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"A Great Street Racer for the Gamecube"

The Need for Speed franchise has been moving pretty quickly these days, releasing a strong title every year or two. The first Underground game is supposedly (never played it) very good. So how does its sequel do? Read on to find out.


The graphics in this game are pretty good. The cars look especially nice. Start customizing your car and it will look great. Besides the car though, the backgrounds look a little rushed. Sometimes they are blocky, other times just dull. However the great look of the cars make up for it and the graphics get a decent score.


Eh...the music is really a matter of opinion. I don't like rap much, and that's about half the soundtrack. The other half is Alternative Rock. So if you don't like those genres you won't like the music. However EA allows you to choose what songs you want to hear, so if you like 5 of the songs, you can listen to those 5 over and over again. How's the sound? Rock solid. Everything sounds exactly like it should. Crashes sound great, engines sound real, etc. Overall the sound is great, but the music could use a little variety.


The best part of the game...the gameplay! The races are VERY fun, which is good because that's probably why you want this game. There are many kinds: Circut, Sprint, Drag, Drift, Street X, and Outrun. This variety really makes the game fun. Another great feature is the customization. The possibilities are infinite. There's literally tons of choices. 25+ bumpers to choose from, 40+ coats of pain, it just goes on and on! This also adds a lot of replay value to the game. Also, ever want to race in a Hummer? This game allows you to buy SUV's to race in. While they can be a little bit harder to control, driving Hummers and Escalades around the city is really fun. The ONLY flaw in the gameplay is that the game FORCES you to drive to all the races. Sometimes it's fun to drive around the city, but other times you wish that you could just go straight to a race. A better system would've been you could choose to drive around the city or go straight to a race.

Buy, Rent, or Pass

You should Buy if you like racing games, because of the perfect customization and variety of races. Rent if you're not completely into racing games, this might surprise you! Pass if you hate racing games.

OVERALL: 7.66 rounds to 8

Pro's and Con's
+Huge Variety of Races
+Tons of Customization
+Drive Trucks!
+Sound Very Good
+Cars look nice
-Forces you to drive to different races
-Somewhat blocky and dull backgrounds
-Could use more variety music wise


Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/26/05, Updated 03/08/06

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