Review by Eifersucht86

Reviewed: 11/23/04

Better Than The First


In 2003 EA came out with the first Need For Speed Underground. On November 16, 200 4 EA Games, did it again. This time they went back to the drawing board and came out with a whole new game. NFSU2 has hundreds more features than the first, even including some new racing modes.


NFSU2 is in my opinion very addicting. I really enjoy the free roam feature because it allows the player to find their own races and find the shops that are hidden around the areas. Just as the first NFSU the game starts out fairly easy and then gradually gets more difficult. NFSU2’s controls are very similar to the first NFSU’s. Street X is one of the new modes of play. Street X is kind of similar to drift, but in Street X you don’t score points you have to race on tight drift like tracks. The new showcase mode allows you to show your car off with the trunk open, hood open, or doors open. There is also plenty of new car parts. You can choose gull wing doors, new body kits, spinner rims, exhaust tips, and new hoods, plus many other things. EA had also added SUV’s to the game, NFSU2 features a Cadillac Escalade, Lincoln Navigator, and a Hummer H2. There are also plenty of new cars that weren’t in the first. One of the best new features is the 5 car garage.


The graphics in NFSU2 are improved a lot over NFSU. The same goes for the sounds of the game. The city is much more detailed than last year’s game. The neon lights in the city can be distracting. The cars in the game are improved over the first game too. There is lots of vinyl for your car to give you an almost unlimited number of custom graphics on your car. The sounds of you engine are improved over last years game. It sounds a more like a real car, and as you add more engine performance mods it sounds a little louder. As with NFSU the soundtrack in NFSU2 is an excellent one.

Play Time/Replayability

I am not too far into this game at this time, but I think it will take hours upon hours to complete. The replayability should be very good since you can keep on racing and getting money. Then with that money you can pimp out another car.

Final Recommendation

This game is worth the $49.99 if you liked the first. But if you are not sure I would suggest renting it.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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