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"Let's get it started, but will you be begging for it to stop?"

So you're looking for another Sims game to play huh? Want that grand feeling of controlling everything around you and being the big fish? Look no further! The Urbz: Sims in the City is here to bring you that feeling all over again but this time, adds the zest and fun of urban life. And of course, that great feeling of social conformity.

You start the game as a nobody moving into their own place. You're greeted by two hip guys who show you the ropes. Mind you, they never explain why you know them in the first place. Anyway, the story is very bland, you walk around town, talk to people and earn street credit or "Rep." The more you get, the more places you can go. That's about it. You make friends and have parties or go to them but other than that, the story just isn't there.

If you've played a Sims game then you should be able to understand what's going on. You buy things for your house, clothes and rearrange to your heart's content. Sounds fun right? Not really. You have no need to even go home in this game, you can sleep, eat and get clean ANYWHERE which makes having a home slightly pointless unless to throw a party or build up stats. Yes, this game promotes living on the streets, great thing for the kids. Do you like changing your clothes every minute? I didn't think so, but it seems your sim does. Every time you enter you need to change your clothes just to talk to someone without getting rejected. Until you get enough "Rep" you have to conform to every area, but when you have enough people will actually want to dress like you instead. You can also make a crew...which has little or no purpose other than to make people dress differently. Also, you actually have to work to make money, in other words when you take a job you need to press buttons as they flash on your screen. X, Y and X in a pattern of three to four. The long you do the job the faster they get, however you can always just take a break. The more skilled you go in the job, the more tasks they ask you to do at once. Normally, punch in the letters, talk to people around you, wash, sleep and eat. One thing I didn't like was the leveling up of skills. If you're good at button mashing then you'll have no problem, myself I hurt my fingers rather well.

Very nice. You have your gal or guy running around in rich 3D with clothes to die for, nice scenery and interesting styles. Now if only they could have made a better looking loading screen.

If you like to hear some of today's hippest songs mumbled in Sim-nese then you're in luck because that's just what happens here. Other than the fact that you can't make out what's being said, the music is fine. It changes for each area you go into and the music always seems to fit that area. Of course, you can change the radio to your favorite jam. Another cool sound feature is you can change the ring tone on your cell phone, very hip. Of course, your sim and his/her friends still speak Sim-nese as well.

Replay Factor
Well, once you're done with a few areas the game gets old kinda quick with the only thing keeping it mildly interesting is seeing the new clothes and areas. Once you beat the game I don't see you grabbing this one for another helping so soon.

This game has loading time from hell. Semi-long loading time for entering new areas. Not a big deal, but there is also loading time for changing clothes and buying them. You have to change your clothes all the time so this happens to get annoying quickly.

Story – 3
Gameplay – 8
Graphics – 9
Sound – 6
Replay Factor – 2
Overall – 6

Closing Thoughts
Is this a fun game? Yes, it is. Can it boring? Yes, it can. My advice is if you play this take a break every now and then while other games or other activities. Buy it or rent it, it's up to you though if you just must own, might wanna wait for the bargain bin. Just watch out for loading screens and the button mashing and this title should bring some fun.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 01/06/05

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