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"Most unrealistic racing game ever made, I only keep it because I love NASCAR."

The 2nd day this game came out, I raced to the store and bought myself NASCAR 2005: Chase for the Cup, I went home super excited because I finally had my first racing game by EA. Boy was I let down...

Lets start with this. I am an absolutely hardcore NASCAR fan, I've watched for years and know how every bit of aero works, how tech works, and even how friendships with other drivers work. With this in mind, I began to start criticizing the game, and with good reason. Here are some major flaws to start with the game...\

Realism 1/10. I started a race at Talladega, and realized I could pass 42 straight cars in line without one single problem. This is NOT how drafting works. Also, no one single car gets more than about a second lead at Daytona / Talladega and STAYS there. I've seen countless times cars pull ahead and never come back to the pack, making the race disgustingly unrealistic and me shutting off my game. Next are the wrecks; cars can wreck like MAD and continue on for the victory. You can completely nail a wall at 190 MPH and drive away, repairing the car within seconds on pit road, and contend for the win. EA totally junked the game when they tried to make realistic driving conditions. In qualifying, it's nearly impossible NOT to get the pole, and there's absolutely NO penalties whatsoever. As most know, driving below the yellow line at Daytona / Talladega is illegal and NASCAR will black flag you (also absent from this game), you can also pass on the restarts to the inside with no penalties at all.

Graphics - 9/10. This is where the game is really good, graphics. My only complaint is how bad the infield and stands look, still 2Dish.

Audio 6/10. The engines sound TERRIBLE, and on my surround sound, sounds like absolute crap. The actual wrecks, cars (like wind, etc), and spotter / crew chief sound pretty cool though

Replayability - 7/10. Even if you're not a NASCAR fan, it's still fun no matter what to race against other guys. The featured part of the game is the Fight to the Top mode in which you start low and drive to the top. You have an Agent, and can review all sorts of contracts to help you on your way...

Challenge - 11/10. This game without driving assists is HARD, VERY VERY HARD. Talladega, Daytona, and a few road courses are exceptions, but mostly every other track is impossible to win on your own or without some cheap move to the competition. (Keeping driving assists on however makes it way way too easy, you pick)

Overall - 4/10. After one race, it gets old. Sorry, don't waste your time buying it. Renting it is cool, or racing your friends if they have it is a perfect amount, playing more than one race is simply too much.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 08/11/05

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