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    FAQ/Walkthrough by d1ab10cm

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                    Digimon World 4 (Playstation 2) FAQ/Walkthrough
                     Version 1.0 (Most Recent Update: 16/06/2005)
                            by: d1ab10cm (Chafic Mekkaoui)
                           email: urban.legend711@gmail.com
                           MSN: urban_legend711@hotmail.com
                         © Copyright 2005 to Chafic Mekkaoui
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    Date Started: 16/06/2005
    Date Finished: N/A
    Number Of Updates: 1
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    IF you wsh to make a contribution to this FAQ, such as I'm missing something
    or blablabla, feel free to IM me on MSN Messenger with my MSN address on the
     top of this FAQ.
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    You also cannot use this Walkthrough/FAQ as a guide for you to make your own
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    You can put this Walkthrough/FAQ on your non-commercail or non-porfit web
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    you MUST have permission from me in order to do so. You can also, print a
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    personal purposes. Remember, "You don't have to steal, just ask." - B.O.F III
             T    A     B    L    E                    O    F
                       C   O   N    T    E   N    T   S
    [1.] UPDATES----------------------------------------------------------->[updt]
    [2.] INTRODUCTION----------------------------------------------------->[intro]
    [3.] CONTROLS--------------------------------------------------------->[cntrl]
    [4.] BASICS------------------------------------------------------------>[bscs]
    [5.] WALKTHROUGH------------------------------------------------------>[wlktr]
        ~DEATH VALLEY----------------------------------------------------->[dtval]
        ~DRY LAND--------------------------------------------------------->[dryla]
        ~VENON JUNGLE----------------------------------------------------->[vnjun]
        ~MACHINE PIT------------------------------------------------------>[mcpit]
    [6.] SIDE QUESTS------------------------------------------------------>[sdque]
    [7.] DIGIVOLUTION----------------------------------------------------->[dgvol]
    [8.] FAQS-------------------------------------------------------------->[faqs]
    [9.] CREDITS & ENDING NOTES------------------------------------------->[creds]
                    UPDATES             [updt]
    16/06/2005 - Version 0.1
    Started out the Walkthrough/FAQ, basically just shaped everything so that it
    would look good.No Infomation input just yet, just information gathering and
    format fixtures.
    19/06/2005 - Version 1.0
    Started adding information, completed most of Death Valley, planning to add
    more later tomorow or after tomorow. Also added the
    Side Quests/Digivolution/FAQS/Credits.
                INTRODUCTION           [intro]
    Hey there! Well this is the 2nd time I'm ATTEMPTING at a FAQ, I've done one
    previously before for Kingdom Hearts, but eventually gave up when i reached
    the first boss of it. But now, I'm determined to finish writing this FAQ so
    i can get the feeling out of my chest. If you didn't know I'm a huge RPG
    Enthusiast, and I play alot of RPG's, this would probably be my first
    walkthrough that I have made, and hopefully it will be one of my best! Of
    course, if you remember, i will accept email's, but i won't necessarily reply
    to them if i feel that I have already answered them in my FAQ. Contributions
    are aloud, remember not to send it to my HOTMAIL account but send it to GMAIL
    account, and I'll add it to this FAQ, and of course, your name will be
    featured in my 'hall of fame' in the Credits section! =)
    I'm going to be honest with you, i'm not a huge fan of digimon, i just love
    the games that  come for it. But this game is definitely ONE of the best for
    the game series (i still believe the first one was the best, even though it
    was hard.) Well, now that I'm done rambling, i present to you, my stunning
                   CONTROL             [cntrl]
    The game controls are pretty straight forward, there's only 2 set's of
    different controls, the Home Server set, and the Battle Set.
    X - Interact, Talk, Select
    O - Jump
    [] - N/A
    /\ (Triangle) - N/A
    L1 - N/A
    R1 - N/A
    R2 - N/A
    L2 - N/A
    X - Attack
    O - Jump
    [] - N/A
    /\ (Triangle) - Quick use (item)
    L1 - Opens Up Item Mini Menu (Tab L1 Again to close it)
    R1 - Opens Up Magic Mini Menu (Tab R1 Again to close it)
    R2 - Check's status changes (Power up's, Power down's, Poison etc.)
    L2 - N/A
                    BASICS              [bscs]
    Here I will add the basics of some starter digimon, including their stat's,
    but right now i don't have the figures, so once I get them I'll update this
    section. But here's a few submitted by nice people who are willing to help me
    complete this guide.
    -- Symbol's
    After playing a while into the game, you should notice these awkward symbols
    next to armor's and weapons. And no, they do not represent the alphabet.
    The one that looks like an "a" is Alpha (al-fah), the "B" is Beta (bay-tah),
    the "Y" is Gamma (gam-ah), the "upside down Q" is Delta (del-ta), and the "E"
    is Epsilon (ep-see-lon).
    They represent the first greek alphabet, showing them their power, Alpha
    being the weakest and Epsilon being the strongest.
    (CONTRIBUTED BY: Scorpion_SMG)
                 WALKTHROUGH           [wlktr]
    Ok, pop in your Digimon World 4 DVD into your Playstation 2, and watch the
    beginning intro movie, and after that great movie you'll find yourself at
    the Start Screen. Select "Game Start" and you will begin your path to undying
    wisdom, now you find yourself in some sort of console thats split into 4
    squares. This is where your game begins, you have the option between CREATE
    DIGIMON or CALL DIGIMON. Calling digimon is like the loading sequence for
    this game, and creating is the beginning sequence, so i think the obvious
    should be with you. When you select Create Digimon, you have the choice
    between four digimon, Agumon, Veemon, Guilmon, Dorumon. If you didn't know
    these are all the 'main' digimon from each season of the show. After you
    select a digimon, you will be asked to write a name for your digimon, I
    advice you putting your own unique name, and not your brother's name, cause
    you can't change it (that's what happened with me).
    After naming and choosing your digimon, you begin at the Terminal Area of the
    Home Server, your adventure begins here. The game will tell you to meet with
    Ophanimon and have tea with him, so head for that portal that says '
    Commander's Room' and go North East from your position (by jumping) and go up
    the stairs... and you should find a light blue special path leading to some
    general. This general is none other than Ophanimon, he'll tell you of troubles
    that have come to the Digital World, and you will be given your first mission,
    where you must rescue General Leomon. After having a nice tea chat with him,
    you'll soon regain control of your digimon.
    You might want to talk to all the numerous Digi-Elf's around the area, to get
    a feel and some virtually valuable knowledge of the game. If you find yourself
    thinking 'what the hell is that elf smoking? I have no idea what he's talking
    about!' then you will find out what he means while playing through the game.
    Once you think you've talked to all the elve's and have your digital mind
    trained to become one of those digimon world 4 guru masters, then go down to
    the center and go into that portal, where you will return to the Terminal
    I advice that before you head out to start your mission, you might wan to
    check out the Shopping Area, and the Central Area, get to know the Home
    Server.Check the Save Keeper and save your game, and talk to other digimon and
    get information, once you think your done, head back to the Terminal Lobby and
    head to the 'Gate To The Outside World'... woo.. spooky...
    Now, before you actually get out onto the battle field soldier, we must train
    you to become a master of the battle. That's where the game brings a tutorial
    where they teach you how to fend for yourself, what's the good thing is that
    you dont loose any health during this training sequence. So kill, fart, dance,
    do anything to the Goblin's, cause you have the invincibility upper hand on
    them!! But after the training session... time to get into your mission
    marshall, and I guarantee it's tough...
    DEATH VALLEY          [dtval]
    Wow, Death Valley... and you magically appear on a blue platform, here you
    will find a little blue 'mine looking' mechanism on the floor, press X, and
    you find out it's one of Leomon's messages. Now move abig forward, but be
    warned, you will soon see the spiritual spawning of Goburimon, and your
    level 1 so don't expect them to be easy, they are not THAT hard, just a few
    jams of the X key and finish, their done! But try not getting hit, they hit
    hard, beginning advice from me is, try not getting sorrounded, and kill like
    the samurai, as fast as possible.
    Now as you defeat the second group of evil Goburimon, you find yourselves with
    a bridge and a path upwards, i advice taking this path upwards, but you'll be
    attacked by another group! Take care of them quickly, and remember to pick up
    item's on the way! Also smash those boxes and pick up some Raise/Gate disks,
    they'll do you good in the future. After doing this return back to the bridge
    and go over... where you find yourself in another path split.
    Now you might find some rocks and plants to the path leading downwards, i
    advice taking that route (cause right now, the other path leads to a fortress
    protected by gun's, you will have to return here later, cause the fortress is
    locked.) Now smash your way through the path of rocks and plants. Now you
    shall find your path with some standing Goburimon, take them out, and then
    cross the rope bridge you see, be careful here, there is a new monster here,
    called Ogremon, be careful, cause he's big and a bit more powerful then the
    rest of Goburimon around him.
    After getting rid of the Ogremon and his fellow minions and feeling good for
    yourself, Hit the pile of boxes around the corner, remember to heal and pick
    up some of the stuff in the boxes, after that tap X when your next to that
    type of switch. Should turn from red to green.
    Now return by crossing the bridge again, and turning left, hit the rocks and
    continue down the path, but watch it, if you have a keen eye, you'll notice
    traps of falling rocks, so when you walk they will fall. My best advice is to
    walk in, and when their falling, run back so that you dont get damaged. After
    passing this trap and the path, there will be another split, go down the
    lower route, and you fill find yourself with another group of Gaburimon (get
    used to them, they'll keep doing this), now continue the path and you'll
    notice a cave, this cave is called "HUMID CAVE" don't enter just yet, just
    defeat the Goburimon outside of the cave.
    After defeating the Goburimon head up a bit, and you'll see that there's this
    fancy 'eject' type button on the floor, this is a Security Portal, go there
    and it should give you an explanation of it. Using a gate disk here will allow
    you to return to the Terminal Area where you can do anything but save, once
    your done with the Terminal Area, you can access the point where you left off
    by approaching the Security Gate. This is usually better, cause if you go
    through the main gate to the outside world, you'd have to start from the
    beginning of the stage instead.
    Now once your done with that. Head for Humid Cave, your first dungeon!
    -----HUMID CAVE-----
    Humid Cave, the basic dungeoun, you've probably played a gazillion dungeon's
    in other games ebsides this, this is no different. Just keep on fighting
    enemies and find your way to the end where you find the boss. This cave is
    just the basic 'beginners' spot, nothing tricky, just be careful with the
    electric traps, and dont forget to heal now and then.
    If a door is locked, it's either you have to defeat enemies, press on
    switches, or it can be unlocked from the other side.If you see one of those
    mechanical thing's like the Leomon message you saw on the beginning of this
    stage, be sure to click on them, because they are maps.
    The enemies are going to be a bit tougher than those outside the dungeon, so
    just be careful with those enemies. Near the ending of the 2nd floor, there
    should be a security portal, highly recommended to use it and stock on some
    HP/MP disks, cause your going to need them.
    Now return to the dungeon, and be prepared, once you enter the area, the door
    behind you will close... and you find yourself fighting against...
    [BOSS]== Blossomon ==[BOSS]
    If you picked Agumon or Guilmon in the beginning of the game, you are one
    lucky person, cause Blossomon is weak to fire. If you have Veemon or Dorumon,
    you might have a bit of a disadvantage, but do not worry, there's sill a
    chance! If you have Petty Fire (Agumon/Guilmon), I advice running away from
    her and casting Petty Fire every chance you get, just make sure it hits! And
    remember, if you run out of MP, then use an MP disk i told you to get!
    If you have Dorumon or Veemon, there are two ways you can attack this monster,
    one is the daring way, and the other's the chicken way, i advice the chicken
    way, so that you have a high chance of surviving. You can either use the
    weapon your using now, and go melee on Blossomon after it stops its spinning
    attack, or (the chicken way) equip a gun, the gun that you got for your
    tutorial, and shot and blossomon from a far.
    Remember the basic rules, heal alot. Oh, and for the health bar, its green,
    yellow, red.
    Ok, now your done with the boss? What now? Well after the boss there's 4
    treasure chests at your disposal and theres this funny thing on the floor.
    That thing on the floor is a transporter that will bring you back to the
    Terminal Area. This is your chance to have any form of healing, getting stuff,
    buying stuff, checking out other stuff, blablabla. Once your done doing what
    ever you were doing , head back to Death Valley!
    Ok, now it's time to retrace your steps, go back all the way to where the
    entrance of humid cave was, you know, where the security portal was near to?
    Head over there, you will notice there's some huge rocks and plant's near the
    security portal? Well take them out! You'll be encountered by 2 Goburimon,
    easily chop them to pieces.
    Now cross the bridge, where you will find another of Leomon's messages! Read
    it and continue onwards! Onward's my fellow digimon! On to Abyss Of Grief!!
    ---[Abyss Of Greif]---
    Now, is it me? Or is the Goburimon here on steroids? They've become stronger
    (and eventually hit more, if you didnt know!), now once you enter abyss of
    grief, you will see another pile of rocks and plants to your right, do not go
    there, you do not have a special Key Item called the Boat Key, and besides,
    you don't want to be attacked by falling barrels right? Well in that case,
    take a left, now scout the area, it's going to do you some good training!
    But if you just want to complete this damn dungeon so that you can get on with
    the game, then get some chips ready and look for the security portal, there
    will eventually be a bridge near the security portal. After this bridge, take
    a left (not a right, where the rocks and plants are again!), and you'll find
    yourself at the entrance of a dungeon, put all your enemies to waste and enter
    within the dungeon...
    God not another dungeon, and a particularly easy one as it is! It's the same
    as Humid Cave, well mostly the same, just a bit longer with stronger monsters.
    Just try to find maps to help guide you out, and just follow the basic
    'dungeon' idea. Just another word of advice, this time, you heal more often,
    and don't get sorrounded, the enemies attack in bigger groups now.
    The security portal will signify that you are halfway done, know that when you
    encounter the second one, i advice you to use it cause that means your getting
    warmer to the boss. (I meant closer! Not Warmer! Eww... you pervs... =P)
    Now after you buy everything you need, get back into the dungeon and be
    prepared... to face...
    [BOSS]== Mammothmon ==[BOSS]
    Contacting Headquarters, we have a situation, 10 ton elephant on the loose.
    Well wow, here's a big one. Mammothmon! Who'd think of that! Well this
    historical elephant is big, and is hard, and you need the right skill's to be
    able to even stand up to this giant.
    If you have Agumon or Guilmon, your in luck, Petty Fire is good for you, it's
    your luck charm in this match, why? Because you can burn Mammothmon down!
    (Ok maybe not, but Mammothmon is weak against fire) First thing this Mammoth
    will do is charge your ass down like a rhino, but surprisingly he's so slow at
    charging you can literally crawl out of the way. He will hit the wall.
    You now have two options, to either shove your weapon in his ass, burn him
    from afar. But be warned, if you choose the first option, he will turn around,
    slap you with his tusk, and do some pretty heavy damage with his ice breath!
    Heal often, and run away, Mammothmon will soon be on his knee's and you will
    gain that ID key that he ate for last dinner! ^_^!
               SIDE QUESTS             [sdque]
    Side Quests are all activated after saving Leomon, and saving numerous elve's
    from Numenume River Mini Game. Rescuing All 10 Digi-Elve's ulocks all the side
    quests, but to activate them, special requirements are needed.
    NOTE: That Digi-Elves in the TERMINAL Area are on the platform north east of
    the stairs. The Digi-Elevs in the CENTRAL Area are across the Card Keeper, and
    one of them are across the X Data Keeper and one more digi elf in the SHOPPING
    To activate this side quest, you need to have at least 2 Digivolve abilities
    (5 in hard mode), your starting digimon will be counted as 1 digivolve
    ability, the other digivolve abilites can be found at the Digivolving section.
    After that talk to the digimon in the Terminal Area, he should be on the top
    To receive a digivolution upon completing this quest, you must defeat ALL the
    monsters in the dungeon, there are 279 monsters in Normal Mode (and 302 in
    Hard Mode).
    My best advice, to gain your digivolve ability here, is to play this with some
    friends who have strong digimon. Remember that you have 30 minutes to complete
    this mission.
    Save before you attempt! If you lose this, you won't be able to redo it with
    your same digimon!
    On the second floor, there should be this machine that summons enemies, do NOT
    destroy it if you wish to destroy all enemies, on the second floor, you might
    have to do a bit back tracking (for the second floor only) to get all the
    monsters. I advice you to follow KusanagiBlade's Undead Yard Map, it's a
    guaranteed success (including if your playing on Normal Mode!)
    Recommended Level - 28
    This is pretty straight forward, just get in that dungeon and find the BOOSTER
    PACK!!! Well it's not that easy, sorry! To activate this quest, you need to
    have 25 cards obtained from B. Packs in normal (30 for hard, 45 for super
    hard). Then talk to the digi elf in the Terminal area, on the top right side.
    Ok, the booster pack is with the boss, so don't try killing every monster to
    find the booster pack, cause your just wasting time. You might be thinking
    (god how easy can this quest be? Just get in there and kill the boss!) Well
    it's not as easy as you think, your not able to HEAL or ESCAPE the dungeon
    unless you either die or beat the boss.
    Since you cant use item's or healing magic, i best advice getting a weapon
    that has at least ONE mod space. If you are already equipping a easpon that
    has a few mod's, great! Head over to the Chip Shop, and get your self a Drain
    Ram. What this is, it allows some HP to be healed when you damage an opponent,
    and surprisingly enough it works in this dungeon. So by having a Drain Ram,
    your as good as it goes. Just try staying away from being sorrounded and all
    the usual stuff.
    Recommended Level - 30-35
    This is unlocked straight after you rescue the elf who gives you the quest,
    you can activate by the bottom left elf in the Terminal Area.
    Pretty straight forward, not much of an explanation needed, you just need to
    be able to get in there and come out alive, defeating Mammothmon in the
    shortest time possible!
    Recommended Level - 22
    This is unlocked after you finish the whole of Dry Land. It can be activated
    by the elf on the bottom right in the Terminal Area.
    This quest is a bit tricky, and might take a while. The elf will give you an
    item called 'Strange Figurine' and you will be brought to this dungeon, reach
    near the end of the dungeon and place the Strange Figurine there, no bosses.
    Then you hear a voice and you have 15 minutes to escape the dungeon before the
    so called ghost possesses you. This can be a bit tricky because of the
    numerous MarineDevimon's. You'll have to battle out 6 in the same room as
    where you placed the Talisman, and 2 more in the beginning. Of course you
    might once in a while make a mistake, this will lead to you fighting more
    monsters. But 15 minutes is alot, you just have to take the same route you
    took to get therem and you'll be fine. Just heal often!
    Recommended Level - 32
    To activate Item Retrieve, you must first ask a digi-elf in the terminal area
    to give you a quest, and agreeing to help them out. But instead of heading
    straight for the gate you have to head for the Digi Elf in the Central Area,
    which gives you the quest, he's next to the elf that gives you the Trading
    Hall Quest.
    Recommended Level - ?? (Haven't attempted)
    Item Road is unlocked by finishing the main storyline, to activate it you must
    talk to the digimon right across the Card Keeper. He will not give you a
    choice, so just head straight for the Gate To The Outside World and find the
    Item Road entrance and it's just basically the same as a normal dungeon. Just
    the enemies are a bit harder, but if you finished the game then hell, anything
    is possible!
    Recommended Level - 42
    To Be Added In The Next Update
    This is activated once you trade with Prince Mamemon for a total of 5 times in
    Normal Mode (8 times in Hard and Super Hard) and you will be invited to the
    trading hall. The objective is NOT to kill a monster, instead it's to trade
    with everyone. Attempt to make everyone happy by trading with everyone.
    To Be Added In The Next Update
    To Be Added In The Next Update
               DIGIVOLUTION            [dgvol]
    (Most Of This Was Taken From KusanagiBlade's Unlocking FAQ, so i credit him
    ---Normal Mode
    1.HerculesKabuterimon X...................Kill All 279 monsters in Undead Yard
    2.Wargreymon X............................Clear Item Road
    ---Hard Mode
    1.Weregarurumon X.........................Kill All 302 monsters in Undead Yard
    2.Alphamon................................Clear Item Road
    3.Metal Garurumon X.......................Bring back what the digimon want in
                                              Item Retrieve.
    4.Beelzemon BM............................Clear Card Retrieve with 1 HP left.
    5.Clavis Angemon..........................Complete Seal The Souls with 10
                                              Minutes Left.
    6.Black Wargreymon X......................Finish Wamu Platform.
    ---Super Hard Mode
    1.Gallantmon CM...........................Bring back what the digimon want in
                                              Item Retrieve.
    2.Imperialdramon PM.......................Finish Wamu Platform
    3.Imperialdramon FM.......................Clear Card Retreive with 1 HP left.
    1.Agumon..................................Obtained at lvl 16, speak with Digi
    ---Normal Mode
    1.Wargreymon X............................Kill All 279 monsters in Undead Yard
    2.HerculesKabuterimon X...................Clear Item Road
    ---Hard Mode
    1.Clavis Angemon..........................Kill All 302 monsters in Undead Yard
    2.Beelzemon BM............................Clear Item Road
    3.Metal Garurumon X.......................Bring back what digimon want in
                                              Item Retrieve.
    4.Alphamon................................Clear Card Retrieve with 1 HP left.
    5.Weregarurumon X.........................Complete Seal The Souls with 10
                                              Minutes Left.
    6.Black Wargreymon X......................Finish Wamu Platform
    ---Super Hard Mode
    1.Gallantmon CM...........................Bring back what the digimon want in
                                              Item Retrieve.
    2.Imperialdramon PM.......................Finish Wamu Platform
    3.Imperialdramon FM.......................Clear Card Retrieve with 1 HP left.
    1.Dorumon.................................Obtained at lvl 16, speak with Digi
    ---Normal Mode
    1.Weregarurumon X.........................Kill All 279 monsters in Undead Yard
    2.Clavis Angemon..........................Clear Item Road.
    ---Hard Mode
    1.HerculesKabuterimon X...................Kill All 302 monsters in Undead Yard
    2.Beelzemon BM............................Clear Item Road.
    3.Alphamon................................Bring back what digimon want in
                                              Item Retrieve.
    4.Metal Garurumon X.......................Clear Card Retrieve with 1 HP left.
    5.Wargreymon X............................Complete Seal The Souls with 10
                                              Minutes Left.
    6.Black Wargreymon X......................Finish Wamu Platform
    ---Super Hard Mode
    1.Gallantmon CM...........................Bring back what digimon want in
                                              Item Retrieve.
    2.Imperialdramon PM.......................Finish Wamu Platform
    3.Imperialdramon FM.......................Clear Card Retrieve with 1 HP left.
    1.Veemon..................................Obtained at lvl 16, speak with Digi
    --Normal Mode
    1.Clavis Angemon..........................Kill All 279 monsters in Undead Yard
    2.Weregarurumon X.........................Clear Item Road.
    ---Hard Mode
    1.Wargreymon X............................Kill All 302 monsters in Undead Yard
    2.Metal Garurumon X.......................Clear Item Road.
    3.Alphamon................................Bring back what digimon want in
                                              Item Retrieve.
    4.Beelzemon BM............................Clear Card Retrieve with 1 HP left.
    5.HerculesKabuterimon X...................Complete Seal The Souls with 10
                                              Minutes Left.
    6.Black Wargreymon X......................Finish Wamu Platform
    ---Super Hard Mode
    1.Gallantmon CM...........................Bring back what digimon want in
                                              Item Retrieve.
    2.Imperialdramon PM.......................Finish Wamu Platform
    3.Susanomon...............................Clear Card Retrieve with 1 HP left.
    4.Imperialdramon FM.......................Complete Seal The Souls with 10
                                              Minutes Left And Using Sword Cannon
                                              Omega as a sacrificing item.
    1.Guilmon.................................Obtained at lvl 16, speak with Digi
    Q. Is this game worth buying?
    A. I cannot answer that question for you, people have different tastes and
    views towards the game, I advice you to look at different people's review's
    and thought's about the game and see if you like RPG type games.
    Q. When do I gain a new MP Move?
    A. You gain it at lvl 12 and lvl 22, and the 4th one can be learnt by
    increasing your technique in Blast, Heal, or Force.
    Q. When does my digimon digivolve?
    A. You gain digivolutions through side-quests, except at level 16, where you
    unlock a different rookie digimon.
    Q. Where do you save?!
    A. You save at the Save Keeper at Central Area.
    Q. Help! I can't find the digi-elf for *quest name here*!
    A. You sure you have the requirements to do the quest? If so check upwards, if
    you just plain cant find the little critter. You probably missed getting him
    at Numenume River.
    Q. I now have a new digivolution, how do I use it?
    A. You can change to different digivolutions by going to the Digi Lab in the
    Central Area and selecting the digimon you want to digivolve to.
    Q. What's the maximum level a digimon can reach?
    A. People think it's 255, but according to the manual its 999. So I'm guessing
    the manual is correct, it could be wrong though.
    Q. How come this weapon says Bash but increases Blunt?
    A. A little typo made by Bandai, just ignore it, remember that if it's an axe,
    it's blunt.
    Q. How do I __________ ?
    A. Read the manual, if it dosen't show anything related to your question, feel
    free to post on the message boards, but before you post be sure to read OTHER
    people's posts, if that dosent work then fell free to add me to your MSN and
    I'll try helping you out as much as i can.
            CREDITS & ENDING NOTES     [creds]
    Well, this is just the first version of my first FAQ, i'm pretty happy that I
    actually completed it, in the near future I will update this FAQ, and keep it
    up to date, hoping that it is the most valuable FAQ on DW4. Thank's again for
    all of those supporting me in writing this FAQ. Now without further ado. I
    provide the credits!!!
    Scorpion_SMG = For allowing me to use his good explanation about the symbol's.
    My Little Brother Omar = For Playing Multiplayer with me!
    KusanagiBlade = For being one of the nice people that helped me out alot!
    DarkSora50 = For keeping the noobs busy, writing out mini-faq's and helping
    people out.
    Bandai = For making this game!
    illamega = For helping bring life to the boards! Also helping people!
    magmafall = for using my tips on his upcoming Boss FAQ. And is a very cool
    GameFAQS.com - For being the best website ever!
    --The sites listed here have permission to host my FAQ:
    ©Copyright 2005 - d1ab10cm (Chafic Mekkaoui)

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