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Never played the first one but the sequel was the one of the best street racing game I played by far. Okay let's get to the review.

Gameplay: 8
The gameplay was amazing, I beaten the game pretty quick. Addictive game for streetracers or wannabes. A fair amount of things to do but it gets repetitive to me. Url's, Drifts, Curcuit, and etc. It would of been better if they did not repeat drags tracks as much. Tag was a fun feature in the game, it was what I did when bored and did not feel like racing on tracks.
The selection of cars was not as good as I expected. I thought there would have been more choices. There were some good cars they left out that I wanted to see; there was no hondas! It would of been nice to see more to pick from. Also it would of been sweet if you could sell your cars. For extra cash, but I guess that might of been a little too easy. Learning curve was fairly easy, but starting with a tricked out 350z then having to change to a slower car kinda messed me up. The gameplay could of been a tad better. Oh yeah! roaming was a nice feature.

Graphic: 9
Not much to say but it was good. The Graphics were smooth through out the game. No point for the windshield and rear breaking thought if it did not stayed. That was one of the featured I did not liked. City, streets, and cars were prefect as far as the glass shattering thing. The city cars brought the graphics down a bit, since looking at the random cars and my car made my eyes hurt. Look a little too blocky. But thats just the city cars you might not even really look at it. Graphics for SRS was probably .5 better because of the damage. My opinion =). The customs were nice and fun to play with.

Story: 7
I did not really payed attention to the story after 3rd level. Got a little annoying after a while watching the comic styles scenes. Not much to say, but it fits the game, I guess .

Multiplayer: 8
It was fun beating my brothers with my tricked out cars. But gets old after a while. Could of made it more fun. Guess it was all about carrer.

Sounds: 10
I enjoyed the genre so not much to say, if its not your type of music then just turn it down. Engine and sounds effects were fun to listen to.

Replay value: 8
Im only saying 8 because I'm replaying it rite now. Because I did not do as good as I did the first time around. It be more challenging if you try to get everything possible in the game. And as much Rep point possible.

Overall: 9
Even if there was some things that did not appeal to my eyes. I did not really pay attention to them. Really all you do is race and tuned up. It was an enjoyable game, with nice features. Good option of kits, good sound effects and graphics.

Buy or rent?
To people who like street racing games its a must buy. You can rent it first to see if you will like it. But its worth the $49.99

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/23/05

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