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"The city is rough; so are the graphics."

Normally I don't like to give bad reviews; mostly, because you should find goodness in all games and not complain about one just because you suck at it. Well, this is one of the games that no one but a brain-dead monkey can suck at, and requires a bit of cynical and mean reviewage. Well, it's time for Saint NES to get back at it.

Gameplay (5/10): Okay, it's not too shabby. Has the same interface, but odd camera angles. The interactions have become much less challenging, as you're told what will make others happy (clairvoyance for your Urbz, apparently.) Filling motives is ridiculously easy, and the jobs feel just like they should: chores.

Graphics (3/10): The only thing saving it, is the fact that the majority of the game is played in a far-out third-person view. When you get zoomed in, it becomes overly cartoon-y and jagged nearly everywhere. The animations are sub-par when compared to other Sims games, and for god's sake no one looks like that! The environments are pretty cool, some of them, and the clothing options are okay (personally, I prefer Central Station.)

Sound (7/10): The ambiance fits where you are, the sounds come up randomly just like a real city. The music is pretty good and fits the general sociology of a place. There are actually some great genres of music on the radio. The Urbz speaking gets quite annoying, and some noises tend to get very repetitive. Just don't space out in Diamond Heights and end up zooming out to hear whatever the hell it is cawing and screeching.

Story (2/10): The real name of the category should be "Story, or Lack Thereof." You're supposed to go around increasing your rep and making your face shine on posters. Wow, that's all well-and-good, but there's no actual plotline. It's not even all that open-ended, you can't get in the deep and complex romances and friendships that other Sims games have touted and supported.

Replayability (5/10): Surprisingly, the game can get addicted, especially when you're stuck with nothing else. It has a high replay value because you can choose to start in different areas and choose different career paths, but every Sims game has done this.

So, rent or buy? I definitely say "Rent," to this one! You might like it, hey, it could just be your kind of cake. Others seem to have enjoyed the game a lot more than I did. Always choose what's good for yourself, though, and don't get lured in by gimmicks. Remember, the customer is always right!

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 07/10/06

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