Review by Bowser 2003

Reviewed: 11/29/04

My Finger Hurts

Besides the fact that my left pointer might fall of this game is great. Adding an insane entourage of new parts to customize along with multiple coloring on everything, even unseen parts!!!

Gameplay 9

There was only a few downsides to this game, and it was in gameplay. The first is the confusing road system. Around the bridge areas it is full of confusing, twisted roadways. Occasionally you can get lost for almost 20 minutes in those areas. Second downside, gets to easy. But only in some events. Personally, when it comes to Drag of Drift I can kill it but some of the Street X's, a new mode, are just insanely hard for me. But overall, the physics 'kicked it up a notch.' Although sometimes it seemingly spins out for no reason, it seems quite realistic. And on realness, this is the perfect blend. It doesn't go to serious, unlike some other games *glares at GT*, on crashes. One of my favorite things to do is outrun races, where you just drive up to your opponent and race, to win you have to get 1,000 feet in the lead. And there is a infinite supply of these races. Also the sponsorship is what drives the story. The game progresses as you fulfil sponsorship requirements. There are many other innovative gameplay features in this but I'll leave that for the reader.

Sound 10

Ahhhh, the music. The toning of the in-game sounds with the music it wonderful. The engine sounds differ with upgrades so precisely to life it is phenomenal. Plus as you progress sounds of the other vehicles also change. And the sound track, a great mix of rap and rock, creates a good ambiance and just gets your blood flowing.

Graphics 10

Great, everything is just great. From the buildings to the cars it is just great. And its' greatness does not change at high speeds. Plus it runs quite smoothly.

Replayability 10

Once again, great. With so many things ot costumize you'll never run out of things to do.


Buy. Even if you're not a buff on street cars this is awesome.

P.S. - Change the controls early on to get used to them. With the acceleration as -R- you may be in pain after a tad of playing.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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