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"Simply wonderful"

Introduction: The Sims is a poeple simulator. An awesome game. The Urbz is a tangent from the usual deal of issues. For years Maxis has stayed within limits set by other companies to insure that they stay near or at the top. Now Maxis has left those limits behind and are testing us. TESTING US.

Graphics: The graphics are absolutely beautiful. Different from what usually happens in other Maxis games. These are bold, beautiful colours and lines that capture and hold the eye. The graphics are sometmes painful.

Audio: Excellent. Songs from the Black Eyed Peas were converted to Simlish and you can hear that wonderful tone of music when you hit Cozmo. But sometime the music in other areas can hurt and sound kinda screeching.

Gameplay: Ahhh.... the crux of the review. The gameplay is very interesting. Instead of the same cursor as The Sims and Bustin' Out, you have a small gem on the ground that flies up and down overtop of items. Sometime, though, when you talk to another character or do a certain action the camera flies in and keeps doing so for a while. The loads can take a good while, and the neighborhoods aren't what you may actually expect. I personally expected Diamond Heights to be even more glamorous. Cozmo looks like a slum on the outside and my favorite so far is probably Kicktail Park. The best part is probably not actually needing a house to live in and I only visit my apartments to skillbuild. Skillbuilding doesn't quite take so long to fill. The point of the game being reputation and style, you need good social moves, and you don't exactly get those all the time.

Replay Value: A ton of value here. There seems to be no end of the game, but I haven't beaten it yet. But since there are so many ways to begin and end the game that there is almost a classic quality about it.

Conclusion: An awesome game no doubt. Everything about it is good. The game has a well-deserved 9. I love this game. Ups and downs. Remember, there is no perfect game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/08/04

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