Review by Jurck

Reviewed: 05/31/05

Liked SBO on GBA? This is even better...

A new twist to the original Sims console games - Urbz: Sims in the City is a hybrid of the famous Sims Bustin' Out for the Game Boy Advance, and The Sims for the major consoles. Controlling your character with the old point-and-click while following your urb(yes, urb, not sim) around town and doing jobs, meeting people, getting popular, and all the other whatnot.

Story - 9
I suppose it's interesting. My not playing modern games and preferring medieval games kinda makes me fall back on what modern games have been about. Your main goal is to overcome Darius by becoming the most popular urb in the city and taking his place. Like I said, I suppose it's interesting how instead of the 'social' mood rating, you have the reputation record. You can have a notorious reputation or a good reputation by either torturing others, or loving others. Of course, you have your best bud who helps you start your new life in your new run-down apartment in the city.

Gameplay - 10
Fun fun fun. Walk up to one guy, slap him on the back, play some games with him(which, unfortunately, is just something for you to watch and not play yourself), then show everyone who's boss at the night club. Fun fun fun. Though redundant at times. With every district of the city you enter you have the same main goal: get a rep, get the district's 'style', and get in the night club. Also redundant, every district has a villain for you to get rid of. Hang out at the night club during midnight to meet Darius and get the key to defeating the villain. However, jobs are a massive improvement - but eventually, hitting every button you see on the screen in the right order does get a bit boring.

Graphics - 10
Another definite improvement on Sims games(at least for the consoles). Sometimes interaction between urbz can get a little off, like a guy hi-fives you and you stick your hand out five seconds later. But every shadow has its light. The visual effects are amazing - smoke, neon lighting, regular lighting, fire even! Who woulda thought that there would be a Sim console game with good fire graphics?!

Sound and music - 9
Simlish is a fun language. The fun part is deciphering it. A good way to decipher it is by listening to the Simlish remix of 'Get it Started' by the Black Eyed Peas. Yeah, it's pretty funny too. You watch a TV and your urb becomes histerical with laughter - so much that you think one o' them medics are gonna jump down from the sky and use jump cables to revive him(which, I must say, is a good feature to this game). Some special social interactions sound stupendous(alliteration! work on your grammar guys). Though I'm not a big fan of rap and hip hop and whatnot, so that's the only thing from keeping it a ten!

Great game. I got it when it was 20$ and it was definitely worth the money. I was too lazy to do the actual calculations of the score, so I'ma just say it's a 10. I love this game, and you should too, but it's mine to 'Act Romantic' with!

Overall - 10/10

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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