"Race to the Store!"


NASCAR 2005: Chase for the Cup is the return of the ever-living EA Sports NASCAR Series. It's a basic strategic-style racing game that has more to offer than can be predicted. This game covers all styles of racing, whether you're an aggressive or friendly racer, on the track or in the streets.


The game is obviously based on the NASCAR racing that it couldn't be NASCAR without. You probably know of NASCAR's rules already so I won't go into deep detail with it. In the Fight to the Top mode, you have complete control, and you'll have the ability to make your own strategic decisions, which can win or lose the Cup. You'll decide how to handle and settle arguements with other drivers, what races to run, what series(s) to participate in, and how to get yourself through the season. Purchasing your own race team gives you the power to make even more in-depth winning or losing decisions. You'll hire your own driver, design his or her car and/or racing gear, set prices for your merchandise, purchase upgrade for your car, and manage the teams pit crew. You can also train your pit crew to be the quickest and most skilled. The Race Now mode, which is the same as Quick race in NASCAR Thunder 2003. You'll choose from NASCAR's premier series, the Nextel Cup, or the other four, Featherlite Modified Series (open-wheel stock cars), Craftsman Truck Series (truck-shape stock cars), Busch Series (the minor league of NASCAR), or the street-racing production cars (sports car racing both on the tracks and in the streets). Your first race of the game is a production car race in the heart of New York city. As for difficulty, you can fully customize all attributes of gameplay.
The only thing that could've made this game better would be to include the missing elements; Martin Truex Jr., Jeremy Mayfield, and Pocono Raceway.


The graphics haven't had any significant changes since NASCAR Thunder 2003 and 2004 (I've played 2004 on my best friend's PS2). However, the graphics never had any sufficient problems, defects, or glitches. As for sound, the engines, voices, crashes, and miscellaneous sound effects are far more clear and realistic, adding to the game's originality. Realism has gone through a major improvement since the other EA Sports NASCAR series. Crashes no longer slow you down 50 mph, and a 3 second interval isn't a 3 minute period any more.

Time Span:

This game's content is enough to keep you going for at least half a year. The replay value is unpredictable and can be altered by your decisions for your enjoyment.

Final Recommendation:

This game is far beyond excellent, and can probably keep your NASCAR Videogame hunger satisfied until the next EA Sports NASCAR title. I recommend it a must-have for all NASCAR Fanatics.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/06/04

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