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"An Urban Sim Adventure!"

Ah, The Sims.
One of my favourite game series, with all it's replay value, and open ended game play. Though this Sims game, while still fun, is different from most other "The Sims" games.
Still, The Urbz is an enjoyable game, if you enjoy Simulation and Strategy.

Story *4/10*
You start as a Sim, who has just moved into the big city, who has dreams of being popular, and famous. Nothing really more then that, but it isn't the story that makes this game so good.

Graphics *7/10*
The Urbz has very nice graphics, and detail, though camera angles can be bad at some points. Every time you do one of the crazy new socials, the camera zooms up on your sim, preventing you from doing anything else till your sim is done.

Music *7/10*
The Urbz has a wide variety of music from different genres, though there isn't much else sound aside from Sims talking, Cars going by, ect.

Game play *7/10*
The best part of any game, the game play.

You start the game as an Urb-A Sim that you create yourself.
You move into your new apartment, which has nothing in it. Your given a few items, which you can place anywhere you wish in your apartment, but most of the game doesn't take place there.

You will soon go to one of the many public places, with a list of goals. Your mission is to complete all your goals, while keeping your motives up. Some of the goals are easy, others are more challenging. You must also do jobs, at public places, to earn money. With money, you can buy new furniture, which you can use to keep up your motives, such as you should buy a good shower so you can fill up your hygiene fast, or a good fridge, so you can get better food, so when you eat, you get more full.


In conclusion, The Urbz is a good game, with lots to do, yet once it's done, there is no more to do, except for increasing your relationship with other Sims, and just living your Sims life.

I have rated it a *6/10*

Rent Or Buy?

If you work on it, you could complete The Urbz in a rental period, otherwise, rent it again. It's a good game, but not long enough to buy it, unless you Really like it, or collect Sims things.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 07/27/05

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