bridges and trees while my team members are constantly getting in the way and running into a fight without picking off anyone at close range?

Not only that, but if there are 4 of us (me and my 3 team members) standing around, why is it I'm the only one getting shot at? This Captain Mitchel guy must have REALLY ticked some North Korean off.

Back to that word again. Ridiculous!

With the AI topsy-turvy, I was in perfect cover at the Bird Down (blow up helicopter and rescue pilot) and the guy on the other side of the bridge was constantly picking me off.

Just before that when I was supposed to blow the chopper, I searched for any enemy in sight and on my radar. Just when the coast was clear, another group swarmed from the high ground and pick me off clean. The other 3 were fine. I was swiss cheese. I found this happened on every mission which is frustrating.

I found myself wasting 3 clips on one guy. I had a bead on him. Not only should his hat flew off, but so should his head. But he was there happily picking me off with no problems.

I found the game's graphic fluidity was lacking. In some cases, when the mission shift gears, the screen will jump a bit. If you are walking in a certain direction, you could be turned 90 degrees. Not good in a firefight or a stealth approach.

Most importantly, Ghost Recon 2 should have not gone linear. I LOVED the Ghost recon where you can complete the mission how you see fit. As long as the mission was completed, WHO CARES?


I'm not a person who minces words so here goes. I would not buy it, I'm sorry I rented it and I am very disappointed in what they did to it. The original Ghost Recon games were, in every sense a tactical stealth/Special Ops game. Love them. I think they tried too hard to bring more people into the fold but ended up making the game way too Rambo and in some cases, too hard to complete even the early missions in Recruit Mode.

I understand that the GC and PS2 versions were done by the Shanghai office while the Xbox version was done in North Carolina. Bad move in my opinion. This game should have been completed by the same team.

If they what to bring back the Ghost Recon fans, they had better do something with Ghost Recon 3.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 05/17/05

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